Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Running from defamation

The legal team of The New York Times sounds a little... panicked.

The New York Times filed a “Motion to Dismiss” request in an attempt to toss out the lawsuit and evade their wrongdoing.

Maggie Astor, The New York Times reporter who wrote the defamatory article, affirmed in her piece that the Veritas videos have “solely” unnamed sources. 

“The video then claims that Democratic operatives connected to Ms. [Ilhan] Omar’s campaign paid voters to hand over blank mail-in ballots and filled them out. This would be illegal, but the allegations come solely from unnamed people who speak with Project Veritas operatives in the video and whose faces are not shown,” she said.

In an affidavit, Astor said that the videos have “many” unnamed sources.

“Many of the individuals featured in the Video were unnamed, and there was no way for me to verify the claims that the unnamed sources purport to make in the Video,” she said.

Astor said she relied on Project Veritas’ “reputation” when making her unfounded claims.

“I know of Project Veritas and, before writing my articles about the Video, I knew that it had a reputation for publishing deceptively-edited videos and had been publicly criticized many times for doing so,” she said.

While arguing to dismiss the case, The New York Times’ legal team cited Wikipedia.

“Project Veritas bills itself as a ‘prominent independent journalistic organization,’ but it is described on its Wikipedia page (and just about everywhere else) as ‘an American far-right activist group founded by James O’Keefe’ that ‘uses undercover techniques to reveal supposed liberal bias and corruption and is known for producing deceptively edited videos about media organizations, left-leaning groups, and debunked conspiracy theories,’” they said.

Wikipedia themselves admit that their website is not a reliable source of information.

New York Times’ legal team also labelled Astor’s article an opinion piece to avoid Project Veritas’ charges of defamation.

Now, I'm no legal expert, but even a humble consumer advocate knows that if your defense against a charge of defamation involves relying upon Wikipedia, you're probably in trouble. 

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Gamers 1, Bankers 0

Not unlike certain lawyers, bankers are beginning to discover that gamers are really freaking good at playing games once they figure out what the rules are. No matter what the game is.

Investors on Reddit have launched an attack that’s both trolling and serious on Wall Street firms by purchasing shares in GameStop, pushing the stock price up over 480% in a week, costing hedge funds millions of dollars, and skyrocketing young investors’ portfolios and egos.

Popular subreddit r/WallStreetBets (WSB), whose tagline is “Like 4chan found a Bloomberg Terminal,” has over 2 million members reading and posting “stonks” tips and news. Its biggest obsession in recent weeks has been raising the stock price of GameStop, the old-school video game mall retailer.

“They’re digitally doing it in a coordinated attack,” Howard Lindzon at Social Leverage, an early stage seed investment fund, told BuzzFeed News.

Lindzon thinks the investors chatting across Reddit — who tend to be millennial and Gen Z men — are just having a fun time causing trouble for hedge funds who’d bet on shares in the gaming retailer dropping. “They’re just playing a game,” he said. “And they’re having a blast.”

But Wall Street hedge funds, including Citron Research and Melvin Capital, had shorted the stock, meaning they had bet against it and needed it to drop in price in order for their investments to be successful.

Even the cries about "it's unfair, it's coordinated" are the same. It's perhaps worth noting that historically, dating back to the days of Rome, once the people get sufficiently irritated, they have no trouble at all slaughtering the elite whose power is based on the very authority they have been abusing and in which the people no longer believe. 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

SJWs destroy baseball Hall of Fame

Convergence has struck at baseball history, as SJW sportswriters vote to keep Curt Schilling out of the Hall of Fame:

Schilling is responsible for one of the great and iconic moments in baseball history. He was one of the all-time great postseason pitchers and had more than 3,000 regular-season strikeouts in his career.

Yet tonight, we’re going to find out if he has been passed over for the ninth time for a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame. It’s going to be close. About 46 percent of the ballots have been made public and of those, Schilling is getting 75 percent of the vote. That number, 75 percent, is the minimum needed. But in the past, players on the borderline lose a percent or two when the ballots that weren’t made public are added in. 

In other words: Schilling probably won’t make it. And why is that? Because he likes Donald Trump. And because his support of things like what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6 turns off baseball writers.

