Sunday, December 15, 2019

Let Scotland go

Boris Johnson and the Tories are making a massive blunder if they fail to support the Scottish National Party and embrace Scottish independence:
Already this morning the Twittersphere buzzes with talk of a renewed Scottish independence campaign, while the SNP yesterday announced its support for another referendum if a "material change in circumstances" arose between Scotland and the greater union. Surely a landslide victory by the Tories — who are widely disliked by the Scots — and a flashing green light for a deeply unpopular Brexit represent exactly such a change.

Scotland and England are not magically joined at the hip. If the Scots don't want Brexit, don't want Boris Johnson, and don't want the Tories, who says the current political makeup of the UK is forever and unchanging? Political arrangements are not something to impose on reluctant, disbelieving people. If we favor independence and political self-determination only when we like the results, the only liberty on offer is the liberty to agree. But political universalism is an abstraction, and an arrogant one at that.

If Scots choose Holyrood over Westminster, or even Brussels over Holyrood, who are we to object?
Given the way in which the Scots have been the primary engine of left-wing power in the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson can secure not only the restoration of British sovereignty, but a multi-generational defeat of the Labour Left by excising the Scottish nation from the British crown.

This will, of course, mark the penultimate stage in the end of the British empire, but the empire has been shrinking steadily since the beginning of WWII. And there is absolutely no point fighting the nationalist trend in favor of a dying and discredited imperialism.

The Scots deserve to rule themselves. Let Scotland go!

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Band-Maid - Blooming

Their new single is good. Kanami goes off, not once, but twice, which is cool. I suspect I may actually end up listening more to Conqueror than Metal Galaxy.


Mailvox: Kurgan-Dyer debate

I will wait to read the transcript before even attempting to develop an opinion of the recent debate between Jay Dyer and The Kurgan, but this was a summary sent to me by one witness to it:
It was an interesting watch for me as an Ilk that has consumed a sizable amount of Dyer's content and appreciates his niche.  Similar to you, my church background has been American Protestant Evangelical. Lately I've been studying the Orthodox faith, due in no small part to Jay's content.

Kurgan has accused Jay of being a lying gamma sperg. What I witnessed today went a ways toward confirming two out of three. I simply don't know enough about Catholicism to follow verbally what was flying around (especially from Jay), much less sedevacantism. So I have no idea if Jay is lying or not about Catholic law. He could simply be accurate or inaccurate.

But Jay's performance was demonstrably gamma sperg. He was clearly triggered. For long stretches it felt like he was channeling Shapiru. I don't watch a lot of debates, so I'm not sure shouting 'You just lost the debate!' is a validated method. Kurgan's demeanor was consummate adult. And by the end seemed like an adult managing a child's temper tantrum.

The chat was funny from a certain standpoint. It was like an audience of homeless people and junior highers having to sit through a theology debate. They just started giving each other wedgies and complaining about boredom. Can't say I'm happy about it. But it probably needed to happen.
If you happened to watch the debate and would like to express your opinion about it, please feel free to do so. But be judicious and specific, as the sort of fanboy posturing one sees on Twitter will not be permitted. And neither of the two participants will be permitted to comment here on their own performances.

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

This isn't how it was supposed to go

Democrats are quite literally losing Democrats due to the impeachment charade:
Anti-impeachment Democratic Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New York has confirmed that he will switch parties and become a Republican, following a lengthy meeting with President Trump, according to Politico. Van Drew is one of two Democrats who voted 'no' on opening the impeachment inquiry in the first place, and has been a vocal opponent of the effort, according to the report.
I think we can start using the "debacle" word to describe it about now. If they're actually losing elected officials over this, imagine what is happening in the electorate.

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Never believe the pollsters

Audacious Epigone makes the common mistake of believing the available evidence just because it is available:
From the GOP’s perspective, Texas and Georgia are terminal but the party’s electoral winter need not necessarily set in during the 2020s. If the party is able to sustain its 2016 gains in the upper Midwest while additionally picking off a couple of small New England states like Maine and New Hampshire, Republicans could continue to win presidential elections into the 2040s.
  • 368 Biden
  • 170 Trump
Polling up to this point shows Trump not only getting crushed in Michigan and Pennsylvania but also beaten in Ohio, so seeing the path to continued electoral relevance and managing to walk down it are two very different things.
  • 328 Sanders
  • 210 Trump
  • 293 Warren
  • 239 Trump
Polling is incomplete for the rest of the Democrat field. Several states also have results for Buttigieg, but a few do not. He falls in between Sanders and Warren in how he fares against Trump in the states he’s included in.
This is a complete non-issue. The pollsters haven't suddenly improved their performance since getting it wrong in 2016. To the contrary, they have doubled down on their demoralization campaign, attempting to meme their imagination into reality. But it won't work.

