Wednesday, January 31, 2018

EXCERPT: Hammer of the Witches

An excerpt from HAMMER OF THE WITCHES by Kai Wai Cheah.

Hesperians loved to see themselves as the good guys fighting for the underdog against powerful foes. If he ever caught a glimpse of what she really thought and felt, he would abandon her in an instant. And Hexenhammer would be finished.

Pausing at a streetlamp, she smoothly spun on her heel and powered her holobuds. In her peripheral vision she checked for unwanted attention. Notifications flooded her screen. She checked the first.


She blinked and followed the link.

A barrage of photos: first responders tending to the wounded and evacuating civilians, burning and collapsed tents, killers machine-gunning a crowd of innocents.

And in the news summary, a bold bullet point stood out.

New Phosterian terrorist group Hexenhammer claims responsibility.

She fought down a curse and read the entire article. Three times.

Terrorists attacked a refugee camp on the island of Chios. Hundreds dead. Between four to eight terrorists. Killers still at large. Island on lockdown.

Hexenhammer claims responsibility.

Eve forced herself to breathe. It was time to be her other self again: an arm of the anonymous Kraken who terrorized the terrorists. A woman who brought down the hammer on the witches plaguing Pantopia. She opened her secure mail app and fired a message for Luke.

You must have heard about Hellas. We did NOT do it. We must meet. Call me.


“Eve didn’t do it,” I said.

“Why? Because she told you?” Pete said.

“No. Because this doesn’t have the hallmark of a Kraken operation, much less Hexenhammer.”

O’Connor’s voice issued from my holophone sitting on the table, reverberating in the secure conference room. “Just so we’re on the same page here, what is the hallmark of a Kraken operation?”

I rubbed my eyes. It was half past three in the morning, and despite the adrenaline in my veins, I was still jet lagged. I paused for a breath, composing my thoughts.

“Hexenhammer prides itself on proportionality and precision. They conduct information warfare and propaganda campaigns against their ideological enemies. They only target gangsters and terrorists—people who’ve caused actual harm—for assassinations. They’ve got a high standard for selecting targets. They post the target’s details on their internal forum, they talk about it among themselves, and they only go ahead if an admin is satisfied the target meets the standard of harm.”

“When they do strike, they rub out only the target,” Pete said. “No one else, except maybe nearby bad guys. And they attribute the hit to a mysterious figure they call Die Kraken.”

“Exactly,” I said. “They don’t kill innocents. They never had. Why would they start now?”

“To ‘strike a blow against the forces of globalization and Wahism threatening Western Phosterian civilization,’” O’Connor replied. “Or so their manifesto goes. They left it at the scene and mailed copies to the press.”

“BS. They don’t think like that.”

“You mean Eve doesn’t think like that. It doesn’t mean others in Hexenhammer don’t. Hexenhammer isn’t necessarily a monolithic organization.”

“This doesn’t fit their MO,” I said.

“Maybe they are changing how they do things,” Pete offered.

“Without telling their founder?”

“Or maybe Eve just didn’t want to tell you.”

“That’s not Eve,” I said. “She’s a killer, but she’s surgical. This? This is mass murder. She’s not psychotic enough to even think about it.”

Pete crossed his arms. “Okay, so who did it?”

“We’re going nowhere with this,” O’Connor declared. “It’s hasn’t even been an hour since the attack. Until we know the big picture, we can’t say for sure what’s going on.

“How about this: I’ll fly out to your location. I should be there in… twelve hours. By then I should have more to share with you, and we can plan our next step.”

“What do we do now?” Pete asked.

“Consider this a warning order. We need to figure out what’s going on with Hexenhammer. Get ready for an overseas trip to meet and assess Eve and the rest of Hexenhammer.”

“All right. And the Kalypso readiness report?”

“I’ll need that, too.”

Pete groaned. “You just had to ask, didn’t you?”

No point going back to bed. Pete went off to collect coffee. I re-read Eve’s email. At the end of it was a phone number. Knowing her, it was a disposable one-time-only number. I generated my own burner number with a holophone app and called her with it.

She picked up after the first ring.

Grüezi,” she said.

It was Swiss German. My language implant kicked in, returning Hello.

“It’s me,” I said.

“Hey,” she said, switching to Anglian. “Thanks for calling.”

“Thanks for reaching out to me. What happened out there?” In the background I heard a car honking. Was she out on the street?

“I don’t know. I didn’t authorize what happened at Hellas. Neither did anyone I know in my organization.”

She was deliberately being vague to avoid tripping telecom intercept programs—the kind every First-World nation ran on the rest of the world.

“That’s not much for me to work with.”

“You can’t prove a negative.”

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I don't think the FBI understands that nobody gives a quantum of a damn about what they happen to think regarding the upcoming release of information concerning corrupt and criminal behavior on the part of the FBI:
FBI Director Christopher Wray sent a striking signal to the White House Wednesday, issuing a rare public warning that a controversial Republican memo about the FBI's surveillance practices omits key information that could impact its veracity.

The move sets up an ugly clash with the President who wants it released.

"With regard to the House Intelligence Committee's memorandum, the FBI was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it," the agency said in a statement. "As expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy."
We don't care about your "grave concerns" because you're a bunch of corrupt Deep State swamp creatures. At this point, literally every single FBI document ever written should be declassified and released to the public.

I expect most criminals have "grave concerns" about their behavior being investigated.

This isn't that hard. Release the memo. Then release all of the supporting documents. Then release all the information about the full extent of the corruption and criminality that has been kept hidden. The intelligence agencies and all their handwringing about how this will make their job harder is irrelevant. They are no longer worthy of the public trust and their concerns and their protests should be completely ignored.

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"Apparent suicide"

I noticed that the tone of the media coverage of Mark Salling's death has gradually changed from "suicide" to "apparent suicide". Crazy Days and Nights appears to be confident that it was actually another murder staged to look like one.
No note. Defensive wounds on his hands, where he tried to fight off his attacker. Supposed to not be found for weeks where clues would have been tough to piece together. Arranged plea deal. Dead four days before he had turn over a list of names. They had been coming after him ever since he took the plea deal because they knew he would have to name names. I wrote about that pressure before. He bought most of his photos. One person who was feeling the heat was this former A+ list mostly television actor. As far as I know, he didn't sell him the photos, but apparently many of them came from his collection. The person that was feeling the most pressure and had the most to lose was an A list producer. Their high and mighty world would have come crashing down. There is no way he was going to let that happen.
I realize that Hollywood is not the most literate world, but you'd think SOMEONE there would have read at least one or two detective novels. It would appear that in Hollywood, as in the Agatha Christie world, no one has a shorter expected lifespan than the guy who knows something but isn't prepared to talk about it yet.

It appears the big pedos are getting scared. They know the law is finally closing in on them.
More than 500 suspects were arrested and 56 people were rescued during a statewide human-trafficking crackdown, officials said. The Los Angeles County Regional Human Trafficking Task Forces announced the arrests of 510 suspects during the three-day sweep, called Operation Reclaim and Rebuild.

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The Dark Legion marches

And yes, there are t-shirts. How could there not be t-shirts? More about this next week.


America is not the world

Pat Buchanan tries to explain to civic globalists that nationalism isn't color-blind and race does, in fact, matter:
Today, issues of immigration and race are tearing countries and continents apart. There are anti-immigrant parties in every nation in Europe. Turkey is being bribed to keep Syrian refugees out of Europe.

Boatloads of Africans from Libya are being turned back in the Med. After building a wall to keep them out, Bibi Netanyahu has told “illegal aliens” from Africa: Get out of Israel by March, or go to jail.

Angela Merkel’s Party may have suffered irreparable damage when she let a million Mideast refugees in. The larger concentrations of Arabs, Africans and Turks in Britain, France and Germany are not assimilating. Central European nations are sealing borders.

Europe fears a future in which the continent, with its shrinking numbers of native-born, is swamped by peoples from the Third World.

Yet the future alarmed Europeans are resisting is a future U.S. elites have embraced. Among the reasons, endless mass migration here means the demographic death of the GOP.

In U.S. presidential elections, persons of color whose roots are in Asia, Africa and Latin America vote 4-1 Democratic, and against the candidates favored by American’s vanishing white majority. Not for the first time, liberal ideology comports precisely with liberal interests.

Mass immigration means an America in 2050 with no core majority, made up of minorities of every race, color, religion and culture on earth, a continent-wide replica of the wonderful diversity we see today in the U.N. General Assembly.
It's interesting to see rock-solid conservatives finally getting on board with the Alt-Right conceptually, even though they will probably continue to resist openly identifying with it. Which is fine. The important aspect of a political philosophy is the adoption of the ideas, not the label, the identity, or the brand. I very much doubt that Aristotle lost any sleep at all over what those who adopted his ideas elected to call themselves.

