Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Round of 16, Day 4

Sweden beat Switzerland in a game of two teams without a single true striker between them. It was a boring affair settled by an own goal on a deflection of a shot that would have been easily saved, Sweden 1-0.

Colombia-England has been an incredibly chippy affair with loads of yellow cards. England had it, but a 93rd-minute header on a corner kick just after an excellent save of a magnificent long-range shot has it even going into extra time.



Blogger Looking Glass July 03, 2018 4:15 PM  

At International competition level, it really feels like if you have any sort of clean look at either upper corner, you really should just put a ball on target. Even 35m out. You're unlikely to score, but you're more likely to get a corner than nearly all other attack attempts. (England has had the correct approach to have good plans for their Set Pieces. This game nearly went on the strange counter strategy of "tackle Harry Kane in the box". )

With all of those yellows sitting out there, I expect we're going to get dullness to PKs.

Blogger BR MK July 03, 2018 4:24 PM  

I did not see most of the game but the long-range shot and the header were fantastic. The header specifically was converted into goal because the ball kicked on the ground and passed over the defender.

Blogger artensoll July 03, 2018 4:38 PM  

Please don't go to penalties, Please don't go to penalties, Please don't go to penalties

Blogger Looking Glass July 03, 2018 4:40 PM  

I'm kind of amazed Sweden-Switzerland didn't go to PKs.

Blogger Looking Glass July 03, 2018 4:55 PM  

One post and one good save and England goes through.

Blogger Trinian July 03, 2018 4:56 PM  

England win on Penalties! Both goalies saved one penalty. The difference was that one Columbian hit the crossbar.

Blogger Manuel July 03, 2018 4:57 PM  

For the first time ever England advances on penalties.

Blogger The Kurgan July 03, 2018 5:05 PM  

First time I cheered for England and they won!
I’m happy for the English goalie. He made the win really.

Blogger BassmanCO July 03, 2018 5:10 PM  

After all their cheap shots, glad to see the Columbians lose.

Blogger pyrrhus July 03, 2018 5:22 PM  

Colombia behaved like thugs, referee almost lost control of the game after the penalty kick. Thankful that England pulled it out...

Blogger Looking Glass July 03, 2018 5:38 PM  

pyrrhus wrote:Colombia behaved like thugs, referee almost lost control of the game after the penalty kick. Thankful that England pulled it out...

That's 4 games now where "tackle Harry Kane in the penalty box" has been a strategy used against England. England has adapted, so now they just spent the match tackling the obvious decoy.

James Rodriguez being out killed Columbia's midfield, though neither side had much attack working for the entire match.

Blogger Simon July 03, 2018 5:53 PM  

And England go marching on. How I am enjoying this WC. England have far exchange exceeded expectations. Bring on the Swedes!

Blogger ant becker July 03, 2018 5:58 PM  


Blogger Bilroy July 03, 2018 7:26 PM  

It's coming home.

Blogger Lazarus July 03, 2018 10:00 PM  

Is the Columbian goalie left handed? The shot that beat him hit his right hand, and it collapsed, but he stopped a similar shot with his left, and turned it aside.

Soccer coaches take note.

Tennis thing.....back hand, forehand.

Blogger linesy July 04, 2018 1:56 AM  

Everton fan, so biased, Hats off to Jordan Pickford our young keeper, great save. In passing through a penalty shoot out in a tournament, the biggest monkey on Englands' back is off. England do not have enough attacking threat though, except when playing teams that should not be there, which will make the match up with our Scandinavian cuck brothers a scrappy affair. Assuming it goes only 90 minutes, a single goal likely decides that tie.

Blogger C. S. July 04, 2018 3:33 AM  

England always seemed to wing it in past shootouts. That’s why they always lost.

Southgate seems to be the first England manager to realize that shootouts aren’t totally random. The proper training, scouting, and mental preparation can give a team a small but important edge.

His tactics are adequate, but the unusual confidence this team shows proves that Southgate’s strength is in grand strategy.

Blogger Trinian July 04, 2018 11:53 AM  

#15 -- The penalty the Columbian keeper saved struck the palm of his hand. The penalty he missed just hit his fingers.

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