Saturday, April 15, 2006

Look up and perhaps you'll see the point

Orac misses it again:

Deep down Vox is chikcenshit. He'll wait a few days and then call Orac a girl without linking so his followers can read for themselves. That's just his way.
Posted by: LB | April 15, 2006 09:34 AM

Actually, Vox only does that when it's about a topic that he thinks he knows something about, for example, when I made fun of him for using bad Nazi analogies. When faced with incontrovertible evidence showing that he doesn't know what he's talking about, he usually stays silent. When I fisked Vox for his comments on Dan Olmsted's article about a population in Chicago that was supposedly unvaccinated and had a very low rate of autism, he never responded.
Posted by: Orac | April 15, 2006 09:55 AM

Good point, Orac. I stand corrected. He is a bigger chickenshit than I gave him credit for.
Posted by: LB | April 15, 2006 12:26 PM

Or maybe not, ladies. A simple blog search shows past links to Orac's blog. And as I have stated numerous times in the past, my opposition to the current vaccine schedule is not due to any adherence to existing theories as to WHY particular vaccines are harmful or precisely HOW they are harmful, but due to the political and legal structure behind the vaccine schedule which logically suggests that vaccines are far more harmful than parents or doctors understand.

This, combined with the way that obviously unnecessary vaccines are aggressively marketed to politicians and school districts, is far more persuasive to me than the many unscientific surveys of surveys that are used in the absence of genuine double-blind experiments with a control group to "prove" the safety of mercury in particular and various vaccines in general. The studies that Orac criticizes may well be scientifically questionable; it is certain that many of those which are cited to contrary purposes are. If Orac would like to try "fisking" away the logic of VAERS, the various related Congressional acts and the millions of dollars paid out in damages, I'll be happy to respond to that.

What's amazing about these logic-free lightweights is that they seem to think I have some inexplicable motive for opposing the vaccine schedule, when the reality is that it was the obvious dishonesty of health officials and others defending the need for the schedule that first got me interested in learning why those who were delivering what I considered to be an obvious public good should need to hide behind Congressional immunity and lying press releases.

Keep in mind, too, that unlike most Americans, I have spent a good deal of time outside of the country. So, I happen to be privy to the opinions of a number of European doctors, none of whom are in accordance with the idea that giving 20+ shots to children under the age of two likely to be entirely harmless.


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