Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Storm pressure?

Interesting to observe how more and more of politicians are offing themselves of late.
An Idaho Republican state lawmaker who was under investigation for possible sexual abuse, died in an apparent suicide, according to authorities on Tuesday. Canyon County Coroner Vicki DeGeus-Morris said Brandon Hixon was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in his Caldwell home early Tuesday morning. A family member discovered his remains.

Hixon, 36, was elected to the Idaho Legislature in 2012. At the time, Hixon was one of the youngest lawmakers elected to the Idaho House of Representatives.

He flew relatively under the radar during his time in the Statehouse until October, when he abruptly resigned from office after reports broke he was the subject of a criminal investigation for possible sexual abuse.
And there are still a lot of major figures who seem to have considerably lowered their media profile since the leadup into Christmas. I doubt this is a coincidence.

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Anonymous Looking Glass January 10, 2018 6:42 AM  

It'll be interesting to see play out, that's for certain.

Some are going to get off'd as payback from another faction; some will off themselves out of guilt; others will off themselves out of despair (even if not guilty).

Anyone seen any news about those Canadian billionaires?

Blogger Shimshon January 10, 2018 7:01 AM  

Looking Glass, where do you get news on Iran? The MSM has gone dark on the subject.

Blogger Akulkis January 10, 2018 7:07 AM  

Shimshon, I would try and Reddit.

Anonymous Tsalal January 10, 2018 7:10 AM  

List of 300 resignations, etc. Of CEOs, Politicians since September.

Original thread.

Reposting because relevant.

Anonymous Hrw-500 January 10, 2018 7:10 AM  

One commenter on Zerohedge posted the following and I quote:"Conservatives do something wrong, as least they have remorse. Democrats do it and write a book to make money on their transgressions."

Another poster on ZH:"Note to Al Franken. Go and do likewise."

If Al Franken didn't do likewise yet, I wonder if he'll have some "help" from his friends?

Anonymous Anonymous January 10, 2018 7:11 AM  

Messy way to die. Quick, but messy.

Blogger Silly but True January 10, 2018 7:14 AM  

Their cause of death will be noose to all.

Anonymous Looking Glass January 10, 2018 7:23 AM  

@2 Shimshon

Frankly, mostly from Dave. He's one of those Mass Retweet/huge thread guys. He's got 316k tweets & 4.8k followers. So he retweets lots of videos that crop up. Actual information is almost impossible to come by, thus I've used a "What is Missing from this Picture?" approach.

In a nastier context, let me put it this way. If a nuke went off in Miami, terrible loss of life, but the American Regime would be fine. If a nuke goes off in DC, the American Regime would collapse. What is different? Structures & Organizations that keep everything together would disappear in the second instance. (Yes, I know, that'd have to be a big, big nuke to actually take out everything, but this is just an explanation.)

Iran's Regime has to maintain control, but all regimes that get too brutal cause significant responses from the mass of people. This is why modern despots do their killing hidden away, not in public. This is also why the protesters are massing during daylight hours and burning down key buildings for the ruling regime at night. Once you've burned down the local offices, with all of the local information, good luck figuring out what you need to do to reestablish control.

Blogger John rockwell January 10, 2018 7:34 AM  

Its likely most of the people who are resigning are going into hiding. Only for the power structure to reemerge when the time is right.

Blogger John rockwell January 10, 2018 7:35 AM  

Its likely most of the people who are resigning are going into hiding. Only for the power structure to reemerge when the time is right.

Blogger Aeoli January 10, 2018 7:45 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anonymous Aeoli Pera January 10, 2018 7:46 AM  

Shimshon, I would try and Reddit

Maybe RT as well. If they are also blacked out...

Blogger Zaklog the Great January 10, 2018 7:46 AM  

OT: Vox, any thoughts on the apparent Oprah for prez push?

