Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The shame, the ignominy

Andrew Sullivan gives the Malkin Award to Vox Day.

I can't imagine he has any idea how massively ironic that is. That is truly funny.

And since a few of the more ostentatious moral preeners have deigned to grace us with their presence, it would seem churlish to ignore Do Not Cross This Line's saintly statement in political correctness:

Vox's article is a feeble attempt at the ratchet effect. I'm here to ensure for my part that it fails. To explain: the ratchet effect works to make previously radical ideas acceptable and finally mainstream. The first thing you have to do is find a pivot point. Thus, Vox compares "getting rid" of 12 million people to the efficiency of Nazi extermination camps. He carefully detours around the part where the Nazis murdered people in order to establish his safe rebuttal: "I never advocated killing people. You liberals are just silly and hysterical. Godwin. You lose. Etcetera."

Yes, because getting rid of six million people is a logistical task rather similar to getting rid of 12 million people. Whether you kill them at the end or buy them all haciendas complete with margarita bars, the task is largely the same. DNCTL is correct to mention that I did not advocate killing anyone, he disingenuously neglects to mention that I didn't even advocate a massive deportation program. Since I was specific with my recommendations in the article, it's quite clear that DNCTL, like many other Medvedian morons, is more interested in throwing a hissy fit than responding to the column.

Now, the dialogue has skipped to the right, the fascist right, I might add, in a way that is acceptable. If people pick on Vox's ridiculous statements, he can always point to the donut hole he left in the middle of them where the real extreme ideas he clearly holds have been carefully elided. And people who are morally revolted by his casual comparison to Nazis can be shamed into admitting they supposedly made a knee-jerk comparison.

They should be ashamed, considering that they revealed themselves to be barely literate morons incapable of reading a 750-word column in its entirety. Given that I'm against the border fence supported by a great many Americans due to my distrust of strong central government, how does it make any sense to invent a nonexistent implication that I favor either mass slaughter or mass deportations. Especially considering that I was the foremost critic of Michelle Malkin's defense of internments past and future.

I guess there's a reason you think you're so smart, Mr. Mensa Vox, but trust me I'm not fooled. What you now intend to do along with a few hundred other bloviating fascists is establish the new ratchet point as perfectly reasonable and gradually reintroduce your hidden premises. You've already made great strides toward dehumanizing the vermin, and distracting the gabbling mass of your followers from the real crisis of leadership facing this nation. Now you can crank that ratchet a little more to the right. Un-people are just cattle, after all. We can pack them in boxcars, and if a few of them starve to death on a forced march, well they're HERE ILLEGALLY so why does it matter?

The only person fooling DNCTL is himself. He invents positions I do not hold, insists he is capable of reading my mind and indulges himself by loudly decrying a mythical beast. The fact that even my usual bete noirs knew better than to jump in with criticism should suffice to demonstrate to even the most skeptical mind that these moral preeners are simply embarrassing themselves with their farcical hysterics.

There are people who will not tolerate the crossing of this line. I've read enough history and seen enough racism in person that I have no desire to live in that world. Trust me, I'm pulling off your fucking ratchet right now and breaking it over my knee.

Well, you just put on your "racism sucks" t-shirt and feel good about yourself as the world continues to orbit the sun in complete indifference. I'm sure Mommy will pat you on the head for being such a brave little multicultural soldier. Now go and play with your toys, the adults are talking.


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