Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Biden crushes Sanders

Michigan will not boost Bernie this time:
Joe Biden won Michigan’s Democratic primary on Tuesday, seizing a key battleground state that helped propel Bernie Sanders’ insurgent candidacy four years ago. The former vice president’s victory in Michigan, as well as Missouri and Mississippi, dealt a serious blow to Sanders, who is urgently seeking to jump-start his flagging campaign.

Sanders could still get a boost later in the night in Idaho, North Dakota or Washington state. But fewer delegates were at stake than in Mississippi, Missouri and Michigan, where Biden’s decisive performance again showed his strength with working-class voters and African Americans, who are vital to winning the Democratic nomination.

53.2% Biden
39.6% Sanders
Looks like Trump vs Biden. Smells like Trumpslide 2020.



Blogger Unknown March 10, 2020 10:39 PM  

It's kinda funny... none of the deluded here wanted biden. They were all for Bernie and free shit. Of course, I try not and talk to those people anyway... but still. For Joe to take Mo just seems.... flaky.

Blogger D. March 10, 2020 10:41 PM  

I'm "Ridin' with Biden" to the old folks home.

Blogger Uncle John's Band March 10, 2020 10:49 PM  

Not to be pedantic, but it isn't a Trumpslide that Biden's sniffing...

Not yet, anyhow.

Blogger Zaklog the Great March 10, 2020 10:52 PM  

Any comment on Coulter’s claim that Trump had more to fear from Bernie than anyone else? I mean, sure Biden’s going to end up drooling and being carted around to the debates by November, but would Bernie have actually performed much better?

Blogger Silly but True March 10, 2020 10:54 PM  

WTF is going to be Dems’ story when more blacks vote for Trump than Biden?

Ok, that’s not going to happen, but Biden may be the first Democrat nominee in long time to not get even 80% of black vote.

Blogger JovianStorm March 10, 2020 10:55 PM  

We've seen before where the Left lost because of delusion then doubled down on the crazy.

Are we going to see more of that or will this shock enough people out of reverie to suppress the stupider elements of the Left ?

Blogger ar10308 March 10, 2020 10:58 PM  

I didn't think the Trump-vs-Hillary debates could be bested for the spectacle they were, however reality is about to prove me wrong.
The Trump-vs-Joe "Skinny Tom and the Buttermilk Gang better keep their lookout, because I have an onion on my belt for them" Biden is going to be legendary.

Blogger VFM Bear March 10, 2020 11:02 PM  

God Emperor vs Gaffes Emperor.......

Gee, where to put my money......

Blogger Crew March 10, 2020 11:19 PM  

And if Biden selects the Hildabeast has his running mate he is suicidal!

Blogger daddynichol March 10, 2020 11:21 PM  

Biden will fail long before the election, providing the Coronacaust doesn't take him down first.

Blogger Joe Smith March 10, 2020 11:24 PM  

I cannot wait to see Trump and Biden on a stage together. That is a debate I will actually set aside some time to watch.

Blogger Theproductofafineeduction March 10, 2020 11:29 PM  

I was kind of hoping for a Mondale 2 bugaloo. Oh well...I can live with a 2016 redux with a bit more dementia.

Blogger ZhukovG March 10, 2020 11:35 PM  

I wonder how many Trump voters cast a tactical vote for Biden.

Sanders may be an old Bolshevik, but he seems to really believe in Socialism. There is strength in that even if the belief is a bad one.

Biden, however, is just a business as usual, corrupt old pol. He appears to be toddling into senility and even on a good day has, if anything, less charisma than Hillary Clinton.

The GE is going to destroy him.

Ad Victoriam, Deo Vindice, Ave Caesar Trump!

Blogger MacD March 10, 2020 11:40 PM  

Biden? They've actually decided to do this?

The brokered convention will reveal all the nefariousness.

Blogger The Depolrable Podunk Ken Ramsey March 11, 2020 12:04 AM  

Joe has to be the most inexplicable Comeback Kid ever. It's amazing to behold.

