Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fear and fascination

Having successfully circumvented and stared down the American imperialists in both Crimea and Syria, The Saker suspects Vladimir Putin is about to purge Russia's 5th column:
One of the possible signs of a purge to come is the fact that the Russian media, both the blogosphere and the big corporate media, is now very critical of the economic policies of the government of Prime Minister Medvedev. Most Russian economists agree that the real reason for the current economic crisis in Russia is not the falling price of oil or, even less so, the western sanctions, but the misguided decisions of the Russian Central Bank (such as floating the Ruble or keeping the interest rates high) and the lack of governmental action to support a real reform and development of the Russian economy. What is especially interesting is that vocal opponents of the current 5th column now get plenty of air time in the Russian media, including state owned VGTRK. Leading opponents of the current economic policies, such as Sergei Glazev, Mikhail Deliagin or Mikhail Khazin are now interviewed at length and given all the time needed to absolutely blast the economic policies of the Medvedev government. And yet, Putin is still taking no visible action. In fact, in his latest yearly address he as even praised the work of the Russian Central Bank. So what is going on here?

First, and to those exposed to the western propaganda, this might be difficult to imagine, but Putin is constrained simply by the rule of law. He cannot just send some special forces and have all these folks arrested on some kind of charge of corruption, malfeasance or sabotage. Many in Russia very much regret that, but this is fact of life.

In theory, Putin could simply fire the entire (or part) of the government and appoint a different Governor to the Central Bank. But the problem with that is that it would trigger an extremely violent reaction from the West. Mikhail Deliagin recently declared that if Putin did this, the West’s reaction would be even more violent than after the Crimean reunification with Russia. Is he right? Maybe. But I personally believe that Putin is not only concerned about the reaction of the West, but also from the Russian elites, particularly those well off, who generally already intensely dislike Putin and who would see such a purge as an attack on their personal and vital interests. The combination of US subversion and local big money definitely has the ability to create some kind of crisis in Russia. This is, I think, by far the biggest threat Putin his facing. But here also we can observe a paradoxical dynamic:

One one hand, Russia and the West have been in an open confrontation ever since Russian prevented the USA from attacking Syria. The Ukrainian crisis only made things worse. Add to this the dropped prices on oil and the western sanctions and you could say that Putin now, more then ever, needs to avoid anything which could make the crisis even worse.

But on the other hand, this argument can be flipped around by saying that considering how bad the tensions already are and considering that the West has already done all it can to harm Russia, is this not the perfect time to finally clean house and get right of the 5th column? Really – how much worse can things really get?

Only Putin knows the answer to this simply because only he has all the facts. All we can do is observe that the popular discontent with the “economic block” of the government and with the Central Bank is most definitely growing and growing fast, and that the Kremlin is doing nothing to inhibit or suppress such feelings. We can also notice that while most Russians are angry, disgusted and frustrated with the economic policies of the Medvedev government, Putin’s personal popularity is still sky high in spite of the fact that the Russian economy most definitely took a hit, even if it was much smaller than what the AngloZionist Empire had hoped for.

My strictly personal explanation for what is happening is this: Putin is deliberately letting things get worse because he knows that the popular anger will not be directed at him, but only at his enemies.
Vladimir Putin is a patient man, but he is also capable of acting very quickly when he senses an opportunity. And the global economic crisis combined with the European migrant crisis is going to permit him to act without fear of a coherent and effective response, particularly in light of the way in which the Trump insurgency has them far more concerned about their control over the seat of their power than about the fate of their vassals in Russia.

For five decades, the imperialist trump card has been the economy. Play along and get rich, refuse to play along and get replaced by someone else who will get rich. But the credit boom ended in 2008 and the game of musical chairs began. The imperialists are now half-occupied with making sure they have a seat; there is no room at the table for new players.

The game has changed. How the new game will take shape is, as yet, unknown, but I am certain the attempt to keep it going by banning cash and exerting total financial control will not only fail, it may take down those authorities who turn to it.

Forget "interesting". These are frightening, but absolutely fascinating times. These are the interesting parts of history.

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Anonymous Haxo Angmark January 24, 2016 8:39 AM  

locally, via Trump, we are witnessing - and participating in - the collapse of the political Center. In the larger sense, a civilizational collapse. In 1919, just after the first demolition charge went off, W.B. Yeats gazed into the future, our present:

Blogger Salt January 24, 2016 8:49 AM  

The Russian Central Bank isn't playing the game Goldman-Sachs wants. For shame.

Anonymous Swoggler January 24, 2016 8:49 AM  

Read the Saker article but can't agree with it. I've lived in Russia for the last 6 years and that scary picture of nine 5th columnists is the biggest collection of nobodies and has-beens I've ever seen. A much easier explanation for the tanking ruble and Russia's current economic woes is the rampant flight of money out of the country into Cyprus and Channel Islands. That's not the "Nobody 9," that's the oligarchs and FSB-controlled businesses.

I agree completely that Putin rolled the West with Syria. I've never seen a more adroit diplomatic and geopolitical takedown than Putin's handling of that debacle. The U.S. will do its level best to sweep all memory of the "red-lines" fiasco under the rug. That humiliation atop the Crimea annexation caused the current Western financial sanctions against Vova and his band of merry Slavs.

But whoever wrote this article for UNZ thinks that the West would "react violently" if Putin replaced the head of the Russian Central Bank? Dude...nobody cares.

Blogger JACIII January 24, 2016 8:52 AM  

If Putin is looking askance at the banksters they should feel akin to raw meat. The KGB utilized the most ruthless methods of control available to them. They had honey traps, but the silk glove always hid the mailed fist.

Blogger Mr.MantraMan January 24, 2016 8:58 AM  

Serge in Chronicles explained this as the bankster oligarchs of Russia playing speculation instead of credit going to industry startups and the real economy in general.

My work around idea is for a Putinista to start an Ag Bank that works in coordination with land and farm reform to kickstart Agriculture.

Anonymous zen0 the Ephemeral January 24, 2016 8:59 AM  

@3 Swoggler

"But whoever wrote this article for UNZ thinks that the West would "react violently" if Putin replaced the head of the Russian Central Bank? Dude...nobody cares."

The City of London cares.

Blogger michael savell January 24, 2016 9:08 AM  

I can't understand why you think he might have them arrested.From what I read everyday Putin has changed his spots and all he is doing is to wait and see how it goes.I believe that he wants a fair democracy even if he has to do a little leaning.Economic faults are not purely
his.I have no doubt a word in the ear of a few will suffice rather than recourse to a KGB era.

Blogger Shimshon January 24, 2016 9:17 AM  

I don't get it? Does it make sense that Putin would want to sack Nabiullina? Why? So he can have the Ruble join the race to the bottom? What would lower interest rates accomplish for Russia now?

