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Traffic report 2016

Last year I mentioned that I believed 2016 was going to be "absolutely extraordinary". And it turned out to be exactly that, as the God-Emperor Ascendant's unexpected success in the early primary turned into a Super Tuesday victory that became a nomination and eventual election. More excellent authors joined Castalia House, Infogalactic and Gab were launched, I finally got some new Selenoth out the door, and Milo became the bestselling author on all of Amazon. Incredible.

In 2016, Vox Popoli had 25,817,343 pageviews and Alpha Game 5,332,285 for a total of 31,149,628
Google pageviews. The blogs are now running at a average rate of 85,341 daily pageviews, up from an average 56,923 last year. The running annual pageview totals are as follows:

2008: 3,496,757
2009: 4,414,801
2010: 4,827,183
2011: 5,969,066
2012: 7,774,074
2013: 13,111,695
2014: 15,693,622
2015: 20,776,969
2016: 31,149,628

I very much appreciate the part you have all played in making that happen. On Twitter, I picked up an additional 21,000 followers, but that has proved irrelevant since I stopped using it in favor of Gab, where I now have 14,006 followers. We've been making so many server-related changes at Infogalactic of late that the statistics are a bit wonky, but it already has average daily traffic in excess of 90,000 pageviews. The Burn Unit is now 173 subscribers strong and we're hoping to increase that to 1,000 by the end of the year while making serious progress in Phase Two. Dark Lord Designs now features 11 different t-shirt and sweatshirt designs in a variety of colors.

Castalia House grew from 37 titles, including 5 in print and 1 in audiobook, to 65, with 19 titles in print and 8 in audiobook. Book sales increased 54 percent, with print now accounting for 21 percent of the total. The three new editors made a big difference, although we did not get three of the books out that I anticipated releasing this time last year. This year, we're looking forward to publishing new fiction from John C. Wright, Nick Cole, B.V. Larson and David VanDyke, Peter Grant, Mojo Mori, Stefan Molyneux, and Martin van Creveld, as well as non-fiction from Jerry Pournelle, Jeffro Johnson, Mike Cernovich, Vox Day, and Martin van Creveld.

Yes, that's correct. Castalia House will be publishing a novel by Martin van Creveld, which I believe will be his debut novel. I think I can guarantee that the subject matter will blow everyone's minds. Think CS Lewis meets Robert Graves. We'll also get the Eternal Warriors trilogy out this year, in ebook and in print, as well as the three volumes that comprise the Collected Columns from my WND days. I anticipate publishing two additional non-fiction books this year, plus the complete print edition of A Sea of Skulls.

Thanks to all of you who continue to support VP and all of its various endeavors. Thanks to the VFM for your mindless obedience and ever-burning hatred for the SJW enemy, thanks to the Dread Ilk for your awe-inspiring loyalty, thanks to the Brainstormers for your support and advice, thanks to the Original Galaxians, Techstars, Burn Unit and Phase 2 donators for making Infogalactic possible, thanks to the Rabid Puppies for your gleeful and wanton destruction, and thanks especially to the entire Castalia House team of authors, editors, proofreaders, and volunteers.

We may not be responsible for the God-Emperor's ascension, but we are, without question, making a substantive difference in many people's lives around the world. As good as 2016 was - and it was very good - I anticipate an even better 2017, as more Dread Ilk begin to spread their dark wings, launch their own initiatives, and begin rampaging across the land. In closing, I will note that it's inspiring to see John Scalzi courageously keeping his nonexistent chin up despite another 11 percent decline in traffic at The Most Important Blog in Science Fiction Ever, a 38 percent decline from its 2012 peak that has brought it back to late-2009 levels of traffic. So brave. Thank you for this.

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Blogger Shimshon January 01, 2017 7:02 AM  

Whatever. So sad!

Blogger Josh (the gayest thing here) January 01, 2017 7:21 AM  

Happy New Year to everyone

Blogger Shimshon January 01, 2017 7:24 AM  

Speaking of traffic. I'm watching Silenced right now. Vox, what do you have to say for yourself that I forked over my hard-earned money to Cernovich? Your lair is so much more impressive in Full HD.

Blogger The Kurgan January 01, 2017 7:42 AM  

Happy New Year to VD and all the VP readers.
Except the Soros Trolls and SJWs, 2017 is really going to suck for you.