Blogger Norse Fan March 11, 2020 12:07 AM  

don't believe we have seen all the players as yet

Blogger Brick Hardslab March 11, 2020 12:23 AM  

Does this mean we could get a gaff-prone criminal as our Democrat candidate? I'm seeing a big win for Trump

Blogger Darold Stagner March 11, 2020 12:27 AM  

The vote fraud will be massive. I am hoping for guns. We might get to test Lincoln's "perpetual union". I think I will grow a Roger Taney hairdo.

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( The Surprised Pig hadn't had any idea he tasted this good ) March 11, 2020 12:39 AM  

on the one hand we're going to have slogans like
"The 2nd Amendment exists to allow you to protect your wife and daughter from being molested by Creepy Joe"

otoh, i'm really disappointed that the Bernie Bros aren't going to burn the convention down.

Blogger jkmack March 11, 2020 1:27 AM  

Too Bad Bernie, if only the decision was made by twitter poll.

Blogger Lyon March 11, 2020 1:28 AM  

I would not be surprised if Hillary gets dusted off at the convention. Crazy Joe or Killary, either way it's Trump in 2020.

Blogger Wazdakka March 11, 2020 2:21 AM  

I can only guess that the Democratic party has given up hope for the presidency. Or Biden literally croaks and a suitable candidate is parachuted in.

Blogger Vulgar_Display March 11, 2020 2:29 AM  

The debates are going to be comedy gold!

Blogger bodenlose Schweinerei March 11, 2020 2:33 AM  

Jumbled Joe beat the Senescent Maoist here in ID too, just not so badly.

Blogger Retrenched March 11, 2020 2:47 AM  

Whatever you want to say about Biden or the Democrats, you almost have to respect how quickly and efficiently the party machine was able to rig the primary for the establishment's choice. Biden goes from having almost no shot to effectively wrapping it all up in just a couple of weeks thanks to several timely withdrawals and subsequent endorsements by the other so called moderates.

Blogger KBuff March 11, 2020 2:48 AM  

What is the Democrats' end game here? Force Biden to pick an establishment running mate who can take over when he is declared incompetent? I don't see how he could serve out a four-year term without his dementia preventing him from performing at a basic level. At the rate he appears to be degrading, I doubt he can make it to November. Is he just sacrificial for this cycle?

Blogger Tanjil Bren March 11, 2020 2:49 AM  

Absolutely zero chance The Slag doesn't jump in as VP running mate?
I'm not punting, but James Woods seems totally convinced.

Blogger Dan in Georgia March 11, 2020 5:25 AM  

That video of the UAW member asking why Biden supported NAFTA, and Biden lying to and berating the guy, will be in Trump2020 commercials until Election Day.

Blogger Bearable Pain March 11, 2020 5:50 AM  

I don't see how Biden can last given his failing ability to form a coherent sentence. I think as this progresses Biden's failing health and declining mental ability to perform against Trump will force a situation whereby Bernie becomes the substitute to fill the vacuum that is Biden. -- Either way, Trumpside 2020.

Blogger Monotonous Languor March 11, 2020 5:52 AM  

Next on the agenda: the Dem VP nominee.
That will tell us which way the wind is blowing.

Blogger Lazarus March 11, 2020 5:52 AM  

At some point Biden will have to throw a bone to Sander's supporters and adopt (steal) some of his policies.

Blogger Katechon March 11, 2020 6:07 AM  

Bernie's defeat is a loss for the working class.
Working people work. They need a politician willing to take and wield power on their behalf. Bernie was willing to do just that.
Bernie isn't the woke Left, the SJWs. That woke Left is already IN POWER. Their victimilogy rhetoric is used to obfuscate the fact that they're wealthy and their ideology is hegemonic. Bernie is a nationalist socialist, not a woketard.

By definition, politicians serve those they represent. Biden takes billionaires' money, and corporate money. Bernie took only donations from individuals.
Working class Americans just gave over a hundred million dollars to Bernie's campaign. Unfortunately, it wasn't well managed. And as Trump pointed out, Warren helped destroying Bernie.
Pocahontas, working in conjunction with the Democrat Party, totally destroyed the campaign of Bernie Sanders. If she would have quit 3 days earlier, Sanders would have beaten Biden in a route, it wouldn’t even have been close. They also got two other losers to support Sleepy Joe!

