Thursday, November 15, 2018

On with Alex

I'll be discussing the caravan and the response to it with Alex Jones at 2 PM EST. You can watch the stream here.


Just do it already

The way that Leave Tories have pussyfooted around taking down the EU puppet Theresa May was always bound to fail. All the talk about "a good deal" and so forth was nonsense, as Hard Brexit with no agreement and no payout was always the ideal path to independence. They should stop issuing threats, eject the Puppet Minister, and get on with it.
Fury is growing over Mrs May’s deal which has been slammed by both sides of the debate after she pushed it through last night’s five hour sessions at Number 10. The Prime Minister is reportedly facing rebellion within her own party as backbench MPs begin to file votes of no confidence against Mrs May.

Senior MPs from the Brexit-supporting European Research Group (ERG) – chaired by Jacob Rees-Mogg – are reportedly readying to trigger a vote of no confidence against the PM.

Brexit-supporting MPs unhappy with Mrs May’s draft withdrawal agreement have already been vocal in suggestions she could resign.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said last night “Brexiteer anger” is driving backbenchers to take matters into their own hands – and this morning three Cabinet ministers have resigned, including Brexit secretary Dominic Raab.
They know, they absolutely know, that a majority of the British people favor Brexit. So stop worrying about Jeremy Corbyn and get the job done. Do that, and Corbyn's Labour won't be a problem.

UPDATE: Why is anyone surprised that Theresa May did what she was always expected to do, and sell out Britain's interests at the last minute?
Theresa May is fighting for her political life today after Brexiteers effectively declared war - with Cabinet ministers quitting and an all-out bid to oust her. The Prime Minister is braced for a Tory no-confidence vote to be triggered potentially within hours after she vowed to push on with her controversial Brexit plan despite Dominic Raab and Esther McVey quitting accusing her of bowing to EU 'blackmail'.
The EU negotiations gameplan is always the same. Posture, posture, posture, then give just a little bit at the very end to their puppet on the other side in order to allow said puppet to pull a rabbit out of the hat for maximum dramatic effect. It's not working this time because everyone has learned to anticipate it.

And the idea that May is appealing to the loyalty of her cabinet members to try to salvage her position as Puppet Minister is simply absurd. What about loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen? What about loyalty to Great Britain.

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Smiling in defeat

In fairness, losing graciously is exactly what a good Republican is supposed to do:
Are you disgusted like I am that Martha McSally capitulated -- smiling on her couch with her dog, conceding the election to a lying, cheating code-pink pinko who deceived the voters into thinking she was a moderate when, in fact, she is about as far to the left as Medea Benjamin?  McSally not only let down supporters who stuffed envelopes, volunteered for and made contributions to her during the campaign, but people like me who made a last minute tiny donation to help her fight the recount only to see that money swirl down the toilet two days later when she gave up the recount fight she didn’t even fight.

Meanwhile, we have rabid leftists in Florida and Georgia trying to wrest Republican victories from the jaws of defeat in their own technicolor moment.

Well, color me red — and not for conservatism and the GOP, but for seething anger.
I'd actually prefer to see a Democrat in the Senate than a Never-Trumper like McSally. This election was lost at the primary stage.


Jordan Peterson, Trilateralist

On the off-chance you still doubted that Jordan Peterson is a globalist sell-out, he is currently attending the 42nd European Meeting of the Trilateral Commission, which is entitled Liberal Democracy in the Age of Political and Technological Disruption.
From February to Sunday more than 200 most influential individuals will be literally from all over the world in Ljubljana. This will be the annual European Meeting of the Trilateral Commission, which has nearly 400 members. The host is the head of the European section Trilaterale Jean-Claude Trichet, together with the host, the first husband of Gorenje, Franjo Bobincom, who is the Slovenian trilateral at the invitation of the first member of Trilaterala from Slovenia, former chairman of the NLB Board, Marko Voljc , who then went to the Belgian bank group KBC. The young guard of the successful and successful are Trilateral Slovenians Žiga Vavpotič , Chairman of the Board of Directors Outfit7 and co-organizer of the Ljubljana meeting, and Mark Boris Andrijanič from Uber Warsaw.

Ten years after the collapse of Lehman Brother's, which was the beginning of the global economic crisis, one of the worst in the last hundred years, the economic future of Europe will be discussed in Ljubljana. Former President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso , former President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy , three former heads of state, and six former presidents of the government come from many distinguished thinkers and businessmen from all over the world, including Nigel Higgins of the Rothschild & Co of London, Jacob Frenkel , JPMorgan Chase International, head of Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger , former Secretary General of NATO Jaap de Hoop Scheffer , star globally-sold psychologist Jordan Peterson, Internet starter from Israel Yossi Vardi , former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti , KBC Bank Group Thomas Leysen , former head of EBRD Jean Lemierre , Franz Fischler , Forum Alpbach, Lionel Barber of The Financial Times, President of the Atlantic Grupa Group of Companies Emil Tedeschi , Stanford's Jure Leskovec and so on and so on. Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, the last moment of cancellation of the arrival due to urgent obligations in Brussels, is one of the candidates for the future President of the European Commission. The president of the Republic Borut Pahor is taking over the trilateral on Friday in the presidential palace, and on Saturday he is hosting a gala dinner at the National Gallery.
How fortunate that upon his arrival home the next day, the globally-sold one will be able to pick up a copy of the forthcoming Jordanetics: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity's Greatest Thinker, which is currently on preorder for release on November 19th.

