Monday, October 26, 2020

This is what gatekeeping looks like

While whining about how Amazon won't post his Very Important Review of The Plot Against the President, Powerline's Scott Johnson reveals his real imperative as a conservative gatekeeper:

I found three of the several talking heads in the film to be out of place: Mike Cernovich, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Jack Posobiec. However, I appreciated the inclusion of the eminent historian Edward Luttwak. Among Luttwak’s many books is Coup d’√Čtat: A Practical Handbook. He brings scholarly expertise to the theme of the film. He knows what he is talking about.

Keep in mind that the "eminent historian" is primarily known by historians for writing a book about Roman grand strategy while being clueless about Roman history, and is famous for wrongly predicting that Desert Storm was going to be a protracted and bloody campaign in which U.S. troops would suffer thousands of casualties. He has also written a book on the "grand strategy" of the Byzantine empire despite knowing no more about the Byzantine empire than you, me, or Kimberly Guifoyle.

Notice that Johnson doesn't explain why three people who are active observers of U.S. politics are supposed to be more out of place than an obvious ticket-taking globalist who still doesn't understand how Trump was elected in the first place, and whose referenced book is "a hilarious satire".


  1. Oh, he's a clueless cuck. But at least he isn't Mirengoff. Hinderaker is better, relatively, but the site is very alt-lite at best.

    Not that it matters. Enough commenters are waking up throughout the Disqus system that I wouldn't bet on their gatekeeping succeeding. The commenters are not going to be white nationalists, but that's the way it is sometimes.

    1. If alt-lite means power hungry Neocon Jews, then I agree.

  2. Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire is indeed a hot mess, but I found Coup d'Etat: A Practical Handbook to be a hoot if you read it as a tongue-in-cheek entertainment.

  3. A bit of an aside...

    Anonymous Conservative here:

    There are two video feeds with Natalie Biden's voice being identified as the girl Hunter is "having relations" with.

    See AC's header: "A comparison of the voice of Natalie Biden, Hunter’s niece, and the girl on the Hunter “foot job” video. So fucked up:"

    In the second video, at 1:18, watch Natalie's face when the granddaughters are asked "What do you think of when hear the word "family."

    That poor kid never had a chance.

  4. Luttwak is pro-Trump, has a fine understanding of the workings and problems of capitalism and is very, very critical of US intelligence and of globalism (and was so since the 90's, when few saw the problems coming down the pipe). He is also politically incorrect.

  5. I ran riot in the comment section over Powerline for several months, especially during the riots. It was fun. Been commenting there since rathergate. Got the ban hammer 2 weeks ago by johnson. Fuck that guy. Sidvic

  6. I don't think Scott and John at Powerline are bad people. They ARE definitely old guard conservatives. Old dogs and new tricks is real. We'll just shepherd them out to pasture.

    Paul on the other hand, he's pretty hopeless. To the re-education camp with him.

  7. Even my commie Roman History professor thought that Grand Strategy was a waste of paper.

  8. If I were making a documentary movie, I'd include convicted serial killers and hopeless meth-head bums if they said something juicy. "Scholarly expertise" doesn't mean much when 99% of professional scholars are likely wrong on the issue of Trump.

    Knew without looking, by the way, that Luttwak was probably (((Luttwak))).

  9. Luttwak is not so good on ancient times is true. But he has written several times on this is why Trump won, and will keep winning, for audiences that refuse to get why GEOTUS does.

  10. I actually do know something of the Byzantine Empire - at the very least, I keep up with the literature. To those interested, Anthony Kaldellis at Bryn Mawr Classical Review did a fine review of Luttwak's work back in 2010.
    Kaldellis dismantled that book to such a degree I am surprised anyone still takes Luttwak seriously.

  11. A commenter to the Scott Johnson piece said that he cut and pasted Scott's book review into Amazon with no problem. So maybe it was his name, not the content?

    Scott Johnson was a never Trumper but mellowed out over the years. He is Jewish BTW. A "Scandajewvian." His daughter works for Politico. There is a conservative forum It's About Liberty. It is small and populated with people who were exiled from Powerline for mocking Bill Kristol.

    The Powerline guys deserve credit for bringing down Dan Rather. All they did was post the bogus report on GWB and the natl guard in the early AM and go to their atty jobs in Mpls. They knew nothing but people on the internet did and they all piled on. E.g. Vietnam era army clerk typists and modern font specialists, etc.

    By noon Drudge linked to them and crashed their server and Dan Rather was on his way down.

  12. I've found Johnson to have a keen penetrating intelligence. I like him. That said he is of Russian Jewish background. This may be unfair but at times I found him to be disingenuous. For instance, he argued that it was a matter of Honor that we intervene on behalf of the Kurds. National honour. Yeah, and good for Israel, which was studiously not mentioned. Goy hack? They have a Israeli flag on their homepage. So like I said maybe unfair of me. Sidvic

  13. At the time of Desert Storm, it was unclear if the US military took the right lessons from Vietnam. Stories about US military service on this blog make me think those fears were largely, but not entirely justified.

    Also, the assumption of USM officers was that Iraqi troops would be battle hardened by years of war. Turns out 8 years of war makes most of your forces war weary.

  14. Scott (((Johnson))). They are making it harder to detect members of the tribe. Michael (((Savage))) as well.

    Fellow Goyim, we should accept that we must repent for our anti-Semitism!

  15. How many bowties does this fella own, I wonder?

  16. @2 In fairness, a lot of the "grab the radio station" hilarity just shows that it was only a partial rewrite for the latest version. I did think his observations on who to approach in the military as potential conspirators were spot on. Ditto for pegging police forces as far more concerned about their pensions than who is actually in charge. His advice on how to deploy your forces on coup day? Probably better to shake the old Magic Eight Ball and ask, "Magic Eight Ball, where should I put my light infantry forces?" Answer: "It is uncertain."

  17. Jack and Kimberly did a great job. Thernovitch - as usual a self serving drifter - does not really belong there.

  18. One of the blessing Trump has brought is the understanding that conservative thought leaders were never meant to lead anyone anywhere, least of all victory. They were and are meant to shepherd those who wont swallow the Democrat talking points from paddock to paddock, dispersing any trouble making energy they might generate, then bring them in for the shearing of votes every four years.

    Just as we will never unsee journalists for the lying propagandists they are, we will never unsee the Bill Kristols, George Wills, and other "respectable" conservative talking heads for what they are.

  19. I was interviewed by the local news in Manhattan before the Gulf War at store called the Complete Strategist .I predicted an easy victory with light casualties. They looked at me like I was crazy but I was right!


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