(UPDATE: Schilling did not make it. He received 71.1 percent.)

Cancel culture? Yes, if Schilling is canceled. He should definitely be in the Hall of Fame. But the baseball writers who vote on this want to be thought police, too.

This is a big moment for the Hall of Fame, and maybe for the whole idea of cancel culture. The Hall ballot says: “Voting shall be based upon the player’s record, playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, and contributions to the team(s) on which the player played.’’

Voters — longtime baseball writers — have been struggling over the “integrity, sportsmanship, character” part for years. That’s why Pete Rose isn’t in. He bet on the game, which directly affected the integrity of the sport. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, accused in the steroid scandal, will likely not be voted in tonight either. They cheated the game.

But Schilling? He’s being kept out because the writers don’t like how he votes, how he thinks and how he talks. I’m not just guessing either. In the days before the Hall vote the past few years, this year included, writers have explained why they didn’t vote for Schilling.

As small and petty as this may be, if you haven't grasped that the society in which you grew up in is now over, this should be another wake-up moment for you. This is not our culture, it is Zero History culture. We cannot live with the converged and they certainly don't want to live with us.

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Conflict is conflict

The Mamba mentality applies to law as well as basketball.

You will be surprised how often people do the same things. … And if you can learn people’s patterns, and you can learn their tendencies and habits, by watching them game after game, you’ll see that they do the same things, and you can take advantage of it. And you can manipulate that. 

- Kobe Bryant

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Dementia Joe

If you haven't figured out that this is a charade yet, you're not paying attention.

Former White House stenographer Mike McCormick reports Joe Biden has lost 50 percent of his cognitive abilities. McCormick, who worked for Biden for six years, details Biden’s decline in his new book Joe Biden, Unauthorized. After working with Biden up close, McCormick says Biden is not the same man and has suffered at least 50 percent decline.


Google doubles down


Thank you for your account suspension appeal. We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Please visit for more information.

Please do not respond to this email. Replies to this email will not be processed. Please refer to our Help Center for more information.


The YouTube Team

It's on! This will not be an arbitration, as the YouTube terms mandate that if one lives in the European Economic Area, or Switzerland, the agreement will be governed by the laws of one's country of residence, and legal proceedings may be brought in one's local courts.

Discovery is certainly going to be interesting, given that we have loads of copies of their internal communications about me.

UPDATE: Please to stop with the retardery. I am completely aware that the channels are still up. That is not the point. It is the account access to them has been blocked by YouTube due to its false and defamatory accusation of "spam, scams or commercially deceptive content" having been previously broadcast. I am fairly confident that I know their grounds for the accusation, which is too monstrously stupid to even mention publicly because you would probably not believe it, but which you should be able to ascertain if you watch the most recent video.

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Monday, January 25, 2021

Impeachment 2.0

 Did the media forget to tell Congress who is supposed to be the President? Notice that they are charging "President Donald Trump":

House Democrats walked across the Capitol Monday evening to hand-deliver an article of impeachment to the Senate charging President Donald Trump with 'incitement of insurrection' - formally beginning his second impeachment trial.

With solemn expressions on their faces, the House impeachment managers made the journey less than three weeks after a MAGA riot ransacked the Capitol during the electoral count after Trump told supporters to 'fight.'

In an event carried live on cable news, the managers left Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office at 7.01pm, crossed Statuary Hall and the Capitol Rotunda – some of the same spaces that were invaded by the mob less than three weeks ago.

Outside thousands of National Guard troops remained deployed around the Capitol which the MAGA mob had stormed on Wednesday January 6.  

House Clerk Cheryl Johnson led the nine House managers to the Senate, where Trump's second impeachment trial will be held. Johnson and all of the managers wore dark masks for the walk.

It was history repeating itself - with a COVID twist: On January 15 2020, nine Democrats had walked the articles of impeachment for his first trial to the Senate. It ended in his acquittal.  

Hey, don't blame me. That's the direct quote from the article. 

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Why would they fake it?