Blogger tz January 24, 2016 9:28 AM  

Send all the Islamic refugees to Davos.

Anonymous Swoggler January 24, 2016 9:29 AM  

@6 zen0

"The City of London cares."

Of course. The City of London benefits tremendously from the capital flight I mentioned above. And who is filtering those tens of billions from Russia through estate agents in Mayfair? It's not the 9 people the Saker fingers as the bad guys. Nope. It's Putin's wealthy buddies squirreling money away for a rainy day.

Blogger Nate January 24, 2016 9:35 AM  

" even if it was much smaller than what the AngloZionist Empire had hoped for."

Ok that's funny right there I don't care who ya are.

Blogger So Meh January 24, 2016 9:36 AM  

The hard currency left the country years ago. The financial hair cut already happened in Cyprus last year (?...or was that 2 years ago?) @ 6 is correct - The City of London (Realestate Market) cares. i have a very soft spot in my heart for the Russian people, Russian literature, and Russian culture. I have (distant) Russian family up north, near Murmansk, who travel to see me when I visit Helsinki. Their humor, kindness, and zest for life always leaves me happy in their company vs. the grind of PC America. Their lives are no picnic. very low to no wages, barter economy, supplemented by a lot of fishing and some's like living in Alaska. Russia has had a terrible 100+ years of Gulags and oppression. I wish the great county and people well. That they have better days ahead, but 83 rubles vs. 1 dollar...tough sledding.

Anonymous BigGayKoranBurner January 24, 2016 9:57 AM  

Is Russia's 5th column central bank made up of the same tribe as our 5th column funding central bank?

That's not the "Nobody 9," that's the oligarchs and FSB-controlled businesses

Are they not all of the same "Tribe"? If English is not your first language I am talking about the bacon eating secular cocksuckers that Ben Shapiro talked about here

Send all the Islamic refugees to Davos Make sure they all have dead man switches.

Anonymous Anonymous January 24, 2016 10:04 AM  

Their lives are no picnic. very low to no wages, barter economy, supplemented by a lot of fishing and some hunting....

Top kek.

Russia has had a terrible 100+ years of Gulags and oppression.

Top kek, top kek.

but 83 rubles vs. 1 dollar...tough sledding.

Thanks for the laugh, but let's be serious for a moment for once. In case you didn't notice -- it's not the "oil price falling", it's deflation of the dollar. A very, very bad thing. (Deflation is the crash that will bring on a mad-max-style collapse scenario to the USA.)

The best thing Russia can hope to do in this collapse is to untie its currency from the U.S. dollar and tie it to commodities prices. Especially the kinds of commodities that will become sought after when latino cannibal gangs start roaming American deserts on their demonic motorcycles.

The decision to devalue the ruble was a conscious decision by the Russian government, and the correct one.

Blogger Skylark Thibedeau January 24, 2016 10:20 AM  

The current Depression is going to hit the good ole USA much harder than the last one. In the 30's the population was still rural and most people had some experience raising some food even if at a subsistence level.

Today I doubt 30% of the population can even grow Tomatoes. It will get ugly fast when the EBT functions but there is nothing on the shelves. Mass Urban riots when Uncle Sugar's money days up.

Blogger Lovekraft January 24, 2016 10:37 AM  

Obama is pro-islamist, showing outrage at Clock Boy's treatment while ignoring mass rape/murder by Muslims in every corner of the world.

He helped bankrupt America, set race relations back to Jim Crow, LGBT-ed the military, and vacationed while his people were starving. This is the Muslim leader the west championed. An empty suit.

Obama is impotent simply because his charm vanished quickly after coming to power. America's reputation is reflective of how the world sees him.

Anonymous Eric the Red January 24, 2016 11:08 AM  

In the current history of Russia, the impression is always that the oligarchs are also the mafiya. Anyone who wants to shake things up in Russia must always have this consideration at the back of his mind.

Anonymous Wyrd January 24, 2016 11:28 AM  

locally, via Trump, we are witnessing - and participating in - the collapse of the political Center. In the larger sense, a civilizational collapse. In 1919, just after the first demolition charge went off, W.B. Yeats gazed into the future, our present:

+1 for the Yeats reference.

Anonymous Takin' a Look January 24, 2016 11:36 AM  

I think at this point the best way to shake things up is getting the women of the West scared. Contrary to popular opinion, it is White Women who rule the world. All the feminist platitudes are thrown out the window when the snow needs shoveling, the wood needs splitting, the oil needs changing and bad men need hot lead injections. Your typical herd-ewe is actually a vixen tamed and fat on luxury. Show her the percieved threats to her luxurious indulgences ( never-ending petty dramas of the Female Social Matrix/status-joustling, children, good food, wine, and a warm bed to sleep in) they will first whisper amongst themselves, then turn to the men "something must be DONE"!

Then offer the Men the solutions. If think tanks can utilize Edward Bernays, Machiavelli, Alinsky amongst many other social engineers, why can't we Game things both micro and macro?

The difference is we have Truth on our side.

Anonymous London on the Hudson January 24, 2016 12:07 PM  

deliberately letting things get worse

Absolutely. The worse is better strategy. The nadir and explosion comes more quickly and aids your side, who are gaining recruits against the lies of history daily. Momentum, baby.

the mafiya. Anyone who wants to shake things up in Russia must always have this consideration at the back of his mind.

It needn't be doubted the former KGB man is fully informed on the last vestiges of Tribal influence is associated with said mafia - it is a staple of the history and intrigue of the country since the Czar.

Oh, and Richard Cheney opined a while back that the "debt doesn't matter". He's correct so far.
It's a long, slow burn, not the disastrous implosion which is simply another useful meme to the globalists. Far too much milk to be squeezed yet.

Blogger Gordon January 24, 2016 12:09 PM  

@14: "Today I doubt 30% of the population can even grow Tomatoes." I agree with you about this, although people can learn fairly quickly. I did.

But I don't think starvation is going to be that much of a spectre. Food is cheap now, much more inexpensive than 1933. It doesn't cost much to keep food flowing in, and we give away tons of it every day already via food banks. Moochelle may not get her arugula, but lettuce should keep coming.

Even now a lot of these folks trade their food stamp benefits for cash or drugs. They don't starve. The riots will happen when the EBT cards stop working in the ATMs, and the liquor stores, and the cardholders can't pull out cash to pay for the beauty shop or a package of T-shirts for the latest baby daddy.

At that point the battle between the blacks, the Mexicans and the Asians will truly be on, baby.

