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Mailvox: the hierarchy of female attractiveness

A number of people have been asking me if there is a female equivalent to the Alpha-Omega scale of male socio-sexual attractiveness. I originally replied, rather facetiously, that there is a perfectly useful 1-10 scale that doesn't strain anyone's brain to comprehend, but of course, it is obvious there is more to a woman's socio-sexual rating than her raw physical beauty at a given moment. However, it wasn't until I read The Sex Risk for Women That No One Likes to Talk About that I realized how the female scale works.
As David Buss says, the modern conditions for mating may have changed significantly, but humans still employ the same sexual strategies. Of the 67 traits men seek in a committed partner, faithfulness and sexual loyalty rank as the most important in every culture ever studied.... While men seek women with promiscuity, sexual experience and high sex drive when selecting for short-term mating, they still retain the preference for a sexually inexperienced wife, or at least one who is less experienced than they are.

In the era of hooking up, this concern is exacerbated as the number of inexperienced woman has dropped dramatically. One of the things I hear most from men like Conflicted is that they have no interest in stepping in to pick up the pieces after women have been “used up” by other men. It’s insulting to their pride for obvious reasons, and many will refuse to marry if they cannot find a woman who meets their requirements.
Now, we already know that men place a high value on female beauty, so if we take into account that sexual loyalty also matters a great deal to them as well as how a woman's sexual history serves as a practical proxy for that otherwise indeterminable loyalty, we can construct a scale that should reliably describe a woman's socio-sexual attractiveness to men. The Center for Disease Control reports that women between the ages of 20 to 59 anonymously report their sexual histories as follows.

Slutty: 15+ partners: 9.4 percent
Frisky: 7-14 partners: 21.3 percent
Normal: 2-6 partners: 44.3 percent
Chaste: 0-1 partners: 25 percent

Also according to the CDC, the median number of sexual partners for women of what has lately become the normal age of marriage (25-29) is 4. The report also shows that the sexual history proxy is a reasonable one for future marital prospects; 30.8% of Chaste women are currently married and 6.5% are divorced whereas only 7.4% of Slutty women are currently married compared to 19.1% who are divorced.

To keep things relatively simple, I will next divide women into four categories based on their perceived physical beauty on the conventional 1-10 scale as follows:

Barbie: 9-10: 5 percent
Babe: 7-8: 15 percent
Jane: 4-6: 50 percent
Coyote: 1-3: 30 percent

The key thing to remember here is that men have a very binary approach to women. What they are looking for in the immediate term is almost never what they prefer in the long term. For permanent relationships, which I assume is the hierarchy of interest here, most men prefer to drop down one level on the Beauty side in favor of going up one level on the History side, the possible exception being the Alphas who put a premium on Beauty and for whom the numerical difference between Normal and Slutty is a rounding error in their own telephone book-length sexual histories.

Tier 1: Chaste Barbie, Normal Barbie, Chaste Babe
Tier 2: Frisky Barbie, Normal Babe, Chaste Jane
Tier 3: Slutty Barbie, Frisky Babe, Normal Jane
Tier 4: Slutty Babe, Frisky Jane, Chaste Coyote
Tier 5: Slutty Jane, Normal, Frisky, and Slutty Coyotes

This explains both Conflicted's negative reaction to his girlfriend's history and the Hot Wife + Herb combination that puzzles so many observers of human relationships regardless of their sex. Conflicted thought he had scored a Normal Babe, but she turned out to be a Slutty Babe. So, her value declined accordingly in his eyes to such an extent that he is contemplating ending the dating relationship and almost surely will decline to marry her. In the case of the Hot Wife + Herb, it's most likely an obvious case of a woman having her Beauty value reduced by her History value.

Now, as Spacebunny points out, these are merely general guidelines based on statistics and there are always individual exceptions. But it explains why even the prettiest porn stars don't marry Alphas and why relatively unattractive women manage to marry highly desirable men like Piers Brosnan and Matt DamonDenzel Washington. It also shows the clear choice that young women have to make between their short-term hypergamous instincts and their long-term marital prospects. And to me, one of the more interesting things is the way women tend to share this hierarchical view of their own sex with men, whereas men are often contemptuous of the smarmier sort of Alpha and simply cannot believe women put such a high value on them.