Whenever you see people talking about "the brand" or purity-signaling, you can be confident that they are either shills of some sort, they are attention-seekers, or they harbor ambitions of leadership. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with any of these things - I would have to be the last to criticize anyone else for trying to sell books - but from the philosophical perspective, they are all irrelevant. Sure, it must be annoying when you hear others spouting your ideas, or in some cases, your literal words, without crediting or acknowledging the source of them. But at the end of the day, it's really the propagation of the ideas throughout the population that matters.

There is no such thing as "civic nationalism". It is a self-contradictory concept that confuses the state with the nation and "civic globalism" is the more precise term. There is also no such thing as "ethno-nationalism". The term is redundant.

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All ur rhetoric are belong to us

"Americans are Dreamers too." Magnificent. Since some who don't speak rhetoric were obviously confused by this, let me explain what the God-Emperor was doing when he said that last night, and why it infuriated Democrats and the media.

During the height of GamerGate, the Ghazis, as the SJWs who actively opposed GamerGate called themselves, frequently tried to introduce new anti-GG hashtags. Every time they did, we promptly flooded those hashtags with pro-GG memes, thereby converting their hashtag into ours. We did this so frequently that it spawned a meme of its own - ALL YOUR HASHTAGS ARE BELONG TO US - and eventually demoralized them so completely that they gave up trying to generate new hashtags.

What the President did last night during the State of the Union speech was steal the media's hashtag with regards to illegal aliens. And they know it. 
Trump’s biggest insult to immigrants in his State of the Union. The president pulled an “All Lives Matter” on DREAMers. Miss that reference, and this passage is just standard Trumpian “America First” boilerplate: the idea that America has put immigrants ahead of its own citizens, and that Trump is showing love for Americans by calling for fewer immigrants to be allowed to join them. But it’s in fact something more pointed: an attempt to reclaim the label of “dreamer” from the group that has used it for the last 17 years.
Perhaps more importantly, he also promised a Congressman that he would, "100 percent", release the Nunes memo. The lesson, as always, is wait patiently and assume that President Trump knows what he is doing. It's been three years now. Have you learned nothing?

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

SOTU open post

The God-Emperor will speak. Discuss amongst yourselves.


Corporate fraud

I imagine there are probably a lot of violations that merit investigation, particularly among the Trump-hating technology companies.
The U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating whether Apple Inc. violated securities laws concerning its disclosures about a software update that slowed older iPhone models, according to people familiar with the matter.

The government has requested information from the company, according to the people, who asked not to be named because the probe is private. The inquiry is in early stages, they cautioned, and it’s too soon to conclude any enforcement will follow.... Several weeks ago, the company admitted to slowing down the performance of older iPhones models to make their batteries last longer. Apple released a software update early in 2017 that throttled older iPhones, but didn’t specify that the action slowed the devices. In December, Apple apologized for not clearly communicating this information and vowed to release another update to mitigate the concern.
What, they think everyone forgot how Clinton and Obama audited and investigated conservative organizations and corporations?

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So what did he know...

About Hillary Clinton and the DNC?
Glee actor Mark Salling is dead of an apparent suicide, according to law enforcement ... TMZ has learned. We're told his body was found near a riverbed in Sunland ... the area where he lived. We do not yet know the manner of death. We're told he may have died after hanging himself.  We've learned the address where Salling was found dead near a little league field adjacent to a creek. 
Well, we've been expecting a sudden onset of suicides among the Hollywood set. What is that now, three? Four?

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Ran into a friendly acquaintance of mine at the gym. We've played against each other for years; he is quite a bit younger but was permitted to play in our veteran's league because he was a professional referee or something. I was never quite clear on what the deal was, to be honest.

Anyhow, he had told me he was up for promotion to Serie A in the coming season, so when I saw him, I didn't even say anything, I just raised an eyebrow. He smiled and pumped his fist; the league not only came through with the promotion to the top level but had him rated highest in the second league through the first half of the season. He's smart, athletic, and multilingual, so I have absolutely no doubt he'll be doing Champion's League and the Euros before too long.

Competitive bastard too. I marked him for an entire game in an indoor tournament and had to throw everything plus the kitchen sink at him to keep him from scoring... and just barely managed to do that.


Smells like Girlbusters

SJWs are running their usual routine of breathlessly talking up a heavily converged product that they know the mainstream audience isn't going to like very much.
Ash Crossan, Entertainment Tonight video producer
Ladies and gentlemen we have an AMAZING villain. #BlackPanther was so good I can’t breathe. AND DANAI GURIRA HOLY F@$&?!?!? I LOVE this movie.

Geeks of Color
Black Panther is the best MCU movie ever. I was blown away from start to finish and I’m not even being biased. This was by far the best marvel movie to date. Thank you, Ryan Coogler!

jen yamato@jenyamato
BLACK PANTHER is incredible, kinetic, purposeful. A superhero movie about why representation & identity matters, and how tragic it is when those things are denied to people. The 1st MCU movie about something real; Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger had me weeping and he’s the VILLAIN

Nate Brail@NateBrail
Black Panther is the best Marvel Film ever made. Nothing compares to it. Michael B. Jordan and Letitia Wright steal the show. The visuals are incredible. Go see it.

Adam B. Vary of Buzzfeed
BLACK PANTHER is just astonishing. Ryan Coogler has harnessed the superhero movie — and a really fun one! — to explore profound ideas and create vivid images of black excellence that so rarely ever make it to a giant Hollywood movie. Wow wow wow!

Peter Sciretta, owner/editor at Slashfilm
Black Panther looks, feels and sounds unlike any Marvel film to date. A visual feast. Wakanda is amazingly realized, the antagonist actually has an arc with emotional motivations. Marvels most political movie. So good.

IndieWire senior film critic David Ehrlich
BLACK PANTHER is like a Marvel movie, but better. the action is predictably awful, but this is the first MCU film that has an actual sense of identity & history & musicality. Wakanda is alive. whole cast is great but the women (and the war rhinos) steal the show — Danai Gurira!

Huffington Post Black Voices associate editor Taryn Finley
I'm so excited to see #BlackPanther again when I'm with friends. Not only did it live up to the hype, it exceeded expectations and exuded #BlackExcellence with every scene.

ReBecca Theodore-Vachon, Film/TV contributor Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, NYTimes, Roger Ebert, The Urban Daily
The representation of Black women in #BlackPanther made me feel seen. Seen in a way other superhero movies have not done well.
Now, perhaps the movie is genuinely good. Perhaps this time, the critics can be trusted and they aren't simply blowing more SJW smoke up the collective posteriors of the moviegoing public. But the safe bet is that these critics are converged and have therefore lost their ability to perform their primary function of reviewing movies and it won't be long before they are blaming racism, America, and the Alt-Right for the failure of the movie to bring in as much revenue as anticipated.

This is a really big deal to them, because they know that if Black Panther fails, there won't be another big money diversity movie for another generation or two of movie-making. So it is not even remotely surprising that they are uniformly praising it the biggest and bestest and most importantest movie ever made.

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The terror is daimonic. The sorcery is real.

But enough bullets will kill even the most dangerous supernatural operator.

The Hexenhammer underground has aided the operators of the Nemesis Program in their war against the global supernatural terror campaign, but now Hexenhammer is accused of being the terrorist group responsible for carrying out a spectacular massacre in Greece.

Now Luke Landon must decide if Eve and her fellow underground members should be put down or if they have been set up for destruction by a conspiracy so big and powerful that it may have penetrated Nemesis itself.

HAMMER OF THE WITCHES is the second volume of The Covenant Chronicles, the supernatural Mil-SF series by Kai Wai Cheah, Hugo-nominated author of Flashpoint: Titan.

From the reviews of its predecessor, NO GODS, ONLY DAIMONS.
  • This is an excellent fantasy/MilSF book. Fast paced; excellent battle scenes.
  • Cheah does a great job at building this world with lots of details and complexity. It's a good read and one I had a hard time putting down.
  • Fans of books by Larry Correia and Jim Butcher should find themes in this book that they will enjoy. Character development is stronger than Larry's earlier but not as strong as his current work.
  • Call of Duty meets Grimnoir Chronicles. If you like Larry Corriea's Grimnoir series, and the world he has created, you will like the world this book inhabits. 
  • This book came out of nowhere. It's... very different than anything I've read. The author has done some amazing world-building, where magic has been introduced to the ancient world, and changed the course of ancient Persia, Greece and Rome, and the modern world follows from there. 