Blogger YIH January 24, 2016 12:21 PM  

One of my favorite neoconman complaints about Putin is ''He was KGB!'' Which is true, but he wasn't exactly what bolsheviks would call a 'big macher'.
OTOH, we've had a CIA director as US President...
That said, I have no 'man crush' on Putin that a lot of those on the 'alt-right' do. But I do respect him, considering what got dumped on his lap he's done the best anyone could with Russia.
Not to mention the fact he is indeed a (Russian) patriot. He gives a damn about his country.
The closest we've had to that was Reagan - and he's dead.

Anonymous Wyrd January 24, 2016 12:37 PM  

He gives a damn about his country.

And supports its native Christianity. When I was a wee lad, the alleged difference between USA and USSR was how atheistic the USSR was. Now it is the reverse. Fudge our current secularism atheism. If you love secularism, you are my enemy.

Anonymous The SPY January 24, 2016 12:46 PM  

"I think at this point the best way to shake things up is getting the women of the West scared."

That is one perceptive statement and so very, very, true. Our society is matriarchal whether we wish to admit it or not. When a woman controls the honey pot the man typically folds like a cheap suit. Women, up until now, in this society, have held the cards, but this is about to change. When the women feel that their way of life is threatened by Islam then all bets are off. The question is how long before this happens. The sooner the better.

Blogger Dave January 24, 2016 1:17 PM  

demonic motorcycles?

I might be in the market for something like that this spring. I won't be expected to sell my soul, amirite?

Anonymous Takin' a Look January 24, 2016 1:19 PM  

When the women feel that their way of life is threatened by Islam

Which is why Dolce & Gabbana is helping to assuage those fears, even they can make a garbage bag look chic!


Anonymous Wyrd January 24, 2016 1:20 PM  

"I might be in the market for something like that this spring. I won't be expected to sell my soul, amirite?"

Johnny Blaze, go home!

Anonymous Anonymous January 24, 2016 2:08 PM  


Anonymous Quartermaster January 24, 2016 2:40 PM  

You have to be a demon, or sold your soul.

I've had conversations with people that live in Russia and have their finger on her pulse. All of them have told me that the state is the mafia these days. Putin is rumored to be worth in excess of 20 billion these days. He may stand up for Russian Orthodoxy, but it seems more a matter of political convenience than a matter of the heart. The fact he hasn't had any compunction about lying through his teeth says he and God are a very long distance apart. He's done more to strengthen the Ukranian Orthodox Church than anyone else.

As long as the sanctions remain on Russia over Crimea, Russia's economic future is bleak. Men who are part of the Finance Ministry of Russia are saying that they won't have the money for much of the Russian state by the end of this year. The consensus seems to be that the break will come not later than mid summer.

Mafioso, probably including Putin, are getting their money out while they still can. If a crash is indeed coming, it will take Russia years to dig out of its self inflicted stupidity. Holding onto Crimea, much less continuing their support of the Donbass rebels, will be problematic.

Anonymous Takin' a Look January 24, 2016 2:58 PM  

@29 Quartermaster

So...what was the point of Crimea, Donbass, Syria etc. If it is "all going to pieces" as you say? Did Putin suddenly throw in with the (((Mishpucka))) and said "fuck it,Mother Russia, Nyet! Give me my geld!" It isn't as if he didn't know how the West was going to react. Where is he going to go? Why do I get the gut-feeling this like the Henry Makow (((muck-job))) on Trump?

Blogger Doc Rampage January 24, 2016 3:15 PM  

After someone refers to the "liberation of Crimea" you know that he is a lying propagandist. Why would you pay attention to anything he says after that?

Putin is a thug and a murderer, and he has used Russia's justice system to attack his enemies. He is about as far away from being a Christian as you could get.

I'm beginning to think that the alt-right movement isn't really about immigration at all. It's about this creepy fascination you all have for men with power who are mean-spirited.

There have always been people who want a king instead of freedom. They would rather live in a feudal hierarchy where they can be abused, so long as they get to abuse people below them in the hierarchy.

Blogger kh123 January 24, 2016 3:27 PM  

"Did Putin suddenly throw in with the (((Mishpucka))) and said "fuck it,Mother Russia, Nyet! Give me my geld!""

Mit a Wolf on a droshki und a Schwartz in die White House. Oi. Diese Welt, I tell you.

Anonymous Takin' a Look January 24, 2016 3:37 PM  

@ Doc Rampage

Thanks for the concern-trolling and scolding.

Putin is no angel, yet for a Westerner to say he is a Littlefinger is disingenuous. If we were Varys, it might have some clout. We are Lannisters, so....not so much.

"Mean-spirited" as compared to whom? The West? Thanks for the guffaw. We are ruled by people who have the souls of skeksis and the proclivities of Tsalal.

Blogger Rantor January 24, 2016 4:05 PM  

The international currency market is a complex beast and as Heinlein's Lazarus Long said, "Surely the game is rigged." The weak ruble is not a bad thing for Russia right now. Their debt burden is low and so the ruble is largely used internally. Certainly a weak ruble drives up import prices, but it also controls labor costs in the commodities realm. Oil workers are paid in rubles, oil is frequently sold in dollars. Weak ruble, lower labor price for dollar denominated commodities. Strengthening dollar, lower commodity prices, harder to cover labor costs (see US and Canada oil patch). Russian ruble devalued, labor devalued. Can't by imports, but most of Russia food, drink, etc, is internal market (especially since they cut off EU and Ukraine agricultural imports in response to sanctions) Lots of borscht, cabbage, vodka.

So weak ruble is not the end of the world for Russia.

Blogger Dave January 24, 2016 4:24 PM  

You have to be a demon, or sold your soul.

Dammit being a sonofabitch used to be more than enough.

Blogger Ahazuerus January 24, 2016 4:46 PM  

One wonders what the state of Russia's gas supply contracts with the EU is?

Anybody know? Do they have fixed prices in Euro or Roubles, etc? When are they up for renewal or renegotiation?

Blogger Groot January 24, 2016 5:04 PM  

It's the falling price of oil. The correlation between the ruble/dollar exchange rate and the Brent crude price is eerily precise.

Impoverished ex-socialists need growth, not tin-pot dictators. The Russian economy shrank 3.7% in 2015, and is expected to shrink again in 2016. Inflation is at 13%.

@31. Doc Rampage:

Completely agree. Uphold the rule of law. Stop looting.

Blogger The Other Robot January 24, 2016 5:14 PM  

OT: Anecdotal evidence and second hand, but I am told that a Berkeley CS prof said that they cannot fail black students.

Blogger Dexter January 24, 2016 5:39 PM  

There have always been people who want a king instead of freedom.

Oh, do we have "freedom" in the USA now? Huh. Good news, I guess. But when did that happen?

