Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mailvox: on omniderigence

WB can't find it:

I've exhausted my resources (including the web) for the meaning of "omniderigence". Will you explain it's meaning, please?

Another WND columnist, too, is curious:

Hi Vox, did you invent this?

Performing universal action, providing sole and total motivation; all-acting.

I certainly did not invent the concept, I merely constructed the word to describe it. It is a word I considered to be required for describing the logical and theological fallacy of those who interpret omniscience + omnipotence to equal X, X being the singular source of will and action in the universe.

It summarizes the popular idea of God as a detail-oriented puppet master and Man being without free will, merely playing out his assigned role in God's grand master Plan. This notion of an encyclopedic Plan reduces every being, great and small, to insignificant sock puppets in God's grand self-amusement, a concept which strikes me as not only psychologically nonsensical but bordering on the unbearably silly.

Despite its popularity, omniderigence is, in my opinion, a demonstrably anti-Biblical concept. The fact that God knows the number of hairs on a head or when a sparrow dies does not necessarily require Him to personally pluck them out one-by-one, or strike down the sparrow on the oak tree instead of the one on the birch.

And while it is true that there are one or two verses that omniderigistes can turn to for support - just ask the Calvinists for their favorites if they don't spring to mind immediately - there are many, many more that can be cited in opposition. It is always amusing to see how people deal with God's declaration that He can change His mind based solely on the actions of individuals that they claim are acting according to God's will. When one finds oneself in opposition to the Lord's own prayer, one would do well to, at the very least, seriously reconsider one's position. For why pray that Our Father's will be done on Earth if it is already being done here?

Furthermore, the omniderigent position reduces Jesus Christ's frequent explanation of this world as a proving grounds; what is the point of testing for an answer that one already knows beyond any shadow of a doubt. If you think about it, omniderigence logically leads to the Gnostic heresy of a God that is not only responsible for evil, but actively wills it on a universal basis.

If you take offense at this post, there's really no point in wasting your breath atacking me. Hold true to your beliefs and take it up with the one you believe is responsible for making me write these words.


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