Thursday, April 09, 2020


No blogging today since I've been working on some experiments as well as the Replatforming. You can see one of those experiments here, which is the first episode of Chuck Dixon's Avalon, The Street Rules, Episode 1: Straight-up Cash. We're still sorting out how some sort of comics-related subscription can be structured, but it increasingly appears that one will be viable in one form or another. Feel free to share any ideas you have about support tiers, rewards, and so forth if this is something you want us to do.

This is a very different approach to comics, but it is a very sensible one that accomodates the new interface realities. And this happens to be a very opportune time for Arkhaven to aggressively move forward in light of the chaos consuming the establishment comics industry.

I also have some good news for the Castalia Library / Junior Classics crowd. The first Library book is now scheduled to be bound next week. Only the Library, however, not the Libraria, as the goatskins are still stuck in Italy courtesy of Corona-chan.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Bernie Sanders states the obvious

It certainly took the old socialist long enough to concede:
Bernie Sanders ended his presidential campaign, he announced on Wednesday, leaving former Vice President Joe Biden as the apparent Democratic presidential nominee.

"I have concluded that this battle for the Democratic nomination will not be successful, and so today I am announcing the suspension of my campaign," Sanders told supporters in a livestream, saying he wished he could provide supporters with "better news" but "I think you know the truth."

"We are now some 300 delegates behind Vice President Biden and the path to victory is virtually impossible," he said. Sanders called Biden "a very decent man who I will work with to move our progressive ideas forward."
So Creepy Joe will be the sacrificial lamb ritually offered up to the God-Emperor. The Trumpslide will be epic.


Blown cover as cover

Ellen Degeneres "jokes" about being in jail at home:
Ellen has been slammed for being tone deaf after cracking a joke that being home all the time during the coronavirus pandemic was akin to being behind bars.

'This is like being in jail,' Ellen told her fans during Monday's show as she sat in a spacious living room with windows opening onto a large plant-filled yard. 'Mostly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 10 days and everyone in here is gay,' she quipped.
An interesting little quip given the rumors about The Storm. And for those who don't understand why the confirmed guilty aren't simply being rounded up and charged, read The Trial of Roger Stone. There is no point in arresting those who will never be charged by corrupt prosecutors, and if charged, will be released by corrupt judges.

We can't possibly know what's actually happening now, but we can observe that at least some potentially related arrests are continuing to take place despite the lockdowns.
An Urbana teacher and cross country coach is now facing child pornography charges. Douglas O. Mynatt, 56 of Savoy, was arrested Friday, April 3. Mynatt is employed as a physical education teacher at Urbana's University High School and is the coach of the girls' cross country program.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

I wonder why they're desperate?

The Quartering addresses Patreon's latest thrashing about in a stream entitled "Patreon Is DESPERATE! Sends Ridiculous Tone Deaf Email Begging Creators":

"They make almost zero good points in this, in one of the most tone-deaf articles I've ever read! I can't describe the existence of this other than a desperate and transparent attempt to get creators to reuse their Patreon because, right now, look what's happening. We have millions, three, four, five million people are gonna be on unemployment the next couple of weeks. What do you think is the first thing they're gonna cut?"

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THE TRIAL OF ROGER STONE by Milo Yiannopoulos.

"Read this book. It's a warning of what can happen when politics infects our justice system."

“There’s no better guide through the mistrial of Roger Stone than courtroom jester Milo Yiannopoulos. For once, the only thing he leaves naked is the truth.”

"More than just the trial of Roger Stone, it's the trial of America's basic liberties. An incredible tour de force."

The Trial of Roger Stone should be an alarm bell for conservatives. What happened to Mr. Stone happens every day to ordinary Americans. We do not have a rule of law. We do not have fair judges. We have jack-booted thugs kicking down doors with the approval of prosecutors in robes.”

“Roger Stone has never sounded so sympathetic and likable. Will he ever forgive Milo for the portrait?”

The Mueller Report was a catastrophe for the malevolent forces desperate to impeach President Donald Trump. It failed to prove any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Since then, many of the President's former advisors and associates have been subjected to vindictive, political prosecutions for a variety of trivial, unrelated offenses. Roger Stone is one of them.

In this moving, eyewitness account of Stone's trial and his decades-long career of political chicanery, author and Stone intimate Milo Yiannopoulos introduces America to the man behind the myth--and explains how the biggest stitch-up in modern judicial history unfolded. He offers a plea to President Trump to step in and do the right thing, and finally, he explains how we can prevent such grotesque injustices from happening ever again.

