Friday, September 21, 2018

For the record

Diversity & Comics@DiversityAndCmx
I've been peeking in on yall's conversation, but I needed a chime in here. Vox has been roundly mocked by me and Ethan for the past year in his abortive attempts to be a publisher.
Castalia House has been around since 2014 and publishes more than 100 titles in print, digital, and audio editions. Arkhaven/Dark Legion has been around for nine months and has already published 24 digital editions and 11 print editions, including a new digital edition earlier today.

It's not exactly surprising to learn that Two-Face was roundly mocking me at the same time he was suggesting that I collaborate with him. Hence the moniker. But I don't think this D&C moron even understands what the word "abortive" means. Or "attempts", for that matter.

Anyhow, it's very good to know exactly who and what these people are, so that we'll know to avoid working with them in the future. I'm beginning to conclude that some of these guys were not rejected by their former colleagues in the comics industry for their politics, but for their personalities and lack of professionalism.

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Rosenstein the Rat

How does this guy still have a job?
The deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, suggested last year that he secretly record President Trump in the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration, and he discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit.

Mr. Rosenstein made these suggestions in the spring of 2017 when Mr. Trump’s firing of James B. Comey as F.B.I. director plunged the White House into turmoil. Over the ensuing days, the president divulged classified intelligence to Russians in the Oval Office, and revelations emerged that Mr. Trump had asked Mr. Comey to pledge loyalty and end an investigation into a senior aide.

Mr. Rosenstein was just two weeks into his job. He had begun overseeing the Russia investigation and played a key role in the president’s dismissal of Mr. Comey by writing a memo critical of his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. But Mr. Rosenstein was caught off guard when Mr. Trump cited the memo in the firing, and he began telling people that he feared he had been used.

Mr. Rosenstein made the remarks about secretly recording Mr. Trump and about the 25th Amendment in meetings and conversations with other Justice Department and F.B.I. officials. Several people described the episodes, insisting on anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. The people were briefed either on the events themselves or on memos written by F.B.I. officials, including Andrew G. McCabe, then the acting bureau director, that documented Mr. Rosenstein’s actions and comments.
Something must be going down soon with Rosenstein, because I don't see how he can remain in office after this.

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AH:Q Exclusive at BIC

Bounding Into Comics has an exclusive on FIVE complete pages from Alt-Hero: Q. Check them out!
Arkhaven Comics is currently running an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming Alt-Hero: Q series by Bane co-creator Chuck Dixon and artist Hélix Haze. Colors are provided by Arklight Studios. The series will be released in individual issues and ultimately collected into a graphic novel. There will be six total issues and each issue will be 24 pages long. The story will be set in the Alt-Hero universe alongside Vox Day’s Alt-Hero series and Chuck Dixon’s Avalon.

The series finds inspiration from the QAnon phenomenon and will have a focus on “ordinary men and women who make the choice to become extraordinary through their selfless actions to save others.” If you are unfamiliar with the QAnon phenomenon, Chuck Dixon told us “this will be an intro, at least in a fictional sense to what it’s all about and what its mission is.”

Arkhaven Comics’ Publisher Vox Day hinted at what we can expect from this story:

“It’s going to be our answer to the question that everyone is asking: “who is Q”. Everyone has a different theory, everyone has a different explanation. Since we’re setting this in the world of Alt-Hero, that allows us to throw out some outlandish ideas about what’s really going on underneath all the various conspiracy theories. We’ll be launching it as soon as we have the sample pages to show the potential backers, so in about two weeks. It’s an awesome script and people are going to love it.”

Chuck Dixon gave us some more key details keying in on the series main protagonist Roland Dane:

“What we’re presenting is an action/thriller hero that I’m really excited to be creating. We’ll be inserting him into stories of global cabals and dark conspiracies that threaten not only world peace but the basic human rights of the individual. Our guy, Roland Dane, is an experienced law enforcement professional who has to drop out of the system to act as an operative for the mysterious organization he knows only as Q. Roland is a little rough around the edges and his methods are often direct but he’s one man trying to make a difference for all of us.”

Take a look at the first five pages:
I was going to post all five pages here by the end of the weekend, but when BIC asked for the exclusive, I could hardly say no. So, go see them, and comment on them, there.

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The most pyrrhic victory in history

Coraline Ada Ehmke@CoralineAda
40,000 open source projects, including Linux, Rails, Golang, and everything OSS produced by Google, Microsoft, and Apple have adopted my code of conduct. You can make me have a bad day, but it doesn’t change the fact that we have won and you have lost.

Wanna bet? I just wish xir could convince Marvel and DC and IDW and Dark Horse to adopt xir's code of conduct too. The more completely an organization converges, the faster they will collapse.

This isn't a defeat for us, this is a vast horizon of opportunity being handed to us on a platter.

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Right, but wrong. Again.

ESR is an intelligent man, but he is fundamentally handicapped by his stubborn commitment to irreligion and his left-liberalism, which is why his diagnoses of the Left's evils tend to be accurate, but his predictions and prescriptions are reliably off-target:
One of the clearest lessons of recent times (exemplified not just by kaffiyeh-wearing western leftists but by Hamas’s recent clobbering of al-Fatah in the first Palestinian elections) is that po-mo leftism is weaker than liberal individualism in one important respect; it has only the weakest defenses against absolutist fervor. Brittingham tellingly notes po-mo philosopher Richard Rorty’s realization that when the babble of conflicting tribal narratives collapses in exhaustion, the only thing left is the will to power.

Again, this is by design. Lenin and Stalin wanted classical-liberal individualism replaced with something less able to resist totalitarianism, not more. Volk-Marxist fantasy and postmodern nihilism served their purposes; the emergence of an adhesive counter-ideology would not have. Thus, the Chomskys and Moores and Fisks are running a program carefully designed to dead-end at nothing.

Religions are good at filling that kind of nothing. Accordingly, if transnational progressivism actually succeeds in smothering liberal individualism, its reward will be to be put to the sword by some flavor of jihadi. Whether the eventual winners are Muslims or Mormons, the future is not going to look like the fuzzy multicultural ecotopia of modern left fantasy. The death of that dream is being written in European banlieus by angry Muslim youths under the light of burning cars.

In the banlieus and elsewhere, Islamist pressure makes it certain that sooner or later the West is going to vomit Stalin’s memes out of its body politic. The worst way would be through a reflex development of Western absolutism — Christian chauvinism, nativism and militarism melding into something like Francoite fascism. The self-panicking leftists who think they see that in today’s Republicans are comically wrong (as witnessed by the fact that they aren’t being systematically jailed and executed), but it is quite a plausible future for the demographically-collapsing nations of Europe.
That's not the worst way, it is the only way. If you want Western civilization to survive, then militant Christian nationalism is the only way that is going to happen. Period. Fools decry Franco, but he was one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century simply because he a) prevented his people from falling into the hands of the Communists, and, b) kept his nation out of World War II. Spain lost 4,500 soldiers from the Spanish Blue Division serving with the German Army in the USSR and promptly withdrew them. That was it. Italy, by contrast, lost 500,000 soldiers and civilians.

