Wednesday, August 02, 2017

NEW RELEASE: Young Man's War by Rod Walker

When the Dark Gates open and unleash the monstrous Darksiders on an unsuspecting Earth, only the toughest and most determined people will survive. Roland and Maggie Kane are more fortunate than most, because their father, Daniel, is a Chicago cop who has taught them how to shoot and prepared them for almost every eventuality. But, as the Kane family soon learns, there is just no way to prepare for an alien invasion.

However, Roland also discovers that although the Darksiders' blood may be green, the invaders will die as readily as any man after being ventilated with enough high-speed projectiles.

Rod Walker is the New New Heinlein, and The Thousand Worlds marks the return of science fiction to its classical form and historical heights. Written in the style and tradition of Robert Heinlein's 12 classic juvenile novels published by Scribner, YOUNG MAN'S WAR is an exciting tale of survival, courage, independence, and the indomitable spirit of Man.

If you enjoyed MUTINY IN SPACE and ALIEN GAME, you will definitely like YOUNG MAN'S WAR. In my opinion, it is easily the best of the three books. It is not necessary to read them in any particular order,  as The Thousand Worlds setting links all the stories together, but only in the sense that all of them take place in the same science fiction universe. This is the kind of science fiction that SJWs destroyed beginning in the mid-80s. This is the kind of science fiction that people have been lamenting their inability to find for decades. And this is the kind of science fiction that Castalia House was created to publish.

But don't take my word for it. From the reviews:
  • Reading 'Young Man's War' put me in mind of Larry Correia's 'Monster Hunters' books, especially the first one. And I mean that in the very best of ways.
  • Young Man's War grabs your interest from the start and moves right along without meandering or relying on cliches. I enjoyed the pace and the ending was surprisingly uplifting.
  • Rod Walker has clearly given some thought about how a civilized society would break down and then rebuild after the government evaporates. He captures the feel of Heinlein's juvenile novels in the voice of the narrator and his focus on succeeding in his missions being worthy goals.
  • This is a coming-of-age story where a teenager becomes a man in about the roughest situation you can think of. The blurb said Young Man's War is an exciting tale of survival, courage, independence, and the indomitable spirit of Man." The book delivers.
  • If you like stories where the humans are overrun by strange, terrifying, evil aliens and the survivors immediately decide to *kick their slimy alien butts off our planet*, with tons of gunplay and excitement and a plot that keeps you up till 2am promising yourself "just one more page!", then GET THIS BOOK NOW.
The good news is that people are noticing that Castalia House is doing unexpectedly well, presumably because it fulfills a long-ignored demand. The challenge, of course, is now that we are no longer being ignored, every relative failure on our part will be cited as conclusive evidence that there is no demand for social justice-free fiction, that the market actually prefers social justice lectures to old-fashioned heroic stories, and so forth. But this is no surprise, as the reward for every level of success is an even bigger challenge.

UPDATE: Congratulations, Rod Walker! YOUNG MAN'S WAR is officially a category bestseller.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #872 Paid in Kindle Store
#1 in Children's eBooks > Science Fiction, Fantasy & Scary Stories > Science Fiction > Aliens
#4 in Children's eBooks > Action & Adventure > Survival Stories


  1. This book is awesome.

    It's got zombie aliens, DOOM-like demonic aliens, Lovecraftian nightmare aliens, they're evil collectivist bastards and they've invaded our planet and they all need a kicking.

    Thankfully there are still men left on Earth to deliver that ass-and-or-chitinous-cloaca kicking, though the odds against them are terrifying and it takes balls of tungsten carbide to face down an elephant-sized tentacled nightmare from beyond the stars when all you've got is an M4 and your wits.

    A++ for action, excitement and good old fashioned Sci Fi fun.

    And if you don't like this book, I find you. And I will fight you.

  2. I like the subtle tweaking in the title. Very clever.

  3. Purchased and downloaded. My reading list overfloweth! I poured through Heineken when I was younger, so Rod Walker is both nostalgic and a breath of fresh air. Thanks!

  4. Starboard wrote:I poured through Heineken when I was younger

    Reading while drinking? Drinking while reading? Ah, youth.

  5. Got it, but is this Amazon being pissy about alt outlets?

  6. No, but you have to be exclusive to Amazon to have access to KU. And KU is worth more than all the other outlets combined.

  7. Bought it. KU is like an expensive library card.

    Already 1/3 through the book. Pretty good stuff.

  8. Alien Game was excellent, so I will check out the other two. They may be worthy of buying hard copies.

    Isn't Amazon trying to develop new ways to screw KU authors?

  9. I don't have much time to red but I'm buying Castalia books to support the worthy Alt-Right initiative. MAGA.

  10. Read. I clearly don't have much time to type properly either.

  11. It's not his fault he CAN'T RED

  12. Isn't Amazon trying to develop new ways to screw KU authors?

    I doubt they need anything more than methodically lowering the per page payment. It's down one-third since KU launched.

  13. @0018- while the answer to drinking while reading Heinlein was technically no, it would have greatly improved the "Time enough for Love" and "Number of the Beast" experience. His early books were great, but the later books got really, really weird.

  14. Downloaded the free ebook from the book club email. War Demons by Russell Newquist looks good. Thanks Vox!

  15. "...the invaders will die as readily as any man after being ventilated with enough high-speed projectiles."

    Brilliance! I gotta read this book.

  16. Mr. Walker has reached "buy it, review and story summary unseen." it's a sweet spot where proven quality meets price point in an under-served market.

    Nice work Castalia house.

  17. I bought it outright and read it over the course of the evening. Also submitted a review. It was very enjoyable but I only gave it 4 stars. It still needs some editorial polishing. Not so much for story but for words either being missing entirely or out of order within sentences.

    It is the fifth book I've purchased from Castalia House and I look forward to more.


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