Saturday, November 21, 2020

The ballad of Tucker Cuckerson

 A reader contributed this limerick in honor of Tucker Carlson.

They said that Tuck would never cuck.

Peer pressure would he always buck.

When presented in gold

A ticket to hold,

"No proof!" did he promptly cluck.

Another reader submits one on a similar theme, entitled Fact-Checker Certified, that features a nice twist.

Joe won fair and square, yes, it's true.

Those who question do not have a clue.

Right-wing doubters, despair!

Joe won fair and square,

And Jeff Epstein killed himself too. 

UPDATE: Now General Flynn is calling out Tucker Carlson. Sans limerick, unfortunately.

@TuckerCarlson you are not being genuine in how you represented yourself to @SidneyPowell1. Why are you acting like a “Bell Ringer” and not a real journalist as @DineshDSouza

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Blogger JD Curtis November 21, 2020 9:20 AM  

I literally blocked his a$$ this morning on Twitter. I instinctively find Powell's version of events much more believable than his.

Blogger guardianDogg November 21, 2020 9:42 AM  

That cucker is high on the money and fame and is willing to dance for his big Daddy masters.
Dance Cuckerson. Dance.
Cuckerson puts on his clown suit and takes a strong stance in defence of the money.

Blogger Shane Bradman November 21, 2020 9:48 AM  

Cucker Tarlson joins the ranks of Penis Dragger in the gatekeeper club.

Blogger AsunderBear November 21, 2020 9:55 AM  

A little longer and you have yourself a drinking song.

Blogger d November 21, 2020 9:56 AM  

Tucker's loyalty to the judeo-atheist hivemind was demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt long, long ago, even before his MsNBC days. The signature trait of such minions is they never ever offer any actionable information; never ever point out the systemic racketeering from high office that is implied by whatever it is they are pretending to rail against, as it is their specific task to protect it. Now, who else has you duped into believing they are on your side?

Blogger Dr Caveman November 21, 2020 10:04 AM  

Cucker Carlson is done.

Scott Adams just floated the idea of Trump starting a media empire. I'd love to see that

Blogger The Contrarian November 21, 2020 10:06 AM  

Oh my Tucker, pucker those lips
For thee is but cuck.
And plant a kiss upon the arses
Of all the Faux news VIPs

Blogger Shane Bradman November 21, 2020 10:06 AM  

Cucker was friends with Dennis Hof, a pimp who owned seven brothels. Who would want to be friends with a man like that? Really makes you wonder.

Blogger Rick November 21, 2020 10:09 AM  

Sidney was much kinder to Tucker than he deserved. He asked for evidence and she gave him an affidavit. He rejected it and insulted her. She offered him another affidavit. He insulted her again.
It’s gotta be pretty infuriating to be insulted about your expertise (at her level, no less) about the basics of your profession, by a guy who basically reads a script for a living.
And this is not over some trivial matter. So I don’t look at it at all, as I’m striking an ally when cutting off from Tucker. HE struck an ally first. And Powell is (among very few) leading the charge for our glorious cause.
Very bad, very dumb timing by Tucker. Comes across as very gamma. Which I think journalism and punditry is saturated with. Lots a jealous gammas. The profession draws them to it. And Tucker couldn’t help himself in this case.

Blogger Silent Draco November 21, 2020 10:10 AM  

That which is not cucked can eternal lie,
And with the passing eons we know cucks shall lie.

Blogger rognuald November 21, 2020 10:10 AM  

Put your faith in God, not man.

Blogger liberranter November 21, 2020 10:10 AM  

Hey, if Cucker thinks he has accumulated a pile of cash sufficient to live out his remaining years in disgrace and ignominy, who are we to tell him he can't?

Blogger Mike Mountain November 21, 2020 10:18 AM  

I love this game. My contributions:

Turncoat Cuckerson cucks on a dime
For a cuck, never better a time
When a bull sees his wife
Cuck must run for his life
To stand at the back of the line

Turncoat Cuckerson cucks in a jiffy
"This evidence inconclusive and iffy...."
Primetime, he has "facts in"
'bout releasing this "Kraken"
Least his bow-tie is ever so spiffy

