Wednesday, May 12, 2021

More useless than the French

 After 60 years of completely failing to defend America's borders or protect the nation from invasion, a group of retired US military officers is... encouraging everyone to get involved in local and state politics.

More than 120 retired generals, admirals, and military officers signed a letter that warned that the United States is embroiled in an existential fight and called on “all citizens” to get involved in local and state politics.

“We are in a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic like no other time since our founding in 1776. The conflict is between supporters of Socialism and Marxism vs. supporters of Constitutional freedom and liberty,” stated the letter (pdf), which was signed by 124 former generals and admirals, released by “Flag Officers 4 America.”

The letter also posited that opposition to proposed bills and laws that would strengthen election initiatives has troublesome implications.

“Election integrity demands insuring there is one legal vote cast and counted per citizen. Legal votes are identified by State Legislature’s approved controls using government IDs, verified signatures, etc. Today, many are calling such commonsense controls ‘racist’ in an attempt to avoid having fair and honest elections,” the letter added.

According to the Flag Officers 4 America website, it is a group of former military leaders who “pledged to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies,” who are “domestic” and “foreign.”

Of note, signatories of the letter include retired Army Brig. Gen. Donald Bolduc—a Senate candidate in New Hampshire, retired Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin, and retired Vice Adm. John Poindexter—who was the deputy national security adviser for President Ronald Reagan.

“China is the greatest external threat to America. Establishing cooperative relations with the Chinese Communist Party emboldens them to continue progress toward world domination, militarily, economically, politically, and technologically. We must impose more sanctions and restrictions to impede their world domination goal and protect America’s interests,” their letter also said.

OK, Boomers. The extent to which this letter completely misses the point and the problems is downright amusing. Civnattery and vooting harder will accomplish precisely nothing.

What a joke. With an officer class like this, no wonder the USA hasn't been capable of defeating any foe bigger than Panama. 

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Below the law

When blacks cannot be held culpable for breaking the law, how long will it be before they cannot be deemed capable of the vote?

At 1:38 a.m. on April 28th, police reported that two Asian women, ages 46 and 51, were assaulted, beaten and robbed by a group of juveniles in the vicinity of the 100 block of N. 10th Street.  The first victim, age 46, was pushed to the ground and punched in the head. The second victim, age 51, was punched in the left ear.

The robbers took the two women's bags and escaped on foot. They made off with Pennsylvania ID cards, credit cards, a brand new iPhone 10, and a total of $7,000 in cash. 

Police called to the scene of 10th and Cherry by reports of a robbery in progress apprehended two black males -- Maurice Pollard, 18, and Zahkeir Norman, 14, both of West Philadelphia. 

The cops found Pollard hiding underneath a car in the 700 block of Cherry. They subsequently chased down Norman. After the two suspects were in custody, the two female Asian victims made positive identifications, saying they were sure that Pollard and Norman were among the juveniles who were there when they were beaten and robbed. But the two victims told police they weren't sure who hit them.

Police arrested Norman and Polland and charged them with aggravated assault, robbery, criminal conspiracy, two counts of theft, simple assault, and reckless endangerment. But when the cops filed their paperwork with the D.A.'s office, Larry Krasner's charging unit declined to prosecute the case. Both suspects were subsequently released.

The D.A.'s office has a controversial policy of not trusting so-called "cross-racial identifications." In other words, the Philly D.A.'s office under Krasner doesn't trust a white person, or an Asian person, to be able to reliably identify a black suspect in a crime.

Well, atheists should be happy, anyhow. Richard Dawkins has long argued against the reliance upon eyewitness testimony in court.

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Wednesday PM Arktoons

THE HAMMER OF FREEDOM Episode 4: Flashback

MIDNIGHT'S WAR Episode 3: You Also Serve

GO MONSTER GO! Episode 3: Pole Position

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Did Hitler save Europe?

As more evidence concerning the buildup to Operation Barbarossa surfaces, historians are increasingly being forced to confront the case for a very politically incorrect conclusion about World War II.

Suvorov’s thesis can be summed up as follows: on June 22, 1941, Stalin was about to launch a massive offensive on Germany and her allies, within days or weeks. Preparations had started in 1939, just after the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and had accelerated at the end of 1940, with the first divisions deployed to the new expanded Soviet borders, opposite the German Reich and Romania, in February 1941. On May 5, Stalin announced to an audience of two thousand military academy graduates flanked by generals and party luminaries that the time had come to “switch from the defensive to the offensive.” Days later, he had a special directive sent to all command posts to “be prepared on a signal from General Headquarters to launch lightning strikes to rout the enemy, move military operations to his territory and seize key objectives.” New armies were being raised in all the districts, with mobilization now reaching 5.7 million, a gigantic army impossible to sustain for long in peacetime. Close to one million parachutists—troops useful only for invasion—had been trained. Hundreds of aerodromes were built near the Western border. From June 13, an incessant movement of night trains transported thousands of tanks, millions of soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of tons of ammunition and fuel to the border.

According to Suvorov, if Hitler had not attacked first, the gigantic military power that Stalin had accumulated on the border would have enabled him to reach Berlin without major difficulty and then, in the context of the war, to take control of the continent. Only Hitler’s decision to preempt Stalin’s offensive deprived him of these resources by piercing and disrupting his lines and destroying or seizing about 65% of all his weaponry, some of it still in trains.

Suvorov displays an impeccable knowledge of the Red Army, and an acute expertise in military strategy. Regarding Stalin’s intentions, generally very secret, he produces numerous quotes from the 13 volumes of his writings. He sifted through mountains of archives and the memoirs of hundreds of Russian servicemen. It is not exaggerated to say that the “Suvorov thesis” has revolutionized World War II history, opening a totally new perspective to which many historians, both Russian and German, have now added details: among Germans can be mentioned Joachim Hoffmann, Adolf von Thadden, Heinz Magenheimer, Werner Maser, Ernst Topitsch, Walter Post, and Wolfgang Strauss, who has reviewed Russian historians on the topic.

Suvorov’s thesis has also generated much hostility. His opponents fall into two categories. Some authors reject completely his analysis and simply deny that Stalin was planning an offensive. When considering the symmetrical concentrations of the German and Russian armies on their common border in June 1941, they interpret them differently: German concentration proves German bellicose intentions, but the same movement among the Russians is interpreted as proof of the incompetence of Soviet generals for defense....

Just like Suvorov, and with the same sources, McMeekin shows that, despite his tactical pretense at “socialism in one country,” Stalin was unconditionally devoted to Lenin’s goal of the sovietization of Europe. His analysis of the way Stalin baited Hitler into a war on the Western front with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is totally in line with Suvorov. McMeekin attributes the same significance as Suvorov to Stalin’s announcement, on May 5, 1941, that “we must shift from defense to offence” (to which he devotes his “prologue”). His interpretation of Stalin’s simultaneous self-appointment as president of the Council of People’s Commissars exactly echoes Suvorov’s: “From this moment forward, all responsibility for Soviet foreign policy, for peace or war, for victory or defeat, lay in Stalin’s hands alone. The time for subterfuge was over. War was imminent.”[10] McMeekin repeats most of Suvorov’s evidence that Stalin’s war preparations were offensive and potentially overwhelming. He insists, like Suvorov, on the undefended air bases built near the border:

The most dramatic material evidence of more offensive Soviet intent was the construction of forward air bases abutting the new frontier separating Stalin’s empire from Hitler’s. The “Main Soviet Administration of Aerodrome Construction,” run by the NKVD, ordered the construction of 251 new Red Air Force bases in 1941, of which fully 80 percent (199) were located in western districts abutting the German Reich.