Anonymous Quartermaster January 24, 2016 5:41 PM  

“So...what was the point of Crimea, Donbass, Syria etc. If it is "all going to pieces" as you say? “

You tell me. Perhaps you can tell me why he would do things that would do little more than drag the Russian economy into a septic tank and make him a pariah.

A lot of ink and pixels have been spilled on how little Pootie is such a statesman, yet he has made those two idiotic moves, and then lied through his teeth about them. So far both have been nothing but a drag on the Russian economy. He can't power Crimea, or get access to it without a multi-billion dollar bridge. His minions have do little more than steal everything within reach in Crimea, and destroy anything that smacks of infrastructure in the Donbass. The “Rebels” (actually infiltrators) were having their heads handed to them until regular troops intervened.

The exchange rate for the Rouble is an indication of capital flight. The mafiosa are taking their money out of the country in an effort to escape the consequences of Putin's idiocy.

I think we are seeing why he didn't exactly have a KGB career that was attached to a rocket. All he has is agit-prop and lies. The only fascist in power over there resides in the Kremlin, not in Kiev.

Doc is neither concern trolling or scolding. Putin is a thug and a liar.

Lucifer insists on total control of distribution and wishes to restrict them to his minions. Mere SOBs are welcomed by the dark lord for most things. But, for the bikes he requires full commitment.

Anonymous patrick kelly January 24, 2016 6:36 PM  

"Oh, do we have "freedom" in the USA now? Huh. Good news, I guess. But when did that happen?"

We're free to vote for whoever they want us to.

Anonymous BigGayKoranBurner January 24, 2016 6:42 PM  

But I don't think starvation is going to be that much of a spectre. Food is cheap now, much more inexpensive than 1933

All it takes is a box of thumb tacks tossed on the road and you will shut down traffic in a major city & any highways near it. Even people with gardens are not growing enough to feed themselves look at the shelves before this recent storm. Even many preppers will get tired of rice and bean survival.

That said, I have no 'man crush' on Putin that a lot of those on the 'alt-right' do. But I do respect him

I have a shirt that has a shirtless Putin photoshopped riding Obama on top of the map of the Ukraine with "SNOWDEN SAID YOU ARE A BAD BOY". When I wear it to gay places I can see the cognitive dissonance. Its the picture from

"I think at this point the best way to shake things up is getting the women of the West scared."

The message should be that no white men should die for single moms, section 8, and affirmative action. I was in a class of 30+ with just one other guy in it when people talked about what they would do if there was a shooter, when they assumed I would defend them because I was in the military I told them "Not only do I believe in equality, but I would follow my medic training by jumping out the window and moving till I was 2 terrain features away from the action". This was the same class that encountered a spider.

Mishpucka))) and said "fuck it,Mother Russia, Nyet! Give me my geld!"

Actually it was the west that took the Ukraine's 33 tons of gold and put Biden's cocaine snorting son in charge of its petrol reserves.

OT: Anecdotal evidence and second hand, but I am told that a Berkeley CS prof said that they cannot fail black students

I have heard its almost that bad in nursing schools now with an LPN telling about a sow that took over 4 years to go thru a 1year LPN course that got caught cheating and kept failing tests(all on the taxpayers dime). Even to the point of saying fill in the blank tests are racist. I just hope they don't play around with the board exams to get equality.

Blogger Doc Rampage January 24, 2016 6:45 PM  

@33: ""Mean-spirited" as compared to whom?"

How about, anyone who wouldn't have journalists assassinated for telling the truth or have political opponents thrown in jail on trumped up charges? I'm not comparing Putin to "the West", I'm comparing him to the basic standards of moral behavior.

@39: "Oh, do we have "freedom" in the USA now?"

No, we don't. But I'm fully capable of criticizing Americans and Russians both. I don't have this switch in my head that says, America bad, Russia opponent of America, turn off logic, therefore Russia good.

Blogger bob k. mando January 24, 2016 6:46 PM  

so what happened at the end? Did Putin not get exactly what he wanted each time?

Blogger Phillip George January 24, 2016 8:09 PM  

imponderables and unknowables abound.
Yeats reads as prescient as Kipling.
No-one can know enough. We solidify our stance and stanza in Jesus' promises.

Anonymous The Kulak January 24, 2016 8:14 PM  

@ Quartermaster and @ Doc Rampage this may surprise you, but Putin has enemies who are perfectly willing to murder journalists or opposition figures in Russia cared to blacken his name and further their information warfare in Cold War 2.

If you scoff at that, ask yourself a few simple questions: why did it take NINE YEARS for the British government to finally produce an official inquiry result in the polonium poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, if it was such a slam dunk case against the FSB officers Kovtun and Luguvoi? Why if 'everybody knows' Russia shot down MH17 with a BUK SAM has the CIA/NRO failed to produce a single sat pic of said BUK? Why do we have to rely on a fat couch potato in England named Eliot Higgins and one of the suspects, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) which already got caught posing some of Kiev's BUKs as THE BUK that shot down the airliner? Why did the laughable Dutch Safety Board report only produce THREE allegedly verified pieces of BUK shrapnel out of the thousands of fragments they should have found in the wreckage, that even the FSB's finest would have had trouble 'sanitizing' at the crash site, spread out as it was over several miles?

Why has Putin been able to roll the Obama Administration on point after point, if Vlad isn't blackmailing Washington with radar data of a Ukrainian SU-25 blowing MH17 out of the sky that day? The Ukies did it, most likely with the Israeli modified Su-25KM variant that fired two Python 5 missiles dead on at the cockpit. That explains the damage profile and the absence of BUK shrapnel in the first class passengers and the co-pilot's torso being intact (according to an RT interview with the Malaysian co-pilot's sister who was shown photos of his body but not an open casket) when a BUK at point blank range should've shredded it and left only dental records/DNA evidence to ID.

Litvinenko's own father says that his son may have been a double agent (still working for Russia to infiltrate the CIA/MI6 sponsored Chechen exiles) and that MI6 assets Boris Berezovsky (who conveniently committed suicide in the bath tub of his palatial English country estate in 2013 after allegedly running out of money) and Alex Goldfarb had him killed.

In short, Putin is not a nice guy. But many of his enemies, the SBU UkroNazi thugs and the Ukie oligarchs like Kholomoisky, plus the Trotskyite funding murderer Khodorkovsky, are the scum of the earth.

