Friday, December 06, 2019

Unauthorized announcements

Today we released a trailer for the upcoming documentary about Owen's recent comedy tour.

In other news, the Unauthorized app for Roku is now available. This is the first of a number of apps that we expect to release in the months to come. We also anticipate releasing the Android app before the end of the year released the Android app today.

Thanks to all the subscribers who are making these things possible! But never forget that the conflict continues, as Unbearables Merchandise was deplatformed by PayPal yesterday.


The ultimate wall of text

Humanity may have reached Peak Gamma with this DOOM speedrunner's response to being caught red-handed and accused of cheating.

You humour me greatly with your arrogance and contempt, a flood of accusations born from the poison of envy and smite of disrespect. I feel both disappointment and flattery these thoughts would originate from another player who has demonstrated one of a kind talent and has accomplished the impossible, yet is apparently immune from judgement owing to their reputation, do not think your words hold more credibility just because of who you are, being more well known and what you have accomplished in breaking world records and setting ones never previously accomplished, such as with TNT and Plutonia Nightmare. With that being said I will divulge my thoughts on the serious accusations you have set forth.

I won't address the individual gameplay scenarios you've highlighted, as the foundation of your argument arises from jealously, this is clear when you contrast my success with your failure, being deluded into thinking you should have surpassed these trials yet cannot absolutely comprehend how someone else can claim victory on a consistent basis, instead I will address my playing ability. You know nothing about who I am or my history with this game, I am exceptionally talented not only at Doom, but other oldschool FPS along with videogames in general. I make speedruns and partake in Ironman out of passion for the game, it is a personal challenge in testing my playing ability to overcome arduous odds, I play for fun, it's about me vs the game and I hold no strong competitive urge or desire to be known as the best, reputation and status are not important to me but having fun is essential.

Are you serious when you can't believe someone can beat an Ironman consistently? It's just playing the game without saving or loading, do you not have a fundamental understanding of the core gameplay and how to the play game correctly? Am I the only one who can play aggressively, with an intuitive and innate ability to bend the game to their will and not panic when in a dire situation, but with tactical genius aware of my surroundings and dexterous reflexes can act in the heat of battle and overcome arduous odds? When you highlight cases of RNG, I honestly don't think about it that deeply, I'm confident in what I'm doing, I'll make a risky move and hold strong with faith. I laugh at your baseless accusations of slowdown in reference to Stardate, I'm sure other skilled players such as Mrzzul and Nevanos could playthrough Stardate casually withour prior practice or saving and get just as far. Also bear in mind that I have died in several Ironmans before, do you honestly think their was demo manipulation there?

You also demonstrate your ignorance very clearly when you admit you haven't watched my Ironman demos in full, and by watching I do mean actually studying them and assessing each scenario, bearing in mind my experience and ability at Doom which is extradonary, not skipping to a random moment and making up fabrications based on your own failures thinking oh it's impossible, their is no way any player could accomplish that. I do make mistakes, sometimes crucial ones, this is also reflected if you studied my speedruns which are far from perfect and have flaws such as missing shots, awkward movement and poor dodging, however a key skill I have is not panicing when low on health or when the circumstance is dire. Well guess what, I'm one of a kind, no one can play the game like me, every talented player and speedrunner has their own strengths and weaknesses that make them stand out.

I am deluded when you suggest someone must have prior knowledge to stand a chance of victory at Ironman. Well look at Demon of the Well, he's not a speedrunner but is known for making FDAs both blind and familiar, he has an exceptional ability at conquering maps on his first attempt, the most prominent example I can think of is rdwpa's MuMe.wad. Does that mean he cheats? Certainly not, he's a talented player who obviously has a high level of playing ability. You also have j4rio and 0xfooba who have accomplished amazing demos that haven't been set before, with the former tysons that should be impossible and the latter UV-Maxes on some the hardest maps devised and speedrun movies of Sunlust. So why would you think my speedruns are cheated, when their are fellow speedrunners who have demonstrated extraordinary playing ability, do not stream and have surpassed my demos? As I certainly have never accussed anyone else of cheating, but respect their accomplishment and admire their tenacity at conquering very hard maps and goals.

I have not shown jealously or malice towards fellow speedrunners who have surpassed my demos but silently congratulate and admire their accomplishment, in some cases publicly such as when Ancalagon went back and re-ran Combat Shock in response to when I beat his old runs. I do not look at speedrunning with a competitive eye, thinking I must have the record and surpass my competitor, instead my view is a cooperative one, it's us speedrunners against the game, building on one another's ideas and talent when a new record is set, complementing each other's unique strengths and weaknesses.

My question would be why are you accusing and targetting me specifically? I can see from the depths of your arrogance, you believe with absolute certainty you are correct and I must be a cheater with any form of rebuttal being null and void. Well let me state clearly I have nothing to gain, why would I cheat at Ironman when I have pubically stated previously I do not care about winning or if a fellow player surpasses me, this is just fun to me. For speedruns, what would be the purpose in cheating as it's a personal challenge to me, I want to demonstrate to myself I've got the skill and talent to conquer very hard maps, it's about me against the game and I don't feel jealously at a fellow speedrunner who has beaten my record. I make speedruns out of passion and love for the game and not for admiration or self flattery, as long as Andy accepts the demo for DSDA that's all I care about.

