Sunday, October 15, 2017

NFL Week 6

This is the weekly open thread.



Blogger Nate October 15, 2017 1:08 PM  

The titans don't play till monday night... screw it... I'm playing Destiny 2 all day.

Anonymous Solomon Honeypickle, proud octaroon October 15, 2017 1:19 PM  

summary: league still infested with negroes. recommend avoiding at all costs.

Anonymous BanTheElectricJew October 15, 2017 1:27 PM  

Negro Felon League - avoid avoid avoid

Anonymous Just another commenter October 15, 2017 1:32 PM  

The local team had some kneelers last week, so I have more important things to do, like maybe painting my hair extensions and drying laundry in the rain.

Blogger Guitar Man October 15, 2017 1:35 PM  

Ok, Ban. Bye.

Blogger YIH October 15, 2017 1:40 PM  

This is a critical game for the Vikes. Already a game down on the Packers, lose and they could drop to 3rd place (at least the teddy Bears will keep them out of the bottom). And it looks like going to the Saints didn't work out too well for All Day, he just got traded to the Cards.
The NFL is praying for a ratings turnaround.
And of course:
NFL's cratering ratings may be starting to hit Fox's bottom line. Note: ratings declines are noted in pink :)
Dey dindu nuffin!

Blogger Elder Son October 15, 2017 1:46 PM  

in·ure - To habituate to something undesirable, especially by prolonged subjection; accustom: "Though the food became no more palatable, he soon became sufficiently inured to it"

Blogger John Cunningham October 15, 2017 2:02 PM  

At least the Bungles are not gonna lose this weekend!

Blogger SemiSpook37 October 15, 2017 2:29 PM  

So far, the Packers lose Rodgers, the J-E-T-S JetsJetsJets are up on the Pats, and the Bears are up on the Ratbirds (and on a side note, drove by M & T on my way out of the city this afternoon, that upper deck was empty).

Blogger KBuff October 15, 2017 2:35 PM  

Still not interested in watching the Broncos or any other NFL team. Even less likely now that a couple of the networks are trying to mitigate the damage by not showing the anthem after bringing the issue into the spotlight just a few weeks ago.

Blogger Cecil Henry October 15, 2017 3:00 PM  


Yeah, they can't just go back and pretend everything it fine, that their anti-White, SJW, anti-freedom stance is not there.

They don't understand this, because they have no respect for the average fan or American.

Never forget this.

Blogger seeingsights October 15, 2017 3:19 PM  

Maybe we can talk about the Austrian election here. Great result for our side!

Blogger SemiSpook37 October 15, 2017 3:45 PM  

Never mind about the Pats; the Jets have reverted to form and are rightly getting the crap kicked out of them, as expected.

Anonymous VFM #6306 October 15, 2017 4:03 PM  

Ha ha, Matty Ice iced another defeat. In FG range, trailing Miami 20-17, he throws a pick right into the opponent's breadbasket.

Anonymous VFM #6306 October 15, 2017 4:05 PM  

Wait what? Last I noticed, Chicago was up 24-13 with 3 minutes left. Now its tied? Crazy.

Blogger YIH October 15, 2017 4:12 PM  

Well, we know who's not been playing defense today. Detroit or New Orleans. The good news is that the Vikes are leading by 13 with less than 3 to go. Which my not seem to important now but by the end of the season could determine who makes the playoffs - as it has for the last few years. Also it looks like a possible tie this week...

Blogger Chris Jackson October 15, 2017 5:03 PM  

Some ugly games today. This product is abysmal.

Blogger The Deplorable Podunk Ken Ramsey October 15, 2017 5:11 PM  

Sitting in a steakhouse bar in the Missouri Ozarks where you go on Sundays to watch the games. We’re all watching motorcross. Not a single TV tuned to the NFL. If the NFL has lost these people then they are in a world of hurt.

Anonymous Roundtine October 15, 2017 5:24 PM  

NHL season has been very entertaining so far. Ovechkin scoring like crazy.

Anonymous VFM #6306 October 15, 2017 5:37 PM  

The owners are meeting with players to come to a "compromise." There's no sleeping in a well-shat bed. The only thing that would save them would be to bring in Trump as commisioner.

