Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Original Backer's Edition

Now that we’ve ordered the proofs for final approval, there are only a few more days left to either a) order Vols. 1-3 of the Junior Classics hardcovers or b) preorder the 10-volume leather set before we start shipping the former. We have added a special Original Backer logo to the back of every hardcover produced in this first print run, and Original Backer’s Edition is also noted on the title page of each hardcover and leatherbound volume, as shown here. Subsequent print runs will precisely match the Original Backer's Edition on the bookshelf, but will lack these signifiers.

Note the original artwork by Arkhaven’s Lacey Fairchild, which for Volume Three features the classic Greek tale of Hercules fighting the Hydra. It was our goal to produce the best edition of the Junior Classics to date, in terms of both aesthetics and content, and we are increasingly confident that the production team has managed to do that.

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Even the talking heads knew

Look at the expression on the faces of the election analysts and the way they are both momentarily speechless. They clearly know that something is amiss, even as it is happening.


There is no concession

For crying out loud, people really need to stop falling for every single step of the demoralization campaign.

What does GSA being allowed to preliminarily work with the Dems have to do with continuing to pursue our various cases on what will go down as the most corrupt election in American political history? We are moving full speed ahead. Will never concede to fake ballots & “Dominion”. - President Trump

There are two possibilities here. Either Trump is managing the decline and is simply drawing out the process because he is an cruel bastard who wants to troll both his own followers and the Democrats or he understands the GSA release of funds is irrelevant and he wishes to take the pressure off a woman and her family because he sees no need for her to bear it.

Which possibility sounds more like the President Trump you have observed for the last four years?

Just. Be. Patient. There will either be victory or defeat in the end. Wringing your hands and crying about how worried you are probably won't matter at all, but to the extent it matters, it favors the latter. Get a grip. And remember, once a signal is sent and received, there is no need to keep sending it.

UPDATE: AC has a theory about the GSA approval of the transition funds.

This might be because Democrats were going to call the head of GSA in to testify about this, and Trump may not want her able to be questioned about what she knows.

Meanwhile, Venezuelans have known about the connection between Smartmatic and the CIA for 12 years, because one of Smartmatic's Venezuelan founders died in the crash of what is believed to have been a CIA plane.

Woven into one small story about a plane crash in Venezuela that killed seven people are visible threads from two perennial American cover-ups:  one surrounding vote fraud,  and one covering-up the CIA's role in drug trafficking. For anyone interested in the news that gets left out of the newspaper, its’ a Perfect Storm. The Mother of All Scandals.

The downed plane's relevance to the ongoing story of vote fraud in America involves the identity of it's passenger, Jose Alfredo Anzola, a 34-year old founder of Smartmatic, a Venezuela-based election company whose American subsidiary counted one in every three votes in the 2004 Presidential election, while engaged the whole time in heated controversy over allegations the firm counting America's votes had hidden ties to—of all people— Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.

The connection between last week's plane crash and the ongoing saga of CIA Drug trafficking begins with 43-year old Mario Donadi Gafaro, the veteran drug pilot at the controls of the twin engine plane.

This suggests that the computer aspect of U.S. vote fraud has been around longer than anyone except conspiracy theorists imagined. For a deeper dive into the history of Smartmatic, which was founded in Venezuela in 1997, read this article, links to which have been resulting in instabans on Twitter.

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Monday, November 23, 2020

OK, Boomer

Rush Limbaugh's booming about bombshells is because he doesn't understand what the various legal teams are telling everyone.

Limbaugh recalled that Team Trump seemed like they were about to release devastating evidence for their legal case, but the radio host was underwhelmed.

You call a gigantic press conference like that — one that lasts an hour — and you announce massive bombshells, then you better have some bombshells. There better be something at that press conference other than what we got…I talked to so many people who were blown away by it, by the very nature of the press conference. They promised blockbuster stuff and then nothing happened, and that’s just, it’s not good.

The evidence is devastating. We know the programmer who developed the vote-stealing routine. We know the Serbian team that programmed the software. We know what companies were involved and where their servers were located. We know the algorithm. We can replicate the vote totals as they were recorded. We can match the vote-switching to the data feed that went out to the media networks with the recordings of the media broadcasts.

But Rush is underwhelmed, because he's a Boomer who doesn't know how to use his iPhone and has absolutely no clue about what any of this all means, even though the lawyers have boiled it down to the simplest possible explanation.


It's infuriating that these media morons a) won't accept the simple statement without evidence, then b) reject the evidence because it's too complicated for them.

FFS, the mere fact that Stratamatic and Dominion are blatantly lying about who owns what technology and where it is should be enough to convince any rational being with an IQ over 100 that they are, at a bare minimum, trying to hide something in response to the vote-shifting allegations. Whether that is enough will have to wait for the relevant court filings and eventual investigations, but it's pretty freaking huge to produce evidence that the CIA has been manipulating elections everywhere from the Philippines to Venezuela for years using voting machines, and that it appears to have been manipulating US elections too.

I'm pretty sure that it will be revealed that they did it in 2018 too. I always wondered how my 2016 model inexplicably broke down halfway through the 2018 election, when all the early results pointed one way and then reversed after 3 AM.

And remember, all that is needed to prove the alleged scenario contra the various denials is internet packets containing election data going to any servers outside the United States on November 3rd. That's the smoking gun, and I would assume the NSA, at the very least, has it.

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DuckDuckGo selling data to Google

DuckDuckGo claims it doesn't track its users. That claim may be true, because it appears they very cleverly permit someone else to do it:

“DuckDuckGo talks about their privacy, right, saying that they’re a private search engine,” Granville explained, “and if anybody had 6th grade developer tools, they can go into DuckDuckGo and they will see tracking cookies” in the site’s source code.

DuckDuckGo, however, claims it does not track its users. This seems suspect to Granville who wonders just who is getting all the data from the tracking cookies in DuckDuckGo’s website.

“What I can tell is they have targeted advertising, and they have two cookies on their site — somebody is tracking you,” Granville noted. “DuckDuckGo may not be tracking you on their servers — which I find hard to believe — but, certainly they are handing that information off to the two other cookies. And who knows what those other companies are doing — which I suspect is Google — and who Google is selling that information to on down the line.”

Shades of the system in which the individual's country doesn't spy on him, the other countries do, then they all trade the information so that all the governments get the data on their citizenries without violating national laws about spying on citizens.

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Diversity is their strength

Atheists have largely come to grasp that their shiny, sexy, secular post-Christian society is never going to happen. Now it's time for the multiculturalists to learn the same thing about their diverse, inclusive, equalitarian post-White society:

When Asian-American parents opposed the school district’s plans to enact its new “lottery” system in late October, the school district blasted the parents by stating they were “racist” and responsible for the “toxic culture” at the school. Parents were accused of furthering the “Asian supremacy” agenda by making their children work so hard; their children’s achievements were demoralizing African-American and Latino students.

One African-American parent stated it’s because of Asians hogging up all the spaces “Black people can’t catch up technologically because the ‘stupid Asians’ are keeping black people down out of fear they’d be overtaken.”

When one angry Asian-American parent responded “Trust me, you’ll never catch up. If you need to lower-standards to get in, you’ll never beat us,” a near physical fight broke loose.

Another Asian parent screamed, “First you blame white people, now you blame us!? Grow up! Study harder or go home!”

That's the funny thing about societies. Replace the primary element, and what you end up with is something entirely different. Civic nationalism is, and always was, a lie.

