Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's not your imagination

ESPN has been moving steadily leftward since it converged:
ESPN Public Editor Jim Brady on Election Eve surveyed complaints that the sports network had gone overboard with liberal pieties, frustrating long-time watchers by injecting politics onto the plahing field. He agreed with conservative complaints that ESPN had shifted leftward, though the company brass and at least one outspoken lefty personality didn’t see a problem: "One notion that virtually everyone I spoke to at ESPN dismisses is what some have perceived as unequal treatment of conservatives who make controversial statements vs. liberals who do the same."
I used to LOVE ESPN and Sportscenter back in the glory days of Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick. I haven't even considered turning it on or even visiting the ESPN website for years.

But remember, SJW convergence is nothing that merits fighting. It's a sign that there is a sizable opportunity to exploit.

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Anonymous VFM #6306 November 17, 2016 5:33 PM  

Yep. I can't imagine how worthless it has become. Its Magazine was ground zero for its neuter-on bomb, but it just spread from there. What's their highest rated show now, the View?

Blogger Nate November 17, 2016 5:37 PM  

The NFL Nation blogs for the individual teams can be good. Otherwise... its awful

Anonymous Covilhanense November 17, 2016 5:39 PM  

I've got no idea how it actually is in America, but I stopped watching many ESPN programmes back when I still lived in Brazil. Unfortunately I couldn't stop watching the channel as a whole because it was the only one that would broadcast European football leagues, the NFL and MLB.

The pundits were awful. They would always talk about politics instead of sticking to sports. And yes, they were all leftists (a mix between modern liberals and old-style socialists). By far the worst sports channel in Brazil in that sense.

Anonymous TLM November 17, 2016 5:39 PM  

Olberman & Patrick, those were the days. They lost me long ago. Robin Roberts was the only chick at that time, then overnight it seemed like an HR dept overrun with T&A.

Blogger Noah B aka Carlos Danger Close November 17, 2016 5:39 PM  

I hadn't heard of Olbermann before he began his loathsome tenure at MSNBC. Did he undergo that much of an attitude shift from his earlier ESPN career, or is he just a trained monkey who says and does whatever his handlers tell him to?

Blogger Amatuer Brain Surgeon November 17, 2016 5:50 PM  

The extreme lefty, LeBatard, is unwatchable. He is an arrogant SJW who loves, LOVES, sodomites and any minority who hates America.

I used to love Charlie Steiner and the segments with Olbermann and Craig Ferguson.; VERY funny, clever, intelligent, and masculine

Blogger Deplorable Gaiseric November 17, 2016 5:50 PM  

I read an article on this just last week on Breitbart, that nefarious fake news site. Might have been the same guy quoted, although they called him the "ombudsman" there; but his conclusion was the same: Y'know this problem that's too big for us to ignore any longer? I'm here to assure you that it's not really a problem, so don't believe you're lying eyes and ears and please keep watching us.

Anonymous Mark Dietzler November 17, 2016 5:51 PM  

Olberman came from the local LA TV market, I used to see him there while growing up in SoCal. I still maintain to this day that his angry schtick comes from always playing 2nd fiddle to the long time lead sportscaster at KNBC, Fred Roggin.

Blogger Amatuer Brain Surgeon November 17, 2016 5:52 PM  

One can no more find a traditional male sports reporter than one can find a radio host who dares criticise Israel.

Anonymous Ryan November 17, 2016 5:53 PM  

I used to love Dan Patrick and Olbermann's show. Such a shame. Sports journalism is about the only kind of journalism which isn't a contradiction in terms. One could really, actually report on what was happening. Highlight reals, who is injured this week, draft prospects, even the opinion stuff was rooted in reality: should the Broncos try to draft a QB or trade for one.

But oh well, the rot takes it all I guess. Clickbait is dead, long live clickbait.

Anonymous Zek November 17, 2016 6:05 PM  

Same with me, I only flip ESPN on for MNF, and I'm barely watching any of those games. What ever happened to NFL Primetime?

I can't stand all the women - it was fine when Linda Cohn was one of the only women - she's a walking plastic surgery & implant ad now. I tuned in last year and THREE women were talking about a Penguins-Flyers game.