Anonymous Jack January 10, 2018 7:49 AM  

Wikileaks developer supposedly committed suicide:

Anonymous Causal Lurker January 10, 2018 7:56 AM  

Politicians and corporate CEOS are two parts. Any info on senior civil servants (like SES) making abrupt retirements? Hears of one, odd event but in one of the sizeable "sealed indictment" districts. Any executive directors, chairmen, etc. for local or regional nonprofits or foundations?

Anonymous Anonymous January 10, 2018 7:57 AM  

Oprah the Killer Whale for prez, if there ever was an insider, she's it. She's chummy with all the wrong people too.

Blogger rumpole5 January 10, 2018 8:03 AM  

@Looking glass. Very good observations about -demo by day, burn by night.

Did it ever strike you that the same Oklahoma City bomb that killed scores of useless bureaucrats and ordinary folks must have been designed by the PTB as a "Reichstag fire" to justify despotic measures? The very same bomb placed near, say, an essential federal income tax facility or some other repository of Federal Government information could have done real damage to Federal government functioning.

The other tell is the hurry with which Timothy Mcveigh was dispatched even after Government misconduct in his prosecution was discovered.

Blogger OneWingedShark January 10, 2018 8:54 AM  

rumpole5 wrote:The other tell is the hurry with which Timothy Mcveigh was dispatched even after Government misconduct in his prosecution was discovered.
This is true, and that quickness his death sentence was carried out is suspicions even w/o considering proprietorial misconduct; but that, plus some of the investigation oddities, makes it seem real shady.

And, given what the government tried with the Bundy trial, such misconduct might have been far more significant than we actually know.

Anonymous Looking Glass January 10, 2018 8:55 AM  

@16 rumpole5

McVeigh rather wanted to go down and they made a deal with Nichols really fast. The OKC bombing gets really tripy when you go down that rabbit hole. Not the least of which is the extra, unknown DNA leg they found.

And why were they looking for that guy that traveled to Germany, found him, then let him go? Yet they beat a man to death, at a federal prison, because they miss ID'd him. Who were they trying to find?

Blogger Mr.MantraMan January 10, 2018 9:47 AM  

Speaking of pressure being applied the Chinese put a shot across the bow of the USA credit card company this AM, dc sunsets to comment soon.

I only went off topic to mention that because upping the rate and capping the limit of the cc will add some pressure to all the issues of the day DACA included.

Anonymous BBGKB January 10, 2018 9:58 AM  

For the good of the republic we should still have reporting on the crimes of those who killed themselves.

any thoughts on the apparent Oprah for prez push?

She can be painted as pimping out girls for Weinstein, Democrats are favoring Biden from what I see.

Blogger Stilicho January 10, 2018 10:04 AM  

@ BBGKB re: Oprah #hertoo

Blogger Silly but True January 10, 2018 10:23 AM  

Mother Jones' interview of McVeigh defense Robert Nigh:
"MJ: Do you think the full truth about the Oklahoma City bombing will ever come to light?

RN: Probably not. Evidence was lost or destroyed, and we killed the guy the jury said had all the answers."

Blogger James Dixon January 10, 2018 10:29 AM  

> Speaking of pressure being applied the Chinese put a shot across the bow of the USA credit card company this AM...

And bond rates are rising in response. We certainly do live in interesting times.
Trump's not going to give the Dem's DACA for nothing, and they're not going to give him what he wants. Is a government shutdown on the way?

Blogger Wynn Lloyd January 10, 2018 10:29 AM  

No way is this a coincidence.
The man left behind four children. They are in need of serious prayer. Along with his soul.

Anonymous Bye bye Drumph January 10, 2018 10:35 AM  

The only "storm" is going to be President Oprah winning by a landslide in 2020, and Drumph ending up in prison:

TV personality Oprah Winfrey is the likely winner over President Trump if the 2020 election were held today, but there are a lot of undecideds.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters would opt for Winfrey, while 38% would choose Trump. But a sizable 14% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Winfrey has the support of 76% of Democrats, 22% of Republicans and 44% of voters not affiliated with either major political party. The president earns 66% of the vote from Republicans, 12% of Democrats and 38% of unaffiliateds.