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Soros bought the Southern Baptists

A lot of Southern Baptists, and former Southern Baptists like myself, looked on askance as the Southern Baptist Convention, led by Russell Moore, leaped into social justice as if into the bosom of Abraham. It turns out that this corruption and convergence of the Southern Baptists began with the corruption of Dr. Russell Moore and his Ethics and Liberty Commission by George Soros:

A report from Enemies within the Church, printed below, contains documents obtained by the filmmakers that link grants and funding from leftist billionaires to the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention and its head Russell Moore. The documents include grant data showing the Democracy Fund provided $50,000 to the controversial ERLC’s and The Gospel Coalition’s MLK50 Conference.

Other documents in the report include Dr. Moore’s name in the Podesta emails published in 2016 by Wikileaks....

As more refugee resettlement means more grants to faith-based organizations to resettle refugees a great potential for corruption exists. The North American Mission Board oversees the SEND Network, which plants churches. These plants stand to gain if they can pitch their efforts as community revitalization; something that pairs neatly with refugee resettlement. One vice president of the SEND Network is Dhati Lewis, whose ties to the ERLC are evident by his appearance on their website. Dhati Lewis also takes the stage prominently with Kevin Ezell, leader of the SBC’s North American Mission Board. Kevin Ezell’s leadership of NAMB has been fraught with controversy, as one can see quite clearly by following the website of Will McRaney, a Southern Baptist who has spent years documenting the corruption at NAMB online.

Dr. Moore has tied ostensible gospel efforts to a political lobby funded by George Soros, a man who opposes Biblical doctrine on ethics, life, sexuality, etc., and who openly says he wishes to invest large amounts of money in any willing evangelical that can spin his left-wing politics into a “Christian” endeavor.

I've stated previously that Dr. Moore should be expelled from the Southern Baptists and all his works undone. This is further evidence of the need for that. Moore is quite clearly one of the wolves in sheep's clothing against whom the Apostle Paul warned Christians.

The lesson of the infiltration and convergence of churches from the Roman Catholic to Lutheran to the Southern Baptist over the last 50 years is this: relentlessly police your institutions and organizations. And pay very close attention to every would-be leader who seeks to bring about "much-needed change" or "bring the organization into the modern world", then rapidly expel them.

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Lies and more lies

 When you deal enough with lawyers, you learn how they lie through omission and misdirection. See if you can spot the lies here:

Against false statements, the facts: Smartmatic does not own Dominion Voting Systems and has never provided Dominion with any technology. Smartmatic has never had ties with any government or political group anywhere in the world.

See, Smartmatic "has never provided Dominion with any technology" because Dominion provided the technology to Smartmatic.

Reporter: The question on people’s minds, why is Smartmatic even still here in the Philippines after reports it had violated provisions of the election automated law. Number one for example that it was never allowed to bid in the 2010 elections because it did not actually own the software. Dominion owned the software. Dominion Voting owned the software. Plus the difficulty that they had to put the COMELEC (Commission on Elections) in order to access the source code. Issues like that. Your thoughts? People say we should not be subjected to Smartmatic again this time around.

Mark Malloch Brown: Yes, well I think that’s competitors who say that. The fact is, yes a part of our technology IS licensed from Dominion. But you tell me a large technology company which isn’t using in part licenses from other companies. And we have a license for the international use of that particular piece of the technology.

Reporter: So Mark let me just cut in there and ask you, the license issued by Dominion for you to use for proprietary software, that is a live license for you to use?

Mark Malloch Brown: Yes.

But then, it turns out that the lying by omission and misdirection goes even deeper.

 Leading voting technology provider Sequoia Voting Systems is pleased to announce the sale of the company to a group of private U.S. investors led by Sequoia's current executive management team.

"Sequoia is an innovative company with a century-long history; hard-working and talented employees; proven products; a solid balance sheet; essentially no debt, a corporate structure that provides flexibility; an extensive customer base and a very bright future," said Jack Blaine, Sequoia President & CEO. "I am very excited and hopeful about the tremendous possibilities and numerous opportunities that lay ahead for Sequoia given the company's new structure and the completion of this sale process."

The investment group, led by Sequoia President & CEO Jack Blaine and company Chief Financial Officer Peter McManemy, purchased Sequoia from former parent company Smartmatic Corporation for an undisclosed sum.

That private investment group sold Sequoia, and its technology to Dominion.

Sequoia Voting Systems was a California-based company that is one of the largest providers of electronic voting systems in the U.S., having offices in Oakland, Denver and New York City. Some of its major competitors were Premier Election Solutions (formerly Diebold Election Systems) and Election Systems & Software. It was acquired by the Canadian company Dominion Voting Systems on June 4, 2010. 

In other words, there was a cutout, which doesn't even truly qualify as a third party due to the fact that it was led by Sequoia's management team, that allows Smartmatic to deceptively claim that it never provided the technology directly to Dominion even though Dominion now owns the technology that Smartmatic formerly owned.

And note that Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian company, thereby confirming the fact of foreign interference in US elections.

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So, what do we call it?

 Neon Revolt, whose opinion regarding Black Rifle Coffee is pretty similar to mine, considers this comment from one of his readers to be a fair take. And I don't disagree:

People are mad at black rifle coffee because they want right-leaning companies to go all in for the right just like the left leaning companies go all in for the left.

If you’re on the right it never feels like you get a hearty endorsement from any such company… At best you get neutrality and at worst you get disavowed.

Or to put in another way: everybody fears the left-wing mob but nobody fears the right-wing. Right-wingers are starving for someone to have their back. That is why the reaction is so strong.

Fair enough. And even if you don't consider BRC's actions a betrayal, they have at least demonstrated that they don't merit any particular support from patriots or 2nd Amendment activists despite their posturing and pretensions.

Trust not in marketing.

Anyhow, I've already made contact with an Italian private label coffee producer and arranged for them to provide me with a box of samples. (There is no downside here.) If it's genuinely good, we can consider what the next steps might be. Of course, we'll have to figure out what we're going to call it.... 

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Sunday, November 22, 2020

I am intrigued


There is nothing wrong with neutrality

First, read this statement from Black Rifle Coffee:

A Statement from CEO Evan Hafer on Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Mission

As a veteran-owned and operated coffee company, Black Rifle Coffee Company exists to serve premium coffee while supporting the veteran Community. At the core of Black Rifle Coffee’s values is to support and bring awareness to the millions of veterans who have proudly served our nation and we will not waver from that mission.

The Black Rifle brand is a symbol of service, of strength, and of goodness that has carried over from our military origins. It’s why we support active duty service members and veterans, prioritize veteran hiring, and advocate for individual liberty and personal responsibility.

We do not support legal advocacy efforts. We do not sponsor nor do we have a relationship with the 17-year-old facing charges in Kenosha, WI.

We believe in the integrity of the legal justice system, and support law enforcement officials.

We’re grateful for the continued support of the Black Rifle Coffee community and eager to continue serving those who serve.

-Evan Hafer, CEO/Founder

Now, as you probably know, I absolutely support The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse. And I also consider this to be a missed opportunity here for Black Rifle Coffee to take a stand in support of one of its supporters that would go over very, very well with its customers. If he'd been wearing an Arkhaven shirt, I'd have sent him ten more plus a baseball cap. But there is literally nothing wrong for a corporation to decline to not only leap into the cultural wars, but put itself at the pointiest edge of the spear in those wars.

Black Rifle didn't cuck, it didn't throw The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse under the bus, it didn't disavow him, and it didn't rush to make a donation to BLM in order to purchase a hall pass from the enemy. It just pointed out, correctly, that it was being unfairly attacked for something it didn't do that was unrelated to its mission. Save your rhetorical fire for enemies, deserters, cucks, and traitors, don't waste it on neutrals. Ignore them, because there are no shortage of better targets out there.

TL,DR: If you like the coffee, then drink it. There is no reason to boycott them. But then, there is no reason to go out of your way to support them either. They've made it clear that they won't stand up for anyone, so you don't need to stand up for them.