Think about this: do Democrats appear to be confident about their prospects the next presidential election? Or do they appear to be desperately casting about for someone, anyone, who might have at least a ghost of a chance of beating the god-emperor?

Trumpslide 2020.

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Don't spiral

Posting will be light today. We've got friends coming over for holiday drinks and whatnot, so I will leave you to contemplate where you've heard this before, more or less, prior to encountering Pascal's PENSÉES.

Imagination—It is that deceitful part in man, that mistress of error and falsity, the more deceptive that she is not always so; for she would be an infallible rule of truth, if she were an infallible rule of falsehood. But being most generally false, she gives no sign of her nature, impressing the same character on the true and the false.

I do not speak of fools, I speak of the wisest men; and it is among them that the imagination has the great gift of persuasion. Reason protests in vain; it cannot set a true value on things.

This arrogant power, the enemy of reason, who likes to rule and dominate it, has established in man a second nature to show how all-powerful she is. She makes men happy and sad, healthy and sick, rich and poor; she compels reason to believe, doubt, and deny; she blunts the senses, or quickens them; she has her fools and sages; and nothing vexes us more than to see that she fills her devotees with a satisfaction far more full and entire than does reason. Those who have a lively imagination are a great deal more pleased with themselves than the wise can reasonably be. They look down upon men with haughtiness; they argue with boldness and confidence, others with fear and diffidence; and this gaiety of countenance often gives them the advantage in the opinion of the hearers, such favour have the imaginary wise in the eyes of judges of like nature. Imagination cannot make fools wise; but she can make them happy, to the envy of reason which can only make its friends miserable; the one covers them with glory, the other with shame.


Friday, December 13, 2019

The ride never ends

Owen Benjamin was deplatformed by Instagram today. Discuss amongst yourselves.

UPDATE: Mmmmm. What's that? Smells like tortious interference....
Owen Benjamin, a right-wing comedian who regularly shares and creates hateful and anti-Semitic content online, was suspended from Instagram and Facebook Friday “following multiple violations of our policies,” a Facebook spokesperson told Right Wing Watch. Benjamin’s ban from Instagram and Facebook follows his permanent suspension from YouTube, reported earlier this month.

The suspension came after Right Wing Watch shared a collection of more than 170 racist and anti-Semitic posts Benjamin had shared on his Instagram page with Instagram and requested comment from the company. In the posts, which were assembled by a source and provided to Right Wing Watch, Benjamin spread hate against Jewish people and other minorities and perpetuated asinine conspiracy theories including claims that dinosaurs never existed and that the world is flat.
Awfully nice of them to openly confess to the crime like that.

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Corporate junk science

It's observably even worse than the coin-flip that is professional peer-reviewed science:
Three years ago, I put my faith in a 23andMe DNA test and got burned.

While most of my results initially checked out — about 50 percent South Asian and what looked like a 50 percent hodgepodge of European — there was one glaring surprise. Where roughly 25 percent Italian was supposed to be, Middle Eastern stood in its place. The results shocked me.

Over the years, I had made a lot of the Italian portion of my heritage; I had learned the language, majored in Latin in college, and lived in Rome, Italy, for my semester abroad. Still, as a rational person, I believed the science. But my grandmother, whose parents moved from Sicily to Brooklyn, where she was born and grew up speaking Italian, refused to accept the findings.

Fast forward to this summer, when I got an email about new DNA relations on 23andMe and revisited my updated genetic results, only to find out that I am, in fact, about a quarter Italian (and generally southern European). But it was too late to tell my grandma. She’s dead now and I’m a liar.
Nonna was right to reject the "science". The science, as is all too often the case, was flat-out wrong. Logic and evidence now dictates that if the science smells off, that's probably because it is.


Boris takes two scalps

The Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is done:
Labour was engulfed in a brutal civil war this morning as moderates warned of '20 years of Tory rule' unless Jeremy Corbyn's supporters were removed from positions of power.

The bitter recrimination between Mr Corbyn's hard-Left supporters and more moderate factions began as soon as the exit polls last night accurately predicted the party's brutal pummelling at the hands of voters.