This book is really good; it is more than a good book, it is an important book that will serve future historians well in understanding the state of the present-day USA. As Milo himself told me, it is one thing to conceptually understand the corruption of the U.S. legal system, it is another to observe that corruption in action, day after day, live and in person. Despite being reasonably well-informed and a confirmed skeptic of the U.S. justice system, until reading this book I had no idea that the trial of Roger Stone was such a charade, to such an extent that the shamelessness of the clowns responsible would have embarrassed the average Communist judge conducting Soviet show trials during the Stalinist era.

EXCERPT: As a former senior editor for Breitbart, a New York Times-bestselling author and an international political celebrity and free speech icon, I’ve heard my share of so-called conspiracy theories. I’ve heard conservatives talk endlessly about double standards and unfair treatment. I’ve listened as Republicans have complained about how they’re regarded versus their Democrat peers. Most of the time, the conservatives are right. Almost all of the things they claim are true! Wait long enough and the things you hear on conservative talk radio generally prove to be pretty much spot-on. These revelations have come thick and fast in the past half-decade, because the Trump presidency has exposed collusion, cronyism and entrenched bureaucracies in the federal government at a scale that has stunned most Americans.

But never in my life have I sat in a courtroom and watched a put-up job unfold before my very eyes, and experienced a chill creeping down my spine as I slowly come to realize the terrifying power of a team of government lawyers determined to take someone down, whether they committed a crime or not, and how the full might of the American jurisprudential system kneels to accommodate them.

In November 2019, Roger Stone was found guilty of one count of obstruction—that is, of lying to Congress during an investigation—five counts of making a false statement to the government, and one count of tampering with a witness. Of all these charges, the last is the most preposterous. But none of them should ever have been brought against him.

THE TRIAL OF ROGER STONE is available in Kindle format on Amazon, in paperback at Castalia Direct, and in EPUB and Kindle format at Arkhaven.


She's onto us!

Somehow, Roseanne Barr figured out the conspiracy behind the Boomer Flu:
Roseanne Barr recently posited a wacky theory that the coronavirus pandemic is an effort to eliminate baby boomers like herself.

"You know what it is, Norm? I think they're just trying to get rid of all my generation," Barr told Macdonald during the Sunday interview on his informal YouTube talk show "Quarantined with Norm Macdonald," in which he calls up his friends to chat. "The boomer ladies that, you know, that inherited their — you know, are widows. They inherited the money so they got to go wherever the money is and figure out a way to get it away from people."

Macdonald seemed to play along with Barr, commenting that "because there's so many boomers that have money and do no work, so if you got them out of society — yeah, that would be a good thriller."
This is a historic moment, though, as it marks the first time that a Baby Boomer has actually contemplated her generational mortality and the possibility of a world without Boomers.


Monday, April 06, 2020

Boris to ICU

The British Prime Minister has been moved into the ICU:
Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care after his coronavirus condition worsened, Downing Street announced tonight. He is conscious and has asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to deputise for him. Mr Johnson, 55, has been transferred to intensive care as a precaution should he require a ventilator.
Not to be pessimistic here, but it is generally not a good sign when one's consciousness is deemed newsworthy. The more conspiratorial-minded will, I imagine, be tempted to view this as some sort of revenge for Brexit.

UPDATE: Can't say I'm liking Boris's odds particularly well based on recent developments concerning his possible successors. Although I can't imagine the British electorate is particularly impressed by the new Labour Party leader's top priority in light of the current crisis.
  1. Dominic Raab is now the UK's de facto prime minister after Boris Johnson was hospitalised, with the running of the country placed in the hands of a man who has just one year of Cabinet experience.... Mr Raab said karate helped him cope with the premature death of his father, Peter, who had fled to the UK from Czechoslovakia at the age of six in 1938 to escape the Nazis. The Foreign Secretary released pictures during his Tory leadership campaign of his Jewish relatives who were murdered in the Holocaust.
  2. New Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has apologised to the Jewish community for anti-Semitism in the party and promised to “tear out this poison by its roots”.... Sir Keir, a QC and former Director of Public Prosecutions, had a surprise for the 750-strong audience. Quizzed on whether he considered himself to be a Zionist — a supporter of the existence of the state of Israel — he answered: "I don't know how many people know this (but) my wife's family are Jewish and we have got extended family in Israel."