ESR notes that he and the Left were wrong about the past and that the Right was essentially correct. But note that this essay on suicidalism was written 12 years ago, and it's already obvious that he was totally wrong to again put his faith in the liberal Left's ability to control its extremists.
I remain more optimistic than this. I think there is still an excellent chance that the West can recover from suicidalism without going through a fevered fascist episode and waging a genocidal war. But to do so, we have to do more than recognize Stalin’s memes; we have to reject them. We have to eject postmodern leftism from our universities, transnational progressivism from our politics, and volk-Marxism from our media.

The process won’t be pretty. But I fear that if the rest of us don’t hound the po-mo Left and its useful idiots out of public life with attack and ridicule and shunning, the hard Right will sooner or later get the power to do it by means that include a lot of killing. I don’t want to live in that future, and I don’t think any of my readers do, either. If we want to save a liberal, tolerant civilization for our children, we’d better get to work.
The cure for suicidalism is not suicidalism lite. There is no saving "a liberal, tolerant civilization" because liberal tolerant civilizations are intrinsically suicidal. Most tolerant, civilized liberals can't even bother to have children, let alone seek to save Western civilization for them.

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AH:Q - the third page

Six days left. The story continues. Back the Alt-Hero: Q campaign here.

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Darkstream: No "Blue Wave" in 2018

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

These diversity candidates that are very hard left are completely unappealing to white Democrats across the country. White Democrats are gradually beginning to wake up to the fact that their party has no use for them, that their party actually hates them and it's definitely not going to govern in their interest, and so if you look at if you look at what the media is trying to do, what they're trying to claim, it's very clear that their narrative is entirely false. In fact, it would not surprise me in the slightest if not only was there not a blue wave, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Republicans considerably overperformed again, especially because we're starting to see the early indications of that. In Texas there was just a special election for Congress, it was a seat that's been held by Democrats for 139 years and it went for Hillary by something like 12 points, and it just went Republican.

Now can you imagine what would happen how the media would report it if a seat that had been Republican for 139 years, that Donald Trump had won by 12 points, suddenly turned Democrat? You know we'd be hearing, "oh this is this is absolute proof the blue wave is inevitable" and so forth, but where we actually have what may be reliable information, we actually have the actual evidence - it is scanty - but what there is actually indicates that if there is a wave, it's going to be in the Republican's favor, especially when you look at the generic party identification where the Republican identification has actually increased by a point and the Democratic identification has fallen by four points. That's a five-point swing right there,  and so you know when you look at the actual situation instead of the fake polls and the fake news pushed by the SJW media, you immediately see that the situation is not at all what they think it is. It's not at all what they claim it to be.

And so what people need to stop doing is stop paying attention to people who have reliably proved themselves to be unreliable. I can't tell you how many people on the blog say "oh I'm worried about this, I'm concerned about that." You know, you're actually working towards making what you fear happen. Why are you needlessly,  pointlessly, groundlessly demoralizing people when all the actual evidence is actually quite positive in the in the short-term political sense?

Somebody points out we were told down-ballot Republicans were all going to lose in 2016 and Trump would cause Republicans to lose Congress. Did that happen? No, the exact opposite happened and the same thing is going to be true in 2018. Look, I've been predicting a Trumpslide in 2020. There was not a Trumpslide in 2016, Trump won but it was relatively close. So how are we going to get from a narrow victory in 2016 to a Trumpslide in 2020 with Democrats over performing in 2018? That's not going to happen, but the Trumpslide is going to happen, and so I think that it is is very, very obvious that the media narrative is false and the Republican doomsayers are wrong again.

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Vote until you get it right

The EU never changes its totalitarian tactics:
EU leaders sparked a backlash last night after calling for a second referendum to allow voters to 'change their view' on Brexit. In separate interventions, the leaders of the Czech Republic and Malta urged Theresa May to drop her opposition to a second referendum.

Their comments prompted an angry response in the UK, with Mrs May responding: 'There will be no second referendum.'

Maltese PM Joseph Muscat, who has been dogged by questions about a corruption scandal, claimed EU leaders were 'almost unanimous' in wanting Britain to change its mind.... The EU has a long history of ignoring inconvenient referendum results or forcing countries to vote again. The most famous example is Ireland's rejection of the Lisbon Treaty in 2008, which was overturned in a second referendum after intense pressure from Brussels.

But Mrs May has repeatedly said she will not countenance a second referendum – a message she repeated to EU leaders 'very firmly' at a dinner in Salzburg on Wednesday night.
Fortunately, the fallout from this typical tone-deafness should be strong enough to let Britain simply Brexit without any deal, which is the best possible path forward and will save it more than $40 billion in an exit tax.
Brexiteers and Remainers today declared Theresa May's Chequers plan dead after it was brutally savaged by the EU at a crucial summit.

The Prime Minister made a plea to European leaders to compromise as she desperately tries to get a deal agreed with less than two months to go in negotiations.

But leaders across the EU lined up to savage her plans in a series of scathing press conferences at the Salzburg summit today.

EU council chief Donald Tusk insisted her Chequers proposal 'will not work' while German Chancellor Angela Merkel said 'substantial progress' is still needed.

A visibly angry Mrs May hit back at the EU - insisting that her plan remains the only serious and credible proposal on the table. But she was hit with a fresh onslaught by her own MPs in Britain who said the damning verdict has killed off her Brexit blueprint.

Tory MP and leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg said: 'I think Chequers now has no supporters at all. I doubt even the Downing Street cat is any longer backing the Chequers plan. 'I think the time has come for Mrs May to say "This is not going to work".'

And fellow Conservative and arch Remainer Anna Soubry said: 'Having been nailed to its perch this Chequers parrot is no more, it is bereft of life, it rests in peace, it is indeed an ex parrot.
Now it is time for Italy and Hungary to arrange their own escapes from the Fifth Reich.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

The excuses start early

The media is already planting the seeds for explaining away the mysterious absence of the Democrats much-predicted "Blue Wave" in November:
Many Texas Democrats were demoralized Tuesday, when Republican Pete Flores defeated Democrat Pete Gallego in a runoff special election for the Texas Senate seat vacated in June by the resignation of Democrat Carlos Uresti.

They should be demoralized. It was a potentially consequential loss. Democrats have no one but themselves to blame for it. Flores’ victory doesn’t necessarily suggest that a “red wave” is coming to Texas in this year’s midterm elections, as many Republicans were quick to claim. But the Texas Democratic Party’s response to Gallego’s defeat does not augur well for their prospects of competing successfully.
I have said before, and I will say again, there will be no "Blue Wave" in November. I don't know if I am more amused or disappointed in those of you who - again - insist on falling for the mainstream media narrative.

Have you truly not figured out yet that they cannot be trusted? Do you truly not realize that they knowingly speak falsehoods, hoping to transform those falsehoods into truth by convincing you to accept their false narrative?