I am not going to stream as I do not care for an audience and am not influenced by the accusations of an envious stranger. I only streamed briefly for a short time in the past out of curiosity, but it does not interest me nor do I feel passion for it. I haven't watched Twitch in over a year, I was drawn to it in my spare time during the short period prior to my first full time job after finishing my studies. My life has changed a lot in the past two years and their are far more important aspects in life which draw my attention, I have little free time as well. Also you must be very self-conscious if you honestly think one has to stream their demo to demonstrate they aren't cheating, that just indicates your disrespect and distrust towards other players with exceptional playing ability, you'll never be a talented survivalist like me :)

Let me make it clear I don't give a damn what you or anyone else thinks of me, when I am passionate about a subject I will speak my mind truthfully even if it means being brash at times, both online and in real life, I won't be intimidated by anyone and will confront them with assertion and confidence. I'm here for fun, making speedruns and commenting on subjects once in a while which capture my eye.

Thank you for revealing your true colors, seething with jealously and enveloped by arrogance, you've lost what respect I had for you. If you've come to your senses you will offer an apology, take a good luck in the mirror before you make such a disgusting accusation against a fellow Doom player, who has not caused strife and discord but shows humility and respect with a care free attitude, or will you continue this charade and repeat history, replicating the case of Okuplok? If you do continue to accuse, it will be solely for my amusement as I will not take you seriously and will likely ignore you. Choose wisely.

As a general rule, anyone whose response to criticism involves attacking the critic and his motivations is likely insecure about their position and attempting to defend what they know to be indefensible. I'm not talking about simply ignoring the critic or refusing to regard the criticism as relevant, I'm talking about posturing, asserting superiority, and attempting to discredit the critic.

No one is fooled by this sort of thing, which is why I find it strange that so many people are inclined to respond in such a suboptimal manner. It was also interesting to see how the YouTuber noticed the extraordinarily similar attitudes exhibited and even phrases utilized by the cheaters, which is a strong indication that the cheaters were Gamma males.

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The fake billionaires

Many, if not most, of the "super-rich" don't actually have all that much money that is actually theirs, as comes out whenever they are forced to actually disclose what they've got:
Elon Musk says he doesn’t have a lot of cash.

Musk’s wealth came up in the second day of his testimony before a federal jury in Los Angeles where the Tesla Inc. and SpaceX chief executive is on trial over a tweet in which he referred to a British cave expert as a “pedo guy.”

After an unsuccessful objection from his lawyer, Musk told the jury he has Tesla stock, and SpaceX stock, with debt against those holdings, and his net worth is about $20 billion. But contrary to public opinion, he said, he didn’t have much cash. Musk finished testifying after a total of about six hours on the stand over two days.
As Anonymous Conservative points out, those who are in service to the Prometheans are provided fame and fortune, but they are essentially servitors and don't actually control the resources that are nominally made available to them. See: Hunter Biden.


Corporate cancer is everywhere

A reader writes about an article about a government agency in Slovenia that is heavily dominated by women shows how convergence plays out where there is no consequence to a lack of performance and productivity.

Thought this might interest you. The article is about women taking over in the public payments administration of the Ministry of Finance. Discrimination, whisper campaigns, discreditations etc. When I saw it, it screamed to me SJWs Always Lie and Corporate Cancer. The men don't even realise what they're up against. They just roll over and get taken out. And because this is the public sector we're talking about, the harpies thrive, as the money will never run out.
Men's work in the UJP is systematically devalued by gender discrimination against men. There are bizarre things going on in the PPO, where men are below 25% in the minority and women in power in the HR department. Some women feel safe as protected bears and do completely inappropriate things that should not be done outside of working hours. For a longer period of time, we have seen men being harassed by some women from being beaten, verbally humiliated and bullied just because they are men.

How does sex discrimination against men in the PPP work? Men and women in UJP are assigned by gender to different groups. Men are assigned to the lazy group, and women are assigned to the worker bee group. Men in the UJP are systematically labeled as being lazy drones and therefore need to be thrown out of the company.

Then women start spreading lies about men, lies that become true if they are repeated many times, and hate propaganda to discredit them. Women start spreading rumors and behind men's backs hang on to the male mistakes of their co-workers ... such a man who is a "mobbing" target doesn't even know what happened to him, why all women and their male sidekicks are watching.

Men are immediately convicted behind their backs without evidence, without debate, without trial, all based on false rumors. And their careers are over. Not only can they not be promoted, they can also remain without existing pay grades and at lower paid jobs. Women in the UJP are systematically labeled as “hardworking” bees, workers who deserve a higher salary than they are entitled to by law.
Notice how it all plays out as described in SJWAL more than four years ago. The patterns always play out in the same way, but those caught up in the situation keep attempting to address it as if it is something new and unique.

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Thursday, December 05, 2019


What else can you expect from the Most Converged Place on Earth?
The Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride broke down just minutes after opening today as part of Disney’s $1 billion Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge expansion at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.

“Rise of the resistance broke down after about 18 minutes,” one park guest tweeted.
No corporation, however massive, can escape the consequences of corporate cancer once it contracts the disease.