As Mr Corbyn revealed he would not fight another general election as opposition leader his closest confidants were quick to blame Brexit, the weather and his opponents to deflect from his failings in his four years in charge.
And so is the Liberal Democrat Party leader Jo Swinson:
The Liberal Democrats turned on their leader Jo Swinson today after she was ousted from her own seat in Scotland following a disastrous General Election campaign.

The party's former deputy leader Simon Hughes launched a scathing attack on her as he said 'every strategic decision' taken since she took over had been wrong.

It came after Miss Swinson, 39, lost East Dunbartonshire to the SNP's Amy Callaghan by just 149 votes - and when the result came in First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was caught on camera in nearby Glasgow celebrating like a football fan.

Today, Mr Hughes told Sky News: 'Every single decision taken since Jo became the leader and Ed became the deputy leader has been the wrong decision. Every strategic decision. They decided to go for revoking Article 50, having ignored the referendum. They decided that they could argue that that was because we might be a majority government. Incredible, incredible - nobody believed it.'
The nationalist trend is in full effect now. Whether the politicians embrace it or not is irrelevant. People want to live among their own kind according to their own traditions, not in artificial multiracial, multicultural empires where they are forced to endure foreign rule, foreign traditions, and foreign religions.

Ms Swinson, 39, blamed a 'wave of nationalism' both north and south of the Scottish border for her party's woes as the Tories and SNP gained seats. 

It's not the first wave and it won't be the last one. And yes, Boris Johnson may well be a gatekeeper who has been anointed in order to manage the wave. But it doesn't matter and it won't work. The gates are going to shatter under the pressure of the multigenerational socionomic trend.

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

The UK election

A big Conservative win is projected by the exit polls.

368 Conservatives
191 Labour
55 Scottish National Party
13 Liberal Democrats

The projected majority of 86 would be the biggest Tory majority since 1983 and 191 seats would be the worst Labour performance since 1935. The Brexit Party is not projected to win any seats and the Greens are only projected to win one.

These results are very good news, as they indicate that the multigenerational trend towards nationalism about which I've been writing for the last few years not only continues apace, but is in the process of entering another expansionary phase.

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White flight continues

And, of course, the media comes up with a ludicrously false narrative to explain it:
Forget Seattle, Denver and San Francisco. Boise, Idaho, is poised to be the hottest housing market at the start of the next decade.

A new report from identified the housing markets that are expected to see the most notable home sales and price growth in 2020. Boise ranked No. 1, a marked increase from No. 8 a year ago.

Driving Boise’s climb up the ranking is the massive influx of new residents from pricier parts of the country — in particular, California. Many of these out-of-state buyers are drawn by the city’s mild climate, outdoor lifestyle, strong schools and its major employers, including HP and Micron Technologies MU.

One of the biggest changes is the shift away from the coasts. All but one of the cities projected to be among the 10 hottest housing markets in 2020 are located inland — Charleston, S.C., being the outlier.
Right, that's why whites fleeing the diversity paradise of California are retreating to Boise. Because Hewlett-Packard - which was founded in Palo Alto, California - is there. That sounds convincing.

The truth is that white Americans are trying to escape diversity and are retreating to areas that are still heavily white. But they can't run away from it because the diversity is going to follow them wherever they go, and they would still rather die than risk being called racist.

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A letter to Nick Fuentes

I sent Nick Fuentes the following email this morning.

Dear Nick,

I have been informed that you are willing to debate me so long as the subject is not related to the Holocaust. Very well. I propose a written debate concerning your following assertion:

Americans have to live with multiracialism.

I suggest we limit our entries to 2,500 words each, with no more than three entries apiece. As you will be arguing in the affirmative, I am willing to let you have the first word. I also suggest that we agree either party is permitted to publish the entire debate verbatim.

Please email me your first entry at your earliest convenience. I will post it at my blog without modification or comment.



UPDATE: There are indications that Nick has already run away a second time, despite his professed willingness to debate. Since I cannot attest to the veracity of the report from one of the comments here, we'll wait and see.

A few superchatters asked Nick about your new debate request last night... he responded that your audience is too small to be worth debating.

If he actually said that - and we don't know that he did - it doesn't speak well for his time preferences or his ability to think strategically.

UPDATE: It's confirmed. Little Nicky runned away. Again.
Save Western Civilization Now says Vox Day wants to challenge you to a written debate on whether a multiracial society is inevitable. Do you think you're going to accept a written debate with Vox Day?

"No, I don't think I'm interested in that. I only debate people that are relevant."
So he considers Ben Shapiru, of all people, to be relevant? I was initially willing to reserve judgement, but now it's clear that Owen was right about him. What a pathetic little snake. It's going to be amusing to see young nationalists turn on him with a vengeance once they begin to see through his act.

