Monday, May 15, 2006

Did he just deny the Holocaust?

Post an Apology might soon find himself in an Austrian jail:

Who SHOULD BE Sorry Now?

This idiot, Vox Day, a Christian liberaterian (whatever that is). And all of us should be verrrry careful as the immigration rhetoric gets really scary. Are you proud to be in a country that has columnists citing the ability of the Germans to "get rid of" 6 million Jews as evidence that mass deportation works? OMG.

So, is he saying that mass deportation doesn't work? Or is he saying that the Holocaust never happened?(!) Doggone it, where did I put that Anti-Defamation League hotline number, I know I have it around here someplace....

Meanwhile, RP means well, but isn't exactly likely to get what he's looking for.

I did understand your point that a removal of illegals is possible, but the use of the Holocaust as an example for how it could be done distracts extremely from the point that you were trying to make. Perhaps a better example would have been the annual removal of four million innocent children from their homes to the government schools.

I realize that you probably meant well and am very sure that you are not endorsing another Shoah. Please, for the sake of your own reputation and that of WorldNetDaily, issue an apology that admits that you were foolish to bring up the Holocaust in this case for the simple reason that, well, when you bring up the Holocaust, you have just brought up the Holocaust--and that whatever the grammar of your sentence would lead a robot reader to conclude, you have just connected illegal immigrants with Auschwitz, and for that you apologize.

For the Nth time, I could not care less what illiterates and cretins such as the sort popping up today think about me or anything else. I suspect WND is similarly indifferent. The idea that anyone should apologize for the mere mention of the Holocaust is absurd. I mean, even those Jews who were previously so quick to get their panties in a bunch over my postulating that perhaps medieval anti-semitism was not merely the result of chance took no umbrage over today's column, presumably because they are capable of reading at a functional level.

The point is simple. President Bush states that something is not possible. There is a very well-known historical example which proves otherwise. Whether one is sexually stimulated by that historical example or enjoys moral preening by condemning it more often and more loudly than his neighbor, it does not change the fact that Dear Jorge is completely wrong.

And, since it seems to have flown right over many moronic heads, I shall belabor the point of today's column. The reason I am against a border fence is because I oppose strong central governments and the obvious temptation such a fence would present to a strong central government of the sort that is now gestating in America.


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