Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mailvox: head games

MC is convinced that the church is lying to women:

I'm not a feminist, I'm a stay-at-home-mom and babysat my g-child her first 5 years. I believed in the submission misteaching for a long time, then I learned: The Bible says the man is the head of the *woman,* not of the household.

Moreover, the word *head* is from a Greek word meaning *source*, not leader.Furthermore, the whole passage starts with submission to one another, and includes men submitting to wives, honoring them so their prayers be not hindered. Please read 10 Lies the Church Tells Women and/or see some insights into the Greek.

So, what can we logically conclude from this supposedly corrected teaching?

1. Jesus Christ being the "head" of the church grants him no authority over the church or leadership within it.

2. Since men are to submit to their wives, this relieves women of the burden of submitting to her husband in all things, of obeying him, of not denying him sexually and so forth. One wonders, of course, how the "mutually submissive" can explain the need for one equal partner to obey the other.

3. There is no leader within a household.

4. There is no special relationship between husband and wife, since Christians are also told to submit to one another outside the marriage relationship.

I can't imagine how this interpretation could possibly lead to weakened marriages and an enervated Christian Church, can you? Take a shot as to who has produced this defense of an "equal partners" doctrine, I mean, you'd never guess it was ordained female ministers, would you?

Who we are... We're three women from Texas--Barbara Collins, Gay Anderson and Pat Joyce. Barbara and Gay came to the Lord in the 60's and Pat in the 70's. Although we are all ordained ministers, we have found our identity in Him; and He's been our life since we first met Him. On this basis, we would like to share some of the truths we have discovered.

I just wonder if they ignore the bits about women being silent in the church and the various restrictions on church leadership positions as being a) cultural traditions, b) a misinterpretation of Paul's supposed sarcasm, or c) Paul's sexism. A glance at their site suggests (a), but the problem with this theory, of course, is that it is now completely culturally acceptable to have sex with a woman on the first date across most of what used to be known as Christendom.

By the way, the value of the teachings of these women can be readily discerned from one of the ten "lies" they list:


Women are certainly capable of spreading deception because they have a fallen nature as men do, but there is no evidence that they have greater gullibility. That view is rooted in demeaning stereotypes and prejudice.

No, that view is rooted in easily demonstrable historical fact. It is why every would-be dictator from Lenin to Mussolini has encouraged female participation in politics. There is a staggering amount of evidence that women are more gullible than men, this holds true regardless of whether one is concerned with dating or demagogues.

It is ironic that supporters of women's rights will argue with a straight face that despite their rhetoric and manifesto, the Fascists weren't truly supporters of women's rights, that Mussolini only supported women's rights in order to gain power. This is true, of course, the very minor point that they're missing there is that the scenario was not unique to historical Italy, but applies everywhere. The only reason women are still allowed to vote in the United States is that since American freedom is not yet completely eradicated, the tool cannot yet be disposed of.

What's the difference between a lesbian feminist and a Christian Jezebel? One is a Strong Independent Woman, the other is a Strong Anointed Woman. I can't imagine that there's any feminist influence in the following sentence, can you?

To associate godly women with Jezebel, a wicked Old Testament despot, is unfair and offensive, yet men in the church today often pin Jezebel's label on strong, anointed women because they feel threatened by them.

Fab-U-lous! Whining about unfairness, playing victim, launching a passive-aggressive attack... I can't believe they even dug up the old "threatened" canard! The only thing that was missing is an assertion that their critics aren't getting laid.


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