In view of the evidence, McMeekin believes that “the ideal launch date for the Soviet offensive … fell in late July or August.”

McMeekin even reinforces Suvorov’s argument that Hitler’s mobilization on the Eastern Front was a reaction to Stalin’s war preparations, rather than the opposite, by showing that, as early as June 1940, the Germans were receiving Intelligence reports that

the Red Army, capitalizing on the Wehrmacht’s concentration in the West, was preparing to march from Lithuania into virtually undefended East Prussia and German-occupied Poland. … On June 19, a German spy reported from Estonia that the Soviets had informed the departing British ambassador in Tallinn that Stalin planned to deploy three million troops in the Baltic region “to threaten Germany’s eastern borders.”

McMeekin uses the same archives as Suvorov, but never gives him credit for first bringing them into the light. The only exception is in a single endnote, where he mentions that one of Stalin’s reasons for believing that Hitler would not attack in June was that he had “learned, via spies inside Germany, that OKW had not ordered the sheepskin coats experts believed to be necessary for winter campaigning in Russia, and that the fuel and lubricating oil used by the Wehrmacht’s armored divisions would freeze in subzero temperatures.” The note says: “Not all of Suvorov’s claims stand up, but this one gels well with Stalin’s sanguine attitude toward reports of the German arms buildup.” In another footnote, McMeekin disputes Suvorov’s claim that Stalin ordered in spring 1941 the dismantlement of the “Stalin Line” of defense that would hamper the advances of his troops: it was not dismantled but simply “neglected”, says McMeekin, before adding: “Here, as elsewhere, Suvorov hurts his case by over-egging the pudding.” Such criticism would be fair, if McMeekin had also acknowledged the overwhelming mass of facts that Suvorov got right.

Apparently McMeekin thought it tactically wise, not only to snub Suvorov even when he proves him right, but also to endorse his most virulent opponent David Glantz (who, he says, was “right to emphasize how poorly prepared for war the Red Army was in reality”) even when he proves him wrong, with abundant evidence that in June 1941, the issue of the war “would be determined by who would strike first, gaining control of enemy airspace and knocking out airfields and tank parks.”

It is not difficult to guess the motive for McMeekin’s ostentatious contempt of Suvorov. Suvorov has crossed the line by suggesting that Barbarossa saved Europe from complete sovietization. Although he expresses no sympathy for Hitler, Suvorov agrees with him that, if he had not attacked first, “Europe was lost.” Suvorov has committed an unforgivable sin. It is an untouchable cornerstone of both Western and Russian historiography that Hitler is the embodiment of absolute Evil, and that no good whatsoever could ever have come from him. And so academic historians of the Eastern Front are expected to display their good manners by shunning Suvorov, and by not asking: What if Hitler had not attacked first? They must not suggest that Hitler ever told the truth, or that his military commanders were wrongfully hanged.

Well, if the price for bringing Suvorov’s revisionism into mainstream scholarship is to deny one’s debt to Suvorov, so be it. World War II historians must be smart: one careless phrase or reference can cost you a career and a reputation, as happened to David Irving (not in McMeekin’s bibliography, incidentally). Some obvious conclusions are better left for others to draw. There is no question that McMeekin’s book is a great achievement and it must be hoped that it will become a new landmark in the historiography of World War II. 

I asked one historian and expert on Operation Barbarossa about Suvorev's thesis back in 2018, and while he, too, agreed that Stalin had plans to attack Western Europe, he doesn't believe that the attack was planned for 1941 and is highly skeptical of Suvorev's case for it. 

But it doesn't really matter whether the attack was planned for 1941 or 1942, the conclusion is the same, as uncomfortable as it may make those who have assumed that Nazi Germany was the worstest evilist most invadery instigator that there ever was. I haven't read McMeekin's book yet, but you can be certain that I will do so in the near future, and I will share my thoughts on it.

Perhaps the most significant fact may be this: the secret protocol of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact gave two-thirds of Poland to the Soviet Union and one-third of it to Germany, despite the fact that Germany was reclaiming a sizable amount of Germany territory that contained German people, while the Soviet action was pure foreign conquest.

Of course, just to stack irony on top of irony, given the horrific state of Western Europe, it's possible that Hitler didn't save Europe by preventing Stalin from overrunning the entire continent, he left it to a worse fate by leaving it under the control of the neo-liberal world order. As awful as communism is for a nation, it's not anywhere nearly as destructive as free imports and free invasion.

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Wednesday AM Arktoons

ALT★HERO Episode 3: Code Name Centerfold

DEUS VULT Episode 3: Crusader on A Quest

For the sake of comparison, if you want to see what the Korean DC webtoons looks like, Wonder Woman is free to read. You have to pay to get access to Superman and the Justice League. There is nothing wrong with the Freemium model they are using; obviously I'm familiar with it from the games industry and it can be extremely lucrative. But we believe that our subscription model will be more effective in the long run pertaining to our objective of capturing significant market share; in the event that the market demonstrates we are wrong, we can always switch to a combined approach where subscribers have full access.

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First Disease, then War

The Four Horseman appear to be preparing to ride again, with rumblings of war in both France and Israel:

The United Nations has warned Israel is heading 'towards a full-scale war' as the air force continued pounding the Gaza Strip this morning in retaliation for hundreds of rockets launched by Hamas.

'Stop the fire immediately. We're escalating towards a full-scale war. Leaders on all sides have to take the responsibility of de-escalation,' Tor Wennesland UN Special Envoy to the Middle East Peace Process tweeted. 

Barrages levelled tower blocks in Gaza last night as the death toll rose to 36 Palestinians, including 12 children and three women, health officials in the territory said. Another 233 people were wounded.

Rockets from suspected Hamas strongholds have killed five Israelis, including two women and a child. 

Israel says the militants have fired more than 1,050 rockets since Monday, with 200 of them falling short and landing inside Gaza, injuring many of their own, while others have been ripped apart by the Iron Dome defence system.

Just after daybreak on Wednesday, Israel unleashed dozens of airstrikes in the course of a few minutes, targeting police and security installations belonging to Hamas.

The Israeli Defence Forces dispatched two infantry brigades to the area of a downed militant drone, indicating preparations for a possible ground invasion.

Despite international condemnation for the violence, the worst outbreak since the 2014 war, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected calls for ceasefire, vowing last night to 'step up' attacks. 

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said in turn that 'if Israel wants to escalate, we are ready for it'. 

A financial crisis or economic crash will likely be sufficient to provide the necessary spark to the tinder scattered all over the globe. Fortunately, the US military and its fake leadership don't appear to be in any shape to start up any significant new foreign adventures.


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

DC goes webtoons

In a manner of speaking. Now we have a pretty good idea of how the dinosaurs are going to approach the digital comics space.

Korean online giant Kakao Entertainment has signed definitive agreements to acquire two American storytelling platforms, Tapas Media, Inc and Radish Media, Inc. The acquisitions are intended to pave the way for Kakao Entertainment to expand its original content business in North America and other English-speaking regions.

Tapas is known for its mobile comic book content and webtoons has been valued at $150 million. Radish Media, mobile fiction platform and app has been valued at $440 million. That's a total of $590 million, for online comic books and stuff.