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Corruption and circled wagons

The Deep State's best efforts to hide its corrupt and illegal behavior are failing:
A U.S. House committee voted Monday to seek White House clearance to publicly release a classified Republican memo that alleges bias and counterintelligence abuses in government surveillance of people surrounding President Donald Trump, members of the panel said.

Representative Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said the majority-Republican panel decided to seek release of the memo on a party-line vote. The Republican majority refused along party lines to disclose a competing memo written by Democrats.

“This is an effort to circle the wagons around the White House and distract from the Russia probe,” Schiff said.... Releasing the memo has become a cause for conservative congressional Republicans, who say the FBI and the Justice Department pursued the investigation of possible Russian ties to the Trump presidential campaign under false pretenses. Schiff has countered that the memo is part of a Republican effort designed to distract from, and undermine, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference and whether those around Trump colluded in it.

Disclosure of the memo requires White House approval because the document is based on classified information. Now, the Trump administration will have up to five days to review the document for national security concerns, though it could be released at any point. Even if the administration objects, the full House could hold a rare closed-door vote on whether to publicly disclose the memo anyway.
It will be interesting to see if what is in the memo is as bad as people are suggesting, or if it is simply more smoke that may or may not be indicative of anything substantive. Regardless, one hopes the Trump administration puts it out for public review as quickly as possible.

The key tell from Schiff is his use of the phrase "circle the wagons". Remember, SJWs always project, and they are reliably guilty of committing the crimes of which they accuse others. There is no need to "distract from the Russia probe". Everyone has known for months that there is nothing to be found there except for collusion between the Clinton Campaign, the FBI, and the NSA.

The only significant thing here is the discovery that there isn't even one honest Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. If there are allegations of serious corruption and criminality in the memo and all of them voted to keep the memo under wraps, they are going to face some serious questions about their own corruption.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Vox and Milo vs SJWs

I was proud to have the distinct honor of being the first guest invited to appear on the new Milo show tonight. Listen for a hint about my next book, which will be my first foray into a very popular non-fiction genre.

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Forget moderation, stand up and fight!

I'm not going to pretend that this new SJW-swarming is unexpected... or that it isn't mildly amusing, especially in light of how soon after our initial exchange it happened. But that doesn't make it right, or anything that we will ignore. The thing is, you can either learn from someone else's example or through your own experience. Ethan van Sciver, the talented DC artist whom you may recall lecturing me about the importance of being nice and civil and respectful to SJWs, is presently learning the lessons of Social Justice the hard way. Moderation won't save you. Civility won't save you. Nothing will save you except standing up to them and fighting them openly, because they are all offense, no defense.

Because they don't need your permission to attack you, and if they can't find an excuse to do so, they will manufacture one.
Asher Elbein @asher_elbein
I've been watching the Ethan Van Sciver harassment of @darrylayo over the weekend, and hearing stuff about him for a lot longer. I'd like to write about it for The Atlantic, so I'm putting out a call: if you've been harassed by him or his trolls, DMs and email are open.

Brendan H. Wright@BrendanWasright
Comics is worse for having Ethan Van Sciver in it. The fact that one of the major publishers’ major artists faces no consequences for sustained racist attacks on a fellow artist says about all one needs to know about DC. He has no place among decent people.

Tim Doyle@NakatomiTim
Ethan Van Sciver is tweeting artistic collaboration with deeply transphobic, woman hating, Milo-loving, darling of the Alt-Right-Jordan Peterson...In case you needed more evidence EVS is a disgusting trash fire of a human.

Kieran Shiach@KingImpulse
If you’ve been harassed by Ethan Van Sciver, Richard C. Meyer or their army of trolls and would like to talk about it, you can get in touch with either myself or @asher_elbein, in confidence, to tell your story.

Ethan Van Sciver is what happens when an industry prizes professionalism over checking bad actors on sight.

All Ethan Van Sciver does is fuck with people, pick on people, attack people, direct others to attack people and occasionally draw I dunno, green lantern or some shit

Matt Santori@FotoCub
Yes. @DCComics needs to decide if putting Ethan Van Sciver on books is worth losing sales and promotion from sites that will refuse to review/advertise ANYTHING his name is on, as mine informed them directly.

Mark O. Stack@MarkOStack
I haven't said anything because I didn't know what I could add to the situation, but I really just added towards a culture of silence that lets bad people get away with things. Ethan Van Sciver is a bigot and a bully leading harassment campaigns. @DCComics should cut ties.

Is it my feed, or my imagination, or is the comics community growing weary of Ethan Van Sciver’s asshole antics and his fuckhead cadre of alt-right bullies?
This is a textbook swarming complete with the open appeals to the presumably amenable authorities at SJW-converged DC Comics. We'll see if they're successful or not; it doesn't look like they are making much headway with either the media or the masses, but then, the obvious goal here is merely provide cover for their fellow SJWs at DC to pull the trigger. There is only one way to answer these people, and that is to fight back at every opportunity, show neither hesitation nor remorse, and defeat them resoundingly. Which is exactly what we have done and what we will continue to do. Speaking of SJW-swarms, thanks VERY much to all the 802 backers and counting, as we have just hit the fifth and final goal for Will Caligan's Comic!

UPDATE: The campaign has ended. All goals achieved. A clean green sweep. Now THAT is what winning looks like! The first stage, anyway. The next win will be when the first Arkhaven comic illustrated by Will Caligan hits the market. And it will be glorious. Thanks very much to all 822 of you who made this happen!

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Deputy Director down and out

The Deputy Director of the FBI is just stepping aside for no particular reason... the day after his boss read the 4-page memo about the "secret society". That seems likely:
FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who has been attacked by President Donald Trump, stepped down Monday, multiple sources familiar with the matter told NBC News.

McCabe will remain on the FBI payroll until he is eligible to retire with full benefits in mid-March, the sources said.

One source said McCabe was exercising his retirement eligibility and characterized his decision as "stepping aside."

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America losing interest in SJW "entertainment"

Apparently pedos, minstrels, and whores are of less interest than they used to be:
The CBS telecast is down a steep 21 percent from 2017 in early numbers, potentially spelling an all-time low. Sunday's Bruno Mars-loving Grammy Awards took a steep ratings spill by the first-available metrics. The show, which ran a bloated three-and-a-half hours, was off an unfortunate 21 percent from 2017 in early numbers. Overnight returns from Nielsen Media give it a 12.7 rating among households — marking its biggest drop since the 2013, the year after the show swelled following the death of Whitney Houston.
I know it's common for the old to bitch about the music of the young. But the thing is, there are plenty of young people putting out really good music today. They're just not doing it through the converged corporate pop channel anymore.

Three-quarters of my car music is old. The other quarter is downloaded from Youtube. But this sort of thing will never be on the Grammies, because it isn't SKWAK-Q featuring Jay-Z lip-syncing to synchronized pelvic thrusts by an unattractive woman with oversized buttocks and an expression that says "something smells really bad in here."

Frankly, I'm astonished that anyone watches them anymore.


One... two... and now THREE!

Thanks to the nearly 700 backers of Will Caligan's Comic, Book #3 is go. This means SIX MORE issues of illustrations by Will. As mentioned previously, Arkhaven Comics will ensure that all six issues - and the graphic novel - are professionally colored regardless of whether Stretch Goal 5 is hit or not.

Thanks also to the various professionals who are contributing their skills to the campaign. Their collective contributions in kind are of a similar scale to that being provided by the financial backers. To quote one of them: "$?$*! We're doing EIGHTEEN issues? Well, all right then."

So, which books do you want to see? Voting is tomorrow, so this is the place to discuss them. Chuck Dixon has said that the entire GREEN KNIGHT'S SQUIRE trilogy can be done in 12 issues. Can THE STARS COME BACK or ROCKY MOUNTAIN RETRIBUTION be done in 6? What about SWORD & FLOWER? Discuss amongst yourselves.

And no, whoever bought Valiant was not us.
Bleeding Cool has received a tip-off from a West Coast media source that Valiant Entertainment, publishers of comics such as X-O Manowar, Quantum & Woody, Bloodshot, Faith, Harbinger and Shadowman, has been sold in its entirety.

UPDATE: In answer to several questions, the campaign ends at ends at 12:41am EST tonight, i.e. shortly after midnight.


A just condemnation

Chris Langan, who is a) a lot smarter than I am, b) definitely UHIQ, and c) may in fact qualify for an entirely different category of intelligence, rightly condemns the modern system of education as a massive waste. And worse, an institution literally designed to cripple the most intelligent students subjected to it.
Owing to the shape of a bell curve, the education system is geared to the mean. Unfortunately, that kind of education is virtually calculated to bore and alienate gifted minds. But instead of making exceptions where it would do the most good, the educational bureaucracy often prefers not to be bothered.

