Monday, August 27, 2018

Coming VERY soon

We anticipate launching the Alt★Hero: Q campaign this week, most likely tomorrow. We're just putting the final touches on it now, although like last time, we will probably add stretch goals and additional perks as the backers request them. As per previous backer request, there will be an option to receive all of the six single-issue paperbacks in a single shipment when the sixth issue is complete and they will all be Gold Logo limited editions.

Which means that depending upon the number of backers, supporting the campaign may turn out to be the only way to obtain a Gold Logo edition of Alt★Hero: Q. In the meantime, please enjoy the campaign trailer. We are hoping to more than double our previous backer total and reach at least 5,000 backers. Because we are using new artists, and because The Legend Chuck Dixon is already almost done with the first 12 Avalon scripts, AH:Q will not slow down the production schedule of either the AH or CDA series. In fact, we expect to release AH#4: The War in Paris to backers next week, followed very soon after by CDA#2: Breaking the Code.

UPDATE: "Very soon" is now. The Alt★Hero: Q campaign is now live!

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Blogger tuberman August 27, 2018 8:05 AM  


Blogger tuberman August 27, 2018 8:09 AM  

Backing this is like having a gold shovel, digging the graves of Marvel and DC comics.

Blogger 360 August 27, 2018 8:10 AM  

Have enjoyed all of the comics so far. Arkhaven has definitely proven themselves and they are just getting better. It was money well spent last time and no doubt it will hold true here.

Blogger Salt August 27, 2018 8:35 AM  


Blogger Shimshon August 27, 2018 8:37 AM  

@2 "Backing this is like having a gold shovel, digging the graves of Marvel and DC comics."

Make that two. One 24K trophy, and one 14K to do the actual digging.

Blogger Phillip George August 27, 2018 8:41 AM  


Blogger NewAnubis August 27, 2018 8:44 AM  

Dynamite! Well done indeed.

Blogger The Observer August 27, 2018 9:15 AM  

Very nice. I can only hope the rees will be louder this time than they were the last. That was fun.

Blogger Ahärôwn August 27, 2018 9:28 AM  

Very nice - looking forward to this.

Blogger artensoll August 27, 2018 9:45 AM  

Can't wait can't wait can't waaaaiiiit!

Blogger Peter Gent August 27, 2018 9:46 AM  

Wow! Just wow!!! Talking about taking Q mainstream...

Blogger Dave August 27, 2018 10:26 AM  

Wonder if someone could get the attention of "Q" with that trailer? Imagine if a "Q" message was to mention the campaign for AHQ.

Alternatively, as a lark,
we couldd imitate "Q" but only send out messages promoting the AHQ campaign.

Blogger Kat August 27, 2018 10:36 AM  

Trust Sessions.
Trust Kansas.
Trust the plan.

The reeeeeees will be heard from space.

Blogger electricsheeple August 27, 2018 10:37 AM  

I love the creativity that went into that trailer.

Blogger FUBARwest August 27, 2018 11:16 AM  

Excellent job with the trailer Vox & team!

Blogger Dave August 27, 2018 11:18 AM  

Trust Sessions.
Trust Kansas.
Trust the plan.
Something big this week.
Back the AH:Q campaign.

Blogger wreckage August 27, 2018 11:34 AM  


Blogger tuberman August 27, 2018 11:39 AM  

Comics potion mix:

*Solid infrastructure
*Enthusiastic, always fun story writers, who produce fast
*Ever improving artists
*New Super-Heroes
*Real stories, with teeth, that relate to the real world
*Just the Right amount of verboden politics
*Competition dead set on suicide, putting out boring crap that no one buys, and who will remain clueless until too late.

What is building is a D5 avalanche in comics history...D5's are unstoppable.

Blogger Joshua_D August 27, 2018 2:05 PM  

Will this campaign also have a figurine?

Blogger VD August 27, 2018 2:13 PM  

Will this campaign also have a figurine?

We'll see how it goes first.

Blogger The Scribe August 27, 2018 2:48 PM  

Hehe, just when I paid off my credit card debt, Vox Day drags me back in ....

Seriously, this is awesome. I love the trailer, and I'm confident the actual product will be great too. I backed "Alt-Hero" and continued buying the hard copy for friends and myself. I'm in bigly for "Alt-Hero:Q."

Thanks for taking the fight to the comics world. It desperately needs it. I regret my own comics attempt failed so bad, A) mostly because we knew nothing of the business-end of the business, B), a lot of my execution in writing really did suck 25 years ago, and C) my artists became more interested in looking at strippers rather than drawing. So, for now, I'll pump gas for those who are driving.

A thought: After reading the mammoth post on Neon Revolt about the shady activities in Little Rock and Mena, Arkansas, perhaps a #Pizzagate-themed comic or story arc could be crafted?

Keep the skeer on and Deus Vult!

Blogger Avalanche August 27, 2018 3:08 PM  

Oh BRAVO! BRAVAE!!! Makes me tear up!

Culture > politics, and you're (we're!) making some headway; it may be/seem slight, but it's there!

I daren't put a Q bumper-sticker on my year-old car... but I wear a "Q" necklace every day. Trust the Plan! Trust the God Emperor!

Blogger James Dixon August 27, 2018 3:28 PM  

> Hehe, just when I paid off my credit card debt, Vox Day drags me back in ....

Well he is the Supreme Dark Lord. It's all part of his master plan. :)

Blogger Al August 27, 2018 3:59 PM  

Nice! I hope you guys also release Rebel Dead Revenge regularly, it's my favorite Dark Legion title so far.

Blogger Pierre Truc August 27, 2018 4:48 PM  

This is so much fun!

On a related note, SJW pro comic "artist" Robbie Rodriguez tweeted several close-up pictures of xeir very own hairy anus to Uncle Ethan. No, I'm not kidding. Don't google it, I saw it, I took one for the team, you really don't need to click on this link.

And all this for Uncle Ethan, who is very very mild. The Triggering is reaching entirely new levels.


Blogger Michael Maier August 27, 2018 6:24 PM  


Blogger Vassago August 27, 2018 9:24 PM  

Was in with Alt Hero from the start and it just keeps getting better with every issue. Obviously VD thinks that my library needs expanding. Where do I sign up?

Blogger VD August 28, 2018 4:59 AM  

Sign up here

Blogger Unknown August 28, 2018 7:51 AM  

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