Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Smart diplomacy works

How fortunate that Iran is our friend now:
The crew of two small Navy craft are being held by Iran, but American officials have received assurances from Tehran that the crew and vessels will be returned safely and promptly.

Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook told The Associated Press that the boats were moving between Kuwait and Bahrain when the U.S. lost contact with them.

"We have been in contact with Iran and have received assurances that the crew and the vessels will be returned promptly," Cook said.

U.S. officials said that the incident happened near Farsi Island, situated in the middle of the Persian Gulf. They say it stemmed from some type of mechanical trouble with one of the boats, causing them to run aground. The troops were picked up by Iran.
And to think you doubted Obama. For shame.



Anonymous Isidore the Farmer January 12, 2016 4:47 PM  

Ship run aground? Heh. That said, as we make more and more Lesbian Transgender breastfeeding mammies the captains of our ships this sort of outcome will become expected.

"Which end is the stern, Caitlyn?" "Hold on baby, I'm filing my nails and three more grievances against the patriarchy."

Blogger pyrrhus January 12, 2016 4:55 PM  

Run aground on Iranian territory? wtf?

Blogger Josh January 12, 2016 4:56 PM  

Vox, what is your opinion of the nuclear deal with Iran?

Anonymous Alexander January 12, 2016 4:58 PM  

And to do it right before the State of the Union!?!

That's got to leave a mark.

Anonymous Discard January 12, 2016 5:02 PM  

According to the article, there are only ten crewmen (?) between the two boats. Navy SEALS?

Anonymous John Steed January 12, 2016 5:11 PM  

Now hold on. That last sentence isn`t in the artcle and only mentions sailors. I don`t see where it says that it`s been updated.

Anonymous patrick kelly January 12, 2016 5:14 PM  

I'm very skeptical that 10 Seals would run aground and be captured unless it was on purpose or they were some new Special Gurl Powered Seals....

Anonymous Spartacus xxxxx January 12, 2016 5:16 PM  

U.S. officials said that the incident happened near Farsi Island, situated in the middle of the Persian Gulf. They say it stemmed from some type of mechanical trouble with one of the boats, causing them to run aground. The troops were picked up by Iran.

Mechanical trouble with one boat causes two boats to "run aground"? How does that work? They say these are riverine boats, which are usually designed to beach. Tough to imagine how they could both run aground and the one could not pull the other off and take it under tow. It's insulting to the crews.

the riverine boats were moving between Kuwait and Bahrain when the U.S. lost contact with them.

Mechanical trouble with one boat causes two boats to lose radio contact? They need better press-release writers.

Blogger Groot January 12, 2016 5:19 PM  

@8. patrick kelly:

An Irish lad should know that seal girls are selkies.


Anonymous Discard January 12, 2016 5:32 PM  

What are two little boats doing so far from home? "Gosh", says the Captain, "I just turned around to calibrate my sextant and when I looked up, the little boats were gone".

Maybe it was a nine-man gang bang gone wrong.

Blogger Cataline Sergius January 12, 2016 5:36 PM  

The hatred that the uniformed military now has for it's civilian overlords would be terrifying for any sane government.

However the SJW delusion bubble that the Obama catamites maintain at the DOD is impenetrable.

Anonymous That Would Be Telling January 12, 2016 5:36 PM  

The Instapundit: Obama's Carterization is complete.

Blogger Snidely Whiplash January 12, 2016 5:42 PM  

Per Wiki, it seems to be a very small reef that the Iranians have built up into a sort of miniature naval base, much like the Chinese are doing off the coast of Vietnam. And like the Chinese, it's probably a lame attempt to claim half the Persian Gulf as Iranian territorial waters.

One does wonder what two very small US Naval craft were doing where they could run aground on an Iranian naval base. Hmmmm
Farsi Island measures approximately 600 meters of dry land at its widest point, which is NW to SE. A prominent feature of the island is the man-made protected harbor on the Southeast shore. Surface area of the rectangular harbor is approximately 40 meters in the NW/SE direction by approximately 70 meters in the NE/SW direction, or approximately 2,800 square meters. The harbor is served by a 50 meter wide dog-leg outlet at the SW end which exits south and then east. The harbor is improved with what appear to be several (approximately 3) boat slips, each measuring approximately 40 meters by approximately 70 meters.

Blogger Snidely Whiplash January 12, 2016 5:47 PM  

Wiki has the area at 7.5 km2
It's actually 7500 m2

Anonymous Spartacus xxxxx January 12, 2016 5:52 PM  

OT- Here's another SJW causality, not quite Nobel level but close.