As for me, I don't drink Black Rifle Coffee and I don't care about Black Rifle Coffee. Here is an idea: instead of getting all enthusiastic about individuals and institutions that you imagine might maybe perhaps be on your side and getting repeatedly disappointed when you learn otherwise, why not simply focus on supporting those who actually are?

I truly do not understand this apparent desire to constantly hare off after everyone and everything that happens to make what might possibly be a sympathetic noise.

UPDATE: All right, if enough of you BRC supporters are genuinely pissed off about this, let me know and I'll contact an Italian company I know. I wouldn't mind having an excuse to produce a custom Italian coffee line, especially since Nespresso doesn't seem inclined to bring back Canella anytime soon.

UPDATE: Upon further review, I was wrong. Black Rifle Coffee is a false front, it is not politically neutral and its failure to back The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse cannot be reasonably ascribed to simple corporate neutrality. They appear to be parasites in patriot clothing successfully preying on the veteran community. The CEO is an Obama donor. An ActBlue donor. And it gets worse, as demonstrated in this glowing profile by CBS News:

To Hafer and Best, honoring patriots means honoring immigrants....

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Innocent about the abroad

 Cerno is dubious about American activities abroad:

Don’t know what to tell you folks. If you think the “US military” seized servers in Germany, a NATO ally, in what would be an attack on their sovereignty and an international incident... I just got nothing for you.

I would have thought Mike had better connections in the US military. Rest assured that this sort of thing not only happens, it isn't even particularly uncommon. First, there is no sovereignty issue in Germany, which is still technically an occupied nation as it has been since the end of WWII. Second, sovereignty issues don't even slow down US military operations anywhere there are US bases. If the local governments are informed, it is always after the fact. Third, I would recommend Mike look up Operation Gladio if he wants to better understand the full extent of the US military's freedom of operation throughout Western Europe.

US forces have done an awful lot more, and an awful lot worse, in Europe than seize a server or two without causing any international incidents.

That doesn't mean that this particular raid took place. Perhaps it did, perhaps it didn't. But it is hardly unthinkable, and doesn't even begin to compare with, for example, lethal US military operations in Pakistan and the Philippines. There is even a television show about this sort of thing.

All that being said, it appears that the operation took place with the permission of the German government anyhow.

In order to get access to that server and have it available for use in a legal manner they had to have the State Department work in tandem with the Department of Justice. They had to request that the government of Germany cooperate in allowing this seizure of this server. The appropriate documents required to affect that kind of seizure were put in place, signed off on, and it appears there was also US military support in this operation. The US military was not in the lead.

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We're waiting for BIDEN's concession

As Rex explains contra the media narrative, we're not waiting for Trump's concession. We're waiting to see if JOE BIDEN is going to concede in order to reduce the amount of damage to the Republic and the risk of widespread violence or not. That's the whole point of this drip-drip-drip of increasingly important information, and it explains why Trump has been remarkably constrained in his actions to date. It also explains why Biden has been hesitant to assert himself as the President-Elect and why Kamala Harris hasn't resigned from the Senate yet. 

It's a waiting game for now. They're waiting for the next shoe to drop while Trump patiently waits for them to concede. But we know the clock is running.

Trump has known about the Democrats vote fraud schemes for YEARS. There are tweets as far back as 2012. Ergo, he would have known he was target #1 in 2016, 2018 and of course in 2020. And he was prepared. Trump's 2018 EOs, CISA trap and infiltration into vote count centers is good evidence of that.

In my opinion, the Dems were lured onto their own killing field. Arrogant, drunk on power and poorly led, no one appears to have considered that Trump was onto them. On Nov 3, the one thing that they hadn't considered happened. 


The Dems panicked. The mail in ballots exposed them. And revealed to everything else they were up to, including the horrendous digital fraud. This narrative of a desperate Trump, losing legal cases while he sits in the Oval Office in denial, is exactly the opposite of what's happening.

Think of a desperate and divided Democratic Party machine, TRAPPED. While Trump looks on in FURY. The Dems are in a terrible position. All they can do is to gaslight Biden to inauguration. But given Trump has them dead to rights, everything they do makes it worse for them.

Again, I doubt that Trump wants to plunge America into yet more division. I think he wants to put a final end to this assault on the Presidency, Constitution & people as quickly as possible. The question is 'HOW'?

Sure, a SCOTUS vindication may be the answer. We are seeing Obama judges blocking each Trump case. Doesn't matter. Sooner or later one of those cases will likely go to SCOTUS. SCOTUS will rule one way or the other. If they decide in Trump's favor, great. If not, that sucks. But it doesn't change the outcome.

If Trump wants SCOTUS to be the vehicle, I think he will want to make sure that any decision will be easy for the judges. He wants to PROTECT SCOTUS, not make it a target. That means that the criminals will have to be exposed and Biden may even concede, BEFORE any SCOTUS hearing. 

How does that happen? Again, let's not be distracted by the public drama. Trump has a very powerful PRIVATE option that everyone seems to have forgotten about. What would that be? Our old friend, the Title 1 FISA warrant.

Consider. If what Sidney Powell is alleging is credible, this is one of the most serious national security situations America has ever faced. Foreign actors, working with American citizens, are trying to steal an American Presidential election. Unlike the Obama/Clinton Trump/Russia hoax, this one is REAL. It is therefore logical that each agent implicated in what's gone on has been flagged with a '2 hop' T1 FISA, for a long time. Or some other form of surveillance.

There is nothing controversial about that conclusion, BTW. In fact, that is EXACTLY what the FISC and National Security Letters are for. I would find it very difficult to believe that MULTIPLE T1 FISAs have not been issued against the crooks, for ages. If that's happened and the allegations are true, evidence implicating everyone involved has almost certainly been hoovered up. 

I note Powell has been referring to comms (eg a DoD officer instructing hundreds of Dem ops to sabotage their offices) that to me can only have come from surveillance. This means that Trump has likely amassed a MOUNTAIN of incriminating evidence, that he can use at will. A mountain that is growing, daily.

For some reason, leftists & FakeNews  always overlook a critical fact. Trump is POTUS. The most powerful person on the planet. And he has ALL his ducks in a row.

 I think Trump's ideal solution would be for Biden to concede and then slither away (likely after selling out everyone else). That means that someone is going to knock on Biden's door soon, to give him a dose of REALITY. One that makes it very clear that he and hundreds of others have been caught dead to rights. And that he MUST CONCEDE.

If Biden doesn't concede, Trump has many options. EVERYONE involved is at risk. Biden will be reminded of that. Trump can turn up the heat, as he controls the temperature control. If Biden doesn't concede, it will make him even more foolish and culpable as the crime is exposed.

If Biden concedes, game over. SCOTUS may not be required. Trump is inaugurated. The damage to the Republic will be contained.

But even if Biden does NOT concede, no biggie. Trump will use his evidence to expose the crime in a way that cannot be credibly explained away. And arrests will start shortly thereafter.

Remember, politics is a form of warfare. And while the greatest generals are able to win without needing to go through the process of resolving the situation on the battlefield, that doesn't mean they are incapable of winning on the battlefield. To the contrary, the reason they can win without battle is because their enemies know they are outmatched.

President Trump is patiently waiting to see if his enemies have the sense to surrender without making him resort to force. And since they disregarded his every previous warning, I doubt it will surprise him very much if they do not.

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What you're missing

From the recent collection of spam posted by banned trolls, blackpillers, despair merchants, and other undesirables.

