Saturday, March 09, 2019

BOOKSTREAM: Do we need God?

The extended audio sample for DO WE NEED GOD TO BE GOOD? by anthropologist Christopher Hallpike. If you'd like to listen to the whole thing, the audiobook+ is available at Arkhaven.

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Blogger Seth S March 09, 2019 10:15 AM  

I got this audiobook, and I kind of regret not just getting the ebook because this book really makes you think and I like to stop and reread on books like that.

Blogger VD March 09, 2019 10:24 AM  

That's why we sell audiobook+ at Arkhaven. You get both audiobook and ebook.

Blogger Seth S March 09, 2019 10:42 AM  

I still had a credit at audible and I wanted to cancel, but you lose your credits if you cancel. I'll be going to Arkhaven now.

Blogger Silent Draco March 09, 2019 2:26 PM  

Purchased from Arkhaven. I get different emphasis from written and spoken text, which highlight some different points. Having the ebook lets me write notes about sections of the arguments, and sharpen my thoughts for or against the argument. Great deal.

Blogger Gregory the Tall March 09, 2019 7:07 PM  

I am almost done listening to the audibook. This is a very good book, going right across the ages shedding light on the position of various thinkers from the ancient Greeks to Nietzsche and Lenin on materialism versus faith. Faith in God easily wins the argument against all the misled and misleading philosophers who try to derive virtue from "the environment", "being conditioned", "survival of the fittest" etc.

Blogger 1st Earl Hardwicke March 09, 2019 7:51 PM  

Atheism and Pantheism; both are immanent. Pretty sure Pantheism is Evil. Observing people on the Internet that have claimed to have taken psychedelics seems to eliminate the transcendent quality and change the person(also torture apparently can have similar effects). When they say DMT kills you, I don't think they are lying. The fact both the Quran and Bible say that they steal your soul; I think should be advertised more, or advertised. Might be a bit like the movie Pet Cemetery, have the same memories, but they are not the same person. Lazarus come forth.

Theism; Transcendent. A perfect being transcendent from creation. A Christ that never sins, even in thought, which makes him God according to Leibniz in a Discourse on Metaphysics. Or a Bodhisattva in Buddhism.
Certainly blaspheme means nothing, in either Theism or Pantheism. Then there's the sin of idolatry which an exception is made for. Christ is then a caricature or madman, who can't realise he is the most high God.

Panentheism; It's both. How that is dealt with depends, I think on the religion. The Aztec religion or Hegel's dialectic is Evil. Yet I had watched a video covering the Aztec religion on Youtube ( at around the same time(+- 2days) I heard Vox mention the teotl Aztec religion as Evil. The passages after the resurrection of Lazarus in the Bible are interesting to say the least, I see not how theism could be maintained as consistent with the scripture despite Leibniz insistence....

Gnosticism/Satanism bend reality to your will.

Should be interesting listening to the book.

Blogger Silent Draco March 09, 2019 10:12 PM  

An analogy came up while listening to the 9 March Darkstream.

Having a Christian moral code without Christianity undergirding it is like breathing without lungs. It’s difficult, expensive, and fails when attention lapses.

Another way to think about it, from SJWAL, is that the skin suit takes a lot of constant care. Otherwise, it begins to reek of something awful and it tears open, revealing the nightmare inside.

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