And let's not forget his previous comments.

"I don't want to debate him because it's too boring, dude, it's too boring. Everybody would think that would be exciting, but, I can tell you for a fact that there would be no entertainment value in debating somebody as boring and as slow as Vox Day. So the guy's boring, and he's irrelevant, you know, who's watching the Darkstream? If he can pull more than 2000 viewers concurrent watching the Darkstream, maybe I'd consider him worth my time, but, I mean the guy's a has-been, you could say he never was. You know, this is somebody who's been floating around on the scene like writing books? And, what does he have to show for it? Infogalactic? A gay comic book? You know, all these like just stupid projects that don't go anywhere."

I find it tremendously informative to observe that this little moron actually considers Amazon bestsellers and multiplatinumum-selling games to be less relevant than 2,000 concurrent YouTube viewers. He's never paid a bill in his life. To say that he's not ready for prime time is a gargantuan understatement.


The clumsy hand

A former CIA operations officer with thirty years of experience in the conduct of intelligence operations in the Middle East, South Asia and Europe reviews the recent IG report:
As I read through the recently released IG report for the second time, as someone with a great deal of experience in military and intelligence matters, I see that hand everywhere.

Per the IG report, a single report is delivered to the FBI in the summer of 2016.  It concerns a meeting between a cooperative contact of a foreign intelligence service and a junior level employee of the Trump campaign, George Papadopoulos.  The report relates what are frankly very amorphous comments by Papadopoulos concerning the Russian government and its alleged possession of information on Hillary Clinton.

On any other day this report would command no attention whatsoever.  The source in question has no track record of any kind with the FBI. Papadopoulos has been employed by the Trump campaign for perhaps 90 days at this point, and there is no reason to believe he has contacts of significance in the Kremlin.

Not on this occasion.  This one report from a foreign intelligence service goes directly to the top of the FBI.  The Director himself, James Comey is briefed.  A full investigation is launched.  Multiple confidential human sources are tasked.  Wiretaps are ordered.  A task force is organized. Crossfire Hurricane is born.

There is a problem, though.  This hand, perhaps because it is controlled by individuals who have made their bones riding desks in Washington, DC and not in the field running actual operations, is clumsy.  The information regarding Papadopoulos provided the needed pretext to start an investigation, but most of the people who will now form the investigative team are not in on the plot.  They will have to be led to the pre-ordained conclusion, so that it appears that they did so without outside interference.

And these investigators have a pesky habit of actually doing their jobs.
Read the whole thing. This is very, very far from over.


A choice of method

I was asked to provide the quote from TS Eliot's introduction to Blaise Pascal's Pensées, to which referred in a recent Darkstream. I thought was intriguing in light of how perfectly it foreshadowed my own approach to The Irrational Atheist as well as the arguments presented by the New Atheists themselves.

To understand the method which Pascal employs, the reader must be prepared to follow the process of the mind of the intelligent believer. The Christian thinker—and I mean the man who is trying consciously and conscientiously to explain to himself the sequence which culminated in faith, rather than the public apologist—proceeds by rejection and elimination. He finds the world to be so and so; he finds its character inexplicable by any non-religious theory; among religions he finds Christianity, and Catholic Christianity, to account most satisfactorily for the world and especially for the moral world within; and thus, by what Newman calls "powerful and concurrent" reasons, he finds himself inexorably committed to the dogma of the Incarnation.

To the unbeliever, this method seems disingenuous and perverse; for the unbeliever is, as a rule, not so greatly troubled to explain the world to himself, nor so greatly distressed by its disorder; nor is he generally concerned (in modern terms) to "preserve values." He does not consider that if certain emotional states, certain developments of character, and what in the highest sense can be called "saintliness" are inherently and by inspection known to be good, then the satisfactory explanation of the world must be an explanation which will admit the "reality" of these values. Nor does he consider such reasoning admissible; he would, so to speak, trim his values according to his cloth, because to him such values are of no great value. The unbeliever starts from the other end, and as likely as not with the question: Is a case of human parthenogenesis credible? and this he would call going straight to the heart of the matter.

