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The cults of faux science

Jenkins, Thiele, and Douthat need not worry. There is no deficit of cults these days, they simply tend to sell themselves in the "science" market rather than the "religion" market. As Steve Sailer observes correctly, this is hardly new:
Today, for example, it seems obvious that Freudianism was a cult, but it was treated with immense respect in post-WWII America. Vladimir Nabokov had the aristocratic self-assurance to scoff publicly and repeatedly at Freud, but how many other men of reputation dared?

For example, few called Stephen Jay Gould a cult leader, but the man who told his followers — “Say it five times before breakfast tomorrow; more important, understand it as the center of a network of implication: ‘Human equality is a contingent fact of history’” — can perhaps be understood as the type of soothsayer who tries to hijack the prestige of science for his own anti-scientific purposes in the tradition of Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Ayn Rand, and L. Ron Hubbard.
Indeed, how can one possibly look at either the global climate change cult or the "marriage equality" cult or the magic geography cult or the politically correct pinkshirts and conclude that people are any less disinclined to believe in bizarre and obvious nonsense than 100 or 200 years ago? To say nothing of Keynesianism, which is quite literally nothing more than Freudian concepts applied to economics.

It's a little surprising that no one ever notices the link between Freud and Keynes, but this is most likely because it seems almost no one besides me ever seems to bother actually going back to read the original source, The General Theory of The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money rather than a) an Austrian critique or b) a Neo-Keynesian extrapolation.

Even those few who get it, such as the author of "Keynes on the Relation of the Capitalist “Vulgar Passions” to Financial Crises" (PDF), don't seem to trace the Freud-Keynes link back to its source. Consider:

"It is shown that, generally speaking, the actual level of output and employment depends, not on the capacity to produce or on the pre-existing level of incomes,
but on the current decisions to produce which depend in turn on current decisions to invest and on present expectations of current and prospective consumption. Moreover, as soon as we know the propensity to consume and to save (as I call it), that is to say the result for the community as a whole of the individual psychological inclinations as to how to dispose of given incomes, we can calculate what level of incomes, and therefore what level of output and employment, is in profit-equilibrium with a given level of new investment; out of which develops the doctrine of the Multiplier....

The fundamental psychological law, upon which we are entitled to depend with great confidence both a priori from our knowledge of human nature and from the detailed facts of experience, is that men are disposed, as a rule and on the average, to increase their consumption as their income increases, but not by as much as the increase in their income."

Keynesianism is nothing more than applied Freudianism. And considering the spread of its current influence, combined with the tens of millions of adherents to other, equally ridiculous false sciences, it should be clear that there is no deficit of cults these days, they just don't have the common decency to give themselves ridiculous appellations and keep a safe distance away from sane people anymore.

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Anonymous Titus Didius Tacitus September 28, 2014 6:03 AM  

The idea that a strong core requires an active fringe suggests that would-be mainstream voices like ramzpaul who want to "burn a firebreak" between themselves and anyone less respectable (by attacking radicals such as David Duke) would only be harming their proclaimed cause even if they could get the stink of heterodoxy off themselves personally. (Which is of course impossible.)

Anonymous Titus Didius Tacitus September 28, 2014 6:05 AM  

Add the same idea to Vox Day's point that there is in fact an abundance of cults (just with media and political respectability), and the question arises: what is the nature of the core of which these media-sponsored cults are a fringe?

Anonymous Nobles September 28, 2014 6:17 AM  

What is the magic geography cult?

Anonymous Sarcophilus September 28, 2014 6:25 AM  

Serendipidy! The full article is linked, but the cartoon should be seen.

The problem with what is called "science" is not merely the cultism, but the occultism (as in hidden, but I'm sure the other meaning applies as the father of lies is behind it).

Anonymous PhillipGeorge(c)2014 September 28, 2014 6:27 AM  

Correlating Freudian pseudo science to recent economic modelling pseudo science seems passe. Calling any economic science science seems passe. Vox, I believe Francis Schaeffer's "how should we then now live?" makes most modeling science obsolete. The axioms he starts with are "Jesus is truth" full stop. Don't worry about the perfectly unknowable or irreducibly complex. This isn't even a paraphrase - it's a utilitarian projection based on an objective pragmatism meta narrative. "One will do what one hopes works" - while knowing those results to that which worked in the past..

IMHO - of course. In a multi cultic West there are no shortage of cults which is why we are listening to Cheyne Stokes breathing patterns

Blogger Rantor September 28, 2014 6:39 AM  

@ Nobles, magic geography cult believes that immigrants, will somehow magically become Americans when they arrive in country and will not cling to the ideas and philosophies they grew up with...