Kakao Entertainment became a significant stakeholder of Tapas last November and has since been distributing the company's blockbuster webtoons, such as A Business Proposal, Space Sweepers, The Uncanny Counter, and Navillera through the Tapas platform, which saw sales increase five times last year. They recently hired former DC Comics Executive Editor Michele R. Wells as Chief Content Officer and are currently looking for a new Editor-In-Chief.

And at the same time, Sandy Resnick, who was also made redundant by DC Comics last year, as  International Publishing, Ad Sales & Custom Creative Studio. And he has been talking about what he worked on before he was left. He writes;

Some of the last partnerships I worked on at DC involve webtoons. While most of those are for original webtoon series in Korea and the U.S., we also arranged for Sigongsa to reformat select U.S. comics into webtoons. We started producing promotional webtoons in 2017, which were well received by younger fans who had never picked up a graphic novel. Now, DC webtoons have finally started running as regular features on KakaoPage.

I had a look at the system. It's not as good technologically as Webtoons, in my opinion, with even lower resolution. It's also full of the usual badly-drawn romance stuff, although this appears more to be oriented toward women and less "I'm so lonely and gay" than Webtoons. 

What's interesting is that Seasons has more views after two weeks on Arktoons than it gathered in two years on Webtoons. So, all in all, it appears Arkhaven is moving in the right direction at the right time and that most independent creators will find it advantageous to utilize Arktoons rather than Webtoons.

And in other Arkhaven news, we have a new illustrator on Alt-Hero for Issue #9 now that Cliff Cosmic is focused on Shade. Here is an example of illustrator Tony Hazard's take on Captain Europa and Dynamique.

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Tuesday PM Arktoons

THE AWAKENER Episode 2: One Way Trip

CHUCK DIXON'S AVALON Episode 2: The Code

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Leaving Los Angeles

The Golden Age of the Golden State is long over:

California's population fell by more than 182,000 last year, the first yearly loss ever recorded for the nation's most populous state. The decline halted a growth streak dating to its founding in 1850 on the heels of a gold rush that prompted a flood of people to seek their fortune in the West.

The figures released Friday followed last week's announcement from the U.S. Census Bureau that California would lose a congressional seat for the first time because it grew more slowly than other states over the past decade. Still, California's population of just under 39.5 million and soon-to-be 52-member congressional delegation remain by far the largest.

California's population has surged and slowed in the decades since its founding, with notable increases following World War II and the tech boom of the 1980s and '90s that put Silicon Valley on the map.

In recent years, more people have left California for other states than have moved there, a trend Republicans say is a result of the state's high taxes and progressive politics. The average sale price of a single-family home in California hit a record $758,990 in March, a 23.9% increase from a year ago.

"The numbers don't lie. People are leaving our state because it's not affordable to live here," tweeted Kevin Faulconer, the former mayor of San Diego and one of the Republican candidates hoping to unseat Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in this year's expected recall election.

But the Newsom administration says California's population decline is an outlier, blaming it on the coronavirus pandemic that turned everything upside down in 2020. In a normal year, California might have between 140,000 and 150,000 people move in from other countries. In 2020, it was just 29,000 people — a direct impact, state officials say, of the Trump administration halting new visas for much of the year.

It's a good test for how magic the dirt of California is. I, for one, tend to suspect that no one will be wishing they could all be California girls in 2050.

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Tuesday AM Arktoons

BEN GARRISON Editorial 2: Firing Squad

THE EMBER WAR Episode 2: Something Big

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The Free Speech fraud

 A former believer in free speech belatedly comes to realize that it was never anything more than an intellectual weapon designed to destabilize the Christian West by the Promethean intellectuals operating under the perverse banner of the Enlightenment.

The question is not, “Should we be absolutely free to speak?” The question is really, “Who should be the censors, and what should be censored?” We understand this intuitively, but the mantra of free speech propaganda often causes us to miss this.  

There are always blasphemy laws in any culture, even a libertine culture, where it is blasphemy to say, “That is immoral”, or “Maybe you should have self-control,” or, “Do you really need another cookie?”. We Christians and conservatives in the West fell into the trap of believing that neutrality could exist in a nation. That is, we thought a society based on a secular public sphere, allowing a freely expressed marketplace of ideas was possible. But this was always a lie, and this is why such a society didn’t last very long.

Really, those who sought to break the boundaries of what could and could not be said, were just using that as a means of usurping the Christian nature of the West, and taking power for themselves, so they could then enforce their version of blasphemy laws. Have you noticed how todays almost exclusively leftist cultural elite are not even slightly interested in encouraging the free market of ideas any more? They want no part of free speech. Why is this? Their goal of taking power has been achieved. There is no desire for the anti-establishment to let people freely continue to criticize the establishment, once they become the establishment. No, it actually becomes a threat to their systemic control.

This is not my opinion of what has happened, either, elements of society have been agitating for the disestablishment of the church for some time, and they have been utterly successful. Here in Australia, it is not uncommon to see the media go after politicians who are open in their Christian faith, even if their advocated policies are not all that Christian. The eminent historian and Medievalist, J B Bury, told us that progressives viewed free speech as a means of achieving this goal of destabilizing the Christian West.

First tradition had to be undermined, “It is only recently that men have been abandoning the belief that the welfare of a state depends on rigid stability and on the preservation of its traditions and institutions unchanged.” The process of dismantling tradition was encouraged by the effective and continued challenging of Western heritage, by the very elites who were supposed to preserve it. “DURING the last three hundred years reason has been slowly but steadily destroying Christian mythology and exposing the pretensions of supernatural revelation.”

This was not the dispassionate scientific process that it is often presented as being in the movies. Humanity did not just wake up one day in a state of “enlightenment” and determine based on scientific reason that all tradition must be rejected. It was guided in that direction, by ideologues and freedom of expression was the tool used to achieve this end. As Bury says, “…nothing should be left undone to impress upon the young that freedom of thought is an axiom of human progress.” By “human progress” Bury, and many other enlightenment thinkers really mean less Christian. Indeed, this is explicit in Bury’s A History of the Freedom of Thought, for example: “In this sense it might be said that ‘distrust thy father and mother’ is the first commandment with promise.” This is an explicitly anti-biblical command. This brings to mind Richard Dawkins misguided attempt to create a new 10 Commandments in his book The God Delusion, to replace the real ones.

These attempts to create new commandments are always foolish, because if mankind sees very little reason to follow God’s commands, why would he care about some enlightenment professors list?   

It is important to understand that freedom of expression was only ever a tool for the enlightenment anti-Church thought leaders, to replace the authority of the Church, with their own values and Dogma, and authority. Previous generations of enlightenment thinkers argued for, and even genuinely defended the principles of free speech. But once they had completely replaced the authority of scripture and the Church in guiding society, the doors began to close on anti-establishment sentiment, which Bury conceived as possible,

“It is by no means inconceivable that in lands where opinion is now free coercion might be introduced. If a revolutionary social movement prevailed, led by men inspired by faith in formulas (like the men of the French Revolution) and resolved to impose their creed, experience shows that coercion would almost inevitably be resorted to.”

Those who still champion free speech today are well-intentioned, but they are still well behind the curve, because they don't understand how it is incompatible with Western civilization, or that it was only a phase in the decline to which Western societies can never be reasonably expected to return. Now that the intellectual infection has metastasized into full-blown convergence, either it will be cured or it will kill the infected victim.

When one considers that the primary goals of the Enlightenment were to a) legalize usury and b) legalize blasphemy, it should be readily apparent that there was something deeply evil behind it. This really shouldn't have been that hard. When someone is offering you the promise of knowledge, you must always look for the snake.