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A 75 percent cut

But Diamond promises this three-quarters reduction in payment to the comics publishers is only temporary:
Below is the outline of vendor payments from Diamond Comic Distributors and Diamond Book Distributors. Beginning this week, the week of April 6th, you will receive 25% of the weekly amount due under your contract term. Each subsequent week, you will receive a 25% payment of that week's balance due. This reduced payment schedule will continue for 6 weeks. With the remaining 75% due in each of those weeks being deferred. Following that 6-week period, we will begin payment of the deferred balance in equal payments over a 13-week period."
And here I was estimating only a 50 percent reduction. I could be wrong, as only IDW publicly reports results, but I don't think any of the primary players can afford to stay in business at that level for long.

We're still contemplating the right way to go about launching an Arkhaven subscription plan. We probably won't do it very soon, but we have been kicking around some intriguing ideas that I suspect will be of great interest to Arkhaven fans. And speaking of Arkhaven, we expect to release this to the Alt-Hero backers before the end of the month, featuring a new team of superheroes known as The Gods of Peaceful Sleep.

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But WHICH god?

This defense of Robespierre is fascinating, illustrating as it does that one of the architects of the French Revolution was very different than he is commonly portrayed today. He was certainly much more sound than the average intellectual today on atheists and atheism. But I am not so certain as the author of the article that the god of which he was speaking was necessarily the Christian God.
Robespierre castigated the irreligion that prevailed in the aristocracy and the high clergy, with bishops like Talleyrand openly boasting of lying every Sunday. A gap had widened between the clerical hierarchy and the country priests. Among the latter, many were responsible for drafting the peasants’ cahiers de doléances. The counter-revolutionary bishop Charles de Coucy, of La Rochelle, said in 1797 that the Revolution was “started by the bad priests.” For Robespierre, they were the “good priests” whom the people of the countryside needed.

Robespierre was inflexible against the priests who submitted to the pope by refusing to take an oath on the Civil Constitution (voted July 12, 1790). But he also opposed, until his last breath, any plan to abolish the funds allocated to Catholic worship under the same Civil Constitution. He also opposed, but in vain, the new Republican calendar, with its ten-day week aimed at “suppressing Sunday,” by the admission of its inventor Charles-Gilbert Romme.

Robespierre’s worst enemies were the militant atheists, the Enragés like Pierre-Gaspard Chaumette or Jacques-René Hébert, who unleashed the movement for dechristianization in November 1793, and started closing the churches in Paris or transforming them into “Temples of Reason”, with the slogan “death is an eternal sleep” posted on the gates of cemeteries. Robespierre condemned “those men who have no other merit than that of adorning themselves with an anti-religious zeal,” and who “throw trouble and discord among us” (Club des Jacobins, November 21 1793). In his speech to the National Convention of December 5, 1793, he accused the dechristianizers of acting secretly for the counter-revolution. Indeed, “hostile foreign powers support the dechristianization of France as a policy pushing rural France into conflict with the Republic for religious reasons and thus recruiting armies against the Republic in Vendée and in Belgium.” By exploiting the violence of militant atheist extremists, these foreign powers have two aims: “the first to recruit the Vendée, to alienate the peoples of the French nation and to use philosophy for the destruction of freedom; the second, to disturb public tranquility in the interior, and to distract all minds, when it is necessary to collect them to lay the unshakable foundations of the Revolution.”

Again in his “Report against Philosophism and for the Freedom of Worship” (November 21, 1793), Robespierre again castigated the grotesque cults of Reason instituted in churches by atheist fanatics:

“By what right do they come to disturb the freedom of worship, in the name of freedom, and attack fanaticism with a new fanaticism? By what right do they degenerate the solemn tributes paid to pure truth, in eternal and ridiculous pranks? Why should they be allowed to play with the dignity of the people in this way, and to tie the bells of madness to the very scepter of philosophy?”
Anyhow, it's a very good article that is well worth reading in its entirety.

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Sunday, April 05, 2020

A ferocity and intensity

This crisis is not primarily one of disease. There is a very good reason why the spiritually sensitive around the world have been reporting an increase in demonic activity worldwide:
“A great heaviness has entered into my priesthood. This time has been the biggest test of my priesthood, and I guess of my life,” said the priest, known for his cheerfulness, work ethic and devotion to Our Lady. “I do think the Evil One is hitting the priests hardest now. His number one tool is his spirit of discouragement. His M.O. is to make it seem like we’re accomplishing nothing as a priest. Why pray? Why sit by the window [for outdoor confessions] when no one comes. Why make another [senseless] video on the need for prayer during COVID-19 when no one watches? It’s like his voice says, ‘You’re worthless now as a priest - you’re detached from your people, and they aren’t praying or paying attention anyway’....

I phoned an exorcist in Washington D.C. I asked if demonic activity had increased since the Eucharist had been held back and many church doors had been locked.