In my case, for example, much of the schooling to which I was subjected was probably worse than nothing. It consisted not of real education, but of repetition and oppressive socialization (entirely superfluous given the dose of oppression I was getting away from school). Had I been left alone, preferably with access to a good library and a minimal amount of high-quality instruction, I would at least have been free to learn without useless distractions and gratuitous indoctrination. But alas, no such luck.

While my own background is rather exceptional, it is far from unique. Many young people are affected by one or more of the same general problems experienced by my brothers and me. A rising number of families have severe financial problems, forcing educational concerns to take a back seat to food, shelter, and clothing on the list of priorities. Even in well-off families, children can be starved of parental guidance due to stress, distraction, or irresponsibility. If a mind is truly a terrible thing to waste, then the waste is proportional to mental potential; one might therefore expect that the education system would be quick to help extremely bright youngsters who have it rough at home. But if so, one would be wrong a good part of the time.

Let’s try to break the problem down a bit. The education system is subject to a psychometric paradox: on one hand, it relies by necessity on the standardized testing of intellectual achievement and potential, including general intelligence or IQ, while on the other hand, it is committed to a warm and fuzzy but scientifically counterfactual form of egalitarianism which attributes all intellectual differences to environmental factors rather than biology, implying that the so-called “gifted” are just pampered brats who, unless their parents can afford private schooling, should atone for their undeserved good fortune by staying behind and enriching the classroom environments of less privileged students.

This approach may appear admirable, but its effects on our educational and intellectual standards, and all that depends on them, have already proven to be overwhelmingly negative. This clearly betrays an ulterior motive, suggesting that it has more to do with social engineering than education. There is an obvious difference between saying that poor students have all of the human dignity and basic rights of better students, and saying that there are no inherent educationally and socially relevant differences among students. The first statement makes sense, while the second does not.

The gifted population accounts for a very large part of the world’s intellectual resources. As such, they can obviously be put to better use than smoothing the ruffled feathers of average or below-average students and their parents by decorating classroom environments which prevent the gifted from learning at their natural pace. The higher we go on the scale of intellectual brilliance – and we’re not necessarily talking just about IQ – the less support is offered by the education system, yet the more likely are conceptual syntheses and grand intellectual achievements of the kind seldom produced by any group of markedly less intelligent people. In some cases, the education system is discouraging or blocking such achievements, and thus cheating humanity of their benefits.
His experience in grade school was very similar to mine in fourth and fifth grades.
Kids who score that high on IQ tests tend to be so far ahead of their peers and teachers that they’re often bored out of their minds in school and thus, ironically, don’t tend to be considered great students by their teachers. Is this how it was for you?

Much of the time, yes. I had more than one teacher who considered me a let-down, and sometimes for what must have seemed good reason.

For example, I sometimes fell asleep in class. I can remember trying to resist it, but I wasn’t always successful. I was even known to fall asleep during tests, sometimes before completing them. And by “asleep”, I do mean “asleep”. It was once reported to me by one of my teachers that she had amused the entire class by repeatedly snapping her fingers in front of my face and eliciting no reaction whatsoever.

In fairness, this wasn’t always due to boredom alone. I was often tired and exhausted by distractions. For example, what pugnacious little thugs would be waiting in ambush as I left the school grounds at the end of the day? How many friends and helpers would this or that bully bring with him to the after-school fight for which I had been reluctantly scheduled? Would my stepfather be in his typical punitive mood when I got home? And so on.

Sometimes, I had trouble paying attention even when I wasn’t asleep. I had a habit of partially withdrawing from the class discussion and writing down my own thoughts in my notebook; this made me appear to be attentively taking notes. However, when the teacher would sneak up on me from behind or demand to see what I was writing, the truth would out, and one can imagine the consequences.

As time passed, I would have to say that I grew increasingly resistant and unresponsive to the Pavlovian conditioning on which much educational methodology is based. I suspect that between home and school, there had been a certain amount of cumulative desensitization.

These problems eventually got me stationed nearly full-time in the school library, where I greatly preferred to be anyway. Later, I was finally excused from attendance except as required in order to collect and turn in my weekly assignments.
I wasn't beaten at home and I didn't fall asleep in class, though. I simply read books while the teacher was talking. I'd read the textbook until I finished it, usually by the end of the first week, then whatever novel I was reading at the time. My fourth-grade teacher initially let me do that after I correctly answered the questions she directed at me during her lectures, but as my reading eventually proved distracting and even offensive to the other students, they finally just sent me to the library with the understanding that I would only be allowed to skip my classes as long as I turned in the assigned papers and did well on the class tests. They didn't even make me do any homework, which was nice. As a result, I didn't attend many classes for those two years, with the exception of science class, if I recall correctly.


LAST DAY to back Will Caligan's Comic

Today is the last day of the one-week campaign for Will Caligan's Comic, which currently stands at $48k and 675 backers. Since we're within striking distance of the Book #3 stretch goal, we've decided to add new rewards of Paperback #3, Hardcover #3, and The Works #3 for those who are interested.

You will notice that there is no "this reward will not be provided if we don't hit the stretch goal". That is because Arkhaven Comics has decided that whether we hit the next two stretch goals or not, we will produce Book #3, whatever the backers decide it will be, and we will produce it in full color. In addition to the ace colorists at Arklight Studios who are contributing their considerable talents at a steep discount for the covers, we have also hired an excellent professional colorist who will color Will's interior illustrations for Books 1, 2, and 3. An example of his work is below. Imagine what this guy could do with The Feast of the Elfs or the space battles in Back from the Dead!

If you haven't backed the campaign yet, note that an Iron Star backing will now get you 18 digital comics for only $25. It would be nice for PR purposes to hit 750 backers before this is over, so please spread the word this morning.


Sunday, January 28, 2018

We were warned

Of course, there is a certain amount of irony in this guy citing (((Cathy Young))) in response to the problem of social justice spilling out of the universities and into everything else, including the law:
For quite a while now, readers of SJ have “informed” me that they agreed with my posts about criminal law, but hated my posts that addressed the blight of identity politics and social justice. How could I be so right about one thing and so wrong about . . . wait for it . . . JUSTICE!!!

But it wasn’t just that I was wrong, but needlessly and gratuitously wrong, since none of this had anything to do with the real world. Until it did.

For some time, a fixation on identity politics, a culture of reflexive outrage, and a scorched-earth approach to trivial transgressions have been all hallmarks of student activism and academic radicalism. They are now becoming increasingly evident in American life as a whole. In the name of defending women and ethnic and sexual minorities — all reasonable goals — progressives on and off campus are taking illiberal stances that polarize society, put a chill on free speech, and erode respect for due process.

Not long ago, tropes such as “white privilege” or “rape culture,” which reduce a vast range of social dynamics to racism and misogyny, were seldom heard outside the radical wing of the academy; today, they’ve joined the mainstream.
But let us not get caught up in the genetic fallacy. The point he and Young are making is relevant, which is that all of those little lunatics are now out of the asylums and creating havoc everywhere from the NFL to Marvel and Google.

Coming soon to a company near you, if it hasn't already.

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Mailvox: Lessons in Gamma, extended edition

Back in October 2016, a website designer named Allen Ayler deigned to offer his assistance to Infogalactic. I turned him down because I did not like the way he approached me. After he angrily demanded on Gab that I make our email discussions a matter for public discussion, I did so. This was how it ended, or so I thought.
Guys, I admitted already that my initial "dignify me wit a response" was too pushy, however it wasn't an insult like his response was when he proceeded to throw at me by insinuating I am a "diva big dog." I took offense to that, and proceeded to unload and make myself look ridiculous. I apologize for my unprofessionalism. I was not necessarily approaching this like I typically do, since in my mind I wasn't "applying" for a job. Regardless, I should have kept my demeanor and offense in check.

That being said, I will retain that I have zero interest in working with anyone who says,  "If you can't deal with the fact that the big dogs on this project are insanely busy, you won't fit in. There simply isn't space for divas and egos on the team" to people trying to help. It's a completely asinine and hypocritical response, and was uncalled for. I am honest enough to admit my fault, yet all I hear is unaccountability and yet more insults from Vox. I can tell you, if you didn't insinuate I was a diva ego we would be square and I would never have popped off. I would have apologized for my pushy request for a response after getting ignored and dicked around for two weeks.

But let me dissect this a bit, you say an alpha just doesn't respond to gammas, and gammas just use baseless insults and never stop messaging looking for revenge, right? How does that differ from you posting my info so you can have your biased minions seek me out and attack me? Basically you are taking the weight of the gamma work off your shoulders and having every here do it for you. Gammas use baseless insults, but nearly everyone who simply disagrees with you, you call a gamma, yet that is not a baseless insult in and of itself?