Blogger Manach January 01, 2017 7:42 AM  

Well done for creating such a content driven site and I am looking forward to the new works by Mr. Van Crevald & Mr. Wright.

Anonymous Anonymous January 01, 2017 7:45 AM  

A very bright and promising beginning to the new year!

Blogger Phillip George January 01, 2017 7:53 AM  

Congratulations Vox, and like the slave in that Chariot even while in the triumphal procession, 'remember you are mortal', There are no pockets in a shroud. Seek the best resurrection.

Die well. Live forever. I think that's how roman might have put it.

Anonymous Philipp January 01, 2017 8:06 AM  

Happy New Year everybody.

Congratulations Vox and everybody who contributed to the success of Castalia House, VP and AG.

Blogger AdognamedOp January 01, 2017 8:07 AM  

Happy New Year. Been down with VP before he was down with Madden 92'.

Anonymous Quicksilver75 January 01, 2017 8:13 AM  

Keep on rollin in 2017. Savor your 2016 wins, grow & reinvest, Good to brag a bit just don't get too cocky.

Anonymous 5343 Kinds of Deplorable January 01, 2017 8:26 AM  

I don't think of it as bragging so much as Vox simply reporting the glorious facts to people who consider ourselves part of the team.

Anonymous #8601 January 01, 2017 8:32 AM  

Last year was so incredible that it is going to be very difficult to handle any more winning in 2017.

But we must stay strong.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Blogger Didact January 01, 2017 8:43 AM  

Burn the heretic! Kill the mutant! Purge the unclean!

Your will be done in 2017, Dark Lord.

Seriously, 2016 was a fantastic year for us in the alt-Right. It was also a hell of a lot of fun on a number of levels, thanks to the launches of Infogalactic and Gab, and the slew of truly excellent works from Castalia House. The latter is now my number one source of new fiction and is right in the top 3 publishing sources for non-fiction as well.

Happy 2017 to all of my fellow Vile Faceless Minions. 2016 was one wild ride, and I suspect that the coming year will be even better. It's an honour and a privilege to fight the good fight with you all.

Blogger Dave January 01, 2017 8:50 AM  

Happy New Year to all. This first post of 2017 is impressive and inspirational.

Two questions: 1) have you come to any decisions on changes to Brainstorm? and 2) when in the Sam Hill is Rolf's new fiction ever going to be published?

Blogger William Hudson January 01, 2017 8:53 AM  

This computer literate old-fag (4chan type) is down with this "new" (to me) blog. I sort of understand the nature of the VFM, but would really like to know the meaning of the letters. Anyone? Thanks in advance.

....The late Private William Hudson, Colonial Marine Corps

P.S. MAGA, MEGA & HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL, especially VD.

Blogger William Hudson January 01, 2017 8:54 AM  

13. Didact, I guess I should have waited a minute more to post. Now I now.

Blogger VD January 01, 2017 8:55 AM  

don't get too cocky.

I don't take anything for granted. I had enough success when I was young, then failed to do anything with it, that I now understand it is key to maintain momentum and never permit oneself to coast.

The only day I haven't done SOMETHING work-related over the holidays was Christmas Day, and even then I didn't miss a blog post. This post is only part of the statistical roundup; I'm already preparing annual reports for all the CH authors.

1) have you come to any decisions on changes to Brainstorm? and 2) when in the Sam Hill is Rolf's new fiction ever going to be published?

Yes, emails will go out to all current and former Brainstorm members tonight or tomorrow. I'm told Rolf's next book is nearly edit-complete, so probably February for that.

Blogger Aeoli Pera January 01, 2017 8:57 AM  


Anonymous Mister M January 01, 2017 9:05 AM  

I have to laugh at whoever this Scalzi guy is - he gets a regular whipping here.

Blogger Cataline Sergius January 01, 2017 9:14 AM  

I hadn't looked at whatever for awhile.

There's a reason he's slipping.

He just isn't engaged there anymore.

Scalzi is just doing the blogger equivalent of maintenance sex. There is no real desire there on either side, it just has to be done.

Anonymous Mark Auld January 01, 2017 9:14 AM  

I am also new to this blog,but it's become a daily staple. I no longer feel alone in the wilderness,there are many others out here with me.

Blogger Shimshon January 01, 2017 9:15 AM  

Scalzi: 2017 is the new 2009.