“Exorcists and those gifted individuals with insights into the spiritual realm have seen more intense demonic activity now. There has been a definite uptick,” he said, “Satan’s taken advantage of this crisis to meet his own ends, It seems demons have been given a free hand now.”

I called a layperson active in the deliverance ministry, who wished to remain anonymous.

“The intensity of the suffering has increased. It’s the spirit and voice of condescension that speaks loudly now,” the individual said. “At the same time, the call to prayer is like a tsunami now. I feel like I don’t need to sleep. I just want to pray throughout the night - this seems to be the same experience of the priests I’ve been working with. There is a ferocity and intensity about what they are seeing now in the spiritual realm.”
But there is no need for despair. Is it not conflict that confirms our purpose? The more the face of evil is revealed, the more it underlines the reality, indeed, the absolute necessity, for our faith in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

It is not those who are devoted to the Good, the Beautiful, and the True who are breaking down and crying on air. It is not those who worship at the Cross who are cracking under the strain. The demons are raging because they, their master, and his human slaves are all being defeated.



WARDOGS INC. #2: HUNTER KILLER is the April Book of the Month. Since it is the second book in the mil-SF series set in the Quantum Mortis universe, we are including the ebook for WARDOGS INC. #1 with all three levels of replatforming. For those who are not Heroes of the Revolution but would like a paperback edition, all three WARDOGS INC. novels are now available at Castalia Direct. As, for that matter, is QUANTUM MORTIS: A MAN DISRUPTED.

An excerpt from HUNTER KILLER, in which Tommy Falkland and his fellow mercenaries consider the pros and cons of a contract they have been offered by their employer, Wardogs Incorporated.

Jones sipped at a mug of hard coffee as Ward bit his nails.

“It’s good money,” I said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, but is it too good?” Ward said. After Ulixis, we were all feeling suspicious of anything that looked too easy to be true. Then Captain Marks walked in.

“Looks like the answer is here,” Zelag said as we stood in unison.

“At ease, gentlemen,” the captain said. “Sit down and I’ll fill you in. Three of you were chosen for your excellent performance on Ulixis, and Zelag, I guess they picked you because someone in accounting has a fetish for missing limbs.”

We laughed, then Marks put up a hand to silence us.

“Now,” the Captain continued, “here’s the mission. The Datacon-Verlaag GmbH corporation had a bit of an issue at their Feymanus branch yesterday, so the local CEO of operations needs some bodyguards until things blow over.”

“A bit of an issue, sir?” Ward asked.

“See for yourself,” Marks said, engaging the viewscreen behind him with a motion of his hand. On it appeared a high-resolution security camera image of a stretch of cafes and markets. A small booth with trays of what looked like olives was front and center, an older man sitting behind it in an antigrav chair. Up walked a guy in a suit, sipping a drink through a straw.

“That’s the victim,” Marks said. “Albert Fast.”

The man looked to the side as a woman came up to the booth beside him. He was maybe in his 40s, clean-shaven with good hair. His suit looked tailored. The old man offered both him and the woman a sample of the olives. He accepted, the woman declined. Then the woman reached in her purse as if she were going to pay for something, but instead produced a small cylinder and stabbed it into the victim’s side.

“Stunpen,” Zelag muttered.

The man moved back as if confused by the woman’s actions, then put his arms up as she stabbed him at him again and again, finally landing a clean injection. The guy went down, pulling at the edge of the tablecloth and falling in a mess of upended olive trays. Then the woman made some strange hand movements towards the heavens. It looked like she was trying to make shadow puppets. A second later, she ran out of frame.

The old guy jumped up and looked over the counter, yelling for help. The guy in the suit was motionless. The screen went blank and Marks spoke.

“There’s our incident,” he said. “She stabbed him with a stunpen loaded with cyanide, then made her little hand movement and ran off.”

“They catch her?” Ward asked.

“Yes,” said the captain. “She’s a Chrysalan. Some call them the Sky People.”

“What the hell?” Jones said.

“It’s a cult,” Zelag said. “They believe people are like caterpillars, waiting to enter their cocoons, after which they come out as butterflies full of heavenly energy. It’s supposed to be based on an ancient illustrated manuscript published on Old Earth.”

“You’ve got the gist of it,” said Captain Marks, surprised.

“So why did she kill the guy?” I asked.

“A minor miscalculation on his part,” Marks said. “He was the marketing director who oversaw their latest ad campaign. It featured Mount Xirtis, contained various testimonials to the company’s high level of data security, then the tagline ‘come to the mountain.’”