Blogger MATT November 21, 2020 10:20 AM  

Tucker appears to be sporting a Kabbalah bracelet

Blogger Father Vinnie November 21, 2020 10:21 AM  

Years ago I saw a video where Cucker is talking (in person) with Alex Jones. Alex said something to the effect of "the elites pulled off a masterstroke when they demolished the WTC buildings with explosives", and Cucker suddenly looked like he was going to go "poof" and disappear. He clearly didn't want to be associated with that truth bomb, no matter who said it. He had this creepy and nervous grin that said "I neither agree nor disagree with what Alex said, because I'm not sure how to make Alex's crowd like me while still maintaining the approval of the National Review crowd." Having read Solzhenitsyn's essay, "Live Not by Lies", I have tried to live my life according to his challenge. Cucker Tarlson has indeed taken the golden ticket. Now that he's certain Joe Biden has won the election perhaps he and Hunter can start hanging out again, maybe even have him on the show, to give his side of things.

Blogger Sir Sweetstick November 21, 2020 10:26 AM  

he's done. the new mitt rommney has self-identified. watch his ratings start to crater...

Blogger Unknown November 21, 2020 10:30 AM  

Tucker we hardly knew ye
Was it Joe Biden thst blew ye

Blogger Mike Mountain November 21, 2020 10:40 AM  

A cuck always cucks, yes it's true
With mild pressure of a media milieu
When Murdoch bids, "Hop"
He might pop out his socks
And refrain from ever naming the ....

Blogger Hammer November 21, 2020 10:51 AM  

Who could imagine Scott Adams would become less cucked than the Tuck.

Blogger Dick November 21, 2020 10:55 AM  

Uhhhh, is Tucker practicing cabala?

Blogger Daniele Grech Pereira November 21, 2020 11:01 AM  

Poetry is back.

Blogger Doc November 21, 2020 11:07 AM  

And they will proceed to put his replacement in the spotlight and everyone will shout:

"Hey, at least we have replacement guy on our side!"

Blogger VFM #7634 November 21, 2020 11:08 AM  

There once was a cuck name of Tucker,
Who looked like a tough motherf***er,
But then when FOX turned,
And its viewership burned,
For Left butt Tuck proceeded to pucker.

Blogger Pat V November 21, 2020 11:16 AM

Blogger Pat V November 21, 2020 11:16 AM  

Cucker Carlson

Blogger Pat V November 21, 2020 11:17 AM  

Trump cucked too in doing nothing about Big Tech.

Blogger Joeplanet November 21, 2020 11:23 AM  

Tucker’s biography says he applied and was denied entry into the three letter agency I won’t name. We all know that is there so he can deny his membership but the proof is in the pudding

Blogger Roshi November 21, 2020 11:24 AM  

tuck's a cuck
and to cuck is to be a tuck
with a little luck, tuck may not have cucked
but the tuck did cuck, and now, fox is f*cked.

Blogger Joeplanet November 21, 2020 11:25 AM  


Blogger tuberman November 21, 2020 11:28 AM  

Just a theory:

Tucker and all the Fox types will be eventually shown to be far more evil than just bow-ties, lagging leftists, or Washington General Losers.

They are in on very bad things (Crimes Against Humanity type things), such as Human Trafficking. Some just for the vast money and bribes, but many for the totally evil crap that goes with the money and bribes. These people are well beyond merely cucks.

As you see more evidence of Republicans supporting immigration of all sorts, but especially open-borders immigration, keep in mind that this often is the major cover for Human Trafficking.

What would be you thoughts toward 'R's' who 'knowingly' supported even the worst of Human Trafficking? Watch for it, as it's coming.

Blogger The Lab Manager November 21, 2020 11:33 AM  

"Weep not for Tucker Carlson. He never wanted to be president, and last night he ended his chances of ever having a run, although no doubt the GOP Establishment types told him the opposite. He just became the next Mitt Romney. Remember what he did well, and move on to the new era of conservatism instead."

Blogger Jack Morrow November 21, 2020 11:51 AM  

Shane Bradman wrote:Cucker was friends with Dennis Hof, a pimp who owned seven brothels. Who would want to be friends with a man like that? Really makes you wonder.

T.C.'s sudden switcheroo makes me suspect blackmail.

Blogger Crew November 21, 2020 11:54 AM  

I hope for the fall of Tucker Carlson!

Blogger Blunt Force November 21, 2020 12:00 PM  

To work at Cux
You must become a smux
There is no other way
If you're to be in the globalists pay.

Blogger VFM #7634 November 21, 2020 12:07 PM  

@30 tuberman

If Tucker is friends with Hunter Biden and a pimp, that would suggest something dark.