Blogger Section 8A March 11, 2020 6:13 AM  

What's the over / under on babies and girls sniffed by this doddering old man?

Blogger Katechon March 11, 2020 6:26 AM  

>Biden will have to throw a bone to Sander's supporters and adopt (steal) some of his policies
Biden is a neoliberal. Bernie is a socialist. Totally incompatible.
Biden voted for foreign wars, for nafta and tpp. Bernie is a protectionist.
Biden will adopt the woke aesthetic, but that isn't Bernie.

Blogger Brett baker March 11, 2020 6:28 AM  

Biden could drop dead from an aneurysm and the MSM wouldn't report it. Factcheck sites would report the former VP is very much alive, contrary to internet rumors.
Unless he dies of CoronaChan. Then Congress must impeach Orange Man Bad for murder!

Blogger urthshu March 11, 2020 6:34 AM  

Biden won't even realize he lost, he'll just be smiling and waving while everyone else is sobbing

Blogger March 11, 2020 6:35 AM  

Ready and waiting.

Blogger Mr.MantraMan March 11, 2020 6:46 AM  

I give Biden 2-3 months before he collapses and dies, his condition has rapidly declined the last couple of months. I don't know what the DNC's plan is, but it seems the small club that ran the American Left before social media has made a comeback and I'm sure they have a nefarious plan up their sleeves.

Blogger mmaier2112 March 11, 2020 7:10 AM  

Bernie or Biden would be comedy gold.

I would have preferred Bernie Sanders. At least his mind semi-works. Trump pummeling Biden is going to look like Mike Tyson beating a retarded quadriplegic.

Blogger Doktor Jeep March 11, 2020 7:14 AM  

Why should blacks vote for Bernie? They already get the gibs that Bernie promises.

Blogger Cataline Sergius March 11, 2020 7:30 AM  

Crew wrote:And if Biden selects the Hildabeast has his running mate he is suicidal!

It would also be terrible political casting.

Normally, you want someone who "balances the ticket, but doesn't outshine the star". Sarah Palin is a prime of example of someone who outshines the star.

Biden is going to need a Veep candidate who is young (aka: not senile) and probably very hard Left. Given that Biden will have to lurch Golem like to the Center once the general election starts.

This is a another minus for Biden, since it's pretty obvious that whoever his Veep is would very likely become president in the next four years if Biden is elected.

Blogger Newscaper312 March 11, 2020 7:56 AM  

FYI Here in Alabama Trump endorsed former Auburn football coach Tuberville over Sessions. Trump was smart in waiting until after primary to see the lay of the land. I'm sure if Sessions had dominated Trump would have been silent if not endorsing. Recent survey heading into runoff has Tuberville w 10+ pt lead.
However, Sessions effectively slamming Tuberville for running for Alabama office although he retired to the Florida panhandle. Time enough to get interesting.

Blogger ZhukovG March 11, 2020 8:04 AM  

@Katechon: There is nothing remotely 'Nationalist' about Sanders. He is an International Socialist in the old mold. He is genuinely woke on things near and dear to SJW hearts.

He would have subjected us to a 'Tyranny of Good Intentions'.

Fortunately, Biden is the establishment choice. He doesn't have a sincere bone in his body and no longer has the wits to hide it.

Trumpslide 2020!

Blogger Akulkis March 11, 2020 8:05 AM  

> We might get to test Lincoln's "perpetual union".

Perpetual Union dates back to the 1770s.

There are four documents defining the United before and during the American War for Independence. (The Constitution was ratified years later, the primary impetus being problems caused by the states, bound together in a weak, almost powerless confederacy, having tremendous debt in circulation as currency, and that the value of such debt was extremely chaotic -- Madison's solution was to unify the debt under a Federal government.

These are the four documents.

A Summary of the Rights of British North America, a letter to King George III by Thomas Jefferson, 1774

Jefferson lays out that all of the colonies from Maine to the Gulf Coast were set up as private endeavours, with neither a drop or penny of the Crown's blood and treasure; that the British government has no more right to tax the colonies than they did to tax the people and trade of Portugal, another of Britain's allies in the Seven Year's War; and concludes with a warning that if the Crown does not remove the British troops & appointed governors and stop the illegal taxation of the people of the named colonies, there will be war.