I'll watch NFL & NHL Networks, but they also have the SJW inclusive mindset that they MUST MUST MUST have women and minorities.

Blogger Silent Cal November 17, 2016 6:05 PM  

Used to watch Mike & Mike in the morning and Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption in the evening.

Not anymore. It was all the fawning over Michael Sam that woke me up to how horrible ESPN had become.

Blogger SteelPalm November 17, 2016 6:05 PM  

@5 I originally knew Olbermann as "that fun, exciting sports guy".

I was aghast when he then turned into "humorless leftist political douchebag".

Social Justice and leftism ruins fucking everything. And everyone.

Blogger Badger Brigadon November 17, 2016 6:06 PM  

After the 'mile in her shoes' and 'pink support for Titty cancer' Fiascos, I considered ESPN and the NFL beyond recovery.

High school football is vastly more entertaining due to the 'humanity' of the players, plus you get to socialize with the players, the parents, and the community. High school football brings families together... NFL sets up a strict barrier between 'fans' and 'not fans', which usually means a Man and his family.

Blogger Sean Carnegie November 17, 2016 6:15 PM  

Used to have the best radio shows on Sat and Sun with Brown, Wilson, and the always fun Tony Bruno. All night with Todd Wright was one of the different and endearing shows ever on sports radio. Playing Brass Bonanza during Carolina Hurricanes highlights? Brilliant.

Loved ESPN radio but can't watch nor listen to anything ESPN anymore. Burn them down.

Anonymous kfg November 17, 2016 6:16 PM  

They're still around?

I stopped paying attention when Hunter died.

Blogger Jack Ward November 17, 2016 6:17 PM  

On most games I leave the audio down, usually, and it drives my wife up the walls sometimes. I did have it up for some ESPN game the last few weeks and they said something about Trump in a derogatory way. Wish I could remember. I do remember asking the monitor 'what the hell does that have to do with this game?' Then, turned down the audio again. Really you don't usually need to hear the commentary if you have good eyes.

Blogger L. Beau November 17, 2016 6:17 PM  

Keith Olbermann? I would rather listen to a syphilitic whore queefing than to watch that assho1e.

Blogger tublecane November 17, 2016 6:21 PM  

I watched Olbermann and Patrick (and Kilborn, Eisen, etc.) back when I was in junior high, and found them hilarious. That was the only time I paid attention to sports as a whole, as opposed to particular interests of mine. But I tuned out when I was 14 or so.

Whenever I flip over to one of their 600 channels now, which is almost never, it doesn't look like they're even trying to be funny. All they do is yell at eachother (of course, women aren't funny anyway). That could be because I'm not 14 and don't find pop culture references and catch phrases as hilarious anymore.

I did watch their documentary on the Duke Lacrosse nonsense, and it was surprisingly fair. I fully expected the "Nifong/Mangum were liars, but actually they were right" treatment. The most damning thing about the Duke players was that they looked for strippers on Google and didn't send the girls away the second they laid eyes on them. Seriously, they let anyone into privileged, preppy, lilly-white colleges these days.

Anonymous dr kill November 17, 2016 6:25 PM  

I've been admiring the VD style for several years. I believe he already has a plan for a new sports channel or he wouldn't have mentioned it. Long live the dark enlightenment.

Anonymous BGKB November 17, 2016 6:38 PM  

I used to LOVE ESPN and Sportscenter back in the glory days of Keith Olbermann

I have bad news for you Keith Olbermann came out as a cock sucking leftist.

LeBatard, is unwatchable. He is an arrogant SJW who loves, LOVES, sodomites and any minority who hates America

I thought they just started covering gay curling teams this year.

Keith Olbermann? I would rather listen to a syphilitic whore queefing than to watch that assho1e

The gays like (((Samantha Bee))) also.

Anonymous Chris November 17, 2016 6:41 PM  

I was impressed with Dan Patrick when he was discussing the Missouri football situation when the team was complaining about Ferguson. He covered it simply from the standpoint of how does it effect the team. He refused to get into the politics.