Anonymous AR Sniper January 01, 2017 9:19 AM  

Congrats Vox on well deserved success. As a lifelong underachieving slacker I'll say that the quality & volume of your work output is dizzying at times. The stats are not a surprise. 2017 will be even better.

Happy New Year to Vox, Spacebunny, the smartest commentariat on the Interweb (Dread Ilk) & other assorted visiting deplorable rabble.

Blogger Dave January 01, 2017 9:21 AM  

@20 So you're saying McRapey is raping his blog?

Blogger Dave January 01, 2017 9:42 AM  

Yes, emails will go out to all current and former Brainstorm members tonight or tomorrow.

Neither current nor former but under consideration.

Blogger Cataline Sergius January 01, 2017 9:43 AM  


He can't muster that kind of passion for it.

I think he's starting to worry that his writing career has peaked and that the George R. R. Money is nowhere in his future.

Blogger Matthew January 01, 2017 9:44 AM  

Dave wrote:when in the Sam Hill is Rolf's new fiction ever going to be published?

We've got men on it. Top men.

Anonymous Didas Kalos January 01, 2017 9:57 AM  

Thank you and the commentators for the insight and impetus to think deeper and more clear. May the LORD of all glory preserve and propel the 'Dark Lord' to higher heights.

Proverbs 22:29
Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men

Proverbs 2:1 My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee;

2 So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding;

3 Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding;

4 If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures;

5 Then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God.

6 For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

7 He layeth up sound wisdom for the righteous: he is a buckler to them that walk uprightly.

8 He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints.

9 Then shalt thou understand righteousness, and judgment, and equity; yea, every good path.

10 When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul;

11 Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee:

12 To deliver thee from the way of the evil man, from the man that speaketh froward things;

13 Who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in the ways of darkness;

14 Who rejoice to do evil, and delight in the frowardness of the wicked;

15 Whose ways are crooked, and they froward in their paths:

Blogger VD January 01, 2017 9:57 AM  

I think it's obvious that Scalzi's career has peaked. Since 2012, when we had similar blog traffic, his has declined 38 percent. Mine has increased 301 percent.

This also has serious implications for the publishing industry. My books probably wouldn't go to #1 on Amazon with major publisher support, but they'd almost certainly do much better than Scalzi's books do with Tor. Remember, my first solo book with Pocket sold 35,000 copies when no one had any idea who I am.

Not that I'm looking to do that, of course. I intend to continue to build up Castalia. And those who have read A Sea of Skulls can probably tell that I would no longer tolerate an editor trying to put on the brakes. I don't think it is an accident that my two best books to date, SJWAL and ASOS, are the two books that have been totally unedited.

At this point, I'd rather take the risks and fail than dial it down a little for fear of upsetting anyone.

Anonymous Bob Just January 01, 2017 10:05 AM  


I liked seeing the branching out (expansion/synergy) this year between Stefan, Cerno, yourself and other "friends".

We almost had the tetrafecta on InfoWars (unless I missed it) - Cerno on with PJW, Milo on with Alex Jones, and Stefan as a guest several times - but no VD?

Was hoping for a segment on Cliodynamics and the ascension of Trump with Alex (plus it would be an opportunity for a nice plug for Castalia House).

Got a pitch yet for Stefan's book?

Nothing from David the Good this year?

I got a pitch for you - a compilation piece that would be handy for multiple areas of Deprogramming:

potential chapters:

"Deprogramming in a nutshell" - Scott Adams
"Against the new atheism" - Vox
"Virtue (signaling) as a vice" - Vox
"Fallacy of Free Trade" - Keen
"Climate shenanigans" - Delingpole
"Big Ag as savior" - David the Good
"Media Lies" Cerno
"The 15-year overnight success" Stefan
"Redshift - " Salviander (Christian Astrophysics perspective on the cosmos and demolition of the blue wall by Trump)

What's the pitch for Stefan's book?


@15 Third, I have been informed that some are seeking Vile Faceless Minion status (VFM). Since I don't have the time to put up with being summoned in the mirror at the moment, you'll just have to email me requesting it with MINION in the subject. If you've recently done so, don't do it again, I've got five or six potential minions waiting to receive Malwyn's mark and get their number.

Blogger Casher O'Neill January 01, 2017 10:06 AM  

I started reading your website regularly around the time that the controversy over the website with the-name-that-describes-my-attitude-toward kicked off.