We listened, confused. Marks saw our looks and tried to explain. “It’s a metaphor, you see.”

“So these caterpillar people hate metaphors?” Ward said, puzzled.

“Or they hate skiing?” Jones volunteered.

“Skiing is actually prohibited on Mount Xirtis,” Marks said. “Along with every other sporting activity. Because it’s considered to be a ‘holy mountain.’” He made quotation marks with his fingers when he said it.

“To the Chrysalans,” I mused.

“Bingo,” Marks said. “The marketing department basically claimed their data protection company was on par with the sacred mountain of the gods. The temple of the sky is at the base of the mountain and there is a massive pilgrimage that travels up the mountain once a year.”

“Oh yeah,” Zelag said. “I watched a documentary. The really serious ones go without oxygen all the way to the top.”

“Sure you’re not one of them, Zelag?” Ward said.

Zelag shook his head. “I hate bugs. And mountain climbing.”

“So that woman killed the head of marketing because of some stupid advertising?” Jones said.

“That’s not the first time,” Zelag said. “A few years back they threw acid in the face of a pop singer for recording a song called ‘Like a Butterfly.’”

“Geez,” Jones said. “That’s pretty hard core.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Ward said. “That assassin did a lousy job of it. She didn’t even get a good stab on him the first time. He could have just pushed her away if he’d known it was coming.”

“Amateur hour,” Marks agreed. “Nevertheless, DVG is concerned about the safety of their local CEO on Feymanus, a gentleman by the name of Brixton Heiermach. They have contracted with WDI to keep him safe. As you know, there are few things that put the righteous fear of God into evil-minded folks like a team of Wardogs bodyguards.”

“How long does he need hand-holding?” I asked. It looked like a pretty damn easy job to me.

“Good question,” Marks replied. “It could take a while, but DVG is actively working on damage control already. Heiermach plans to offer a sincere corporate apology to the Chrysalans, as well as pledge funds to refurbish the ancient temple at the base of the mountain. Still—the longer it takes, the more money you make. Glorified babysitting.”

“Wait a minute,” Jones said. “The CEO is going to apologize to these caterpillar cultists after they murdered his marketing director?”

Marks shrugged. “Apparently an angry mob has also scrawled pictures of butterflies on multiple DVG office buildings and spent three days beating drums, chanting, and pissing sacred streams of their holy urine on the steps to claim the infidel’s earthly property for the sky.”

“Judeo-Christ,” I muttered.

“Can we nuke them?” Jones asked.

I thought Marks’ mouth almost twitched towards a grin at the suggestion, but I might have been wrong. He was good at being serious. “No,” Marks said. “We’re not launching a crusade against these people, we’re just protecting a businessman. Unlike you bastards, DVG has to deal with the public on a regular basis. It’s an old and well-respected religion on the planet, and they have some highly connected members on Feymanus. And their extremists have been implicated in just enough acts of terror that no one wants to set them off unnecessarily.”

“And so we play bodyguard to Mr. Heiermach,” Jones said. “No big deal. Crazy chicks with stunpens don’t keep me awake at night.”

Marks nodded. “Tommy, you’ll be in charge this time out. Think you can handle it?”

“Yessir,” I said. “Though I’m not as qualified as Sergeant Hanley.”

“He’s on leave. And this is cake—the experience will be good for you. You did well on Ulixis and I think you have a bright future.”

“Who’s my boss on Feymanus?” I asked.

“Captain Elrich Williams. System VP. He’s a busy man so don’t waste his time if you don’t have to. We’ll be able to supply you in New Patras from a branch office. Check in when you get there and we’ll make sure you have everything you need.”

He stood and opened the door. “Now go sign your docs in HR. You leave within the hour.”

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Bill Gates did not vaccinate his children

In case you're not absolutely certain about a) the evil of the global elite or b) the evil of mass vaccination campaigns, you should note that the world's foremost champion of forced vaccination reportedly DID NOT VACCINATE his own children:
Bill Gates refused to allow his own children to be vaccinated.

This admission came from the Gates family’s personal physician in Seattle, who was speaking behind closed doors with other doctors at a symposium last year (someone at the conference leaked the conversation, so the doctor himself technically did not violate doctor-patient confidentiality rules).

The doctor reportedly told his colleagues, “I don’t know if he (Gates) had them vaccinated as adults, but I can tell you he point blank refused to vaccinate them as children.”
Some vaccines are effective in some situations. But there is no question that the forced vaccination schedule that the Prometheans are attempting to impose on humanity is dangerous and detrimental to children.

