Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 VPFL Champion

69 RR Redbeards
35 Texas Chili Eaters

And so it is that Nate claims his second VPFL title. It's mildly astonishing, in light of how his team scored more than only two other teams during the regular season, 174 less than the league-leading Cornshuckers. But, as the 2007 Patriots know, timing is everything. Congratulations to Nate, who is no doubt off being measured for a second ring as we speak.

I wasn't too disappointed with my own performance despite the results; I could have done a little better with regards to picking up players, having made only 18 moves, the least in the league, and probably should have gone with Adrian Foster over Giovanni Bernard as my third keeper, but what kept me out of the playoffs was giving up 1013 points, second-most in the league.

Final standings for next year's draft:
  1. RR Redbeards (9-5-0)
  2. Texas Chili Eaters (8-5-1)
  3. Greenfield Grizzlies (9-5-0)
  4. Bane Cornshuckers (9-5-0)
  5. FavreDollar Footlongs (6-8-0)
  6. Gilbert Gamma Rays (8-6-0)
  7. Mounds View Meerkats (8-6-0)
  8. King (7-7-0)
  9. Boot Hill Bogs (3-10-1)
  10. Clerical Errs (2-12-0)
Thanks to all the participants. Next year, we'll have 6 new volunteers taking over the non-permanent teams, in addition to the VP-AFL champion. 



Blogger Nate December 28, 2014 12:07 PM  

I would like to point out two things...

1) My team outscored every other team in week 16. So not matter who I played... I would still be champion today.

2) My bench outscored Jartstar's starters. When someone sweeps you in the regular season... it is sweet indeed to beat them in finals. Blowing them out though... that's the icing on the cake.

Blogger Nate December 28, 2014 12:08 PM  

Also... Thanks all for a fantastic season. It was absolutely the most bizarre fantasy season I remember... and playing with you made it bearable.

Anonymous Daniel December 28, 2014 12:27 PM  

Vox Marino.

Nate Plunkett.

Congratulations, Nate. I wouldn't trade teams with you for the sake of my cardio-respiratory health, but good on you.

My bold predictions for today:

Oakland beats the Broncos
Mike Smith loses title and job in one day.
Tennessee chokes away a charity game. (Ok - the bold part is that they'll actually be in the game til the end.)
Cutler dazzles in season finale - 4 TDs - 2 of which are scored by Harrison Smith...of the Vikings.
Rams get to Wilson and knock him out of the game. Lose anyway.
Chiefs beat Chargers, miss playoffs.

Anonymous Anubis December 28, 2014 1:16 PM  

Breaking news Sony hack was 2 "equality activist" disgruntled female employees not NK.

She even chose Guardians of Peace to get back at Bain Capital that used merit selection to weed out bad employees of Sony for the hacked by GOP line. Lets see Silicon Valley line up to hire affirmative action tokens after this.

Anonymous Daniel December 28, 2014 1:16 PM  

1) My team outscored every other team in week 16. So not matter who I played... I would still be champion today.

Then I'll point out that you wouldn't even have made the playoffs had I simply started Julio Jones in our second game. I also left the winning points on the bench in our first match-up (not as stupidly as leaving JJ off the roster, but stupid enough to account for 40(!) additional points).

Everyone in the league can blame this knucklehead for leaving the barn door wide open for Nate to moove on through to the big dance.

Blogger Michael Maier December 28, 2014 1:55 PM  

So who owns what teams?

Blogger YIH December 28, 2014 2:40 PM  

Congrats Nate!
Meanwhile, the Tennessee Tinies are on the clock - and are playing like it. I'm surprised they haven't sent Luck to the showers yet. Probably halftime.
The Bills are beating the Pats, which considering that neither team has anything to play for is not really a surprise.
And the Cowboys strategy of keeping Romo playoff-ready is paying off.

Blogger Nate December 28, 2014 2:46 PM  

Tampa Bay needs to beat Nawlin's for the Titans to get the first pick I think.

Blogger Nate December 28, 2014 3:56 PM  


Anonymous Will Best December 28, 2014 4:00 PM  

Go Bears! Forte gets the record (most receptions by RB). We get to play Tampa/Washington next year and end up with the 7th draft pick. Almost looked like that was Cutler's objective.

Blogger Daniel December 28, 2014 4:36 PM  

Yeah, Nate...because Tennessee is just one #1 draft pick away from being a professional football team...

Watch 'em get Jameis fever.

Blogger Nate December 28, 2014 7:42 PM  

Actually the roster has a lot more talent on it than it appears. This is a much better roster than the 2013 7-9 team. The trouble is whisenhut is a total idiot. He is completely rigid with his system and simply will not change it to suit his players' strengths or weaknesses.

The guy is making Mike Munchak look like a competent head coach.