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Monday, May 10, 2021

The French military warns the government

It appears the active-duty military is very much inclined to back up the retired generals who warned the French globalists about the civil war their pro-immigration, pro-Muslim policies are creating:

A group of serving French soldiers have published a new open letter warning Emmanuel Macron that the 'survival' of France is at stake after the President made 'concessions' to Islamism. 

The letter published in the right-wing magazine Valeurs Actuelles late on Sunday echoes the tone of a similar letter printed in the same magazine last month which also warned a civil war was brewing and called for military action against 'Islamists'.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, a close ally of Macron, slammed the letter as a 'crude maneouvre' and accused its anonymous signatories of lacking 'courage'.  

The previous letter, signed by 1,000 people including serving officers and some 20 semi-retired generals, warned of the 'disintegration' of France because of radical Islamic 'hordes' living in the suburbs.

The explosive letter sparked a furore in France, with Prime Minister Jean Castex called the letter an unacceptable interference while France's top general vowed that those behind it would be punished for the 'absolutely revolting' letter.

It is not clear how many people are behind the current letter or what their ranks are - and their anonymity is likely to due to the backlash faced by the authors of the previous letter, with 18 officers who signed the letter facing disciplinary action.     

In contrast to the previous letter, it is also open to be signed by the public, with Valeurs Actuelles saying more than 93,000 had done so by Monday morning.

'We are not talking about extending your mandates or conquering others. We are talking about the survival of our country, the survival of your country,' said the letter, which was addressed to Macron and his cabinet.

The authors described themselves as active-duty soldiers from the younger generation of the military, a so-called 'generation of fire' that had seen active service.

'They have offered up their lives to destroy the Islamism that you have made concessions to on our soil.'

The nations rise. Time is running out again on The Empire That Never Ended. Now you know why the politicians are so desperate to keep their lockdowns in place and prevent the wars that are rapidly approaching. It won't take much of a spark to kick things off in any of over a dozen nations.

People tend to forget that the French military has been very active throughout Africa for decades. They're small, but professional, and they're not a joke. And they are very, very unhappy about the invasion of Paris by the African and Arab migrations. I've never been to South Africa, but the most apartheid-looking thing I've ever seen was in Paris, where a pair of French gendarmes carrying machine guns watched over dozens of Africans sprawling on the grass in Jardin Nelson Mandela. If you didn't know better, you'd have thought they were prison guards.

When - not if - the generals begin to act, they will be greeted with rapturous support. Particularly by the young men, who hate the situation far more than Generation Xers can understand. All the We Are the World rhetoric as well as the concept of intrinsic white noblesse oblige are completely foreign Boomerspeak to them.

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Monday PM Arktoons

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: WAR Episode 2: Show Them How To Die #2 - To Active Duty

COSMIC WARROR Episode 2: Descendant of Adam

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The younger, the more lethal

It was always obvious that the dangers of the not-vaccine were considerably greater to the Under-70 population than Coronachan itself. Indeed, it would be hard for anything to be less dangerous, as in the last 18 months, more children under 18 were killed by bicycles, swimming pools, and curtains than by the dread Covid-19 virus. But now an Israeli expert has analyzed the Israeli vaccination data and demonstrated that the risk/reward ratio of getting the Pfizer therapy is even greater for the Under-70 population than many vaccine skeptics anticipated:

Both data bodies (Tables 1 and 2 from the Ministry of Health and the data from Dagan et al in Figure 2) were initially presented as evidence favouring vaccination. However, straightforward analyses of these data highlight adverse effects. They confirm suspicions that vaccination fragilizes the immune system of the vaccinated, not only during the vaccination process, but even after full vaccination (in Table 1, the fully vaccinated die 15 times more than the unvaccinated). The raw data on which the Dagan et al publication from Clalit is based are unavailable. These data are required for transparent independent assessment of conclusions of a publication with such consequences. Current circumstances do not live up, even from far, to this basic standard requirement. Before continuing the massive vaccination project, these adverse effects must be examined and carefully evaluated vs positive effects. 

The results on increased vaccination-induced infection rates (3-fold) and death rates (around 20 times the COVID-death rate of the unvaccinated) presented above are serious reasons to suspect that a balanced cost-benefit would not be in favour of vaccination for any risk group.  Considering only COVID19-associated increased risks during the 5-week vaccination period, vaccine-induced protection would need to be absolute, which it is not, and last much longer than the 12 months projected until the next vaccine injection is required. Including in calculations unavailable precise data on vaccine-induced increased risks unrelated to COVID19 will necessarily increase the vaccine protection period required to compensate for all vaccine-associated deaths, probably beyond 2.5 years. 

Our calculations for younger age groups predict an even more extreme and dire situation. It is long known that vaccination is not cost-effective against organisms or viruses with highly mutable genomes. RNA viruses, coronaviruses and HIV included, have the most mutable known genomes. Note that vaccine-associated risks increase proportionally to the strength of the immune system, predicting that vaccination will greatly increase the very low COVID19 risks experienced by the younger population. Extrapolations two independent available datasets confirm this prediction. The precautionary principle is the first priority of those responsible for public health and its urgent application is required at this point, especially when the whole population of a country, including its youth,  is  at  stake....

Vaccination-associated mortality risks are expected at least 20 times greater below age 20 compared to the very low COVID19-associated risks for this age group enjoying the healthiest immune system.

To summarize, vaccinated people over the age of 60 have been observed to die 14.6x more often than their unvaccinated age-peers in the first two weeks after vaccination. This is a corollary, not a causal, relationship, but it is such a strong correlation that it heavily implies at least some degree of causality.

Morever, this adverse effect is likely to be magnified as the age of the population declines, because adverse effects tend to be strongest in those with healthy immune systems due to the nature of the therapy. Since young people die less often than old people, and since the vaccinations are significantly increasing the likelihood of death in the two weeks post-initial vaccination, the analysis concludes that an inordinate number of young people are going to die after being unnecessarily vaccinated.

At this point, there is absolutely no way anyone under 40 should even consider getting the vaccination, and considering the potential adverse effects on fertility, anyone attempting to push it on women under 40 should be arrested and prosecuted.

In not-at-all-unrelated news, 57 scientists and doctors have demanded an immediate end to the mass-vaccination campaigns:

In conclusion, in the context of the rushed emergency-use-authorization of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, and the current gaps in our understanding of their safety, the following questions must be raised:

  • Is it known whether cross-reactive antibodies from previous coronavirus infections or vaccine206 induced antibodies may influence the risk of unintended pathogenesis following vaccination with COVID-19?
  • Has the specific risk of ADE, immunopathology, autoimmunity, and serious adverse reactions been clearly disclosed to vaccine recipients to meet the medical ethics standard of patient understanding for informed consent? If not, what are the reasons, and how could it be implemented?
  • What is the rationale for administering the vaccine to every individual when the risk of dying from COVID-19 is not equal across age groups and clinical conditions and when the phase 3 trials excluded the elderly, children and frequent specific conditions?
  • What are the legal rights of patients if they are harmed by a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine? Who will cover the costs of medical treatment? If claims were to be settled with public money, has the public been made aware that the vaccine manufacturers have been granted immunity, and their responsibility to compensate those harmed by the vaccine has been transferred to the tax-payers?

