Friday, December 23, 2011

Vibrancy in the Valley

VDH writes about the many benefits that the vibrancy of immigration has brought to rural California:
In short, all the stuff of civilization — municipal buildings, education, religion, transportation, recreation — seems under assault in the last year by the contemporary forces of barbarism. After several thefts of mail, I ordered a fortified, armored mailbox. I was ecstatic when I saw the fabricator’s Internet ad: On the video, someone with an AK-47 emptied a clip into it; the mail inside was untouched. I gleefully said to myself: “That’s the one for me.” And it has been so far. But I wonder: Do the thieves not like to get their own mail? Do their children not play Little League? Do they not want a priest at their funeral? Would they not like to drive their cars without worrying about holes in the street? Or is their thinking that a rich society can cover for their crimes without their crimes’ ever much affecting them — given that most others still do not act as they do?

I know it is popular to suggest that as we reach our sixties, everything seems “worse,” and, like Horace’s laudatores temporis acti, we damn the present in comparison to the past. Sorry, it just isn’t so. In 1961, 1971, and 1981, city street lights were not systematically de-wired. And the fact that plaques and bells of a century’s pedigree were just now looted attests that they all survived the Great Depression, the punks of the 1950s, and the crime-ridden 1970s.

A couple now in their early 90s lives about three miles away from me on their small farm. I have known them for 50 years; he went to high school with my mother, and she was my Cub Scout leader. They now live alone and have recently been robbed nine, yes, nine, times. He told me he is thinking of putting a sign out at the entrance to his driveway: “Go away! Nothing left! You’ve already taken everything we have.” Would their robbers appreciate someone else doing that to their own grandparents? Do the vandals have locks on their own doors against other vandals?

There is indeed something of the Dark Ages about all this. In the vast rural expanse between the Sierras and the Coast Ranges, and from Sacramento to Bakersfield, our rural homes are like stray sheep outside the herd, without whatever protection is offered by the density of a town. When we leave for a trip or just go into town, the predators swarm.
Meanwhile, the Republicans and Democrats alike support policies that will ensure even more Hispanics enter the country. They pretend that the division between legal and illegal immigration is significant in any way, but the issue is not HOW people are entering the country but WHO is doing so.

Perhaps it is racist to assert that a sane and self-interested people would refuse to permit the mass entry of Somalis, Mexicans, and other semi-civilized peoples. But whether it is or not is entirely irrelevant. A clear choice was presented to the American people some fifty years ago. Americans had the option of living in a low-crime, homogenous, functioning civilization or a high-crime, heterogeneous, dysfunctional, post-civilized barbarism.

They chose the latter. And now they are only beginning to enjoy the fruits of vibrancy.



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