Monday, August 20, 2018

South Africa schedules bad luck

This should end well for everyone in South Africa:
The South African government has begun the process of seizing land from white farmers.

Local newspaper City Press reports two game farms in the northern province of Limpopo are the first to be targeted for unilateral seizure after negotiations with the owners to purchase the properties stalled.

While the government says it intends to pay, owners Akkerland Boerdery wanted 200 million rand ($18.7 million) for the land — they’re being offered just 20 million rand ($1.87 million).

“Notice is hereby given that a terrain inspection will be held on the farms on April 5, 2018 at 10am in order to conduct an audit of the assets and a handover of the farm’s keys to the state,” a letter sent to the owners earlier this year said.
Farm seizures today, mass starvation tomorrow.

Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty. This is known as "bad luck.
- Robert Heinlein

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DARKSTREAM: Pedantry and intelligence

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

At some point in time, and I'm not sure exactly when, but some at some point in time after the early 1990s, and I don't know exactly when it started, at some point in time, people began to act as if failing to understand the obvious was somehow a indicator of intelligence. And we see this all the time. I see it a lot myself on on the blog and so forth. I find it befuddling, you know, I don't understand what the reasoning is. As far as I can tell, it seems to be striking a superior pose and implying that the other person cannot effectively communicate what they're saying. I can't really find an explanation for it that isn't just based on pointless attention-seeking, or frankly,  an obnoxious sort of implied insult.

I find it very frustrating to deal with this sort of thing over and over and over, every time you say anything. Now I can go ahead and get as pedantic as you like, yeah, if you want to go deeply down and get very, very specific and that sort of thing, I can do that, but I don't want to. And I especially don't want to do it every single time I open my mouth. So there seems to be this belief that if you can somehow come up with some possible interpretation that allows you to pretend to be confused as to what the person says, this is somehow a sign of your intelligence.

It's not. It's a sign that you're a jackass. It's actually a sign that you're not very intelligent because clearly you're not able to understand the context. Now, I'm not saying that if you are genuinely confused that you shouldn't ask, obviously, but the correct question is, the correct way to pose such a question is, to assume the obvious then ask to confirm that. That's the way you do it. That's the way intelligent people do it. I mean one of the signs of intelligence is to understand things when you're only given partial clues. One of the reasons why C. Auguste Dupin, one of the reasons why Sherlock Holmes,  were considered to be highly intelligent detectives is because they were able to ascertain the truth from incomplete information in a way that most people couldn't. So, if you want to demonstrate your intelligence, don't pretend not to understand what the person is almost certainly talking about.

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The myth of the Blue Wave

The wishful thinking by the enemies of the people notwithstanding, the professional pollsters are not betting on it:
Salvanto’s polling currently indicates that few House seats will change hands in November — and that the GOP could very well hold its majority in the House. “In this era, a district’s voting patterns from the past tend to stay that way,” Salvanto said. “Not as many partisans today are willing to cross party lines.” Of the nation’s 435 House districts, fully 85 percent will almost certainly stick with its current party affiliation come November, Salvanto projects....

“Right now I think this election looks like a toss-up,” Salvanto said. “We see a Democrat pickup in the House of Representatives in the 20-odd seat range, but Republicans could certainly hold on to the House.” The GOP holds a slim 43-seat House majority, with six vacancies.

“Even though Republicans have not fared well in special elections so far this cycle, it does look like they will be turning out for the midterms,” Salvanto said. “So far we do not see a large number of Republicans saying they will flip and vote for a Democrat.”

GOP voters in the past have been much more likely than Democrats to turn up and cast ballots in midterm elections, regardless of each party’s enthusiasm level ahead of Election Day.

So Democrats are literally betting the House on their ability to capture large numbers of voters who don’t normally vote in midterm elections.
I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Republicans only lose single-digit seats. To be honest, I wouldn't even be shocked if the GOP wound up picking up seats if the God-Emperor delivers another positive surprise or two before November.

The 2018 midterms are when the Democrats begin to understand that the 2020 Trumpslide is coming. Call the shot, sport the shirt, and demoralize them now.

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

A tribute to the small god

This is one of the few rock songs that I consider to be genuinely great, the perfect combination of music, voice, instruments, and lyrics. Babymetal pulled out all the stops for this performance in Hiroshima, complete with live piano and strings.

But what makes it particularly meaningful is the tribute that is paid to the late Mikio Fujioka, who is shown playing here in what is usually Leda's place. Notice that he is first singled out just as Su begins the third verse.

Nidoto ae-nai kedo, wasure-naide itai yo.

We shall never meet again but I will never forget you.

I have to admit, I haven't been listening to nearly as much Babymetal since I was introduced to Band-Maid. But I think you'll admit that is excusable, considering how the girls of Band-Maid have been upping and re-upping their game. So much so that it wouldn't be entirely shocking if Kanami was to one day appear on stage playing with the Kamis. One thing both bands have in common is that they are heavier and more energetic live than in studio.


Darkstream: Ages of Discord and America

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

I'm going to talk about Civil War 2.0 and I'm going to talk about the book Ages of Discord by Peter Turchin and what it has to do with the situation that the United States is presently facing. Now this is not a book that I would recommend to everyone, although it's an important book, unless you're someone who regularly reads history for fun, unless you've got an IQ in the 120 and up range,  this isn't going to be the book for you. It's an academic book it's written in a very academic research style. The author, Peter Turchin, is very intelligent, but he is also very caught up in the mainstream narrative and so you need to be aware of that and not get too carried away by it. You know, not take it as gospel truth.

The way that it's interesting, what's interesting about it,  is that it gives you some new tools with which you can analyze the current situation. The thing that I thought was particularly striking about it, and what I'd liked about it, is that Turchin makes a real effort to put things in a proper historical context. He doesn't just come up with a thesis and apply it solely, or even primarily, to the situation right now, but he also applies it to other historical situations. I believe he had a recent blog post, the one that I linked to today, where he talks about how he applied his calculations to thirty different historical situations, and that is taking a really intelligent approach to it. Instead of just saying, "well I think X is going to happen" and taking shots in the dark, what he did was he looked at the thirty historical situations and then measured their outcomes, and what he came up with should be disturbing to those who think that things are always going to work out just fine is that in ninety percent of the high-stress societal crises there was what he considers to be a negative outcome.

So what he is projecting, using his own metrics, his own tools, is a situation that he considers to be mid to high-level severity, and that ranges from serious societal disruption to full-blown civil war. Now I personally don't subscribe to the full-blown civil war theory simply because there are no two obvious sides. I think that we're much more likely to see a breakup and a collapse of the central government as well as the basic societal narrative rather than two discrete sides like we had with the North and the South during the U.S. Civil War of 1861-1865, but what's particularly interesting about Turchin's work is that it's based on the concept of measuring societal stress.

The level of stress in the United States in 2016 was roughly comparable to the level of societal stress seen in 1860, and that's very, very consistent with observations that you've seen from other students of history and military history, where it's been said everything that's happening in the United States - I
woud actually push that further and I would say everything that's happening across the West - is essentially positioning for civil war.

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Big Social put on notice

The God-Emperor will not stand idly by as his most loyal supporters are silenced, one by one:
President Trump on Saturday issued a tweet-storm following the removal of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his InfoWars shows from most major social media platforms earlier this month.

“Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices,” the president wrote in the first of several tweets. “Speaking loudly and clearly for the Trump Administration, we won’t let that happen.”

The president did not indicate what steps his administration might take to prevent private companies from setting up and enforcing terms of service that have allowed them to discipline or shut down accounts for reported abuses.
Fortunately, we are informed that despite being Leftist, Twitter, at least, does not act on the basis of beliefs or political ideology.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said on Saturday that he "fully admit[s]" Twitter employees share a largely left-leaning bias after facing accusations that conservatives are discriminated against on the social media platform. In an interview that aired Saturday on CNN, Dorsey said his company has a responsibility to be open about its political viewpoints, but to operate without bias when applying content policies to users.

"We need to constantly show that we are not adding our own bias, which I fully admit more left-leaning," Dorsey says. "But the real question behind the question is, are we doing something according to political ideology or viewpoints? And we are not. Period," he added.

Dorsey went on to insist that his company only polices behavior on the platform, not content.
Well, that's certainly nice to know, Jack. So when can I expect my Twitter account to be restored?

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The greatest generals

An interesting experiment in applying WAR to war. Which is to say, Wins Above Replacement:
Among all generals, Napoleon had the highest WAR (16.679) by a large margin. In fact, the next highest performer, Julius Caesar (7.445 WAR), had less than half the WAR accumulated by Napoleon across his battles. Napoleon benefited from the large number of battles in which he led forces. Among his 43 listed battles, he won 38 and lost only 5. Napoleon overcame difficult odds in 17 of his victories, and commanded at a disadvantage in all 5 of his losses. No other general came close to Napoleon in total battles. While Napoleon commanded forces in 43 battles, the next most prolific general was Robert E. Lee, with 27 battles (the average battle count was 1.5). Napoleon’s large battle count allowed him more opportunities to demonstrate his tactical prowess. Alexander the Great, despite winning all 9 of his battles, accumulated fewer WAR largely because of his shorter and less prolific career.

However, outside of Napoleon’s outlying success, the generals’ WARs largely adhere to a normal distribution. This suggests his success is attributable to command talent, rather than an anomaly in the model’s findings. In fact, Napoleon’s total WAR was nearly 23 standard deviations above the mean WAR accumulated by generals in the dataset.

There were also generals that had surprisingly low total WAR despite a reputation as master tacticians. Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate States Army, finished with a negative WAR (-1.89), suggesting an average general would have had more success than Lee leading the Confederacy’s armies. Lee was saddled with considerable disadvantages, including a large deficit in the size of his military and available resources. Still, his reputation as an adept tactician is likely undeserved, and his WAR supports the historians who have criticized his overall strategy and handling of key battles, such as ordering the disastrous ‘Pickett’s Charge’ on the last day of the Battle of Gettysburg. In the words of University of South Carolina professor Thomas Connely, “One ponders whether the South may not have fared better had it possessed no Robert E. Lee.”

German field marshal Erwin Rommel, nicknamed the ‘Desert Fox’ for his successes in North Africa during World War II, also performed poorly in this model, finishing with -1.953 WAR. This finding disputes the praise Rommel has received as a tactician from modern generals, including Norman Schwarzkopf and Ariel Sharon. However, like Lee, Rommel has been the subject of considerable historical debate. In particular, critics have attributed much of his reputation as a tactical genius to both German and Allied propaganda. British generals reportedly exaggerated Rommel’s tactical abilities in order to minimize disapproval regarding their defeats.

Modern generals performed relatively poorly in the model. American general George S. Patton, described by historian Terry Brighton as “among the greatest generals of [World War II],” accumulated only .9 WAR. The failure of modern generals to perform well in WAR may be attributable to changes in warfare which have prevented individual generals from participating in a large number of battles.

Among post-World War II generals, Israeli commanders stood out. Israeli military leader Moshe Dayan finished with 2.109 WAR (60th overall), an impressive amount for a modern general but relatively modest compared to pre-20th Century tacticians. Similarly, former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon accumulated 2.171 WAR (58th overall) for his battlefield successes in the Suez Crisis, Six-Day War, and Yom Kippur War.
It's more an entertaining experiment than a serious statistical analysis, but I suspect the incredible tactical success it assigns to Napoleon is much more reflective of the French general's strategic brilliance than anything else. In like manner, the Israeli generals appear to be overrated due to the low quality of their opposition; if I recall correctly, it was Dayan himself who said that the key to his military success was the fact that he was fighting Arabs.

Napoleon, on the other hand, fought the military creme de la creme of Europe, was often outnumbered, and usually won anyhow. But when you analyse his career, it tends to be his strategic actions that are the more striking and decisive.

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Saturday, August 18, 2018

The enemies of democracy

It sounds as if the new Austrian government may be following the lead of the God-Emperor in rooting out the anti-democratic Deep State:
The raids came without warning, surprising even the intelligence operatives whose job is to never be caught off guard.

On the morning of Feb. 28, police stormed offices of Austria’s main domestic intelligence agency and carted off some of the nation’s most sensitive secrets in open crates and plastic bags. Top spy service officials working from home that day were greeted by officers threatening to break down their doors.

The extraordinary decision to target the agency responsible for defending the country from a multitude of threats, including right-wing extremism, had been made by the service’s new bosses: members of the far-right Freedom Party.

The reason? Defending the totalitarian North Korean regime from an Austrian espionage operation, among others cited in the search warrant. Critics saw absurd pretext for a politically motivated stab at an independent institution that could threaten the party’s agenda.

More than five months later, the impact continues to ripple across this central European nation of 9 million – and far beyond. In a country whose geopolitical positioning between East and West has long made it a nest of spies – “a playground for all nations” in the words of one Austrian intelligence veteran – the hometown service has been left in disarray.

“It’s paralysis,” the veteran said. “How could you work in such an environment?”

Intelligence services across the West, meanwhile, have looked on in dismay – and have chosen to protect their own secrets by freezing Austria out.
And yet, it looks rather like the duly-elected Austrian government is working with both the U.S. white hats as well as Russia. Is anyone really surprised that the enemies of the people are siding with a shadowy, unaccountable intelligence agency rather than a popular government freely elected by the people?

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Mailvox: you're not LISTENING

A few days ago, despite my constant refrain of how to deal with the media, I received an email from someone asking if he should talk to the big media organization that wanted to ask him some questions, that wanted to let him give his side of the story. I can't help but notice that in the entire written history of the mainstream media, no reporter has ever asked anyone to answer questions in order to publicly sacrifice his name and reputation to the reporter's editor's preconceived narrative.

My response to him was about what you'd expect: "What part of never talk to the media do you not understand?" There are no exceptions for special clever boys. There are no exceptions for narcissists, drama queens, or attention seekers. There are no exceptions.

However, in retrospect, I think I could have provided him with wiser and more effective counsel, which I shall share with all of you in case you find yourselves in similar circumstances someday. When an interview is requested by a mainstream journalist, or a reporter wants to talk to you in order to get your side of the story, just respond to him - or her - as follows:

"I don't talk to enemies of the people."

That's it. Nothing more and nothing less. Don't respond to the subsequent denials, protestations, assurances, accusations, and demands.

"I don't talk to enemies of the people." Drop the mic and walk away, mission accomplished.