Well, here is one possible reason:

Less than a week after Joe Biden’s inauguration, California Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to lift the state’s stay-at-home order Monday “based on ICU projections for the next four weeks,” according to media reports out of the state. Dropping the stay-at-home order will allow outdoor dining and indoor services such as barbershops, hair salons and tattoo parlors to return to business, KSEE’s Alexan Balekian reports.

Counties are expected to return to a colored tier system with most returning to a purple level, the top risk level as set by the state health department. In a statement released by the California Restaurant Association, the group said it expects Newsom to make the announcement Monday.

“Late this evening, senior officials in the Newsom administration informed us that the Governor will announce tomorrow that the stay-at-home order will be lifted in all regions of the state,” the release reads.... Friday, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced her state will reopen indoor dining starting February 1.

I'm not saying that it is the case, I'm merely observing what is happening in response to "the Biden inauguration". 

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Google wants to fight

Hi Vox Day,

We have reviewed your content and found severe or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines. Because of this, we have removed your channel from YouTube.

We know this is probably very upsetting news, but it's our job to make sure that YouTube is a safe place for all. If we think a channel severely violates our policies, we take it down to protect other users on the platform - but if you believe we've made the wrong call, you can appeal this decision. You'll find more information about the policy in question and how to submit an appeal below.

What our policy says

 Spam, scams or commercially deceptive content are not allowed on YouTube.

We have permanently removed your channel from YouTube. Going forward, you won't be able to access, possess, or create any other YouTube channels. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us here.


The YouTube Team 

And so it begins... Although I have to observe that it is rather a puzzling hill for them to choose to defend. They backed down after posting false claims about the blog, so to make equally false claims about the YouTube channel barely one month later makes me suspect that it's another low-level SJW abusing his position rather than corporate policy.

However, if they want a fight, then by all means, we will not hesitate to give them one! This is the one skull I've long dreamed of adding to my collection. And if you want to help, subscribe to UATV!

The Ride Never Ends.

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Mailvox: I don't care

Several readers have written to ask me to play theology police. One example.

You should have a talk with Owen.  He has fallen into Arianism. In one of his last streams he was ranting about Christ not being God, and never have even claimed to be God.  He said that if he had made such a claim then his death would have been justified since that was against Jewish law and punishable by death.

What part of "I don't care what other people think" is even remotely hard to understand? While I certainly talk with Owen on a regular basis, I can assure you that theology never, ever, enters into our conversations. I am not the theology police. It is well known that I don't care what theologians say about theology, so even the reader with the most limited intelligence should be able to grasp that I genuinely don't care what a freaking comedian says about theology. Either talk to him yourself or leave him to stumble and bumble toward the light as best he can.

Please note that with the exception of a very small number of individuals, such as Steve Keen, Martin van Creveld, and William S. Lind, I also don't care what Owen or anyone else says about economics or military history, just to give two examples.

Unauthorized is not Owen. It is Owen and Razor and Wranglerstar and David and Rachel and Chuck and everyone else. So, if you don't approve of Owen, then I suggest subscribing to one of the other UATV subscriptions. And if you're meanwhile subscribing to Disney or Netflix or ESPN, then just shut up and knock off the purity spiraling already.

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Even icons are human

Apparently the legendary Hank Aaron was a massive Cleveland Browns fan.
Aaron was a huge Cleveland Browns fan. So huge that he used to buy single tickets in the Dawg Pound (the end zone with the crazy fans), fly from his Atlanta home to Cleveland on three or four Sunday mornings every autumn, bundle up, sit anonymously and alone in the stands, and fly back to Atlanta Sunday evening. Who knew? Ernie Accorsi, the GM of the Browns in the eighties, did. One summer day in 1986, at Browns training camp in Kirtland, Ohio, Accorsi thought he spied Aaron behind the ropes, watching practice with fans. Accorsi, a huge baseball fan, sidled up near Aaron and introduced himself. “I know you!” Aaron said. “It’s an honor to meet you.” That started a relationship that Accorsi, of course, was thrilled to have. “He told me he sat in the Dawg Pound, alone, for games, and I told him, ‘Hank, we can get you better seats than that.’ He said, ‘I don’t want ‘em. I love sitting there.’”

It's always inspiring to see the celebrities who live their real lives instead of dwelling inside the falsity of fame. 


