Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Women, fear and embottled genies

It was very clear from reading yesterday's little discussion that most men and women do not understand one very basic difference between them. Men don't understand that women live in a daily state of fear, while women don't understand that men simply don't. There are, of course, individual exceptions to this general rule, but they are few and far between.

If you ask a woman about her fears, you will almost invariably find yourself in for a long conversation. Women are afraid of being alone in a big house, of walking past a stranger, of being talked about, of wearing the wrong clothing, of having the wrong hairstyle and always, always, of making the wrong decision. Women are all too often rendered almost paralyzed by their fears, which is why so many of them find it difficult to make even the most basic decisions. Some of these fears are imaginary, but most are not. Any man who thought like a woman and behaved accordingly would likely be diagnosed with paranoia, and rightly so because while many of the risks she perceives are real, his are not.

Consider one of the more harmless examples of this in action. At any college, you will find that it is women who constantly change their majors and fail to graduate despite having more than enough course credit to do so. You will also find that it is women who don't have jobs waiting for them after graduation, not because they are incapable or don't have the necessary grades, but because they can't decide what they want to do. When I graduated from university, every single man in my college social circle had a full-time job that he was starting in a matter of weeks and not a single woman did. These weren't dumb or untalented women - I just spoke to one the other day who is a VP at HBO - but they were petrified at the multiplicity of options being presented to them by the real world whereas the men, as is their wont, were going about their business of entering that world with typical masculine tunnel vision: "I need a job now, so I will go get a job. Maybe I'll like it, maybe I won't. If I don't, I will leave it and get a different job."

Meanwhile, graduation rolls around and the women are still attempting to game out every possible scenario and figure out how job X will impact their goals at 30, 35 and 40 compared to job Y. And even if she likes job X now, what will she do if she changes her mind in a year and it's too late to take job Y... and so on, ad infinitum. Yes, I've listened to a lot of these conversations and I find that a free-flowing supply of alchohol is a prerequisite. Finally, the women decide to put this life-defining decision off and go home to Mommy and Daddy for six months while they discover themselves. Again.

I suspect that this decision-making paralysis is related somehow to the female ability to multitask and may be similar to the inability of extremely intelligent individuals to focus. In the female case, the wider her horizons, the greater her ability to see things that can go wrong and the likelihood that she will worry about them.

Fear is not a rational thing. I have had a mild fear of flying ever since a bad takeoff in San Jose some years back and no amount of statistical knowledge can prevent my heart from beating faster when the plane begins rumbling down the runway. No woman, however strong she would like to think herself, can escape the recognition that almost every man she encounters is capable of killing or raping her if he so chooses. This colors her perceptions in a way that men can't understand and it is why women so persistently favor promises of security and safety, however ludicrous, over liberty.

For those women who think this analysis is inaccurate, I'd encourage them to ask themselves the following two questions: 1. Have you ever told your lover, or thought to yourself, how safe you feel in his arms? 2. Has he ever told you that he feels safe in yours?

As for the question of males feeling personally threatened by women, that's just silly psychological projection. "I am afraid in this situation, therefore, if the positions are reversed, he would be afraid." Now, on a societal level, it is true, except that men should feel threatened by women because both men and women are being actively threatened by the unfortunate realities brought about by the Equalitarian Society. Marriages, children, parenthood, education, basic human liberties and the Western cultural tradition are all at risk due to feminism and "women's rights", which is why both should be and will be eradicated as the intellectual and societal cancers they are.

Feminist women often shriek that the genie can't go back in the bottle. I am asserting that it is a matter of mathematical certainty that the genie will do so, that it will happen sooner than anyone imagines and that there is nothing anyone, pro- or anti-feminist, can do about it.


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