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Gun Ghoul #1 by Will Caligan

Dark Legion Comics announces GUN GHOUL #1: Raising the Dead by Will Caligan.

Someone - or something - is taking out the crime lords of Chicago.

Agent Justice of the FBI is on the case. She is a Meta Prime, with the ability to see into the past. But not even her ability to see what happened allows her to explain the impossible. And the FBI is not the only agency that is interested in learning more about the new player in town.

Will Caligan is the military veteran who was deplatformed by SJWs at his publisher earlier this year. He is now publishing with Dark Legion Comics, which will be releasing his Gun Ghoul and Techlore comics this fall as well as working with him on his new projects.

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The ignorant mocker

From a comment on a Darkstream:
"Having a clean room doesn't matter when Alaric the Goth is sacking your city."

But, "the most important thing we can do is pray."

Said totally unironically.
There is nothing at all ironic about the juxtaposition of those two statements. I advised the commenter to read how Fabius Maximus defeated the brilliant Carthaginian general Hannibal, and what his very first priority was when given command of the Roman legions.

From Livy, Ab Urbe Condita, Book 22

Q. Fabius Maximus was now Dictator for the second time. On the very day of his entrance upon office he summoned a meeting of the senate, and commenced by discussing matters of religion. He made it quite clear to the senators that C. Flaminius' fault lay much more in his neglect of the auspices and of his religious duties than in bad generalship and foolhardiness. The gods themselves, he maintained, must be consulted as to the necessary measures to avert their displeasure, and he succeeded in getting a decree passed that the decemvirs should be ordered to consult the Sibylline Books, a course which is only adopted when the most alarming portents have been reported. 

After inspecting the Books of Fate they informed the senate that the vow which had been made to Mars in view of that war had not been duly discharged, and that it must be discharged afresh and on a much greater scale. The Great Games must be vowed to Jupiter, a temple to Venus Erycina and one to Mens; a lectisternium must be held and solemn intercessions made; a Sacred Spring must also be vowed. All these things must be done if the war was to be a successful one and the republic remain in the same position in which it was at the beginning of the war. As Fabius would be wholly occupied with the necessary arrangements for the war, the senate with the full approval of the pontifical college ordered the praetor, M. Aemilius, to take care that all these orders were carried out in good time. 

After the various obligations towards the gods had thus been discharged, the Dictator referred to the senate the question of the policy to be adopted with regard to the war, with what legions and how many the senators thought he ought to meet their victorious enemy... 

From Plutarch, Fabius

The first solemn action of his dictatorship was very fitly a religious one: an admonition to the people, that their late overthrow had not befallen them through want of courage in their soldiers, but through the neglect of divine ceremonies in the general. He therefore exhorted them not to fear the enemy, but by extraordinary honour to propitiate the gods. This he did, not to fill their minds with superstition, but by religious feeling to raise their courage, and lessen their fear of the enemy by inspiring the belief that Heaven was on their side. With this view, the secret prophecies called the Sibylline Books were consulted; sundry predictions found in them were said to refer to the fortunes and events of the time; but none except the consulter was informed. Presenting himself to the people, the dictator made a vow before them to offer in sacrifice the whole product of the next season, all Italy over, of the cows, goats, swine, sheep, both in the mountains and the plains; and to celebrate musical festivities with an expenditure of the precise sum of 333 sestertia and 333 denarii, with one-third of a denarius over. The sum total of which is, in our money, 83,583 drachmas and 2 obols. What the mystery might be in that exact number is not easy to determine, unless it were in honour of the perfection of the number three, as being the first of odd numbers, the first that contains in itself multiplication, with all other properties whatsoever belonging to numbers in general. 

In this manner Fabius, having given the people better heart for the future, by making them believe that the gods took their side, for his own part placed his whole confidence in himself, believing that the gods bestowed victory and good fortune by the instrumentality of valour and of prudence; and thus prepared he set forth to oppose Hannibal, not with intention to fight him, but with the purpose of wearing out and wasting the vigour of his arms by lapse of time, of meeting his want of resources by superior means, by large numbers the smallness of his forces. With this design, he always encamped on the highest grounds, where the enemy's horse could have no access to him. Still he kept pace with them; when they marched he followed them; when they encamped he did the same, but at such a distance as not to be compelled to an engagement and always keeping upon the hills, free from the insults of their horse; by which means he gave them no rest, but kept them in a continual alarm. 

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Darkstream: Paganism can't save the West

Watch the Darkstream on BitChute.

To be clear, none of these self-proclaimed pagans are actual pagans. They don't actually believe in pagan gods, they don't actually worship pagan gods, they have no knowledge whatsoever of actual pagan religion, and so pagans are atheists, maybe agnostics at most. But the reality is that you have to give them some credit because the reason for this, for lack of a better term, for this paganism, the reason that people are trying to push it, is because they understand you cannot go into a religious war without a religion.

What we're actually seeing - this is kind of ironic - the interest in paganism, particularly on the part of young Westerners, is a reaction to two things.  Number one, it's a reaction to the increased number of Muslims in the West, but number two, it's also a reaction to the complete failure of atheism. It's a reaction to the failure of secular society. It is now very obvious to everyone that the whole idea that science was going to help humanity develop past religion and and create a society that was this shiny, sexy, science fiction futuristic society where everyone would wear funky 70's one-piece suits isn't going to happen. Secular humanism has completely failed and so because of that people are looking for alternatives.

Of course you've got the same problem in accepting Christianity. People, especially young people, are resistant to accepting Christian morality, and of course some people simply have problem believing in things that they can't see. And so when you look at those factors, this is where you get the idiot pagans saying that Western civilization cannot be saved, it's over and largely "thanks to Christianity which is so homo-Jewish." It's not at all, in fact, Jewish homosexuals would be the first to tell you how much and how actively they oppose Christianity. What you guys who are trying to blame the failure of Christendom on Christianity are doing is you're attempting to saw off the branch that you're sitting on in order to save the tree. It's ridiculous. It's utterly, utterly stupid

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Middle-high severity territory

Peter Turchin tracks the intra-societal stresses that afflict historical societies, and the odds do not presently favor the current United States:
The fundamental drive (a kind of a “pump” that drives up social pressure) is the oversupply of labor, which developed after the 1970s as a result of multiple interacting factors, and more recently was made acute by technological change driving automation and robotization. Oversupply of labor is the root cause for both popular immiseration and elite over-production/intra-elite competition. Both of those factors, then, contribute to the fiscal crisis of the state, because immiserated population can’t pay taxes, while the elites work to reduce the taxes on themselves.

We saw all those mechanisms operating in our current crisis. Immiseration of large swaths of the American population was what fueled the successful campaign of a counter-elite presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Intra-elite conflict has reached unprecedented heights (since the First American Civil War), as the established elites are using various means at their disposal to get rid of the counter-elite chief of state. At the same time, a weird coalition of Trump and the established elites (remember, laws must be approved by the Congress) legislates deep cuts into the taxes the elites will pay, bringing the fiscal crisis of the state much sooner. Political violence has also reached new heights, although thankfully mostly demonstrators and counter-demonstrators are beaten up, not killed (a major exception was Charlottesville a year ago).