Now Pascal's method is, on the whole, the method natural and right for the Christian; and the opposite method is that taken by Voltaire. It is worthwhile to remember that Voltaire, in his attempt to refute Pascal, has given once and for all the type of such refutation; and that later opponents of Pascal's Apology for the Christian Faith have contributed little beyond psychological irrelevancies. For Voltaire has presented, better than any one since, what is the unbelieving point of view; and in the end we must all choose for ourselves between one point of view and another.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Ever more nebulous fake rules

This is what those worried about a YouTube purge should be worrying about rather than the new terms of service:
YouTube will no longer allow videos that "maliciously insult someone" based on "protected attributes" such as race, gender identity or sexuality. The video-sharing platform will also ban "implied threats of violence" as part of its new harassment policy.

A row erupted in June after a prominent video-maker said he had been the target of abuse by another YouTube star. At the time, YouTube said its rules had not been broken. But it has now deleted many of the videos in question.

"Even if a single video doesn't cross the line, with our new harassment policy we can take a pattern of behaviour into account for enforcement," Neal Mohan, chief product officer at YouTube, told the BBC.
Then again, it doesn't really matter because there are no actual rules to which anyone, much less a banned creator, can hold YouTube accountable or any authority to which one can appeal. This means that YouTube will do whatever it wants right up until the moment that it finds suddenly itself paying out tens of millions of dollars in the inevitable class action lawsuit.

We're not dealing with great legal minds here. Notice how everything is veiled in subjectives; they can't simply ban insults because doing so would be relatively easy to objectively observe. Is it an insult, Y/N? So, in order to allow selective enforcement, they ban "malicious" insults depending upon whatever motivation their mindreaders determine applies. Or difficult-to-define things such as implications and patterns of behavior.

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I told you he's not that smart

One of the things that separates the intelligent from the average is the ability to learn from the experience of others. Nick Fuentes obviously falls in the latter category, as he not only talked to the mainstream media upon request, he actually invited them into his mother's house. For an entire week. Needless to say, it didn't turn out well.
In February 2018, a production company called “Karga7” reached out and said they were interested in filming an episode of MTV True Life about me and my show. They spent a full week filming at my house but never released any of the footage until tonight, almost two years later.

Almost two years after a shoot for an episode of True Life, MTV has repackaged the footage into a mini-doc about "White Supremacy" which attempts to portray me as a spiritual successor to this low IQ skinhead buffoon, conveniently right after Groyper Wars!

At the time of this shoot I was 19 years old and had only been doing my show for a year. I initially declined to do the show because I knew "Jason Wolfe" and the media would not be kind to me but I never imagined a farce like this. Obviously I made a big mistake.
Ah, but he was only 19 years old, as opposed to the wise old culture war veteran of 21 that he is now. If only someone had told poor, naive, little Nicky not to talk to the media before February 2018! If only someone more experienced, someone more familiar with the media, someone considerably more intelligent, had reminded the innocent young lad not to talk to the media, this easily avoidable debacle might have been easily avoided.

Why didn't anyone warn this impressionable young master of optics about how the media actually works before February 2018? Why didn't anyone tell him what was bound to happen if he talked to the mainstream media?

I didn't listen to @voxday. I gave an interview to unfriendly media. They trashed the shit out of me. Listen to Vox.
- Jon Del Arroz, August 4, 2017

Never have any sympathy for anyone who falls for the usual bait-and-switch, especially when it was offered by the mainstream media. Because it requires a certain amount of ignorance, arrogance, and narcissism to imagine that you can beat the media at its own game.

UPDATE: The amusing thing is that before this even posted as scheduled, I received an interview request for my views on certain subjects. I sent the would-be interviewer my standard response to those who are not obviously running the conventional discredit and disqualify routine.

Thank you for your request. I am afraid I must decline, as I no longer give interviews to anyone for any reason. If you are interested in my views on matters related to [REDACTED], I suggest you read my books [REDACTED], or review the 21,855 posts on my blog.

If I am feeling less kind and gentle, I simply turn the prospective interviewer over to my official PR representative, Pax Dickenson, to set up the interview.

UPDATE: As Nick Fuentes has indicated that he is willing to debate me so long as the topic does not concern certain events that took place in the middle of the 20th century, I have proposed a written debate to him concerning his assertion that we have to live with multiracialism. I not only disagree with his contention, I assert, to the contrary, that multiracialism is intrinsically incompatible with societal survival.

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At long last

The question of whether Jews are a nation or a religion has been definitively and officially settled, at least for the people of the United States:
President Trump will sign an executive order defining Judaism as a nationality, not just a religion, thus bolstering the Education Department's efforts to stamp out "Boycott Israel" movements on college campuses.
RamZPaul reaches the obvious conclusion:
I guess this means that the United States government’s position is that Jews are not Russians, Germans, Swedes or Americans, but they are a separate nation and a separate people.
Which, of course, has always been the case, despite the various self-serving attempts by immigrants to redefine Americans as some sort of walking, talking manifestations of an ideological Platonic ideation. And, of course, it tends to raise the question of where in the Constitution the executive branch is empowered to create an "Education Department", much less play economic and speech police for the institutions of higher education across the country.