Anonymous The Kulak January 24, 2016 8:22 PM  

@ Quartermaster "As long as the sanctions remain on Russia over Crimea..." I hate to break this to an old Cold Warrior who honorably served, but it has to be said...the sanctions are the least of Russia's problems. The low oil prices have done far more damage than restrictions on Russian banks being able to borrow that both several Eurobanks and the Chinese have found creative ways around, for example lending dollars to Russian banks via Kuwait or Dubai. Deutsche Bank was facing fines for sanctions busting. Merkel is under enormous pressure to drop the sanctions and the immi-destabilization may finally give zhe Germans the opportunity to dump her. The destruction of German-Russian trade is a feature, not a bug of U.S. policy but even Kerry had to admit last year if the U.S. didn't drop the sanctions against Iran, the dollar would get dumped and lose its world reserve currency status (something that's already happening at a slower pace).

I could go on, but the bottom line was summed up by Greco-British barrister Alexander Mercouris here...if the U.S. couldn't enforce sanctions against Iran, a state far weaker and smaller than Russia, than it sure as hell can't maintain these sanctions for much longer which are costing Europeans tens of billions in lost business. Especially when it's Kiev failing to abide by the Minsk agreement by sending the U.S. and Canadian trainers away (Minsk2 calls for the withdrawal of all foreign troops and mercenaries, no exceptions made for western Ukraine versus Donbass), changing its constitution to give Donbass autonomy, and allow free and fair internationally supervised elections BEFORE Kiev gets control back over the border. Neocon witch Vicky Nuland and the Atlantic Council may hate Minsk2, but that's how it's worded. If Kiev wants Donbass back, it has to forget about ever joining NATO, and probably the EU(SSR) too, or it has to let it go and accept a pro-Russian buffer state between itself and NATO. If you say that's evil and unfair, maybe you should've thought about Crimea before letting Bill Clinton brutally and thuggishly separate Kosovo from Serbia, which had been an integral part of that country for 700 years (!), long before anybody had even come up with the word 'Ukraine' much loss called it a country.

Blogger Thucydides January 24, 2016 8:45 PM  

Normally, this is open of the best and well thought out places on the web, but the linked article is really way out there.

Russia prevented America from attacking Syria? Sorry, Obama talking g tough without any thought how he was going to back it up was war made action in Syria infeasable (of course, not actually thinking about who was playing the ground game in Syria, or even not being sure if he should be supporting the Syrian people, the Saudis or the Iranians all served to make any possible response by the Obama Administration muddle headed at best).

The key to why Putin is going to make a move to seize more control over the economy is simply explained in this one paragraph:

"But I personally believe that Putin is not only concerned about the reaction of the West, but also from the Russian elites, particularly those well off, who generally already intensely dislike Putin and who would see such a purge as an attack on their personal and vital interests."

Nothing like having restive people who could potentially upset Putin's applecart making waves in Moscow. Russia has a long history of authoritarianism, and Putin purging potential threats to his rule and power would not be out of character for Putin or for Russia.

Obama has thoroughly screwed the pooch on his watch, and the next President will be busy the first four years just to uhf**k the foreign affairs and economic blunders of this administration. American friends and enemies are already getting secure in the idea America isn't going to actually be in a position to intervene, and you can bet lots of regional confrontations will move from simmering to boiling in the future.

Blogger Phillip George January 24, 2016 9:02 PM  

★★★★★, thanks Kulak, please keep posting.

Agreed. Was MH017 an done by Israeli pilot?
The people of Donbass won't want to return to Ukraine without a good deal of autonomy anyway, will they? They aren't going to forgive and forget overnight.

It's interesting how many 'former' professionals are coming out with analysis. Veterans Today etc. Jim Stone et al. Keep it up.

The Truth, bitter as it may be, makes free.

Anonymous Mike of Pasadena January 24, 2016 9:30 PM  

I have read The Saker for a few years now. I do not always agree with his conclusions, but I must admit he turns out to have called the future correctly far more often than I have.
I do know this: Putin is enormously popular in Russia. If in fact he is not currently the Tsar of all Russia, it is because of his own modesty. The people there would cheer it.
Russia has had a division between what they now call "Atlanticists" and "Sovereigntists" since the time of Peter the Great. Peter was an Atlanticist. The "5th column" that Saker predicts Putin will soon dispatch are the remnant of the Atlanticists. These weasels have caused every turn of bad luck that Russia has experienced for the last 300 years. And that is because every one of the Atlanticists has a government job that he hopes to parlay into a secure retirement in a Western country. I personally hope that the Saker is correct, and also the Putin is entirely successful in enforcing the early retirement of all those vermin.
The fact is, Putin wants to "get along" with the West, but he refuses to be treated like a colony.
But before you think that we (the West) can force Russia to accept being a colony, I suggest you do a little research about weapon technology.

Anonymous The Kulak January 24, 2016 9:36 PM  

@ 47 Thucydides -- no Russia did not have the ability to prevent U.S. air strikes on Syria in August 2013, but as The Saker wrote the Russians did have an S300 equipped guided missile cruiser the Moskva on station providing the Syrians with real time intel as to U.S. flights and protection for Russian vessels offloading weaponry that could potentially have shot down American planes or, in the case of Kornet ATGMs of the type Hezbollah successfully used against Israel in 2006, make any U.S.-aided ground offensive against Damascus a very bloody thing indeed. If the Hezbollah were willing to die to blow up Marine baracks in 1983 or take out Merkvaa tanks in 2006, they would certainly have been willing to fight to the death for Damascus or Latakia. Big Zero didn't have the stomach for shot down U.S. pilots or casualties, and team neocon wouldn't have had their idea of U.S. military invincibility bloodied without demanding more retribution against Russia and China for their aid to Assad.

Plus it looks like Big Zero was informed that the intel behind his pretext for war, the chemical attack at East Ghouta, was shoddy as hell and may've been covering up a Saudi-Turkish false flag operation. I knew the whole thing was bullshit when the State Dept. essentially outsourced the job of making specifics for their case to Soros-funded Human Rights Watch who in turn, used a then obscure British nobody named Eliot Higgins and his estimates as to the ranges of Syrian free flight rockets as one of their primary sources. The use of Higgins to present an 'independent open source investigation' aka bullshit produced from 1,400 miles away from the crime scene would be a pattern repeated with MH17.

