Thursday, July 29, 2021

China rubs Afghan failure in US face

The Taliban is recognized by China:

The inviting of a delegation from the Taliban Islamic fundamentalist group to Beijing this week has raised eyebrows across the world. Is China being clever, or does it face grave dangers on entering the “graveyard of empires”?

China this week took the highly unusual step of hosting a delegation from the Taliban in Beijing for talks, as concerns rise about the future of Afghanistan, amidst growing fighting and a massive offensive by the Islamist group against the government, whose days are increasingly seen as numbered. 

Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated he expected the Taliban to play a role in the “peace, reconciliation and reconstruction process” in Afghanistan. The visit was interpreted widely by the mainstream media that China was giving its blessing to the legitimacy of the Taliban on the international stage, and this has occurred despite huge ideological and theological differences between the two sides. 

Despite all that, they have found a set of “common interests” to collude in, concerning the future of the country. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, while visiting India, said that the Taliban risks creating a “pariah state” but nonetheless admitted that China may have a “positive role to play” in the country.

There is no chance China is going to make the mistake of the British, Soviet, and US empires. This is a PR move meant to underline China's international influence growing at the expense of the declining imperial US.

China is playing its grand strategy very, very well. It's avoiding the mistake of confronting the US directly - it refused to arm or otherwise assist the Taliban while the USA was at war with them - knowing that time and demographics are on its side.

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Conspiracy theory = spoiler alert

 Dr. Robert Malone saw the ADE problem coming as well as the need for booster shots to try to avoid the breakthrough infections that are affecting an increasing number of the vaccinated:

Bannon: Does the Pfizer situation with the booster, the difference between a conspiracy theory and a fact is about six months, because remember, a couple of months ago, anybody who would bring up the fact that we're gonna need a booster, another shot, was a conspiracy theorist. Does that get to your point about the noble lie? Remember, they trashed everybody who even brought it up, because ...

Malone: Yeah, Tony [Fauci] jumped on Pfizer right away, right? and said, No, you can't say that! It's an amazing demonstration of this in real time, where the leadership of Pfizer says, We're gonna need a booster in six months because the durability of our vaccines is waning. By the way, that's exactly the window when Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) becomes the greatest risk, is during the waning phase of a vaccine. The Pfizer guy says, We gotta do this to protect people! Tony jumps on him and says, I didn't allow you to say that! 

The verdict is still out on how bad it's going to be, but suffice it to say that the skeptics, not the vaccine scientists, have repeatedly proven to be utilizing the more accurate predictive model. 

Speaking of breakthrough infections, the NFL is almost certainly going to have to rethink its Covid policies once the league discovers that vaccinated players are more likely to infect others than unvaccinated players.

Rams offensive line coach Kevin Carberry absent with COVID, despite being vaccinated. Rams coach Sean McVay told reporters on Wednesday that Carberry was absent from practice due to the positive result. For vaccinated players and staff, return to action occurs after a pair of negative tests at least 24 hours apart, with no minimum absence. For unvaccinated players and staff, a mandatory 10-day break remains in place.

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Christianity is not "the tradition of the elders"

Judeochristianity is, and has always been, an ahistorical deception targeting naive American Christians. Unlike Europeans, most 20th-Century Americans knew nothing about Jews or their history, which is why the post-1945 propaganda campaign to convince American Christians that they shared a common faith heritage with Jews rather than a completely antithetical one was mostly successful.

However, Judaism is not, and has never been, the religion of the Old Testament as followed - however haphazardly - by the Biblical 12 Tribes of Israel. In fact, rabbis such as Stephen Wise, the founder of the NAACP and president of the American Jewish Congress when it declared war on Germany in 1933, customarily referred to the Old Testament religion as "Hebrewism" in order to distinguish it from "the tradition of the elders" which began to take shape in 538 BC. This tradition continued to evolve into and beyond Jesus Christ's day, and is specifically referred to in the New Testament, as the followers of Jesus Christ rejected it from the literal beginning of Christianity.

"Then the Pharisees and scribes asked him, Why walk not thy disciples according to the tradition of the elders...?"

- Mark 7:5, also Matthew 15:2

The tradition of the elders was completed in its written form around 475 AD and the oldest extant manuscript dates back to 1342 AD. This tradition is the religion of the Pharisees that is today known as "Judaism" and it has less in common with the religion of the Hebrews of the Old Testament than Mormons and Muslims do with the Greek Orthodox Church.

"The return from Babylon and the adoption of the Babylonian Talmud marked the end of Hebrewism and the beginning of Judaism."

- Stephen Samuel Wise

The Babylonian Talmud comprises the Mishnah and the Babylonian Gemara, the latter representing the culmination of more than 300 years of analysis of the Mishnah in the Talmudic Academies in Babylonia. The foundations of this process of analysis were laid by Abba Arika (175–247), a disciple of Judah ha-Nasi. Tradition ascribes the compilation of the Babylonian Talmud in its present form to two Babylonian sages, Rav Ashi and Ravina II. Rav Ashi was president of the Sura Academy from 375–427. The work begun by Rav Ashi was completed by Ravina, who is traditionally regarded as the final Amoraic expounder. Accordingly, traditionalists argue that Ravina's death in 475 is the latest possible date for the completion of the redaction of the Talmud. 

- Wikipedia

Regardless of what you may happen to think of either religion, the fact is that anyone who claims Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism is hopelessly incorrect and his level of knowledge of the subject does not even rise to that of Wikipedia.