Anonymous Sigyn September 28, 2014 7:14 AM  

People will believe in anything that promises them what they want and the power to get it, if only they're [whatever] enough. And the cult can conveniently help them be [whatever], if they only buy the book/do this one weird trick/conform.

That's human nature: to pretend that trying to get what you want is some kind of salvation, personal or of civilization.

Anonymous Titus Didius Tacitus September 28, 2014 7:40 AM  

Thiel’s argument is broader: Not only religious vitality but the entirety of human innovation, he argues, depends on the belief that there are major secrets left to be uncovered, insights that existing institutions have failed to unlock (or perhaps forgotten), better ways of living that a small group might successfully embrace.

The problem is, there are colossal secrets in plain sight, including w-word g-word thing-that-shall-not-be-mentioned, the dread power of the ykw, Salter's EGI, and the riddle of "bio-diversity". But they are all under prohibition. They are suppressed to beneath the awareness level of being a "cult" like scientology. They are not "whacky" and mysterious, they are "hate speech" and thus assumptively "know quantities".

There are plenty of ideas like the "group evolutionary strategy" that do for the conventional picture of the world roughly what Neo's awakening did for his notion of "normal life" in the Matrix. The gamers even explicitly refer to the Neo's Red Pill, for good reason.

But as far as public knowledge is concerned, what follows awakening is merely your inclusion on the $PLC / ADL list of people to harass and if possible put out of work.

(Gamers continue to point our that we also have private lives, where game continues to work whether it's theoretically allowed to or not. But I'm referring to "cult status".)

Thus far anyway. Over the next twenty years, mostly at the far end, I expect things to change.

Anonymous Titus Didius Tacitus September 28, 2014 7:52 AM  

This means that every transformative business enterprise, every radical political movement, every truly innovative project contains some cultish elements and impulses — and the decline of those impulses may be a sign that the innovative spirit itself is on the wane.

What I'm saying is, it isn't so, it's only the creativity of the ruling oligarchy that's waning, with its innovations simply being more and more extreme forms of institutional anti-whitism, anti-Christianity and the compulsory approval of depravity. The whole system is well into its "era of stagnation" intellectually.

Outside that there's a faux-fringe, including people like "Clash of Civilizations" star Samuel P. Huntington, whose book Who Are We?: The Challenges to America's National Identity didn't cite anybody important at all. And that's exactly why that faux fringe is sterile: it doesn't have the courage to cite, to quote, to acknowledge, to debate and to grow.

Outside that, there is real intellectual ferment, though on tiny budgets and without mass media access; "the innovative spirit itself" is fine.

Anonymous MickeyHart September 28, 2014 8:29 AM  

The marriage equality movement isn't really a cult in the sense that Christianity, Rosecrucianism, and Freudianism is a cult. It's more a collective sigh of fatigue at trying to justify irrational discrimination.

Anonymous TroperA September 28, 2014 8:51 AM  

So Mickey, so when someone tries to declare that something that isn't something, is in fact that something, and someone else tries to question them on it, it's "irrational discrimination." Got it.

There is no such thing as marriage equality. Since the day the government decided that it had the sole right to determine who could and couldn't marry and under what conditions a marriage could be dissolved, there's been no such thing as marriage. Back when men gave women the ability to work outside the home and replace hard working husbands with thuggish babbydaddies and government programs, marriage was only in its death throes. When no fault divorce came along, marriage finally gave up the ghost and, as I said, is dead, dead, dead. Declaring gender (and soon, number and age of participants) irrelevant to marriage is merely the mouldering of its long deceased corpse, not a "step forward" for civil rights.

Anonymous President Hillary Clinton September 28, 2014 8:54 AM  

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

Anonymous £ September 28, 2014 8:56 AM  

MickyHart.... what about the irrational sockpuppet trolling cult called Tadism, got any comments on that queer?

Anonymous MickeyHart September 28, 2014 9:02 AM  


It's not that marriage is dead. It's only that you don't like the less discriminatory definition it has taken. There's a difference.

Anonymous MickyHart September 28, 2014 9:07 AM  

Its not like Tad sockpuppetry is dead, it's only that you don't like the more honest definition of lying about one's banned identity.