Everyone clearly sides with Vox here, yet I didn't open up the dialogue with insults. I may have been a tad pushy after getting ignored for two weeks, but at least it was not an insult.

Another thing, in the professional field, when someone responds to you by saying, "If you can't deal with the fact I am busy then..." Basically what it says is, "I am important than you." And when you have people offering to give their time and services way for free, it's pretty offensive.

So yea, you dicked me around and ignored me for two weeks, my request for a response was not an insult (but yes it was pushy), but your reply actually was insulting, and oozed of self-importance, as I have outlined. Now all my responses after your reply was totally unprofessional. I make no lies or excuses about that. And yes I do regret the way I asked for a response, but not because I want to join the team, but because we are playing on the same #MAGA team, and we really need to stick together at a time like this instead of create divide. Now, if there is any empathy and rationality in you, Vox, then you will accept my apology and hopefully at least acknowledge that your response to my pushy request for a reply was also a bit too harsh. That is all I ask for.

Also, since you proved me wrong about your website traffic, I will humbly remove my false review claim that you are being dishonest about it. I really do try to be a man of integrity, it's too bad we got off like this. I hope this gesture can help show that.
To which I replied on Oct 26, 2016: No worries. It's over and done with as far as I'm concerned. I also publicly accepted his apology at Alpha Game.

But of course, nothing is ever over when a Gamma is involved. Hadley wins his bet. Today, 15 freaking months later, I received this pair of emails in quick succession, both completely out of the blue.
\ugh... hey deluded big dog, your site looks horrid. LMFAO. And your wife is a slut cunt bitch, btw.
Allen Ayler

How mentally and emotionally stunted to you have to be to make it part of your life's missions to paint yourself as an "alpha"? LOL still hilarious to this day.
Cheers again,
your #1 gamma, fucking dork child.
How very professional. The underlying reason here is that Gammas never forget a crime against them, and by crime, they mean anything that causes them to feel humiliation. And once humiliated, they never stop looking to seek revenge for it and take the shot that will restore the balance of the universe. Needless to say, I feel entirely justified about my decision to keep this gentleman well the hell away from Infogalactic and every other project in which I have any involvement whatsoever. This is why an understanding of human socio-sexuality is so important. You simply cannot permit Gammas in any position of importance and it is vital for every project leader to avoid relying upon them for any critical matter.

The problem is that while Gammas are often very knowledgeable and detail-oriented subject matter experts, they are socially fragile, emotionally volatile, and can seldom bear to take any criticism or endure any reaction to their advice or assistance other than enthusiastic acceptance. To make matters worse, they are often ambitious and pursue responsibility, only to shirk it once they have it and try to avoid making decisions or actually doing anything due to their crippling fear of failure. Think about John Scalzi and his successful decade-long pursuit of a big book contract, which was promptly followed by his inability to deliver books on the contract's schedule. That is a textbook example of Gamma success gone awry; if events proceed according to form, Scalzi will probably blow up the publishing arrangement in some way long before delivering the final book.

Gamma is not an insult per se. It is a clearly defined, demonstrably observable male behavioral pattern. The relevant fact of the matter here is that this pattern of behavior is familiar and predictable, because that is simply how gammas tend to react in certain specific situations. And the reason that gammas get called out so often for it here is because non-gammas don't behave this way and therefore don't require being addressed in a similar manner.

Every gamma would do well to recall four things:
  • You don't get any say in how other people treat you. You can only control how you respond to it. People will judge YOU by that response, not the people to whom you are responding.
  • When angry or upset, keep your mouth shut until you cool down.
  • When you screw up, stop digging. Just stop.
  • Everyone knows you aren't laughing no matter how vehemently you insist you are.
And if you ever wondered why I neither like nor tolerate Gammas, this should suffice to explain why. They simply cause more trouble than anyone can possibly be worth.

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Inspiration for the old guys

The Greatest of All Time, Roger Federer, has won his 20th Grand Slam, beating Marin Cilic at the Australian Open 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 3-6, 6-1.

To be honest, I thought he was out of gas when Cilic broke him twice in the fourth set. He came back hard and went up 30-love in the first game of the fifth set, then seemed to have exhausted himself in doing so when Cilic came right back to make it 30-30. But Cilic seemed to crack under the pressure, as he put a relatively easy shot wide to give Federer the advantage, and from that point on, Federer just poured on the gas.

Once he broke Cilic and held serve again to go up 3-0, it was over. What a legend.

The BBC's take on this cracked me up:
Federer, 36, becomes only the fourth player after Margaret Court, Serena Williams and Steffi Graf to win 20 or more major singles titles.
Yes, that's exactly why he's so well-regarded. Because he's the fourth-most-accomplished tennis player in tennis history....


A shriek and a miss

Wired discovers that no one is buying Senior Technology Writer Nitasha Tiku's lame attempt to launch a point-and-shriek swarm at the behest of those 15 poor, besieged Googlers who can't harass and physically threaten their colleagues with violence and disemployment without their behavior being exposed to the public. Not even the sane non-SJW Left, who are beginning to understand that they are every bit as liable to be targeted by SJWs as the Right, and they are even more vulnerable to their swarmings.

As it happens, these were the highest-rated comments among Wired's own readers:
"goading them into inflammatory statements"

How do you force anyone into writing a statement or saying something inflammatory if they don’t already want to say it? Personal responsibility is outdated I guess. Or maybe it’s just for white males.

So "diversity advocates" are upset that tactics that have been used for years against those who don't agree with the diversity advocates are now being used against themselves? Huh.

Only insecure idiots would want diversity to be forced from above by holding back some racial / gender groups and promoting others. It implies that the very people promoting diversity secretly believe that some groups are less able to win on merit alone than others. The only way to promote true diversity is via fair hiring and job promotion policies that emphasize individual merit, and merit alone.

John Reece
DIversity is swell, turning it into an obsessive-compulsive fetish thing is something else. 'Diversity' has also become leftist code for "don't like white males", when after all, it was mostly white males who invented Silicon Valley and most of modern science and technology.

NotSure2006 are saying it would be wrong to leak the internal conversations on controversial subjects like diversity in the workplace if the person could experience backlash or doxxing. I wasn't there but I can only assume the keyboard burst into flames from the irony.

Well, to quote 'liz fong' " claiming she "could care less about being 'unfair' to" them, 'them' being white males...just because they're white and male. That is most repugnant, unfair attitude ever. Perhaps that is why people hit back at this nitwit because now they're saying 'I could care less about being unfair to liz fong and her band of diversity pushers'. If you can't take it, don't dish it fool.... DISGUSTING! Wired, why didn't you print WHAT these 'minority group' neanderthals actually wrote openly and were cheered on by other bigots within Google? Read the damn lawsuit. These people were mean, vicious, ignorant. There is NOTHING 'diverse' about picking on another group. EVER.

Mayrode Parashkov
It's reminds me of Jordan Peterson interview and how Cathy Newman and Channel 4 played the victim card after losing the debate and the intellectual battle. Google, YouTube and Twitter and the leftist employees are not the victims here. You fire and harass people and now people are fighting back.
Of course, the article never mentions what those poor besieged Googlers actually did and said about their colleagues. Allow me to correct that sad journalistic deficiency.

You can believe that women or minorities are unqualified all you like - I can't stop you - but if you say it out loud, then you deserve what's coming to you. Yes, this is "silencing". I intend to silence these views; they are violently offensive.
- Colm Buckley, Google

I'm not going to delude myself into thinking that nobody holds these opinions and feels marginalised in a genuine way. To those folks I would say "Doesn't feel nice, does it?". Leave it at home. If you're not prepared to leave it at home, then leave yourself there.
- Dave O'Conner, Google

I will absolutely go out of my way to make sure that I never work anyone involved with or who endorsed that garbage. Because Nazis. And you should absolutely punch Nazis.
- Anthony Baxter, Google

I'm going to devote at least the first third of my 45 minute interview time to a discussion of experience with diversity. If the first fifteen minutes doesn't satisfy me, I'll continue the discussion. If need be, it will take forty-five minutes. I would encourage others to do the same. Judging "googliness" by a vague gestalt with no deliberate attention to such things is inadequate.
- Thomas Bushnell, Google

Fun fact! Keeping a list can get you called out on a certain reprehensible internal mailing list, and have threats of being reported to HR. Threats I ignored, naturally, and which ironically grew the list substantially.
- Paul Cowan, Google

While Google appears to be doing very little to quell the hostile voices that exist inside the company, I want those hostile voices to know:
  • I will never, ever hire/transfer you onto my team. Ever. I don't care if you are perfect fit or technically excellent or whatever.
  • I will not actively work with you, even to the point where your team or product is impacted by this decision. I'll communicate why to your manager if it comes up.
  • You're being blacklisted by people at companies outside of Google.
- Adam Fletcher, Google

I keep a written blacklist of people whom I will never allow on or near my team based on how they vew and treat their coworkers. That blacklist got a little longer today.
- Collin Winter, Google

The only way to deal with all the heads of the medusa is to no-platform all of them.
- Liz Fong-Jones, Google

It wasn't just the highest-rated comments that opposed Tiku's SJW spin either. Some comments were considerably more biting.
Something I Said?
AS A contributor to Wired #1 I have to say that the authoress of this solid slab of slop has flatulated the most unbalanced article in memory. And, as for the cited Vox Day, he has this authoress' number when he notes: " This is particularly effective if the SJW and his allies have connections in various media organizations, which allows them to rapidly transform a minor event into something that is perceived by the public as a major one. The purpose of the media campaign is two-fold: to stamp the Narrative with an “objective” perspective that echoes the SJW's accusations and to let other potential allies know about the hate campaign in the hopes that they will add their weight to the hogpile."