  • Every time i read your blog you remind me more and more of Hitler in march - April of the 1945, desperately hoping for wunderwaffe or 9th army, that will crush puny soviets and Third Reich will win. To be fair i am not sure if you are serious or just trolling, either way this is pure comedy, thank you.
  • Personally, I don't think anyone will be arrested or face any accountability whatsoever. I hope I am wrong.
  • This all will look so silly when deep state zombie Biden is inaugurated January, gammas like you will keep shouting "Trump won". No Trump lost. Because he was worse then fucking deep state pedo-satanists. Complete and utter incompetent bafoon.
  • In Vox Day’s secret kingdom, it’s a Trumpslide every year.
  • TC's paycheck is signed: Murdoch/(((Rothschild))). Now, Sidney is going to present "mathematical evidence" to a hearing of Congressional idiots? And then the 8/9'ths cucked SC? That'll lead nowhere.
  • Trump is not a fighter. Great president, and he knows what faces him, but he cannot pull the trigger or drop and hammer. It just isn't his thing. Worse, he has no loyalty down. Support him in any way, and get prosecuted on exaggerated or totally false charges? He lets you swing with no support. So even if he decided to actually fight, no one will go all out to help him. I very well could be wrong, and I hope I am, but he has fumbled or slow played every chance to make this a real fight.
  • SC isn't going to take up Trump's hail mary. They already turned down the request to expedite hearing on a petition for a writ of certiorari on ballots mailed but not received on election day and deadlocked on overturning the Pennsylvania lower court ruling. Roberts isn't willing to have the SC look political regardless of the Republican skew of its members so don't expect them and Coney Barrett to come through for Trump in the end. She already skipped out on ruling on the above-mentioned Pennsylvania case, so she's clearly thinking of her next 30-40 years on the court and not Trump's last 2 months. And we're still waiting for that "Kraken"... taking it's time to show up, ain't it?
I just thought it would be amusing to have this posted, for the record, when the truth is revealed and these pathetic little snakes can be seen for what they truly are. And on a more positive note, some readers seem to be under the impression that I'm putting on a brave face for rhetorical purposes.
I just wanted to thank you for maintaining a strong and optimistic view about Trump and the election when so many people are rolling over. I've started unfollowing people who are giving up and giving in, because who needs that kind of defeat mentality? I wish they weren't so afraid of looking like fools or being disappointed. Regardless of what happens – and I do think Trump has a good chance of serving his second term – it's important to stay the course all the way to the end.

I understand morale is important. That's why I ban the blackpillers and the despairing. Their despair can be contagious. But I am actually a little more optimistic than one would assume on the basis of my posts here. And the reason is this: I know considerably more about what is going on behind the scenes of matters to which I am privy than the public does. But I can't say anything about what is happening now until the process is over, and that process will take months, if not years. And I also know that nothing anyone else says in public will have any impact whatsoever on the eventual result.

Now, some will say that I'm just engaging in rhetoric, that I'm just trying to keep the troops' spirits up, or simply accuse me of lying or failing to understand the situation. But I don't care what they think, because I not only know what is happening, I know for a fact that they don't. I'm genuinely confident and those who are able to distinguish the false front from the real thing can tell the difference. And while it is possible that I am wrong, both probability and previous record suggest otherwise.

The process in which President Trump has been engaged is a much, much bigger one than most of us can even imagine. It has to run its course and it has to run that course in the requisite amount of time. And while it is understandable that people are getting impatient and anxious, especially in light of the relentless pressure of the media's demoralization campaign engulfing them on a daily basis, the end result of the process has already been largely determined. Whether that end result is for good or for ill, how you feel today will not alter it at all.

And in the meantime, the little glimpses of the process that we are able to see have all been almost entirely positive. So there is no reason to be pessimistic and many reasons to be optimistic, as long as you have the fortitude to ignore the cheerleaders for the other side. And, as you know, I long ago stopped paying any attention to anything the media says about anything due to its reliable unreliability, which is why the demoralization campaign does not affect me.

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The raid in Germany was on the CIA

Or so AC cites former Fox News reporter, Adam Housely:

Adam Housley, formerly of Fox News, now just using his sources to do twitter for fun, says “One of the claims by Powell I have looked into…the claim a location was raided in Germany with servers. I have 3 sources on this…all as solid as they come. Here is what I have found: 1.There is/was a clandestine location in Frankfurt run by CIA used to monitor/manipulate elections around globe. 2.That location did have servers & a front company as cover. 3.I cannot confirm the location was tied to U.S. elections. 4. One source says raided, 2 don’t know.” 

None of the usual “libs” in the comments attacking Housley or minimizing his story. Nor are the reporters from ABC, NBC, and CNN tweeting back and forth with him like they did a few days ago to call him irresponsible for saying if there are allegations of fraud, they should be checked out. Like talking about surveillance, they were told to try and let this one just drift away into the fog quietly, not call attention to it, and hope nobody noticed. 

Also note, Sidney Powell is literally a close associate of/lawyer for Michael Flynn, so she has a pipeline into the most secret areas of the intel community, so it is no surprise she was right. What this all means is Trump is playing to win. 

From that, you can infer that one, he did not just start yesterday – all of this was planned, and two, they didn’t raid a super classified CIA server farm filled with NOCs and dedicated to election hacking across the globe off of somebody’s random guess. Three, if successful (and they would be, as they would not raid such a facility off of a guess), it means there is no doubt, Trump is taking office in January, and the salt will be glorious – of a level nobody may ever again see in anyone’s lifetimes. It also means they are going to blow the whole thing open, and it will be as shocking as Q promised. 

This whole election fraud situation is looking more and more like a massive sting. And it also explains why President Trump was campaigning like a madman right up until Election Day even though he knew he was going to win. I was always curious about that, because I was certain that Biden was a sacrificial lamb long before the Democrats settled upon him as the nominee.

But what the God-Emperor was doing was driving up his vote and making the Trumpslide bigger, thereby forcing the would-be election stealers into increasingly crude and visible tactics. It's a lot easier to hide 100,000 fake ballots than 10 million. If this interpretation of events turns out to be correct, it will elevate Donald Trump to the strategic level of Hannibal Barca.

AC also predicted good things for Arkhaven Comics, which is nice.

UPDATE: Emerald Robinson of Newsmax confirms part of the story.

BREAKING: a national security source confirms to me that “a piece of hardware has been secured” from Germany.

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

No one here will be shocked

But an awful lot of other people will be once the truth begins to come out about the reality of the evil U.S. political elite.

So the Supreme Court is being aligned. They Department of Defense was recently realigned by the president. Take a look at how he put in place a cyberterrorism and terrorism expert. As I said look at what he did in 2018 with the executive order to deal with foreign interference in our national elections....

The one thing I’ll say is there’ll be an intermingling. There will be people going to jail I believe who are involved in all of those or some of those same investigations. So there is potentially a great awakening. The truth has to come out. I believe it will. I do not think that you can hide the truth. I do say it and I believe it, every lie will be revealed. This country is going to be shocked when they find the truth about who’s been occupying the Oval Office for some periods of years. They’re going to be shocked at the level of pedophilia. They are going to be shocked at what I believe is going to be a revelation in terms of people who are engaged in satanic worship.

You may recall that I had a very brief brush with some elite social circles and Donald Trump was there at the time. I never saw anything out of the ordinary, but I didn't like anything about any of the people I met and I really didn't like their general vibe, which is saying something when you consider that I didn't have any issues with the Wax Trax! crowd.

That's why I don't think it's just going to be the Clinton-Obama crowd. I'm pretty sure the Bush crowd will be heavily involved as well. But whatever has been going on in those circles for the last 30 years, President Trump knows and he appears determined to stop it, which is probably why the bad guys went all-in on such high-risk election fraud.

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Junior Classics leather set

Since we are rapidly approaching the shipping date of the first three Junior Classics hardcovers to the backers, it is necessary to permit those who have asked permission to upgrade from the hardcover set to the leather set to do so. It is also possible for those who missed the campaign to preorder a leather set at the same price as the original backers.