Fake it 'til they take it

 AC points out a very small, but very significant anomaly at the "White House":

This next one is funny. We’ve seen a lot of articles on how the immature Donald Trump had a special button installed to press when he wanted a Diet Coke brought to him on a silver platter, while the mature Joe Biden had it removed, because he is a grown up. In reality, an anon noted , that button is actually the Presidential Call box, an emergency button put on the President’s desk to allow him to summon the Secret Service in an emergency. So what happened? 

Anons think Biden’s team forgot to put the button on his Oval Office Set, and by the time they realized anons were scrutinizing the set, the pictures were already out and they realized they would need to explain why there was no button. So a cover story was hastily assembled. If true, the media is fully on board with the deception, and is basically doing with Biden what they did with FDR. I remember seeing examples of how they propped FDR up against a wall, so it would look like he was walking around the office. They propped him up against a piling on a dock in a swim suit, so it would look like he spent the day swimming, when in reality he couldn’t swim. They were afraid back then people wouldn’t support him if it was realized he had been left in a wheelchair by Polio. 

They all stuck to the lie back then, and they are doing so again today. Together they all hope by making it look like Biden is President it will be more difficult to overturn the election when fraud is definitively proven. In for a penny, in for a pound.

FDR is a good reminder that a) what you think you know is not necessarily the truth, and b) the media is perfectly capable of successfully colluding to keep the truth from the public. Kennedy, too, is a good example. He was successfully portrayed as a healthy, athletic, happily-married man when he was, in fact, a crippled bisexual philanderer. Keep that in mind if you're convinced that Joe Biden is actually the President actively presiding over the USA from the White House. 

In any event, the anons are correct that it is not a special button installed by President Trump's staff for any reason. LBJ had it installed and there are already pictures showing it on the desk with Bush, Obama, and Clinton. Now that you know the media is lying to you about this, the next question you should ask yourself is "why?"

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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Everything is totally normal

 And if you think events appear to indicate otherwise, well, you're just huffing the hopium and snorting the copium.

Some 5,000 National Guard troops will reportedly remain deployed in Washington, DC throughout former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, staying in the capital until mid-March. However, discontent is brewing in the ranks.

According to an anonymously sourced Politico report on Sunday, a contingency force of 7,000 National Guard troops will stay in DC until Trump’s trial begins in February, after which 5,000 will stay put until the trial concludes, likely in the middle of March.

Politico’s sources said the deployment was necessary due to “impeachment security concerns,” yet the troops say they’ve been given little information about their mission, which one guardsman said is “very unusual for any military mission.”

They're there for the angry MAGA hordes! Or Antifa! BLM?

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Calling Big Tech's bluff

The national governments are finally beginning to call Big Tech's bluff to withdraw their services if they can't keep freeloading on other people's content:

Australia’s treasurer has advised the tech giants to accept that their platforms will have to start paying for content, amid threats from Facebook and Google to limit services in the country if such a policy is enacted.

Canberra is finalizing legislation that would require the internet behemoths to obtain licenses to use content created by Australian news outlets. Both companies have warned that they would retaliate over the revenue-sharing scheme, with Google saying last week that it would remove its search engine from Australia, and Facebook declaring that it would strip news from the feeds of all Australian users.

On Sunday, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg pushed back on the ultimatums, signaling that the Australian government wouldn’t reverse course. “My view is that it is inevitable that the digital giants will be paying for original content,” he said, suggesting that Australia was leading the way in what would soon become a worldwide norm. He also admonished Facebook and Google for their hostility towards the proposed regulation, describing their threats to pull out of Australia as a “big disservice.” 

Google has been particularly unreceptive to the proposed legislation. Earlier this month, it was revealed that the Silicon Valley giant has been experimenting with blacklisting some Australian news sites from its search results, apparently as a future strategy to avoid having to pay for hosting the content. The move shocked Australian media outlets, which accused Google of carrying out a flagrant show of force to stop the revenue-sharing code from becoming law. 

As China and Russia have both demonstrated, a nation is much better off banning the predatory global tech corporations than accommodating them. 