Articles of Association, First Continental Congress, December 1774.

First document establishing the 13 colonies as considering themselves as part of a unified body.

Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, 1776.

Formally fulfills the prophetic conclusion of A Summary View of the Rights of British America. The war had been in progress for nearly a year, but the Declaration is a statement that the 13 States will not surrender under any circumstances.

Articles of Confederation and *Perpetual* *Union*, Second Continental Congress, 1777.

This was followed after the end of the war with
The Constitution of the united States, James Madison, 1787.

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,[note 1] promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Lincoln only reminded everybody of a founding principle of the nation going back all the way to 1774, fully 5 months before the first shots fired Lexington Green and Concord Bridge.

Blogger Salt March 11, 2020 8:08 AM  

If the Dems believe that they have no one who could beat Trump they could easily saddle him with a VP pick as to damage that wing of the party they despise. Take some wind out of the sails of the AOC brand.

Blogger Hammerli 280 March 11, 2020 8:11 AM  

It'll be interesting to watch this. I think it will be blazingly obvious before the convention that Biden is suffering from dementia.

This opens up several questions. Do the Dems nominate him anyway and hope for the best? Throw him over and cherry-pick a candidate? And if the latter, who? And what does Sanders and his fanatics do in that case?

Not to mention the not-minor fact that Biden is an arrest for Bribery looking for a time and place to happen. If Trump has the nerve, the first Presidential debate would be perfect.

Blogger Akulkis March 11, 2020 8:13 AM  

> otoh, i'm really disappointed that the Bernie Bros aren't going to burn the convention down.

Consider this:

Biden's mental acuity is declining rapidly. He very well might be a drooling vegetable by the time of the convention, leaving Bernie as the last candidate standing for the nomination. When Bernie gets snubbed for the DNC plutocrat's lackey (whoever that turns out to be), expect Antifa (approx 80% Bernie Bros) to do to the convention what Antifa does.

And it will be just deserts for the Democrats for working with Obama to create this horrid organization.

Blogger Akulkis March 11, 2020 8:16 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Harry_the_Horrible March 11, 2020 8:51 AM  

Biden may not know it, but he ain't running. He's a place holder.
The Dark Horse waits in the shadowy wings of the DNC.
He (it will be a guy) will be pretty (so women and gays can fantasize about him), eloquent (at least as long as he's in front of a teleprompter), and have little or no public political record (so Low Information Voters can project their beliefs on him). The Media will work overtime to suppress any rumors about his real agenda.
The Left learned from Obama - they can foist just about anything on this country so long as the majority of voters don't have a clue what he is really intends.

And don't forget President Trump's biggest enemy - vote fraud.

It ain't over until President Trump is sworn in.

Blogger Mocheirge March 11, 2020 8:56 AM  

Biden has never in his political career faced a legitimate opponent. Delaware is a single-party state where the Republicans receive their orders from the Democrat power brokers. I know, it's like that all over the country, but Delaware is especially bad in that respect.

My point is that Biden has no experience facing pushback on the campaign trail. He gets testy whenever someone challenges his claims. Add to that his deteriorating brain and you get dog-faced pony soldier insults, fat. Why why why why the thing.

The Biden weather forecast: cloudy brains with a chance of eyeball hemorrhaging.

Blogger bodenlose Schweinerei March 11, 2020 9:24 AM  

Biden is a neoliberal.

Dear God, it's McCain Redux, Enfeebled Edition!

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( The Surprised Pig hadn't had any idea he tasted this good ) March 11, 2020 9:30 AM  

44. Akulkis March 11, 2020 8:05 AM
Lincoln only reminded everybody of a founding principle of the nation going back all the way to 1774

that's nice and all that some people had wanted a "perpetual" union for a very long time.


show me "perpetual" in the Constitution.

you won't find it. and the Constitution that we DO have came close to not getting ratified.

now, why might that be? might it be because a lot of colonists recognized the stupidity of pledging perpetual union ... in spite of their knowledge that all previous governments had grown corrupt and tyrannical?

and, further, why was the North so intransigent in refusing to follow Constitutional Law, which is still in the Constitution today; Article IV, Section 2, Clause 3? remember, the 13th Amendment allows slavery ...

you realize the Northern States ratified that Art 4, Sec 2, Cl 3 every bit as much as the entire nation had refused to ratify a Perpetual Union clause, yes?