Jews and Christians differ on every single fundamental principle—even on the meaning of core Scriptural texts. More crucially, Christians rely on the Old Testament for legal delineation; whereas Jews rely solely upon our rabbinic tradition. We never, ever turn to our Bible for legal guidance, only to our rabbinic literature. To suggest that our Sages had anything at all in common with the likes of Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Carter or Pat Robertson is a slap in the face of 2500 years of scholarship.

- The Jewish Press

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Google, Facebook mandate vaccinations

These employment requirements are arguably good news, given the way in which CASE NIGHTMARE KITTY still appears to be in play.

Facebook will require U.S. workers returning to its offices to be vaccinated, the company said on Wednesday.

“As our offices reopen, we will be requiring anyone coming to work at any of our US campuses to be vaccinated,” VP of People Lori Goler said in a statement. “How we implement this policy will depend on local conditions and regulations.”

Facebook will create processes for those who can’t be vaccinated for medical or other reasons, Goler said. The company will continue to evaluate its approach outside the U.S., Goler added....

The news comes after Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees earlier the same day that Google would delay its return to office plans by one month, citing the fast-spreading delta variant. Pichai also said returning workers would have to be vaccinated.

As iron sharpens iron, evil devours evil. 

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Wednesday PM Arktoons

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Vaccine mandates legal

It will be interesting to see how the DOJ deals with businesses that require their employees to eat pork in light of the news that corporate mandates are legal:

The Department of Justice concluded in an opinion that federal law doesn’t prohibit public agencies and private businesses from requiring COVID-19 vaccines under the Food and Drug Administration’s emergency use authorization.

On July 26, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, California, and New York City said they would require some of their government workers to get the COVID-19 shot or be tested weekly. Veterans Affairs, with the move, became the first federal agency to mandate the vaccine.

The Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel on July 26 wrote that because access to COVID-19 vaccines is more commonplace, “numerous educational institutions, employers, and other entities across the United States” have said they will require some individuals to be vaccinated against the virus as a condition of employment, participation, benefit, service, or relationship.

“For instance,” it wrote, “certain schools will require vaccination in order for students to attend class in person, and certain employers will require vaccination as a condition of employment.”

The opinion, which noted that some have questioned the legality of such mandates, concluded that federal law concerning the FDA’s emergency use authorizations (EUA) on COVID-19 vaccines made by Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson doesn’t “prohibit public or private entities from imposing vaccine requirements, even when the only vaccines available are those authorized under EUAs.”

This is hardly a surprise. There is no law as such in the United States anymore. The law is nothing more than whatever a federal employee thinks he can get away with imposing upon people. 

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The "courage" of the quitter

These bizarre defenses of chokers and quitters are beginning to border on parody:

"After further medical evaluation, Simone Biles has withdrawn from the final individual all-around competition," USA Gymnastics said in a statement. "We wholeheartedly support Simone’s decision and applaud her bravery in prioritizing her well-being. 

"Her courage shows, yet again, why she is a role model for so many."

Meanwhile, real competitors like Aaron Rodgers are criticized for months just because he chose to try passing the ball rather than attempting to run it into the end zone. (The criticism was incredibly stupid, by the way, because there was no way Rodgers was going to outrun Jason Pierre-Paul, who had already sacked him twice during the game, from the 10-yard-line.) Can you even imagine how the media would have come down on Patrick Mahomes if, instead of playing a Super Bowl behind an injured and ineffective offensive line, he had withdrawn from the game the day before?

"I won't be playing in the Super Bowl today. I don't know, I'm just feeling a little blue. But hey, to the rest of the Chiefs, you guys just go out there and kick some ass. I'll be cheering for you!"

It's strange, because it's not as if black athletes were previously immune from criticism. Perhaps this is a consequence of Black Lives Matter or something, or perhaps it's just a coincidence combined with the philosophy that everyone is a winner no matter what happens.

Either way, it's ridiculous. Champions don't choke and they definitely don't quit.

Miles Mathis has an entirely different take:

In February of 2018, I called foul on the USA Gymnastics story of Larry Nassar, who was allegedly sentenced to 175 years in jail for molesting young women.  There I showed all the discontinuities, contradictions, flaws, and red flags on that story.  Well, that story has continued to spin out this week, since two days ago we saw the story dredged up for the Olympics, with Simone Biles being forced in an interview to say she too had been molested by Nassar.  I have watched all of 30 minutes of Olympics coverage, but happened to see the first part of that interview, since I was with friends at the time.  I walked out in disgust, knowing she was lying, and missed the second half where she was with her mother.  Anyway, the interview apparently backfired on the controllers, since many normies saw it and realized Biles was lying. One of my friends talked to his mother later that night, and she volunteered the information that she thought Biles was lying.  Pretty extraordinary, since his mother is not a conspiracy theorist and otherwise doesn't think too much of my papers.  Apparently word got back to Biles through the grapevine that viewers all over the world were not believing her, since yesterday she had a meltdown, quitting the all-round competition despite not being injured, and giving the gold to Russia.  Just so you know, Biles is considered the best gymnast in the world, and the US was favored to win the all-round because of that.  Many are calling her the best gymnast ever, due to the difficulty of her routines and the height of her tumbling.  So this is a huge deal.

In the mainstream, no one is mentioning the obvious, so as usual it is up to me.  I absolutely guarantee you the reason she quit wasn't because she was “sad” or “stressed” or mentally weak.  Clearly, she quit because she was sick of being forced to lie by these bastards in Intelligence who now control everything.

So, maybe she is a hero after all?