Biden voters reconsider Biden

 A woman learns, with horror, that she voted for the man whose policies are going to have a negative impact on her family's lifestyle, as her husband works in the oil industry.

Jeremy just called and yelled at me. He said that everyone on the job site are freaking out thinking they are going to lose their jobs. He's blaming me for voting for Biden. You know I hated the way Trump acted. Is it true that Jeremy could lose his job?

Ok, first I'm sorry Jeremy is likely losing his job. I'm going to be honest with you though, YOU voted for this. I didn't and neither did Jeremy, but we will be suffering.... I always knew people would regret voting for Biden, I didn't think it would be Day 1. Biden probably won't hurt your feelings as much as Trump, but he will take you husband's job.

In fairness, Biden didn't actually win the election, so she's not genuinely culpable for the loss of her husband's job. But it is a salient lesson. Fake elections have consequences.


Britain reconsiders Biden

Our British Brethren already miss President Trump:

As one Conservative MP admitted last week, the trade deal that was being negotiated between the UK and the US while Trump was in office is now in trouble. 'The steam has gone out of it,' he said.

As I pointed out in these pages recently, the Biden team includes people who are deeply hostile to Great Britain and believe – incorrectly – that Brexit in some way abandons our commitment to the Good Friday Agreement.

It isn't just the Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi who takes this ignorant, anti-British view. Senator Chuck Schumer will shortly be the majority leader in the new Democrat-run Senate.

Last year, Schumer gave a speech for Sinn Fein, alongside Gerry Adams and others, in which he declared that while 'the road to Irish unity' is 'long and winding' it is 'now more within reach today than at any time'.

Sinn Fein was delighted to re-post that speech in the past few days, along with a message from Schumer to the Irish republicans: 'I wish you the best in your critical efforts to build support for a truly united Ireland.' The terrorists and former terrorists who run Sinn Fein are thrilled by such talk. After years of pro-terrorist sentiment being anathema in Washington, it appears that it is back at the heart of American politics.

This is bad for America – and bad for Britain, too.

With people such as Schumer at the top table, our nation is at a tricky juncture.

Remember, these people are dedicated to the break-up of our country – to the secession of Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom.

It's also amazing to see that the Irish are more concerned about the British presence in Northern Ireland than the African presence in Ireland.


Saturday, January 23, 2021

Disney bans Peter Pan

 Because raciss. I doubt they'll be showing The Song of the South anytime soon:

Generations of children have been charmed by the magical tale of the boy who never grew up, but Peter Pan is now on a list of banned movies.

Bosses at Disney have blocked anyone under the age of seven from watching the 1953 animated classic on its streaming service over concerns that it portrays racial stereotypes, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Three other long-standing family favourites – The Aristocats, Swiss Family Robinson and Dumbo – have also been removed from children’s accounts for breaching ‘content advisories’ that were recently put in place.

I simply cannot wait to go into competition with the Devil Mouse. It's Under-7s today, everyone tomorrow.

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The Ride, She Never Ends

D-Live has doubled-down and banned Big Bear. How fortunate that the Patreon lawsuit has already been successfully concluded.... In answer to the obvious question, yes, UATV will have streaming in the future. We will not answer any questions as to when. When it is ready, we will let everyone know.

If you're not yet on Unauthorized, well, you know what to do. The cult of free is over. Keep in mind that under the present regime, Big Tech is going to be banning everyone to the right of Hillary Clinton. In related news, Parler is learning why cloud technology is not an option.

When Amazon Web Services informed Parler that it was terminating its hosting deal, the social platform initially maintained that it would be back online in a week. It appears to have secured DNS hosting from Epik (the Sammamish, WA-company that hosts sites like 8chan, the Daily Stormer, Gab and Stormfront who have been dropped from other providers and recently lost its relationship with PayPal because of that).

But a later statement indicated that other providers are not willing to host the platform and as a result, the service may not return: “most people with enough servers to host us have shut their doors to us,” a statement to the Parler user base read and the company’s legal team suggested in court might not return without access to AWS.

Even if the social network finds a hosting provider, setting up all the different services it needs could be prohibitively slow, or even impossible. For all the talk of hybrid and edge computing, hyperscale cloud still has some hard to beat advantages for organizations with small infrastructure teams and not much capital expenditure budget who need to build large services quickly.

