Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Darkstream: Bigger and badder

Comicsgater Ethan van Sciver is pretty confident that he's still going to be a bigger deal in comics than I am in six months. As I discuss in the Darkstream, we'll just have to see about that....

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Blogger DAMN SON July 11, 2018 1:36 PM  


Blogger tuberman July 11, 2018 1:41 PM  

Competition IS A GOOD THING.

Blogger Long Live The West July 11, 2018 2:01 PM  

Offer to make movies of his comics once the time comes.

Blogger cheddarman July 11, 2018 2:22 PM  


Blogger cheddarman July 11, 2018 2:27 PM  

Please tell me you will sacrifice him atop an Aztec pyramid to the gods of the copybook headings, my leige

Blogger Dave July 11, 2018 3:08 PM  

Very entertaining Darkstream, watch for yourself and tell me if you don't agree.

Although, I'm having trouble picturing somebody that calls himself "Uncle Ethan" as badder than the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil.

Also Uncle Ethan's only claim to bigger, at this time, is the cumulative total of the Cyberfrog crowdfunder. And to get there Ethan had to sweeten the deal considerably. He spends hours everyday on youtube cajoling
his customers, I mean, his fans. He's also committed to signing each and every copy of the chromium covered comic book and ashcan sold (chromium covers @ $7 each).

Meanwhile, want to talk about bigger? Let's talk about 24 issues of 24 pages each. That's 576 pages of new and original comics. What's Uncle Ethan got? 48 pages and a redo of a 16 page ashcan.

Bigger and Badder???

Blogger Mr. Bee July 11, 2018 3:17 PM  

Let's you and him fight!

Blogger James Dixon July 11, 2018 3:41 PM  

Heh. Ethan has no idea of the level of disruption coming. He thinks of you as a competing independent comic company like Image or Dark Horse.

Blogger Anno Ruse July 11, 2018 4:07 PM  

I was going to ask Ethan if he planned to make a Cyberfrog action figure but then I found some Chinese knockoff Ninja Turtles at a yard sale

Blogger Feather Blade July 11, 2018 4:09 PM  

Best of luck to him. *shrug*

Blogger Silly but True July 11, 2018 4:49 PM  

Going from an exclusive contract to do Superman/Batman, Green Lantern, and the Flash to Cyberfrog is the comic industry equivalent like going from Harold Faltermeyer to Crazy Frog.

His is an interesting choice: TMNT knockoffs had their heyday around 1986.

Blogger Longtime Lurker July 11, 2018 5:08 PM  

EVS can draw, but VD is strategic.

Blogger Ingot9455 July 11, 2018 5:58 PM  

@11 Gizmoduck is still around in the current DuckTales vid. So he has that going for him.

Blogger Matthew July 11, 2018 6:21 PM  

Let's just see if EVS comes up with a character who can beat Rebel in a jello fight.

Blogger Garuna July 11, 2018 7:14 PM  

"[EVS] has a surprisingly large following"

He started blowing up in popularity after he got involved in StarWarsGate.


EVS is a mixed bag. Sometimes he cucks and punches right like a faggot. But other times he'll say shockingly redpilled things. I think he's probably transitioning from cuckservative to shitlord. Since the start of the year, he has certainly become completely redpilled about SJWs. He is now adamant that they should be hunted down and thrown out of every industry even as his fellow cucks whine "gatekeeper!"

Blogger Garuna July 11, 2018 7:16 PM  

I think by the end of the year, EVS will evolve into a very valuable ally.

Blogger mike mike July 11, 2018 9:56 PM  

I'm calling it now.... Alt-Hero #50 will be a Cyberfrog crossover.

Blogger GK Chesterton July 11, 2018 11:02 PM  

I hope he does evolve. But I don't think he will. He's too invested in being the "guy that knows".

Blogger James Dixon July 11, 2018 11:34 PM  

> He's too invested in being the "guy that knows".

Obviously a fan of Starhawk:

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