47. Akulkis March 11, 2020 8:13 AM
expect Antifa (approx 80% Bernie Bros) to do to the convention what Antifa does.

Antifa gonna Antifa, that's true.

but there's a difference between Bernie going in as the delegate leader and Biden going in as the obviously senile delegate leader.

there are a lot of Leftists and Muh Dumbocracy types who are going to be a bit embarrassed that they've spent the last 5 years screeching about the "will of the people" and "majority rules" who are going to be unwilling to join the Bernie Bros in burning the convention down.

IF Bernie goes in with a higher delegate count but <50% and
THEN the nomination is stolen from him, they're ALL going to be on the war path against the Democrat Establishment.

that's what tickles my funny bone.

Blogger MrNiceguy March 11, 2020 9:33 AM  

I hope Trump opens the debate by politely reminding Joe where he is and what office he's running for.

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( The Surprised Pig hadn't had any idea he tasted this good ) March 11, 2020 9:34 AM  

as a fer instance, Jimmy Dore seems to have gone radio silent the last couple of days.

maybe he's just traveling?

expect Dore to get a bit quieter if Bernie can't garner more delegates than Creepy Joe. it's going to be quite the blow to the Progressive Left ego to have Bernie and Tulsi crushed.

Blogger MrNiceguy March 11, 2020 9:36 AM  

i'm really disappointed that the Bernie Bros aren't going to burn the convention down.

Probably still happen.

Blogger Seeingsights March 11, 2020 9:38 AM  

Also I saw somewhere that turnout in 2020 Dem primary in Michigan was 68 percent of the turnout in the 2016.
I take that as a good sign for Trump. There will be less Dem votes from Michigan in the general election. Trump will win Michigan by a bigger margin than in 2016.

Blogger NRx March 11, 2020 9:53 AM  

There is some worry here... Michigan was traditionally a Bernie stronghold as far as the Dems go. Have the Democrats improved their vote fraud skills?

Blogger liberranter March 11, 2020 10:04 AM  

As the old saying goes, the fix is in.

Stand by for Milwaukee to make Chicago 1968 look like a schoolyard scrap. If that city is militarily locked down in advance of the convention, the corruption is confirmed.

Blogger tuberman March 11, 2020 10:39 AM  

44. Akulkis

> We might get to test Lincoln's "perpetual union".

"Perpetual Union dates back to the 1770s."

Excellent info.

Blogger map March 11, 2020 10:46 AM  

Katechon wrote:>Biden will have to throw a bone to Sander's supporters and adopt (steal) some of his policies

Biden is a neoliberal. Bernie is a socialist. Totally incompatible.

Biden voted for foreign wars, for nafta and tpp. Bernie is a protectionist.

Biden will adopt the woke aesthetic, but that isn't Bernie.

This is exactly wrong. Bernie is a big supporter of open borders and giving healthcare to illegals. Basically, the Bernie program is getting Americans to pay more taxes so that America can provide socialism for the entire world.

in this regard, Bernie is a traditional Bolshevik. The proper response is to go the fascist route and ask him why American wealth is not going to the American worker?

Blogger Robert What? March 11, 2020 10:53 AM  

If Biden looks pathetic on stage with Trump, he might get the sympathy vote from women maybe?

Blogger brbrophy March 11, 2020 11:35 AM  

The democratic voters have no that I think about it, for those most part it's literally true

Blogger KPKinSunnyPhiladelphia March 11, 2020 11:47 AM  

I think a lot of you guys are in dreamland when it comes to imagining a debate with Trump and Biden.