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

There is no "could have" about it

Vaccinated people carry a much higher load than unvaccinated people. This was predicted and is part of the ADE breakthrough problem. As the educated skeptics have been correctly pointing out from the start, Covid vaccines are literally worse than useless.
Karl Denninger has been pointing this out for months.
The data is that these jabs do not prevent disease.  They also do not prevent transmission of disease.  In fact they appear to, if you get a breakthrough case, make transmission more likely in that the Ct data from these miners shows equal or lower values on balance in the vaccinated cohort with one sample at Ct22!  Reminder: The lower the Ct the more virus you have in your body.

Now granted this is a small group -- very small.  But it is extremely concerning that the lowest Ct recorded among these cases was a fully-vaccinated person.  Where is the data from the state labs and CDC on these "breakthroughs" and their Ct numbers generally?  It's not being reported.  I bet you can guess why not without needing more than one guess.

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STONETOSS Episode 3: Unleashed

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The silver lining

There may be a considerable amount of good coming out of the pandemonium in the long run:

The rate of households homeschooling their children doubled from the start of the pandemic last spring to the start of the new school year last September, according to a new U.S. Census Bureau report released this week.

Last spring, about 5.4% of all U.S. households with school-aged children were homeschooling them, but that figure rose to 11% by last fall, according to the bureau’s Household Pulse Survey.

The survey purposefully asked the question in a way to clarify that it was inquiring about genuine homeschooling and not virtual learning through a public or private school, the Census Bureau said.

Before the pandemic, household homeschooling rates had remained steady at around 3.3% through the past several years.

Based on the previous statistics, that implies that around 8.5 million American schoolchildren are being homeschooled. That is absolutely massive and bodes well for the future.


Where Have All the Boomers Gone?

Where Have All the Boomers Gone?

Where have all the pillows gone, long time passing?

Where have all the pillows gone, long time ago?

Where have all the pillows gone?

Justice served by every one

Oh, when shall we forget them?

Oh, when shall we forget them?

Where have all the Beatles gone, long time passing?

Where have all the Beatles gone, long time ago?

Where have all the Beatles gone?

Gone with Lennon and a gun

Oh, when shall we forget them?

Oh, when shall we forget them?

Where have all the Hippies gone, long time passing?

Where have all the Hippies gone, long time ago?

Where have all the Hippies gone?

Dead and buried every one

Oh, when shall we forget them?

Oh, when shall we forget them?

Where have all the vinyls gone, long time passing?

Where have all the vinyls gone, long time ago?

Where have all the vinyls gone?

Gone to downloads, every one

Oh, when shall we forget them?

Oh, when shall we forget them?

Where have all the Boomers gone, long time passing?

Where have all the Boomers gone, long time ago?

Where have all the Boomers gone?

Pillows silenced every one

And now we can forget them!

Thank God we can forget them!

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Personal cleanliness IS important

Whether it needs to be publicly announced to the nation is, of course, another matter. Even neutral foreign observers are starting to worry about the Antipresident's mental condition.

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BEN GARRISON Editorial 13: One Fish, Two Fish

CHUCK DIXON'S AVALON Episode 13: Partners No More


The devs have graciously added a "back to top" button at the bottom of each episode in response to requests from the subscribers. The intro video has also been removed. More interface improvements to come...

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Monday, July 26, 2021

Americans are the Indians now

The inability of the Indians to band together against the invading Europeans presages the inability of the posterity of the American Revolution to stand together against the multiple waves of immigrants that have invaded, transformed, and even disappeared the very concept of the American nation:

King Philip had one extraordinary advantage as war raged in the autumn of 1675: The settlers did not know how to fight an Indian war. They couldn’t cross a swamp, they couldn’t travel silently in woods, they couldn’t keep warm outdoors. Indians won battle after battle.

But the victories were Pyrrhic. Plymouth and its allies in Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, and Connecticut were connected to global trade networks and could import food, while the Indians were an agricultural people a long way from their fields and stores. King Philip’s troops may have been winning. But they were also starving. The English controlled the technological platform of the war. However formidable Indians were at firing guns, they could not manufacture them. The best hope of the Wampanoags and their Nipmuck, Narragansett, and Abenaki allies was to enlist the ferocious Mohawks of the upper Hudson, with their thousands of fighting men. But the Mohawks’ ferocity (and independence) rested on arms obtained from Albany merchants whom they could not afford to alienate. They entered the war against King Philip, suddenly and to devastating effect.

Finally, the English had cohesion, however you choose to name it: solidarity, like-mindedness, uniformity. The Indians had diversity. That meant some fought with Philip and others fought against him. The Christians among them were an important source of intelligence to the English. War split up not just families but, among the tribal leaders, marriages. King Philip was driven eastward, back across Massachusetts, to his homeland and his fate.

“If the Wampanoags are as much our fellow Americans as the descendants of the Pilgrims,” Silverman asks, “and if their history can be as instructional and inspirational as that of the English, then why continue to tell a Thanksgiving myth that focuses exclusively on the colonists’ struggles rather than theirs?” The answer, as noted, is that we no longer do tell that myth, and haven’t for years. Once we have dismissed the Puritans’ religious claims, once we lose interest in the way their democratic intuitions, from the Mayflower Compact onward, anticipate our own democratic institutions, then we are left with a tale of increasing tensions between two ethnic communities that eventually exploded into war. Every prejudice that has been schooled into Americans over the past half-century would prompt them to root against the Pilgrims.

But that is no longer the only reason we don’t look at Plymouth from a Pilgrim perspective. Of the two communities that confronted each other in New England 400 years ago, it may now be the Indians, not the Pilgrims, who most resemble today’s Americans. The Wampanoags were divided between, on one hand, cosmopolitans like Massasoit, who believed that there was room for a mosaic of peoples in southeastern Massachusetts, and, on the other, skeptical provincials like Philip who lost faith in that ideal. They lacked the cohesion to stand up against a resolute rival.