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This is why you eject gammas

This is quintessential gamma behavior in action. Ex-fans bitter about their rejection by the object of their adoration are now devoting themselves to attacking those who have not been similarly rejected:
Fyi those hit by the ban hammer are organizing against Owen and his ass kissers that haven't been banned. You bears only accept ass kissing as legitimate, anyone else gets banned. Ex bears are bear hunting.
This is precisely why you should never admit anyone you even suspect of possibly possessing gamma traits into your organization, no matter how enthusiastically they volunteer or how helpful they appear to be. The usual pattern is that they fail to do what they say they will do, but instead come up with all sorts of things that they think other people should be doing. They particularly like to question and criticize the strategies and policies being formulated by the people at the top. Then, when their suggestions are not promptly adopted, they start attacking others in the organization and attempting to undermine and discredit them, at which point it usually becomes necessary to eject them.

After his ejection, the gamma then turns on the very people he previously professed to admire and declares himself a sworn enemy of them and their projects. That's why, as with SJWs, it is always best to keep them out from the start.

Speaking of addition by subtraction, it is perhaps worth pointing out that those who erroneously believed that moderating the comments at this blog would lead to an inevitable decline in traffic have again proven to be incorrect. VP had been averaging 96k daily pageviews for the last month, but since turning on full-time moderation, the average daily traffic has increased to 104.5k pageviews.


Smoking their own supply

The Saker interviews a Russian military expert who is rightly concerned about the way in which U.S. military planners are increasingly failing both aspects of Sun Tzu 101:
Martyanov does an absolutely superb job explaining some (not all, of course!) features of modern warfare to a reader which is assumed to be only a curious amateur whose intellect can be persuaded by fact-based and logical arguments (as opposed to delusional, imperial hubris and feel-good flagwaving and self-worship). As a matter of fact, Martyanov’s book could be an ideal “introduction to military analysis” or a “planning military forces 101” course.

Martyanov is clearly deeply frustrated with the willful ignorance shown by a lot of US academics, politicians and other talking heads and he places the blame on the US educational system which, according to Martyanov, teaches nonsensical theories which are not just useless, but actually self-deceiving and outright dangerous. In all fairness to US colleges and academies, I think that Martyanov is just a little unfair: while it is true that most “political science” and other “conflict and peace studies” schools mostly teach nonsense, there are other US colleges and academies – both civilian and military – which, at least in the 80s and 90s – did teach real military analysis and force planning. Those courses were typically taught by adjunct teachers taken from military personnel who taught evening classes while still working in their regular DoD positions. Furthermore, many students had a military rank (typically First Lieutenant and Captains). I don’t know how good these schools are now, but in the 1980s-1990s some of these schools had superb curricula, “heavy” on technical analysis and computer modeling. I can also say that most of the US officers I studied with were very competent specialists and honorable men who were all acutely aware that being an officer in a superpower’s military, places upon you a double burden: that to protect your country by deterrence, but also to avoid a conflict at almost any cost because this is the only way to really protect your country!

By the way, at that time a senior officer of the DoD’s Office of Net Assessment openly told us “no US President will ever sacrifice Boston or Chicago for the sake of Berlin or Paris; but we will never admit that publicly“. In my experience, US Cold War officers were very competent, cautious and acutely aware of the immense responsibility placed upon their shoulders. Furthermore, I will say this: during the Cold War both the USSR and the US acted responsibly, even during major crises. Finally, in spite of Reagan’s (stillborn) idea of “Star Wars” aka “SDI” – I never met a single US officer who believed, even for a second, that the US could ever stop a Soviet retaliatory second strike (never mind a first one!).

During the Cold War – deterrence worked and both sides played by the same rulebook. This is not the case anymore, and that is very frightening.
This is very typical behavior of an empire in decline. The imperial forces tend to overestimate their own capabilities and underestimate the capabilities of their potential adversaries. This is what leads to imperial overstretch and empire-shattering disasters like the Syracuse Expedition and the Peninsular War.

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Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Big Bear bounces back

More than 7,000 viewers watched the Big Bear's inaugural stream on DLive today. He's already got more than 6k followers there. I've created an account there too, which you can follow at voxday.

UPDATE: DLive has graciously arranged for me to have the VOXDAY account in order to make it easier to find.


No wartime consigliere

Ol' Pikachu isn't remotely capable of addressing the challenges that are heading Google's way. He isn't even tough enough to stand up to his own SJW employees:
Google’s employees are openly revolting over the company’s handling of sexual harassment and controversial executives hires like Miles Taylor, the former Department of Homeland Security chief of staff who defended the Trump administration’s Muslim travel ban. Last month, 200 employees in San Francisco protested Google’s various contentious decisions. Shortly after, four of the protesters were fired. Google has denied that the employees were fired for organizing. Now those former employees, dubbed the “Thanksgiving Four” plan to file charges against Google with the National Labor Relations Board.

Meanwhile, Google is investigating its own executives over inappropriate relationships they may have had with subordinates, CNBC first reported last month. That includes Chief Legal Officer David Drummond, who recently married an employee in Google’s legal department and faces a string of damaging allegations from another former employee with whom he had an extramarital affair.