If you are a backer who wishes to upgrade, please send me an email with your backer number and request the upgrade. You will be sent a discount code which you can apply against a new order for the leather set. Please be aware that an upgrade means you will not be sent the first three volumes in hardcover, and that the leather set will not ship until all 10 volumes are ready. You will, however, receive the first three digital editions in December when Volumes 1-3 ship in hardcover.

Also, if you are a hardcover backer and haven't provided your current shipping address yet, please go to Indiegogo and use the Ask a Question option to send a message to the campaign owner containing your address.

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Proof is the new evidence

It's interesting to see the mainstream media narrative keep changing over time. From the Daily Mail:

Trump claims that there is 'big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia' as he continues to claim he won the election

President Donald Trump continued to allege voter fraud on Saturday

He claimed there is 'big voter fraud information' coming from Georgia

Trump urged his supporters to 'stay tuned!' yet offered no further information on what his campaign claims to have found there

Biden was declared the winner in Georgia after a hand recount this week 

Trump's previous claims of fraud have been widely dismissed as his legal team has failed to supply any proof 

First, the narrative was that there wasn't any evidence, which we're still seeing being ignorantly repeated by a few lagging retards who simply don't know what "evidence" is. Then that shifted to "no strong evidence", which is still the primary narrative despite the fact that no one in the media is even remotely equipped to understand, let alone explain, the significance of the strong statistical and technological evidence that has already been revealed.

Now, the media has begun retreating to the "failed to supply any proof" position, which we can reasonably expect to be abandoned within two weeks. Of course, once the proof is supplied, it's game over for Sleepy Joe and a lot of corrupt election officials.

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The ballad of Tucker Cuckerson

 A reader contributed this limerick in honor of Tucker Carlson.

They said that Tuck would never cuck.

Peer pressure would he always buck.

When presented in gold

A ticket to hold,

"No proof!" did he promptly cluck.

Another reader submits one on a similar theme, entitled Fact-Checker Certified, that features a nice twist.

Joe won fair and square, yes, it's true.

Those who question do not have a clue.

Right-wing doubters, despair!

Joe won fair and square,

And Jeff Epstein killed himself too. 

UPDATE: Now General Flynn is calling out Tucker Carlson. Sans limerick, unfortunately.

@TuckerCarlson you are not being genuine in how you represented yourself to @SidneyPowell1. Why are you acting like a “Bell Ringer” and not a real journalist as @DineshDSouza

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Tucker has the evidence

 And yet, Mr. Cuckerson continues to deny the incontrovertible:

On Friday night Tucker Carlson doubled down and denied there was any proof of vote switching during the 2020 presidential election. Tucker Carlson told his audience there is no evidence of votes being switched. But we sent him at least one video on the voter fraud we revealed with the help of several IT specialists, auditors and accountants.

This is ridiculous. There is conclusive documentary evidence of vote switching during the 2020 presidential election sitting right on YouTube. I suggest you download it before YouTube deletes it. This video was recorded on a phone camera filming CNN as Donald Trump's Pennsylvania vote totals drop from 1,690,589 to 1,670,631 at the same time Joe Biden's vote total rises from 1,252,537 to 1,272,495 in just 35 seconds.

That's is clear and conclusive evidence of precisely 19,958 votes being switched from Trump to Biden during the 2020 presidential election.

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Tracking down the Dominion team

 As you may know, Dominion is suddenly shutting down its offices and its employees and contractors are desperately trying to wipe any sign of their connection to the company from their online profiles. This archived tweet thread explains why. 

I was researching companies to see how many IT people they employ in US vs overseas, and I found a feature which lets me search LinkedIn by region, so I thought I would apply the same to DVS and see if we can contact any developers in Serbia to get them to flip on DVS. 

I found about 10 people working in Serbia for DVS, and I started to look into the developers, I started to notice that the developers were linked to the company, but more than a few did NOT have the DVS experience listed on their profile 

How does that happen? It happens when you used to have the experience linked but it's since been removed. LinkedIn Caches those employee employer relationships so you stay listed under their company even though you've removed the experience. 

That got me wondering WHY would someone want to remove their relationship with the company... only answer is to cover something up. So I started to research each one.

Here is the screenshot of the DVS Employees on LinkedIn: 

You can see on this screen shot that I am hovering over Aleksandar Lazarevic and that the link to his profile is showing in the bottom left of the screen. The url being: (… )

Note the handle ending in 777, that will come into play later.

In researching this developer I discover this person wrote the book on how to do algorithmic boosting of datasets over time. The Official name for it is SMOTE (Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique), I've attached the paper to this email and it's still currently available online here.

Read the whole thing before Twitter deletes it. She appears to have identified the specific individual responsible for writing the code that enabled Dominion to modify the electoral returns of the U.S. presidential election.

Also, Biden didn't win.

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Friday, November 20, 2020

Trumpslide 2024

They have it all.

Sidney Powell just now on Glenn Beck: Servers from ScytI in Germany were in fact confiscated and "I AM HEARING THAT IS WAS OUR FORCES THAT GOT THE SERVERS." Translation: We have it all.

Elsewhere on Twitter:

Neocons like Sasse are as bad as the endless war Dems. They will keep us in these wars for centuries while not being able to articulate why we are actually there, but they’re more than happy to send our incredible men and women of the arm services over there forever. 

- Donald Trump Jr.

Meanwhile, Dominion is demonstrating their obvious innocence to all and sundry:

  • Denver and Toronto offices closed.
  • 100+ employees scrubbed their LinkedIn profiles
  • Executives refused to testify before PA House committee
  • Lawyered up... because that's what you do when you've done nothing wrong, right?

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Why is Tucker cucking?

Tucker Carlson is not dumb enough to fail to understand what "evidence" is or how it is properly presented. Is he under pressure from his superiors at Fox News? Or is he simply afraid of being jettisoned in the event Biden is successful in his attempt to steal the election?

"On Sunday night, we texted her after watching one of her segments. What Powell was describing would amount to the single greatest crime in American history, millions of votes stolen in a day. Democracy destroyed. The end of our centuries-old system of self-government — not a small thing," Carlson said, noting he did not initially dismiss "any" of her claims.

He added that he believes his show was the most "open-minded show on television," noting he's covered evidence of UFOs.

"We took Sidney Powell seriously. We had no intention of fighting with her. We've always respected her work. We simply wanted to see the details. How could you not want to see them? So, we invited Sidney Powell on the show. We would've given her the whole hour. We would've given her the entire week, actually, and listened quietly the whole time at rapt attention. That's a big story. But she never sent us any evidence, despite a lot of requests — polite requests. Not a page," Carlson, whose program is regularly top-rated among prime-time shows, said.

"When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her. When we checked with others around the Trump campaign, people in positions of authority, they told us Powell has never given them any evidence either. Nor did she provide any today at the press conference," Carlson continued, though he agreed electronic voting was dangerous. "But she never demonstrated that a single actual vote was moved illegitimately by software from one candidate to another. Not one."

What is ridiculous about Carlson's statements is that one cannot reasonably be expected to provide the sort of evidence that is required to be conclusive in a press conference in front of a bunch of journalists who are totally incapable of understanding it. As both Powell and Giuliani have stated, they have the evidence and will be providing it in the appropriate venues. They have even described, in some detail, what that evidence is.

The statistical evidence is literally right in front of everyone. FFS, I knew there was voter fraud in Hennepin County by simply looking at the documentary evidence of the vote totals; it is unlikely to the point of complete impossibility for Joe Biden to have won 25.2 percent more votes than the average of votes won by Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton in three elections at the same time Donald Trump won 13.6 percent more votes than the average won by himself, Mitt Romney, and John McCain.