A remark often bandied about today is Adam Smith’s to the effect that “[t]here is a great deal of ruin in a nation,” by which he meant that it takes a much greater set of misfortunes to destroy a nation, and over a much longer period of time, than we commonly realize. It is not actually true. The Wampanoags went from dominance and confidence to a point of no return in about 55 or 60 years. Suddenly they were losing population, and abandoning old values, too. Each problem fed on the other in a dangerous process. Once a people begins debating how much ruin there is in a nation, that process is already well underway.

This is why it is so pointless for conservatives to babble about "they're trying to divide us" and other nonsensical civnatteries. There is no longer one single "us", there are only multiple nations negotiating and jockeying for power over everyone else. 

Perhaps Americans will preserve a rump state amongst the ashes of empire. Or perhaps the conquerors of the US empire will permit whites a few reservations out in North Dakota and Idaho.

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Monday PM Arktoons

GRAY CLAW Episode 5: Life in a Cell

ECONCOMICS Episode 5: CERN Discovers a New Particle

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Why people don't believe in "science"

An explanation of why the public doesn't trust science anymore underlines the importance of distinguishing between scientody and scientistry:

From climate to Covid, politics and hubris have disconnected scientific institutions from the philosophy and method that ought to guide them.

The Covid pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the disconnect between science as a philosophy and science as an institution.

If you think biological complexity can come about through unplanned emergence and not need an intelligent designer, then why would you think human society needs an ‘intelligent government”?

Science as an institution has a naive belief that if only scientists were in charge, they would run the world well.

Perhaps that’s what politicians mean when they declare that they “believe in science”.

As we’ve seen during the pandemic, science can be a source of power, but conformity is the enemy of scientific progress, which depends on disagreement and challenge.

There’s a tension between scientists wanting to present a unified and authoritative voice, on the one hand, and science-as-philosophy, which is obligated to remain open-minded and be prepared to change its mind.

The pandemic has, for the first time, seriously politicized epidemiology.

It’s partly the fault of outside commentators who hustle scientists in political directions, but it’s also the fault of epidemiologists themselves deliberately publishing things that fit with their political prejudices or ignoring things that don’t.

Scientists, by and large, are relatively stupid. Even worse, they're accustomed to being more or less unaccountable. They're high-level midwits, for the most part, which is why so many epidemiologists failed to note the obvious: if you make an incorrect prediction that costs people a considerable amount of time, money, or freedom, you will not get a second chance to tell them what to do.

For example, no one in the UK cared about SAGE's third wave doomsday predictions or paid any attention to its demands for a lockdown because its predictions for the first two waves were off by a factor of more than 10.

Furthermore, everyone with an IQ over 115 understands that science is corrupt now, so they correctly view any "study" or recommendation with extreme skepticism.

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Monday AM Arktoons

GUN GHOUL Episode 13: Dead End

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When vaxxing makes it worse

I wish I could say that it's astonishing how after a) coming down with Covid despite being vaccinated twice with the Pfizer not-vaccine and b) infecting his seven-year-old daughter, an NFL analyst somehow concludes this means it's really important for everyone to be vaccinated. But I can't, because it's just more evidence that Most People Are Idiots.

NFL Network’s Rich Eisen got COVID earlier this month despite being fully vaccinated with the double Pfizer shot early this year. He and his wife were in Boston on July 12, about to leave for a week’s vacation in Italy, when he felt a tickle in the back of his throat. Nothing serious. But he had to be tested to travel to Italy, and the test came back positive. A second test came back positive. Eisen had to quarantine in a Boston hotel room for 10 days. His wife, who tested negative, flew back to California—where their 7-year-old daughter was newly positive for COVID. Within a couple of days, Eisen told me, “The symptoms presented like a freight train—night sweats, chills, loss of appetite,” he said. “It hit me pretty hard for three or four days.”

Many would look at Eisen and say, What good is the vaccine if you get the disease after being vaccinated? Eisen looks at it this way:

“The vaccine is not 100 percent effective in preventing COVID,” he told me Saturday. “But it is very effective in keeping you out of the hospital—or worse. I believe getting the vaccine kept me off a ventilator. And getting the vaccine will not only improve your chances of not being infected, but if you’re infected, decrease your chance of dying.

“All I’ve heard from the unvaccinated is it’s time to just live with it and get back to normal. Well, I tried that, and I ended up in quarantine with COVID, and most likely I passed it to my 7-year-old daughter. So you not getting the vaccine makes COVID more prevalent in society, and could cause the next variant to be worse, and to pierce my immunity.”

Eisen’s voice was rising. “My wife and I, as parents, are supposed to protect our children. My 7-year-old gets it, probably from me, after I was vaccinated,” he said. “So now . . . it’s personal for me.”

These utterly ignorant idiots don't understand that it is the flawed vaccines that are causing the next variant to be worse, not the unvaccinated. If it had been left to progress naturally through the population, the virus would have become more infectious and less harmful, like every other virus in history. It's already doing that, which is why the Delta variant is estimated to be 10x less lethal than the original one.

However, due to the Antibody Dependent Enhancement problem that is derived from how the mRNA vaccines operate, even these less lethal variants will be dangerous to the vaccinated. This is a problem that scientists were concerned about when the vaccines were first released; read this selection from an article published in February 2021 very carefully, then think about its implications in light of the Eisen case.

The Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines have been rolled out in many parts of the world, along with the AstraZeneca/Oxford, Gamaleya, and CanSino adenovirus vector vaccines. Those look to be joined soon by J&J’s adenovirus vector and Novavax’s recombinant protein subunit vaccines, and likely more after that. So here’s the key question: did any of these show ADE hints during their development? And are any of them showing signs of it now?

The short answers: they did not. And they are not. Antibody-dependent enhancement was specifically tested for in the animal models as these candidates were being developed (re-exposure of vaccinated animals to coronavirus to see how protective the vaccine was). And no cases of more severe disease were seen – I’ve gone back through the reported preclinical studies, and I don’t think I’ve missed one, and what I’m seeing is not one single case of ADE for any of them. Indeed, as mentioned above, if something like that had shown up, it would have immediately released a bucket of clin-dev and regulatory sand into the gears of the whole project.

How about the human clinical trials? Again, no signs of ADE were seen. This is a bit less definitive, since we did not run deliberate “Here, have another blast of virus” challenges on the human participants the way we did in the preclinical studies. But at the same time, these trial participants were out there in the real world being monitored for signs of infection. The dramatic plots of the data after even one dose of the vaccines speak for themselves: the trials did hardly saw people getting infected at all after vaccination, and most certainly not with even more severe disease. To the contrary: one of the big features of the vaccines is that across the board they seem to almost totally wipe out the appearance of severe coronavirus symptoms. We’re still collecting data on transmissibility after vaccination and so on (things are looking good, though), but what seems to be beyond doubt is that the vaccinated subjects, over and over, show up with no severe coronavirus cases and no hospitalizations.

That is the opposite of what you would expect if ADE were happening. Remember, the bad thing about antibody-dependent enhancement is that it leads to more severe disease when you’re exposed again to the pathogen (or when you’re exposed after being vaccinated for it). And we’re just not seeing that. At all. 

They weren't seeing it back in February. But they certainly are starting to see it now. The best case is that it's just variant cases against which the vaccines are no good, like getting the flu after getting a flu shot designed for a different flu strain. The worse case is that the increasing number of vaccinated subjects being hospitalized with Covid is evidence of ADE. The worst case, of course, is CASE NIGHTMARE KITTY, which would result in the death of everyone who is infected by Covid after being vaccinated, but fortunately, that does not appear to be the situation.

However, an older article by the same author, from December 2020, described the main worry as something that is confirmed to have been observed.

I would say that the main worry for any ADE effects would be if the coronavirus mutates to the point that the antibodies generated by the current vaccines become non-neutralizing. And honestly, I don’t see that happening.

Except it already has. 


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More lethal than Covid

 The Scottish government has reported the following:

A freedom of information request made on the 30th January asked the Scottish Government to reveal the total number of people who had died of Covid-19 since March 2020. To which the Scottish Government responded on the 11th March 2021 with – “The answer to your question is 596 deaths involving COVID-19 has been registered where there was no pre-existing medical condition between March 2020 and January 2021....

The most up to date figures published by PHS and within the report released by on the 23rd June 2021, and they reveal that between the 8th December 2020 and the 11th June 2021 a total number of 5,522 people died within 28 days of having a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

So, 59.6 people per month died of Covid (as opposed to WITH Covid), while 788.9 people per month have died within 28 days of being injected with a Covid vaccine. That suggests - it does not prove, but it suggests - that the Covid vaccines may be more lethal than the disease they are supposed to prevent.

Now, obviously we don't know how many of those 5,522 deaths were caused by the vaccines; it would be helpful to know what the various attributed causes of death were. If they are all automobile accidents, then obviously the vaccines are probably not to blame. If they are all heart attacks and strokes, then a comparison to the number of same causes during a similar period in 2017 or 2018 would be in order.

However, since the total average monthly deaths in Scotland in 2018 was 4,875, it is unlikely that a random distribution would result in nearly 20 percent of all deaths being the deaths of those who were very recently vaccinated.

The next clue will be an unusually high number of deaths in the 18-to-49 age group.


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Don't smoke your own supply

At least he succeeded in providing an object lesson, if not necessarily the one he intended.

UF Health has announced the passing of Dr. Leon L. Haley Jr., the UF Health Jacksonville CEO. Dr. Haley was the first Black CEO of UF Health. He played a pivotal role in getting the COVID-19 vaccine rolled out in Jacksonville, especially in the Black community.

Dr. Haley became the first person vaccinated in Florida against COVID-19 in December of last year.

He said when he received the vaccine he wanted to help Black people who are hesitant about getting the vaccine.

Dr. Haley supported Black faith leaders and helped tell Back people the science is safe for them to get the vaccine.   

At this rate, the Covid vaccine scandal will make the Tuskeegee Experiment look downright reasonable.


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Sunday PM Arktoons

SWAN KNIGHT SAGA Episode 13: Like a Moth to the Flame

GO MONSTER GO! Episode 9: Something Different About Ace

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We were warned

The plans of Satan's children are becoming increasingly obvious to everyone these days, but an Orthodox monk warned Christians of them more than 25 years ago:

On a remote, narrow peninsula in the Aegean Sea lies the monastic republic of Mt. Athos, spiritual heart of the Orthodox Christian world. For centuries monks have lived and prayed here for the salvation of their souls and the world, and every devout Orthodox Christian male strives to make the pilgrimage to Mt. Athos at least once in his life. Elder Paisios (1924-1994) is considered by many to have been the Holy Mount’s greatest ascetic of the 20th Century. Over the course of his life the words of this humble Greek monk, who came to be honored by believers as an “holy elder”, were recorded by the thousands who journeyed to seek his advice and prophecies....