Do not be surprised if there are no debates, or perhaps just one -- and that one will come early in the cycle and with such limitations that Biden's mental state will be a vague memory in the minds of the voters. The Dems will do everything to minimize debate impact -- whine about the rules, and almost certainly engage in a brinksmanship that attempts to have no debates.

And their lackeys in the media will fall right in line with those "arguments."

Biden's handlers will do everything they possibly can to minimize Sleepy Creepy Joe's mental exertions.

And the Democrat party will not make the mistakes they made last time with the Hildebeast. They will be in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio big time and constantly. And all the Black politicians will be working overtime to get the Brothers and Sisters to line up behind Biden.

And as others have noted, Biden is a placeholder. Even if he loses, he may be successful in saving House seats that would otherwise flip. And if he wins -- yes a longshot -- well, expect a 25th Amendment maneuver to shunt him aside for a younger, more "mentally sound" alternative.

Do not be surprised if the DNC is plotting these moves as we speak.

Blogger Akulkis March 11, 2020 12:07 PM  


Yes, it WAS, idiot.


First, it's right there IN THE NAME.

Articles of Confederation and *Perpetual* *Union*

It's under that document which the Continental Army, the US Navy, and the US Marines were raised. Each of those services flags commemorates that its respective service was founded in 1775, as the number 1775 is part of the design.

In fact, that document continued to be the definition of the national government right up until the day that the Constitution was ratified.

There wouldn't be any point of preserving it in the National Archives with the signatures of all those representatives from each of the 13 colonies, if the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union was not ratified and made into law.

IF you're not going to look at the actual document in which I tell you that the term Perpetual Union was first used, then that's on you, for not only being ignorant, but STUPID -- refusing to use the information presented to you as as to come to a conclusion which dovetails with the facts.

I showed you EXACTLY where to find the information, and you tell me I'm wrong.

> show me "perpetual" in the Constitution.

Look, idiot. The Constitution *modified* the
ALREADY EXISTING "perpetual union" already established by the Articles of Confederation and *Perpetual* *Union*

The Constitution didn't replace the Perpetual Union, it replaced the rules with a new set which didn't require unanimous support from ALL of the legislators in attendance for any law to be passed.
And if you doubt me, it's right there in the Preamble of the Constitution:

"... to form a MORE PERFECT UNION..."

More perfect than what?

More perfect than the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.

The Constitution didn't create the Union... it tweaked the rules, because the rules structure of the Confederation wasn't flexible enough to get much of anything done which NEEDED to be done.

There's a LONG-standing trivia question:
Who's the first President of the United States?

Answer: Peyton Randolph, September 5, 1774 – October 22, 1774

Randolph was followed by:
Henry Middleton October 22, 1774 - October 26, 1774
Peyton Randolph May 10, 1775 – May 24, 1775
John Hancock May 24, 1775 – October 29, 1777
Henry Laurens November 1, 1777 – December 9, 1778
John Jay December 10, 1778 - September 28, 1779
Samuel Huntington September 28, 1779 – July 10, 1781
Thomas McKean July 10, 1781 – November 5, 1781
John Hanson November 5, 1781 – November 4, 1782
Elias Boudinot November 4, 1782 – November 3
Thomas Mifflin November 3, 1783 – June 3, 1784
Richard Henry Lee November 30, 1784 – November 4, 1785
John Hancock November 23, 1785 – June 5, 1786
Nathaniel Gorham June 6, 1786 – February 2, 1787
Arthur St. Clair February 2, 1787 – November 4, 1787
Cyrus Griffin January 22, 1788 – November 2, 1788

George Washington wasn't the First President of the United States. He was preceded by those men, and directly answered to all of them from John Hancock (1775 term) to Thomas Mifflin (1783) while Washington was Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.

George Washington was the First President UNDER THE NEW SET OF RULES. He's remembered because he was the first president in which the citizens of the several states had an opportunity to choose WHO the President would be.

Blogger wEz March 11, 2020 12:16 PM  

He'll still get 90% of the black vote. They're puppets that love free handouts over convictions. The question is, how many will stay home instead of voting for Biden.