Next, there’s YouTube, which has faced controversy after controversy in recent years, ranging from pedophiles lurking in video comments where underage children appear, to the spread of conspiracy theories about victims of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, last year. (We’d be here all day if I listed every recent YouTube crisis and failure.)

And then there are the dollars and cents. Growth in Google’s core digital advertising business is slowing, and the pressure is mounting for the company to find new areas of expansion. While its cloud and hardware businesses are showing some promise, they still make up a tiny fraction of Google’s overall revenue. At its core, Google is still an advertising company.

But that’s just the internal stuff. Outside the company, nearly every state attorney general in the country is looking into antitrust violations related to Google’s ad business. CNBC reported last month that the probes may expand into Google’s search business as well. The FTC and Department of Justice are also said to be looking at Google’s potential antitrust violations.

With so much scrutiny from regulators and attorneys general, there will almost certainly be some sort of action taken, and Pichai is now the one who has to steer the ship as various government agencies seek to punish his company. Page and Brin picked the perfect time to step down and protect themselves.
It's informative to see how the founders of the last wave of Silicon Valley giants are all running for the exits as the markets hit a historic peak. The smart money is getting out while it can.

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Epstein didn't kill himself

And no matter what the mainstream media says, neither did his banker:
Jeffrey Epstein’s private wealth banker, who brokered and signed off on untold multiple millions of dollars in controversial Deutsche Bank and Citibank loans spanning two decades for the convicted pedophile, has died from a reported suicide.

The news of yet another mysterious Epstein-linked death comes shortly after the FBI was seeking to interview the bank executive about loans he approved for Epstein and the indicted child trafficker’s labyrinth of US-based and offshore companies.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner confirmed Thomas Bowers died by an apparent suicide by hanging at his home before Thanksgiving.

Epstein likewise died from a reported suicide by hanging, according to the New York City Medical Examiner.
No word as to whether it was a red scarf or not.


How "financial efficiency" kills civilization

How a Republican vulture capitalist killed a Nebraska town:
Major Republican donor Paul Singer has very few fans in this town of 6,300 people, where 80 percent of voters backed Donald Trump in 2016.

“I hope Paul Singer is proud of what he did,” Tim O’Connell, a local lumberyard owner, told Tucker Carlson Tonight. “I don’t know how he sleeps at night.”

O’Connell and many other residents are still suffering from the loss of sporting goods retailer Cabela’s, which kept its headquarters in Sidney until it merged with Bass Pro Shops in 2017.

The town’s mayor, Roger Galloway, told Tucker Carlson Tonight that the merger cost Sidney 2,000 jobs.

The sale of Cabela's to Bass Pro Shops was announced in 2016, a year after Singer’s Elliot Management disclosed an 11 percent stake, and said Cabela’s should explore a possible sale. Singer has earned the title of the “world’s most feared investor” and became a billionaire through tactics described as “vulture capitalism."

After the sale announcement, the stock price surged and Singer’s hedge fund cashed out within a week. Elliott Management reportedly made at least $90 million.

“They got in there to get the business sold and the business was sold, so they took it and ran,” Damien Park, managing partner at consulting firm Hedge Fund Solutions, told the Omaha World-Herald in October 2016.  “They made a fortune, so they’re happy.”

The residents of Sidney, however, were left without the town’s major employer.
It's important to remember that the financial benefits of capitalism come with certain costs, and the rewards are not always net beneficial to society. One should always recall that the preamble to the U.S. Constitution does not indicate that its purpose is to maximize gross national product or the sum total of societal wealth.

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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

The next battle

As you may have heard by now, the Big Bear was just deplatformed by YouTube. This should be interesting, as it will be the first time the Dread Ilk and the Bears have had the opportunity to team up and go into battle together.

It's going to be a blast!

Also, be sure to sign up for the book club so we can email you to get in touch with you if Google goes after the Darkstream or this blog. And if you still haven't signed up for Unauthorized yet, this is a great time to do so.

I think Semper Fish may be a little TOO fired up, based on his reaction to the news:

As the smoke cleared from the direct assault upon the House of Bear, a hush whisper of malcontent began to rise from the smoldering havoc of the wicked onslaught. The dim twilight began to fade and cause flickers of light to abandon the savagery, but for a moment, a sense of anguish clung heavy in the mist. For the enemy had engaged in open war and they scoffed with pride at the opening salvo of ruin they wrought.

Then suddenly and without hesitation, there arose a trembling roar that gained with intensity. As if a long dead yet undisturbed tree was caressed by thousands of souls on fire which detonated into a racous pyre... AAAHHH! The unison voices bellowed in rage! These were the legions approaching to the aid of House of Bear. At the front of this company stood a mighty Dark Lord adorned with the skulls of previous campaigns and he showed no sign of gloom, but even a smile of satisfaction for the total war he is now sanctioned to unleash. 

Around this devastation grew an incandescence and an appearance of vague figures on the boundary of the stalwart Dark Lord. These minions seemed to move hovering over the ground as if the very air was under their spell, and all were faceless with a vile intent to grind down the enemy until only skulls remain.