Now what could the Commission's interest in Jordan Peterson possibly be? He is post-ideological, right? Are we not reliably informed that he has no interest in politics? And we are told he doesn't do philosophy either, right? So, are we to assume that a few of these global leaders are simply in need of a therapy session or two?


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Paypal deplatforms BitChute

It doesn't matter how neutral or moderate you attempt to present yourself, if you have not submitted to the SJW narrative, you WILL be targeted and deplatformed:
A few hours ago BitChute received a notice that our PayPal account has been permanently limited, with immediate effect, and that we will no longer be able to accept or send payments.

The notice included the following information: “The User Agreement for PayPal Service states that PayPal, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to limit an account for any violation of the User Agreement, including the Acceptable Use Policy.” This decision seems to be final although we will try to appeal.

BitChute has had a Paypal account since 2016, we have used it to settle payments and to receive subscription payments from supporters along with other discretionary payments. It’s our belief that it is our stand against the current trend in censorship that has resulted in this action.
I suspect that BitChute was deplatformed because they offer an alternative to Paypal's SJW ally YouTube. In the end, everyone to the right of CNN will be deplatformed by Paypal. You must take the Mark of the Beast if you wish to buy or sell, after all.

This is wrong, of course. But from an economic point of view, it is disastrous. Far from being the pathway to the future, the Internet economy has become an unpredictable, unreliable Third World economy.

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Global superpower no more

The USA is no longer capable of imposing its will on a global basis due to the relative erosion of US military power vis-a-vis the regional powers of China and Russia.
The United States has lost its military edge to a dangerous degree and could potentially lose a war against China or Russia, according to a report released Wednesday by a bipartisan commission that Congress created to evaluate the Trump administration's defense strategy.

The National Defense Strategy Commission, comprised of former top Republican and Democratic officials selected by Congress, evaluated the Trump administration's 2018 National Defense Strategy, which ordered a vast reshaping of the U.S. military to compete with Beijing and Moscow in an era of renewed great-power competition.

While endorsing the strategy's aims, the commission warned that Washington isn't moving fast enough or investing sufficiently to put the vision into practice, risking a further erosion of American military dominance that could become a national security emergency.

At the same time, according to the commission, China and Russia are seeking dominance in their regions and the ability to project military power globally, as their authoritarian governments pursue defense buildups aimed squarely at the United States.

"There is a strong fear of complacency, that people have become so used to the United States achieving what it wants in the world, to include militarily, that it isn't heeding the warning signs," said Kathleen Hicks, a former top Pentagon official during the Obama administration and one of the commissioners. "It's the flashing red that we are trying to relay."

The picture of the national security landscape that the 12-person commission sketched is a bleak one, in which an American military that has enjoyed undisputed dominance for decades is failing to receive the resources, innovation and prioritization its leaders need to outmuscle China and Russia in a race for military might reminiscent of the Cold War.

The military balance has shifted adversely for the United States in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, undermining the confidence of American allies and increasing the likelihood of military conflict, the commission found, after reviewing classified documents, receiving Pentagon briefings and interviewing top defense officials.

"The U.S. military could suffer unacceptably high casualties and loss of major capital assets in its next conflict. It might struggle to win, or perhaps lose, a war against China or Russia," the report said. "The United States is particularly at risk of being overwhelmed should its military be forced to fight on two or more fronts simultaneously."
Those who confidently proclaim the superiority of the US military power simply don't recognize that the USA no longer possesses ANY of the five advantages that allowed it to become a global superpower after World War II.

  1. Monopoly on nuclear weapons
  2. Limited geographic accessibility by enemies
  3. Dominant industrial infrastructure
  4. High-average-IQ European population
  5. High-trust, high-moral Christian society

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Why would you do that?

The question really answers itself. From the comments on the recent Voxiversity video on the Socio-Sexual hierarchy:
Captain Memo: Why reverse gamma and delta though? gamma comes before delta in the alphabet.

Scott Birch: Delta signifies change. Deltas are mostly like to shift socio-sexual profiles in their journey through life. This is mentioned in the video.

Captain Memo: Still why not describe gammas first since that makes alphabetical sense? And how does Delta signify change? It's a letter.

Scott Birch: Google is your friend, "Captain".

Captain Memo: I did that. It signifies difference between quantities in a mathematical sense. I guess you could steelman voxday and say that it's about change. But why reverse the two letters in the presentation? It seems to me that he doesn't know the correct order. Or maybe he did this because he wanted to shit on Peterson last for more effect.

VD: Because a) the labels are irrelevant and b) it serves as useful Gamma bait. You can always count on the Gammas to sperg out on the irrelevant details just to show what Smart Boys they are. The hierarchy is what it is. The behaviors exist. It's not a freaking test of your knowledge of the alphabet, FFS.
You can always, Always, ALWAYS count on a Gamma to completely miss the point in search of a way to publicly demonstrate that he is a Smart Boy. If the Gamma is not arguing that the Alpha-Beta hierarchy has been disproven due to new research on wolf packs, he is obsessing over whether an alphabet that not one percent of the English-speaking population knows is being correctly cited in order.