Anonymous Tad September 28, 2014 9:10 AM  

complusive posting ... not cultish at all

Anonymous scoobius dubious September 28, 2014 9:12 AM  

Hey man, VD, you're the one who wants to study alchemy and sorcery and Ptolemaic cosmology, viz. economics. So don't be surprised when you tear your hair out in frustration.

Long time ago I used to hang with (and even sleep with) a pack of high-echelon up-and-coming economists, all of whom now are properly up and come, infesting various top universities and think tanks and what not. Nice enough people, as people go, but guess how much intellectual respect I had for them.

Anonymous Sigyn September 28, 2014 9:17 AM  

It's only that you don't like the less discriminatory definition it has taken.

I like that last verb phrase. We've gone, in liberal thought, from "it has been given" to "it has taken", as if to say that the concept of marriage itself is the actor, with a will of its own.

Anonymous Godfrey September 28, 2014 9:19 AM  

And the biggest and worst cult if all is...

the cult of The State.

Worshipers are broken down by denominations and call themselves "liberals", "conservatives" and "progressives".

Blogger Mr.MantraMan September 28, 2014 9:20 AM  

Who will free our people from the scourge of Political Correctness?

Anonymous ck September 28, 2014 9:21 AM  

John Adams had warned against the likes of Jefferson that mass public education would lead to science becoming a religion. See Discourses on Davila.

Anonymous Godfrey September 28, 2014 9:24 AM  

Sodomy isn't a cult. It doesn't even rise to that level. It's merely an narcissistic compulsive irrational absurdity.

Blogger TontoBubbaGoldstein September 28, 2014 9:33 AM  

Mega-churches (Joel Osteen etc) have driven traditional mom & pop cults out of business.

Blogger JACIII September 28, 2014 9:34 AM  

It is recognizing the Freud block in the original Keynes source code that answers the questions, "Where the hell did this nonsense come from?" and "How could this have ever appeared to make sense to anyone."

Blogger TontoBubbaGoldstein September 28, 2014 9:43 AM  

Well...maybe not all...

For the Hans and Franz/open marriage/fundie members of the ilk.


Blogger Glen Filthie September 28, 2014 9:48 AM  


Cultists and shysters brought down the Church and Christianity. The holy rollers, the sanctimonious phonies posing as crusaders, the kiddie diddling priests, the televangelists, etc. The church deserved much of the shit kicking it got - but certainly not all.

But this is my fear of the herd. When they finally figured out that there were indeed nutters and hustlers hiding in the Church - they threw it out wholesale. Their faith, their morals, their ethics went right out the window and straight into the trash.
Today we have the inevitable result. Crumbling families. Neighbourhoods reduced to ghettoes. A faltering nation. If that weren't bad enough, feminists, Marxists, gays, and feral negroes want to make things worse! (Dunno how they can do that...does anything lie beyond the bottom of the barrel they have been scraping at for the last decade and a half?)

So when the herd rejects science as it tries to rid itself of the pests that formerly plagued them with religion - will it do so the same way and throw it ALL out? I see troubling evidence that maybe they will. Our disagreement about immunology comes to mind: I am now seeing troubling ASPECTS of the way the science is applied from your postings here - but the actual science behind it is quite solid and beyond dispute.

Throwing out our religion was a mistake of biblical proportions...but we MAY survive it if we're smart. If we throw our science out too...we are dead meat and may as well all go moslem. They at least know they are ignorant savages and make no pretenses about it.

Blogger thimscool September 28, 2014 9:52 AM  

No theory or practice of economics is scientific. Economics, like war, is just a continuation of politics by other means.

Blogger Mr.MantraMan September 28, 2014 9:56 AM  

I for one want to pit the Atheist cult against the muslim cult, that would be fun. Imagine a Sarah Silverman in Londonstan for a show (if she can still get booked) and lo and behold a social media rumor gets started that she is going to mock the moooooslims, fun, fun, fun.

Anonymous T September 28, 2014 10:01 AM  

Mickey, I'm gay and even I know that marriage is about procreation and the proliferation of family, which gay couples cannot do.

Now go ahead and parrot your 'not all couples have kids' canard, ignoring that no gay couples can have kids.

Now, if you want to limit marriage benefits to only couples that raise a family, you might start making some sense.

Otherwise, you're just parroting the 'marriage is love' bullshit. Why does 'love' deserve tax breaks and government benefits?

And let me go ahead and head you off on the 'hospital visitation' and related nonsense. Such things should be decided between individuals, and the state should have no part in mandating or forbidding it.

Anonymous The other skeptic September 28, 2014 10:12 AM  

Now go ahead and parrot your 'not all couples have kids' canard, ignoring that no gay couples can have kids.