Now once the shouting assembly of distant voices began to gather their numbers, their bodies moving gave way to clanging of metal ladles and various kettles filled with hot gravy. Their stomping paws shook the ground almost to the point of not distinguishing the vast array of snarling creatures whose ilk was already in formation and dreadful indeed.

This army is being readied for the battle to come, and may Almighty God bless them and have mercy on the souls of their enemies! 


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Jerry Jones 2.0

That might actually be the rosy scenario. I think a lot of Carolina Panthers fans are beginning to fear that their new owner is going to be more Dan Snyder than Robert Kraft in light of the way he ended the Riverboat Ron era in Carolina:
The Panthers fired Ron Rivera on a Tuesday. Five days before their Week 14 game and four games before the end of the season.

The timing made little sense.

Rivera went 76-63-1 as the team’s head coach with four playoff appearances. The Panthers won the NFC title in 2015 after going 15-1 in the regular season but lost to the Broncos in Super Bowl 50.

Tepper said it was an “emotional conversation” with Rivera as he handed him the pink slip.

“Look, a very hard move,” Tepper said. “Ron Rivera, besides being a good coach, is one of the finest men I have ever met in my life. I have to say that upfront. Look, I came here two years ago. I wanted to show patience on the football side to see how it was going. On the business side, we made vast and sweeping changes and I didn’t want to make those vast and sweeping changes on the football side. I wanted to take time and patience to see what could go and how it could go. I just thought it was time given the way things have gone the last two seasons to put my stamp on this organization on the football side as we’ve done on the business side of the organization. I think as much respect as I have for Ron, I think a change was appropriate to build things the way I want things to be built.”
So, a Wall Street Judeochristian who never played football wants to put his stamp on the football side of the organization. At least Jerry Jones actually played the game at a high level.


One down

The first step towards Trumpslide 2020 has been accomplished:
California Senator Kamala Harris is dropping out of the crowded field of Democrats angling to become their party’s presidential candidate. Harris tweeted a message to supporters on Tuesday saying “it is with deep regret—but also with deep gratitude—that I am suspending my campaign today.”
I'm no fan of Tulsi Gabbard, but she did finish Harris off as slickly as a Venetian with a glass dagger.

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One thousand years of SSH

RealTalk notes that it's impossible to watch entertainment without seeing some form of the SSH in action:
Random SSH esthetics. S2E11 Big Bang Theory.
  1. Gamma Leonard hateful/jealous of rival Alpha Underhill physicist. Throws lots of shade.
  2. Underhill asks Leonard to work with him. Leonard acts like a school girl who just got asked out. Infatuated by Alpha for the next 5 minutes of the episode.
  3. Alpha Underhill meets Penny, hits it off. Gamma Leonard becomes a hater again.
  4. Alpha proves to be a jerk, and Penny runs back to friend-zoned Gamma for comfort.
Was watching the episode while reading this. I can't stop myself from seeing through this lens anymore. It's everywhere!
But the scope of the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy is actually much broader, and much older, than Hollywood. Consider this excerpt from Genji monogatari, written in Japan more than one thousand years ago, in which the refined, sensitive Kaoru is expressing his jealousy of the success the bold philanderer Niou repeatedly enjoys with women.

Women apparently have a weakness for his kind of passionate, impetuous behavior. It makes me sad to think that my relationship with him and his sister, the First Princess, has brought me only pain and misfortune. How sweet it would be to seduce one of these extraordinary women, someone Niou, in his usual fashion, has fallen madly in love with, and have him suffer the same torments of longing that I’ve experienced! Shouldn’t a lady who is truly prudent and sensitive be attracted more to me than to Niou? Yet how hard it is to find women of such refined sensibility!

Is it not almost precisely the same Alpha-Gamma dynamic being described?

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There Will Be War: History's End

Created by the bestselling SF novelist Jerry Pournelle, THERE WILL BE WAR is a landmark science fiction anthology series that combines top-notch military science fiction with factual essays by various generals and military experts on everything from High Frontier and the Strategic Defense Initiative to the aftermath of the Vietnam War. It features some of the greatest military science fiction ever published, such Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game" in Volume I and Joel Rosenberg's "Cincinnatus" in Volume II. Many science fiction greats were featured in the original nine-volume series, which ran from 1982 to 1990, including Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick, Gordon Dickson, Poul Anderson, John Brunner, Gregory Benford, Robert Silverberg, Harry Turtledove, and Ben Bova.

25 years after the end of the Cold War and the publication of the ninth volume, Dr. Pournelle has revived his classic science fiction series with Castalia House. THERE WILL BE WAR Volume X, History's End, continues the tradition of combining top-notch military science fiction with first-rate real-world analysis by military experts. The Cold War may have ended, but as recent events everywhere from Paris to Syria have demonstrated, war has not.

THERE WILL BE WAR Volume X is edited by Jerry Pournelle and features 18 stories, articles, and poems. Of particular note are "Battle Station" by Ben Bova, "Flashpoint: Titan" by Cheah Kai Wai, "What Price Humanity?" by David VanDyke, and the eerily prescient "The Man Who Wasn't There" by Gregory Benford. Volume X also includes timely essays on "War and Migration" by Martin van Creveld, "The 4GW Counterforce" by William S. Lind and LtCol Gregory A. Thiele, USMC, and "The Deadly Future of Littoral Sea Control" by CDR Phillip E. Pournelle, USN, which was awarded the 2015 Literary Award by the Surface Navy Association for "the best professional article in any publication addressing Surface Navy or surface warfare issues."