I couldn't help but laugh at the additional Gamma tell, as if it was needed. "It seems...."

Every single time.

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They dread the day

There's no Cultural Marxism here, avows the Cultural Marxist:
At the chilling climax of William S. Lind’s 2014 novel “Victoria,” knights wearing crusader’s crosses and singing Christian hymns brutally slay the politically correct faculty at Dartmouth College, the main character’s (and Mr. Lind’s) alma mater. “The work of slaughter went quickly,” the narrator says. “In less than five minutes of screams, shrieks and howls, it was all over. The floor ran deep with the bowels of cultural Marxism.”

What is “cultural Marxism”? And why does Mr. Lind fantasize about its slaughter?

Nothing of the kind actually exists. But it is increasingly popular to indict cultural Marxism’s baleful effects on society — and to dream of its violent extermination. With a spate of recent violence in the United States and elsewhere, calling out the runaway alt-right imagination is more urgent than ever.
Talk about projection. The Left so dreads the Day of Deus Vult that they are no longer content with merely policing speech, now they seek to police dreams and imagination.

If you want to see what has the New York Times more frightened than a teenage girl alone in the house reading a Stephen King novel, you can pick up the paperback here.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

POP KULT WARLORD now in print!


PerfectQuestion is back! He's running and gunning his way across an incredible civilization-building game set on Mars. But this time he's employed as an online ringer for a corrupt dictatorship and trying to avoid getting "disappeared" in a reckless world of intrigue, epic parties, sports cars, and women who are as dangerous as they are beautiful.

Five million in gold says he can do it and put the next Sultan on the throne by leading a rag-tag clan of gaming jihadis to victory, but revolution and revolt are afoot. The long knives are out in Calistan for the hero of Soda Pop Soldier and anyone else who gets in a murderous prince's way.

Paperback. 396 pages. Available for $19.99 from Castalia House Direct.

Also available from Nick Cole: Soda Pop Soldier and Ctrl-Alt-Revolt!

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Bring it, Democrats

The strategery is astonishing in its subtle read of the electorate:
Several incoming House Democrats plan to introduce gun control measures when their party regains the majority next year. Gun control proponents are buoyed by the takeover of the House. Democrats ousted at least 15 House Republicans who had an “A” rating with the National Rifle Association with candidates who received an “F” rating, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., told the Journal on Friday that he plans to introduce legislation that will mandate universal background checks. Thompson is chairman of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.
Clearly they only won due to their support for gun control. The American people LOVE gun control.  Run, Democrats, run!

How do you spell 2020? T-R-U-M-P-S-L-I-D-E.

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Darkstream: 2VS betrays ComicsGate

This Darkstream is already demonstrating the accuracy of the "2VS" appellation on the meta level. It seems Ethan van Sciver can't even maintain a consistent position for 48 hours.
Unranked Chevron: Apparently he's taken the hashtag back up.

Vox Day: And they wonder why we call him Two-Face....

crazy chameleon: Does he multiple personality disorder?  This is too absurd to believe.

Another comment by Unranked Chevron tends to indicate that despite my repeated explanations, some ComicsGaters still don't entirely grasp what was going on with the entire affair or why it happened. So, I will again attempt to clarify the matter.
Unranked Chevron: It's not too much of an assumption to say that someone who makes a logo called 'comicsgate comics' wants to take over comicsgate. Everybody in the industry was going to know that 'comicsgate comics' was owned by Vox Day, and that was likely going to limit their future prospects. Just calling it Dark Legion or something from the start and being very sly what it was actually used for would have avoided that whole fiasco.

Vox Day: I don't think you understood the sequence of events. Our imprint for other creators was called Dark Legion from the start. Our imprint is Arkhaven. We had already published 5 comics under the Dark Legion imprint: Chicago Typewriter and the Rebel Dead Revenge series.We continue to publish comics under that imprint.

The whole point of creating a ComicsGate imprint, complete with logo, was to permit ComicsGate creators to use our publishing infrastructure without forcing them to publicly accept our brand. It was about THEM publishing comics with the ComicsGate brand, not us doing so. Now, if you want to use our infrastructure, you will either accept our brand or you won't get access to it.

All anyone ever had to do to know my intentions was ask me. "Vox, do you want to take over ComicsGate?" To which my answer has always been: "No, I neither want it nor need it."

Instead, many ComicsGaters chose to believe 2VS's lies, sperged out, and torched their chance to have a public brand that many of them are now saying would be desirable.
By the end of the year, Arkhaven will have at least begun addressing every aspect of the modern comics business, from a crowdfunding engine to film and television production to merchandise to a comics-focused blog and forums to retail sales of our own comics and others. And, of course, game development. As I pointed out last night, we already have the ability to deliver comics readers in the USA all of the graphics novels from Marvel, DC, Image, and anyone else they want, and we will provide the same to readers in Europe, the UK, and Australia next year. Just tell us which ones you want to be able to buy at discounts that range from 15-25 percent.