In the context of these concerns, we propose halting mass-vaccination and opening an urgent pluralistic, critical, and scientifically-based dialogue on SARS-CoV-2 vaccination among scientists, medical doctors, international health agencies, regulatory authorities, governments, and vaccine developers. This is the only way to bridge the current gap between scientific evidence and public health policy regarding the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. We are convinced that humanity deserves a deeper understanding of the risks than what is currently touted as the official position. An open scientific dialogue is urgent and indispensable to avoid erosion of public confidence in science and public health and to ensure that the WHO and national health authorities protect the interests of humanity during the current pandemic. Returning public health policy to evidence-based medicine, relying on a careful evaluation of the relevant scientific research, is urgent. It is imperative to follow the science.

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Monday AM Arktoons


GUN GHOUL Episode 2: Time to Die

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A Different Kind of War

Fred Rogers's children's ministry wasn't exactly what one would call conventional, and he certainly didn't win his war against the wicked medium of television. But he fought a much better fight, and fought it for far longer, than most Christians in these latter days of the latest iteration of The Empire That Never Ended. This is the 1998 article upon which the movie I mentioned on a recent Darkstream was based; it's intriguing to see both how much the movie relied upon it and where the movie departed from it in the interests of drama:

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a man took off his jacket and put on a sweater. Then he took off his shoes and put on a pair of sneakers. His name was Fred Rogers. He was starting a television program, aimed at children, called Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. He had been on television before, but only as the voices and movements of puppets, on a program called The Children's Corner. Now he was stepping in front of the camera as Mister Rogers, and he wanted to do things right, and whatever he did right, he wanted to repeat. And so, once upon a time, Fred Rogers took off his jacket and put on a sweater his mother had made him, a cardigan with a zipper. Then he took off his shoes and put on a pair of navy-blue canvas boating sneakers. He did the same thing the next day, and then the next…until he had done the same things, those things, 865 times, at the beginning of 865 television programs, over a span of thirty-one years. The first time I met Mister Rogers, he told me a story of how deeply his simple gestures had been felt, and received. He had just come back from visiting Koko, the gorilla who has learned—or who has been taught—American Sign Language. Koko watches television. Koko watches Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, and when Mister Rogers, in his sweater and sneakers, entered the place where she lives, Koko immediately folded him in her long, black arms, as though he were a child, and then … "She took my shoes off, Tom," Mister Rogers said....

The first time I called Mister Rogers on the telephone, I woke him up from his nap. He takes a nap every day in the late afternoon—just as he wakes up every morning at five-thirty to read and study and write and pray for the legions who have requested his prayers; just as he goes to bed at nine-thirty at night and sleeps eight hours without interruption. On this afternoon, the end of a hot, yellow day in New York City, he was very tired, and when I asked if I could go to his apartment and see him, he paused for a moment and said shyly, "Well, Tom, I'm in my bathrobe, if you don't mind." I told him I didn't mind, and when, five minutes later, I took the elevator to his floor, well, sure enough, there was Mister Rogers, silver-haired, standing in the golden door at the end of the hallway and wearing eyeglasses and suede moccasins with rawhide laces and a flimsy old blue-and-yellow bathrobe that revealed whatever part of his skinny white calves his dark-blue dress socks didn't hide. "Welcome, Tom," he said with a slight bow, and bade me follow him inside, where he lay down—no, stretched out, as though he had known me all his life—on a couch upholstered with gold velveteen. He rested his head on a small pillow and kept his eyes closed while he explained that he had bought the apartment thirty years before for $11,000 and kept it for whenever he came to New York on business for the Neighborhood. 

I sat in an old armchair and looked around. The place was drab and dim, with the smell of stalled air and a stain of daguerreotype sunlight on its closed, slatted blinds, and Mister Rogers looked so at home in its gloomy familiarity that I thought he was going to fall back asleep when suddenly the phone rang, startling him. "Oh, hello, my dear," he said when he picked it up, and then he said that he had a visitor, someone who wanted to learn more about the Neighborhood. "Would you like to speak to him?" he asked, and then handed me the phone. "It's Joanne," he said. I took the phone and spoke to a woman—his wife, the mother of his two sons—whose voice was hearty and almost whooping in its forthrightness and who spoke to me as though she had known me for a long time and was making the effort to keep up the acquaintance. When I handed him back the phone, he said, "Bye, my dear," and hung up and curled on the couch like a cat, with his bare calves swirled underneath him and one of his hands gripping his ankle, so that he looked as languorous as an odalisque. There was an energy to him, however, a fearlessness, an unashamed insistence on intimacy, and though I tried to ask him questions about himself, he always turned the questions back on me, and when I finally got him to talk about the puppets that were the comfort of his lonely boyhood, he looked at me, his gray-blue eyes at once mild and steady, and asked,

"What about you, Tom? Did you have any special friends growing up?"

"Special friends?"

"Yes," he said. "Maybe a puppet, or a special toy, or maybe just a stuffed animal you loved very much. Did you have a special friend like that, Tom?"

"Yes, Mister Rogers."

"Did your special friend have a name, Tom?"

"Yes, Mister Rogers. His name was Old Rabbit."

"Old Rabbit. Oh, and I'll bet the two of you were together since he was a very young rabbit. Would you like to tell me about Old Rabbit, Tom?"

It's not unusual that a child with a difficult experience growing up will transform that experience into strength, or even into something resembling a psychological superpower. But it's very rare to see that sort of strength utilized in such a kind, positive, and focused manner. 

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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Sunday PM Arktoons

Episode 2 of CHICAGO TYPEWRITER: Poe's Oddities

Episode 2 of SWAN KNIGHT SAGA: Bring Forth Your Tribute

We're also pleased to note that Bounding Into Comics has launched a weekly Arktoons roundup, featuring a brief analysis of the best comics of the previous week.

Arkhaven’s most popular title is from the Brazilian powerhouse Super Prumo Comics. 

I could start with the word, “stark,” and then work my way down the synonyms in powerthesaurus but I’ll stick with, “stark.”  This book is shockingly stark.  

Life-crushing, starvation-making, soul-rending Communism should have been thrown on the ash heap of the 20th century as an abject failure.  Everyone knows that it has always resulted in poverty, brutal oppression, and deaths in the millions.

Instead, it’s on the rise again. The countries that resisted its call during the twentieth century seem determined to follow this blood-soaked road once again on the grounds that, “Communism is actually fine, it just hasn’t been done right, yet.” One wonders when it’s finally done right, will there be anyone left on Earth at all?

I’m only three issues in on this series by Luciano Cunha and I’m saying it now.  This one might finally be the new Watchmen.

UPDATE: This description of Arktoons by a daily reader would make for good advertising: "Every day I check the site, and every day I want more."

Spread the word. Word of mouth is how Arktoons will grow over time. The media certainly isn't going to provide any assistance in this regard.

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How dare you talk back to Starbucks!

Starbucks is threatening to flounce away from Facebook because communication runs both ways:

'Starbucks is in the process of evaluating their organic presence on FB, and whether they should continue to have a presence on the platform at all,' a Facebook employee wrote to their colleagues earlier this week. 'Anytime they post (organically) in regards to social issues or their mission & values work (e.g. BLM, LGBTQ, sustainability/climate change, etc.) they are overwhelmed by negative/insensitive, hate speech related comments on their posts.' 

The Facebook employee said that Starbucks was having problems moderating the avalanche of hate speech, and was unable to disable comments on their page. 

It's great that people refuse to let a wicked coffee company lecture them about how good is evil and evil is good. But it would be even better if people would stop buying coffee from them.

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Diversity for thee

Disney has implemented Critical Race Theory for all of its operations and employees:

I knew Disney was going downhill fast but they have hit the Nitro button and thrown a lead brick on the accelerator.