Until last year I thought that we collectively have a decent chance of avoiding the crisis, but I now have abandoned this hope. A major reason for my pessimism is the resolute refusal by our ruling class (including its both Liberal and Conservative wings) to see the real causes of the crisis. They are internal, not external. As a result, the mid-term elections will be completely free of (largely mythical) Russian influence, but no attempt is made to address the deep structural-demographic causes. All these pressures continue to increase....

Over the years I have studied about thirty cases of historical societies going into crisis, and emerging from it, ranging from Rome and China to France, Russia, and the United States. I scored the crisis severity in each by such parameters as the effect on the population (none, mild decline, catastrophic decrease), on the established elites (from mild downward social mobility to dispossession or even extermination), and on the state (territorial fragmentation, external conquest). Adding together these indicators, here’s the result: As you see, the more positive outcomes (lower severity on the left side) are fairly rare (about 10% of historical cases), while the majority of outcomes cluster in the middle-high severity territory.
I would be very surprised if the results of the coming crisis in the USA does not result in the dispossession and deportation of the established elites, given the fact that so many of them are foreign. As a general rule, foreign elites only survive a crisis when they habitually act in the interests of the masses over which they rule; those which predominantly act in their own interests tend to fare considerably less well.

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Mailvox: DC's take

You're a DC character now. Thought you'd get a kick out of this character from a book called "Border Town" that's clearly meant to be you.

Frankly, I think I prefer Marvel's take on me. But it is amusing to see just how awful the new Vertigo comics are. As bad as we assumed they'd be, they're actually worse, at least when it comes to the characters and the stories.

And just to set the record straight, I am not HALF-MEXICAN! It was my great-grandfather who was the Mexican revolutionary.

As it happens, I am 100 percent pure native Wakandan. Journalists, reporters, and other enemies of the people, please note this in all future references to me. Thank you.

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The confidence game

Some will consider this missive to be overly optimistic. And perhaps it is. On the other hand, it fits the observable evidence considerably better than virtually every other interpretation of current events over the last few months that I've seen. It answers the two primary doubts that Q skeptics have.
  1. Why isn't anything substantive seen to be happening?
  2. Why isn't the President acting more openly?
The answer is straightforward. The control of the media over people's perceptions of what the truth is absolutely has to be broken before news of this magnitude can go public. And now we're seeing the God-Emperor do what he has been doing since his campaign for the Republican nomination began. He is forcing the media to expose themselves and declare themselves openly.

Trust the plan. Recognize the pattern. Shut up and email.

Do you really think we are not in control? We have everything.
  • Proof of assassination attempts.
  • Proof of murder and child sacrifice.
  • Proof of treason and sedition.
Any time we want, we can pounce. Trump can declare martial law. Legally and instantly if needed. Maybe he already has? Maybe arrests already happened.
  • Hillary 10/30/17.
  • Podesta. Huma. LDR. 11/17.
Catch and release. Of media owners. Of Cabal directors. Less than 100 people. And the 4AM talking point authors.

The media is doing what they are told. And they are told to attack Trump. And the lemmings follow blindly. Along with Congress and the world. Why? It's actually quite simple. Genius. Elegant. Foolproof.

The current battle is against the media.
  • Step 1: Force media to destroy themselves.
  • Step 2: Expose media as the people's enemy.
  • Step 3: People blame media for the coverup.
  • Step 4: Media is destroyed and replaced. Arrests are easy. Institutions are not.
Faith in the media must be destroyed.

Trump lets them live in jail, if plan works. Otherwise their sentence is death. Military tribunals already held. They are working hard for Trump. To save their own lives, and their kids. Jail better than hanging to most. Others have already chosen hanging. Explains suicide weekend option.

In exchange, they destroy the media for us. On purpose and on schedule. On time and under budget. Trump style. They are forced to corner themselves. They are forced to turn on themselves. More efficient. Saul Alinsky style. I think we are ahead of schedule.

Mid terms are not at risk. They never were at risk. 70% conservative / 30% liberal = True. We would never leave it to chance. The only risk left is economic. From normies freaking out too much. Or rogue operators. The 4-6%.

We fought the real war in 2017. Trump at CIA on day fucking 1. Battle started that morning. Last major battle was Vegas 10/17. SA government overthrown weeks later. Then Q starts posting 10/28/17.

This battle is now about minds. Slowly awakening the masses. To break the media hypnosis. Relax. Be a warrior not a worrier. Justice has already been served.

You just don't know it yet.

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75 percent certainty

Nate Silver and company are even more certain that Democrats will take the House of Representatives than they were that Hillary Clinton would be elected President (72%):
3 in 4 Chance Democrats win control (74.6%)
1 in 4 Chance Republicans keep control (25.4%)
They are so certain of victory that they are desperately appealing to Republicans to vote for Democratic Congressional candidates:
In November, many Republican leaners and independents will face a difficult decision. The national Democratic Party under Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer doesn't share their views or values. But Trump is a rolling disaster of mendacity, corruption and prejudice. What should they do?

They should vote Democratic in their House race, no matter who the Democrats put forward. And they should vote Republican in Senate races with mainstream candidates (unlike, say, Corey Stewart in Virginia).

Why vote strategically in this case? Because American politics is in the midst of an emergency.

If Democrats gain control of the House but not the Senate, they will be a check on the president without becoming a threat to his best policies (from a Republican perspective) or able to enact their worst policies. The tax cut will stand. The Senate will still approve conservative judges. But the House will conduct real oversight hearings and expose both Russian influence and administration corruption. Under Republican control, important committees -- such as chairman Devin Nunes' Intelligence Committee -- have become scraping, sniveling, panting, pathetic tools of the executive branch. Only Democratic control can drain this particular swamp.

Alternatively: If Republicans retain control of the House in November, Trump will (correctly) claim victory and vindication. He will have beaten the political performances of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in their first midterms. He will have proven the electoral value of racial and ethnic stereotyping. He will have demonstrated the effectiveness of circuslike distraction. He will have shown the political power of bold, constant, uncorrected lies. And he will gain many more enablers and imitators.

Perhaps worst of all, a victorious Trump will complete his takeover of the Republican Party (which is already far along). Even murmured dissent will be silenced. The GOP will be fully committed to a 2020 presidential campaign conducted in the spirit of George Wallace -- a campaign of racial division, of rural/urban division, of religious division, of party division that metastasizes into mutual contempt.

This would leave many Americans entirely abandoned in American politics: Catholics who are both pro-life and pro-immigrant. Evangelicals who are conservative but think that character matters, that compassion counts, that racial healing is a Christian calling. Traditional Republicans who miss a time -- not so long ago -- when leaders such as Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush modeled grace and led the West in defending freedom.

In a democracy, a vote is usually not a matter of good and evil. It is a matter of weighing competing goods and choosing lesser evils. The possible outcomes this November come down to this: Trump contained, or Trump triumphant.

Democrats, I suspect, will make a victory harder than it should be. A significant number seem to view Trump's vulnerability as an opportunity to ideologically purify their party. They are actively undermining the job of containing the president by alienating centrist voters they need to turn the House.

But this does not change the political and ethical reality. The only way to save the GOP is to defeat it in the House. In this case, a Republican vote for a Democratic representative will be an act of conscience.
The media simply does not understand, they simply will not accept, that it is the God-Emperor who is increasingly popular with the people, not the useless Republican cucks and cons in Congress. They also don't understand that the higher turnout in Democratic primaries isn't just a useful sign of party enthusiasm, it's also an indicator that the Democratic candidates nominated are going to be further to the left than they were in 2016. Which, in genuinely competitive districts, is usually going to render them less electable in November.