ComicsGate can work with and support Arkhaven, they can ignore us, or they can follow the SJW-lite lead of 2VS and continue to publicly attack us. While I would prefer for ComicsGate and other independents to work with us, to utilize the infrastructure we are building, and to support our efforts, it really makes very little difference to me or to the long-term success of our plans. Because, as it presently stands, we are already well ahead of the rosiest scenario I had ever envisioned at the start. Arkhaven is already selling tens of thousands of comics - unit sales, not dollars - and that is not counting our record-setting crowdfunding campaigns. And we have published more comics, and more pages of comics, than all of ComicsGate and ex-ComicsGate combined.

Now, I will admit that ComicsGate never asked for my assistance in any way. That was my mistake. That was my error. And I have learned my lesson. In the future I will refrain from offering unrequested support for anyone in the comics industry, and even if requested I will not call upon the Arkhaven community or allow the Arkhaven infrastructure to be utilized to support anyone who is not already a part of the Arkhaven team. We have more than enough to do without getting entangled in the affairs of others. As for those who believe that working with me is "likely going to limit their future prospects," perhaps they should consider the possibility that they have it entirely backwards.

UPDATE: On the subject of Arkhaven comics, Bounding Into Comics has a preview of some of the pretty art from Right Ho, Jeeves #6.
Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapisz’s Right Ho, Jeeves comic book adaptation of P.G. Wodehouse’s novel will be wrapping up with Right Ho, Jeeves #6.... Following the release of the digital edition of Right Ho, Jeeves #6 there will be a 10×7 omnibus edition that will collect all six issues of the series.

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The John Scalzi of Metal

Or is Scalzi the Jered Threatin of Science Fiction?
Talking up your own band a little bit to make it appear that you’re more popular than you are is a rite of passage for young acts. We’ve heard of plenty of bands that’ve exaggerated sales or live show numbers to land a gig or two, or talked themselves up to national media for some press attention. It comes with the territory, and it’s usually harmless.

But the Los Angeles band Threatin have taken that idea to a level previously thought unimaginable: the band was able to book an entire tour of Europe despite having no fanbase whatsoever, and it’s all in the process of crashing down around them.

To do it, the band’s frontman and leader, Jered Threatin, posed as a nonexistent booking agent / promoter to land the gigs, used faked live footage of allegedly packed shows in L.A., bought Facebook likes, event RSVPs and YouTube views and lied about ticket sales numbers to swindle venue owners and talent buyers into taking on the shows.
He of the "more than two million monthly page views" pulled off his con considerably more successfully than the musician, but then Threatin didn't have a real record company helping him do it the way Scalzi had Tor Books.

There’s more to John Scalzi and his writing than meets the eye. For one thing, his blog gets an extraordinary amount of traffic for a writer’s website–Scalzi himself quotes it at over 45,000 unique visitors daily and more than two million page views monthly.
- The New York Times

It just never gets old, even as Scalzi's blog fades into oblivion. Will 2018 be the year he finally stops reporting his blog statistics? Will he even reach two million pageviews for the entire year? By comparison, it looks like this year will be relatively flat at VP, with between 32-33 million pageviews.

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Bestselling graphic novels

For those of you who are not new to comics, but might like an inexpensive place to buy the bestselling graphic novels of the month and perhaps pick up an Arkhaven comic or two, you may wish to note that we now have the ability to sell them, and to do so at less than full retail price.

Batman: White Knight from DC is currently the bestselling graphic novel out there, and with the amount you save from the $19.99 list price, you can pick up a copy of the latest Alt★Hero or Right Ho, Jeeves.

Those of you who are serious collectors or regular buyers should let us know what issues you would like us to carry. While we can't carry floppies, we do have access to pretty much all the graphic novels.


Celebrity crackdown in China

This policy limiting celebrity compensation is very far from the worst idea I have ever heard, particularly in an increasingly post-scarcity environment.
Chinese broadcasters and online entertainment sites should curb the amount of screen time given to celebrities, the country's television regulator announced.

The new directive aims to crack down on celebrity hype, fake audience and click-through rates for a healthy growth of the industry, according to a statement issued by the National Radio and Television Administration on Friday. The statement by the radio and television watchdog also restated a commitment made by television and film companies that the salaries of all performers must not exceed 40 per cent of the total production cost while leading actors will have their pay capped at 70 per cent of total wages for the entire cast.
One of the reasons the shadowy evils of Hollywood are so powerful is their ability to gatekeep the money and fame they dole out to the desperate. Measures such as these being enacted by China will not eliminate the problem, but it will reduce some of its effects. And they're pretty tame considering that a headline star can still be paid more than a quarter of the total budget.

It's going to be interesting to see how China's growing influence in the film industry modifies its practices.


RIP Stan Lee

Stan Lee (1922-2018)
We're told an ambulance rushed to Lee's Hollywood Hills home early Monday morning and he was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. We're told that's where he died.

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Who cares?

I'm just wondering, why on Earth should anyone give a fragment of a quantum of a damn for the fact that the poor moderate media whores are now being treated in public the way that many of us have been treated online for the last five years?
Kat Timpf@KatTimpf
 I was just ran out of an establishment because of where I work. Chewed out, abused. But I guess that’s the norm now.