If the media was even remotely honest, or relevant, it would demand proof that Bill Gates had his own children vaccinated according to the current Washington state schedule. Of course, we all know it won't.

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NFL should start on time

The President expects the NFL season to begin as scheduled:
The President conducted a conference call with sports commissioners on Saturday, and as to one sport in particular he expressed an opinion.

Via, Donald Trump said that he believes the NFL’s regular season should begin on time in September. Trump also added that he hopes to have fans in stadiums and arenas by August and September.
The question you should be asking yourself in response to this is not "doesn't the President understand epidemiology?", but "what does the President know about the situation that you do not?"

Let's face it, he's already gone two-for-two in the face of the media narrative, first with regards to flights from China and second about the efficacity of Hydroxychloroquine against the coronavirus. I'd be willing to bet he'll go three-for-three contra the establishment media narrative concerning sex-trafficking once that news finally breaks.

At this point, only a wilfully-ignorant fool bets against the God-Emperor.

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Saturday, April 04, 2020

Martial law requires Congress

But don't rule out them begging the God-Emperor to accept it:
Recently, a rumor that President Trump would impose martial law in response to the COVID-19 pandemic went viral. The story gained enough traction that the National Security Council stepped in to reassure the public it was fake. But Americans, used to dystopian films featuring government takeovers of quiet civilian life, still wonder: Could it happen here?

The answer is probably no — at least under circumstances as they now stand.

The president’s power to declare martial law is not nearly as broad as rumors suggest. The states’ powers are greater, but they too are subject to important restrictions. Nonetheless, uncertainties in the law show the need for Congress and state legislatures to clarify the scope and limits of martial law.

The concept of “martial law” is not well understood, let alone defined, in American law. It usually refers to military forces taking over the functions of ordinary civilian government. The key words are “taking over.” Although the military often provides support and assistance for certain activities performed by civilian authorities — such as carrying out search-and-rescue missions in the aftermath of a natural disaster — actual displacement of civilian government represents a dramatic departure from normal practice.

But it has happened.

There was a period in American history when martial law was relatively common. Between 1857 and 1945, martial law was declared 70 times in the United States. In most cases, a state governor imposed it on a city, county or group of counties. This was sometimes in response to violent civil unrest but more often to break strikes on behalf of business interests. These declarations lasted anywhere from days to years. Martial law was last declared in the United States in 1966, when the governor of California imposed it to suppress unrest in the Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco after a white police officer shot a black teenager.

The federal government has declared martial law too, though far less frequently. Most recently, Hawaii was placed under martial law for the majority of World War II. The U.S. Army controlled every aspect of civilian life on the islands, from criminal justice to curbside trash removal.
We'll see. It would certainly be remarkable to see the House of Representatives shift from impeaching the President to passing a law declaring martial law and asking him to sign it. But, at this point, would it really be all that surprising?

In the meantime, this picture on Google from March 31 is intriguing.


She's not necessarily wrong

A woman recommends staying away from sigma males:
He’s not your usual type, so you have no plans to fall in love.

You discover: he’s interesting, he’s fascinating, he might very well be a genius. When he talks about data sets, somehow it’s poetry to your ears. His hobbies are unexpected and wide-ranging: philosophy, fishing, tango.

He was a terrible student in high school, yet highly accomplished outside of it. Maybe he traveled across Europe for chess tournaments, or around the U.S. for tennis championships, or spent long hours sketching art in a black sketch book.

There was one teacher in particular that believed in him, and that made all the difference.

He’s extraordinarily successful, astonishingly well-connected. If he was bored in school, he’s been challenged like no other in his career. He has driven an original idea or ambition to completion, with a discipline and willpower you can only imagine, achieved what most humans could only dream of.

And yet the more successful and brilliant he is in a particular area, the more awkward and incompetent he is in the most basic of others: he forgets to eat, he can’t pick out his own clothes, he can’t boil an egg.

But you smile when you learn of these quirks. You find them endearing.
She's probably right, on average, although it is clear that she seriously underestimates the sigma's appeal to other women. As a general rule, most women simply don't believe, at least not initially, how attractive sigmas are to other women because they find it difficult to believe it of any man who is not a conventional alpha. And, of course, being solipsistic by nature, the average woman has absolutely no idea how utterly average her inclinations are.

On a tangential note, I don't think I'll ever forget the time an attractive woman said, in all seriousness, that she was different because she was really only attracted to tall, good-looking alpha males, who had a little bit, although not too much, of an an edge to them. Yeah, that's totally different from every other woman on the planet....