Needless to say, we're not relying on the cloud for anything, not even brand new projects that are not even remotely political. In not-entirely-unrelated-news, MeWe is not a viable Facebook-alternative.

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Less crazy than it sounds

Rest assured that I don't expect anyone who isn't already familiar with this sort of thing to believe it in any way, shape or form. And at this point, you shouldn't. I highly recommend not taking any of this seriously at the moment, but simply adding it to your general knowledge base in much the same way as you happen to be familiar with The Lord of the Rings or Watership Down. Think of it as a metaphor, or, if you prefer, a palindrome. But in light of all of the post-election anomalies, it might serve you well as a useful conceptual reference point for interpreting events in the future that you happen to find inexplicable.

In 1871 a sedious act was performed by the Government.  A coup was made to rewrite the constitution and put WE THE PEOPLE in all capitals, under a new corporate contract transferring the United States of America into the new Corporation of the United States of America which transferred  the power of We The People and the constitution over to the new corporation. When they did that, it placed the citizens in the United States as property of the Corporation which was centered in Washington D.C..  This action made Washington D.C.  a FOREIGN ENTITY on American soil of sovereign states. It was established through a loan from the Vatican when D.C. was transferred into a city-state, and this corporate entity then ruled over the people. Citizens rights were taken from them in this process. No one realized this.

When they did the broker deal to get the loan from the Vatican, they did so via the Bank of London. At that time, they transferred all the property in D.C. Columbia over to the Corporate entity of D.C. a foreign corporation.

The forming of this corporation in D.C. is of major importance to understand, for when President Trump signed an executive order in 2018 on Election Interference/Fraud for entities both foreign and domestic, it outlined how assetts would be seized.  The President and the people knew and had the proof that a coup transpired out of the Corporation of the United States of America along with other foreign nations and was ignored by the Corporation in D.C.. They continued with their illegal steal, and the military is now in the process of seizing the assets of this foreign  country  known as THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  It appears that President Trump’s executive order was actually directed at the Washington D.C. corporate swamp/cabal all along.  D.C. is now walled in and filled with military guard.

Never forget that things are seldom as they appear at any given moment. This is true of absolutely everything, from a simple running play in an NFL game to international conflicts. 

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Testing... testing

China is obviously encouraged by the news of the Biden administration:

Taiwan recorded no fewer than 13 incursions by Chinese military planes into its air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in a single day Saturday (Jan. 23), the most of any such incidents within one day so far this year.

According to CNA, one Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft, four J-16 fighter jets and eight H-6K bombers ventured into Taiwan's ADIZ during the day.

Earlier, the Liberty Times reported that Taiwan’s Air Force scrambled a total of 26 jets between 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. to counter seven incursions, which all occurred in the southwest corner of the ADIZ, the Liberty Times reported.

My impression is that China is simply waiting for the US military to be committed to war with Iran before it strikes. Although I expect if there is another eight years of institutional rot, as there was under Obama, that might be sufficient so that a distraction is not even necessary. 

Don't forget that Taiwan now has its first female president, Tsai Ing-wen.

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Friday, January 22, 2021

Mailvox: Let down by the Alpha

 A Voxiversity viewer correctly picks up on one source of the American people's very understandable disappointment in President Trump:

I was watching the Alpha SSH video a couple of weeks ago. - When you explained how one of the obligations of Alpha status is that non-Alphas will expect the Alpha to stand up for them I thought, "Hmmmm, so, if Trump isn't seen to be actively and openly fighting The Steal, people who were his supporters will turn on him?"

I've read a lot of comments over the last few days and that seems to be what has happened with some readers. 

Am I correctly understanding what I am seeing?

Yes, precisely. It has been 48 hours and more since President Trump left the White House for Florida. People quite rightly feel abandoned, confused, let down, and even betrayed by him. This is entirely normal SSH behavior, and I expect it will eventually turn to anger and contempt if President Trump continues to remain silent or to speak in irrelevant platitudes when he appears in public.

As for me, I have not given up hope. What part of "The Ride Never Ends" don't you understand?

