Saturday, August 12, 2017

Publisher's perspective

From Publisher's Weekly:
Unit sales of adult nonfiction increased 4%, led by Ready or Not!, a new cookbook by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong, which sold more than 20,200 copies in its first week. The book just beat out Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, which sold 20,003 copies (both Ready or Not! and Milk and Honey are published by Andrews McMeel). Unit sales in adult fiction fell 6% compared to last year. The book that made the biggest splash was Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks, which sold just under 22,000 copies in its first week, putting it in second place on the category bestseller list.
This is interesting, because our more successful books are normally expected to do around 2,000 copies in their first week. SJWADD should top that without too much trouble. So, while we still have a long way to go, we are about one-tenth of the way to the top already. Not bad for Year Three.

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Blogger Dave August 12, 2017 10:29 AM  

It'll be interesting to see the pre-orders for SJWADD. How was the response on Gab to the SJWAL giveway? Do you think it will help sales of SJWADD?

Nonfiction cookbook; are there any fiction cookbooks? Imagine how nonfiction sales numbers would look if they didn't include cookbooks.

Blogger ghostfromplanetspook August 12, 2017 10:38 AM  

Kind of off topic but I've noticed that the lefties on tv have adopted the nomenclature and use terms like double down. Its pretty cute to see them play catch up.

Blogger Midnight Avenue J August 12, 2017 10:56 AM  

Michele Tam's second book rocks. I know, two CBA ultralibs doing their ultralib thing in Portlandia *and* the Bay Area, but I'll still buy her books because she never fails.

Maybe Castalia needs a cookbook division. Best Meades and Metheglins for silvered skulls. Salty, Salty Tears: A Year of Seasonal Cooking and Cocktails with your favorite ingredient!

Blogger Midnight Avenue J August 12, 2017 10:57 AM  

Her recipes, I mean. At least she doesn't litter social media and blog with ultra progressive nonsense like so many other bloggers I used to like now do. I don't care about pride parades, I just want your recipes. Thanks!

Anonymous Rocklea August 12, 2017 11:00 AM  

SJWs always fail home economics?

Blogger Dave August 12, 2017 11:17 AM  

The Quick and Easy Alt Right Cookbook

The Everything Healthy Alt Right Cookbook

$5 A Meal Alt Right Cookbook

The Complete Alt Right Diet for Beginners

Alt Right Kitchen: The Official Cookbook

You Have To Go Back: 101 Alt Right Dishes

Anonymous Dyskord August 12, 2017 11:18 AM  

Am I the only person surprised that 20 000 sales in a week is the bar for a best seller. I mean I'm not a math wiz but 20 000 seems a low bar when populations are in the millions.

I suppose reading has lost its luster once again due to the SJW saturation of the industry. Everything is Diverse and gay whether you're reading a sci fi or fantasy or Romance or thriller or Horror or Non Fiction if one character isn't gay or black and dominates a third of the novel you're not reading anything from 2017.

Onward and upward Castalia House.

Anonymous Corrox August 12, 2017 11:58 AM  


The Many Uses For An Oven

Blogger seeingsights August 12, 2017 12:04 PM  


Politically Incorrect Baking

Anonymous basementhomebrewer August 12, 2017 12:07 PM  

I actually think a solid anti-vegan, anti-gluten free, anti-organic cookbook would sell well. People are getting just as tired of the nutrition justice warriors.

Blogger Erynne August 12, 2017 12:17 PM  

Dyskord wrote:Am I the only person surprised that 20 000 sales in a week is the bar for a best seller. I mean I'm not a math wiz but 20 000 seems a low bar when populations are in the millions.

I suppose reading has lost its luster once again due to the SJW saturation of the industry. Everything is Diverse and gay whether you're reading a sci fi or fantasy or Romance or thriller or Horror or Non Fiction if one character isn't gay or black and dominates a third of the novel you're not reading anything from 2017.

Onward and upward Castalia House.

I was thinking the same thing, how 20k seems like such a pathetic number. It is only one book buyer out of every 7,750 people if I begin by dividing 310 million by half, to generously account for children and elderly and non-English speaking adults in the country.

I suppose it isn't that bad of a number though, because, even though I read a lot, I very rarely pay full hardcover price for a book, and I can count on one hand the amount of times I've done so. That being said, I have hordes of free books or heavily discounted books from library and book sales. Most of the rest are used paperbacks or Kindle from Amazon. Probably 1/4th of my reading can be contributed from borrowing from the library.

This makes me wonder where the statistics come from that say how many books a year the average person reads, because I've heard multiple blogs cite 1 book a year as the average. If you only looked at how many new books a year I purchase, I would probably fall into that category.

