Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mailvox: from whence comes contempt

BT offers a theory:

I am married to a man that has no respect for women other than his own mother. I have come to believe that this is very common. It seems that men 30 and under have an extreme contempt for women. If a woman is more sucessful than them then they are jealous, and if a woman is less sucessful it is to be hung over her head. I am in no way a feminist, actually I was raised in a southern home in which only my father worked, but I am confronted with examples of what creates feminists everyday. While I believe that feminist = male sexist, I also believe that feminist are women with the extreme competitive nature of men. I do not believe respect is the issue I believe the problem lies in the competiveness of men. If you ask a so called sexist man why he has contempt towards women he will imediately list why he believes he is better than the women he is confronted with on a daily basis, and vice versa for feminist. So, maybe a better article would be "The Competitive Nature Between Men and Women, and Why it Exsists."

BT makes an interesting point and makes an interesting observation here. And in fact, the two are most likely connected. It's interesting how women often assert that feminists are created - presumably by oppressive or patriarchal male behavior - and yet even those observing that it is the younger men who are far more contemptuous of women than their "sexist" forefathers fail to note how this contempt has been created.

The young man's attitude towards most women can be boiled down to this: "you're equal to me, but you suck." Unlike older men, who were taught to regard women as the weaker sex, young men have been indoctrinated to believe that women are the same as they are. So, a woman who is weaker, more emotional, less sexually driven, less ambitious or otherwise less capable in some significant way - at least one of which applies to almost almost all women - is treated the way an inferior man is treated, with open contempt.

One of the many ironies of feminism is how it has replaced the patriarchal male who believes that women deserve to be treated better because they are the weaker sex with the equalitarian male who believes that women deserve to be treated worse because they are weak individuals.


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