Anyhow, it is nice to have this age-old debate resolved once and for all.

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Final UK election predictions

It would appear the British media's recent campaign to anoint Jeremy Corbyn as the New Hitler and paint the Labour Party as the Nazi Party 2.0 has backfired with a vengeance:
Boris Johnson is on course to win the general election with a majority of 28, but his lead over Labour has more than halved in the final weeks of the campaign, according to the polling analysis which correctly predicted a hung parliament in 2017.

YouGov's final MRP model predicts that the Conservatives will win 339 seats, with Jeremy Corbyn's party on 231 and the Liberal Democrats on 15.

The seat-by-seat model, which is based on thousands of interviews, puts the Tories on 43 per cent of the vote and Labour on 34 per cent. The forecast suggests the race has tightened since the previous MRP results on November 27 showed the Tories on course for a majority of 68.
There are other possible explanations, of course. One is that the UK media stopped talking about Brexit for the last three weeks, and short memories have convinced Labour's Leave voters to stand by their traditional party identification. Another is that the pollsters are doing their usual job of pro-Labour puffery, although this would tend to be contradicted by the non-stop anti-semitism campaign of the last month.

And then there is always the perfectly reasonable suggestion that the media simply has no idea what it is talking about. We'll find out soon enough. Regardless, it is worth noting that a majority of 28 is not at all a bad outcome for the Conservative Party, as buried deep in the body of the article is this little fact.

A majority of 28 would be the Conservatives' best result since Margaret Thatcher's third election victory in 1987. 

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

What's good for the citizen is good for the corporation

U.S. corporations are sounding the alarm about the fact that China intends to treat them precisely the way they are treating their employees and customers:
The social credit system is a vast database that monitors Chinese citizens for “good behavior” and aggressively punishes those who fall short. Anything from poor spending habits to ideological impurity can produce a low social credit score, with consequences that might include the unfortunate citizen suddenly discovering he is no longer allowed to board airplanes or trains.

The social credit system has a business component as well, monitoring corporate behavior in much the same way it keeps tabs on individual citizens. Companies with poor social credit scores can face heavier regulatory scrutiny, higher taxes, reduced access to business loans, or an outright ban on doing business in China.

Bloomberg News provided the example of China Railway Construction Corporation, a company that covered up some fatalities on a railroad project in Mongolia, got caught, and was banned from doing business for a year as well as being “subject to more inspections, limits on bidding for public projects and restrictions on issuing bonds and shares.” And those were only the immediate consequences – there is no telling how long the demerits fed into the social credit system will haunt the company and its managers across every province of China.

“The system will be widely used in China to oversee domestic and foreign companies, and firms have to assign resources to keep a real eye on making sure their records are clean,” noted Andrew Polk of the Trivium China consulting firm.

Trivium is currently charging corporate clients $2,500 an hour to consult on the social credit system and $50,000 for a complete audit. Bloomberg News suggested other U.S. and European firms are offering similar services.

Other expert observers pointed out that the rules governing the social credit system are notoriously vague and clearly subject to political tweaking from Beijing, making it quite easy for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to punish or blackball foreign corporations unless the foreigners bend over backwards to maintain good relations with CCP officials.

The Chinese government is not shy about warning that American companies could be blacklisted as part of the trade war, or in retaliation for U.S. criticism of Chinese policies such as the internment of Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps. Publishing the CCP’s thus-far secretive blacklist, as Chinese state media has threatened to do, could cause big problems for American firms in other countries, and would almost certainly produce immediate black marks in the social credit system for every listed entity.
Wait, didn't the Chinese understand that their people were supposed to be the slaves of the corporations and not their masters? Once again, we see that even communism is better for a nation than globalist corpocracy.

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NEVER believe the Official Story

This news about the U.S. military systematically lying about its disastrous occupation of Afghanistan can only come as a surprise to those who still believe that the USS Maine was sunk by the Spanish, NASA landed men on the barren Moon, Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11.
A confidential trove of government documents obtained by The Washington Post reveals that senior U.S. officials failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan throughout the 18-year campaign, making rosy pronouncements they knew to be false and hiding unmistakable evidence the war had become unwinnable.