And let’s be honest, Kat Timpf is really pretty moderate in the grand scheme of things so to attack her of all people at Fox? That’s just someone who doesn’t really pay attention. At this point, we are not sure where Kat was but we’re hoping she’ll post it soon so we can share …
Because those who are really pretty moderate don't deserve to be attacked, unlike those awful right-wing extremists, right? These people now looking for our sympathy and support are the very people who didn't lift a finger when hundreds of people, up to and including Alex Jones, were driven off Facebook, Twitter, GoDaddy, IndieGoGo, Paypal, and other platforms for their badthink, who didn't bother to denounce the culprits, let alone stop utilizing their services.

Now they're being driven out of restaurants. So my response is, sowhat? Especially given the fact that the likes of Kat Timpf are still far too moderate to so much as name the place where they were victimized, for fear that someone will actually do something besides cringe and cower.

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So much for those lofty principles

It took just over one year for Andrew Torba to climb down from his untenable high horse of "free speech uber alles":
Andrew Torba @a
This is unacceptable and we have taken action against this account. Targeting individuals with threatening language and behavior behind an anonymous account is cowardly and foolish. Users that do this will face accountability from Gab. 
Whatever happened to "suck it up, crybaby?" What a hypocritical moron. This is why Gab is doomed to failure. You simply can't expect an organization to succeed, let alone a startup, when it is run by someone as immature, hot-headed, and totally unable to anticipate the obvious as Torba.
Andrew Torba @a
I don’t want to hear it from the people who want to play semantic games about what is actually a threat and what isn’t. The intent here is very clear and aimed at a specific individual user. It’s malicious and designed to terrorize someone into silence. The person who recieved these (and many more,) did feel threatened and did contact us about it.
Of course he doesn't want to hear from everyone who is capable of remembering his oft-expressed previous position from all of six months ago. Gab is a train wreck in a dumpster fire and it will never be capable of becoming a genuine alternative to Twitter. My only regret is that I didn't continue to ignore Torba when he was lobbying Spacebunny to get me to pay attention to his emails.

Thanks to Oneway's brilliant ongoing developments, Infogalactic will soon be offering a Twitter alternative that will actually work in the not-very-distant future. And no, we will not be promising free speech to social rejects and retards, to the contrary, we promise to clamp down relentlessly and remorselessly on all social media jackassery, trollery, and bantz because we are more than happy to leave that time-wasting, mind-numbing gamma nonsense to Gab and whatever other sites wish to cater to the unpleasant and the unproductive.

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This is why you just ignore them

I don't bother arguing with women and gammas anymore, mostly because I have noticed that the participation of a second party is really not required for them to engage in a lengthy debate. All that is necessary is for them to notice something that triggers their emotions. This is the hilarious, but very informative response of one woman to the recent Voxiversity video.
FSP: I'm at the 12:54 mark and I have to kind of laugh (I mean I don't mean to be mean & all) but YOU (I think you're a man) but you're talking about what a woman wants?  (oh, this is rich... I'm going to keep watching).  "Write her poems"?  Did you just say that?   It's not that a man hasn't written me a poem, but that's what... this would take too long to explain to you. LOL

Now... would an "Omga" also produce a podcast (like this one)?  I'M JUST ASKING...  Now, you also said "do not put an attractive woman with an Alpha man" as of course, she can't control herself she's just gonna have to jump his bones!?   HA HA HA HA... shhhh okay I'll be quiet & listen some more.  

You have put men in only 5 social standings.  They don't grow or change, life situations don't kind of play a part in changes in his life?  So, to you, a man that has 2 or more of these qualities is... either non-existent or what... an oddball?

Do you want my take on this?  You really don't know people very deeply do you?  And, you don't like people very much do you?  Just guessing.

VD:  "Do you want my take on this?" Not even a little bit.

DAVE: Ha-ha-ha, Vox so cruel. But I think this is a woman, right? Only another woman knows what a woman wants, right? Shouldn't we ask for pics to verify her familiarity with Alpha men? I'm not really seeing any other evidence that leads me to believe she has any experience here.

FSP: Dear Dave, you think Voxster is "cruel"?  "Are you serious?  His response comes nowhere NEAR "cruel".   It was a matter of fact for him (and totally predictable).  As for my experience with your so-called "Alpha" men.  You want a resume?  I think it would blow you away.  Pretty gets me in the door, but (as my sister calls me) tenaciousness can bring you to your knees.

No, I don't use it much unless I have to.  Which is very seldom.  An "alpha" man as you like to believe in needs a good spanking from time to time.  AND those are the ones I do not like.  You see this guy Vox?  He'd LOVE a good spanking.  That's how much of an "alpha" he is LOL, but you'd have to know men, as well as I do to understand that at all.  They talk a good game but honey... well, let's just say their bark is worse than their bite.

My husband and my son are true "Alphas" however, they know when to use it and when it is very unwise to use it, especially in business and dealing with others.  Oh, and my daughter, well let's just say she's as sweet as pie until she's not.  Yes, dear, we taught them early.