Even when the economy is not doing well, even when the Democrats are not nominating their most left-wing, most diverse, most unelectable candidates, the average Republican midterm loss is only 11 seats. This would reduce the Republican majority from 43 seats to 32 seats. Hardly a cause for panic.

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AH:Q - the second page

Seven days left. The story continues apace. Back the Alt-Hero: Q campaign here.

See Page 1.

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UN backs Soros

The UN and the EU are desperately trying to get nationalist Hungary to back down and accept foreign invasion before more countries are inspired to defend themselves against the globalist evil:
Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has accused the UN human rights watchdog of “spreading lies” about his country, saying that immigration was not a “fundamental human right.”
The official took aim at the “independent experts” with the UN Human Rights Council, stating they “should not be independent from the truth.”

“Recently, unfortunately, some UN officials started to spread lies against and about my country,” Szijjarto told the UN body’s meeting on Wednesday.

Such officials would like to “force on us impossible things,” namely allowing illegal migrants into the country, Szijjarto stated. “They say that migration is a fundamental human right, which is a lie,” he stressed.

The harsh statement of the foreign minister came as a response to criticism against Hungarian anti-immigration policies. Last week, the UN rights body blasted the so-called ‘Stop Soros’ law, adopted by the country’s government back in July. The UN paper said Hungary “attacks against civil society, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers” with the law, adding that it’s against the international human rights law and poses a threat to the “values” of the whole European Union.

It added that it targets the critical “civil society” and fuels “hostility, xenophobia and … discrimination against migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and all those trying to provide them support.”

The ‘Stop Soros’ law has imposed restrictions on foreign NGOs, which work with migrants, obliging them to seek licenses from the government. It also criminalized aiding migrants, namely “providing financial or property benefit” to them or simply informing them about the asylum-seeking procedures. Those who do so could now face 12 months in jail.
Hungary is nationalist because Hungary understands the long-term costs of being invaded much better than most nations do. The Hungarian leadership is doing what the Right far too often fails to do, which is go on the offensive against its enemies. If all you do is play defense, you will lose. It's guaranteed. Every party of the Right, from Myanmar to the USA, would be well advised to start aggressively pushing for laws banning the principles, funding, activities, and organizations of the Left.

So-called "freedom of speech" was always a trap. As others have noted, they simply define your speech as violence even as they define their violence as speech.

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Mediocre author denies authorial intent

One of the reasons John Scalzi has never been able to lift himself out of mediocrity except by coloring Robert Heinlein by the numbers is that he doesn't understand the first thing about understand and creating characters. Or, apparently, self-contradiction.
“I created Bert,” says Frank Oz. “I know what and who he is.” And no, he isn’t gay.

John Scalzi
Frank Oz says that Bert's not gay and he should know because he created him. I mean, Frank, a lot of parents feel the same, but then their kids come out anyway.

John Scalzi
To the folks who are asserting that fictional characters don't have genders, or orientations, or have physical sex: I think you may be doing fiction wrong.

Mark Kern
Okay Scalzi, all your characters in all your novels are Trump loving, cis, Republicans. I demand you acknowledge that. You too, JK Rowling. I don’t care if you created them.
McRapey is so dumb that he doesn't even understand the intrinsic self-contradiction of his expressed positions. First, Frank Oz is correct; the creator defines the character. If we can unilaterally declare, ex post facto, that Bert and Ernie are gay, then we can also declare that Darth Vader is not Luke's father, but rather, Luke's Sigma Chi fraternity brother, that Gimli is not a Dwarf, but a short, bearded Elf, and that Dumbledore is a pedophile who repeatedly abused Harry Potter.

Actually, it might not be long before JK Rowling, in her enthusiasm for all things LGBTP, self-righteously announces the latter. It would explain a lot about those tedious novels.

In any event, the idea that fictional characters have genders, orientations, and engage in sex, but that their characteristics and behaviors are not established by their creators is not only self-contradictory, it is as intrinsically nonsensical as claiming that a man is really a woman.

Of course, if Scalzi's monovocal dialogue is any guide, all of his characters, male and female, human and alien, are actually himself. Which may explain his incompetence with regards to these matters.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Quotes to live by

The Maximally Pathetic Schema: Xs who labor to convince Ys that “I’m not one of those despicable Zs!,” when in fact it is obvious to the meanest intelligence that the Ys see no difference between Xs and Zs, don’t care anyway, and would love to throw both Xs and Zs into a gulag.
- Adrian Vermeule

The winning side is Chaos and Unreason—mythologically, the monsters—but the gods, who are defeated, think that defeat no refutation.
- J.R.R. Tolkien


The second invasion of America

The ongoing foreign invasion of the USA is now larger than the population of the UK or France and comprises the 21st largest "nation" in the world:
Nearly half of the residents in the nation’s five biggest cities do not speak English at home, choosing instead their native language, according to the latest Census Bureau data that details the impact of a decade of soft immigration policies.

Overall, a record 67 million do not speak English at home, said the bureau. That is nearly double in 27 years.

In its just-released analysis of the Census data, the Center for Immigration Studies said, “As a share of the population, 21.8 percent of U.S. residents speak a foreign language at home — roughly double the 11 percent in 1980.”

The Center added, “In America's five largest cities, 48 percent of residents now speak a language other than English at home. In New York City and Houston it is 49 percent; in Los Angeles it is 59 percent; in Chicago it is 36 percent; and in Phoenix it is 38 percent.”
Based on the historical precedents, the War for the Magic Dirt is going to be of a similar scale to WWII, only it has the potential to be considerably more vicious due to the complete absence of national borders. The only good news is that the various invader population centers are fairly isolated and are almost entirely incapable of self-sustenance.

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AH:Q - the story begins

We've shown you the creators. We've explained the concept. We've shown you the artwork. With only eight days left, now it's time to start showing you the story. A new page will be introduced every day. You can rest assured, and you will see, that The Legend Chuck Dixon is living up to his well-deserved laurels.

Back the Alt-Hero: Q campaign here.

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No "Blue Wave" in November

I've said it before, and I have no doubt that I'll be saying it again. There will be no "Blue Wave" of Democrats being elected in November:
Voters elected political newcomer Pete Flores to the Texas Senate on Tuesday, flipping a Democratic district red for the first time in 139 years and bolstering Republicans’ supermajority in the chamber ahead of the November elections.

A retired game warden, Flores defeated former state and U.S. Rep. Pete Gallego for the Senate District 19 seat after receiving backing from some of the state’s most prominent politicians, including Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and U.S. Sens John Cornyn and Ted Cruz.

“We conservatives are conservative in the way we make approaches. The gunfight’s not over until the last shot’s fired,” Flores told the Express-News after Gallego conceded in a phone call just before 9 p.m. “The last shot’s been fired.”

According the Secretary of State’s website, Flores won with 53 percent of the vote to Gallego’s 47 percent with 44,487 ballots cast.

In his victory speech, Flores reflected about the historic significance of his win and the job ahead.

“This district has not been Republican since Reconstruction. And in September of 2018, it’s Republican once again,” Flores told supporters. “The work starts tomorrow.”