MIT is cutting ties with retired professor Walter Lewin after determining that the physicist, whose lectures had made him a beloved teacher and minor Internet star, had sexually harassed at least one student online... MIT said Monday that it had launched an investigation immediately after she pointed and shrieked in October.
The woman was taking one of Lewin’s classes on edX, the online learning platform...
MIT has revoked his title as professor emeritus...MIT is also removing Lewin’s lecture videos and other course materials from edX and MIT OpenCourseWare indefinitely, “in the interest of preventing any further inappropriate behavior...
Faïza Harbi, 32, a private English tutor living in Montpellier, France... takes medications for anxiety and depression, which she told Lewin makes it difficult for her to concentrate.
...Harbi said, Lewin quickly moved their friendship into uncomfortable territory, and she was pushed to participate in online sexual role-playing and send naked pictures and videos of herself. After about 10 months, Harbi said, she resumed self-mutilating after seven years of not doing so...
Harbi, who is originally from Algiers, Algeria, is open about having been sexually assaulted in the past, and said she struggles with abandonment issues. The more she tried to distance herself from Lewin, she said, the more he attempted to contact her through email and social media. Ultimately, Harbi said, she felt forced to “obey.”

“We all felt trapped,” Harbi said.

Yeah. The evidence was withheld, the trial was held in secret, the books and youtube videos burned, the suspect airbrushed out of the photos.

Anonymous Tonkin January 12, 2016 6:10 PM  

Make up a scenario from your wildest imagination and conspiracy fantasy novel: yeah, much more likely than what the Govt and the Corp Press that own them and are in alliance with them tell you.

Anonymous KoranBurningFaggot January 12, 2016 6:14 PM  

My bet is we will see some die verse city in the sailors captured. But while running a ship they are in charge of aground would ruin any mans career, women have run several ships aground with no consequences.

she was pushed to participate in online sexual role-playing and send naked pictures and videos of herself.

How does this work, did he tell the whole class to send him pictures of their vags for extra credit, how would he know it was hers or just some vag she copied off the internet? Is it possible that the MIT professor couldn't find enough free/low cost pussy pictures on the internet?

Anonymous Brick Hardslab January 12, 2016 6:22 PM  

KBF Sailer once wondered why they bothered producing any more pron at all. There is an endless supply and no one could possibly be doing anything original. Maybe they need to keep up with hairstyles but who is looking at the 'High Fade' or 'Beehive' on the 'actors'.

Blogger Mr.MantraMan January 12, 2016 6:27 PM  

Not another hostage crisis, it will give Obama a clear shot at worst president ever in a clear run away victory if that is the case.

Blogger Neanderserk January 12, 2016 6:32 PM  

Iran aground.

Mullahed it over... story doesn't hold water.

Lips are SEALed, no doubt. Let's just hope their scuttlebutts stay watertight.

Anonymous Brick Hardslab January 12, 2016 6:35 PM  

Obama's already front runner after Lincoln. Who can beat 500K Americans dead? But sure after that he's right up there.

I pray all American hostages and prisoners in Iran are released quickly.

Blogger Neanderserk January 12, 2016 6:35 PM  

We were concerned about Muslims bombing stuff, so we elected a Muslim to bomb stuff. Named Obama.

He's not married to a horse, but his wife is hung like one...

Anonymous Brick Hardslab January 12, 2016 6:36 PM  

There's one woman hostage. Please tell me they are not sending women even as support on SEAL missions.

Anonymous TLM January 12, 2016 6:45 PM  

I will have to eat much crow if the US Navy personnel act like those pussy Brit sailors that had this happen to them a few years back. I teased and mocked them relentlessly, especially the one that cried when the Iranians took his I Pod.

Blogger caxica January 12, 2016 6:49 PM  

Foreign policy is the only area where I think Obama hasn't completely fucked over most Americans.

Anonymous Anonymous January 12, 2016 6:58 PM  

So is this what happens when you try to shift to 3GW when your personnel are barely capable of understanding orders/procedures under 2GW?

Blogger VD January 12, 2016 7:21 PM  

Vox, what is your opinion of the nuclear deal with Iran?

Irrelevant. They're going to get the weapons sooner or later. The entire history of arms development indicates that. They're more technical than Pakistan. I'd be surprised if North Korea hasn't already provided them with a few "invasion-insurance" devices.

Anonymous Brick Hardslab January 12, 2016 7:39 PM  

Everybody learned the lesson of Libya and North Korea.

Blogger Erika Juhasz Nagy January 12, 2016 8:10 PM  

Any bets the Captain was a woman?

VFM 260

Anonymous Anonymous January 12, 2016 8:29 PM  

@26 unfortunately, I think a man is just as likely today. Modern society, including the military, has built in a crippling dependence on GPS. If the GPS malfunctions for some reason people don't know how to navigate using more traditional methods or how to use traditional methods to recognize their GPS is leading them astray.

Anonymous Discard January 12, 2016 8:35 PM  

27. basementflamethrower: Just yesterday an old retired Chief Signalman I know told me that the Naval Academy had stopped teaching celestial navigation and Morse code. Enlisted men deserve better from their officers. Officers deserve better from their Admirals. Admirals deserve to drown.