Hey Tucker, here is the evidence. Now, decide if you're henceforth going to be known as Tucker Carlson or Tucker Cuckerson.

Meanwhile, Sidney Powell made much the same point I did above to Carlson. So perhaps he really isn't smart enough to understand what evidence is and is not. Most people simply don't understand what evidence actually is because they are not intelligent enough to understand it. What most people, especially the media, consider to be evidence is simply testimonial evidence offered by an authority about the actual evidence. But a fair amount of the statistical evidence is already right in front of everyone, they just don't have the math to understand it or its significance.

Maria Bartiromo: How did you respond to Tucker Carlson? Did you get angry with the show because they texted you and asked you to provide evidence of what you’re alleging?

Sidney Powell: No, I didn’t get angry with the request to provide evidence in fact I sent an affidavit to Tucker that I had not even attached to a pleading yet to help him understand the situation and I offered him another witness who could explain the mathematics of the statistical evidence far better than I can. I’m not really a numbers person. But he was very insulting, demanding and rude and I told him not to contact me again in those terms.

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At the Rubicon

 Alexander Macris contemplates the President at the banks of a certain river of historical fame:

In the closing days of 50 BC, the Roman Senate declared that Julius Caesar’s term as a provincial governor was finished. Roman law afforded its magistrates immunity to prosecution, but this immunity would end with Caesar’s term. As the leader of the populares faction, Caesar had many enemies among the elite optimates, and as soon as he left office, these enemies planned to bury him in litigation. Caesar knew he would lose everything: property, liberty, even his life.

Caesar decided it was better to fight for victory than accept certain defeat. In January 49 BC, he crossed the Rubicon River with his army, in violation of sacred Roman law, and begin a civil war. “Alea iacta est,” said Caesar: The die is cast.

In the closing days of 2020 AD, the American media has declared that Donald Trump’s term as president is finished. As the leader of the deplorables faction, Trump has many enemies among the elite irates, and as soon as he leaves office, these enemies plan to bury him in litigation. Bill Pascrell, the Chairman of the House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Oversight, has officially called for the prosecution of President Trump for “government crimes” following his term in office. In his thirst for vengeance, Pascrell has made it clear there will be no Nixonian escape by pardon:

Donald Trump, along with his worst enablers, must be tried for their crimes against our nation and Constitution. Any further abuse of the sacred pardon power to shield criminals would itself be obstruction of justice, and any self-pardons would be illegal.

Like Caesar, Trump now must fight for victory or lose everything. Come January 2021, will Donald Trump decide to cast the die and cross the Rubicon? He might.

The same people who warned us that Trump is worse than Hitler will now scoff: “Donald Trump is no Caesar!” That’s true. Trump is in a much better position than Caesar was.

Unlike Caesar, Trump can cross the Rubicon legally. He need violate no sacred law. He has all of the legal power he needs to act and win. Congress has given it to him. All he needs to do is invoke the Insurrection Act.

Read the whole thing. It is time for the God-Emperor to cross the Rubicon and put an end the facade that has permitted demons and literal devil-worshippers to rule over the American people. Iacta alea, et transire Rubiconem!

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The Satan gang flashing signs

 On the Devil's own comms network, Twitter:

Something’s fishy.. Obama changed his profile pic from full color to black and white... the Obama Foundation logo also used to be color but now is black and white.

Others include:

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Michelle Obama
  • Oprah
  • George Soros
  • Chrissy Teigen
  • The Rock
  • David Rotschild
  • Gavin Newsom

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

We will not back down

 There is no more doubt that President Trump is going to take the battle to the fraudsters in the aftermath of today's press conference.

"We will not back down, we won't be intimidated, President Trump will not be intimidated. You the American people should not be intimidated... this is not a court of law, we will get there, and we have time, and we have constitutional provisions that will step in when we show the corruption and the irredeemably challenged and overturned votes that are absolutely corrupt."

-Jenna Ellis, Senior Legal Advisor to the Trump Campaign

The Nine Key Points detailed today:

1. Observers were allegedly prevented from watching mail-in ballots being opened. Giuliani said that many mail-in ballots were opened without observers being able to check that they were properly signed, a key protection against fraud. Those votes, he said, were “null and void,” especially where the envelopes had been discarded, making recounts useless.

2. Allegedly unequal application of the law in Democratic counties. In Pennsylvania, whose state supreme court created new, relaxed voting rules before the election, Giuliani alleged that absentee voters in Democratic counties were allowed to “cure” defects in their ballots, while voters in Republican counties, which obeyed the state law as written, were not.

3. Voters allegedly arrived at the polls to discover other people had voted for them. Giuliani said that many provisional ballots cast in Pittsburgh were submitted by people who showed up to vote in person, only to be told that they had voted already. He alleged that Democrats had filled out absentee ballots for other people, hoping they would not show up.

4. Election officials were allegedly told not to look for defects in ballots, and to backdate ballots. Giuliani cited an affidavit from an official who swore she was told not to exclude absentee ballots for defects, and to backdate ballots so they would not appear to have been received after Election Day, to avoid a Supreme Court order to sequester those ballots.

5. Ballots casting votes for Joe Biden and no other candidates were allegedly run several times through machines. Giuliani said that there were 60 witnesses in Michigan who would attest to ballots being “produced” quickly and counted twice or thrice. He said that a minimum of 60,000 ballots, and a maximum of 100,000 ballots, were allegedly affected.

6. Absentee ballots were accepted in Wisconsin without being applied for first. Giuliani noted that Wisconsin state law was stricter regarding absentee ballots than most other states are, yet alleged that 60,000 absentee ballots were counted in the Milwaukee area, and 40,000 in the Madison area, without having been applied for properly by the voters who cast them.

7. There were allegedly “overvotes,” with some precincts allegedly recording more voters than residents, among other problems. Giuliani said there was an unusually large number of overvotes in precincts in Michigan and in Wisconsin, which he alleged was the reason that Republicans on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers had refused to certify the results there this week. He also alleged that there were some out-of-state voters in Georgia, and people who had cast votes twice there.

8. Voting machines and software are allegedly owned by companies with ties to the Venezuelan regime and to left-wing donor George Soros. Sidney Powell argued that U.S. votes were being counted overseas, and that Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software were controlled by foreign interests, manipulating algorithms to change the results. Powell noted specifically that Smartmatic’s owners included two Venezuelan nationals, whom she alleged had ties to the regime of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro. The legal team alleged that there were statistical anomalies, such as huge batches of votes for Biden, that could not be explained except as manipulation — which, they alleged, happened in the wee hours of the morning as vote-counting had stalled. (The companies have disputed these allegations vigorously.)

9. The Constitution provides a process for electing a president if the vote is corrupted. Jenna Ellis argued that the media, had usurped the power to declare the winner of the election. She made the point, citing Federalist No. 68, that the constitutional process of selecting a president had procedural safeguards against corruption and foreign influence. Giuliani said that the campaign believed that enough votes were flawed — more than double the margins between Biden and Trump in key states — that the president had a path to victory.

As Giuliani himself said, anyone who says there is "no evidence" of mass voter fraud is lying. 

UPDATE: We will not back down, but Tucker Carlson appears to have cucked.

Tucker Carlson says Trump campaign unwilling to provide evidence to back their claims.

Forget the legal definitions of evidence. These people are not even speaking English correctly. 


Junior Classics Vols. 1-3

If you missed out on backing the Junior Classics campaign, you can preorder Vols. 1-3 for the next two weeks at Arkhaven and receive backer’s editions of the first three volumes when they ship in December. The non-backer editions of the first three volumes will go into distribution in January. This preorder is for the royal octavo books, there will be no preorders available for the smaller demy octavo size.

