Monday, August 27, 2007

How much more do you need?

Unsurprisingly, evolutionists are reacting strongly to my column today. They swear up and down that there is no connection whatsoever between evolution and Communism, despite the fact that every single major Communist not only subscribed to Darwinist evolution but considered Darwin to be second only to Hegel as a pre-Marxist socialist figure.

But in case my opinion, buttressed by that of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong is not enough to convince you, there's plenty of more evidence to support my contention. This is but one petty example that came up when I was checking into what Dr. Wilkins informed us was a myth.

Present at Marx's funeral was Edward Aveling, the one man who had met both Marx and Darwin. Aveling would, later, live with Marx's daughter Eleanor, help translate Capital into English, and write expositions of Marxism and Darwinism. In 1897 Aveling would publish an article, "Charles Darwin and Karl Marx," in which,
perhaps taking his cue from Engels, he would state that there was "absolutely no contradiction whatever" between Marxism and Darwinism, and "that socialism is indeed the logical outcome of evolution, and that its strongest scientific support is derived from the teachings of Darwin."

The Contacts Between Karl Marx and Charles Darwin
Ralph Colp Jr.
Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 35, No. 2. (Apr. - Jun., 1974), pp. 329-338.

As Dr. Wilkins informed us earlier today, Edward Aveling is also the apparent source of the mistaken idea that Karl Marx wrote to Charles Darwin asking him if he would accept the dedication of Capital to him.


Blogger Ed Darrell August 15, 2013 6:11 PM  

Can you restore the comment thread that was here?

Blogger Mercy Vetsel October 07, 2013 2:12 AM  

Unbelievable! Are you really unaware of the strong anti-Darwin sentiment from the left? The communists despise to notion of human nature hard-wired in our DNA. For them all of the competition sounds too much like the free market. They believe in the blank slate and cooperation.

In the Soviet Union millions of people starved to death when the state adopted a type of Lamarckian (non-Darwinian) evolution as the official creed. "Dialectical" biology was then exported to Maoist China where millions of people starved to death as peasants were forced to implement this insanity by doing things like planting crops too densely to foster cooperation.

Have you ever read Stephen Pinker? If you look past his snide little jabs at the Old Testament, you'll notice that his view of human nature is almost perfectly in line with the Christian view and he is DESPISED by the radical fembots no matter how much fawning leftist babble he uses to dress up the core of his writing.

The same holds for other so called "Darwin fundamentalists" like Edward Wilson the author of Sociology. Darwin and Marx are fundamentally opposed and Darwin pricks the soft underbelly of left-wing thinking. Even Dawkins gets attacked by the mainstream post-modernist culturally Marxist left.

It's a shame that Pinker doesn't have the balls to break away cleanly from the left, but his book "The Blank Slate" should be a rallying cry for conservatives. He identifies three superstitions that are misinforming us (and by us he means the left):

1. The blank slate or the modern denial of human nature
2. The noble savage
3. The ghost in the machine i.e. the supernatural (thrown in to make it seem evenhanded)

So, politically the left and the right in the U.S. are BOTH ON THE WRONG SIDE of the evolution debate.


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