A blockbuster leak of internal Disney training documents has hit the web. And at first, I honestly, thought they had to be fake. There was no way in hell Disney could sink this far, this fast. But the Disney watermarks have been clearly identified on these docs by independent corroboration. They are absolutely authentic Internal Disney documents.

Mickey the Great and Terrible has gone full-on Anti-White!

“The Walt Disney Company is engaging in divisive critical race theory and are allegedly having employees complete a “privilege checklist” while asking them to not engage in “white dominant culture.”

Disney’s internal documents include wording that seems to say “that white employees should “defund the police,” “participate in reparations,” “decolonize your bookshelf,” “don’t gentrify neighborhoods,” “find and join a local ‘white space,’” and “donate to anti-white supremacy work such at your local Black Lives Matter chapter.”

The second article encourages parents to commit to “raising race-consciousness in children” and argues that “even babies discriminate” against members of other races.”

Disney recommends that employees read a how-to guide called “75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice.” The article tells readers to “defund the police,” “participate in reparations,” “decolonize your bookshelf,” and “find and join a local ‘white space.

Finally, Disney has launched racially segregated “affinity groups” for minority employees, with the goal of achieving “culturally-authentic insights.” The Latino group was named “Hola,” the Asian group was named “Compass,” and the black group was named “Wakanda.”

We can only presume that the affinity group for the judeochristian minority is called "the Board of Directors". Diversity for thee, but not for me, saith the Devil Mouse. To precisely no one's surprise, Disney doesn't appear to be at all concerned about diversity when it comes to a statistically improbable overrepresentation of a certain persuasion in the executive ranks of the companies it owns.

“Disney recommends that employees read a how-to guide called “75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice.” The article tells readers to “defund the police,” “participate in reparations,” “decolonize your bookshelf,” and “find and join a local ‘white space.’

In other words, don't let any current or former Devil Mouse employees join your organization, even if it's just a casual interest group. They're literally training infiltrators to infest and converge every non-converged interest group. 

The good news is that the self-destruction of the Devil Mouse and its devotion to the Wicked, the Ugly, and the Lie is only going to create more opportunities for Arkhaven and other entertainment companies that support white, Christian, and nationalistic civilization. As Bob Marley vowed, Babylon is going to fall... again.

Come we go burn down Babylon one more time

Come we go chant down Babylon one more time

For them soft! Yes, them soft! (ah-yoy!)

Them soft! Yes, them soft! (ah-yoy!)

So come we go chant down Babylon, one more time

Men see their dreams and aspiration

Crumble in front of their face

And all of their wicked intention

To destroy the human race.

Come we go draw down Babylon, one more time.

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Sunday AM Arktoons

Episode 2 of AI WARS: Biological Terrorist

Episode 2 of BOVODAR & THE BEARS: Two Strangers Stole Our Ham

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Criminalizing Christianity

That is the goal. And no amount of "free speech" or "free expression" is going to serve as even a modicum of protection for those who preach the Gospel or even speak the truth:

A school secretly reported its chaplain to the anti-terrorism Prevent programme after he delivered a sermon defending the right of pupils to question its introduction of new LGBT policies.

The Reverend Dr Bernard Randall told pupils at independent Trent College near Nottingham that they were allowed to disagree with the measures, particularly if they felt they ran contrary to Church of England principles.

Among them was a plan to ‘develop a whole school LGBT+ inclusive curriculum’.

Having decided that Dr Randall’s sermon was ‘harmful to LGBT’ students, the school flagged him to Prevent, which normally identifies those at risk of radicalisation.

Police investigated the tip-off but advised the school by email that Dr Randall, 48, posed ‘no counter terrorism risk, or risk of radicalisation’. Derbyshire Police confirmed that the case ‘did not meet the threshold for a Prevent referral’.

But in a disturbing development, Dr Randall, a former Cambridge University chaplain and Oxford graduate, claims that the school later told him that any future sermons would be censored in advance.  

He also claims that he was warned his chapel services would be monitored ‘to ensure that... requirements are met’. Dr Randall was later dismissed.

In Canada, a pastor was arrested yesterday. This is what becomes inevitable once a formerly Christian society becomes "inclusive" and is convinced to give up its blasphemy laws and permit "freedom of religion".

No society ruled by liars can permit the truth to be told. And the governments of the West are increasingly ruled by those who worship the Prince of Lies. 

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Saturday, May 08, 2021

Better learn to plumb

Forget space. Forget science. At this point, indoor plumbing is rapidly on the way out.

President Joe Biden has now taken the push for “diversity” in STEM to a new level. His candidate to head the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, the largest funder of the physical sciences in the U.S., is a soil geologist at the University of California, Merced. She has no background in physics, the science of energy, or the energy sector. She has never held a position as a scientific administrator. The typical head of DOE’s Office of Science in the past has had managerial authority in the nation’s major physics labs and has been a physicist himself, Science reports. The new nominee’s only managerial experience consists of serving since 2020 as an interim associate dean of UC Merced’s graduate division.

Asmeret Asefaw Berhe is, however, a black female who has won “accolades for her work to promote diversity in science,” as Science puts it. Berhe would be the first black woman to head the $7 billion office, and that is reason enough, according to the diversity mantra, why she should oversee X-ray synchrotrons, the development of nuclear weapons, and ongoing research on nuclear fusion.

One guess what type of "science" is going to be the only kind getting funding going forward. You'll have a better chance of getting a major grant if you're an astrologist or a witch doctor who claims to be able to heal herpes than if you're a physicist or a geneticist. Of course, the latter will still be funded by the military. The US may not have working toilets in ten years, but at least there is a reasonable chance at functional bioweaponry.

I thought Diversity was just ridiculous back when I first heard it being bandied about my 99-percent white university campus in the late 1980s. Now it appears to be the most aggressively dyscivilizational concept since feminism.

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Saturday PM Arktoons

Episode 2 of QUANTUM MORTIS: Get Your Bang On

Episode 2 of CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: COMEDY: Plastic Man - This is the Life

For those who have not been following along, the Quantum Mortis series has begun with a tale from Graven Tower's military career in the Rhysalani Space Marines, which preceded his job as a military policeman with MCID-XAR on Rhysalan itself.

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Gov. Cerno

That would certainly make for an interesting twist in the world of California politics:

A poll of registered voters in California published last week had three percent of respondents selecting Cernovich as the most likely person they would support to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom in the event of a gubernatorial recall. Republican candidate Caitlyn Jenner received five percent.

“You’re a viable gubernatorial candidate out in California, which is super cool,” Marlow stated. “You’re polling at three percent, despite the fact you’re not in the race. Do you have any reaction to that?”

Cernovich replied, “I thought it was like a prank or something at first, so I looked and it was a legitimate poll and I thought that was pretty revealing of the time. People want a little bit of excitement today. 

Marlow inquired, “Do you think it’s a possibility? Are you considering it?”

Cernovich replied, “Well I’ve definitely been considering it. If anything, for no other reason than to push the issues. … There’s still this mass denial that [politicians] seem to have where they don’t know what the people want. The people whose job it is in the GOP to win elections — to run people, to run messaging — they still don’t get it. They really are in denial about what is exciting, what people are hyped for, [and] what gets people to vote.”

I certainly wouldn't hesitate to vote for him, were I a California resident. Among other things, he'd definitely sign SB 762 into law. 


Saturday AM Arktoons

Episode 2 of CLOCKWORK DANCER: Clockwork Creations

Episode 2 of SEASONS: Why Are You Smiling?