Thanks again to all the backers who have waited so patiently for these books. Each volume features original spine and cover art, curated content that combines the best of the 1918 and 1958 editions, and hundreds of carefully selected classic interior illustrations. The backers editions are noted as such on the title pages and feature a special logo on the back of each book. The image above is the cover of Volume 2: Myths & Legends.

If you are a hardcover set or backer and you have not yet updated your shipping address through the "contact the campaign" option, please do so now. Leather and digital backers do not need to update their addresses.

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They will lose their minds

What passes for them, anyhow, when the truth about the election comes out. Keep in mind that this is the sort of thing they genuinely believe, as you read John Scalzi's take on the globalist attempt to install Joe Biden in the White House:

Donald Trump has lost the 2020 presidential election and has absolutely zero chance of winning it now. This is because the election has already been run, and it resulted with Joe Biden winning, with, to date, 77 million votes, 50.8 percent of the voting electorate and 290 electoral votes, with another 16 likely to come once the recount in Georgia is done. The margins by which Biden has won these states are impossible to overcome, as historically recounts change the vote totals by hundreds of votes, and Biden is up by 14,000 in the closest race of the states where numbers are being contested (that’s Georgia). The suits that the Trump campaign has filed regarding election fraud have been shot down as hearsay or because of other flaws in the filing; they are historically flimsy suits, and even the ones that aren’t affect a number of ballots that will not change the results of the election. There was no systemic or systematic electoral fraud.

The idea that the Republican legislatures in the “contested” states will rebel and name their own electors is a pipe dream, you decide which kind of pipe, and in any event the legislatures in at least some of the states have signaled they have no interest or intent to get involved. That leaves an autocoup attempt, I suppose, but given how much open contempt this president has had for the military forces in the United States, and the seriousness with which our military takes its oath, let me just suggest I don’t see that move ending up happily for Trump.

To repeat: Donald Trump has lost the 2020 presidential election, definitively and decisively. If you believe this, congratulations, you have some minimal relationship to reality as it exists in the world. If you do not believe this, either you have been trapped in a bread box at the bottom of a well for the last two weeks and are just now catching up, or you have some injury of the brain which does not allow you to process information in a reliable manner, or you simply choose to live in a fantasy world for your own, probably at this point frantic and malign, reasons. Or, alternately, you know Trump has lost the election, but you choose to pretend this fact is not real, because you are, in fact, a mendacious piece of shit...

The GOP, as it is, is a cancer of American democracy. Not because it’s conservative — there will always be conservatives, and if we must have political parties, then conservatives should have one no less than anyone else — but because it fundamentally no longer acknowledges either the necessity of American democracy or the need for an informed electorate.

Lunatic SJWs like Scalzi assert that it is the sane have a "minimal relationship to reality as it exists in the world" even as the evidence continues to pile up that the results reported by the media are entirely fraudulent and knowingly fictional. This is why we cannot coexist with them, even if, like Scalzi, they hypocritically insist in living amonst us in our communities because our way of life is so much more observably livable than theirs.

UPDATE: a lawyer is unimpressed by McRapey's legal analysis:

As a lawyer, one thing that has struck me about about the Left's reaction to it all has been non-lawyers and non-election-fraud experts talking about how Trump has "no chance" to succeed in his suits. I mean, I can understand why the corporate media and lawyers for Biden would be so dismissive publicly---they are paid to engage in such pro-Biden PR puffery--but lots of name-but-unpaid TDS sufferers with no legal experience are claiming legal expertise on the matter. Like Scalzi.

Now, you don't have to be a lawyer or election fraud expert to understand the cases and issues here, but saying Trump's cases have "no chance" is really ignorant and stupid. Trump has legal heavyweights on his side and is challenging ballots on multiple grounds in multiple states, and we already have both statistical and lots of anecdotal data of fraud. The 14th Amendment, Bush v. Gore, witnesses testifying to fraud, software "glitches"......these things matter. Anyone with legal experience, attorney or laymen, can see it.

Even if one thinks Trump will lose in court - I don't - his arguments and evidence have a lot of merit. Scalzi is simply spewing ignorance. Hard to tell if it's just whistling past the graveyard or denialism or Dunning-Kruger. 

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Every city and every suburb

 The two Republican Wayne County canvassers have rescinded their votes to certify the county elections after Michigan officials failed to keep their side of the deal and audit the ballots.

In an extraordinary turnabout that foreshadows possible legal action, the two GOP members of Wayne County's election board signed affidavits Wednesday night alleging they were bullied and misled into approving election results in Michigan's largest metropolis and do not believe the votes should be certified until serious irregularities in Detroit votes are resolved.

The statements by Wayne County Board of Canvassers Chairwoman Monica Palmer and fellow GOP member William C. Hartmann rescinding their votes from a day earlier threw into question anew whether Michigan's presidential vote currently favoring Democrat Joe Biden will be certified. They also signaled a possible legal confrontation ahead.

"I voted not to certify, and I still believe this vote should not be certified," Hartmann said in his affidavits. "Until these questions are addressed, I remain opposed to certification of the Wayne County results."

Added Palmer in her affidavit: "I rescind my prior vote to certify Wayne County elections."

Their pronouncements come just 24 hours after a chaotic meeting in which the county's election board initially failed to certify the Nov. 3 election results during a 2-2 deadlocked vote when both Palmer and Hartmann voted against certification. But after hours of contentious public comment and criticism -- including Democratic allegations of racism and threats against their safety -- the two GOP members struck a deal to certify the elections in return for a promise of a thorough audit.

Palmer and Hartmann said Wednesday they learned that state officials had reneged or would not honor the audit, leaving them no recourse but to oppose certification until more investigation could be performed.

It was not immediately unclear whether the Tuesday night compromise was binding or could be changed, or whether the two members' decision to announce their rescinded votes would stop Michigan state officials from proceeding to name electors.

Proving, once more, that you should never, ever, strike a deal with parties you know to be untrustworthy without requiring them to deliver their side of it first. And a Trump Recount Committee staffer openly states that the raid in Germany was real, the data is being analyzed, and that serious civil unrest is expected once it becomes clear that the globalist color revolution in the USA has failed.

Now that we have seized the servers for Dominion that were over in Germany and we're starting to get some raw data off of that, the things that are gonna come out are gonna shake the globalists to their very core when President Trump is declared the winner of this election. What you saw last weekend in the streets, Trump supporters getting attacked in DC, that's nothing. These people are coming for every city and every suburb, so be prepared because this is happening.

As far as the time frame goes, Steve Bannon says it will be in two weeks, which means we should have a clear picture as to what is going on by the end of the first week of December. There will probably be an increase in rioting and Antifa/BLM moving into place before any conclusive announcements are made, so keep an eye out for that. And if Bannon is correct, this is probably your last chance to top off your supplies, so if you're in an area that could get sporty, make your final preparations now.

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Wikipedia is not science

Forget science. The Covid lockdowns aren't even based on reliable news sources:

No10's scientific advisers relied on dubious data from Wikipedia to help steer Britain through the spring's coronavirus crisis and wrongly predicted the peak of the first wave by two months, an explosive new documentary has claimed.   

Members of the Government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) admitted early virus modelling was based on unverified figures from the online encyclopedia, which can be edited and managed by members of the public. 

Tory MP Steve Baker, who has refused to support the Prime Minister’s second lockdown, told MailOnline: ‘Some of those claiming to be “following the science” seem not to understand the meaning of the word.

‘SAGE has been put on a pedestal as if they are able to produce a single version of the truth. It’s not possible.

‘We were given terrifying 500,000 death figures predicted by modelling that was completely flawed and scientists will no longer defend them. It was the same with NHS overcrowding figures – and yet that hasn’t happened.

‘We cannot go on like this any longer. The public deserve better than this. We cannot go on with public policy based on models that clearly didn’t reflect reality’.

