Thursday, October 12, 2017

Robbed of their culture

No wonder the West is dying, raising children like young trees with their roots all severed:
At breakfast, in the glass-towered city of Vancouver, five-year-old Abigail looks glumly at her half-eaten bowl of cereal.

"What is it, honey?" I brush the bangs back from her face.

She lets out a big sigh. "I wish I wasn't white."

I start. Nothing in the parenting manuals has prepared me for that.

"All we've ever done is hurt people," she continues. "I wish my skin was dark and that I had a culture."

We live in a part of the city where immigrant families abound. Our neighbours are homesick, first-generation Mexicans, which means that salsas and pinatas and Aztec legends feature prominently at shared social gatherings. Our family regularly eats in Little India where we gush over the flavours of curry and dhal, and every February, we attend the Chinese New Year parade in the slanting rain. Plus, my husband and I are children of missionaries and harbour an acute guilt for the cultural imperialism of our forebears. To compensate, we've raised our children with a deep appreciation of non-Western cultures.

So when Abigail laments the colour of her white skin, part of me is programmed to protest. Is it not my moral obligation to tell her that her feelings of poor self-worth are nothing compared with the psychological ruin of real racism? Girl, everything about Canadian culture weighs in your advantage and you have no right to snivel!

Instead, I feel a sadness settle over me. We thought we were raising the enlightened child of the 21st century. We thought we were doing our part in setting the history record straight. Yet, in doing so, it seems we have robbed our oldest child of something primal to psychological health, something elemental to her well-being as a human being: cultural roots.
And it's not going to end well just because you teach them about tea time. The word "fundamentalist" stems from those who go back to the basics of the religion, back to the fundamentals. It is time for us to become cultural fundamentalists, and our roots are Christianity, the Greco-Roman legacy, and the European nations.

The alternative is this societal suicide in the name of not being called racist. Of all the reasons for a society to die off, this simply must be the most utterly stupid ever witnessed on this planet.



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Blogger R Beisert October 13, 2017 11:12 AM  

@197 It is written, "There is nothing new under the sun." Talmudic Satanism is referenced in the Prophets (who Jesus said the pharisees and teachers of the law killed), and the same evils that bred corruption then are breeding corruption now.


Regarding the post itself, I've never met a foreigner with any respect for those who cuck their own cultures. In the same way women don't respect beta manlets, no one respects those who have zero self-respect and zero cultural respect.

Imagine if a Chinese immigrant came up to you fresh off the boat and said, "Being Chinese person no good. I wish could be born Swedish person. Alamo, Normandy, Jesus!" Wouldn't that just make your skin crawl (and not just because my Chinese isn't good enough to make broken English sound quite right)? To foreigners, that's what SJW's sound like.

Anonymous Mr. Rational October 13, 2017 11:21 AM  

@196  No, the daughter is probably still salvageable at this point.

The parents, OTOH, are child-abusers.

Blogger rumpole5 October 22, 2017 5:03 AM  

Amen. Wish you were on Fox news. You articulate perfectly and correctly.

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