The documents were generated by a federal project examining the root failures of the longest armed conflict in U.S. history. They include more than 2,000 pages of previously unpublished notes of interviews with people who played a direct role in the war, from generals and diplomats to aid workers and Afghan officials.

The U.S. government tried to shield the identities of the vast majority of those interviewed for the project and conceal nearly all of their remarks. The Post won release of the documents under the Freedom of Information Act after a three-year legal battle.

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In the interviews, more than 400 insiders offered unrestrained criticism of what went wrong in Afghanistan and how the United States became mired in nearly two decades of warfare.
We may not know what the whole truth is. We usually can't. But we absolutely know, on the basis of the historical pattern, that whatever story the U.S. government is pushing on the public is substantially false.

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The Zammy book


This book, MEET ZAMMY’S NEW FRIENDS, has already been written and illustrated. This 3-week campaign commencing on Thanksgiving Day is to secure the $5,000 in support needed to fund the print production for a paperback, hard cover and an eBook for the 2019 holidays. This campaign is for backers passionate about Zammy, the joy he spreads and the positive daily impact he makes worldwide.

Castalia House has agreed to publish the family-friendly children's books written and illustrated about the adventures of Zammy the Giant Sheepadoodle. And you can get an ebook, a paperback, or a hardcover by supporting Zammy's Indiegogo campaign.

Zammy is already one-third of half two-thirds of the way there. Let's push him over the line!


Two articles of impeachment scheduled

To precisely no one's surprise, Democrats are doubling down on their impeachment attempts despite their obvious unpopularity with the voters:
Democrats are expected to unveil two articles of impeachment against President Trump on Tuesday that will focus on abuse of power and obstructing Congress, and would be voted on by the full House next week, according to three officials familiar with the matter.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) met with Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) and other committee chairmen Monday night after a nine-hour hearing in which a Democratic counsel laid out the party’s case against Trump. The three officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the private talks, cautioned that the plan had not been finalized.

Leaving a meeting with Pelosi, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot L. Engel (D-N.Y.) told reporters that he and the chairmen of other House committees would announce specific articles at a news conference at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

At an event hosted by the Wall Street Journal on Monday night, Pelosi said no final decision had been made.

“You think I’m going to tell you the articles of impeachment?” she said when asked about the matter. “We’re in a place where our members, our leadership of our committees of jurisdiction have now gotten the last input” about the conduct at issue, she added. “They’ll make a determination, a recommendation as to how we will go forward and what the articles will be.”

Under the current plan, the Judiciary Committee would vote on the articles Thursday, according to two people familiar with the matter, setting up a floor vote next week.
The whole point of the impeachment is not to take Trump out of office, because they already know it's not going to fly. The objective is to get Trump to back off his ongoing investigations of the Promethean elite in the United States. That's why "no final decision has been made".

But they might as well roll the dice. The god-emperor is not going to back off and make a deal with the children of the Devil.

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Monday, December 09, 2019

The end of Greek civilization

As it is often said, societies are less often murdered than commit suicide.

In our time all Greece was visited by a dearth of children and generally a decay of population, owing to which the cities were denuded of inhabitants, and a failure of productiveness resulted, though there were no long-continued wars or serious pestilences among us. If, then, any one had advised our sending to ask the gods in regard to this, what we were to do or say in order to become more numerous and better fill our cities,—would he not have seemed a futile person, when the cause was manifest and the cure in our own hands?

For this evil grew upon us rapidly, and without attracting attention, by our men becoming perverted to a passion for show and money and the pleasures of an idle life, and accordingly either not marrying at all, or, if they did marry, refusing to rear the children that were born, or at most one or two out of a great number, for the sake of leaving them well off or bringing them up in extravagant luxury. For when there are only one or two sons, it is evident that, if war or pestilence carries off one, the houses must be left heirless: and, like swarms of bees, little by little the cities become sparsely inhabited and weak.
- Polybius 140 BC

Read that, then think about how many Americans don't have children because they a) fear divorce or b) fear being unable to pay for college educations.


Mailvox: harping on Gammas

Ricky Rari complains about the way I criticize Gamma males:
You always harp on about gammas but never the mothers who singlehandedly raised them, or their absentee fathers.
First, that's not always the case. There are no shortage of Gammas from two-parent homes.

Second, what would be the point? You can't unmake a single mother, an absentee father, or undo an upbringing. But the Gamma male can change his pattern of behavior.

Third, and most important, neither single mothers nor absentee fathers insist on invading this blog, infesting the Darkstream and Dlive channels, recording video hit pieces intended to discredit people, and organizing campaigns attempts to get me and my associates deplatformed.