Blogger bw January 10, 2018 10:41 AM  

Biden. Perfect.
--> OkBomb --> 1st Anti-Terrorism "Laws" (White Domestic "Christian" Male PatCons)-->
Jesse Trentadue -> Operation PatCon
Strassmeir --> German Intel -->SPLC -->FBI --> Elohim City --> "neo nazis" --> informant Carol Howe .."Howe is on trial in federal court, charged with conspiracy, willfully making a bomb threat and possessing materials to make a pipe ..." Oh noes!
All those non-existent videos and more failed cameras --> Rose Law Firm /MENA --> What was in MurrahFedBldg?
How many DEA at work at 9AM?
Timmy low level agent --> Sting goes live --> left holding bag --> ANFO not enough for damage -->Eric Holder --> Ok Gov and brother --> OkCity/OU Muslim community
etc etc ...late thread topic around here for over decade

Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995, US Senate bills S.390 and S.761. were introduced by Senator Joe Biden on behalf of the Clinton Administration on February 10, 1995. The bill was co sponsored by Senators Alfonse D'Amato, Dianne Feinstein, Robert J. Kerrey, Herb Kohl, Jon Kyl, Barbara A. Mikulski and Arlen Spector..

Anonymous a_peraspera January 10, 2018 10:44 AM  

"Trump's not going to give the Dem's DACA for nothing, and they're not going to give him what he wants. Is a government shutdown on the way?"

We can hope. The thing about the Dems is, they really don't know how to negotiate or compromise because they've never had to. For 50 years they've simply issued orders to the Repubs, and the Repubs have rolled over.

They genuinely have no idea how to handle a Repub who is willing to put in minimal effort or just says "no."

Also their supporters won't want them to compromise. After all, you don't negotiate or compromise with Satan right? You fight him tooth and nail till your last breath. That's what their base expects.

Blogger bw January 10, 2018 10:44 AM  

survey finds that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters would opt for Winfrey

LOLZ, Bolshevik : we just did this. It was a Lie. Propaganda. Fake. You lost and will lose again even moar big.

Blogger Revelation Means Hope January 10, 2018 10:46 AM  

Wouldn't it be epically wonderful to have that fat black woman run for president?

We could pimp out that video of her saying white people should die 24/7 when it gets close to the election. And endlessly mock the stupid white women who somehow still think Oprah is not insane.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

Blogger rycamor January 10, 2018 11:02 AM  

Someone else just committed suicide at 36: James Dolan, Co-Creator of SecureDrop, Dead At 36. Note, this was the former Strongbox whistle-blowing system, and the other co-creator committed suicide in 2013.

Anonymous Grayman January 10, 2018 11:34 AM  


Wouldn't it be epically wonderful to have that fat black woman run for president?

That would be cause for open celebration! The LULZ would be endless.

Anonymous Ominous Cowherd January 10, 2018 11:38 AM  

Revelation Means Hope wrote:Wouldn't it be epically wonderful to have that fat black woman run for president?

Alas, it was not meant to be.

Don't give up hope. Orca isn't the only fat Black woman in the Dem party. How about Kameltoe Harris? How about Moochelle 0bama (we're compromising a bit on the woman thing now)?

Blogger Robert Browning January 10, 2018 11:50 AM  

Menendez was at the Trump meeting yesterday. He is big amnesty guy, also loves the cameras, but not a peep out of him.

Anonymous Pinsetter January 10, 2018 11:59 AM  

Revelation Means Hope wrote:Wouldn't it be epically wonderful to have that fat black woman run for president?
Fat, black and rich ain't no way to run a campaign, unless you're Bill J. Clinton...