Christian Archer, Gallego’s campaign strategist, said he was shocked by the results.
Hillary Clinton won the district by 12 percentage points in 2016. Looks likes Trumpslide 2020 is already gathering momentum.


Arkstream: The Ember War campaign

From the transcript of the Arkstream:

I'm excited about this. We we have another crowdfunding campaign that's going on, that's been very successful, Alt-Hero: Q, some of you are probably already backing that one, but Ember War is significant in a different way. It's significant because this is the first time that a major science fiction writer is doing a comics-related crowdfunding and so this is potentially quite significant. Just like the original Alt-Hero, this is an experiment. The magic of crowdfunding is not that you can get people to give you a lot of money if you're lucky, if you happen to hit the right sweet spot at the right time, the magic of crowdfunding is that it tells you where the demand is ahead of time.

And you know, we weren't that serious about getting into comics originally. I'd had people lobbying me for three years to do it, and finally I said, "okay fine,  we'll see if there is genuine demand for it." As it turned out as you know there turned out to be ten times more demand for it than we ever imagined, and so this is a test, this is an experiment. If you like military science fiction, if you want to see more military science fiction turned into graphic novels, it would be a very,  very good idea to support the Ember War campaign even if you're not familiar with either Richard Fox or the Ember War Saga. I don't think that you'll be disappointed because it is a really good story.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Code of Conduct, working as designed

Mark Kern@Grummz
I tweeted that Linux’s new code of conduct would be abused to witch hunt devs.

Right on cue, 3 or 5 devs tried to use my opposition of the code of conduct to try to accuse me of violating it.

All the while using behavior that was against the code of conduct.

I rest my case.

Mark Kern@Grummz
You can add one @ZDNet reporter to the list of witch hunters. Came after me just today.

I dunno man, I think having codes of conduct to allow mediocre programmers to police good programmers is precisely the way to move the industry into the direction of a giant bureaucracy. What could go wrong with that?

Corey @corey5135
I've been called out for "aggressive behavior" because I stated that I had already evaluated a suggested implementation & decided it was the wrong way to go (different project).  They were putting me in my place for daring to disagree. Last patch they got from me.

Tucker Goodrich@TuckerGoodrich
Yeah, there's a lot Vox Day says that I don't like, but I think his analysis of codes of conduct is spot on.

"...the Code of Conduct is working as designed when it chases off the productive members of the project"

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Arkhaven to publish THE EMBER WAR

The Indie-go-go campaign for the graphic novel by bestselling science fiction novelist Richard Fox and Jon Del Arroz is now live.

The Earth is doomed. Humanity has a chance. 

In the near future, an alien probe arrives on Earth with a pivotal mission—determine if humanity has what it takes to survive the impending invasion by a merciless armada.

The probe discovers Marc Ibarra, a young inventor, who holds the key to a daring gambit that could save a fraction of Earth's population. Humanity's only chance lies with Ibarra's ability to keep a terrible secret and engineer the planet down the narrow path to survival.

Earth will need a fleet. One with a hidden purpose. One strong enough to fight a battle against annihilation.

THE EMBER WAR is the comic book adaptation of Richard Fox's bestselling military sci-fi series. If you like A Hymn Before Battle by John Ringo and The Last Starship by Vaughn Heppner, then you'll love this explosive adventure with constant thrills and high stakes from cover to cover.

This is potentially a major step forward for both Arkhaven and the independent science fiction community, as it is an opportunity for us to work with a broader range of proven creators and an opportunity for them to expand out of the Kindle Unlimited market they currently dominate. If the military SF-reading crowd supports THE EMBER WAR, there is a good chance Arkhaven will seriously consider adapting There Will Be War and other popular Mil-SF series.

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Darkstream: Trade war is good for the U.S. economy

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

So today the God-Emperor announced $200 billion in new trade tariffs targeted against Chinese imports, and he's also made it clear that if China goes ahead and retaliates he's going to go ahead and drop even more tariffs on them as well. Now this, of course, has all the usual suspects, all the free traders, all the neocons, all the people who think that responding "uh, Ricardo" is a meaningful response to tariffs, in a tizzy. And they've been upset about this, they've been arguing their theory over and over and over again ever since the first tariffs were announced a couple months ago, but if you noticed something,  what hasn't happened, what consequences were predicted by all of these doomsayers didn't come to pass.

Instead what happened is what anti-free trade people like myself predicted would happen, and what proper economic theory, conventional economic theory, predicts would happen - the economy grew! This is not difficult, this is not at all hard. Now, if you want to argue that the idea of a objective measure of a national economy,  especially one that is denominated in a currency, is a contradiction in terms and that it's not possible to measure a national economy, especially not in its own currency I would accept that argument, but then there's no point in having this discussion because it's not possible to argue about something that can't be quantified becoming larger or smaller. If you're accepting mainstream economics to the point that you're talking about the economy growing or the economy shrinking, then you have to accept the mainstream theory and what the mainstream theory very clearly states is that the size of the economy as measured in gross domestic product is C plus I plus G Plus X minus M, as consumer spending plus investment plus government spending plus exports minus imports, so what happens when you reduce imports the economy grows. You know, this is an absolutely straightforward mathematical relationship, it is a very simple equation, and so it's not at all surprising that despite all the doomsaying,  despite all the ridiculous predictions, that the economy has grown and we've actually seen the fastest growth rates for the U.S. economy since the 1980s.

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The Return of the Grand Inquisitor

Rumors are flying that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to unrecuse himself concerning RUSSIA-RUSSIA-RUSSIA and the Mueller investigation:
Didn't Q WAY back when Kennedy retired tell us that we'd see 2 Supreme Court Justices leave due to a scandal.

And now Q drops that Sessions sent 1 & 2 a letter.

He was telling them that THEY have to recuse based on declas info and that he is unrecused.

It is Kagan and Soto.
The interesting thing to note here is that Q's drops are getting more and more specific. Soon there won't be any room for either doubting his legitimacy or denying that he is a fraud. I still tend to favor the legitimate interpretation, simply because the increased panic in the media is palpable and tends to confirm the overall theme of the drops.

And transparency is a good thing, particularly in government.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

No deals

D's offering to [KILL] sexual assault allegation v Judge K in exchange for immediate pullback of DECLAS.
POTUS: Judge K will be confirmed regardless…
Interesting. I wonder what has the Democrats so worried about what they already know?
President Trump on Monday ordered the declassification of several key documents related to the FBI's probe of Russian actions during the 2016 presidential election, including 21 pages of an application for a renewed surveillance warrant against former campaign aide Carter Page, and text messages from disgraced FBI figures Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump had ordered the documents released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the Justice Department "[a]t the request of a number of committees of Congress, and for reasons of transparency."

The documents to be declassified also include all FBI reports on interviews with Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and all FBI reports of interviews prepared in connection with all other applications to surveil Carter Page.
Because they are obviously worried.
Schiff calls Trump's declassification move a "clear abuse of power," says: "I have been previously informed by the FBI and Justice Department that they would consider their release a red line that must not be crossed as they may compromise sources and methods." 
As if anyone takes those self-serving jokers and their self-serving warnings seriously anymore.