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Outkick the ticket

Clay Travis celebrates being bought by the Murdoch Cube:

So how do you get kids, who have tremendous advantages you didn’t have, to work hard and compete in the future? That’s what I’m going to spend the next 10-15 years working on with my boys. And it’s a new concern that I’m grappling with right now.

But after we signed the papers to sell OutKick, I turned to my wife and told her there would never be any kids, grandkids or great-grandkids who had to worry about money during our lifetimes. (They all may blow it after we die.) And that was a pretty incredible moment to have as parents, and hopefully future grandparents and great-grandparents too.

I also told my wife that since she’s going to live to be over 100 years old and I think I’m probably going to die around 51 years old from working too much that she’s going to be a really rich widow for a long time.

On the one hand, you can't fault an entrepreneur for living the dream. Selling out is the original objective for most startups. On the other hand, if you're preaching about the importance of independent media, being your own boss, and the evils of the corrupt mainstream media, then how on Earth can you justify selling out to the very people responsible for the problem in the first place? It's not merely hypocritical, it's outright wrong.

Anyhow, I thought this graphic below was an interesting comparison. Note that SimilarWeb seriously underestimates VP's pageviews - which according to Google were over 8 million in January - but I assume it does the same for everyone, so it's the relative aspect that matters. Fortunately, no media company is interesting in acquiring VP and I have absolutely no interest in taking any tickets. Among other things, I know how fast what appears to be "generational money" can vanish, even during the founder's lifetime. You may be able to outkick the coverage, but once you take it, you can't outkick the ticket.

By the way, at 6:39, the Avg. Visit Duration on Arktoons is already 2.27x longer than Outkick and nearly twice as long as here. And that's only going to increase, as we add more series over time.

UPDATE: Jason Whitlock explains why he left Outkick. And in doing so, he left no question about Travis not only being a ticket-taker, but one who already managed to get played by a partner who sounds shady in the extreme:
Clay and our third partner, Sam Savage, misrepresented the business of OutKick. Both Clay and Sam told me directly (and my lawyer in writing) that Sam’s equity stake in OutKick was contingent on Sam investing $500,000. Shortly after I arrived at OutKick, my lawyer was told that things were going so well financially that Sam no longer needed to invest $500,000 to get an equity stake in OutKick. 

I objected. I confronted Clay and Sam about it. Clay said that he didn’t want to waste time or energy pursuing Sam’s investment. 

I found this preposterous and baffling. My equity in OutKick was based on “sweat.” I believe my “sweat” is far more valuable than Sam’s. Sam, of course, disagreed. He told me that my arrival at OutKick was a “kick in the nuts” and that all three of us should own one-third of OutKick. 

Sam refused to pay the $500,000 and his consulting firm, Savage Ventures, charged OutKick $42,000 a month for work that I deemed amateur. In my view, Sam Savage, the person with the smallest stake in OutKick and the least amount of value, exercised the most control over the company. 

Given with whom he partnered, it's clear that Travis was always looking to sell Outkick despite his nonstop talk about the importance of independence. I doubt he was ever anything more than a pedestrian financial grifter looking for the big strike. Whitlock did well to get out when he did. What profit it a man and all that.

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Friday, May 07, 2021

The essence of SJW

Titania McGrath distills it down to a 180-proof level as she takes on the evils of institutional racism in Britain:

The government’s new “Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities” has issued a report intended to gaslight us into believing that we are not living in a fascist state. My lived experience tells me otherwise, and that is surely far more reliable than “facts” or “evidence”.

As critics have noted, the report makes the astonishing claim that racism no longer exists in the UK. I mean, it doesn’t technically say that (it actually says that “racism still exists in the UK” and “has no place in any civilised society”) but we all know what the report’s writers were secretly thinking.

Anyway, the substance of the report is beside the point. Unless it confirms everything that I have already decided is true, it has absolutely no value whatsoever and all copies should be destroyed.

So brave. So stunning. So necessary


Friday PM Arktoons

Episode 2 of SHADE, Legacy, and Episode 2 of RIGHT HO, JEEVES, A Gentleman is Employed, are now live on Arktoons.

To keep the perpetual production machine rolling, subscribe to Arktoons.

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An informative choice of words

To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to learn Dominic Cummings occasionally reads this blog. He's by far the smartest man in British politics today. It would be fascinating to see what would happen if Cummings were to team up with Nigel Farage and provide the UK with an actual pro-British party with the sense to encourage Scottish independence.

Mr Cummings offered his own analysis today, accusing Sir Keir of being too focused on the Westminster Bubble.

'KS is a beta-lawyer-gamma-politician, like ~all in SW1 he obsesses on Media Reality not Actual Reality, he’s played the lobby game (badly) for a year WITHOUT A MESSAGE TO THE COUNTRY, now the pundits will a) savage him, b) tell him he needs to focus on them more, more exclusives,' he wrote.

'A measure of how bad KS is: until I googled yesterday I didn’t know who Shadow CHX (Chancellor - Anneliese Dodds) is & when I looked at photo I had 0 recognition, she never touched my consciousness in a year.'

What I find interesting about the Labour Party meltdown in yesterday's by-election in a longtime Labour stronghold is the fact that the British media hasn't whispered a word about the fact that Labour has spent most of the last 18 months leading up to the by-election dedicated to rooting out supposed anti-Semites from its leadership. This silence is particularly striking in light of the fact that for months, that's about the only thing the British media was talking about besides Corona-chan.

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I do not want to take the vaxx

Would you, could, in a car?

Take them, take them, here they are!

I would not, could not, in a car.

I will not take them, near or far!

Would you, could you, with a fox?

I would not, could not, with a fox.

I will not rot inside a box.

Would you, could you, with a nurse?

I would not, could not, with a nurse.

I do not wish to ride a hearse.

UPDATE: This is not an invitation to demonstrate that you do not understand the concepts of poetic meter and rhythm. And FFS, don't be the little boy at the wedding who tries to follow up the joke that gets a big laugh by repeating the same joke.

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Friday AM Arktoons

Episode 2 of HYPERGAMOUSE, A Piece of Cheese, and Episode 2 of DYNAMITE THOR, The Force of Dynamite are now live on Arktoons.

In addition to the image-format speedup, which will significantly improve performance for readers on slow mobile connections, episodes now have numbers and publishing dates.

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Bill Gates didn't kill himself

One of the things that becomes clear about the success of Bill Gates with Microsoft is that it was by no means assured at many steps along the way. This is well-chronicled in In Search of Stupidity. The number of sheer coincidences and terrible decisions by competitors that were required for Bill Gates to become so massively successful with someone else's software on someone else's hardware platform were astonishing.

And remember, this is the guy who didn't even mention the Internet in his book The Road Ahead. So we're not talking about a supergenius with great foresight here. Now there are a growing number of signs that his success, like that of so many other ticket-takers, was entirely manufactured for him.

Melinda Gates warned her husband Bill against any further contact with Jeffrey Epstein after the couple had an uncomfortable meeting with the convicted sex offender, according to a new report.

Melinda was 'furious' at Bill's relationship with Epstein after the couple visited the predator's Upper East Side townhouse in September 2013, people familiar with the matter told the Daily Beast.  

The meeting proved a turning point in Bill's relationship with Epstein, after Melinda expressed how uncomfortable she was with the sex offender and said she wanted nothing to do with him, the sources said....

In March 2013, Gates flew on Epstein's private plane - the aircraft that has been dubbed the 'Lolita Express' because it was allegedly used to traffic young girls. Bridgitt Arnold, a spokesperson for Gates, told the Times that Gates was not aware that the plane belonged to Epstein.