Anonymous Grayman January 10, 2018 12:01 PM  

Oh you mean the same menedez who is busy dodging the prostitute sex party dust up???? I'm sure there are no skeletons in that closet to leverage against the guy.

Blogger Silly but True January 10, 2018 12:21 PM  

Oprah: because the last black politician from Chicago turned out so well?

Anonymous Tipsy January 10, 2018 12:22 PM  

Shimshon wrote:Looking Glass, where do you get news on Iran?

I've read something and confirmed it with Iranian coworkers: The catalyst for the riots in Iran is the fact that the deal Obama made with Iran put pallets of cash into the hands of the Iranian government and it's clear to the populace that none is going to Iranians. In fact, some hackers have hacked the government and produced documents that showed how much of the windfall is going to Hezbollah, Syria, etc. This at a time when people are complaining that there is not enough food available for people to eat, that the pollution levels are out of control, and that the corruption level has risen way beyond the usual level (perhaps because of the pallet money sloshing around at the top levels of government).

Some more things:

The Basiji (morality police) used to be able to beat up young women with hair showing from under their hijab with impunity. Now, according to my Iranian friends, when they start to harass women, the men on the street protect them and start pushing the Basiji around.

Also, due to the food and work shortages, there has been a large rise in the amount of prostitution by young ladies who are trying to help their families survive, and whose clients are the fat cats who have made it big on corruption. This is also enraging the Iranian people.

My opinion is that this is a potential time-bomb. The masses of younger Iranians are sick of their "boomers", who in their opinion screwed up the country in the 70s. I think they are going to eventually force the government's hand, and there will be bloodshed.

Blogger Thucydides January 10, 2018 12:49 PM  

The witch hunts for sexual predators has done quite a bit of damage to the media and entertainment industries (I believe the figure quoted in Instapundit is one has been outed on average every 20hr since Weinstein was thrown under the bus). If anything, *we* should figure out ways to expand these witch hunts into academia, the Bureaucracy and deeper into the legislatures (at all levels). Rooting out real predators and forcing Progressives to eat their own only helps us by breaking their networks or power, influence and finance.

Oprah can be spun into a positive because she sucks a lot of the oxygen away from other aspiring Democrats and will confuse the kingmakers (she is quite rich enough to buy superdelegates at the convention, the real question is will they stay bought). Fracturing the Democrats and starting fights between outsiders like Oprah and insiders like Fauxahauntas, Kamela Harris, Bernie Sanders or Keith Ellison simply keeps the Progressives fighting amongst themselves. And who will point out that among this crowd, the Hispanics have been frozen out from the levers of Democrat power? Nothing like a bunch of outsiders trying to force their way in during a knife fight......

Obama and the Deep State are probably extremely frightened of an Iranian revolution, and are already working to prevent such a thing (notice the Obama circle trying to tell TGE not to intervene?). If the Iranians win against the Theocracy, they will open the archives and expose the Obama Administration's dirty dealings, something Obama and his supporters simply cannot allow. I look forward to seeing Obama and his circle trying to fight extradition requests from a new Iranian government for trials and detention in the Evin Prison in Tehran.

Blogger swiftfoxmark2 January 10, 2018 1:05 PM  

You mean the Senator who was indicted for soliciting child prostitution?

Anonymous Grayman January 10, 2018 1:14 PM  

Yes, the senator who was involved with scamming 100 million out of medicare for the costs of some donations, prostitutes, and some uderage entertainment.

Blogger James Jones January 10, 2018 1:36 PM  

I've posted the following in the comment of his video...

It's comical, if not a little frustrating to see such a misrepresentation of not only Vox Day, but what he is trying to achieve.
Whilst Alt Hero is a direct answer to SJW ideology, other comics coming from Vox's team have zero to do with politics. For example, the PG Wodehouse comic, that I'm pretty excited about. Even with Alt Hero, I can guarantee the writing will be impressive, because unlike the nay-sayers, I've read most of Vox's novels - and his fantasy writing, in particular, is first class.