Blogger Gen. Kong March 11, 2020 1:34 PM  

Zaklog the Great wrote:

Any comment on Coulter’s claim that Trump had more to fear from Bernie than anyone else? I mean, sure Biden’s going to end up drooling and being carted around to the debates by November, but would Bernie have actually performed much better?

I doubt Coulter's claim about this. Bernie was always a fake populist - a millionaire with three houses. Like most commies, especially the (((healer))) variety, the socialist schtick was merely a path to power. Once power was attained the golden opportunity to loot, rape and murder quickly trumps the niceties of Marxist ideology. The ultimate difference between Sanders and Bloomberg is very small. The Bern was never a serious threat to Trump's base. Tulsi Gabbard on the other hand was a more likely to be a threat to Trump and she's been conveniently buried by the Donk establishment.

Grandpa Corn Pop will be a favorite with the senile voters, the graveyard voters (an important Donk voting block) and blacks - who will vote 90% for the promise of more gibs and promises to loot YT (as they always do). #49 could be onto something as the Donk establishment needed to stop Sanders and have someone in place if one assumes they're seriously interested in opposing Trump in the fall.

Blogger KPKinSunnyPhiladelphia March 11, 2020 2:10 PM  

The first phase of keeping Biden off the debate stage has begun.

Clyburn wasn't the only party elder ready to put an end to the primary brawl.

"This is all about November, these voters want to shut this thing down," famed Democratic strategist James Carville said Tuesday night on MSNBC. "Our mission as a party is to defeat Donald Trump.”

You know, you just know, that the strategy will be to keep Joe from talking more than 5 minutes.

Blogger Geir Balderson March 11, 2020 2:37 PM  

...Sanders may be an old Bolshevik, but he seems to really believe in Socialism.

Bernie believes in as little work as possible. He believes in power and the money he can loot from his crusades.
His real goal was to paid off for being a thorn in the side of the DNC. So , in reality, he achieved his goals and will rake in some more millions, get a private jet and maybe in new dacha in the Hamptons or someplace else suitable for an aging bolshevik.

Blogger Servant March 11, 2020 3:03 PM  

Creepy joe's senility makes me think it will be actually Trump v Hillary again. She'll be named his running mate and take over when he bows out for medical reasons.

Keeps her out of the spotlight and off the campaign trail since that took so much out of her the first time.

Blogger Johnny March 11, 2020 4:56 PM  

@4 Yes Trump had more to fear from Bernie than Biden. There's a lot of Bernie-Trump crossover among populists wanting change and blue collar white voters. Trump's victory was guaranteed by only a few tens of thousands of white working class voters in the Rustbelt. Bernie would give him a run for his money with those. Black enthusiasm would be lower for Bernie, but not much lower than it would be with Biden. You have to be black to get Obama's black enthusiasm. Hillary won Black voters in the 2016 DNC primaries and was Obama's Secretary of State, but it didn't get her any more black enthusiasm than John Kerry or Al Gore.

Blogger xevious2030 March 11, 2020 4:56 PM  

As Biden is the Electoral sacrifice to Trump, who else would they like to sacrifice in the narrative? Another old white guy like Biden, some other? Can't be Bernie, they're keeping him out of the main gig, and with Biden being old, putting Bernie within a heartbeat of the Oval Office is unlikely. Warren is a woman, even though white. Gay is out. AOC types are out. Maybe a younger white guy, that is not gay, does not identify as a woman, not a socialist/communist, preferably does not wear a small hat? I mean, that is Hunter and just a few others, at least in terms of openly.

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( The Surprised Pig hadn't had any idea he tasted this good ) March 11, 2020 7:11 PM  

64. Akulkis March 11, 2020 12:07 PM
Articles of Confederation

for someone who throws around terms like "idiot", it's strange that you haven't noticed that the Constitution /= Articles of Confederation.

the Constitution is a contract between and amongst the States and the Peoples of those States. just as the Articles were.

when a contract is renewed, and a clause which is in the previous contract is excised from the new contract
what is the effect in Law?

64. Akulkis March 11, 2020 12:07 PM
it replaced the rules

exactly so.

it replaced the rules desired by the most energetic of the revolutionaries with rules that We The People would, you know, actually agree too.

and We decided that "perpetual union" was fvcking stupid.

which is why the Northern states were threatening to secede before Lincoln got elected.