Anonymous Anonymous January 12, 2016 8:46 PM  

@ 28 I can almost agree if I didn't hold the enlisted men responsible. I am 31 years old. My friends will ridicule me for not using GPS and telling them to turn the wrong way down a 1 way street in a city we aren't familiar with. They don't understand that I am telling the correct direction to go even though I don't know the street layout for the particular city.

This isn't a difficult skill to pick up. All you have to do is quite mindlessly listening to the GPS lady and have a general idea where you are at and which direction your destination is from your location.

Anonymous Napoleon 12pdr January 12, 2016 9:05 PM  

@13 Snidely:

Yup. Iran has several small islands in the Gulf. It's a PITA to work around them and stay clear of Iranian airspace.

@28 Discard:

IIRC, the Naval Academy is bringing celestial navigation back. FWIW, most flight instructors won't let a student pilot use GPS. A pilot needs to be able to navigate by pilotage and dead reckoning.

Anonymous Joseph P. Martino January 12, 2016 9:09 PM  

Regarding those Naval vessels, Iran should receive the same treatment Tripoli did. "To the shores of Tripoli."

Anonymous Joseph P. Martino January 12, 2016 9:11 PM  

Regarding those Naval vessels, Iran should receive the same treatment Tripoli did. "To the shores of Tripoli."

Blogger Snidely Whiplash January 12, 2016 9:26 PM  

We seem to be lacking Lt Stephen Decatur this time around.

Anonymous coyote January 12, 2016 9:26 PM  

those arab shores had actual pirates at one time. now we are the pirates, looting and pillaging for our chosen elite. same racket the templars had for the popes, until their treasure was coveted by those rascally pontiffs.

Blogger William Newman January 12, 2016 10:22 PM  

poster: "The hatred that the uniformed military now has for it's civilian overlords would be terrifying for any sane government."

Narcissism elevated to de facto madness is not unknown among rulers, historically.

Macaulay: "He remained silent for a short time. Then he bade the men take up their arms. 'Another time,' he said, with a gloomy look, 'I shall not do you the honour to consult you.'"

And Macaulay, re. another event not too far away in time or distance or spirit: "[...] But the government was under an infatuation such as, in a more simple age, would have been called judicial."

(And you gotta dig the use of the "dispensing power" --- i.e., blanket industrial scale pardons --- to legalize people forbidden by Parliament...)

Anonymous A Visitor January 12, 2016 10:23 PM  

I was drinking during SOTU expecting Dear Leader to touch upon this. He surprisingly did not. I texted an Iranian buddy about this. He's yet to respond, lol.

Blogger Harold January 12, 2016 10:35 PM  

AS soon as I heard about it I told my wife at least one of the 10 was female. One was.

And USNA, USCGA, and USMMA are all bringing back celestial navigation. Morse code, OTOH, is dead. The Coast Guard no longer monitors morse frequencies. Morse is exclusively a hobbyist activity now.

Anonymous Mike from Pasadena January 12, 2016 10:40 PM  

There is a little difference in the reports. USA is saying that two vessels were on a training mission, when one of them had a mechanical failure that somehow caused both vessels to run aground.
The Iranians are saying that they happened upon two American vessels beached on their island, and suspect either attempted sabotage or spying.
The Iranians say that they will hold the American sailors until the investigation is complete, and that they have removed the navigation equipment for analysis as part of the investigation. The Americans are saying that the sailors and boats will be released promptly, but it is not expected overnight.
I think that there was a mission to deploy something or other to the island, but unfortunately the Iranians responded faster than expected.
What makes me disbelieve the American story is a) when the vessel has mechanical problems, why did the other boat not take her in tow? and b) running aground usually happens some distance from shore, but beaching happens on the beach. The photos were on the beach. Note that running aground is almost always unintentional, while beaching is almost always intentional.

Blogger Groot January 13, 2016 1:27 AM  

@19. Neanderserk:
"Iran aground.
"Mullahed it over... story doesn't hold water.
"Lips are SEALed, no doubt. Let's just hope their scuttlebutts stay watertight."

I'm starting to like the quirk of Neanderserk.

Anonymous Gecko January 13, 2016 9:33 AM  

Iran Releases Captured US Sailors After Questioning, Apology

Is that the prime suspect in the corner flanked by protectors, with a head covering and looking ashamed?

Blogger Old Ez January 13, 2016 10:06 AM  

Vox, are you implying Iran was in the wrong here? You seem to be saying that if two armed Iranian gun boats invaded US territorial waters that US wouldn't detain them or would be wrong to detain them. That is lunacy. For someone so interested in military strategy you should be able to see what is going on here. This was a win-win for whomever it is in the US establishment who wants war with Iran. Here's how the reasoning went: "This Iran deal is bad news; we need to scuttle it. How can we do that? Let's send two armed gun boats into Iranian waters! We can't lose! If Iran detains the boats, we win and can claim those dastardly Iranians have attacked us. If Iran chooses not to interdict the boats, we win and Iran no longer has control over its sovereign waters." It seems pretty obvious to me.

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