Congratulations on complete and undeniable victory.

Blogger VD January 01, 2017 10:11 AM  

Got a pitch yet for Stefan's book?

It's done. I'm editing it next month.

Blogger VD January 01, 2017 10:11 AM  

We will publish fiction and non-fiction by David the Good this year.

Blogger Cynic In Chief January 01, 2017 10:16 AM  

What a good year. It's been great riding with you Vox. May 2017 continue the successes of last year and bring more winning than we could have imagined.

Blogger Harsh January 01, 2017 10:17 AM  

Scalzi's flaming death-spiral into irrelevance has been a joy to watch. I wonder how he'll try to spin it once his books stop selling.

Blogger Dave January 01, 2017 10:18 AM  

@15 Since I don't have the time to put up with being summoned in the mirror at the moment, you'll just have to email me requesting it with MINION in the subject.

How do we know that you aren't just another CIA plant?

Asking for a friend.

Blogger Shimshon January 01, 2017 10:26 AM  

@35 "I wonder how he'll try to spin it once his books stop selling."

Category error. Before they can stop selling, they have to be written.

My life is more pleasurable, enjoyable, and fun than ever. VP is certainly part of that. Thanks.

Blogger Hen January 01, 2017 10:28 AM  

Thanks VD, VFM, dread ilk, all ya'll deplorables -- you've been a great blessing to me. Thanks especially for your work in the trenches against the SJW tyranny. God bless and keep you, one and all. Happy New Year!

Anonymous Bob Just January 01, 2017 10:28 AM  

@VD Sweet!

@32 @33

Blogger William Hudson January 01, 2017 10:29 AM  

@36 Dave, do you mean me #15, or #30 Bob Just?

Blogger seeingsights January 01, 2017 10:35 AM  

2016 was also a year in which Western Civilization started to re-assert itself. Of all the elections of interest to advocates of the nation state, all went our way except for the Austrian Presidential election. And that was the most minor loss.

Do not despair! Not only is despair against Christian theology, but events are going our way.

Blogger Dave January 01, 2017 10:40 AM  

William Hudson wrote:@36 Dave, do you mean me #15, or #30 Bob Just?

I you feel like you need to get something off your chest?

Blogger William Hudson January 01, 2017 10:43 AM  

@42 Dave, I think you misread Bob's post. The words next to my number were a direct quote from VD in the older post that Bob linked to. I think he was trying to answer my original question about the meaning of VFM in comment #13.

Blogger William Hudson January 01, 2017 10:45 AM  

err.... #15. I should've gone back up to page to look!

Blogger Dave January 01, 2017 10:56 AM  

Eh, overplaying the straight man part just a tad, William. I was referring to Bob.

Blogger William Hudson January 01, 2017 11:06 AM  

@45 Dave, I guess it was a private joke between you two, then. Sorry, but even with 65+ years on the planet, I'm still very new to Vox's blog, and trying to somewhat catch up.

Anonymous URL IRL January 01, 2017 11:09 AM  

Congrats Vox - onward and upward!

Anonymous Sensei January 01, 2017 11:25 AM  

Looking forward to Castalia consuming an undue proportion of my leisure spending in 2017...

That chart is encouraging for those of us who miss the old days of the blog. Yes things are different now, but change is inevitable. And this is useful change, not a slow comfortable decline into obscurity.

As people are saying here for New Years, 舊的不去, 新的不來.
(If nothing old goes, nothing new can come)

Anonymous Anonymous January 01, 2017 11:32 AM  

You must construct additional chili.

Happy New Year, Ilk.

Blogger Dave January 01, 2017 11:50 AM  

@46 Don't mention it William, I'm really just waiting for Vox to throw up the first football(NFL) post of the new year.

The Vikings game may not matter in the standings however it could mean the difference in the Eagles picking anywhere from 9th to 15th for that first round pick they traded for Bradford. One of the few positives to come out of this season for the Eagles thanks to the Vikings collapse. Now hearing Kubiak could be stepping down as coach of the Broncos.

Blogger rcocean January 01, 2017 12:04 PM  

Your traffic looks to be about 6x JS' traffic. And if you adjusted for readers with a >100 IQ and a normal sex life it'd probably be 12x.

Blogger Rabbi B January 01, 2017 12:34 PM  

The "Whatever" red line on the graph made me laugh. Nice touch, Vox and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Anonymous 6184 January 01, 2017 12:37 PM  

Congrats Vox, Happy New Year to you and all of the Ilk, Minions, and assorted Legionnaires.