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Darkstream: what an SJW attack looks like

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

The important thing to understand about this is that it's real. You know, when I told you guys about this stuff ten days ago, two weeks ago, whatever it was, a lot of people just simply didn't believe me. They didn't want to believe, they wanted to believe that I was just coming up with some excuse to justify my actions. Now whether you agree with my actions or not, the point is that this situation is real. SJWs within the technology companies are abusing their positions and going after people they consider to be the enemy,  and that's not just people like us,  people who are open and avowedly Christian, who are open and avowedly Alt-Right, who are open about being nationalists, but it also includes all of those who are incorrectly lumped in with us.

And so you know, they're going to take these kinds of actions and you need to be prepared for it. Now we didn't flip out, we didn't panic, we just calmly sat down and analyzed the stuff, looked more deeply into it and then figured out what was going on. The concern that I have is that it's very clear to me, from the way that the ComicsGate folks are attempting to virtue signal and attempting to get themselves out of the sights of the SJWs, means that they're not ready for this.

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Linux, converged

Linus Torvalds finally surrenders to the SJWs:
Linux creator Linus Torvalds has apologized for years of rants, swearing, and general hostility directed at other Linux developers, saying he's going to take a temporary break from his role as maintainer of the open source kernel to learn how to behave better.

For many years, Torvalds has been infamous for his expletive-filled, aggressive outbursts on the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML), chewing out developers who submit patches that he believes aren't up to the standards necessary for the kernel. He's defended this behavior in the face of pushback from other developers, insisting that people being nice to one another was an American ideology.

But that may be coming to an end. In a lengthy email posted to the LKML on Sunday night, Torvalds expressed a change of heart. Taken to task over attacks that he recognizes were "unprofessional and uncalled for," he says he now recognizes that his behavior was "not OK" and he is "truly sorry." He's going to step back from kernel development for a while—something he's done before while developing the Git source control system—so that he can "get help on how to behave differently."

It's not entirely clear what precipitated this change, though Torvalds did mention a little of the backstory. The Linux Maintainer Summit, an invitation-only gathering of around 30 core Linux developers, takes place each year to provide a venue for kernel maintainers to discuss issues around the kernel's development process. This year's summit was due to be in Vancouver but was moved earlier this month to Edinburgh after it turned out that Torvalds had mistakenly booked a vacation in Scotland that clashed with the Vancouver event.

This situation presented two options: stay in Vancouver without Torvalds or move to Edinburgh with Torvalds. Torvalds himself preferred the first option, but this idea was met with resistance, suggesting that Torvalds' behavior, which is known to have driven some developers away from kernel development entirely, was one of the issues that the maintainers wanted to discuss. Accordingly, the decision was made to move to Edinburgh to fit in with his vacation. That such a disruptive change of venue should occur indicates there's considerable strength of feeling about Torvalds' presence.

Simultaneously with this, the Linux project now has a code of conduct. Previously, the project had a "code of conflict": a short document that asserts that the code quality is the only thing that matters and implores developers to "be excellent to each other." The new code of conduct is more extensive and sets explicit standards for behavior, requiring it to be positive, professional, welcoming, and inclusive.
So much for Linux, then. If I didn't already have my hands full, I'd fork the damn thing myself.

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ComicsGate in the UK

The SJW media offensive has reached The Guardian. It's only a matter of time now before it reaches The New Zealand Herald. Can a Special Victims Unit episode be far behind?
Comicsgate is the latest front in the ongoing culture wars
Unless comics creators adopt a zero tolerance approach to racism and misogyny, this abuse of power by ‘fans’ will never end

‘Comicsgate is, well, it’s exactly what it sounds like: Gamergate but comics.’

For those who haven’t been following the latest front of the ongoing culture wars, Comicsgate is, well, exactly what it sounds like: Gamergate but comics. In 2014, the Washington Post described Gamergate as “a proxy war for a greater cultural battle over who belongs to the mainstream”, and that description, four years later, remains perfectly adequate to describe its comics iteration.

Many will tell you that the movement began with the 2017 rise of Richard C Meyer, a Twitter user who amassed a platform largely based on denouncement, derision and disrespect of marginalised industry professionals, as well as their advocates – typically by co-opting marginalised rhetoric to reposition himself and others like him as victims.
Quick, guys, VIRTUE SIGNAL! You have to VIRTUE SIGNAL harder!

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Mailvox: Marvel and the Swamp

A reader's email may explain why Ms. Marvel #1 mysteriously sits on top of Amazon's Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense category day after day, week after week, month after month, despite the fact that so few people appear to be buying it or otherwise paying any attention to it.
ComicsGate may not be up against just SJWs, but various third string proxies of the Swamp.

Sana Amanat, Marvel's Muslim VP of Content and Character Development and Ms. Marvel co-creator, is the cousin of Huma Abedin, Hilary Clinton's longtime aide. Two of Sana Amanat's brothers have been prosecuted by the DOJ. The Amanat family donated as much as $1.2 million dollars to various Clinton foundations and initiatives. In turn, perhaps due to their family connection to Huma, the Clinton State Department assisted two of Sana's brothers in accessing UN funds and partnerships, along with directly granting $1.35 million via the State Department for their non-profit groups. Sana herself was on the board of one of these non-profits, which received at least $100,000 from the State Department.

A non-profit Omar Amanat co-founded, Soliya, received a $1.25 million grant from the State Department. Soliya advocated for the (i) promotion of and (ii) provision of funding for positive portrayals of minorities, particularly Muslims in media, even if this meant funding commercially unsuccessful projects for a time, due to their enhancement of both minority self-perception and overall public inclusiveness. This business philosophy seems reflected in some of the publishing decisions made by Marvel.

Sana's brother Omar has been documented by various journalists as having made multiple generous bids at Richard Branson's past charity auctions. Sana Amanat began her career at Branson's newly created Virgin Comics, which only existed from 2006-2008 before being sold by Branson. Sana was employed at Virgin from 2007 to 2008, before she then joined Marvel in 2009.

Sana's aunt and Huma's mother is a noted, prominent Saudi Arabian member of the Muslim Sisterhood. Marvel has recently received favorable treatment from the Saudis, including recent screenings of Black Panther that ended a national 35 year cinema ban and co-operative involvement in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 initiative.

Marvel has newly expanded Sana's role, though she remains a comic book editor, making her an executive producer on a forthcoming Marvel animated film, despite her complete lack of experience as a film producer.