64. Akulkis March 11, 2020 12:07 PM
There's a LONG-standing trivia question:

the President of the Congress ( Congressional or otherwise ) is not the President of the Executive branch selected by We The People or the Electoral College.

even Wikipedia manages to get their heads that far out of their asses:
"the office was unrelated to the later office of President of the United States."

and the for the final step in your instruction i will point out the 10th Amendment in full, for your edification:
"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

NO WHERE in the Constitution is the Federal government provided with the authority or power to prevent a State from Seceding. NO WHERE is any State prohibited from Seceding.

ALL such powers not defined or allocated in the Constitution ( or subsequent Amendment )

you'll notice that no such Amendment was in place at the time that Lincoln, the radical progressive of his day, waged his illegal and anti-Constitutional war against the South.

amusing that you're repeating most of Kratman's mistakes here.

now accuse me of searching emanations and penumbras while i'm reading the Black Letter of the Law.

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( The Surprised Pig hadn't had any idea he tasted this good ) March 11, 2020 7:13 PM  

58. liberranter March 11, 2020 10:04 AM
Stand by for Milwaukee to make Chicago 1968 look like a schoolyard scrap.

there is a difference between Depression and Rage.

Blogger Zeroh Tollrants March 12, 2020 1:17 AM  

Hopefully none were that stupid, but you never know. The true tactical vote is to cross the aisle and vote for the old Commie Jew.

Blogger Zeroh Tollrants March 12, 2020 1:22 AM  

The DNC is still hanging loose ready to enact whichever code sequence is needed to get the desired outcome. If Biden really starts full on meltdown before the convention they'll either let him get the nom on the promise to put the other candidates in the government department of their choice and to take the VP running mate they have selected,which almost certainly with be Abrams, unless there are still enough Clinton acolytes who stupidly believe this is the solution to achieve their 2008 and 2016 goal.
I don't think they'll push Biden out at the DNC, it's almost certain they won't, but they will if they free fall and panic.

Blogger Akulkis March 12, 2020 7:13 AM  

>even Wikipedia manages to get their heads that far out of their asses:
>> "the office was unrelated to the later office of President of the United States."

Of course. They are two different sets of rules.
The Articles of Confederacy had no judicial branch, and no executive branch.
Nevertheless, the President of the Continental Congress WAS the Leader of the United States, as it was the most powerful political position in existence, but rather weak, as the President had no executive branch to enforce the laws passed by the Continental Congress.

But to pretend that there is no connection is to be ignorant of history. The current Constitution was CREATED BY the Continental Congress. The members of that Congress supported it because they realized that the rules they were operating under weren't working.

First, the Contitution does not exist in a vacuum, unconnected to anything else.

The Constitution did NOT create the united States.... that happened in 1774. Therefore, the Constitution was not the founding of the united States.. it was the founding of a *new* *government* for the already existing "Perpetual Union."

[Note: I'm from Michigan, and have no dog in the fight for how it should be read. I'm just applying the existing documents, and what they say, and the fact that the Constitution itself says that its purpose is to create "a more perfect union"... i.e. it is an improvement on the union which already existed, and which was already described as a perpetual union. As the Constitution is completely silent on the question of perpetuity, then you must ask "what was the state of affairs when it was drawn up and ratified?" The state of affairs at that time was "Perpetual Union." The Constitution did not *change* that. Therefore, it's Perpetual Union to this day.

We are a common law country. Unless a legal document or doctrine is specifically renounced or revoked, it continues to exist. All of VD's "tortuous interference" cases rest on common law going back to England in the... I can't remember the exact date of the case at the moment, but IIRC, the 1200s.

ANY court decision ANYWHERE in the entire British Empire which was decided before July 4, 1776, can be brought into a U.S. courtroom and used to show precedence.

The Declaration of Independence, and those parts of the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union which were not revoked and/or replaced by being specifically addressed in the Constitution still stand to this day.

To read it any other way would upset the entire logic of our Common Law legal system.

Blogger Evelyn March 17, 2020 2:40 PM  

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