Gammas are the self-declared enemy of community, society, and civilization. No unrepentant Gamma should ever be shown even a modicum of grace, mercy or kindness. To the contrary, only unrelenting contempt, rejection, and honesty have any ability to puncture the delusion bubble that the Gamma uses to hide from the truth about himself, and thereby permit the possibility of personal growth and behavioral transformation.

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Quantum Mortis in print and audio

The independent planet of Rhysalan provides Sanctuary to 1,462 governments-in-exile. It is the responsibility of the Xenocriminology and Alien Relations department of the Military Crimes Investigation Division to keep a firm leash on the hundreds of thousands of xenos residing on-planet. Assassinations, revolutions, civil wars, and attempted planetary genocides are all in a day's work for Chief Warrant Officer Graven Tower, MCID-XAR.

In addition to a missile-armed aerovar, his trusty Sphinx CPB-18, and MCID's extremely liberal policies concerning collateral damage and civilian casualties, Chief Tower is assisted by his extreme xenophobia as well as a military-grade augmented machine intelligence that believes it has found God. So when the disintegrated remnants of the heir apparent of an alien royal house are discovered on the streets of Trans Paradis, the question is not so much whether the killers will eventually be found, but if it is the criminals or the crime investigators who will contribute more to the final body count.

QUANTUM MORTIS: A Man Disrupted is finally available in paperback for $17.99 from Castalia Direct and $19.99 from Amazon. However, the best deal on it this month is via the Replatforming, as $20 will get you the ebook, the forthcoming audiobook, and the paperback.

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Sexual immorality and the decline of the West

This summary of J.D. Unwin's work from the 1930s is the practical application of the theoretical argument that connects Western post-Christianity to the observable decline of the West:
  1. Effect of sexual constraints: Increased sexual constraints, either pre or post-nuptial, always led to increased flourishing of a culture. Conversely, increased sexual freedom always led to the collapse of a culture three generations later. 
  2. Single most influential factor: Surprisingly, the data revealed that the single most important correlation with the flourishing of a culture was whether pre-nuptial chastity was required or not. It had a very significant effect either way.
  3. Highest flourishing of culture: The most powerful combination was pre-nuptial chastity coupled with “absolute monogamy”. Rationalist cultures that retained this combination for at least three generations exceeded all other cultures in every area, including literature, art, science, furniture, architecture, engineering, and agriculture. Only three out of the eighty-six cultures studied ever attained this level.
  4. Effect of abandoning prenuptial chastity: When strict prenuptial chastity was no longer the norm, absolute monogamy, deism, and rational thinking also disappeared within three generations.
  5. Total sexual freedom: If total sexual freedom was embraced by a culture, that culture collapsed within three generations to the lowest state of flourishing — which Unwin describes as “inert” and at a “dead level of conception” and is characterized by people who have little interest in much else other than their own wants and needs. At this level, the culture is usually conquered or taken over by another culture with greater social energy.
  6. Time lag: If there is a change in sexual constraints, either increased or decreased restraints, the full effect of that change is not realized until the third generation. 
Thanks to the rationalist generations that preceded them, the first generation of a society setting aside its sexual restraints can still enjoy its new-found sexual freedom before any significant decline in culture, but the data shows that this “having your cake and eating it too” phase lasts a maximum of one generation before the decline sets in. Unwin wrote:

The history of these societies consists of a series of monotonous repetitions; and it is difficult to decide which aspect of the story is the more significant: the lamentable lack of original thought which in each case the reformers displayed, or the amazing alacrity with which, after a period of intense compulsory continence (sexual restraint), the human organism seizes the earliest opportunity to satisfy its innate desires in a direct or perverted manner. Sometimes a man has been heard to declare that he wishes both to enjoy the advantages of high culture and to abolish compulsory continence. The inherent nature of the human organism, however, seems to be such that these desires are incompatible, even contradictory. The reformer may be likened to the foolish boy who desires both to keep his cake and to consume it. Any human society is free to choose either to display great energy or to enjoy sexual freedom; the evidence is that it cannot do both for more than one generation.

Looking at our own sexual revolution, the “having your cake and eating it too” phase would have lasted into the early 2000’s. We are now at a stage where we should begin to observe the verification or falsification of Unwin’s predictions.
As any honest observer would readily conclude, Unwin's predictions are being verified with a vengeance. The solution is simple: walk the narrow path. Get married. Be faithful. Have children. And then plant the acorns that will grow into the mighty oaks underneath which your great-grandchildren will play.

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