FSP: Of COURSE, you don't want anyone's "take" on anything. You're terrified of any actual input that would correct your obvious errors.  I could be so cruel here, I feel like being cruel actually because I detest bullies and philistines such as yourself.

Your smug arrogance gave you away long ago.  Only lowbrow people of suspect character act the way you do.  Your "holier than thou" attitude smacks of lack of true character or empathy for your fellow man.  Your distaste for women is palpable, only overdone by your thinly veiled euphemisms towards men.

I bet children and puppies recoil at any wayward glance you would dully turn their way.  You want so desperately to be respected as some kind of know it all.  Instead, you are an aging bald man sitting in an old chair recovered in the cheapest of red velvet, surrounded by books you either haven't read or God forbid speak of the darker side of mankind.

So, you would ask me (I'm so sure of your limited thought process)... why then do you bother to write or listen?  Reason 1: I like to listen to people I disagree with because we can learn from them.  Reason 2: Because sometimes people just have to tell an ass hat, when they ARE an ass hat.  You, sir, are an ass hat.

and no, I won't be listening anymore you're what is commonly called a total waste of time.
What I found chiefly noteworthy was the way the woman's response is eerily similar to the way that an angry gamma responds when triggered, right down to the false avowal of disengagement. Whoever described the gamma as a female mindset in a male body definitely had it right.

I do wonder, however, what it was that happened to trigger her so.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Cruel fate, coincidence, or conspiracy?

Well, what ARE the odds?
In a cruel twist of fate, dozens of people who survived the Las Vegas shooting were inside the Borderline bar when Long opened fire.

'It's the second time in about a year and a month that this has happened,' Nick Champion told OnSceneTV. 'I was in the Las Vegas Route 91 mass shooting, as well as probably 50 or 60 others who were in the building at the same time as me tonight.'

Champion and his friends were inside country music bar Borderline Bar and Grill for student night Wednesday, when ex-marine Ian Long, 29, stormed in, shooting dead 11 before turning the gun on himself. He and other Las Vegas survivors considered Borderline a 'place of healing' and gathered at the same bar for a memorial on a student night earlier this year.
It could just be a coincidence. Of course, both Q and Fox Mulder have repeatedly informed us that there are no coincidences. Perhaps this is a matter for the Winchester brothers and there is a country-music hating demon haunting the music venues of the West.

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2VS is lying. Again.

So Ethan van Sciver is now swearing up and down that he's totally not at all connected to me or to ComicsGate, in any way, as he is desperately attempting to convince the SJWs at IndieGoGo not to shut down his account there.

Which, you will note, they already claim the right to do at any time, for any reason, no matter what, in their terms of use. They don't even need a justification. So, what they should probably know is that old Two-Face is blatantly lying to them as well. By way of example, here is one of his invitations to me, which I had assumed was going to be a debate between us.

No, no, it’s just a conversation.  Google Hang Outs.  And it’s going to focus entirely on comic books and your relationship with them.  So I’ll ask you about when you discovered comics, maybe as a boy, if they were important to you and why, how superheroes influenced you to be who you are, maybe.  And then we’ll go into your current plans and ideas.  Talk about upcoming projects.

My audience will want you to prove to them that you respect and love comics.  That’s what they want to hear.  You can, of course, say anything you want and take the conversation wherever you’d like.  But I’ll be there with the goal of getting you to come off great to the crowd, and help you sell comic books to them.

After that there will be a Q and A from the viewers.

He was even a fan of the Darkstreams.
You’re bang on in your YouTube stuff.  I’m enjoying your Peterson insight.

Hope you’re well

Not only that, but Ethan occasionally forwarded me emails from his enemies in the industry, such as Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool, and not at my request either. Ironically, for all that he obviously disagrees with me and dislikes me, Rich Johnston has treated me more politely and considerably more honestly than Ethan has, which is why I will respect his confidence here.
Vox, here’s Bleeding Cool’s hit piece.  They sent me it in advance.  Probably hit tomorrow. What say you?

Sent from my iPad

Begin forwarded message:
From: Rich Johnston REDACTED

Date: February 1, 2018 at 11:47:23 AM EST

To: ComicArtistPro Secrets REDACTED

Subject: Re: Draft of Bleeding Cool article.
And lest you don't believe me when I told you that it was Ethan's idea that we should work together:
I’ll tell him but he likely won’t.  At this moment I do believe we should combine forces and resources/talents, tho.

Sent from my iPad

> On May 12, 2018, at 6:23 AM, Vox wrote:
> Hey Ethan,
> Tell Richard to get in touch if he needs a publisher. 
So, as you can plainly see, all of 2VS's current posturing and repositioning and public disavowing is simply more two-faced false talk meant to spin his self-serving and increasingly unconvincing narrative. And he is STILL actively lying about me.
"He thinks he owns ComicsGate."
- Ethan van Sciver, November 9, 2018
No, I don't and I never have. This should more than suffice to make it clear who has been lying all along and who has not. As for the claim that I con people, about comics or anything else, that is nothing but textbook emotional projection on Ethan's part.