Vox, I thank you for your entry and involvement in comics and more fully appreciate your efforts, especially as it becomes evident you will potentially be the only viable alternative to current corporate comics. Comicsgate can rarely sustain an effective offense against mere SJWs on social media; they have little chance of success against entrenched, organized and well-connected Swamp surrogates who are camouflaging themselves, finding allies, and then attempting to metastasize throughout the comics industry.
That sounds... deeply insidious. I have never heard about anything of the sort, beyond wondering a) why Ms Marvel #1 has continued to "sell" so well on Amazon despite not being one of the top 500 graphic novels and selling fewer than 205 print copies in July 2018, and, b) wondering why Marvel would select Saladin Ahmed to write a Spiderman title after the failure of his Black Bolt series. I just assumed Amanet and Ahmed were the usual token diversity hires. But if it is true that Marvel is being funded by political non-profits, this might explain some of their more seemingly inexplicable decisions in recent years.

I wonder what DC's excuse might be?

Now, I wasn't going to post this without at least confirming that the two Amanats were related, and I had some doubts about that after discovering there is virtually nothing that publicly links Omar Amanat to Sana Amanat. Neither of their Wikipedia entries even mention the other individual. But a little poking around strongly suggests that they are, in fact, brother and sister.

From Wikipedia: Omar Amanat is the co-founder of Peak Group Holdings which is the largest shareholder of The Twilight Saga studio Summit Entertainment, in which he holds a 20% ownership stake via Peak Group Holdings. Brent Lang of The Wrap called him "the most powerful person in Hollywood you've never heard of". He was convicted in December 2017 of fraud for his involvement in a scheme that involved a number of companies, including KIT Digital and Enable Invest. Business Insider reported that he was expected to spend a minimum of 10 years in jail after "a striking fall from power". Amanat grew up in Montville, New Jersey and was educated at Montville High School.

From InStyle: Alongside writer G. Willow Wilson, this Marvel Comics editor helped create Kamala Khan (of Ms. Marvel), the very first Muslim female South Asian superhero to have her own series. Through the comics, readers are introduced to a teen who is honing her shape-shifting superpower and embracing her faith. Since the first issue was released in 2014, Ms. Marvel has been nominated for numerous awards and listed on top-selling graphic novel charts....  As a kid growing up in New Jersey, Amanat’s world was filled with science fiction, thanks to her three older brothers. 

From the Morristown Daily Record: Montville High School will induct nine alumni, a faculty member, and a team into the Hall of Fame Friday night. 1) Sana Amanat. As Marvel’s Director of Content & Character Development, Sana Amanat oversees  efforts to expand its vast library of characters.

In other words, whether you like politics in your comics or not, there is no way you're going to be able to avoid them if the Swamp has decided to use them to wage cultural war against you.

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Vessel of Venus: The Diary of an Ex-Angel

Castalia House is pleased to announce Richard Cain's latest book, VESSEL OF VENUS, the second in the Diary of an Ex-Angel series.

Mark is a down-and-out IT professional with a secret. When he discovers a sorcery app that gives him incredible powers, he sets out to win his ex-girlfriend's love and start a new life – until Venusians show up, sharing the story of how their civilization was destroyed by global warming and giving Mark the chance to fight climate change. All he has to do is offers them a sacrifice once in a while.

Will he get the girl? Will everyone finally realize that he's the most amazing person ever? And will that damn talking locust ever shut up and leave him alone?

You'll find out in the hilarious VESSEL OF VENUS: The Diary of an Ex-Angel.

From the reviews of GOD HATES ME, the first in the Diary of an Ex-Angel series.
  • Read this to find out the real story behind: The clean up after the the deluge to eliminate evidence of the prior civilization, such as air conditioning and the Nephilim. Pixies. Haunted houses. Crop circles. Aliens.
  • The demon's name is Malach. He doesn't consider himself evil. Sure, he was part of the rebellion, but he was there because of some really cool music the "Choir Director" was playing. He tries not to be too evil, although he keeps getting roped in. But he wants to get back into Heaven, so he keeps looking for ways to get their attention by doing good. But, he keeps messing things up.
  • Please, God, let them come up with some different cover art.
  • It's a zippy tale, told in a lively style that gets the reader leaning into the narrative. It's a quirky faux memoir like something we might read if C.S. Lewis's Wormwood had corresponded with Salinger's Holden Caulfield. A few sections made me honestly laugh aloud, something I never expected to happen when cracking a book about a fallen angel. It's as if Frank Peretti actually had a sense of if Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins actually knew how to jettison the proselytizing, cut the brake lines, and just let the story run.

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The long retreat

I always find Americans who insist that ethnic cleansing isn't possible to be amusingly clueless, considering how much of it took place there in the last century, from Detroit, where the blacks ethnically cleansed the whites, to Compton, where the Mexicans ethnically cleansed the blacks.
Blacks as ex slaves and whites as ex slave drivers has become the cartoony backdrop to all American conversations about race, so that any anti-social or violent act by blacks can be explained away by a mainstream media chorus of black apologists.

Michael Brown, for example, couldn’t help but steal a cigar, shove an Indian clerk out of the way, walk down the middle of the street, ignore a white cop’s command to move onto a sidewalk then, most fatally, reach into the cop’s car to grab officer Darren Wilson and his gun. Now, a man of any color in any country who does that is asking to be shot, and if you were the cop, I’m sure you would have blasted your 6-foot-4, 292-pound assailant also, and this is no he said, she said, for Brown’s DNA was found on Wilson’s weapon, which means that he was right on top of Wilson, and not at a distance, with his hands up.

Truth, though, didn’t get in the way of widespread rioting, Brown’s beatification, the birth of Black Lives Matter, Brown’s mother’s appearance at the National Democratic Convention and her publication of Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil: The Life, Legacy, and Love of My Son Michael Brown, whose kindle edition can be yours for only 99 cents at Amazon.

With the Ferguson riot constantly in the news, I often consulted the St Louis Post Dispatch so, by chance, found out about Daniil Maksimenko. A 22-year-old Bosnian immigrant, Maksimenko was delivering pizza when he was fatally shot by three black men. They didn’t want to risk anyone fingering them for stealing a pizza, I suppose. In contrast to Michael Brown’s death, Maksimenko’s meant absolutely nothing to the black apologists that make up our mainstream media, for there was no analysis or debate, and no concern for his devastated family. Granted, black on white crimes are daily occurrences, so this was hardly a special case. In June of that year, a white woman delivering pizza was stabbed 50 times by two black teens in Cedartown, GA. If the races were reversed, you can be sure the entire world would have heard about these outrageous murders.

As a tireless walker, I must have logged at least a thousand miles through hundreds of cities and towns across the United States, so I’ve seen many black ghettos with ruins of Polish, Italian or Irish churches, or Jewish synagogues. It’s obvious the people who built these had every intention of staying there for generations, so it wasn’t because of racism, but the very real fear of being mugged, killed or raped by blacks that they abandoned their fine homes, dear neighborhoods and magnificent places of worship.