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What a very odd thing to do

People lose security clearances for various reasons all the time. Why does it concern so many people that a retired CIA Director lost his clearance, and why would a Navy admiral care so much that he demands his own security clearance be revoked too? An admiral tied to Hillary Clinton, no less....
Navy Admiral William McRaven, a man whose name was once floated as a possible vice-presidential pick for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, issued a direct challenge to President Donald Trump on Thursday: “Revoke my security clearance too, Mr. President.” He made the demand in response to President Trump’s decision to revoke the clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan on Wednesday.
I suspect there are more than a few skeletons rattling around inside Mr. McRaven's closet.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Who wants to be Apple's landlord?

If you've got $200, that's all it takes:
US tech giant Apple became the first company to reach an historic $1 trillion in market capitalization recently, but it still doesn’t like paying more taxes, according to recent reports. Apple has been at odds with California’s Santa Clara County over the value of its property. As the local newspaper San Francisco Chronicle reports, Apple evaluates a cluster of properties around its brand-new Apple Park at just $200. Santa Clara County's tax assessor says the properties are worth $1 billion.

In California, businesses and individuals pay a property tax. It is calculated according to the value of the land and the buildings on it. Since 2004, Apple has appealed tax assessments in Santa Clara County 489 times. In total, according to the newspaper’s report, the tech giant has disputed taxes on $8.5 billion in property value. Apple is the largest taxpayer in the county, paying $56 million in tax year 2017-18.
It's a problem that is easily solved with a state law. If a publicly traded corporation values its property at a certain amount, then anyone can purchase it for three times that amount.

Apple really is an awful company.


The enemies of the people unite

The enemies of the American people mass-collude in a futile attempt to convince the people that those who relentlessly attack them and their interests is not their enemy:
US newspapers big and small hit back Thursday at Donald Trump's relentless attacks on the news media with a coordinated campaign of editorials, triggering a fresh tirade from the president on Twitter.

Leading the charge was The Boston Globe, which had called for the drive highlighting the importance of a free press, accompanied by the hashtag #EnemyOfNone.

More than 300 newspapers around the country joined the effort.

"Today in the United States we have a president who has created a mantra that members of the media who do not blatantly support the policies of the current US administration are the 'enemy of the people,'" the Globe editorial said.
The press is not free. It is owned by six corporations, none of them owned or controlled by Americans. And the press is most certainly opposed to the interests of the American people, as its monolithic endorsement of Hillary Clinton and the invasion of the United States by foreigners demonstrates.

The media is the enemy of the American people. There is absolutely no question about it.

UPDATE: Apparently the Senate is too. This is not a surprise.
The Senate on Thursday approved a resolution asserting that the press is "not the enemy of the people," as President Trump has claimed, and condemning Trump's ongoing attacks against reporters. The Senate quickly considered the resolution from Sens. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, and Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and passed it unanimously in a voice vote.
The President should hold a ceremony vetoing their resolution.


Darkstream: Two strikes against Stefan

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

What we have to understand is that if Pewdiepie is not important enough to the platform providers,  nobody is. If Alex Jones is not important enough to the platform providers, nobody is, and that means we have to always be ready to build the platform. We have to build our own platforms, and now maybe I made a mistake a couple years ago in focusing first on replacing Wikipedia. You know, I always have a strategic perspective, maybe sometimes it's an excessively strategic perspective, but we chose to do Infogalactic first because it was one of the more challenging ones. Twitter, one of these will pop up left right and center. YouTube is difficult because of the way that it's run at such huge losses. Facebook, you know, we figured it's doable but a lot of people were also attempting to do that

Now if you look at Oneway, you can see how easy it was for them to have a Twitter functionality yeah there was Freez Peach there was all kinds of stuff, so with Infogalactic what was important to us was making sure that people had a non-SJW-controlled information source and now we do. We haven't started really pushing it yet because our functionality is not yet different, but the important thing is you need to always be ready. The Darkstream is already on BitChute; most of the the archived videos are already on BitChute, we only really bothered with the last two months or so, you know, that's kind of when we found our our groove as it were, but we're ready.

 If you're listening to this and you're not subscribed to the BitChute Darkstream channel I would encourage you to do so, because we don't know how long YouTube is going to permit me to stream. They might leave me indefinitely, you know, I have a small audience and it's quite possible that they've decided the press attention that it would give me would actually be worse than just letting me continue with my three, six, ten thousand whatever subscribers. It's very clear that they are primarily concerned about the people with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, for the most part, but this thought policing is not going to stop!

There are some who are theorizing that this is only taking place in preparation for the midterm elections, and that once the midterm elections are done and it's not possible for the big social media influencers to affect the election in any way that they'll ease up and that sort of thing, but the reality is that they're not going to ease up. Because they're going to be very disappointed when the long-prophesied Blue Wave does not arrive, when they realize that the 2018 elections indicate that Trump has overperformed and is almost certain to be reelected in 2020. I believe that we are  going to see the SJW-controlled Left go completely berserk after their  disappointment from the 2018 midterms, and so this isn't going to stop, and it's important - I stress again, it's important - for the Right to be thinking actively in terms of building and supporting infrastructure.

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Mailvox: Saint Gamma

The email I received this morning was truly astonishing. It's not the only one like this I've ever received, but I thought it was remarkable for its combination of clueless narcissism and Christian virtue-signaling.
Hello Vox. I found your utube channel and find you very interesting. I like what you have been saying in your podcasts. I will tell you more about me but first I have two questions I must ask you. Please give at least a paragraph long answers to each of my questions.

 1. Who do you say Jesus Christ is?
 2. What did he do at the Cross of Calvary and why?

I think If you don't get Jesus right, then nothing you say about any other subject matter can be trusted.  I guess that is my litmus test of truth and trust. I will reply after your answer.
My response: I'm not a performing monkey. I'm not looking for a reply from you nor do I want to hear any more from you. 

Let's just say that was neither the first nor the second nor the third response that immediately sprang to mind, none of which were printable. Seriously, what is wrong with some people? If my responses, public or private, occasionally strike you as curt or even rude, I hope you will keep in mind that you don't see even one-twentieth of the emails I receive.

Needless to say, he completely ignored my explicit lack of interest in hearing from him and sent a subsequent email:
I think you just answered my question. You are not a Christain, because any true believer in Christ would not hesitate to answer, or not know the answers to my simple questions. You are super smart, yes, but you are lost my friend. You may have been burned by Religion, that is man made and sucks, but you do not have a relationship with the son of God, Jesus Christ. If your soul has not already been corrupted by the evil one, I challenge you to go some place alone in the wild for days, like your American Indian ancestors did on their vision quest, and pray, scream and challenge the God of the Holy Bible to use his Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you man enough to do that? My message has been passed to you. My work done. You will not hear from me again.
Anyone want to take that bet?

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Swan Knight Saga decision

The vote of the Swan Knight Saga backers went as follows:
  • 198: Publish the comics however you think best
  • 168: Publish the black-and-white comics
  • 058: Publish the stylized color comics
  • 004: Cancel the project and return as much of the money as possible
So, we are going to publish them in black-and-white inkwash, which may actually turn out to be a variegated color wash that should look really great. An example of the selected artist's work in this format can be seen below, and I'm pleased to be able to announce that he enthusiastically agreed to come on board for the project after reading the script for the first issue. This option will also permit us to get the covers properly colored within the original budget.

