Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Relax, folks

The WB emails:

Who edited your column? Are you pissed?

No, not at all. WND regularly edits my column, albeit usually before it appears. I actually turned this one in early, so this was clearly on Mr. Farah's orders. I happen to know that he really, really, really didn't like it.

But, to his credit, he didn't get on my case or even shake his finger at me, he merely exercised his prerogative to edit a piece that appears on his web site. His house, his rules, I have no problem with that. They killed an entire piece of mine two years ago, no one ever knew because I simply wrote another piece on a different topic and that was that.

BW is a bit irritated, however:

WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?! Here we are defending that column, and when I went to refer to it for some quotes to use in rebutting one of Ken Prescott's fallacies, it was changed. The offending comparison is removed, and, unless I'm mistaken, there are other changes. Can you provide an undedited text?

Of course. This sort of thing is one reason why I provide an alternative column archive that isn't subject to WND's concerns. The original piece, as written, is right here.

I disagree with Mr. Farah's actions, of course, just as I disagreed with his decision to panic and endorse George Bush right before the 2004 election. But you see, I am a genuine libertarian and I don't expect to control the actions of others. I have no problem with Mr. Farah's decisions and respect his right to do whatever he likes with his site.

Oso con Queso and Dan, meanwhile, suspect I did it:

Maybe it was Vox who edited the column.... I'm still leaning towards Vox having asked for the edit.

Couldn't handle the heat?

Right, that's why I've been methodically beating down the illiterates and have an unedited copy on my own site. You two are welcome to stick around, being more rational than most of my critics - you'd be surprised how many regulars started as critics, in fact, not the majority but more than a dozen - but you obviously aren't very familiar with me.


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