Anonymous Freestater October 15, 2017 5:47 PM  

Jets got GRONKED, Pats win, all is right in the world :)

Blogger Dave October 15, 2017 5:51 PM  

Ovechkin scoring like crazy.

Not so much yesterday. Skunked.

Anonymous JAG October 15, 2017 5:51 PM  

Chris Jackson wrote:Some ugly games today. This product is abysmal.

The millennials are the first generation of athletes to be inferior to previous generations of athletes. At least that is what my eyeball test indicates for both the NFL and NBA.

Blogger Stg58/Animal Mother October 15, 2017 6:12 PM  

Just wiped the floor with Ghaul. Weapon of choice: Scavelock.

Anonymous Basket of Deplorables October 15, 2017 6:25 PM  

NFL? Is that like one of those Euro soccer leagues?

Blogger SemiSpook37 October 15, 2017 6:30 PM  

Roundtine wrote:Ovechkin scoring like crazy.

Better now than in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

Oh, wait. He doesn't score in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

Blogger DBSFF October 15, 2017 6:41 PM  

Thoughts on the Jets fumble anyone? I thought it was the right call.

Blogger Phat Repat October 15, 2017 6:46 PM  

Screw the NFL; or was that the EU? Not sure, perhaps Nuland meant both.

Blogger Tatooine Sharpshooters' Club October 15, 2017 6:47 PM  

Some ugly games today. This product is abysmal.

American college sports are a disgrace, but there is something to be said for four years of university-affiliated minor-league ball. The NFL is starting to reap the same whirlwind the NBA has, by taking so many underclassmen who simply aren't pro-ready material and degrading the quality of play.

Anonymous VFM #6306 October 15, 2017 6:49 PM  

Reid is a moron. KC is Down 9 on 4th and goal, and doesn't kick the 3.

Blogger Jabari October 15, 2017 6:53 PM  

Hey Vox - this Adrian Peterson guy seems like he's pretty good, know anything about him? ;)

Blogger Phat Repat October 15, 2017 7:03 PM  

OT: Breaking News!
Hillary was asked if Weinstein's behavior compared to her husband's. She said "close but no cigar".

You heard it here first...

Blogger Arthur Isaac October 15, 2017 7:14 PM  

Cuck-a-broken chicken wing...

Blogger Right Republican October 15, 2017 7:14 PM  

Look out NFL. My wife and I are lifelong NFL tv watchers and this is the third complete week in a row without watching or DVR'ing ANY games AT ALL -- Thursday through Monday night (including Colts-Titans Monday night). Get those players up off their knees during the National Anthem and SHOW them up off their knees. No "brotherhood" hooking of arms BS either. Stand at attention, right hands over hearts, left hands holding helmets, PERIOD. STOP the political grandstanding YESTERDAY.

Blogger YIH October 15, 2017 7:30 PM  

All Day finally got the ball! And can still do something with it. Apparently, the Saints offense wasn't ready for a running back to help out. The Card OTOH...

Blogger Dave October 15, 2017 8:03 PM  

Apparently, the Saints offense wasn't ready for a running back to help out.

I'd say Mark Ingram (25 rushes for 125 yds, 2 rushing TD, 5 receptions for 36 yds) and Alvin Kamara (10 rushes for 75 yds, 4 receptions) filled in pretty nicely. Sean Payton apparently didn't want AD around.

Blogger Dave October 15, 2017 8:24 PM  

Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance against National Football League owners on the basis of collusion under the league’s collective bargaining agreement, according to reports from 6 ABC and Bleacher Report.


Blogger Banjo October 15, 2017 9:10 PM  

I haven't seen many others using it, but the Black Scorpion energy scout rifle is starting to become one of my faves.

And generally I hate shotguns, but the legend of Acrius is OP even in it's incomplete form.

Anonymous logprof October 15, 2017 9:16 PM  

The football gods smote Aaron Rodgers, and hard.

Anonymous Rutger Howard October 15, 2017 9:31 PM  

Rodgers broke his reach-around arm. That and OBJ busing his ankle have convinced me that karma is real. Real as nan bread. He should have known better than to play the black man's game.