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Civilization as cargo cult

They are not "reclaiming" America, they are replacing it with Not-America:
The idea is to recast Norman Rockwell paintings with Diversity. It’s a pathetically lame idea, but who cares about artistic taste anymore? What matters now is Representation. We need more pictures of the Good People and fewer pictures of the Bad People.
Even the idiot civic nationalists should be able to figure out by now that the end result of this ongoing transformation of the United States is not going to be something that has anything in common with the America that Norman Rockwell depicted; in the end they probably won't even keep the name.

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Portrait of a leader

2VS abandons ComicsGate and leaves it to fend for itself:
I think that at this point I no longer can call myself ComicsGate. I think that has just struck me like a lightning bolt; that's not who I am, you know? I'm All-Caps Comics. I'm Ethan Van Sciver. I am somebody who promotes and sells comic books. I'm somebody who listens, who listens to the audience. I'm somebody who finds out what a need is and I fill that need.

It is not my place, and it never really has been my place, to criticize what other people are doing. That is not what I want to do, that's not my purpose, it's not my purpose to yell at other professionals, it's not my purpose to yell at anyone. Really, it's not my purpose to just say hey what Marvel's doing, what DC is doing here, and there isn't right, you know, it indicates that there's a conspiracy, a leftist conspiracy. I believe in all that and I think that that is true but that's not what I'm about, that's not what I'm doing, and I think that's where the conflict comes in, and I think that's where the confusion comes in.

I'm not ComicsGate. I am simply Ethan Van Sciver from Comic Artist Pro Secrets and now All-Caps Comics. That is my comic book company, that is the label that I'm going to publish under. And what does this mean? This means that I am done with ComicsGate. I'm no longer considering myself a part of ComicsGate.
Let me see if I can translate this from 2VSpeak: "IndieGoGo was going to kick me off their platform if I didn't do something drastic to sever my connection to ComicsGate, so I'm quitting in order to try to preserve my access." 

I told them he was going to stab them in the back. But it happened even sooner than I thought it would. And yes, I am amused.

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Mailvox: cowardice vs Christianity

A German reader describes why men cannot stand fake and hyperfeminized churchianity in lieu of genuine Christianity:
In one of your recent videos - I think it was one of the videos on Jordan Peterson - you mentioned that men really trying to improve on their lives tend to go the the gym and to read the new testament. This statement I can fully confirm from my personal experience. Being a gamma most of my life I slowly but steadily work myself out of the gamma's self-absorption in recent years and going to the gym and practicing my refound Christian faith are two important pillars in that respect.

The motivation to go the gym I got already years ago and independently of your blog and videos. It's another story with my refound Christian  faith. I was raised and educated in a Christian family and - as you also write in a blog post from May 2nd, 2018 - I think it was that very Christian education that contributed to me developing gamma habits in the first place. For example I remember my mother stressing that Jesus was a superior man for not defending himself and being a victim. Combine that with a weak father with strong gamma traits and you won't be surprised that I developed the typical passive-aggressiveness of a gamma. Just to name another example: I remember attending a bible lecture as a child where the (male) member of the church community who served there as a teacher told us that women were somehow stronger than men. I don't remember the context, I only remember my astonishment ("don't have men naturally more strength than women?") but somehow accepting his statement in the end.

When I discovered men's movements and the manosphere some years ago I tended to regain an interest in God as the strong father I would have wished for my childhood days. At the same time I rejected the Christian faith and even resented it because I blamed it for turning me into a full-blown gamma. Especially verses like "turning the other cheek" brought about my general rejection. My relationship with God remainded being more of a superficial interest than a deep-rooted faith at this time.

The beginning of the breakthrough back to my Christian faith came roughly half a year ago with watching your video "Hate is a Christian Virtue". This was the starting point for my growing understanding that Christianity isn't about cowardly backing down and being submissive to evil and harmful people. I began to understand the Christian faith from a new and masculine point of view. I began to understand that it's also about being strong and clear in one's stand against attackers. Now I'm reading bible verses daily again and listen to sermons regularly (if you don't now it already I highly recommend John MacArthur's series on Social Justice and the Gospel). I even found a group of Christian men practicing the Christian faith and supporting each other in their manhood.

So first and foremost I want to thank you for your helpful work on the socio-sexual hierarchy and Christianity. Moreover I'd really appreciate it - if your time and interests allow it at this point - if you would further elaborate on the topic of Christianity and why it involves masculine strength rather than being opposed to it. In particular I'd really like to know your interpretation of verses like "turning the other cheek".
The key to understanding the concept of turning the other cheek is to grasp that motivations matter. God knows your thoughts! You are not going to fool Him. If you are refraining from striking down the man who violently humiliates you out of cowardice, then you are not turning the other cheek. You are not seeking to be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect. You're just being a coward and there is less than zero spiritual benefit to you from your failure to respond. Better that you hit your attacker back, and do so harder than he hit you.

Turning the other cheek is only for the man who is strong enough to demonstrate his forbearance as an example of God's mercy and impregnability, just as carrying the legionary's equipment for an extra mile can only apply to the individual who is able to carry it for the first mile. One cannot strive to be a perfect man when one is not even truly a man.

That's merely my opinion, of course. I am a political philosopher, not a theologian.