But the one thing the writer is missing, naturally, is that the sigma doesn't necessarily follow any particular pattern with regards to women. He's not an alpha, so he's just as likely to be faithful as unfaithful, and being iconoclastic by nature, is equally capable of going off and joining a monastery, a blues band, or the French Foreign Legion. He's not a gamma, so he's not going to put any woman on a pedestal. And even the sigma is seldom able to predict his own path with any degree of reliability; I certainly didn't. But it is true that whatever the sigma's decision might be, she's not going to get a vote unless that happens to be an element of his individual code.

And just in case you're harboring any suspicions, I am reliably informed that Spacebunny did not write this....

PS: Note to the gammas reading this: this does not apply to you. Yes, you're smarter than the norm and your social life is less than active. Doesn't matter. Remember how obsessed you were with that one girl? Right.

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Mailvox: Q objectives

A reader sends a list of 10 objectives that were compiled on December 14, 2018. It is fascinating to observe how much the ground has shifted since then:
Objective #1: Stop the Human Trafficking.
This goal has been underway full speed since day 1. With deadly efficiency, no mercy and special forces. Under the radar and below the public news cycle.

Objective #2: Weaponize MIL-INTEL Against Them. 
This plan has been underway since Inauguration Day. Trump visited CIA HQ on his first full day in office. Obama's secret pardons require post-2016 crimes.

Objective #3: Remove Rogue Nukes & Comms.
Think North Korea nuke mountain collapse 2017. Think Iran. Syria. Ukraine. Venezuela. Pakistan. Think Subs. Missiles. CERN. EMP & SATCOMs.

Objective #4: Secure Senate & Supreme Court.
McCain. Flake. Corker = no real GOP majority. Kennedy. Roberts = no real conservative court. Senate and SC solved with real majority 11.18.

Objective #5: Form a Trusted Global Alliance
Think fall of Saudi Arabia in Oct 2017. Think Xi. Abe. Moon & Kim in Nov 2017. Think Putin. Brazil. Italy. Mexico, etc... 2018.

Objective #6: Strengthen US Military/Economy
Military completely funded through all of 2019. Tax cuts and low interest puts normies at ease. Caravans. Gangs. Antifa pretext for Martial Law. [Note: Corona-chan will serve much better and has already been implemented in Hungary - VD]

Objective #7: Expose Media & Social Giants
Think advent of QAnon and Trump's Twitter. Showcase media hypocrisy day after day. Showcase social media censorship daily.

Objective #8: Voter Fraud & Voter ID.
Let "them" repeat crimes in 2018 midterms. Build iron-clad cases with obvious verified fraud. Use fraud evidence as pretext for 2020 voter ID.

Objective #9: Control Financial System.
Force Queen. Macron. May. Merkel to submit. Force alliance to hand over SWIFT encryption keys. Force FED restructure & pardon all intra-gov debt. [Note: again, Corona-chan has proven useful in this regard. - VD]

Objective #10: Remove & Arrest Cabalists.
Pick off 1 or 2 "old guard" each month with "deaths". Pick off 100-200 "CEO's" each month with "MeToo". Pick off 10K-20K "suddenly" when "Storm is Upon Us."
It's clear from this review that the Q narrative has provided a considerably more reliable map with which to anticipate future events than the establishment news narrative has. The one thing that is obviously missing is Corona-chan, which has proven to be a much more useful tool than any of those that were previously conceived.

I was asked earlier today about the negativity being expressed by some otherwise reliable individuals whom I respect, and my response was to note that a) they are not Americans, and therefore b) are unfamiliar with how the God-Emperor customarily operates. Their analysis is not necessarily incorrect, it is merely incomplete in that it fails to take into account President Trump's unparalleled ability to anticipate and ju-jitsu the enemy's actions.

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The long pause

Marvel is cutting up to one-third of its production:
Marvel Entertainment is immediately "pausing" work on - and the release of - approximately one-third of its May and June comic book issues, a spokesperson confirmed for Newsarama. Marvel's representative said 15 to 20% of its solicited titles would be affected, as some of them are twice-monthly in May and June.

The decision to pause work on the affected titles, according to the spokesperson, is "to help spread the amount of publishing product over the coming weeks and months."