The Zionists are already preparing their messiah. For them the false-messiah will be king, will rule here, on earth. A great discord will arise. In this discord everyone will clamor for a king to save them. At that moment they’ll offer up their man, who’ll say: “I’m the Imam, I’m the fifth Buddha, I’m the Christ whom Christians are awaiting. I’m the one whom the Jehovah’s Witnesses have been waiting for. I’m the Jewish messiah.

Difficult times are ahead. Great trials await us. Christians will suffer great persecutions. Meanwhile, it’s obvious that people don’t understand that we’re on the verge of the end times, that the seal of the Antichrist is becoming a reality. As if nothing’s happening. That’s why Holy Scripture says that even the chosen will be deceived.

The Zionists want to rule the earth. To achieve their ends they use black magic and satanism. They regard satan-worship as a means to gain the strength they need to carry out their plans. They want to rule the earth using satanic power.

God is not something they take into account. One sign that the fulfillment of prophecy is near will be the destruction of the Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem. They’ll destroy it in order to restore the Temple of Solomon which used to be on the same place.

In the end the Jews will pronounce the Antichrist messiah in this rebuilt temple. The rabbis know that the true Messiah has already come and that they crucified Him. They know this, and yet they are blinded by egotism and fanaticism.

I used to wonder what was meant by people, including some Christians, being deceived en masse, but ever since I started seeing all the nonsense about "our judeochristian heritage" and other obvious historical falsehoods such as the Jewish roots of Western civilization and America being an idea that belongs to the world instead of a proper nation and Sweden being a nation of immigrants, it became clear that the Great Deception involved convincing nominal Christians to submit to the god of this world.

Ecumenicism, inclusivity, and falsehoods are the easiest tells. Jesus Christ teaches again and again about division, strife, and separation, even among families, whereas the satanic parody of him promises to be everything to everyone in unity. And as for those of you who still foolishly subscribe to Holocaustianity and judeochristianity and Israel uber alles despite your nominal faith, allow me to remind you of what the Bible says about you.

Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord? Because of this, the wrath of the Lord is on you.

While it makes no sense to hate anyone for nothing more than their ethnic heritage and it is wrong to deny Israel its right to exist, it is even more foolish to permit wicked people relying upon satanic power to rule over you without resistance because you are afraid that someone, somewhere, might call you "anti-semitic". The spiritual war between the Walkers of the Narrow Way and the Children of the Devil is real, and it shouldn't take a demented Antipresident babbling about drinking the blood of children in public for you to understand that the war is already upon you.

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Sunday AM Arktoons

 BOVODAR & THE BEARS Episode 9: We're Gonna See More of This

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The French shut it down

 An entire hospital has gone on "indefinite strike" against mandatory vaccines for health workers:

The staff of the hospital in Montelimar, in the French department of Drome, have gone on indefinite strike to protest the new rules demanding they take a vaccine against Covid-19 by mid-September or face losing their jobs.

The strike against “forced vaccination” was announced on Thursday by the CGT-GHPP trade union, and affects some 200 doctors and 1,500 nurses in the southeastern French city. 

Hundreds of them gathered outside the hospital on Friday, denouncing lockdowns and vaccine mandates and chanting “liberté!”. 

The French legislature is finalizing the proposal that would require all medical professionals in contact with the vulnerable to be fully vaccinated by September 15, or else lose their salaries and even their jobs.

They're well-supported by the public, as hundreds of thousands of their compatriots protested against vaccine passports in 168 different villages and cities yesterday. 

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of French cities for the second weekend in a row to protest against health passes and mandatory vaccination for medics. In Paris, rallies ended up in scuffles with police.

Law enforcement officers in the French capital used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the crowds as the situation on the streets spiraled out of control during the massive demonstrations provoked by the government’s plans to extend health passes for public places and enforce mandatory vaccination for certain jobs, including health workers.

Videos published on social media showed a crowd of angry young people forcing police officers to retreat from the Champs-Elysees by blocking the road, pelting officers with various objects and even attacking police vans. Law enforcement responded by deploying water cannon to disperse the crowd.

Le Monde reported 161,000 protesters, but the numbers were clearly even higher. What was interesting was that virtually none of the protesters were wearing masks; it appears people are increasingly unafraid of Covid now.

Italians were protesting vaccine passports too, albeit in much smaller numbers, most likely because everyone, including the police, will just ignore the pass anyhow.

Protests against the Italian government’s plan to introduce health passes were held in more than 80 locations on Saturday, where people denounced the measure as discriminatory.

Around 3,000 rallied in Rome and 5,000 in Turin, the capital of the northwestern Piedmont region, while smaller protests were held elsewhere across the country, Italian media said. Overall, demonstrations were reported in more than 80 cities and towns.

People took to the streets to denounce the plan of the government led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi to introduce a health pass, known as the ‘Green Pass’. The document serves as proof that a person has received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, has tested negative for Covid-19 in the last 48 hours, or has recovered from the virus.

Starting from August 6, only Green Pass holders will be allowed into cafes, restaurants, gyms, and open-air shows.

Protesters view the measure as discriminatory. Some marched with signs that read, ‘Draghi Like Hitler’ and ‘Freedom, No More Dictatorship’, while others carried Italian flags and lit flares.

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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Saturday PM Arktoons

GARRISON CLASSICS Editorial 3: Bernanke Wizard of Debt

SEASONS Episode 13: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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Mailvox: miscarriages skyrocket

The vaxx is definitely affecting fertility:

My wife is a longtime nurse. High-risk maternity. She says that, since the vaxx, miscarriages have skyrocketed; “off the charts”, she says.