And the governor and secretary of state of Georgia are clearly two more ticket-takers and pizza aficionados.

Blogger Moose Loose November 21, 2020 12:42 PM  

Tucker Cuckerson.
Slain by virus game changer,
Trump twenty twenty.


Blogger Paulito November 21, 2020 12:43 PM  

@35 You mean "two pimps" right? Or were you just saying "Hunter Biden" two different ways?

Blogger Unknown November 21, 2020 1:06 PM  

OK, I'll have a go:

The winner! That is Creepy Joe
So Trump is done, pack up and go
Called by all official sources
Citation by Satanic forces!
Most ever votes! 10 million cushion
Forget the rigging by the Russians
Forget the lies, forget the hoax
Like Joe forgets, after his strokes
Don't ask questions,just obey
Please Donald Trump,just go away
See, Joe is great - when not in bed
He raises voters from the dead
Joe won! Joe won! That is the truth
And if we cheated, where's your proof?!
Trump's a loser! Lost fair and square
So why are we so f***ing scared...

Blogger Gianna November 21, 2020 1:41 PM  

Hunter Biden is also seen with a Kabala bracelet in those laptop photos.
And I can't find a link now but I'm sure I read a story about Tucker Carlson at the playboy mansion a few years ago. He is absolutely controlled opposition.

Blogger Doktor Jeep November 21, 2020 1:47 PM  

There once was a man called Tucker
Who thought he could take us for suckers.
We saw through the ruse, and he had no excuse
Now we call him "Motherfucker"

Blogger Unknown November 21, 2020 2:17 PM  

Sure.... after his secind term. Trump media would be awesome.

Blogger Jeff aka Orville November 21, 2020 3:42 PM  

There once was a fucker named Tucker,
Whose show was all a flutter.
He called Powell a nutter,
Becoming a Mockingbird fluffer.
Thus proving himself a limp cucker.

Blogger Beloved November 21, 2020 3:44 PM  

There once was a man named Tucker
On Fox News his lips did pucker
When confused by his guest
Who could have guessed
He was a VIP kiddy fucker

Blogger JM November 21, 2020 4:39 PM  

EVERYTHING about this election steal has been so brazen and so obvious. From the fake polls showing Biden with a huge lead, to the fake ballots, to the fake tallies on election night, to the simultaneous stops in counting (complete with a fake "water main break" even--anyone remember that one?), to the fake news spouted by the all of the networks the next few mornings about this being "the freest and fairest" election evvvver!

Now Tucker, like Mitt Romney or George Bush, is revealing himself as a rank amateur. He's not even able to do it very well. He has obviously never been one of us. He has never been anything but an inconsistent and mediocre mime, knowingly mocking us, using us, and laughing at us behind our backs.

There's no point in giving him the slightest bit of attention, now or ever.

If you want to do something about this, cancel your cable subscription.

Blogger DroppingBear November 21, 2020 5:05 PM  

Murdoch's Jewy claws dig deep. A shame, on a personal note for Tucker. He was pretty much the last standing MS journalist with a shred of integrity. Enjoy those lollipops and fancy pants and bow ties while you can mate. We're all being judged for our action's at this critical juncture in time.

Blogger Andrea Daley Utronebel November 21, 2020 6:07 PM  

It could be Tuck is a cuck.

But there are other possibilities.

He's trying to be a real journalist. When so many jumped on the Russia Collusion Train, Tucker demanded the evidence. He remained a skeptic without the evidence. And his approach is the same this time around. Where is the evidence? If this accounts for his skepticism, he's being a journalist, one of the few remaining in MSM. He doesn't want to be a Trump fan like Maddow was an attack dog of the Democratic Party. Of course, trying to be a real journalist in MSM is a fool's errand, but if Tucker still has some principles, that's a good sign. Even if he's pro-conservative, he shouldn't just be a good soldier, a fan boy of the Trump Train.

Still, it must be said there is one big difference between Russia Collusion Hoax and the current claims of Election Fraud. Russia Collusion Narrative was pushed by the Dark/Deep State with the support of MSM. In contrast, Sidney Powell's narrative is going against the Power. She is pushing a boulder up a hill, a herculean task, and that deserves some consideration.