Blogger Nate December 28, 2014 8:11 PM  

regardless I will be surprised if they take either of these QBs. Mariotta is hopelessly over rated. He has a no arm strength at all. Plus he's that run-around kind of QB that Whiz hates.

Jameis is more suited to Whiz' tastes but I just don't think they can draft him. After putting your fan base through VY and Pacman you just can't bring an idiot like Winston to be the face of your franchise. The guy is just a fucking moron.

No... They should take a clue from Houston last year. Your QB isn't here... so don't push it. Pick the best defender in the draft and call it a day. I would make a huge push to sign Suh away from detroit as well. Casey and Suh would be a nightmare.

Blogger Vincent Castrillo December 28, 2014 9:02 PM  

7-7 and finished 8th. Thought for sure Nate would comeback to Earth since week 6 or so, but never did. Had VD and Bane at 1/2 as late as week 15. I was at a real disadvantage with my draft no-show but still managed about 70 more than the champ. Tons of fun though. Only wish there had been more trades and a more active vibe to the league.

Thanks VD and the regularsfor letting me play.

Blogger Vincent Castrillo December 28, 2014 9:03 PM  

Sorry meant second to last week before playoffs I thought for sure VD and Bane'steams were unstoppable.

Anonymous beerme December 28, 2014 10:50 PM  

Mike Smith loses title and job in one day.
Daniel nailed it. I was at the game and the only positive thing I heard about the man is that he seems like a nice guy. Blank will get lynched if he doesn't drop the axe tomorrow. I just hope the hipster GM goes as well, he just doesn't understand that winning teams are built on the lines.

Blogger Daniel December 28, 2014 11:15 PM  

After putting your fan base through VY and Pacman you just can't bring an idiot like Winston to be the face of your franchise.

Yeah...but then again, these were the geniuses who put the fan base through VY and Pacman in the first place. Worrying about the fanbase does not really seem to be in the Oilers DNA.

I dunno. Tennessee looked like complete garbage in every game I saw. No o-line, no o-backs of any sort except Mettenberger (who I think they should just go with, and yes, skip QB in next draft unless they can get someone decent late.)

Anonymous bob k. mando December 29, 2014 1:35 AM  

in the inter-conference comparison, the AFC has a slight lead at 33 wins vs 30 for the NFC. however that's probably close enough to consider statistical noise. on the other hand, i ignored the extra-conference indicator last year and picked the Broncos and we all saw how that turned out.

ranking by intra-conference records, the best extra-divisional record belongs to the AFC North with 32 wins. Their extra-conference matchup was the woeful NFC South though, so I suspect that the NFC West is actually the strongest division, being the only other div to achieve more than 29 extra-divisional wins, at 31. they did back up their position as strongest AFC div by posting the highest intra-AFC conference record with 20 wins.

for the AFC side of the bracket, i'd give both first round games to the home team ... except that it looks like Bell, the Steelers best offensive threat has a hyperextended knee now.

so, i'm picking the Ravens over the Steelers, assuming Bell doesn't play. otherwise flip this pick.

the Bengals are in a stronger div, but i'm going to go with the better record, better QB and home field advantage and call Colts.

this puts the Ravens at the Patriots and the Colts at the Broncos. both high seed teams here have a massive home field advantage ( cameras in Boston, altitude in Denver ) as well as the bye week, so i don't even care if Pittsburgh wins, i think NE and Den are both going on.

this means the Broncos get to play in Boston. the Broncos are only 50% on the road. the AFC East and West have almost identical extra-divisional records so i'll give the Patriots the nod, given home field advantage. and Darth Hoodie being more valuable than Jedi Peyton.

on the NFC side, i'm picking both road teams for the bye week. the NFC East ( 12-4 ) got to pick on the AFC South in inter-conference play and the AFCS backed up their poor inter-conference record with a conference worst inter-division record of 15 wins. so the Cowboys are unlikely to be able to back up their 12 regular season wins against a playoff team, especially given their miserable 50% home record.

the Cardinals don't score for shit. but then, they've got one of the Ds in the league AND they're playing at the one team that couldn't have gotten into the playoffs on merit.

this puts Arizona in Seattle and Detroit in Green Bay.

AZ can't score and they can't hear and Seattle has a bye week? Seahawks.

Detwaa ( a dome team ) is going to play outdoors in Green Bay in January? Suh better spend a lot more time jumping up and down on Roger's leg. Packers.

Seahawks and the Pack have the same record, but the NFCW was the stronger div and Hawks will have home field. Seattle.

so it comes down to whether Darth Belichick can engineer a game plan for the AZ desert.

however, the NFCW can make a case to be the best division in the NFL and the Hawks are clearly the best team in that division.

i'ma hafta say, Seattle wins it all unless they come down with a case of the Sophomore Slumps.

Anonymous bob k. mando December 29, 2014 1:35 AM  

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