Looking forward to an even better 2016.

Anonymous WaterBoy January 01, 2017 12:44 PM  

Vox: "including this one spotted in the wild."

What is this? Do my eyes deceive me or is this a peasant I see?

"By holding a beer, by drinking beer, by even being credibly identified as a beer drinker, a man is signifying that he is an illiterate peasant."

Happy New Year, y'all!

Blogger Danby January 01, 2017 1:25 PM  

WaterBoy wrote:"By holding a beer, by drinking beer, by even being credibly identified as a beer drinker, a man is signifying that he is an illiterate peasant."
Peasant, yes. I'll cop to that. Illiterate? Ummmm no. Not since I was 3.

Blogger Danby January 01, 2017 1:26 PM  

Perhaps it's Champagne. Or Spumanti.

Blogger VD January 01, 2017 2:30 PM  

Do my eyes deceive me or is this a peasant I see?

The funny thing is you can see my pinky is just itching to remove itself from the glass. As my wife said, "a credible effort". But no more than that.

Anonymous LastRedoubt January 01, 2017 3:38 PM  

I know it's a good thing but Castalia is getting to the point where I can't keep up with the output.

Keep it up, may this next year be even better.

Blogger Jon Mollison January 01, 2017 3:53 PM  

Glad to play a role, no matter how small.

Thanks for the update. It helps keep those of us in the trenches motivated.

Blogger pdwalker January 01, 2017 3:54 PM  

Castalia House, Vanity Press.

That needs to be a tag line somewhere.

Blogger Josh (the gayest thing here) January 01, 2017 3:56 PM  

The funny thing is you can see my pinky is just itching to remove itself from the glass. As my wife said, "a credible effort". But no more than that.

I see Trump has inspired you to go out and connect with the common folk.

Blogger weka January 01, 2017 4:25 PM  

Quoted this morning at my place, and contrasted with the worst troll on Gab. The consequences of belief are not very clear. There is not any gray, just the light of the wise and the dark evil of the converged.

I want Spacebunny and Stickwick to write a manual guerilla homeschooling.

Blogger weka January 01, 2017 4:25 PM  

on guerilla homeschooling: how to keep the propaganda out despite the department of education. Typing too fast.

Blogger S. Thermite January 01, 2017 4:31 PM  

Congrats and Happy New Year to Vox and everyone who assisted on the wild ride that was 2016! The local watering hole was out of my favorite brew (All Day IPA from Grand Rapids, Michigan) last night, but I just cracked one open to celebrate these prodigious numbers.

Blogger Ned January 01, 2017 5:19 PM  

Went to John Scalzi's site after this post, and almost clicked through to look for some SJW laffs. Then realized I would be upping traffic figures, and stopped myself. Won't happen again.

Blogger Happy LP9 January 01, 2017 6:04 PM  

I am thrilled!! Just elated!! Congrats to everyone, Vox, SB and the amazing staff at CH! Just thrilled!!

Blogger pdwalker January 02, 2017 6:00 AM  

Off topic, but I was reading David VanDykes bibliography on Infogalactic (where else, right?) when I saw at the bottom of the page a link to Wikipedia labelled:

This article's content derived from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia (See original source).

Clicking on the original link shows the page doesn't exist. Does this mean they've deleted the page, or renamed it to something else? I find that rather curious.

Oh well, another reason for me not to use wikipedia.

Blogger William Hudson January 02, 2017 10:21 AM  

@ Bob Just & Dave, Funny story, but true. It took me 13 years to graduate from my university due to the 'Nam war and 4 years in the navy. In '79, at age 31, I badly needed a real job. Saw an ad in the local paper for (yes) the See Aye Ay. Actually went to one interview and told no lies on my application. Interviewer "girl" said I was unqualified due to admitted use of THC. Almost 38 years later (now), after being red-pilled ca. 1995, I find it greatly amusing to reflect that I was found wanting by the Biggest Godforsaken Buyer, Seller, and Mover of DRUGS on this whole (temporarily) Damned PLANET!!!

Blogger Were-Puppy January 02, 2017 3:39 PM  

I anticipate an even better 2017, as more Dread Ilk begin to spread their dark wings, launch their own initiatives, and begin rampaging across the land

This is going to be great

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