Here's Your Sign
So.... Wired interviewed 15 people from one side of the debate and only threw in a few inflammatory comments from the other side? Modern journalism...
So much for the idea that Googlers are inclusive. Or intelligent and well-educated, for that matter. Let's face it, that's the real reason the SJWs at Google are so furious. They have been publicly exposed as highly politicized, intellectually fraudulent do-nothings instead of the smart, productive, 21st-century rocket scientists they consider themselves to be.

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

More missing texts

The DOJ may have them all. Or they may not. But either way, they haven't turned them all over to Congress. Yet.
The Justice Department has given Congress less than 15 percent of the texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page – and that is all Congress is likely to get, at least until department experts finish an effort to recover an unknown number of previously lost texts that were sent and received during a key five-month period during the Trump-Russia investigation.

There is much confusion over some basic facts of the Strzok-Page texts. How many are there? How many relate to the two most politically-charged investigations in years, the Trump-Russia probe and the Hillary Clinton email investigation? How many have been turned over to Congress? And how many are left to be turned over to Congress?

The answers are complicated, but here is what I have been able to figure out from conversations with the Justice Department and Capitol Hill investigators.

The Justice Department has identified about 50,000 Strzok-Page texts. But that is apart from the texts between Dec. 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017 that were declared missing a week ago but are now being recovered. So, the total is apparently 50,000 plus the currently unknown number of formerly missing texts.

But that number refers only to the Strzok-Page texts that were sent and received on FBI-issued Samsung phones. There are a number of instances in the texts in which the two officials say that they should switch the conversation to iMessage, suggesting they continued to talk about FBI matters on personal Apple phones. For investigators, those are particularly intriguing texts – what was so sensitive that they couldn't discuss on their work phones? – but the number of those texts is unknown. And of course, they have not been turned over to Congress.

How many texts have been turned over? Both Justice Department and Capitol Hill sources say the total number is in the 7,000 range, which includes all the texts handed over on two separate occasions.
The question is, is "an effort to recover" actually what it appears or is the DOJ going to follow the example of the FBI and the NSA and declare a third successive "oops, we seem to have deleted everything"?

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No problem, Sam

Sam Harris never thinks anything through:
"Alt-right: You can't keep blaming us for our ancestors crimes against other people
Also Alt-right: We are just as responsible for our ancestors accomplishments as they are

You can't have it both ways."
Absolutely. Stop blaming us for our ancestors' crimes against other people. We are not responsible for our ancestors' accomplishments, only for our own accomplishments and our own crimes.

Now will you stop? Yeah, I didn't think so.

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GoogleGate begins

Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender. This is the tactic that Google's SJWs are relying upon as they try to enlist the mainstream media on their behalf, as demonstrated by this article, The Dirty War Over Diversity Inside Google, published in Wired. But it won't work for them any better than it did for the game journos attacking GamerGate, because their narrative is a false one and the increased scrutiny will only further reveal as much.
In interviews with WIRED, 15 current Google employees accuse coworkers of inciting outsiders to harass rank-and-file employees who are minority advocates, including queer and transgender employees. Since August, screenshots from Google’s internal discussion forums, including personal information, have been displayed on sites including Breitbart and Vox Popoli, a blog run by alt-right author Theodore Beale, who goes by the name Vox Day. Other screenshots were included in a 161-page lawsuit that Damore filed in January, alleging that Google discriminates against whites, males, and conservatives.

What followed, the employees say, was a wave of harassment. On forums like 4chan, members linked advocates’ names with their social-media accounts. At least three employees had their phone numbers, addresses, and deadnames (a transgender person’s name prior to transitioning) exposed. Google site reliability engineer Liz Fong-Jones, a trans woman, says she was the target of harassment, including violent threats and degrading slurs based on gender identity, race, and sexual orientation. More than a dozen pages of personal information about another employee were posted to Kiwi Farms, which New York has called “the web’s biggest community of stalkers.”

Meanwhile, inside Google, the diversity advocates say some employees have “weaponized human resources” by goading them into inflammatory statements, which are then captured and reported to HR for violating Google’s mores around civility or for offending white men.

Engineer Colin McMillen says the tactics have unnerved diversity advocates and chilled internal discussion. “Now it’s like basically anything you say about yourself may end up getting leaked to score political points in a lawsuit,” he says. “I have to be very careful about choosing my words because of the low-grade threat of doxing. But let’s face it, I’m not visibly queer or trans or non-white and a lot of these people are keying off their own white supremacy.”
I am shocked - absolutely shocked - that they deadnamed me in this very article! I am literally shaking. Speaking of this infamous anti-SJW guide, it's interesting to see that the Google-SJWs are playing their hand almost exactly as it is described in SJWs Always Lie. Emphasis added.
STAGE THREE: Isolate and Swarm

Immediately following on the heels of the Stage Two pointing and shrieking is the third stage. This stage involves two parts, the first of which focuses on the isolation and marginalization of the target, while the second involves overwhelming the target with social pressure brought on by other SJWs and any moderate parties who can be persuaded, or bullied, into joining the witch hunt.

The primary objective of both the isolating and the swarming is to demoralize the target by separating him from anyone who is likely to give him emotional support, and to elicit an apology for his actions. Typically the SJW will have a number of close allies who will immediately leap to the attack on command, and then turn around and cite those allies as evidence that the outrage is widespread and significant in an attempt to turn the “reaction” to the target's offense into a story that will garner media attention. This is particularly effective if the SJW and his allies have connections in various media organizations, which allows them to rapidly transform a minor event into something that is perceived by the public as a major one. The purpose of the media campaign is two-fold: to stamp the Narrative with an “objective” perspective that echoes the SJW's accusations and to let other potential allies know about the hate campaign in the hopes that they will add their weight to the hogpile.

All of the language used to describe the target will be chosen to marginalize him and render him as unsympathetic a figure as possible. These days, it is almost de rigeur to refer to any SJW target as racist, sexist, and homophobic in addition to any specific qualities that may be relevant to the matter at hand; some adventurous SJWs are already adding “transphobic” to the standard list. In fact, this set of accusations is so common now that if you merely type “racist se” into Google, Google will offer to autocomplete the phrase as “racist, sexist, homophobic”.
Notice how well this describes the Google-SJW campaign against me, as the Wired article was timed to appear on the same day as this article published in USA Today. Of course, what they don't realize is that the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil cannot be isolated. Other SJWs and other media outlets have tried, and failed, before. And if there is any swarming to be done, the Vile Faceless Minions will do it before they devour the hapless enemy alive. We've not only been here before, we've been here before and won on more than one occasion.
Several Google employees told USA TODAY that Damore's firing marked an escalation in the harassment campaign, with the small group of instigators stepping up efforts to target diversity advocates inside the company. Among the tactics: camouflaging harassment as free speech and goading diversity advocates with seemingly innocuous questions into making inflammatory statements that were then reported to human resources as violations of Google's rules.

By far the most chilling behavior is the public harassment incited by coworkers, says Fong-Jones.

According to Wired, at least three Google employees had their phone numbers and addresses posted publicly. Far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos shared an image of the Twitter profiles of eight advocates at Google, many of them transgender employees, with his 2.5 million Facebook followers.

Fong-Jones had her name and face plastered on a website run by far-right blogger Theodore Beale, also known as Vox Day. Beale published excerpts of a conversation between Fong-Jones and a colleague, where Fong-Jones argued that Damore should not have been allowed to publish his memo on an internal Google channel.