It makes me wonder why people still write political and cultural critiques. Is it the author scratching an itch? Is it for their professional resume? Was it for money? Ego, to see their name on the spine of a book? I ask these questions because how many of those books have made any difference? I think of a book that compiled essays from Camille Paglia, and in one of her speeches to graduates at University was a damning critique and call to action to revolutionize how people are educated. That was in the early 90s and literally nothing has changed to that effect. Does it take a full saturation of books on a single topic, or one super effective speech or book to change peoples' minds? Has any political book ever been as effective and widely read as Common Sense?

I can kind of see why control over public education is so vital, because it's probably the only exposure anyone will ever get to anything remotely educational. Even the best companies can't take a huge portion of the market to themselves, so they merge and diversify. The Left wants full control, because they believe their ideas are the most important, so they lean toward totalitarian regimes that will dominate the full space, rather than be content with less than 10%. How could Ms. Paglia ever see her vision of education to fruition? The only way, that I can think of, is making billions of dollars, then lobbying for the education dept to take total control of university curriculum and impose one specific Paglian design over the entire nation. Paglia herself could never even change one university on books, speeches, or TV interviews unless she actually founded a private university. Libertarians and anarchists can only see their idea of gov't if they sea-stead.

But I also recall why Grant Cardone (a sales/real estate guru) wrote his books. It wasn't to make money, that he already had, but it was specifically to reach and be known by readers. I think Castalia House must be doing the same thing, trying to reach those who actually read, not convince non-readers of reading. I should note that if the manosphere has done anything positive, it isn't just getting men into beds with women, it has done a great job in promoting reading among men.

Anonymous Keener August 12, 2017 12:52 PM  

Erynne --- Dyskord

Two observations --- many book sales of leftish novels are because they are assigned in English lit. classes. That's why To Kill A Mockingbird is a 'best seller'. I suspect lots of authors of writing to be included in those English Lit classes assigned novels and not even bothering with trying to reach a real audience. Secondly, porn sells. That's apparently what all the Outlander books are about, soft porn for women. also Gone Girl and Girl on a Train. And yes, thank God for military sci fi and survivalist tales, so that men can have something to read.

Blogger Midnight Avenue J August 12, 2017 1:18 PM  

@ 10, enough general cookbooks exist. What's needed is the attitude/perspective you mentioned. Shitlord Chef.

The Angry Chef is a British chef and blogger who takes on the various diety piety of vegans, gluten free followers, anti-dairy/red meat/eggs, etc. His book was recently published, I think it's all screed and no recipes but I imagine a cookbook might be forthcoming.

The early iterations of Paleo came about from people defending meat, whole eggs, and fat as essential, pleasurable foods that the gov and vegans and low fat crusaders dismissed because heart disease and cancer. I rather like the Paleo model, follow it close enough and keep sugar out, and I can't eat wheat because I have a bona fide allergy, so it works for my personal health.

so many food bloggers are twee navel gazing twits who write a cookbook or two then lose their mission as they become all about signaling. They converge their brands without even trying. I unfollow more and more each week as the dreck and dross is tossed about, with zero health or food insight ever showing up. This goes for Paleo, vegan, budget, athletes, doesn't matter. You wanna lecture me about pride and love wins or refugees or Trump or Hillary or your adopted black son's struggles at age two to find himself? Bye bye.

You've given me a direction for my thinking and planning for a blog though. Ty

Blogger Stan_qaz August 12, 2017 3:22 PM  

@10 Please don't lump the hipster anti-gluten idiots in with folks who have an actual gluten allergy.

Coeliac or Celiac disease is a real and nasty thing to have. Not as bad as a peanut allergy but still debilitating if you make a dining error.

Some folks in my family have a full blown case of this, a couple that show Dermatitis herpetiformis too. I'm lucky in that I have a mild form of it but eating a burger bun will leave me miserable for a week or more at a minimum.

Blogger ((( bob kek mando ))) - ( You are Welcome ... to go back to the hell hole you came from ) August 12, 2017 3:38 PM  

13. Midnight Avenue J August 12, 2017 1:18 PM
Shitlord Chef.

Chitlord Chef.

"Will It Barbecue?" could be the next "Will It Compost?"

part of an ongoing series about how to dispose of your enemies.

Anonymous Precious August 12, 2017 4:43 PM  

anti-organic cookbook

The problem with being anti-organic is the sheer amount of pesticide they dump on crops these days, combined with the unknown long- term effects of eating genetically modified food. I have no interest in being an unpaid food tester for Big Ag.

Anonymous Killua August 12, 2017 11:44 PM  

Congratulations! Looking forward to the new book.

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