I do admit no sarin chemical plant has been uncovered inside Turkey or Saudi Arabia, as the neocons' favorite false flag sock puppet Eliot Higgins aka BrownMoses aka Bellingcat pointed out. However, multiple Turkish oppositionist figures have gone on record saying the sarin came from Turkey, and the Sauds who've killed thousands of people in Yemen with indiscriminate bombing would hardly be above that sort of thing and have plenty of money to pay for ex-employees of Saddam's 'Chemical Ali' to come up with their own covert WMD sarin program. The U.S. and Israel would probably turn the other way even if they knew a sarin plant had been set up near a fertilizer factory in Riyadh. Higgins of course knows jack all about chemical weapons or avionics or air defense systems which is why his Atlantic Council CIA/MI6 handlers suddenly produced insta-expert Dan Kaszeta to aid him in looking less like an idiot when discussing what Turkey/KSA could and couldn't do:

Rule no. 1, if Eliot Higgins is involved in anything, it's probably State Dept/UK Foreign Office/CIA/MI6 bullshit being outsourced to him or a foreign intel agency that's feeding team Bellingcat disinfo. For example, the infamous Paris Match photo of a BUK on a white Volvo truck flatbed trailer that looks like it came out of a funhouse mirror and Eliot Higgins/Aric Toler can't even publically ID the photographer (because there was no actual photographer, it's an SBU photoshop fake of an image they took of their own Kiev loyalist controlled BUK):
University of Kansas grad student and SJW nerd @AricToler, pretending he's 'debunked' all the '9/11 truther level' theories about a major piece of Bellingcat's entire 'Russians/rebels shot down MH17' case being a fraud

Anonymous Takin' a Look January 24, 2016 9:43 PM  

Thank you Kulak and Mike of Pasadena.

I second Philip George, keep it coming Kulak!

Clive Blakemore over at Vault-co agrees with you Mike of Pasadena. The Russians can hide 70% of their population in bunkers, keep their livestock in hardened above-ground structures, have vast grain storage and enough resources that up to 30% of their population can survive a nuclear attack over a decade. The West basically has _nothing_ besides D.U.M.B.s and that is for Elites and loyal Military/Mercenaries.

Anonymous Takin' a Look January 24, 2016 9:58 PM  

Oh....and one more thing....

I see that Vox Day has a feetsball post after this one with 200+ comments.

This is Putin's annual Q & A, it is four hours long, do ANY Western "Dear Leaders" do this? Take questions from the common people, not media, common people, with no notes/teleprompters?

This is why I do not begrudge the Panem et Circuses of the West, because there is no common ground between the peons and the Queens.

Blogger Doc Rampage January 24, 2016 9:59 PM  

@46 "Doc Rampage this may surprise you, but Putin has enemies who are perfectly willing to murder journalists..."

Why would that surprise me?

Just because I point out that Putin is a thug and a murderer, doesn't mean that I don't think there are lots of other thugs and murders. In Russia and in the US and everywhere else. I don't think Hillary Clinton would hesitate for a second to order someone killed if she thought she could get away with it.

"Why has Putin been able to roll the Obama Administration on point after point"

Maybe because Obama is 1. an arrogant fool, and 2. a traitor who doesn't want to protect the interests of the United States.

I never said Putin isn't good at what he does.

Blogger Phillip George January 24, 2016 10:12 PM  

Doc, I think the point is people like Boris Nemtsov weren't worth killing, except as a 'false flag' psy op, by the West. Written in memory of WMD chief weapons inspector David Kelly.

God is not mocked. I find comfort in that. I suspect Putin's Christianity is the real deal. He isn't waging wars that aren't actually to 'save what lives he can'.

sort of like holding a pistol while filling the Titanic life boats, it's all a mess, but someone had to do it, and poorly was better than not at all.

Anonymous Takin' a Look January 24, 2016 10:24 PM  

@ Doc Rampage

I'm still waiting for Western Leaders to Q & teleprompters, no (((media control)))

Aside from that journalist, what else can you do a "gotcha" with regard to Putin? You seem a bit...sore. Does Putin slaughter his own people? Does he subjugate foreigners? Oh's the Moral Principal of the thing...problem is, as Kulak stated, the West may well have killed that journalist to gaslight the populace.

It ain't gonna work, the West has been aggressively expansionist while Russia under Putin has been regrouping. As a Democrat representive said "Uh, we are angry at Russia killing ISIS....why?!?"

The people of the West who are under 40 years of age are waking up in droves. They are very confused and scared. Russia,China and Iran are not a threat to them, Debauched Elites and (((rootless cosmopolitans))) and Sunni Musloids are a threat to them.

Anonymous Mike from Pasadena January 24, 2016 10:28 PM  

"The Russians can hide 70% of their population in bunkers, keep their livestock in hardened above-ground structures, have vast grain storage and enough resources that up to 30% of their population can survive a nuclear attack over a decade."
I've got news for you. Since the 1950's at least, the Russians have the "dacha system". Every native Russian who has a job has at least 3 avenues for getting a "dacha" or country place. Every employer of more than a threshold number of employees awards dachas to their employees. It is also possible to obtain rights to a plot of land in an ancestral village. Or, you can use the method which is open to even foreigners, such as myself, to buy a plot of land in a dacha village. The dacha villages are beyond the range of the worst effects of a nuclear attack from most cities, and most Russians are accustomed to intensive gardening on their dacha, both for recreation and for a nice supplement to their food budget. Most Russians use the dacha provided by their employers, which they can use even after retirement, until they die of old age.
Every major holiday, the cities empty out as everyone goes to their dacha for the extended weekend. So, they practice evacuating their cities 11 times a year. And they do it. By 7:00 pm on a holiday, the city is like a ghost town.
The dachas are sized to allow a family to feed itself.
In the event of a nuclear war, MOST of the Russian people would survive, and they would subsist independently until they were recalled to their jobs, which would be efficiently done since most of them would be on company dachas.
We do not have anything like that. If you want to know what OUR emergency evacuation system is like, do a search on "Rita Evacuation".
Really and truly, we're hosed.

Anonymous The Kulak January 24, 2016 10:51 PM  

@ Mike from Pasadena -- I wouldn't agree given the accuracy of modern nuclear weapons (the old bombs had to be huge in multi-megaton ranges to hit their targets especially bombers already aloft) that there would be any 'winners' of a nuclear exchange between the U.S. and Russia.

However I would point out three things 1) the bulk of the U.S. population is concentrated on the coasts, hence less geographically dispersed than Russia's 2) the S500 hypersonic Mach 12 capable systems coming online plus existence of subways and designated fall out shelters that have been quietly restocked in recent years would mean more U.S. than Russian nukes would be intercepted and a greater share of the Russian population would survive (again, dispersal, Siberia is pretty damn big) than the American 3) in any conventional clash of arms between the U.S. and Russia within 300 miles of Russia's borders eg the entire Baltic area, northeastern Poland, Belarus or all of Ukraine east of the Dnieper, the U.S. would get its ass kicked. Period. Numerous military experts have admitted the Baltics are indefensible without tactical nukes. It's just geography even if the Russian forces were at the technological level they were in 1991 (and they clearly aren't, see Kalibr cruise missiles hitting targets with Glonass aided pinpoint accuracy in Syria, now imagine 800 of those launched from ships and barges in the Caspian obliterating fuel storage tanks and planes on the ground at every U.S. airbase all the way to Rota/Lakenheath).