I very much appreciate those who offered to increase their backing in order to expand our options, but we would definitely prefer that support go to the upcoming AH:Q campaign. We have already offered refunds to the four backers who voted to cancel the project. Will Caligan is quite pleased with the solution to the situation; he very much appreciates your support and Dark Legion will soon be publishing several of his projects.

Since we're talking comics, there is some reason to suspect that the smaller form factor which has proved popular with readers since it allows us to hit the $2.99 mark may be difficult for comic book stores to carry. While the readers love the lower price, the comic book stores actually tend to prefer higher prices since it increases their margin. We are therefore considering adding 7x10 premium versions with alternate covers for the Alt-Hero line. If you're an Arkhaven reader, would you prefer a) $3.99 premium with the same 50-lb paper or b) $4.99 premium with 70-lb paper? The $2.99 versions will still be produced either way.

Also, FYI, the gold logo print edition of Alt-Hero #3 will be available from Arkhaven Direct later today.

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Pizza and the Pope

Speaking of pedophilia scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, thanks to Q, the Infinite Intelligence Agency has finally managed to make the connection between the notorious Podesta paintings from Pizzagate and the Vanderbilt family, as well as a very strange sartorial connection to the Pope. There is also a political angle:
Now we know, thanks to WikiLeaks. Two batches of documents — one leaked this month, one in August — show that top-level Democrats and their allies have successfully infiltrated the Catholic Church in order to advance their social agenda. The two key players are John Podesta, chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign, who is an extremely liberal Catholic, and George Soros, the left-wing billionaire philanthropist, who is an atheist.

In August, WikiLeaks published a report by Soros’s US Opportunities Fund on the $650,000 it spent on Pope Francis’s 2015 visit to the United States. Working through left-wing faith groups, the Fund planned a ‘buy-in of individual bishops to more publicly voice support of economic and racial justice messages in order to begin to create a critical mass of bishops who are aligned with the Pope’. For ‘aligned with the Pope’, read ‘Democrat-friendly’. The Fund wants to tilt the balance of power against conservative prelates such as Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia. Chaput is indeed out of favour with Francis — but he’s even more disliked by Democrats, having just denounced Hillary Clinton as a ‘scheming, robotic liar’ and Podesta’s Catholics United as ‘creatures of a political machine’.
It's apparently weirder and worse than that, though. Much weirder. And much worse. It certainly explains the uncharacteristic implacability of the God-Emperor and the entire team around him as well as the bizarre determination of the media to claim Pizzagate was "debunked" from the very start, though.

I wonder how many of those bishops "aligned with the Pope" are going to turn up in reports similar to the one recently released by the state grand jury in Pennsylvania? Meanwhile, silence reigns at the Vatican:
The Vatican has declined to respond to an explosive grand jury report detailing decades of sexual abuse and cover-ups by priests and bishops in Pennsylvania, refusing even to say whether church officials in Rome have read the damaging documents.

"We have no comment at this time," Paloma Ovejero, deputy director of the Vatican's press office, said Wednesday.

But in the United States and elsewhere, pressure is mounting on Pope Francis to address a rapidly escalating crisis that has spread across several continents, from Australia to Latin America. In the United States, both liberal and conservative Catholics displayed a rare unity in pressing the Pope to respond to the Pennsylvania grand jury report.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Strike one, strike two...

I'm sorry, but I simply can't find the energy to pretend to be either surprised or outraged when SJWs do what SJWs do whenever they have amenable authorities to whom they can appeal. It isn't as if we haven't been amply warned, after all. Stefan Molyneux is the latest target:
Within 24 hours, my @YouTube channel has received two community guidelines strikes - likely as a result of a mass flagging campaign - and is now on the verge of total deletion. Please respectfully contact @TeamYouTube and alert them to this injustice.
Team YouTube is not concerned with justice. Team YouTube is concerned with victory. This is why the Right has to build its own platforms. The bigger and more successful you are, the more the Left wants you off their platforms, regardless of what you have done or not done. No amount of rhetoric and emotional pleading is going to dissuade them.
Almost immediately after returning from a speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand, and after getting my final all-clear cancer checkup, the YouTube strikes against Freedomain Radio - the world's most popular philosophy show - began.

Apparently, I had "violated community standards" by publishing a short video last year entitled "The Death of White Males," which discussed the decline in life expectancy for white males, in part due to the opioid crisis.

The next day, Wednesday, I awoke to another strike, this time for a discussion I had with UK journalist Katie Hopkins. Now, as I write this, two other Freedomain Radio videos have been set to 'Private' by YouTube and locked. One was called "What Pisses Me Off About the YouTube Child Sex Scandal," and the other was a chat I had with Tom Golden, a psychotherapist and the author of "Helping Mothers be Closer to Their Sons: Understanding the Unique World of Boys" and "The Way Men Heal."

I have poured 12 years of my life into my YouTube channel, with thousands of videos, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and hundreds of millions of views. In particular, I am proud of promoting Peaceful Parenting, convincing countless parents to stop hitting their children, and start negotiating instead.

As it stands, I am unable to publish to YouTube for two weeks. Today my channel hangs by a thread and could be destroyed at any moment. Whether it survives is not up to me, since I have always striven to tell the truth. The future of philosophy is now up to YouTube, and it is up to you.

You can help me, Freedomain Radio, philosophy and the world by letting YouTube know what you think. Please do so firmly, politely and respectfully by contacting @TeamYouTube.

This is a time for community action. YouTube is making a terrible mistake, but it's not too late to save philosophy. Please act now - tomorrow may be too late.
If the future of philosophy is up to YouTube, then philosophy is dead. Cerno is right.
Big channels with massive videos are under target. It never stops with Alex and it won't stop with Stefan. People are going to start flagging left wing channels, too. The new form of communication in America isn't sharing ideas, it's spending time shutting down others.
Warning the Left about consequences never being the same has never worked. The answer is the same as it was in 2015: build your own platforms and keep the SJWs out. That's why the Darkstream and Voxiversity are both available on BitChute.

This is why the big guns of the Right should have been participating in building up the alternative institutions rather than focusing on expanding their reach on compromised platforms.

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A historic moment

Minnesota functionally elects the first-ever Somali bigamist to Congress:
MINNEAPOLIS — The nation's first Somali-American state legislator is poised to set the same historic mark in Congress after winning a crowded Democratic primary in Minnesota to replace Rep. Keith Ellison.

State Rep. Ilhan Omar captured the Democratic nomination for Minnesota's 5th Congressional District on Tuesday, defeating a former Minnesota House Speaker and longtime state senator. It puts another notch in the meteoric political rise of a woman who spent her childhood in a Kenyan refugee camp and immigrated to the United States at age 12 before winning her seat in the state House in 2016.

A Republican has not won the heavily liberal Minneapolis-area congressional seat in many decades, making Tuesday's primary the de facto election. The seat opened when Ellison launched a last-minute bid for attorney general, leaving the seat after six terms.
Well, it's not like all those nice Scandinavians ever grasped the essence of any of those English concepts of the Common Law and limited government anyhow. Perhaps a perjury-prone Somali will do better?