Gay couple accused of sexually abusing adopted Russian boy for years

Anonymous Papist Bingo September 28, 2014 10:18 AM  

Mega chuches.... DRINK

Anonymous Cash September 28, 2014 10:21 AM  

Not to mention the food cult. Most of the upper middle class women are religious about their food now.

Anonymous T September 28, 2014 10:24 AM  

I'll be the first one to tell you that many gays have mental problems, skeptic. When you combine that with the 'I'm gonna get mine" dominant culture these days, it's not much of a surprise, is it?

The real sad part is that straight couples seem almost as insane these days. All straight friends my age have screwed up relationships, kids without stable families, narcissism. The earlier poster is entirely right, no fault divorce and the Daddy Government phenomenon destroyed marriage. These young women know damn well about all the benefits lined up for them if they choose to run off.

It's all lunatic these days, in one form or another. You better fully trust the individual you choose to be with, because there is no other option.

Anonymous T September 28, 2014 10:28 AM  

Besides, I'm not sure if the millions upon millions of aborted babies can really be topped as far as sheer evil is concerned, and that's all on women in straight relationships.

Gays certainly have been co-opted into the leftist hivemind, but while abortion is proceeding at a mass production level, there's really not much room left to criticize in particular. Evil is everywhere.

Anonymous Nambla Tad September 28, 2014 10:49 AM  

Can we also agree the definition of "child" is discrimination?

You're welcome.

Anonymous bunghole is bad biz September 28, 2014 10:52 AM  

Notice that the point of VD's post is economics....

...yet gays still have to gay.

Anonymous capt dumblr September 28, 2014 10:56 AM  

It's pretty simple. Cults as we once knew them are declining because most of the people who would have joined them are now too busy on tumblr and twitter posting about feminism, "social justice", and/or how oppressed they are as LGBTQIA2WTFBBQ otherkin.

Anonymous farmer Tom September 28, 2014 11:18 AM  

 1Ti 6:20

O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:

Anonymous Ajax September 28, 2014 11:36 AM  

The Gods of the Copybook Headings

AS I PASS through my incarnations in every age and race,
I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.
Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.

We were living in trees when they met us. They showed us each in turn
That Water would certainly wet us, as Fire would certainly burn:
But we found them lacking in Uplift, Vision and Breadth of Mind,
So we left them to teach the Gorillas while we followed the March of Mankind.

Anonymous Ajax September 28, 2014 11:42 AM  

The Gods of the Copybook Headings

Blogger MichaelJMaier September 28, 2014 12:43 PM  

Glen Filthy - but the actual science behind it is quite solid and beyond dispute.

Just like global warming...

BTW: How's Merck's MMR problems looking to you lately?

Anonymous kfg September 28, 2014 1:12 PM  

" . . . the 'marriage is love' bullshit."

Marriage is inheritance. Just read the code.
This is the basis of state regulation, nations have risen and fallen on the basis of rights conferred by inheritance through marriage.

"You better fully trust the individual you choose to be with . . ."

Et tu, Brute?

Blogger kurt9 September 28, 2014 1:18 PM  

The problem is government funding of science. Aside from the development of nuclear weapons, all useful technologies have been developed by private entities. Even the stuff that NASA claims (Teflon, etc.) were actually developed by private companies years or even decades prior to Apollo. Government-funded science rarely, if ever, produces anything of value.

Blogger Unknown September 28, 2014 4:02 PM  

President Hillary Clinton
"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"

Good one. If Hillary is elected in 2020 there s something to look forward to. Even though the Tecumseh 20 year presidential curse took a break for Bush and Reagan, you never know. Anything can happen. She just needs to stay away from 'grassy knolls'.

Blogger Tommy Hass September 28, 2014 4:20 PM  

In a few sentences, why is Keynesianism shit?

From what I gathered, it's because you can't push on a string and if you toss money into the economy, it won't magically start working again. Worse, bubbles can come to existence because of irrational incentives. If government doesn't toss money at a problem, all investments that are made are made in the hope of making a profit and therefore, usually sound and useful.


Anonymous Shibes Meadow September 28, 2014 4:23 PM  

Do what Mexicans do: route around the State. Health regulations? Ignore 'em. Withholding? Work for cash. Sales tax? Buy with cash. Minimum wage law? Wait outside Home Depot for the contractor's truck. Auto insurance? ¿Que cosa es? Drivers' license? Tambien. Age of consent law? "Racist! How dare you impose your Anglo definition of 'age of consent' on a person of color!"