No, if we get into a shooting war with Russia, a real honest to God not proxy war (like the possible war brewing if Turkey invades northern Syria), the U.S. will use tactical nukes first. Or at least set one off as a demo and demand on the hotline that the Russians stand down or else the ICBMs start flying.

Anonymous Takin' a Look January 24, 2016 10:54 PM  

@ Mike of Pasadena

No, I expect most of the world to have MAD. Without an underground bunker at least 20 feet deep with 2 decades of provisions, prepare to be a radiation-addled zombie or dust. We are not fast breeding critters like rodents or even ungulates. It takes 15 years on average for a Human generation, rodents and lagomorphs, a month, ungulates, a year (females) even giant animals such as rhinos, hippos, elephants and whales reach female sexual maturity within 5-10 years.

The whole world would be Chernobyl for up to a century. Nuclear waste from power plants would render vast areas unlivable for millenia until fungi, plants and hydrological cycles broke it all down and made them inert.

Anonymous The Kulak January 24, 2016 10:56 PM  

As an addendum, I would say China suffers from its population being even more concentrated in megacities than either the U.S. or Russia, but I also have no doubt even if by some crazy scenario the U.S. were able to sucker punch the Russians and launch a partially disarming first strike and intercept a few of the Permieter 'Dead Hand' nukes launched in retaliation, the Chinese would finish off our west coast, east coast and northern cities with their DF-31s and SLBMs lest they be next.

I am getting very concerned with team neocon pissed about the looming collapse of the Sauds in 2 to 3 years after Riyadh loses the war in Yemen, plus their beloved CIA TOW jihadi shooters getting crushed by the SAA and Russian firepower along the Turkish border, that the Nuland crowd is planning something big. As in a Turkish invasion of northern Syria, or maybe a push simultaneous to one in northern Iraq. Fighting Mother Russia, Assad and Iran to the last Turk has a certain elegance to it in the neocons' minds but I do not think they will expect the highway of death for the Turks stretching up and down the Euphrates valley that the Russians could create, even before they start running low on bombs and rockets due to a Bosporus blockade. In short, I think the Turks will get their asses handed to them and so many of their reasonably modern F-16s will get shot down by Russian S-300/400s and Pantsirs plus the Sukhois it will cause many in NATO to crap their pants, and realize that would be them in a conventional war with Russia. Sorta like how the Soviet generals reacted to seeing the Iraqi Army's near-annihilation in Desert Storm but in reverse, with many American front line weapons systems like the Vipers looking outdated.

Anonymous The Kulak January 24, 2016 11:03 PM  

In reply to whomever asked the question about whether MH17 was done by an Israeli pilot, my best guess is no. Probably a Georgian from one of Saakshvili's cronies. Everybody forgot upon anointing themselves insta-experts after MH17 that Ukraine's Su-25s have been getting upgraded with Israeli avionics in Georgia for years, going back to Saakashvili's presidency.

Everybody forgets Saakashvili got the job of governor in Odessa to skim gravy off one of thew world's great narcotics and contraband arms smuggling ports and knock up Russian liberal Gaidar's daughter Masha after MH17. Kholomoisky the Israeli passport holding oligarch turned warlord of Dnepro also took some shots but has survived in his war against Porky. I imagine both have dead men's switches on each other regarding the Maidan shooters, Odessa massacre and MH17 false flag, should the Ukro-oligarch wars get out of hand and turn to assassination. Plus the U.S. proconsuls Pyatt and Nuland are on their asses to play nice.

Anonymous The Kulak January 24, 2016 11:17 PM  

Again, I'm not a 'rah rah Russia' guy. Russia Insider/RT/Sputnik all hurt themselves by running rah rah pieces, though they've also started running more pessimistic stuff lately with oil prices in the toilet.

I simply disagree with Martin van Crevald when he says Russia can't produce anything besides weapons, grain or hydrocarbons that people want (and no, I won't joke about Israelis tending to think all the brains left the USSR/RF with members of their tribe in the 1980s-90s). After this dollar collapse which is now inevitable and likely to fall into the lap of the next president before 2020 3d printing is going to change the manufacturing game, with the winners being those who have abundant cheap energy and hydrocarbons for plastics not necessarily the cheapest labor like Chindia. That puts Russia and the U.S. in good position but since both countries have their diversity problems (Russia's being dealt with ruthlessly most recently in Chechnya), I would say don't count out the Russians. They have a population that is on average, better educated than our own even if vodka, bad roads and horrible driving habits plus poor 'free' health care in the regions cuts down on the average life expectancy.

As soon as the U.S. boot is off the German, Japanese and Korean rear end all sorts of interesting possibilities for mutually cooperative re-industrialization open up. Don't tell anyone but the German car industry already outsources extensively to the Czech Republic (seen a Skoda lately?), Poland and Hungary and was starting to do so in Russia over the last ten years, due to the Russians having Europe's largest auto market. Is Russia ever going to make the world's best or cheapest consumer electronic toys? Probably not. Will 3d printing help the Russians maximize their competitive advantages in software, plasma physics, and yes, gun making technology? I'd say yes. Putin also said recently he wants to make Russia the largest non-GMO agriculture exporter in the world, so there's that too. Idiots like Big Zero who say Russia doesn't make anything are the kind who get mad like McInsane at the U.S. having to import Russian booster rockets just to put a man into orbit.

Anonymous Mike from Pasadena January 24, 2016 11:25 PM  

"The whole world would be Chernobyl for up to a century."
I do not know if you are aware of this, but there are people living in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, and have been for years. The main attractions are free land and no taxes. The main problem is that hey sell their produce in nearby markets, and even a geiger counter cannot tell the difference.
There have been several forest fires in the Chernobyl exclusion zone in the last couple of years. The hapless Ukrainian government has been unable to do anything to put them out, because they spent the forest fire money on pensions for their top officials. Yet, there are no reports of radioactive plumes spreading across Europe or Russia. Why not?

Anonymous Takin' a Look January 24, 2016 11:56 PM  

@ Mike of Pasadena, that is as interesting as the russian scientists drinking raw, organic milk back in the Day.

@ Kulak, keep it coming!

Blogger Groot January 25, 2016 12:16 AM  

“What benefits did Peter the Great do for Russia? Were the stories of his traveling in disguise true?”