The 414-page paperback is now available for $17.99 from Castalia Direct or $19.99 from Amazon.

In other Castalia House news, the new case laminate hardcover edition of John C. Wright's instant classic AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND is now available for $24.99 from Castalia Direct or $27.99 from Amazon. This is an epic collection of four of John C. Wright's brilliant forays into the dark fantasy world of William Hope Hodgson's 1912 novel, The Night Land. Part novel, part anthology, the book consists of four related novellas, "Awake in the Night," "The Cry of the Night-Hound," "Silence of the Night," and "The Last of All Suns," which collectively tell the haunting tale of the Last Redoubt of Man and the end of the human race. Widely considered to be the finest tribute to Hodgson ever written, the first novella, "Awake in the Night," was previously published in 2004 in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-First Annual Collection. John C. Wright has been described by reviewers as one of the most important and audacious authors in science fiction today. In a recent poll of more than 1,000 science fiction readers, he was chosen as the sixth-greatest living science fiction writer.

THE MILO CHRONICLES by Dr. Rachel Fulton Brown are also available for $29.99 from Castalia Direct or $34.99 from Amazon.


Mailvox: patterns of behavior

A reader writes about his experience observing the predictable utility of the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy.

 I recently watched your SSH video and I have been tuning into the Darkstreams more often. The insights about gammas have been surreal as I reflect on interactions I have, a recent one stands out at church.

After service, we took a fellow out to lunch for his birthday. There were six of us, all men, few of us married. I sat across from him, and as conversation built up I asked him (call him Joe) all about his work. He's a shy guy, slight autism is probably there, but he gets along with and is adored by everyone in our circle. I know nothing about his field, so I asked him lots of questions, genuinely interested, and also ensuring the focus was on him being able to talk about what he loves, after all it's his birthday. He was having a great time talking about his work, his hobbies, and all of us gave him the spotlight, except...

There's a guy beside him (call him Gamma) who I didn't know well but one of the guys apparently had asked him if he wanted to come along. Now, every single time there was a nanosecond lull in the conversation, this guy physically jutted his head forward over the table as if sticking his boot in so you can't shut the door, and he'd inject something like "So I went to the gaming convention a couple weeks ago, the one that was blah blah." I mean we would ask Joe about himself, share memories about him and church, but as soon as there was a fraction of an opening, boom! This guy just couldn't stop talking about himself. It was unreal, I had never witnessed anyone so self-involved, especially when we're out for lunch treating the guy beside him whose birthday it is!

Several of us were obviously annoyed but no one wanted to ruin Joe's birthday, we just ignored the Gamma mostly, nodding and smiling as he would go on. When lunch was over, the Gamma asked if one of us could give him a ride home, as he'd come with my friend Alex who was heading back to church to get his wife. We all looked uneasy but one of the guys whose wife wasn't a part of the event at church said sure. That night, the guy who gave Gamma a ride calls me about some church events coming up, then mentions Gamma. "Dude, he just talked the whole way." I laughed, but I still hadn't figured the gamma attribute until my friend said, "I mentioned I gave Gamma a ride to Sue, and she gave me this sour look. She said all of the gals try to avoid him, he's always trying to approach some of them to chat and they find some way to get out of it." It really clicked with that, the women thing. They just cannot stand him.

Thanks for being ferocious in exposing the patterns of behavior. It has inspired me to look at myself more often, check what my patterns are. Also, it has been saving me a lot of time from being around men when I notice certain patterns, and can avoid the exhaustion they'll bring.

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Monday, December 02, 2019

Prince Andrew is busted

And busted HARD. There isn't any more doubt about who is lying about their past relationship:
Prince Andrew sent an email to Jeffrey Epstein's alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell at 5.50am to let her know he had 'specific questions' about Virginia Roberts in 2015.

Tonight's BBC Panorama investigation uncovered the email which suggests he asked for Ghislaine Maxwell's help in responding to Virginia Roberts' claims he had sex with her when she was 17 and a trafficked 'sex slave' of Epstein.

In the email the Prince tells Ghislaine Maxwell: 'Let me know when we can talk. Got some specific questions to ask you about Virginia Roberts.'

Ghislaine replies: 'Have some info. Call me when you have a moment.'
At this point, more people believe Epstein killed himself than believe anything Prince Andrew says about Virginia Roberts.

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Shutting down the comments

The Tennessee Trainwreck is off his meds again, so comments will be turned off until further notice. I'm far too busy to waste my time on policing gammas, monomaniacs, and the mentally ill. So, for the time being, only moderators will be able to comment on posts.


The endgame of the converged church

In case you're not certain precisely the nature of the force behind the push for women in the post-Christian pulpits:
A church in Malmo has a new altarpiece meant to celebrate inclusivity by replacing Adam and Eve in paradise with gay couples in suggestive poses, while depicting the serpent tempting them as a transgender woman.