And her union, apparently, is trying to mandate the jab. If they do, she’s going to walk away. The degree to which this shit has been insinuated into the medical and legal communities here is just staggering. 

It’s a world gone mad.

They wouldn't be pushing their fake vaccines so hard if they weren't horrifically bad for you. Don't even hesitate to walk away from your job or cut ties with family members rather than submit to it. It may sound like hyperbole, but it's genuinely possible that the continued existence of the human race literally depends on those who refuse to submit to the wickedness.

There’s pretty clear evidence that the spike protein expressed from vaccines is caused from toxicity in a small subset of patients. The question is how big is that subset and how bad and broad are those toxicities? The honest truth is we don’t know and furthermore there is a lot of signs that that information is being withheld from us… I have colleagues in the government who were aware and were months before the toxicity was disclosed that the toxicity was an issue… They are finding that the CDC is grossly underreporting these key adverse events… My senior colleagues at the FDA have known that this was the case for months… we have multiple signs that the CDC is editing this data in support of this noble lie.

- Dr. Robert Malone

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The possible connection

There are two big stories around the NFL right now. I find it curious that no one - literally no one - in the sports media has suggested a possible connection between them:

NFL teams can’t force players to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but they can make life difficult for unvaccinated players. And they will.

The latest example comes from Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians, who told Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times that he will fine any unvaccinated player $14,000 on the spot any time he is not wearing a mask where he is supposed to be, or is otherwise breaking any of the NFL’s protocols for unvaccinated players. Arians said there will be no warnings, just fines every time.

Arians also noted that unvaccinated players are tested every day and vaccinated players are tested only once every other week, and that will make life a lot less convenient for the unvaccinated.

“A vaccinated player will get tested 14 times this year,” Arians said. “An unvaccinated player will get tested 140.”

Arians also said he believes the Buccaneers’ vaccination rate will more than 85 percent by final cutdowns — which could be viewed as a thinly veiled threat to the players on the roster bubble that they’ll be gone before the 53-man roster is set if they aren’t vaccinated.

So while it’s true that teams can’t force players to get vaccinated, teams can make life so difficult that it probably won’t be feasible to remain unvaccinated for anyone but the stars who are good enough not to get cut, and have enough guaranteed money in their contracts that they don’t care about $14,000 fines. That’s a pretty small minority of players in the NFL.

The other big story, from the very same site:

Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

Las Vegas usually knows what’s going on. On Aaron Rodgers, Las Vegas reportedly thinks it knows what he’ll be doing next week.

Via Bill Huber of, multiple sports books believe Rodgers will announce his retirement before Wednesday’s initial practice of training camp. Per Huber, Westgate Superbook has “closed all its NFC North markets, including projected wins, playoff odds, divisional odds and weekly lines for the four division teams.”

PointsBet sports book, which not long ago put the Green Bay over-under win total back on the board at nine, has once again removed Green Bay from the list of 32 teams. DraftKings also has removed the Green Bay over-under win total, along with its Packers-related “Team Specials.” (The other 31 teams have them.)

As one source with knowledge of the dynamics of the Rodgers situation said in response to these developments, “Vegas oddsmakers tend to be pretty sharp.” The source added that a lot of scenarios are in play, and “many, many factors” will be relevant to the outcome.

Aaron Rodgers is one of the smartest players in the NFL. He's very wealthy, he's shown that he's capable of finding great post-NFL success, and he's engaged to a Hollywood actress. Is it really so implausible to suggest that one of the reasons he would rather retire than play is because he is unwilling to accept the elevated risk of heart attacks and strokes that the NFL is attempting to force on its players? We already know that one Vikings coach is willing to leave his job rather than get vaccinated.

Of course, this narrative would terrify the vaccine propagandists. Imagine if it becomes widely known that the reigning NFL MVP retired rather than get vaccinated.... About the only thing that would be worse for the vaxxers is Patrick Mahomes collapsing during a nationally televised game early in the season and dying of a heart attack.

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Saturday AM Arktoons

QUANTUM MORTIS Episode 12: Conclusive Identification

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: COMEDY Episode 12: Class Management

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Dunning-Kruger meets the Vaxx


If you don't believe in vaccinations, I genuinely think you are an idiot. Like, legitimately dense. A moron. I hope that every soda you order is flat. I hope that one of your boot-heels has a click and you can't figure out why. I hope that you hit every red light. I hope that when you wake up in the morning and head outside to snag the paper from the lawn, you walk through your front door and into a spider web. But primarily, I hope none of your family or friends suffer from your complete failings as a functional member of society.

Jordan Hayes, February 23, 2021


Yesterday afternoon, on July 6th, 2021, the world lost one of the brightest, most talented and deeply loved humans that has ever existed. Jordan Dale Hayes, age 33, died at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. Less than a week before his death, Jordan went to the ER with chest pains. What was found to be a small heart attack quickly led to two open heart surgeries. Complications arose and Jordan suffered multiple catastrophic strokes that ultimately proved to be too much for his body to overcome. He passed quickly and painlessly surrounded by those who loved him the most.

So, probably not one of the brightest after all.

I have to admit, I thought really didn't think there would be so much schadenfreude to be found in repeated incidents of relatively young people dropping dead long before their time, but then, I had no idea how obnoxious some of those who fell for the vaccination lies were capable of being.

It's polite to avoid speaking ill of the dead, but in cases such as these, to quote them is to condemn them.