I have a close friend from Singapore who two years ago moved to San Francisco, for work, with his Croatian girlfriend. Since they didn’t know the Mission from the Castro, they innocently rented a tiny room in Bayview, which at $1,280, they deemed expensive enough. They lasted but a few days. He emailed me that “it felt dangerous” just to walk through Bayview to their apartment, so they “desperately” fled to Los Gatos. Once more, it wasn’t racism but a healthy survival instinct that prompted these two to hightail from a neighborhood that’s known for its social justice advocates, anti violence murals and colorful death shrines to murder victims.
The entire USA is gradually going the way of those ruined cities and towns. Western civilization is in full retreat; there is literally nowhere it is expanding. While the Alt-Right is inevitable, the survival of white America as a distinct identity group is not. There will absolutely be a collection of sovereign and rival ethnostates in the territory that was once the USA, there is no longer any question about that. The only question is if there will be any white, or American, ethnostates among them, or if white Americans will go the way of many an American Indian tribe before them, eliminated through genetic adulteration and failure to sufficiently reproduce.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

The new "Dems are the Real Racists"

It's mildly annoying to see conservatives, libertarians, and cuckservatives gleefully pointing out the examples of left-wing anti-semitism that increasingly occur these days. First of all, it's hardly news that the global Left is historically less than entirely keen on Jews; National Socialists and the Palestinian Liberation Organization were not exactly of the ideological Right that reveres God, King, and Country.

Second, you may recall that Workers Parties tend to oppose bankers. Which identity tends to stereotypically fall into which group?

And third, what is the point of trying to shame the Left? Yes, they're hypocrites. So what? We know that. They know that. "Dems are the Real Anti-Sems" is not going to be any more effective than "Dems are the Real Racists" did.

As rhetoric goes, it's toothless. Perhaps these right-wing virtue signalers should simply contemplate the radical idea of not reacting to charges of racism, anti-semitism, ethnonationalism, theocracy, and white supremacy like vampires to crucifixes carved from garlic.


BIC previews Arkhaven covers

If you'd like to get an early look at several Alt★Hero-related covers, Bounding Into Comics has them, as well as early descriptions of AH:Q #1 and AH#6. And if you haven't backed AH:Q yet, I'm entirely confident that you're going to want to do so.

In addition to the progress we're making on the production front, there are also some potentially significant developments taking shape on the logistical front. It's nothing I can talk about yet, but if one of the programs we're proposing works out, it is going to fundamentally change the way that people think about crowdfunding campaigns. And AH:Q will very likely be one of the first test cases proving the concept.

Later this week, we'll begin the final campaign push, and start introducing actual pages complete with lettering to give everyone a better grasp of the specific story being told. Based on some things that are being revealed about Marvel, it may prove to be considerably more relevant than I, for one, would ever have imagined.

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The God-Emperor to speak

But what will he say?
The Trump administration will send a message to all US mobile phones on Thursday, as it tests an unused alert system that warns the public about national emergencies.

Phones will make a loud tone and have a special vibration according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which will send the alert.

The test message will be headlined “Presidential Alert” and will go on to read “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

US mobile phone users will not be able to opt out of the test.
As for me, I'm hoping for it will look like this:


Or something to that effect. That would be good.

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Surviving the onslaught

A warning of what is to come from Neon Revolt in the aftermath of Reddit disappearing /r/GreatAwakening despite its 300,000 subscribers.
The simple fact is that /r/GreatAwakening was one of the most vital and important hubs of Q-related activity to date. And now it is gone.

Part of the reason for its popularity was that it allowed relevant info to travel along a vector with tremendous velocity, carried along by a stream of upvotes. This mechanism, while not perfect (and while also exploitable) worked well enough most of the time for our purposes – and make no mistake; we were on target to surpass a million subscribers in short order – which is why they shut us down. We were a direct threat to their hegemony, so they had to shut it down.

Another reason it proved so popular was, unlike the chans (which are anarchic, at best) it also allowed for “Offensive content” to be filtered out – either by mods, or by the users through the use of downvotes. And if you’ve spent any time on the chans, you know that they’re often filled with porn, gore, and all sorts of offensive material.

Yes, even Q’s board.

It’s important to realize that not all this is organic. A lot of this noise is actually produced by bots attempting to derail the discussion.

That doesn’t make it any easier to pick through, but it’s an essential understanding to have.

So, roughly speaking, autists would be working on the official research boards, compiling all their knowledge, hashing things out – and then someone would repost the most vital pieces of info to /r/GreatAwakening, and usually, it would be upvoted very quickly – often within a half hour of it first appearing on the chans – because people generally recognize and spread valuable content.

UNDERSTAND – EVERYTHING is going to go offline at some point, save 8ch.

You won’t be able to find news outside of it, very soon. And when you’re there, there’s not going to be any vote tallies, or recognizable names to tell you how to think, or what’s important to pay attention to. You can’t see u/NeonRevolt, or u/SerialBrain2 or u/Whoever, because we will all ultimately be #Anons.

UNDERSTAND – There’s not going to be a Reddit, or a Voat, or a Gab, possibly even a Neon Revolt in the coming months.

There’s only going to be 8ch. Don’t get me wrong, I have backups of everything – but I’m anticipating the entire Internet going down for a bit, as per Q.
There is no telling to what extent the Internet is going to go down, but I can assure you that you won't have any warning. You'll just go to a site and it won't be there. Just this morning, for example, I discovered that all four Gun Ghoul KDP titles are being blocked by Amazon. We're working to sort that out. We briefly took down the Dark Legion Direct listing ourselves this weekend, but only to permit a faster change over to the Dark Legion-branded print edition that is now complete. As we were also informed that Corrosion aka The Corroding Empire will no longer be sold on Amazon because it has been deemed "misleading" to Amazon's customers, this may indicate an all-too-familiar hand at work.

Anyhow, to maximize your chances of being alerted to the relevant backup location of this blog, be sure to subscribe to either the Castalia Book Club mailing list or the Daily Meme Wars list. To follow Qanons without the noise and grotesqueries, go here. And while you're at it, consider getting on board with the AH:Q campaign.

UPDATE: Curiouser and curiouser. Corrosion was restored without us even having to register a complaint.

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Of course, they ARE the problem

Dozens of immigrant groups demand the resignation of the German Interior Minister:
Two dozen migrant and anti-racist groups have penned a letter demanding that German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer change his stance on migration or leave office following his comments in the wake of protests in Chemnitz.

“An interior minister for everyone should not divide the society any further but instead clearly take a stand for the core values of our country,” read an open letter titled “Not our interior minister.” It was signed by more than 20 groups, including several associations of Turkish, Polish and Serbian communities, as well as pro-migration, pro-diversity and anti-fascist groups.

The document called on Seehofer to change his behavior and “finally take the right-wing threat seriously.” It also said that the signatories are “extremely concerned” by the fact that far-right extremists are dominating the news and shouting: “Foreigners, get out!”

“We are concerned that out children cannot safely and freely move everywhere because of their appearance, name or beliefs,” the signatories said, adding that the interior minister should make “sure that we do not need to be concerned about the wellbeing of our children.”

The letter then claimed that Seehofer ‘did nothing about that,’ suggesting that he should alter his stance or “resign and leave office.”