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Plutarch's Lives

 The monsters are bound. These are some BIG books. They should be shipping next week.


Apple gets them again

I don't use Apple products. I had a //e, an original Macintosh, and a Macintosh SE, but I haven't used one since. So this just news of another charger change just amuses me:

Apple is planning to release a new thinner and lighter MacBook Air that will launch in the second half of this year or early next year, according to Bloomberg.

The report said Apple will plan to market the device as a higher-end version of the current MacBook Air, which Apple released in November with its new M1 processor. That device was among three new Apple computers to make the switch away from Intel chips.

Apple’s Mac revenue was up 28% year over year, when the company reported its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings in October. That boost was helped by millions of people forced to work from home because of Covid.

The new MacBook Air will include Apple’s magnetic charging system called MagSafe, according to the report. MagSafe was used in Apple laptops for years before it was removed over two years ago in place of newer USB-C charging. But, it’s convenient because it allows the charger to pop out easily and helps prevent the laptop from being dragged off a surface if someone pulls the cord or trips on it. MagSafe is also used in the latest iPhone 12 phones, though it has a different design and relies on a magnetic puck accessory that wirelessly charges the phones.

Pro tip: if you keep buying from them, they'll keep doing this to you. 

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War is back on the menu

 That certainly didn't take long

A large U.S. military convoy was seen entering northeastern Syria on Thursday, marking the first time since Damascus issued its letter to the United Nations Security Council demanding the immediate withdrawal of American forces from the Arab Republic.

According to a field report from northeastern Syria on Thursday, the U.S. military convoy entered the Al-Hasakah Governorate from neighboring Iraq, as they were observed entering the Arab Republic via the Al-Waleed Crossing.

The report said the U.S. military convoy consisted of a large amount of weapons and logistical equipment, which were transferred to their bases inside the Al-Hasakah and Deir Ezzor Governorates east of the Euphrates River.

Better yet, the Russians are apparently moving to intercept it. It appears those who claim President Trump accomplished nothing in four years are very quickly going to learn otherwise. It would be nice if we could rule out a multi-front war against Iran, Russia, and China, but given the interests of those pulling Biden's strings, I don't think that's possible.

Read up on the Sicilian Expedition. It may be relevant sooner than we'd imagined.


Thursday, January 21, 2021

That's all she wrote

For the lawsuit, anyhow. The California Superior Court informs us that Patreon dropped its lawsuit against the Bears on January 13th.




The Monster Hunter abandons Facebook

It's probably just as well people are exiting mainstream social media before they are hounded from it:

I scrolled through my feed. There was lots and lots of links to Proper Media and gloating and virtue signaling about the end of our “national nightmare” by total strangers which I’m being shown for some baffling reason. Then there were posts by my actual friends, only anything they said which deviated from leftist orthodoxy usually had comments from angry self-righteous types trying to shame/browbeat/gaslight them into compliance.

And then the last post I read? Some local dude I friended years ago for reasons I can’t even remember posted a giant screed about how he was butt hurt and outraged because he walked into a blue collar automotive business, and some of the employees weren’t wearing masks. (GASP!) So he did his business in abject terror of looming death (he’s around my age) and immediately afterwards reported the business to their corporate headquarters and the state health department so those evil murderous (probably scraping by on just over minimum wage) employees could get fired and their (probably struggling) franchise owner could get fined into bankruptcy. Then all the comments were people telling this hero how stunning and brave he was.

At that point I closed the page, assured I was making the right call. Any loss of sales I get from no longer participating in that cesspool will more than be made up for by improvements to my mood. If leaving Facebook means that I’m going to be in a “right wing echo chamber” (as I’m continually warned by my co-dependent friends who have become accustomed to the endless abuse masquerading as “dialog”) so be it. That sounds splendid. 

The "echo chamber" argument is put forth by losers and gammas on both sides who are just terrified, not unjustifiably, that they'll be left out of the party once all the popular people leave their fever swamps. Don't take it seriously. 

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Stop noticing!

The Jewish News Syndicate would like everyone to please stop noticing that the US government is increasingly dominated by a small group of foreigners.