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Blogger Unknown November 05, 2012 1:45 PM  

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Blogger Unknown November 05, 2012 1:49 PM  

Very interesting. I wish that "slutty" would have been category "promiscuous", though, and I feel the like numerical categorizing is really idealistic. Most "normal" women I know have have more like six to ten partners, and a lot of women I know have had 15+, and while they may be "frisky" or "promiscuous", I think the numbers are higher for the "slutties" in these generations, unfortunately

Anonymous Voltio8836 November 27, 2012 11:56 PM  

Problems with the statistic:

1. Generational views for sluttiness. A 20 year old is an entire generation apart from a 59 year old.
Today, I wouldn't be surprised if 50% of young girls who go clubbing every weekend bring home a different guy.

2. Your case that sluttiness is a predictor of divorce rate. It does not take into account attractiveness. It is possible that the ugly ducks also happen to be not slutty which then they will obviously NOT divorce.

Anonymous Anonymous December 28, 2013 8:04 PM  

"1. Generational views for sluttiness. A 20 year old is an entire generation apart from a 59 year old.
Today, I wouldn't be surprised if 50% of young girls who go clubbing every weekend bring home a different guy."

I think it's right. I believe the statistics are about 30- old women. In most cases, 30+ old women are not attractive to the most of the 20 / 50 years old men.

Blogger Janine September 24, 2016 1:39 AM  

I think you need to re-assess your numbers here, as I have seen frisky/slutty Barbies/Babes consistently end up with much more desirable males than Normal/Chaste Janes. My observation is that guys don't put as much stock in sexual "purity" of their mates as you suggest, outside of the slut-shaming culture of the Bible Belt.

Slutty Barbies get alphas across the board. Slutty Babes get low alphas and high betas. That's what I've seen.

I agree with the other commenter that if you remove the women-over-40 demographic from your calculations, you'll find that the average woman has closer to ten sexual partners in her lifetime. Big-city America just doesn't sweat sexual experience anymore. In fact, many guys prefer the experience-without-baggage thing because it makes women better in bed, and because they know that, unlike the red pill dogma would have you irrationally believe, being in a lot of relationships does not "use her up" or "age her" or make her "hit the wall" any sooner.

Anonymous marzipan January 29, 2017 11:31 AM  

I prefer to characterize myself as a sigma female rather than a chaste babe.

Blogger John Best. May 02, 2018 6:47 AM  

I am having difficulties with a chased barbie at the moment. I am a omega/gamma depending if I am at the party or not. She slept with one Alpha one time, and it totally destroyed her value to me. It is like she went from being a 10 across the board, 10 in terms of look (she was a model), is part of a very rich aristocratic family in Britain and 145 IQ, to none of that having any value. I would choose a chased virgin Jane over her. If I get with the barbie I am going to have to destroy the alpha who used her.

Blogger antsy May 02, 2018 1:11 PM  

lol well I'm average looking and still a virgin and have never been on a date or close to getting married (I'm 30!) whilst my highly promiscuous friends have all been happily married for several years so this is complete and utter bull...

Blogger AdriannaDumas August 02, 2018 12:36 PM  

Though you made some good points, it would make more sense to use the same scale (alpha, beta, etc) to describe women. Attractiveness and sexual partners are not the only factors. First of all, anyone can lie about the number of people they've been with. I think what that really gets at is the "baggage" the woman brings into the relationship and the facility in which she forms (and breaks) attachments with men.

Blogger BitchyRestingFace December 14, 2019 2:56 AM  

I ponder that perhaps "promiscuous" women can sometimes give off a "crazy/unstable/baggage" vibe, is because of the phenomenon known as "male microchimersim in the female brain". I guess it's a way of saying that female promiscuity (most especially when unprotected) could lead to a kind of "sexually induced schizophrenia".

Blogger Ravage March 25, 2021 10:49 AM  

"merely general guidelines based on statistics and there are always individual exceptions."

@antsy You're perception of your own individual life experience does not hold any sway on statistics in general.

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