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How totally surprising

Democrats are going to run on gun control in 2020. Can you spell TRUMPSLIDE?
Newly ascendant Democrats are promising congressional action on gun control amid a rash of mass shootings, including a late-night assault at a California bar that killed 12 people. Measures including expanded background checks and a ban on assault-style weapons are likely to reach the House floor when Democrats retake control after eight years of Republican rule.

“The American people deserve real action to end the daily epidemic of gun violence that is stealing the lives of our children on campuses, in places of worship and on our streets,” said Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, the Democratic leader who is running for a second stint as House speaker.

Pelosi vowed to push for a range of actions to stem gun violence, including restrictions on high-capacity magazines and a measure allowing temporary removal of guns from people deemed an imminent risk to themselves or others.
They never, ever, learn. They never will learn. Because NPCs lack the capability.

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Voxiversity Episode 009

The production team and I are pleased to announce Voxiversity Episode 009: THE SOCIO-SEXUAL HIERARCHY

The bestselling author of THE IRRATIONAL ATHEIST and ON THE EXISTENCE OF GODS explains the socio-sexual hierarchy and the five primary ranks into which it is divided.
Thanks very much to all the Voxiversity and Darkstream backers who are making these videos possible. A pertinent comment from YouTube on that note: To all those responsible for the continued existence of Voxiversity: Thank you for the knowledge-rich content.

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Friday, November 09, 2018

Darkstream: The Sociopathic SJW Media

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

We need to stop thinking that, oh, well, we just need to reason with them! Don't they understand what this is leading to? Well, if we can only convince them what this is leading to, then maybe they'll change! No, that's not going to happen, that's not going to work. If you haven't read it yet, it's a very quick read, but take a look at 4D Warfare by Jack Posobiec. Whether you like Jack or not, whether you think that he is spot-on or not, he does make a very good comparison of what is developing with Antifa in the United States and the Red Guards in China. It's also very similar to what happened with the Reds, the Republicans in Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

The Spanish Civil War was incredibly,  incredibly ugly and so this same framework is what is shaping up in the United States right now. And it's happening, to a great extent, because conservatives have absolutely failed to accept the fact that these people are the enemy. You've got all these good conservatives who are still more concerned about shaking their finger about identity politics and people who would divide the nation when when we should be trying to unite it. It's absolutely ludicrous, it's absolutely a non-starter. The conservative movement has failed utterly because the conservative movement was co-opted by cuckservatives and neocons.

Their whole game was to drive the right away from Christianity and away from nationalism, but the only thing that will save the country, that will save the remnants of the country, is Christian nationalism. That's what we're seeing rising in Europe and that's where you're going to need to turn to find the spiritual, mental, and cultural confidence to stand against Antifa. And that's something that you need to come around to because I understand a lot of you don't want to believe that. I understand that you want to cling to your Enlightenment values,  you want to cling to your tolerance, you want to cling to your hedonism, if you're a woman maybe you want to cling to your feminism.

You can't do it. You can't do it and stand against the evil because it weakens you. The way that you weaken yourself is you compromise yourself, and when you are compromised then you are unable to stand against the evil of others. You just don't have the ability. It's like trying to become a bodybuilder but saying, you know, I'm not going to work my chest muscles. I'll make my legs real strong and I'll make my biceps real strong, but I'm just not gonna do any bench because I don't believe in that. I don't believe in working my pectorals. You know, you're not going to become an effective bodybuilder.

If you have a military operation and you just decide  that we have to do this operation, we want to take this objective, we've got all these forces, but you know, I just fundamentally don't believe in artillery. I think that artillery is just wrong and I don't believe it's effective,  and so we'll send in the infantry, and we'll send in the armor, and and maybe we'll fly some planes too, but no artillery, because artillery is is just wrong. Well, how effective is your military going to be? Maybe it's going to be effective enough,  but it's not going to be as effective as it could and should be.

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Magic Dirt Fail in Australia

A Somali-Australian expressed his appreciation for his new home in Melbourne:
Police are treating an attack in Melbourne’s Bourke Street mall in which one person was fatally stabbed and two others were injured as an incident of terrorism. The attacker was shot by police as the terrifying scene unfolded in Melbourne’s city district on Friday. He died later that night in hospital.

Witnesses said they heard a loud explosion and saw a car bust into flames outside Target on Bourke Street, between Swanston and Russell Streets, about 4.20pm.

Chief commissioner Graham Ashton said the attacker was known to police and federal intelligence agencies. “What we know so far about the individual ... from what we know we are treating this as a terrorism incident,” he said. “We believe we have confirmation on the identity [and] there are ongoing investigations being conducted by counter-terrorism. I am not at liberty to disclose the identity of this person. He is known to police, mainly in respect to relatives that he has that are persons of interest to us. He is someone who is accordingly known to Victoria Police and the federal intelligence authorities.”

The man had a minor offending history of drug, theft and driving offences, lived in the north-western suburbs of Melbourne, and came to Australia from Somalia in the 1990s, he said.
Perhaps it was his anger over Australian meddling in the Middle East. Either way, if we have learned one thing over the last 17 years, explosions are just part and parcel of living in any big city that is home to the Religion of Peace.

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