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Friday, July 23, 2021

Friday PM Arktoons

 SILENZIOSA Episode 6: Assassin's End

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AL governor effectively resigns

I think we can be confident that Alabama Gov. Kate Ivey will be defeated in the Republican primary next year:

The governor of Alabama stated Thursday that it is “time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks” for rising cases of COVID in the state, adding that “These folks are choosing a horrible lifestyle of self-inflicted pain.”

Governor Kay Ivey made the comments during a press briefing, declaring “Let’s be crystal clear about this issue. The new cases of Covid are because of unvaccinated folks.”

“Almost 100% of the new hospitalizations are with unvaccinated folks. And the deaths are certainly occurring with the unvaccinated folks,” Ivey added.

She continued, “We got to get folks to take the shot. The vaccine is the greatest weapon we have to fight COVID. There is no question about that the data proves it. I’ve taken the shot back in December, both shots. It’s just the thing to do. The unvaccinated is who we need to focus on.”

“Folks are supposed to have common sense. But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down,” Ivey further proclaimed.

This is anti-scientific retardery piled upon retardery. It's already confirmed everywhere from England to Singapore that it is predominantly the vaccinated who are contracting Covid. Either this woman is literally retarded or she's taken the ticket.

The vaccine isn't a weapon against Covid at all. It doesn't immunise against it. It doesn't reduce the symptoms. The whole reason for this full-court press from the governments and the media and the sports leagues is because the vaccines don't work, they aren't safe, and they aren't effective. And everyone with even a modicum of common sense and an IQ over 115 knows it.

REMINDER: heard from another medical professional. Covid cases are on the rise in their area, but ALL of the infected are vaccinated. Not some, not most, all of them.

REMINDER: Reuters reports that three-quarters of the Covid cases in Singapore are vaccinated people.

REMINDER: 84 percent of the new cases of COVID in Israel are vaccinated individuals.

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Sports stars won't submit

The NFL has doubled down on its vaccine facism:

The NFL just informed clubs that if a game cannot be rescheduled during the 18-week season in 2021 due to a COVID outbreak among unvaccinated players, the team with the outbreak will FORFEIT and be credited with a loss for playoff seeding, per sources. Today’s memo also says the team responsible for a canceled game because of an outbreak among unvaccinated players/staff will be responsible for financial losses and subject to potential discipline from the commissioner. 

This is totally absurd and wildly unfair, of course, because most Covid infections affect vaccinated people, and a games will almost certainly be cancelled due to outbreaks among vaccinated players. However, it's more likely that the NFL will face a player revolt, as several players, including Deandre Hopkins, have indicated that they will retire before they will submit to vaccination.

Nor are they alone; a player for Ireland's national ice hockey team has resigned from the team rather than agree to play before crowds that require vaccine passports.

Evil requires your submission and compliance, not your support or your full mental buy-in. Therefore, a refusal to submit and comply, whatever the cost, is the moral imperative.

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Friday AM Arktoons

HYPERGAMOUSE Episode 13: Standards

RIGHT HO, JEEVES Episode 13: The Temptation of Tuppy

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Mailvox: firing physicians

The evil powers-that-be are putting the pressure on medical workers in the United States now:

I work at [well-known university]. I received notifcation today that I will be terminated [before October] if I fail to provide documentation of vaccination against COVID-19. I'm a physician in my residency with 11 months remaining before graduation. 

I completed an internship in general surgery at [another university]. I can technically apply for a medical license in the US, but I will not be board certified in my specialty if I am terminated before completing residency. I have significant debt from medical school, as well as a wife and 2 children. Not being board certified is sure to hinder my employment prospects in the future.

I am healthy without medical issues and am in my early 30's. I don't want to take the vaccine under these circumstances, especially not an mRNA vaccine. 

I feel I am at an inflection point in my life and my career because of this issue. My wife is also unvaccinated and not interested in receiving any vaccination at this time. The issue would be easier without any student loan debt, but I have grown accustomed to the lifestyle my relatively modest income provides. 

I wanted to make you aware of the current situation on the ground, as it has officially reached 4th and long with less than 2 minutes to go for me. I pray I can stay true to my convictions and remain unvaccinated. 

First, no one said life was going to be easy. This is an important test; I don't know a lot of medical workers, but those I know have already decided to quit rather than get vaccinated. If enough of them hold to their course, the wicked will be forced to choose between backing down and being held responsible for destroying the medical system.

Obviously people who are evil enough to harm tens of millions of people won't hesitate to destroy the system, but being publicly seen to do so for no good reason might be a step too far for them, especially in the powderkeg of the current United States.

Anyhow, it's an easy choice. If you are forced to choose between your career and your health, the latter is more important. Especially now that both the logic and the evidence fall soundly on the side of refusing the fake vaccinations. It may help to remember that Christians have been, and in time will be, presented with choices that are even more stark, although a choice that for the true Christian, is even easier.

This is just a prelude of hard decisions to come, which is the price Americans have no choice but to pay for abandoning the faith of their fathers and permitting their government to be taken over by foreigners and devil-worshippers.

UPDATE: heard from another medical professional. Covid cases are on the rise in their area, but ALL of the infected are vaccinated. Not some, not most, all of them.

UPDATE: Reuters reports that three-quarters of the Covid cases in Singapore involve vaccinated people.

UPDATE: 84 percent of the new cases of COVID in Israel are vaccinated individuals.

These reports could be an early sign of ADE, Antibody-Dependent Enhanced breakthrough infections. This would potentially be really bad, as it implies CASE NIGHTMARE KITTY is still on the table. That's the scenario, based on several failed experiments with mRNA vaccines on animals, in which the variants wipe out everyone vaccinated against the original strain.

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