Asked when the publisher intends to resume publishing the issues not affected by the pause, the Marvel spokesperson said "as soon as more information is available, we will outline our longer-term plans."
IDW has also put GI JOE on hiatus:
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero will be going on hiatus at IDW. Larry Hama has been told to stop pencils on the series as more and more creators are being told to stop work. The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the comics industry as a whole for weeks now, and G.I. Joe is just the latest series that will see delays. No word on if this is a permanent end, as Hama was not told anything other than to put "pencils down", as stated in a Facebook post today. 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ongoing artist Sophie Campbell to stop production on the series as of issue #105 by IDW. The artist/writer posted to Twitter that once the art is done on the issue, that is it.  
In the meantime, some of Arkhaven's newest creations are just taking shape. You've heard about A THRONE OF BONES and SHADE. But those are not the only new series being created; there are four more in the works. The challenge that we're facing on the subscription side is that the payment processors take such a big chunk of a $1 charge that the only way we can even think about having a $1/monthly subscription is to offer them annually.

We estimate that we need to have at least $3k in monthly subscriptions to make the project worth launching. This probably means waiting until we get the Junior Classics out to do a crowdfunding campaign that is not for a single comic, but for the subscription itself. We do not believe it would be wise to do any more crowdfunding until we deliver the Junior Classics, an issue or two of Swan Knight, and the Rebel figurine.

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Friday, April 03, 2020

An unfortunate mishap

Or going to ground? The timing is interesting, to be sure:
BREAKING: Daughter and grandson of former Maryland Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend have drowned in a canoeing accident - ABC News
I expect there are going to be a lot of very strange mishaps being reported in the next week or two.
CORRECTION: Maryland authorities say daughter, grandson of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend are missing following a canoeing incident. A previous tweet indicated authorities believed they had drowned. We deeply regret the error. - ABC News
Meanwhile, Henry Kissinger, who on the one hand would appear to be Mr. Deep State himself, and on the other hand was personally acquainted with Donald Trump dating back to at least 1988, recently published an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled "The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order."

Now, consider the possibility that the virus is also a metaphor. What would that signify?


Is there nothing she can't do?

Corona-chan is believed to have the potential to break up the Fourth Reich:
European leaders warn coronavirus could lead to the breakup of their union. The coronavirus pandemic, with its simultaneous health and economic crises, is deepening fault lines within Europe in a way some leaders fear could prove to be a final reckoning.

The cohesion of the European Union had been battered by Brexit, bruised by the political fallout from the 2015 migration surge and the 2008 financial crisis, and challenged by rising autocracy in the east that runs contrary to the professed ideals of the European project.

Now, if Europe’s leaders cannot chart a more united course, the project lies in what one of its architects described this week as “mortal danger.”
This pandemic is best pandemic! Thank you, Corona-chan!

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The repatriations begin

Sending home the British backpackers on their gap years is a positive, but very small first step. Now do the migrants, the H1-B-equivalents, and the refugees:
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged all foreign visitors and students to leave the country now as the coronavirus pandemic worsens.

Mr Morrison said that while those with essential skills - such as visiting doctors and nurses - will be encouraged to stay, everyone else should 'make their way home'.

There were more than 1million people in Australia on visitor and student visas on December 31 - thought to include tens of thousands of UK and US tourists - though it is unclear how many remain in the country.

It is also unclear how visitors are expected to leave the country - with huge numbers of flights cancelled and ticket costs for the remaining seats spiralling.
Never forget, the Open Society is a disease-ridden society living day-to-day on the edge of catastrophe.

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The filth flees and spreads disease

Disease-ridden New Yorkers carry their diseases with them when they belatedly flee from their city dwellings to their rental residences on the coast:
Small coastal towns that have taken in an influx of NYC’s elite fleeing the coronavirus epidemic are now reeling from a spike in COVID-19 cases as the prices of Hamptons rental homes soar from $5,000 per month to over $30,000 for just two weeks.

The exodus of the Big Apple's residents has caused some town populations to burgeon and practically double and rentals to skyrocket - but locals in these 'refugee' towns are becoming hostile and demanding city dwellers stay away from their vulnerable towns for fear they may bring the deadly infection.

Suffolk County, home to the Hamptons, is seeing the biggest outbreak with 7,605 cases reported as of Wednesday, a 892 jump from the day prior with 897 people hospitalized and 69 deaths. However, the region only has 2,710 total hospital beds. As of Monday only 575 beds and 85 of 322 ICU beds were available.
This is why you don't ever want to live in a fashionable retreat for the urban elite. The narcissistic bastards don't hesitate to destroy everything they touch; the irony is that since they were too stupid to even consider modifying their behavior and leaving their urban hellholes when it mattered, they're taking their diseases with them to a place that is considerably less able to treat them when they fall ill.

Of course, this is also the fault of the towns themselves. If they had been willing to declare a quarantine earlier, they could have kept out the city dwellers. But they were too stupid to foresee the obvious and the inevitable in order to defend the interests of the locals.


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