Jewish Democrats are celebrating this week and with good reason. Their party is about to take back power in Washington and end the presidency of the man they all love to hate: President Donald Trump. But adding a certain frisson of pride to their touchdown dances is the number of Cabinet members, and other officials and personalities, within the new First and Second families who are Jewish.

It’s an impressive tally. Social media is awash with posts with lists of the Jewish cabinet secretaries and undersecretaries, as well as the Jewish connections of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. When placed in the broad sweep of the nation’s history, it’s an important statement about the acceptance and the accomplishments of American Jewry. A century ago or even for several decades afterward, such a number would have been inconceivable....

Nine Jews are in the new Senate (including the new Majority Leader) and 25 in the House of Representatives, making up more than 6 percent of the total Congress. That’s more than triple the percentage of Jews in the general population. There are also two Jews out of the nine justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. Seen in that light, a Jewish secretary of state, treasury secretary, homeland security secretary, attorney general and director of national intelligence—to name a few high-level positions—are merely a reflection of the preponderance of Jews who have risen to the top of just about every sector of American society.

No doubt historians will be puzzled when one day, for absolutely no reason at all, yet another people ruled by a tiny foreign minority rebelled against their foreign rulers and overthrew them despite the best efforts of those rulers to discredit and disqualify the natural objections of their subjects.

After all, if the French rulers of Sicily had only thought to accuse Sicilians who disliked being ruled by foreigners of "anti-frenchitism", then certainly the Sicilian Vespers never would have taken place, right?

Don't be surprised to see more and more Americans aligning themselves with China and Russia against "their own" government. Especially given how that government cannot convincingly hide behind the veil of "democracy" or "the will of the people".

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Waking up from libertarianism

The Dark Herald explains his intellectual evolution out of libertarianism and into Christian Nationalism.

Atheism is the bedrock of Libertarianism.  

The iron clad belief that there is only the self and that there is no one to stand in judgement over your life but the self that you created. This is the foundation for that entire school of thought.  Atheism is not an optional extra if you are  a true capital “L” Libertarian, it’s required.

Thus we hit the fundamental flaw; if there is only the self…then why have children? The future belongs to those who show up and Libertarians breed like progressives.  One child per couple leads to extinction in four generations.

And then there is the Libertarian mindset.

Okay it was obvious even when I was a college dipshit that hardcore Libertarianism was never going to get anywhere because the Libertarians themselves were far too fractious for that.  They are fundamentally incapable of organizing themselves in any number larger than five. 

Also their notions about the efficacy of a citizens militia versus a standing military were more romantic than practical.  Even before I joined the Marines I wasn’t buying into them.  For their ideas to work you have to have a lot of people that are willing to die for Libertarian ideals and those famously are not Libertarians.

Still I chugged along for decades not really questioning my beliefs.  And still saying I was one of the faithful.  I suppose I was over-invested in a bad idea.

So what happened you ask?

I woke up.

It took me long enough.

The thing is I believe in results.  We’ve had free trade and open borders (effectively) since the mid 1990s and for twenty years we’ve been pouring wealth out this country like piss out of horse.  Free trade is clearly and obviously a failure.  If you still believe in it then you aren’t facing cold hard reality.  You are living Paul Ryan’s bubble and probably collecting a US government paycheck.  Our standard of living has gone down since it was adopted, (big exception; if you already rich.  Free trade works great for you.).  

Open Borders only work if you are completely separated from the the real world.  Paul Ryan will continue to believe in them because his world view crashes and burns if he doesn’t.  He and people like him immediately begin shaking their head, no, no, no, no, no, the moment you try and point out to them that even if Mexicans wanted to assimilate they can’t due to the vast ocean of bodies that has washed up on our shores.  I mean I’ve literally seen the man start shaking his head in rejection if even the concept is raised. 

And that was the final straw for me.  Libertarians are as reality denying as any hardcore Marxist.

While I was never a capital-L Libertarian, I was a Christian libertarian until I began to examine free trade doctrine and uncovered the many flaws in even the best arguments for it. Nationalism, and specifically, Christian Nationalism, are the only true philosophies in line with Western Civilization. All the rest, from "classical liberalism" to "conservativism" are simply hapless frauds.

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