In September of that year, Gates and Epstein met for dinner in New York to discuss philanthropy, according to Arnold -- possibly the same meeting attended by Melinda, triggering her fury. 

Just a few more of those inexplicable coincidences, right? It was just two fake billionaires who happened to be billionairing together. But if there is one thing we learned from The X-Files, it's that there are no coincidences.

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Thursday, May 06, 2021

Convergence here, convergence there

 Convergence pretty much everywhere. A pair of readers email about their recent run-ins with organizational convergence:

I ran a fan channel on YouTube, Owen Benjamin Digest, that reposted clips from you, Owen and more recently Stefan. Since I really want to help spread awareness, I have made sure to adhere to every single Promethean rule that YouTube imposes on its content creators, and cut out some of your most enlightening pieces as a compromise. Moreover, I spent grueling weekends trying to appeal to Christian men on YouTube by remixing your and Stef's interviews with wholesome, family friendly rap beats, just to really bring home the message. It was fun, educational and really spread the gospel.

Despite that, the channel, hundreds of subscribers, dozens of hours of highlights, days and days of work, got terminated today, and my appeal was struck down within minutes. I am absolutely positive that it is solely because your names were included in the titles of the videos, and they have some evil desire to wipe you, Owen, Stef all of us, off the internet. It is a literal digital Holocaust! 

If you mention any of the Names That Shall Not Be Mentioned, the SJWs will do their best to ensure the minds under their control neither see nor hear them.

I just wanted to inform you about the incredibly reasonable requests which the student government at the U of MN - TC are making. One example includes the eminently just policy which allows "No-excuse-required extensions on assignments for Black and Muslim students, along with those who protested in favored causes". Convergence is here; convergence is there; convergence is increasing everywhere!  

Of course, one can't reasonably expect blacks or muslims to do their work on time. That would be racist or something. It's fascinating to see that those who literally argue that non-Europeans can't be expected to do their homework don't grasp what that implies for when those same non-European college graduates will be required to keep the lights on and the toilets flushing. 

One guess what's going to happen. Just one guess....

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Thursday Arktoons

ASCENDANT: Episode 2, Transfiguration

ALT★HERO: Q: Episode 2, Reassignment

A THRONE OF BONES: Episode 2, Our True Vocation

FLYING SPARKS: Episode 2, Secret Lives

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: ADVENTURE: The Frogmen: Episode 2, Dangerous Discoveries 

The dev team is also pleased to announce that the image processing time has been decreased by a factor of around 10x. If you were on mobile or a slow connection, you may have noticed that the images will pop up much faster now even though they are still high-resolution.

This is a result of switching the image display from PNG to a newer and more efficient file format that is supported by most, though not all, modern browsers. The Arktoons engine is now smart enough to determine whether your browser supports it or not, and if not, dials up either a PNG or a JPG that it can support. So, the problem some people were seeing on the first day, where no images appear in the episodes, should be resolved.

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In case you weren't sure he's fake

 The Fake Pope lies - blatantly - about the nations.

Pope Francis on Thursday denounced “aggressive” nationalism that rejects migrants, and said Catholics should follow the Gospel-mandated call for an inclusive, welcoming church that doesn’t distinguish between “natives and foreigners, residents and guests.”

Francis made the appeal in his annual message for migrants and refugees. He said the current pandemic had shown how the concept of the human family had been “fragmented, wounded and disfigured,” with the poorest and most marginalized paying the highest price.

The universal “we," he said, “is crumbling and cracking due to myopic and aggressive forms of nationalism and radical individualism.”

He demanded that Catholics in particular actually act “catholic” in the universal sense, noting that migrants and refugees enrich the faith, the church and one another.

There is no "Gospel-mandated call" that rejects the nations. To the contrary, God promises that the nations will endure to the end. It is the Devil who constantly preaches the unity of Man and attempts to destroy the nations through the false promises of wealth through free trade and charity through submission to invasion.

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Castalia Library May update


This Castalia Library subscriber has clearly been blessed by the shipping gods. But it offers conclusive evidence to support the idea that the Castalia Library can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Franklin Library without shame. First, while the bindery's new shipping system appears to have sorted out the international issues, we're still in the process of figuring out the past problems, which is why both the Library and Libraria editions of THE DIVINE COMEDY are now out of stock. We need to make sure we've got sufficient quantities of both in hand just in case any shipments that went awry are lost.

Second, HEIDI is being printed now, and will almost certainly ship before SUMMA ELVETICA. Producing a signed edition seemed like a good idea at the time, but has introduced various complications and delays that we would have been wiser to avoid.

Third, for the next week, you can order the complete set of the Junior Classics in leather, or if you prefer, volumes one through three in leather. We're about to print the first three volumes and place orders for the leather, so we need to determine the final numbers. If you still haven't received the regular hardcovers yet, this is neither the time or the place to inform us of that, as we're going to work on that issue the week after next.

And fourth, the current Library subscription book for May-June is DISCOURSES ON LIVY by Niccolo Machiavelli. This is, in my opinion, by far Machiavelli's most important work, far surpassing both THE PRINCE and THE ART OF WAR in its historical and intellectual significance. I've read it in both Italian and English, and we've chosen the 1882 translation by Christian E. Detmold for its accuracy and clarity.

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Money cannot compensate

When it comes to intersexual relations, money is a force multiplier. It is not a complete replacement for any element of attraction. Didactic Mind considers the Gates divorce from the perspective of the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy:

First among these is that money CANNOT compensate for Gammatude. It doesn’t matter how rich, wealthy, or influential you are – if you are a hardcore Gamma, this will show through eventually and inevitably. The list of such men goes on at some length – Jeff Bezos, Harvey Weinstein, Harry the Ginger Whinger, and now Bill Gates. And, in the case of Weinstein, the Gammatude has devastating consequences for those women unfortunate enough to be caught up in his web of influence and corruption.

The second, related, lesson has to do with an old maxim of Roissy’s from back in the day. Essentially, the sum of testosterone in a marriage equals the sum of oestrogen. A low-T man like Bill Gates will eventually end up with a low-E woman. By contrast, a high-T man will inevitably end up with a high-E woman.

Case in point: Hazy history of Melania Trump's immigration status raises ...

The third lesson can be found in the key phrase, “irretrievably damaged”, used in the statement to describe the couple’s separation. Think about it from Bill’s point of view. He is one of the richest, most powerful, most influential men on the entire planet. He has deceived himself into thinking that he is on a quest to save Mankind from itself. And his best buddies are all liberal, progressive, right-on loonie gazillionaires like him – and every single one of them has the approximate musculature of a chipmunk. (Even Jeff Bezos isn’t in that great shape, these days.)

Yet, even then, he knows, somewhere deep down, that he can do better than what he has. He could buy himself a harem of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful Eastern European women to rival King Solomon’s, but he stays with a woman whose best days are thirty years in the past.

Would you be able to avoid straying under those circumstances? Especially given the reputation that Melinda Gates has for being an unpleasant ball-buster?

That’s not me saying this about Melinda Gates, by the way: Given her appearance, I can WELL believe it, though.

The overriding lesson of all of this remains the same for all men, of any age:

Money, power, and influence do not make up for innate Gamma traits, and never will. The ONLY way out of that particular Hell is through relentless, focused, careful, structured self-improvement.

Money is just a tool. And the love of it is the root of all evil. So never, ever, rely upon it for anything, especially not as a foundation for your relationships.

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