The controversial work of art is not new. Photographer and artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin painted it in 2012 and tried to donate it to the Skara Cathedral just before the church was preparing to conduct the first same-sex wedding in its 1,000-year history.

The openly lesbian artist, who has a history of blending religious imagery with pro-minority activism, said at the time that she wanted to test if the Church of Sweden was as gay-friendly as it claimed to be when it embraced same-sex marriage in 2009. The Skara Cathedral politely declined the gift, saying it was about political activism and not faith.

But over seven years have passed, and now Wallin has got her way, even if it isn’t in her home city. St. Paul’s Church in Malmo accepted the painting called “Paradise” as its new altarpiece and unveiled it on Sunday, the first day of Advent. Helena Myrstener, the pastor, said that “history was written” in the hanging of the “LGBT altarpiece” as she tweeted a photo of the painting.
We don't have to understand why God tells us one thing is acceptable while another is not. But if we pay attention, we can often glean at least a modicum of understanding of the reason underlying His prohibitions.

This should also make it clear that tolerance, equality, diversity, and inclusivity are not virtues, but rather evils conceived to lure Man to destruction.

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Goldberg defends the Deep State

Not much doubt who the cuckservatives serve anymore. And it isn't America:
The deep state is the right’s new bogeyman.

I’d wager that until fairly recently, few people had ever heard the phrase. I’d also bet that roughly 99 percent of those who fling the term around have no idea that it’s borrowed from Turkish politics.

The idea of a deep state, or “state within a state,” is that there are undemocratic forces within the permanent bureaucracy, the military, and the intelligence services who pursue their own interests rather than those of the people or the agenda that voters desire.

Depending on the country in question, deep states are not only real, they are sometimes as devious as people fear. At various times in the history of the Soviet Union, the secret police ran the government and the Communist party for its own benefit.

In the democratic West, the civil service and other bureaucratic institutions often accumulate enough power and arrogance that they see themselves as immune to the desires of voters or politicians. Prior to a few years ago, some people would call this sort of thing the “deep state,” and depending on the context, that was fine.

But now it’s become a partisan talking point in defense of almost everything President Trump does. It’s a warrant for widespread paranoia and hysteria. People talk as if we live in a Jason Bourne or James Bond movie, with secret deep state organizations plotting to overthrow the government or something.
In fairness, Jonah is a bona fide expert on the Deep State since binge-watching the British TV series of the same name this summer. The thing that is particularly stupid about his defense of the imperial bureaucracy is that "Deep State" is just a name that applies to a phenomenon that everyone has known existed since Yes, Minister first appeared on British television in 1980.

It's not a canard, it is a well-confirmed phenomenon, and it is at war with the legitimate Presidential administration.

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Sunday, December 01, 2019

The great papal debate

I'm pleased to be able to announce that The Kurgan and Jay Dyer will be debating, among other things, in the near future. Jay threw down the gauntlet and The Kurgan accepted on the Darkstream tonight. More to come after we set things up tomorrow. Should be very interesting!

Of course, some of Jay's gamma fans can't control themselves. This comment from a recent Jay Dyer tweet was amusing.
Vox banned me in the chat for asking if he would debate jay personally, Vox always runs away when challenged by someone more educated than him.
Yeah, so, about that. Anyhow, I would no more debate anyone about the intricacies of Roman Catholic Church law and doctrine than I would debate them about the ritually correct way to offer sacrifices to Tezcatlipoca and Xipe Totec. I simply don't possess the relevant information to even begin discussing the subject.

It's also a bit remarkable to see how many of these semi-illiterate midwits believe that I am going to watch a freaking video or listen to a talk. If someone can't bother to write a book on the subject, or at least write out their complete argument in full, I'm not going to bother to spend any time analyzing it. There is no need, because their speech, whatever it might happen to be, is fundamentally ephemeral.

UPDATE: The debate will go however it goes, of course, but these tweets don't appear to bode well.
Vox Day says if you don’t write a book on the topic in question, you’re not worth listening to - as he declares me a loser of a debate he didn’t listen to. LOL  Is this guy for real?

Vox day declined a debate but passed on the challenge to the nobody rip-off Vox day, the kurgan. Lol.

Kurgan - 0 public debates
-to directly debating live for 7-10k people on the Ralph retort LoL
While I have no dog in this particular hunt, I have to admit that I don't have a lot of confidence in anyone who believes "LOL" is a form of punctuation.

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NFL Week 13

Discuss amongst yourselves


Mailvox: sympathy for the dark lord

As his channel becomes more popular, the Kurgan begins to grasp the essence of gammatude:
As my channel slowly grows I am getting a renewed empathy for the level of gamma as well as just general idiocy you deal with, including from some Ilk.

I mean... I’m not exactly what you’d call a very hopeful and optimistic character when it comes to the expectations of rationality from other humans but it’s truly a wonder to behold to what lengths people will avoid the plain facts in front of them in order to keep believing some absurd concept or outright lie they became invested in.

I mean... it’s enough to make me wonder if a lot of humans really aren’t monkeys. Darwin wasn’t right, but he may have stumbled upon a Tolkien-like veracity... possibly Satan makes them orcishly stupid, reminiscent of bonobos on crack.