It called out Seehofer particularly over statements he made following massive protests in the eastern German city of Chemnitz in the wake of the murder of a German man, which was allegedly committed by two asylum seekers. Clashes between right-wing protesters and leftists resulted in some 20 people being injured, according to the police. At that time, Seehofer said he would join the protesters if he was not a minister.

However, what particularly angered the migrant associations was his statement that the issue of immigration is the “mother of all political problems” gripping Germany. They accused the minister of “deliberately allowing [his words] to be interpreted [in such a way] as if we were the problem.”
Seehofer would do well to order the deportation of every single member of the signatory groups. That would be an effective way of demonstrating that while they do not recognize him as their minister, he is the Interior Minister of Germany.

Various forms of ethnic cleansing are in the process of coming to the United States, Europe, and Asia whether anyone is enamoured of the idea or not. The forced deportation of the Rohingya from Myanmar has significantly improved the situation there; now the Bangladeshi are complaining about the behavior of their fellow Muslims being given refuge there. And even very liberal ex-Obama administration officials are openly endorsing the removal of Serbs from Kosovo and Kosovars from Serbia.

Migration is a silent form of war. It always has been. And wherever there have been large migrations, war and ethnic cleansing has always followed in its wake. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later, but always, it follows.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

SJW cubed

Marvel is doubling down more often than a reckless backgammon player.
Marvel Comics announced a brand new Miles Morales series will debut in December from writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Javier Garrón.... Writer Saladin Ahmed elaborates that Miles be “facing threats against the neighborhood rather than the multiverse.” He continues, “Super Villains, yes, but also other threats that speak to our times. He’ll be doing that while also trying to while dealing with bullies, assistant principals, and canceled teen dates. It’s going to be hard!”
"Threats against the neighborhood" = Donald Trump's unconscionable assault on DREAMers.

"Bullies" = racist neo-Nazis

Assistant principals" = white supremacists

Canceled teen dates = neo-Nazi white supremacist girls named Becky Johnson who are too blonde and racist to go on a date with a teen Hispanic hero.

Sure, barely anyone is going to buy another failed comic series written by a failed SF-SJW. But don't worry, Marvel will ship it to your local comic store and count it as a sale anyhow.
Like Iceman's power set itself,  I've received double over ships on the new Iceman. Apparently nearly everyone did. I'm not sure if this is an attempt to spike the unit number but I think this is a failing publisher strategy, particularly for a limited series.

The marketing goal here is to give more capacity to retailers so that they hook new readers who were otherwise going to give the title a pass. Traditionally speaking I haven't seen this ever work in my shop, but other shops have reported some success with it.
In the future, kin mind that when we talk about our sales, we are talking about actual sales to actual customers. The numbers reported by Diamond and Comichron are merely distribution sales into retail, which historically average about a 60 percent sell-through... and that percentage is declining.

So, our 10,000 units sold is the rough equivalent of 16,667 in the Marvel world.

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The Manafort-Shapiro connection

According to The Guardian, Ben Shapiro appears to have been working as a mouthpiece for Paul Manafort and Alan Friedman when he was at Breitbart:
Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort authorised a secret media operation on behalf of Ukraine’s former president featuring “black ops”, “placed” articles in the Wall Street Journal and US websites and anonymous briefings against Hillary Clinton.

The project was designed to boost the reputation of Ukraine’s then leader, Viktor Yanukovych. It was part of a multimillion-dollar lobbying effort carried out by Manafort on behalf of Yanukovych’s embattled government, emails and documents reveal.

The strategies included:

• Proposing to rewrite Wikipedia entries to smear a key opponent of the then Ukrainian president.

• Setting up a fake thinktank in Vienna to disseminate viewpoints supporting Yanukovych.

• A social media blitz “aimed at targeted audiences in Europe and the US”.

• Briefing journalists from the rightwing website Breitbart to attack Clinton when she was US secretary of state.

Emails seen by the Guardian show a regular pattern of interaction between Manafort, Friedman, Gates, Kilimnik and Ukrainian officials. Gates, who went on to work with Manafort on the 2016 Trump campaign, wrote several messages. In February Gates , and agreed to cooperate with Mueller.

At the time Kilimnik was the Russian manager of Manafort’s Kiev office. Kilminik is understood to be “Person A” in Mueller’s latest indictment, filed last week. It says the FBI believes Kilimnik has ties to Moscow’s GRU spy agency, and adds that Gates was aware of this. Kilimnik denies a connection. Friedman confirmed he had met Manafort and Gates but said he had done so “because the client asked me to”.

Manafort’s media operation included attacks on Clinton. In October 2012 Gates emailed Manafort and Friedman, flagging a piece written by the journalist Ben Shapiro. The Breitbart article criticised Clinton for her public support of Tymoshenko, who had recently made an electoral pact with the far-right Svoboda party.

The article cited a Jewish “leader” who accused Clinton anonymously of creating a “neo-Nazi Frankenstein”. Gates wrote: “Gentlemen – Here is the first part of a series of articles that will be coming as we continue to build this effort. Alan, you get full credit for the Frankenstein comment.”
Of course, the neocons were to later stage a coup in Ukraine. Never trust the approved opposition. You have no idea for whom they are really working or who is really pulling their strings.

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Bob Woodward: "No collusion"

The RUSSIA-RUSSIA-RUSSIA narrative is finally falling apart:
In an interview with Hugh Hewitt on Friday, Bob Woodward said that in his two years of investigating for his new book, 'Fear,' he found no evidence of collusion or espionage between Trump and Russia. Woodward said he looked for it "hard" and yet turned up nothing.

"So let’s set aside the Comey firing, which as a Constitutional law professor, no one will ever persuade me can be obstruction. And Rod Rosenstein has laid out reasons why even if those weren’t the president’s reasons. Set aside the Comey firing. Did you, Bob Woodward, hear anything in your research in your interviews that sounded like espionage or collusion?" Hugh Hewitt asked Woodward.

"I did not, and of course, I looked for it, looked for it hard," Woodward answered. "And so you know, there we are. We’re going to see what Mueller has, and Dowd may be right. He has something that Dowd and the president don’t know about, a secret witness or somebody who has changed their testimony. As you know, that often happens, and that can break open or turn a case."

"But you’ve seen no collusion?" Hewitt asked again to confirm.

"I have not," Woodward affirmed.
It's about time the media gave it up. It never happened and neither is their dream impeachment scenario.

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Immigrants are an invasion vector

The first thing immigrants always want is more immigrants:
After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2015, Esperanza Franco headed south to the border, where she worked defending immigrants who faced deportation.

Now she's the one who might get kicked out of the country.

Franco says her former employer's mishandling of a work-visa application — she came here from Spain five years ago  — has put her in danger of losing her legal status. She fears that in less than a month, she could end up being jailed in the same Arizona detention center where she has gone to visit clients.

"I'm going through so much stress," Franco said. "I'm waking up in the middle of night, with back pain."

The paradox of her situation is not lost on Franco, 28, who put her legal knowledge and Spanish-language skills to work in Tucson at the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project, a nonprofit advocacy group.
It doesn't matter where they come from, they always want to import more at the expense of the natives.

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