This happens to be a subject I know a great deal about. Well, I’ll start with the last question first. Yes, he did travel throughout Europe in disguise. He had to. As an undead revenant he had to hide his hideous nature as he traveled the world searching out arcane secrets. Not only did he search for ancient spells to prolong his life, but he also searched for the magic machinery that will add strength to his armies and increase food production. He had drained the life out of too many of his peasants and needed more efficiency in the farm work. With the secrets he bought, stole and killed for, he was able to bring Russia to the big boy table of European politics. His armies of undead driven steam mechs marched across the steppes of Russia.

Gaspar Correia

Blogger bob k. mando January 25, 2016 12:27 AM  

regarding MH-17, i already laid out the evidence indicating that regardless of whether or not Russian separatists shot it down, the Uke Air Traffic Control was criminally liable for ordering the plane to an altitude minimally above the exclusion altitude and then path the aircraft directly over the top of where the supposedly rogue Buk was thought to be stationed.

a single vehicle Buk would have only had radar contact with MH17 ( at ~650mph ) for <5 minutes from intrusion into it's interdiction space until it had flown out of range.

and that's assuming that MH17 went directly over the top of the AA unit.

the further offset from the AA centerline that you get, the less time you have.

Uke ATC was trying to get that plane shot down, there is no other possibility.

whether Russ rebels were manning the Buk is almost beside the point. without the course modifications requested by the Ukes, the aircraft would never have been anywhere near in risk.

Anonymous Anonymous January 25, 2016 12:28 AM  

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Anonymous Spartacus xxxxx January 25, 2016 1:36 AM  

Yes, please-
@ Mike of Pasadena and
@ Kulak, keep it coming!

Kulak, no comment or correction on most of what you say, I'm not qualified. One small point- 3D printing is hyped far beyond its promise. It certainly has its place but it cannot ever compete against big steel, or high-volume injection molding, or a multitude of other relevant techniques. The manufacturing time per part is far too long, even with massively-parallel operations*, and the material properties of the finished part are severely compromised by the process requirements. Behind each 3D printed part is a massive mining and chemical engineering industry, the same one that feeds its competitors, most of which have more relaxed specs (e.g. bulk HDPE) so their feedstock costs are lower. Then there is the care & feeding, maintenance problem of the machinery itself, which won't be solved this side of semi-autonomous, self-repairing machines. Maybe someday, but not any time soon.

*These face an insurmountable geometry problem, in essence getting in each others way.

Anonymous Mr. Rational January 25, 2016 1:55 AM  

@59 You are way too pessimistic.  The truly hot part of fallout is hot because it's decaying at a furious pace; it's gone in a week.  I-131 is gone in 3 months, so you drink powdered milk and turn what you're getting into well-aged cheese.  Cs-137 and Cs-134 are only bad if you take enough to get into the Sieverts-per-year exposure range, and Cs has a short biological half-life.  If your water is hard enough to give you plenty of calcium you may not have any issues with Sr-90 either.

If you can weather a week of fallout your problems are going to be nuclear winter, lack of food, fuel and electricity, and predation from survivors looking for the same things as you.  If normal food and energy delivery can be restored quickly, BAU may recover.  Otherwise, it's really bad.  Diesel farm equipment won't have fuel.  Many/most livestock may be dead from radiation.  Large game, ditto.  Rebuilding is not going to be quick.  My water supply relies on the grid; most everyone is in my situation or worse, and will be in dire straits in days or hours.

The whole world would be Chernobyl for up to a century.

The babushkas of Chernobyl will tell you that it's hardly a bad thing.

Blogger Groot January 25, 2016 2:13 AM  

@68. Spartacus xxxxx:

This is just limp. Quintuple X? This wasn't even softcore hairy 70s. "Behind each [pencil] is a massive mining and chemical engineering industry." Gawd, read a book. With no humans on the critical path, the game changes. The game's afoot! Yeah, examination of the bumble bee proves that heavier-than-air flight is impossible. Say it in a nasal and precise cadence that brooks no possibility of pussy in your future.

Anonymous Spartacus xxxxx January 25, 2016 2:45 AM  

@70. Groot

@68. Spartacus xxxxx:

This is just limp. Quintuple X? This wasn't even softcore hairy 70s.

Not every single one of your posts gives me the creeps, just most of them. Fuck off, creep.

Blogger Groot January 25, 2016 3:42 AM  

Oh, I have a new chew-toy! Spartacus Quintuple-X, though small and corpulent and small-of-X, has an Opinion. Even Vox has a say-so: "This changed when [a major SJW went after him]": Did they scawe you, little gamma? Oh, this is so rich. I can hardly wait. Say something, idiot. I completely empathize with my dumb dog, who can't help barking. Bwahahaha! Do it, do it, do it!

Anonymous The Kulak January 25, 2016 4:13 AM  

@ 69 "The babushkas of Chernobyl will tell you that it's hardly a bad thing." there aren't any babushkas living in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, but there are wolves and at least one bear, probably a 'Russian invader' or more likely, a Belarussian one:

Regarding 3D printing being overhyped, I was saying that cheap hydrocarbon extraction and the implied petrochemical industry on the Volga makes Russia more competitive in that field. I didn't say we're gonna 3D print bases on the Moon or Mars.

This thread is getting end of thready so I think I'm gonna move on to the next one that's about Russia when it appears.

Blogger peter blandings January 25, 2016 5:30 AM  

unfortunately, it appears this thread has ended.
@the kulak. Great work. finally, somebody who knows what is what. i'm afraid churchill's characterization of russia is the most accurate. their own scientists put up the first satellite, not poached germans, like the u.s., they have the only manned space station, and the sukhoi SU35 can do maneuvers that u.s. pilots can only dream about. and yet they can't make a toaster that sells to save their lives. it's a mystery. but i believe that western civilization's last stand will be in russia, a quart of vodki a day notwithstanding.

Anonymous Difster January 25, 2016 7:33 AM  

Putin will wait until we're in the final throes of the 2016 election season before taking any drastic action; he'll be able to use it to make whoever the nominees are to either look weak (Sanders, Cruz) or completely overbearing and reactionary (Trump, Hillary).

Anonymous Mr. Rational January 25, 2016 10:14 AM  

@73 there aren't any babushkas living in the Chernobyl exclusion zone

Yes there are.  The wildlife in the "exclusion" zone is in great shape, specifically because there are few humans to bother it.  Half a sievert chronic (steady dose rate) annual dose doesn't hurt and may help; organisms in sub-normal radiation environments (paradoxically, including WIPP where the experiments were done) show signs of stress.

Blogger Groot January 25, 2016 2:45 PM  

I just want to say that Spartacus xxxxx's original comment was apt, intelligent and articulate. In my defense, I'm reliably informed that, in person, I'm enormous fun to be around when I get like that. In writing, ... yeah.

Blogger Kevin Lucas January 27, 2016 5:55 AM  

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