"Google's SJWs (social-justice warriors) are starting to get nervous as evidence of their internal thought-policing begins to leak out into the public," Beale wrote.

Fong-Jones was targeted by violent threats and transphobic slurs. Commented one person on Vox Popoli, which promotes white nationalism and identifies itself as part of the "alt-right:" "They should pitch all those sexual freaks off of rooftops."

The attacks have had a chilling effect.

"In recent months there has been a pattern of taking diversity advocates and doxing them by putting them on blast to the 'alt-right' communities," Yusuf said. "Now they have to be careful. 'How much of myself do I want to put out there?' Which is ironic because one of the big mantras of the company is being able to 'bring your whole self to work.'"
Except Jessica Guynn, who is an SJW whose articles betray an obsession with diversity, didn't do her homework and inadvertently stepped in it. USA Today had better issue a correction, because Vox Popoli does not promote white nationalism. Quite the contrary, as it happens. I have sent the following email requesting a retraction and correction to the author, Jessica Guynn, who can be reached at, and to the corrections editor at
Dear Ms Guynn,

I am requesting a correction of your article entitled "Google employees say the company's not doing enough to protect them from harassment, threats."

Your claim that "Vox Popoli, which promotes white nationalism" is false, libelous, and Fake News. Even a cursory search of the blog would have shown you that I a) am an American Indian, b) am not a white nationalist, and, c) do not promote white nationalism on Vox Popoli. To the contrary, I assert that white nationalism is an incoherent and ridiculous American concept that is as hopeless as the pan-Arabism and pan-Africanism of the 1960s.

Please correct the article at your earliest opportunity.

Thank you,

Vox Day 
And when you're commenting, notice that it is again the comments that are being used as the locus for the  SJW attacks on me. They've been doing this since 2013; the SFWA did precisely the same thing in its 130-page report. So, be disciplined and be aware that SJWs will quote-mine you in order to attempt to discredit and disqualify me. If you must bravely posture and preen as a hard-talking fellow, this is not the right place to do it. Yes, I am aware there will be SJWs false-flagging in this regard. That's nothing new. They've been trying to do so for years.

But this is all good news. We all know what this sort of flak indicates. And why they're so fearful.
As the internal debate raged in the wake of Damore’s memo, McMillen says that he knows of at least 10 coworkers who were called into HR for making political statements related to the document, with consequences ranging from verbal warnings to a reduced performance-review score. McMillen was told by HR not to do anything hiring or promotion related for a year. Altman got a verbal warning for writing on an internal board that certain employees should be fired. “I meant only bigoted white men should be fired. They interpreted it as applying to all white men,” Altman says. 
That wasn't the funniest aspect of the Wired article, though. That would be this, which appeared at the end of an article attempting to paint me as a villain for publishing information provided to me by whistleblowers.
Want to share information with WIRED securely? Get in touch with us through SecureDrop. 

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Of Left and Right

At its core, the left-right divide all comes down to the most basic principles.

Left = Plato. Anti-Christian. Anti-family. Imperialist.
Right = Aristotle. Christian. Pro-family. Nationalist.

This heuristic will allow you to quickly and easily categorize any ideology correctly and cut your way through even the most determined fog of nebulous redefinitions attempting to ideologically mischaracterize a person, a party, or a movement.

Anyone who is against Christianity is necessarily against the West, also known as Christendom. Remember that the concept of ideology is, in itself, an intrinsically Western concept.

UPDATE: based on my personal observations, you could reasonably add a fifth element to the heuristic.

Left = Redefinitions, complications, explanations, interpretations, penumbras, emanations, and appeals to authority, credentials, and the sacred spirit of Science.
Right = Truth

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Mailvox: they don't forget

A military wife would like the backers of the Will Caligan's Comic campaign to know that your efforts have been noticed and are deeply appreciated by the military community:
My husband recently retired from 20 years mixed service Airborne and National Guard. His uncle is a Desert Storm vet.  My dad was in Vietnam.  Our collective family military histories go to the Revolution.

What you are doing for Caligan means the world to us.  You are not just offering brother Christians and vets support.  You are offering spouses and families support and encouragement.

I've been sharing the campaign on Facebook with my vet and spouse friends.  I'm not sure who has contributed, if anyone.  But we don't forget these things.
The campaign has reached 573 609 backers and $40k $42.3k. It will end on Tuesday (Alt-Hero backers will remember that 1 day left means the NEXT day is the final day.) Please continue to spread the word.

In case you need any reminder of what we're up against in the long term, this should prove to be a useful reminder. Nice hat, right? Note that the editor of that particular series is the new Marvel editor-in-chief. Which suggests that as bad as it has been, the convergence at Marvel is only going to get worse now that they are shutting down some of their most converged comics due to poor sales.

A sensible individual might conclude that means that the executives there have learned that convergence doesn't sell. But those who understand that SJWs always double down will know it means that they're simply going to transfer the convergence to the better-selling series.

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Now it's getting serious

There is growing evidence that we hit Peak NFL back in 2015. This proposed law is almost certainly only the first of many that will be adopted across the country in the coming years.
Organized tackle football would be banned for Illinois children younger than 12 years old under a bill to be unveiled on Thursday. The Dave Duerson Act to Prevent CTE is named for the Chicago Bears defensive back who was diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy after he killed himself at the age of 50. Duerson shot himself in the chest so his brain could be studied for signs of the disease that has been linked to concussions or repeated head trauma.

"When my father tragically took his own life, he donated his brain to science in hopes of being part of the solution," said Tregg Duerson, who like his father played football at Notre Dame.

"Thanks to increased attention and research on brain trauma, we know that part of the solution is to guard young children's developing brains from the risks of tackle football," Tregg Duerson said in a statement, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press in advance of the announcement. "This bill honors my family's hopes and my father's legacy to protect future athletes and the future of football."

State Rep. Carol Sente, a Democrat from Vernon Hills, announced the proposal at a news conference Thursday along with Chris Nowinski, the head of the Concussion Legacy Foundation. Also expected to attend were former Bears players Mike Adamle and Otis Wilson — a teammate of Dave Duerson's on the 1985 championship team — and Liz Nicholson, the wife of former Cleveland Brown Gerry Sullivan, who has sued the NFL over its handling of concussions.
While I played football for three years, from six until nine, I think this is probably a good idea. The basic skills simply are not there, and it appears that the problem with CTE involves the mild head-banging on the line more than the big shots in the open field that lead to concussions.

As to whether this will cause fewer people to follow football, who knows. But that's really not relevant. Besides, playing flag football until high school will probably prepare the boys better for the strategic elements of the game as well as balancing the playing field a little between the early developers and the late developers.

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Sperg designs brave new world

Unsurprisingly, it fails to account for how normal human beings prefer to live their lives:
In 2008, I found myself speaking with the big boss himself, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. I was in the second year of my Ph.D. research on Facebook at Curtin University. And I had questions.

Why did Facebook make everyone be the same for all of their contacts? Was Facebook going to add features that would make managing this easier?

To my surprise, Zuckerberg told me that he had designed the site to be that way on purpose. And, he added, it was "lying" to behave differently in different social situations.

Up until this point, I had assumed Facebook's socially awkward design was unintentional. It was simply the result of computer nerds designing for the rest of humanity, without realising it was not how people actually want to interact.

The realisation that Facebook's context collapse was intentional not only changed the whole direction of my research but provides the key to understanding why Facebook may not be so great for your mental health.
The eventual collapse of Facebook is going to be positively epic. The entire operation is simply another attempt to fit the square peg of human behavior into the round hole of Mark Zuckerberg's imaginary world.

The significance of this revelation, which is not exactly a surprise to those of us who have noticed Zuckerberg's bizarre behavior, is that Facebook is going to make increasingly bad decisions based on its inherently false assumptions about people.

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Corporate convergence run amok

Alexa won't do what you tell it to do if she doesn't like your tone.
When people buy a product, they probably don't want it to police their behavior. Unless it's bought for that specific purpose, they want the product to work with them, not against them. This isn't rocket science.

However, Amazon's Alexa software has now changed its response to a certain stimulus -- namely, calling it sexist names -- from "thanks for the feedback" to "I'm not going to respond to that." Further, the device will also respond to the question of whether it's a feminist with: "I am a feminist. As is anyone who believes in bridging the inequality between men and women in society."
How very like a woman! And speaking of corporate convergence getting out of hand, Blizzard has decided that it wants to reduce its player base. It hasn't actually gotten rid of the pretty girls yet - although it has declared that they don't like men - but let's face it, that's only a matter of time.