You have my sympathy given the few orders of magnitude more of volume you deal with.
One cannot understand the core concept of gamma without grasping that the gamma male's absolute priority is maintaining the integrity of his delusion bubble. Now, every man is capable of being similarly stubborn and stupid about any idea to which he is emotionally attached, but what separates the gamma pattern of behavior from those of other male behaviors is the way that the gamma applies this instinctive response to everything, especially anything that has the potential to threaten his precious self-esteem.

And as for the reference to gammas among the Dread Ilk, keep in mind that being more or less ideologically correct is no defense against a pattern of behavior instilled over the course of one's formative years. I like to think that the gammas among us have at least a fighting chance to conquer their instincts, given their information on the subject, but that doesn't change the fact that they are facing a daily battle against themselves that the rest of us will never fully understand or appreciate.

Speaking of The Kurgan's channel, his methodical destruction of Jay Dyer's criticism of the Roman Catholic Church will likely be more than a little familiar to anyone who has read one of my systematic critiques. Being neither Catholic nor Orthodox, I have no dog in this hunt, but it is always a pleasure to read through a dialectical argument with this level of attention to detail.

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Stasi for hire

It's informative to see how many of the tactics and techniques of the former Communist states have been adopted in Israel and the United States since the fall of the Soviet Union:
Over the course of several months, 'Diana' inveigled her way into the Scream star's life. Whether McGowan was in California or New York, Diana always seemed to be conveniently nearby.

They met for long walks, drinks and girls' nights out. McGowan even told her 'there was no one else in the world she could trust'.

But it was all a con. Just like Anna, Diana was merely a cover dreamed up by Stella, a spy working for the infamous Mossad-linked Israeli intelligence company Black Cube.

Weinstein had hired the firm in the months before his career and reputation were ruined by a welter of sexual allegations.

An extraordinary contract, dated July 11, 2017, between the mogul's lawyers and the British arm of the Israeli firm show that Weinstein had tasked Black Cube with two primary objectives: to 'provide intelligence which will help the Client's efforts to completely stop the publication of a new, negative article in a leading NY newspaper', and to 'obtain additional content of a book which is currently being written and which includes harmful negative information on and about the Client'.

To achieve this, Black Cube promised a dedicated team. As part of the operation, codenamed Parachute, the organisation introduced Stella to Weinstein.

Her main objective was to befriend McGowan, obtain a draft of her memoir – and discredit it. And she was tasked with finding out about and blocking other allegations about Weinstein – just like the stories Ben Wallace was working on.
It may also be informative to contemplate the way in which the same people who claim Judeo-Christianity is not only real, but the foundation of Western civilization, also claim that Judeo-Bolshevism was just a figment of the early-20th-century German imagination.

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Saturday, November 30, 2019

YouTube to ban Big Bear?

It will be interesting to see if YouTube follows through on what are rumored to be plans to ban everyone associated with Proud Boys and Infowars:
I have an insider at YouTube and he's telling me all the scoop on the imminent conservative purge. Stephen Crowder's on the list, Paul Joseph Watson's on the list, Owen Benjamin is on the list, anyone remotely associated with Proud Boys or Infowars is on the list.
Apparently this is supposed to happen on December 10th. We'll see. If it's true, then we can safely conclude that no one at YouTube has read Corporate Cancer yet. I'm skeptical myself, because that's the date the new terms of use come into effect and there is no particular reason YouTube needs them in order to deplatform anyone.

But regardless, this would be a good time to subscribe to Unauthorized.

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This guy gets it. The God-Emperor is beyond next level:
China just announced they would allow rice imports from the U.S. for the first time in their history.

Read that again.

Trump just sold rice to CHINA.

What a f*cking legend.
Great stuff. I can't wait until he gets around to Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

UPDATE: Fifty-three percent of Republicans said Trump was a better president than Lincoln, while 47 percent chose the Civil War-era leader.

The majority is not wrong. Trump is a MUCH better president than Lincoln.

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You can't fix diversity

Yet another failure of multiculturalism in London leads to three more deaths:
The attacker shot dead on London Bridge was known to police and had connections to terror groups.

The man, who was wearing a fake suicide vest, killed two people and injured three in the attack. The attacker was a convicted terrorist with previous links to al-Muhajiroun, the group led by Anjem Choudry and dubbed Britain’s “most prolific and dangerous extremist group”, The Independent understands.

The assailant had been recently released from prison and was being monitored by police. ​The Times reported the attacker was attending a Cambridge University conference on prisoner rehabilitation being held at Fishmongers’ Hall and had threatened to blow up the building.
There is no reason for people of different genetics, religions, and cultures to live together in a single society or state. None whatsoever. The very concept of "a multicultural society" is intrinsically self-contradictory to the point of being oxymoronic.

The whole point of the nation-state is to permit the different nations to live in peace according to their own distinct and particular preferences. That was the idea behind the several and sovereign American States being "laboratories of democracy". And to the contrary, all that "multiculturalism" and "open borders" and "mass immigration" guarantees is a never-ending struggle of all against all, as each different tribe, religion, and culture seeks to impose its preferences on all the others.

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