He is attempting to set up an alternative for us comic fans who are sick to death of what DC and Marvel have done to our heros, and the constant politics they inject into the form.

And you are kicking it before you've had a chance to read any of it?

And the Kindle comic is £2.99 for us over here in the UK - not free. And I've read it and can't wait for issue 2.

Blogger VFM #7634 January 10, 2018 3:17 PM  

"An Idaho Republican state lawmaker who was under investigation for possible sexual abuse"

I suppose he could be a closeted f4g / p3d0 who would never be elected dog-catcher by a right-wing electorate if it came out, but then again, he could have received legal threats over exaggerated horse-hockey, and unlike Roy Moore, couldn't see anything other than his life being destroyed. Anybody know anything else about this guy?

Anonymous Anonymous January 10, 2018 3:40 PM  


Go ahead, run Oprah in 2020.

We'll nail her involvement with Harvey Weinstein (both as a personal friend and as a madam) to her backside.

H/T Chateau Heartiste

Blogger ((( bob kek mando ))) - ( the Original Militant Apathist ) January 10, 2018 3:47 PM  

there's a nexus of Republican pedos in Spokane / C'ouer d'Alene.

Boise isn't that far south.

Blogger Zeroh Tollrants January 10, 2018 3:53 PM  

I've only seen where 2 politicians have killed themselves, both Anglos who obviously have some sort of Christian morality, whether they were Christians themselves.
Jews wouldn't kill themselves over defiling Skiksas, because it's not a moral crime for them, so they have no reason to feel guilt.

Anonymous m January 10, 2018 6:28 PM  

On the OKC bombing. We watched that at work. First thing my partner and I noticed was what looked like some M183's laying next to some junk.... satchel charges to you. These were INSIDE the building. He was SF for twenty years.... knew his stuff. We also notice the asymmetry of the blast zone. Not a point source, for sure.

Blogger Were-Puppy January 10, 2018 9:31 PM  

@33 Ominous Cowherd

Don't give up hope. Orca isn't the only fat Black woman in the Dem party. How about Kameltoe Harris? How about Moochelle 0bama (we're compromising a bit on the woman thing now)?

If Reggie Love, Camel @ss Harris, Okra or any other BW i'm going to endlessly post vids of black females assaulting each other in McDonalds, Food Courts, Malls, etc etc.

And repost endless Sotamayer and Dr. of Common Sense vids too.

Blogger Artisanal Toad January 10, 2018 9:44 PM  


All OKC rescue operations were halted when unexploded ordinance was discovered within the first 2 hours after the blast, responders were evacuated and not allowed back in until the bomb squad removed the charges. Later the story was they were ATF training devices.

Immediately after the bombing, B.General Partin (USAF ordinance development) created a report and sent it to every member of Congress. In his opinion and professional expertise it wasn't possible for an ANFO bomb in a truck outside the building to do that damage. He included lots of photos that showed how such a blast wave would have propagated as well as pics of the concrete support beams that were shattered at the junctures, leaving only bare rebar... which is the signature of high explosive contact charges.

The pics of that stuff have been almost completely scrubbed off the net as well as his report. The damaged material was shipped out and put in a landfill under guard. Partin was told to shut up and butt out, which he did.

OKC was the US Reichstag event for modern times that defused the patriot/militia crisis that Clinton had in response to Waco and Ruby Ridge. It reset the narrative to demonize the right wingers and the 10,000 page anti-terrorism bill that had been prepared beforehand went through congress in record time.

Blogger Artisanal Toad January 10, 2018 11:28 PM  


Anonymous Anonymous January 11, 2018 2:46 AM  


Anonymous m January 13, 2018 5:43 PM  

49, thank you. I'd forgotten that. We used 183's for a lot of things and they are the workhorse of the demo teams. 'Ordnance'..... sorry:) Damned spell check...

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