The other possibility is unlikely but still worth considering. Perhaps, Tucker and Powell have a wink-wink understanding. They pretend to be hostile to one another. Tucker pretends to be on the side of MSM. MSM considers him now as one of their own. It creates the false illusion that MSM narrative is winning. After all, even Tucker is onboard, or so it seems. But what if it's all a pretense, and Tucker is really looking into the fraud and looking for the right moment to strike?

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( you can't untuck the Cuck, but the real question is "Why were you trying to touch a Cuck like that?" ) November 21, 2020 6:30 PM  

8. Shane Bradman November 21, 2020 10:06 AM
Cucker was friends with Dennis Hof, a pimp who owned seven brothels. Who would want to be friends with a man like that? Really makes you wonder.

Hof's body was discovered by ... Ron Jeremy. who had been attending Hof's 72nd birthday party the night before.

Hunter Biden, a guy who owns 7 brothels and never dates non-prostitutes and perhaps the most notorious actor to work in porn.

any other close friends you'd like us to know about, Cucker?

Blogger Wormwood November 21, 2020 7:33 PM  

On the subject of spies, and those who wish to hide their true allegiances: The left has long hidden their intentions from the public and its been a very successful tactic, so it makes sense to imagine that there are those on our side who hide what they think and believe as well, especially in these current times. If you've paid attention to Tucker then you know that he has played this game even back in the bowtie days. I think it's a tactical mistake at the moment because this is obviously one of those pivotal moments in history that require you to go all in regardless of the outcome.

Blogger Gulo Gulo November 21, 2020 7:48 PM  

Tuckers wife has eyes for other men...thats based upon good authority.

Blogger Avalanche November 21, 2020 8:05 PM  

@44 '(complete with a fake "water main break" even--anyone remember that one?)"

Just heard today -- the "water main break" was a clogged urinal that took less than a hour to fix -- and SURPRISE! Was was nowhere near the counting.

Wonder if the maintenance guy will sign an affidavit....

Blogger Damelon Brinn November 21, 2020 8:07 PM  

But what if it's all a pretense, and Tucker is really looking into the fraud and looking for the right moment to strike?

When will that be, when no one's watching him anymore?

The theories that he's doing this as part of a pro-Trump plan to set up the media just don't work, because the election is happening NOW. Americans who trust him are being fed disinformation and demoralization NOW, when they most need the truth to keep their morale up. If they give up and stop calling their congressmen and telling their friends Biden didn't win because Tucker said so, they won't be there for some right moment in the future.

Blogger mgh November 21, 2020 8:08 PM  

The bow tie should have told us he was another George Will. Remember the 1980's when George was our favorite TV conservative?

Blogger MrNiceguy November 21, 2020 8:35 PM  

Hunter's a John, not a pimp.

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( you can't untuck the Cuck, but the real question is "Why were you trying to touch a Cuck like that?" ) November 21, 2020 8:44 PM  

i never understood the fascination with Buckley or Will. they never seemed to have any relevant rebuttals to make of the issues of their day.

Blogger Chip Hazard November 21, 2020 8:45 PM  

Someone called his underage daughter a CUNT in front of him, his wife, and his son at a restaurant in Virginia last year.

He cucked then there and then for not dealing with the offender at the time.

Where I'm from, that's not even negotiable.

Blogger I don't think I like Conrad November 21, 2020 8:50 PM  

[To the tune of Ruby Tuesday]

Truth will always say where She comes from
“Yesterday’s great matters are not done”
May She make hay; the sun is bright
For in the dark of night
The counting froze
And Truth, She knows

Goodbye, Cucker Carlson
Truth can’t hang Her name on you?!
When you cluck with every new day
Still She will be missing you

Don’t question why She needs to be so free
She’ll tell you She belongs to Liberty

There’s no time to lose, I heard Her say
Catch the Dems before they slip away

Blogger Azure Amaranthine November 21, 2020 9:13 PM  

There once was a man we called Tucker,
who was such a miserable f***er,
that he played for the red
'till Biden bullshat ahead,
then the Cucker just Tucker'd right under.

Blogger Canada78Bear November 21, 2020 9:26 PM  

I do wonder now what it was that got Tucker to fully take the lollipops and fancy pants. Especially biting the hand that helped him through 2 advertiser boycotts.

Blogger Br1cht November 30, 2020 7:54 PM  

Even Crowder the Cruz fan boy called Cucker out today and rather harshly too. A fren sent me his stream today(YT start at 52.02) and he went hard so it looks like Cucker is out of favor for those in the know.

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