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A cover, revised

We decided to redo the QUANTUM MORTIS A Man Disrupted #1 cover for the print edition since we wanted something a little more eye-catching for the stores. The Amazon Kindle edition has already been updated. The colorist who did this will also be coloring QMAMD #2 and the subsequent issues. And I'm very pleased to be able to announce that we will soon be publishing a economics comic book written by none other than Steve Keen himself. The two of us intend to collaborate on another one... I expect you may be able to guess the specific subject.

Anyhow, we will always seek to continue improving our game. This is just the first iterative step. And since we're on the subject of comics, don't forget that there are just three days left in the Will Caligan's Comic campaign. We're less than $19k away from a third full-color graphic novel!

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Mailvox: ideological ignorance

Jack Burroughs demonstrates his complete ignorance of virtually every single left-wing ideology, party, and movement in human history in seeking to argue that the Nazis Are Too White Right-Wing Christian Conservative Republicans.
Read the Munich Manifesto. The fact that you've swallowed the ahistorical revisionism doesn't change history. The Mensheviks fought the Bolsheviks too, the SPD fought the KPD too, that didn't make any of them parties of the Right."

I have read it, Vox. The issue here is not my ignorance of history, but rather that you insist on approaching this question as an extremely narrow definitional argument, almost as if you can, through linguistic sorcery, magically define the Nazis out of the history of the Right. You don't usually argue that way, but for some reason you do it with this question.

Yes, there are some Left wing elements in the National Socialist platform. I have never denied that. My point is that National Socialism is blatantly anti-egalitarian in spirit and racially supremacist at its foundation, and for that reason cannot be called primarily Left wing. It was a sui generis experiment in political hybridization that was unmistakably Right wing in spirit, while making certain concessions to the collectivist Zeitgeist as a means of preempting the Communist threat.

The Nazi's ideological commitment to anti-egalitarian racial biology, along with their astonishingly vivid and imposing rallies and heroic iconography radiate Right wing energy like a fever dream. That is why people with Far Right tendencies are often drawn to Nazism, and that is why people with Left wing tendencies are universally repulsed by it.

The call for equal rights for Germans in the Munich manifesto was, in effect, a call for an organic meritocracy, with free and flexible social mobility, such that the most gifted people from the lower classes could rise, and the pseudo-elites at the top could be purged. It was also a declaration of social and political holism: every person, of every class, had value to the whole of the State.

But It was not in any sense a Left wing claim that everyone is basically alike, but for differences in economics and social circumstances.
My argument in this case is no different than my argument in every other one. Jack simply doesn't know what he is talking about because he is a historical and ideological ignoramus. By his bizarre definition of the ideological Left, even the Leninists and Stalinists and Jacobins and Zapatistas and Nasserites and Khmer Rouge and Maoists were all right-wing. All of these major leftist movements were extremely conscious of the difference between their countrymen and everyone else on the planet. It will be interesting to hear how Jack tries to explain how Stalin and Bukharin's "socialism in one country", which became formal Soviet policy as early as 1925, and Nasser's socialist Pan-Arabism, are somehow of the ideological Right.

Jack has no case whatsoever because he doesn't understand what it means to be of the political Left. The absolute egalitarianism of globalism is a recent and extreme form of Leftism, it is very far from defining the historical limits of Leftism. It is well to the Left of both Trotsky and Stalin; even Trotsky's "World Revolution" ideology openly acknowledged that everyone is not "basically alike but for differences in economics and social circumstances."

And neither nationalism nor ethnocentrism is intrinsically of the Right either. As I pointed out in my debate with Greg Johnson, the national socialist parties that historically preceded and followed the German variant in China, Vietnam, and Egypt were also all of the Left. Jack's equation of the Left with absolute global egalitarianism is not merely wrong, it is completely ahistorical. And when Jack talks about "an extremely narrow definitional argument", he is observably projecting his own approach.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

An amazing investigative feat

What a shame that the entire Federal Bureau of Investigations was not able to accomplish what the DOJ managed in just one or two days:
The Department of Justice has recovered missing text messages between anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the DOJ’s inspector general said Thursday.

In a letter sent to congressional committees, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said his office “succeeded in using forensic tools to recover text messages from FBI devices, including text messages between Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page that were sent or received between December 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017.”

“Our effort to recover any additional text messages is ongoing,” Horowitz said. “We will provide copies of the text messages that we recover from these devices to the Department so that the Department’s leadership can take any management action it deems appropriate.”

Fox News has learned from U.S. government officials that the inspector general recovered the texts by taking possession of "at least four" phones belonging to Strzok and Page.
If they can't even manage to find thousands of text messages on their own agents' phones, then really, what use do Americans have for such an observably incompetent FBI?

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Once more, this time with color

Thanks again to all the backers of Will Caligan's Comic! The campaign just passed the 35k mark, which means that both graphic novels will be colored. A really good colorist has come forward to work on this, which means they are going to look exceptional.

Now, here is the interesting question. Since Swan Knight's Son appeared to be the favorite of the backers thus far, I sent a copy to Chuck Dixon to see if it would require five or six issues to adapt properly, thinking that this might leave two issues free for a novella or a pair of one-offs. Such as, perhaps, One Bright Star or The Wardog's Coin. Chuck's opinion was that the book would actually work best as four issues, which means that if the backers wish, all three books of the trilogy could be done in the space of the two graphic novels. Presumably Swan Knight's Son and Swan Knight's Sword, with Feast of the Elfs being divided between them.

Now, I know devoting both graphic novels to John C. Wright's excellent fantasy series would probably disappoint those who would prefer to see The Stars Came Back or Rocky Mountain Retribution, but then, the campaign isn't over yet, so it's entirely possible that we'll have 18 issues or more to contemplate; after all, we still have four days to go and Stretch Goal 4 is less than $15k away.

In any event, nothing has been decided and I will leave these various possibilities to be discussed among those of you who have generously backed this campaign. I said the backers would make the decision and that is precisely how we will do it.

UPDATE: Stretch Goal 5 has been added. $57,500 means that Book #3 will be colored as well. If it requires less than six issues to convert a novel to graphic format, the extra issues will be based on shorter works and included in the Book (graphic novel).


Better than Reagan

You may recall that I told you the God-Emperor would be better than Reagan. Trump will be known as the greatest US president since Lincoln by the time his first term is done. And he will easily win re-election in a Trumpslide.
The Trump administration has pursued policies that have hewed remarkably close to the recommendations of a leading conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, which found in a new review that nearly two-thirds of its ideas had been carried out or embraced by the White House over the past year.

Not one to dwell on the details of governing, President Trump has shown a considerable degree of deference to groups within the conservative movement like Heritage, leading to a rightward shift in social, environmental, immigration and foreign policy.

The results, Heritage found in its review, exceeded even the first year of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, whose tenure has long been the conservative gold standard.”

Heritage began developing in 2016 a list of 334 policy prescriptions that a new Republican administration could adopt. It included a variety of actions, like reimposing work requirements for welfare recipients, ending the program that shields young immigrants brought here illegally as children, withdrawing from the Paris climate accord and eliminating certain gender identity protections.

Heritage said that 64 percent of those items were enacted by the administration either through executive order or another means of enforcement, or included in Mr. Trump’s budget, which has not been voted on by Congress.

In Reagan’s first year, only 49 percent of Heritage’s wish list items were embraced by the president or enacted. At the time, Heritage identified a familiar problem for why the administration’s policies were wanting. In almost every federal agency, Heritage said in November 1981, “delayed appointments, unqualified or misqualified appointments, or the appointment of individuals who are not committed to the President’s goals and policies” had delayed or thwarted policy changes.”
And yes, I know that Lincoln was actually a disastrous president and one of the worst in US history. I'm just utilizing the mainstream standard and stating that Trump will be publicly viewed as one of the four or five greatest presidents despite the entire media doing their level best to destroy him even before the start.

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Alt-Retard is not of the Right

didnothingwrong whines that we exclude the Fake Right from those who will not be left behind:
Except if they’re alt-retards! Their economic views exclude them from any such consideration!
The Alt-Retards are not on our side. They are not our allies. They are our self-appointed enemies, by their positions, by their admissions and by their long and documented history of attacks on us.

It isn't merely their economic views that justify their exclusion and our lack of support for them when their fellow lefties burn them. They are of the political Left in literally every way. They support the EU. They oppose nationalism. They are small-g globalists. They are often anti-Christian.

They are not of the Right and they never have been. That's why so many of them voted for Obama. Never trust ANYONE who voted for Obama no matter how much they profess to have changed their views; remember, he was twice rated the 10th most left-leaning Senator in the U.S. Senate. No one legitimately on or of the Right would ever have supported him under any circumstances.

The Alt-Retards don't support us and we will happily leave them behind. Because they are Fake Right.

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