International border? Just walk across it like it's not there.Work for peanuts and live like roaches until the Chamber of Comerce Libertarians can't do without you. Then threaten to riot in the streets until they make you a Citizen.

Dangerous? A little. Sure, some people get caught, but when there are millions of people doing the same illegal things, odds are the one that gets caught won't be you.

And when you do encounter a part of the State too ubiquitous to route around (e.g., the police), buy it off.

Anonymous Discard September 28, 2014 6:47 PM  

capt dumblr: Cults declining because we now have Facebook etc? Maybe so. Take a look at Huffpo. Cultists, every one of them.

Anonymous Nobles September 28, 2014 7:01 PM  

Thanks, Rantor.

Blogger Outlaw X September 28, 2014 7:08 PM  

I read an in depth article on Keynes about 5 years ago. He would of personally been a good subject of Freud. That guy was a freak. I can see where you get the correlation, Vox, because Freud thought the person was guided by animal spirits as much as Keynes thought the economy was. At least that was the first thing that came to my mind when you put the two together (What do these two things have in common).

Anonymous A Reader September 28, 2014 8:58 PM  

I'm somewhat optimistic. Freudianism and psychoanalysis have been passe for at least twenty years.
Also, in academic psychology, the reigning paradigm since the early the 1970s is cognitive psychology. Bringing back the pscyhe in psychology.
I've read some of this stuff when I was in college, and in my own non required reading. I have a positive view of it. Cognitive psychology is a progressive research program.

Anonymous paradox September 28, 2014 11:30 PM  


Sodomy isn't a cult.

I guess it isn't, but it's incorporated into cultist rituals and given sacramental status, e.g. Aleister Crowley.

Anonymous Shut up rabbit September 29, 2014 1:58 AM  

Sodomy isn't a cult. It doesn't even rise to that level. It's merely an narcissistic compulsive irrational absurdity.

And a public health issue. Hey kids, keep the poop away from other bits of your body if you want to stay healthy!

Anonymous Statists are so dull September 29, 2014 3:39 AM  

Freud had a really good explanation of his own fucked-up-ness (his mother wanted to kill him) and assumed everyone else was equally fucked-up. Luckily for him his German middle-class clientele was a miasma of incestuous pedophilia and he became famous as their apologist.

Psychoanalysis 101
"So you are messed up because your father abuses you. Zat must be because you secretly and unknowingly want to sleep with your father..."

Blogger Akulkis September 29, 2014 5:23 AM  

It's more a collective sigh of fatigue at trying to justify irrational discrimination.

What is irrational about making a negative distinction against people who commit suicide far more often than the rest of the population, and who deliberately engage in acts to contract AIDS?

Why would I want anyone who cares so little about their own life to be anywhere in my vacinity? If they have so little regard for their own life, why should I trust them to have any regard for my safety, wellbeing, or my life, in the event of any accident, or to even take measures to prevent an accident from occurring?

Frankly, there's not the SLIGHTEST bit of irrationality about wanting to keep poofters as far away from oneself as possible.

Anonymous map September 29, 2014 5:24 AM  

What's the connection between Keynes and Freud?

Blogger Akulkis September 29, 2014 5:45 AM  

.I for one want to pit the Atheist cult against the muslim cult, that would be fun. Imagine a Sarah Silverman in Londonstan for a show (if she can still get booked) and lo and behold a social media rumor gets started that she is going to mock the moooooslims, fun, fun, fun.

That's the sort of thing that it's going to take to get the YKW's to stop trying to drown us in Muzzies.

Blogger Akulkis September 29, 2014 5:49 AM  

And let me go ahead and head you off on the 'hospital visitation' and related nonsense. Such things should be decided between individuals, and the state should have no part in mandating or forbidding it.

And besides that, all of that can be taken care of with medical power of attorney. A CD or DVD full of boilerplate legal docs, a laser printer, a pen plus $3 and a Notary Public is all you need...
Which is a hell of a lot less than what's needs for Big Gay Al's Big Gay Wedding.

Blogger Akulkis September 29, 2014 5:53 AM  

I'll be the first one to tell you that many gays have mental problems, skeptic.

It's one of the clearest, most easily detected indicators of Borderline Personality Disorders. Which is also why we see that drug use among gays is so high.. because BPD and substance abuse goes hand in hand. See also the psychotic, false equivalence between heterosexual sex (procreative) and sodomy (disease spreading).

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