Blogger Cail Corishev October 15, 2017 10:22 PM  

Jets have reverted to form

I hate the way they call defensive pass interference so much. Like raisins in brownies. I didn't even have a rooting interest in that game, but who wants to watch a game that turns completely on a bad call? It happens way too often.

Brady lobs the ball to Gronk in the end zone. The defender is running right with him and looks back to the ball, which they say is how you don't get called for incidental contact. Meanwhile, Gronk is elbowing him in the head as he reaches up and tries to make some space for himself. So they call DPI, and the Patriots, who were getting pushed around, get a free TD and a second wind, while the Jets remember they're losers.

And for some reason, even though it has to be one of the hardest calls in the game to get right, considering the speed and all the things they have to watch at once, they refuse to use their stupid replay review system for it because it's a "judgment call." They're all judgment calls, morons, that one no more than others. Gah. I've turned off more games after a terrible DPI than anything else.

I was tuned in long enough to see multiple white-woman/black-man couples in ads, though, so that was nice.

Anonymous Carbon blob October 15, 2017 10:28 PM  

"The Giants are coming off a worse week than Harvey Weinstein"

Cold-blooded by Al Michaels

Blogger TontoBubbaGoldstein October 15, 2017 10:29 PM  

DBSFF wrote:Thoughts on the Jets fumble anyone? I thought it was the right call.

It was a clearly a Jets touchdown.

This is what a fumble looks like: Tuck Rule

Blogger AdognamedOp October 15, 2017 11:00 PM  

I heard that Al Michaels quip. He just apologized on air for saying it.

Blogger Lazarus October 15, 2017 11:04 PM  

AdognamedOp wrote:I heard that Al Michaels quip. He just apologized on air for saying it.


Anonymous a deplorable rubberducky October 15, 2017 11:06 PM  

Wow that Jets fumble that wasn't was insane. How can they rule it a fumble when you don't fumble? Good grief, and it's an erased TD and a change-of-possession touchback to boot. People are saying again that either the game is rigged or Bilichek has got the refs hypnotized. I might believe either one.

Blogger AdognamedOp October 15, 2017 11:19 PM  

I am sure phones were ringing off the hook after Michaels comment. For a minute,I pictured that Rouse FBI guy from the Vegas press conference standing behind Al.

Blogger Todd Brown October 15, 2017 11:31 PM  

Stop watching. Do something that may benefit your cause IRL, instead of just talking online. It's actually sad that VD still does this stupid thread.

Blogger Todd Brown October 15, 2017 11:31 PM  

Stop watching. Do something that may benefit your cause IRL, instead of just talking online. It's actually sad that VD still does this stupid thread.

Blogger AdognamedOp October 15, 2017 11:41 PM  

Blatantly corrupt officiating is turning off more true fans of the game than the stupid anthem protests IMO. Same goes for baseball with the customized strike zones.

Blogger Cail Corishev October 15, 2017 11:53 PM  

Kaepernick is an idiot, and I still can't help thinking he's letting his girlfriend lead him around by the dick. Last week he was saying he'd stand if someone hired him; this week he's filing suit. Which means he was probably full of shit last week, and if a team had gone for it, he would have reneged once he got out there.

Cold-blooded by Al Michaels

Apparently Twitter blew up. Michaels probably put the story in front of twice as many eyeballs just like that.

Anonymous Turk Manheim October 16, 2017 1:35 AM  

Kaepernick should apply as towel boy or something similar, at least that way he could watch the players shower again. Going to be very humorous when his money runs out (or his manger rips him off). looks like a class-A retard.

Anonymous Arthur Wentworh III October 16, 2017 1:50 AM  

your average negro has the mental capacity of a well trained collie. an exceptional negro almost matches a labrador in terms of cognitive potential. now we are talking pure blooded American negroes here, not your Brazilian mixed race negro, BTW.

Blogger Cail Corishev October 16, 2017 2:05 PM  

[Rodgers] should have known better than to play the black man's game.

After the Paris murders two years ago, there was a moment of silence at a Green Bay game. Rodgers heard someone in the stands yell something impolite about Muslims. After the game, he said it was "inappropriate" during a moment of silence. Fair enough, maybe so. But then he went on to say that that kind of "prejudicial ideology" is why we're in the position we are in the world. The usual "they only attack us because we hate them" narrative. Not gonna miss him.

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