On the plus side, a Trumpist candidate defeated useless cuckservative Tim Pawlenty for the Republican nomination for governor:
Jeff Johnson shocked the Minnesota political world Tuesday with a commanding victory in the Republican primary for governor, while U.S. Rep. Tim Walz won a three-way race in the DFL primary, setting up a clash of starkly different visions for the state’s future. Johnson, a Hennepin County commissioner, derailed former Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s bid to win back his old job. Pawlenty had been widely seen as the front-runner thanks to much higher name recognition from his two previous terms in office, and Johnson overcame a vast fundraising disadvantage with a message of change and by courting supporters of President Donald Trump.

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Swan Knight Saga poll

An email has gone out to all the Arkhaven backers that concerns the Will Caligan campaign. If you are one of the Swan Knight Saga backers, please read the email and respond to the poll, as we have to make some decisions about how we are going to meet our obligations to you despite a few curve balls that have been thrown our way.

We believe we have several good options that will work out well for everyone involved, but we do not wish to proceed without informed input from the backers. If you have any questions about the various options, you can ask them here, but please do not mention any names. If you have any concerns related to this that you do not feel are appropriate in a public forum, please feel free to email me directly about them.


The pot, alarmed by the kettle

It's beyond ironic that Americans are supposed to be alarmed by China's global reach:
China is compiling a global registry of its ethnic minorities who have fled persecution, threatening to detain the families of those who don’t comply. The message: Nowhere is safe.

A major human rights crisis is unfolding in northwestern China, according to the United Nations, which said last week that there were credible reports that the Chinese government is holding one million or more ethnic minorities in secretive detention camps.

Yet even for those who have escaped China, surveillance and intimidation have followed. As part of a massive campaign to monitor and intimidate its ethnic minorities no matter where they are, Chinese authorities are creating a global registry of Uighurs who live outside of China, threatening to detain their relatives if they do not provide personal and identifying information to Chinese police. This campaign is now reaching even Uighurs who live in the United States.

A few months ago, Barna, who lives in a major U.S. city and requested that her real name not be revealed, received an odd message from her mother, who lives in China. Barna’s mother asked her to send her U.S. car license plate number, her phone number, her U.S. bank card number, and a photo of her ID card. Barna’s mother said that China is creating a new ID card system that includes all Chinese, even those who are abroad.
Unlike the USA, China doesn't tax its non-resident citizens. Unlike the USA, China doesn't have multiple global surveillance systems coordinated with four other countries spying on its citizens. Unlike the USA, China isn't threatening its nationals with foreign bank accounts with fines and criminal penalties. Unlike the USA, China is limiting its renditions to its own nationals. And unlike the USA, China isn't assassinating its own citizens around the world with drone strikes.

So, pardon me if I am neither surprised nor panicked by the news that China is beginning to engage in some of the same international activities as its global rival. It's particularly ironic when people post their concerns about Huawei technology being used to spy on its users, as they log into Facebook on their Google-powered smartphone.

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Vatican 3.0

Either reverse Vatican II and clear out the Satanists and the homosexuals or shut the whole damn thing down. The Catholic Church, as an institution, has been given over to evil:
The long-awaited state grand jury report into sexual abuse in six Pennsylvania dioceses, including Pittsburgh and Greensburg, has finally been released.

The 884-page document, two years in the making, shines a light into the dark corners of these dioceses going back seven decades, exposing the predators and the efforts of their bishops to protect them.

“Today, the most comprehensive report on child sexual abuse within the church ever produced in our country was released,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said. “Pennsylvanians can finally learn the extent of sexual abuse in these dioceses. For the first time, we can all begin to understand the systematic cover up by church leaders that followed. The abuse scarred every diocese. The cover up was sophisticated. The church protected the institution at all costs.”

The report begins with the following statement:

“We, the members of this grand jury, need you to hear this. We know some of you have head some of it before. There have been other reports about child sex abuse within the Catholic Church. But never on this scale. For many of us, those earlier stories happened someplace else, someplace away. Now we know the truth: it happened everywhere.”

The report cites 301 priests, clergy and lay teachers with credible allegations against them. There are 99 in the Diocese of Pittsburgh alone.
I'm not a Catholic, but if I was, I would have left some time ago. Jesus Christ is not a Man-made institution and any so-called "church" that hides the truth in order to "protect the institution" does not have the Truth in it. Indeed, now that we know that globalism is neo-Babelism and we can identify the fruits of Vatican II, the idea that the current Vatican is the Whore of Babylon is considerably more credible than it was back in the days of the Know-Nothings.

And yes, any Protestant church or denomination or institution that is institutionally guilty of the same sins should be burned down too.

If you're a Roman Catholic member of Vatican 2.0, don't try to defend this massive and cancerous evil in your midst. Either fix it with Vatican 3.0 or leave. If you try to defend the institution, then you are doing no better than the church leaders who are guilty of this systematic cover up. Don't be a part of the evil.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
- Matthew 18:20

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

"From Birmingham"

Right, because trying to kill people on Westminster Bridge is just something that the British people have always done. It's part and parcel of living in London, after all.
A Sudanese immigrant known to police is thought to be behind another terror attack on Westminster after ploughing his car into 15 cyclists outside Parliament.

Salih Khater, 29, veered off the road careering into pedestrians and cyclists at Parliament Square, after spending the night cruising around London.

There were screams as the Ford Fiesta mounted the pavement and mowed people down at up to 50mph at 7.37am.

In a chilling echo of Khalid Masood’s murderous rampage on Westminster 17 months ago, the driver, from Birmingham, sped towards the Palace of Westminster – narrowly missing two police officers guarding the access road who jumped out of his path. He then smashed into a security barrier outside Parliament.

Despite hitting at least 15 cyclists and pedestrians during rush hour, no one was killed with only one female cyclist seriously injured.
Everything across the West is now just a prelude to war. In the extremely unlikely chance you haven't already gunned up, I suggest you do so now.

Diversity + Proximity = War.

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The good conservative

Is an irrelevant political commentator. The Z-man explains why:
One of the first things I learned about conservatism, way back in the before times, was that William F. Buckley made conservatism respectable. In the 1980’s, Buckley became a rock star, riding the wave of enthusiasm for Ronald Reagan. Like a lot of young men in that age, I was caught up in it. Being a conservative was suddenly cool and everyone credited Buckley for making it possible. It was hard to argue with the claim. Bill Buckley was a charming, intelligent and sophisticated guy. Who would not want to be like Bill?

The part that no one seemed to notice back then, at least not the people involved in the conservative movement, was that the whole point of the thing was to make the people in it respectable, as judged by their alleged opponents. Pretty much the only thing they really cared about was being seen as respectable. It’s why guys like George Will were not fans of Ronald Reagan initially. They worried that his earthy sense of humor and popularity with normal people would not go over well with their friends on the Left.

A big part of being respectable, at least in modern politics, is drawing the line between yourself and those who are not respectable. In the 80’s, when conservatism was booming, no one thought much about all the people that had been read out of the conservative movement in order for guys like Bill Buckley to be respectable. That was the thing though, by the 80’s, conservatism was nothing but drawing lines between the respectable and the unacceptable, in order to be in good standing with the Left.
I've never understood why conservatives care so much about the good opinion of the Left. I don't care about the good opinion of the Left, of conservatives, or of the Devil. Sure, I don't care all that much about anyone's opinion, but even so, what could possibly be the point in placing any value on your professed enemy's regard?