One prominent Oxford University scientist told MailOnline using Wikipedia to guide Britain through the crisis was 'absolutely unacceptable', describing it as a 'damning reflection of our lack of preparedness'.   

It is beginning to become apparent that not even the Covid-19 conspiracy theorists theorized imaginatively enough. I never thought the science behind the Western lockdowns was sound, but I would have thought they could have found a better excuse than freaking Wikipedia.

Not unlike the fake results of the U.S. presidential election, Covid lockdowns are little more than the result of a social media-created mirage.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

They're starting to worry

The survey taken November 13-17, more than a week after Election Day, shows President Trump's open defiance of Biden's victory appears to be affecting the public's confidence in American democracy – especially among Republicans.

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France doesn't care about Armenia

It's utterly bizarre to me how some immigrants seem to think that their host nation should give a quantum of a fragment of a damn about the countries they themselves abandoned:

First, the Russians stopped the bloody war in Syria, now they stopped the war in Azerbaijan. For the Empire, this means the total loss of the axis of instability which they lovingly tried to create in the Caucasus and the Middle-East to eventually hit the Russian underbelly. They failed. They won’t forgive this.

Second, most Armenians worldwide are absolutely horrified at the outcome of this war, and they have my sincere sympathy. The problem here is that many of them blame Russia, rather than their own leaders.... Right now, two things are happening: Armenian refugees are clogging the only roads will allow them to flee to Armenia. These poor people will never trust the word of an Azeri or, even less so, a Turk, could say (and who could blame them?!).

This is truly a heart-breaking tragedy which could have been completely avoided had Pashinian and his Sorosites done a few, really basic, things (preparing for war and settling for an imperfect peace agreement for starters). Armenian-NK forces are also withdrawing, and it’s not like they have much of an option here: escaping with their lives is really all these poor soldiers could hope for (and by no fault of theirs, I would add!).

Perhaps if most of those Armenians worldwide lived in Armenia, rather than scattered throughout the world, their fellow nationals would not be saddled with Sorosite government and they would not be horrified at the complete defeat of the nation they left behind them.

By the way, Pashinian, who is hiding in a bunker or inside the US embassy compound in Erevan, is still at it! Yesterday he called Macron, who is under pressure from the huge Armenian immigration in France to do something, to ask for his help and Macron promised to help find a solution acceptable to all sides.

If I was Macron, I'd tell that huge collection of Armenians that if they cared about Armenia, they should have stayed there. Never forget, immigration is war. One side of the coin is invasion, and the other is enervation.

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DC dead in 6 months

That's the word from ex-DC illustrator Ethan van Sciver, anyhow:

It's claimed that DC Comics will close down as we know it by June 2021, according to information provided to Ethan Van Sciver, a twenty-seven year veteran of the comic book industry who also recently said Jim Lee will be leaving the company.

Van Sciver, known for working on DC's Green Lantern with Geoff Johns (who recently announced he is publishing a creator-owned comic book at Image Comics and not with DC) claims an insider filled him in AT&T has plans to close down DC Comics publishing by June.

Van Sciver says that while the publishing of comic books will end, the popular characters such as Batman, Superman, etc. will live on in the form of movies, TV shows, and video games, which make money for AT&T while the comics do not.

"Comic books themselves have fallen into the hands of extremely irresponsible people in editorial and in publishing who have taken comics and turned them from a good, fun pastime, escapist fantasy into identity, political, evil, poisonous pamphlets that insult their own readers," says Van Sciver on his ComicsArtistPro Secrets YouTube channel. "AT&T fired a BIG portion of their editorial staff in April and just this week they fired the rest of them, essentially. We understand from sources at this point that there are no editors at DC Comics anymore. There are the people who just used to get coffee, interns, people who aren't making very much, people who are going to be running the company until it ends."

Van Sciver continues, "I received a tip, by the way, an unverifiable tip, I gotta say, I don't know if it's true or not, but they are saying DC Comics will close down publishing paper comics in June of 2021. I think they just solicited March's comics, and I guess that, if this is true, that's going to be it."

June 2021 is almost perfect timing in light of Arkhaven's plans to launch a major new comics platform next spring. 2021 promises to be a very interesting year on the comics front.

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Magic Words

The Forge of Tolkien Episode 16, MAGIC WORDS, is now live on #UATV

Enter Faerie, and you expect enchantment—the power of words, spoken or sung, to transform the world. But how can (or should) a Christian author invoke such spells without falling into the very temptations that the Ring or other magical devices like mirrors and palantiri would warn us about? In this episode, Professor Rachel Fulton Brown questions the role of magic words in fantasy literature generally and Tolkien specifically. Tolkien's understanding of the power of the adjective is contrasted with the power of naming (Ursula LeGuin) and “root hunting” (Robert Graves), both of which are read in the context of one famous medieval book of word spells, The Sworn Book of Honorius (“Liber Iuratus Honorii”). Is there such a thing as “good” magic? How do spells differ from prayer? What role ought naming play in the Christian response to creation? 

In memoriam JOY, the best dog ever (November 8, 2019-October 28, 2020) Recorded as she lay at my feet. Her name was her truth, my joy. RIP.


A man standing

Jason Whitlock knows what will happen to his people if they turn away from God:

The stewards of the zeitgeist — i.e. the spirit, mood, characteristics of a particular time in history — have persuaded black people to pursue blackness above all else, above faith, intelligence and freedom. 

I object. Passionately. 

This blinding, irrational pursuit is leading to the destruction of black people and the destabilization of our country.

I object because I love black people, I love America and I love God.

I do not love the stewards of the zeitgeist, and they do not love me or any other black person who would dare object to their racist manipulation of black consciousness and black culture. 

The root of my disdain is biblical. Sixty years ago, the hallmark of black culture was religious faith. It carried us through slavery, Jim Crow segregation, lynching and was the power source of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Civil Rights Movement. 

In 1965, political sociologist Daniel Patrick Moynihan authored what would come to be known as the Moynihan Report, a study of The Negro Family: The Case for National Action. Written to influence President Lyndon Johnson’s policies regarding America’s black-white racial dilemma, the 16,000-word Moynihan Report spelled out the devastating impact of 350 years of racial oppression on the black family. It predicted that the growing matriarchy defining black culture would undermine the progress of black people in a Western society built for patriarchal families.

Today, the Moynihan Report reads like a biblical prophecy. Fifty-five years ago, Moynihan argued black people’s survival in America was a modern miracle.

“A lesser people might simply have died out, as indeed others have,” Moynihan wrote. 

We didn’t die out because of our religious faith, the world’s primary source of hope. Faith in a higher power made our spirit unbreakable.

The Moynihan Report was written to make the case that America should take extraordinary measures to invest in the black nuclear family. It was written as a rebuttal of President Johnson’s Great Society initiative. The Johnson administration disavowed the Moynihan Report and its author. The mainstream media spent the next several years framing Moynihan as a racist. 

I'm not a civic nationalist or an equalitarian. Unlike the President, I care no more about "lowest black unemployment ever" than I do about "highest Sri Lankan per capita income ever" or "highest Tibetan marriage rate ever" and I very much disapprove of the way in which white society is taxed to subsidize societies that cannot support themselves economically. I expect the whole 400-year endeavor to end very badly for everyone involved.

That being said, I admire Mr. Whitlock, who is one of the bravest men writing today. What he is doing by standing up unflinchingly for his faith and for his people despite the massive weight of near-uniform elite opinion against his views is an excellent example for every Christian man, no matter what your nation might be. And he is correct in pointing out that extraordinary measures to defend, restore, and even impose the black nuclear family are more necessary now than they were 55 years ago.

In fact, they are now necessary for the white nuclear family too if the West is going to survive as a civilization.

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