It comes down to social status-seeking and narcissism, I guess. And greed. There always seem to be billionaires happy to fund those who are willing to play gatekeeper to the Right.


30 percent+

The immigrant youth in Sweden seem determined to prove the accuracy of my prediction about the electoral performance of the Sweden Democrats in the 2018 election:
Masked youth torched dozens of cars overnight in Sweden and threw rocks at police, prompting an angry response from the prime minister, who on Tuesday spoke of an "extremely organized" night of vandalism.

Police spokesman Hans Lippens said Tuesday that initial reports indicate that about 80 cars were set ablaze overnight, chiefly in Sweden's second largest city, Goteborg, and nearby Trollhattan, an industrial city.

Fires were also reported on a smaller scale in Malmo, Sweden's third largest city.

In Trollhattan, northeast of Goteborg, where at least six cars were burned, rocks were also thrown at police and roads were blocked. Goteborg is 400 kilometers (250 miles) southwest of Stockholm.

Lippens added that because the fires started within a short period of time, "we cannot exclude that there is a connection between the blazes."

Photos posted by Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet showed black-clad men torching cars on a parking lot outside a Goteborg suburb. Sweden's news agency TT said witnesses had seen "masked youngsters" running away. No arrests have been made.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven lashed out at the perpetrators, asking them "what the heck are you doing?" In an interview on Swedish radio, he said he was "really getting mad" and that "the society must react in a tough manner." He said the fires seemed to be "extremely organized."
The Viking clan chieftains of yore must be turning over in their graves at the feeble cowardice of their descendants. It is becoming increasingly obvious to the historically-aware observer that there are now three, and only three, choices facing the nations of the West:
  1. Continued adulteration, degradation, and collapse.
  2. Deus vult and mass deportations.
  3. Caedite eos.

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This is bad

Bridge collapse in Italy:
At least 22 30 35 people have been killed 'including a baby' and dozens more are feared dead after a huge 260ft section of a highway bridge collapsed during a fierce storm in the Italian city of Genoa. Cars fell 300ft along with tonnes of twisted steel and concrete debris into a river, railroad tracks and an industrial zone below when the Morandi bridge gave way at 11.30am local time.

Officials have said 'dozens' are dead in what is being described as 'an immense tragedy.' One witness described the carnage as 'apocalyptic' with up to 35 cars and three heavy trucks cascading into the valley below as they were making their way over the bridge. Rescuers desperately hunting for survivors are now fearful of explosions from damaged gas lines and some areas have been evacuated while safety checks take place.

Incredibly, two people have been pulled alive from cars found in the mangled ruins of the bridge while two warehouses below the structure were empty having been closed for the summer holiday.
The highway bridges around Genova are pretty dilapidated in general. From Rome all the way up to the French border, they also tend to be alarmingly high, which makes these collapses even more dangerous. I suspect that one unanticipated consequence of this is going to be an even harder government line on immigration; Italians are in no mood to keep spending large quantities of money on refugees and immigrants when their national infrastructure is literally collapsing.

The video almost makes it look as if a bomb went off, and indeed, one Italian journalist said, Sembra che una bomba abbia colpito la città. "It's like a bomb hit the city."


id offends SJWs

I tend to doubt the maniacs at id Software are inclined to kowtow to the anti-GG crowd:
During the gameplay reveal of DOOM: Eternal at this year’s QuakeCon in Grapvine, Texas at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, there was a comment during the demonstration about demon’s being “mortally challenged” and that didn’t set too well with Social Justice Warriors.

The 25 minute reveal can be viewed below, running on the id Tech 7 and featuring the ability to render geometrical vertices at ten times the rate of the id Tech 6 at a full 60fps… without drops.

There are a couple of gender-fluid Twitter users who likely removed “she” from their pronouns list after watching that video.

The comments about the demons, however, are made by a blue hologram that looks very similar to Cortana from Halo. Throughout the demonstration she mentions a number of comments that SJWs construed as “anti-SJW”, such as…

“My brothers and sisters, let’s help top make our friends transition into our world a comfortable one.

 “[…] Remember: ‘Demon’ can be an offensive term, refer to them as ‘mortally challenged’.

 “[…] Earth is the melting pot of the universe.”

These comments from the UAC hologram used as a reverse propaganda tool to keep humans from being terrified of the demon invasion.

Social Justice Warriors took offense to this, claiming that it was racist, anti-immigration, and a “gross”, “anti-SJW” “dog whistle”.
This is how you win the culture war. Also, the game looks awesome and very much in the core DOOM tradition.

The entire tradition of computer gaming is intrinsically anti-immigration. As anyone with an even casual knowledge of the history of games knows, gamers have been slaughtering immigrants en masse since the days of the original Space Invaders.

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Conclusively disproven

Some see incidents like these as tragic. I tend to view them as Darwinian comedy:
They saw the world as a warm, welcoming place where strangers would commit random acts of kindness every day.

“You get a feeling of wanting to give back, not just to this person who has welcomed a stranger into their home, but to the wider world,” Mr Austin wrote on his blog. “You become someone who wants to welcome others into your home. You become a merchant in the gift economy. You’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place. ‘People,’ the narrative goes, ‘are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil.’ I don’t buy it.”
The thing is, the world simply doesn't care what you believe.
They were travelling along the Pamir Highway, a Soviet-era road that stretches across 2000km near the border with Afghanistan and has spectacular views, when a carload of men who are believed to have recorded a video pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group spotted them. They sped towards the group of tourists, rammed them, jumped out and attacked the cyclists with knives. The horrendous slaying was captured on grainy footage from the attackers — who also took the lives of one Dutch and one Swiss national.
I really fail to see why ignoring human nature is considered any less stupid than ignoring gravity or physics.


The logic of 4GW

Declare a draw and go home. That's the only serious option in Afghanistan:
The Taliban is on the verge of dramatically expanding its control over southern and eastern Afghanistan in a surprise offensive that has caught Afghan and American forces off guard and thrown a vexing new wrench into the Trump administration’s strategy for ending the nearly 17-year-old war there.

The Afghan Defense Ministry said Monday a Taliban assault on the city of Ghanzi — a key provincial capital linking other areas under the Islamic militant group’s control just 75 miles southeast of Kabul — has killed roughly 100 Afghan security forces and some 20 civilians over the past three days.

While the Afghan forces, backed by U.S. and NATO advisors, claimed Monday night to have retained control of central Ghanzi, local reports indicated Taliban fighters still held pockets of the city and had simultaneously swept in and taken over most of the surrounding province’s rural areas.

Analysts said the development has underscored the Taliban’s capability for a resurgence in Afghanistan and will likely increase the group’s political leverage over peace talks with U.S. officials that the Trump administration has quietly been trying to get off the ground.
Surprising? Who is actually surprised? The Taliban was always going to win, because the Taliban only has to outlast the USA, which was never going to stay permanently in the Graveyard of Empires. The God-Emperor should point out that the Afghan Occupation has served its purpose and bring the troops home. They'd be put to much better use on the southern border... or the western one once California secedes.

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