Anonymous Anonymous November 17, 2016 6:43 PM  

You know they always say follow the money, so one has to wonder just how much influence their sponsors have on their content, programming and commentary. I don't watch ESPN, but I would be interested in who their main sponsors are, I'm assuming many of them are pharmaceuticals.

Anonymous Anonymous November 17, 2016 6:44 PM  

I'm sure beer commercials are plentiful. Budweiser Queen of Beers.

Blogger pyrrhus November 17, 2016 6:47 PM  

I wonder if there is an opportunity here for a Sports channel that covers events with a mildly conservative, i.e. normal, bias....

Anonymous vincent mcmahon November 17, 2016 6:56 PM  

XFL was ahead of its time.

Blogger Amatuer Brain Surgeon November 17, 2016 6:58 PM  

Olberman is a faux ivy lad outed by Coulter

Anonymous ESPN TruFen November 17, 2016 7:03 PM  

It all started when they fired Rush Limbaugh for speaking the truth when he said on the pregame show: (paraphrasing from memory)

"Donavan McNabb is somewhat overrated because the media is desirous for a black quarterback to succeed."

This was then taken by a media desirous of pushing the leftist narrative and turning it into: "Rush Limbaugh is the Grand Dragon of the KKK and advocated lynching that nigger QB for the Eagles."

It's been all to the left ever since.

Blogger Cail Corishev November 17, 2016 7:08 PM  

It may be hard to believe there was a time when Olbermann was witty and personable and relayed the news without crapping on everyone he dislikes, but it's true. Dunno whether he was hiding his true self back then to keep his job, or if he became a douchebag later, but he and Patrick did a great show at the time.

Blogger James Dixon November 17, 2016 7:13 PM  

No love for Chris Berman?

Blogger Al From Bay Shore November 17, 2016 7:18 PM  

ESPN had a good thing going on. It created what every dude wanted, the transformation of the 5 minute sports segment on local news into a solid hour of sports reporting. THEN ESPN decided to hue their reporting with politics. I miss the days when Warner Wolf and Sal Marshiano were the model of sports reporting.

Blogger Al From Bay Shore November 17, 2016 7:19 PM  

@29 Chris Berman is alright with me!

Blogger Cail Corishev November 17, 2016 7:35 PM  

Linda Cohn might be a cautionary tale of entryism. She wasn't hired for her looks (though she's not ugly); she grew up playing hockey with a bunch of brothers, and actually knew her stuff. But once they started hiring women, it became a moral imperative, and now all the networks are loaded with attractive women who know nothing about the sport and ask dumb questions like, "What do you have to do better in the second half?"

During the Steeler game last week, when the sideline chick did her post-halftime update, she actually said, "Coach Tomlin wanted to tell me two things...." No, dear, all he wanted to tell you was, "Get it over with; I have a team to coach." I keep hoping for the coaches to give the answers they deserve, like, "We need to score more points than they do," but they're too cowed.

Anonymous Slen November 17, 2016 7:37 PM  

> XFL was ahead of its time.


Blogger bkm ( wut is the great flaw in the Alt-R? too many chiefs, insufficient Injuns. good thing Vox Day is the Little Injun That Could pull that fine train. { Vox Gayness intensifies } ) November 17, 2016 7:49 PM  

21. BGKB November 17, 2016 6:38 PM
The gays like (((Samantha Bee))) also.

was that a queef ... or PPE?

((( Premature Pregnancy Ejaculation )))

Blogger Lovekraft November 17, 2016 7:54 PM  

This is an indicator that the left still has economic clout. The advertising industry has to be exposed via boycotts. But they are powerful, able to tweak the subconscious in subtle ways.

The alt-right is still in its infancy, developing a non-threatening alternative to the New York ad agency spellcasting.

Blogger Michael Maier November 17, 2016 7:57 PM  

XFL was ahead of its time.


Anonymous Icicle November 17, 2016 8:05 PM  

XFL was ahead of its time.

We never forget, Vince.

Blogger Lazarus November 17, 2016 8:08 PM  

James Dixon wrote:No love for Chris Berman?


I like the thing he does with his voice when he has to do an extended take. Its like what happens if you squeeze a croaking frog.

Unique in the sportscasting world.

Anonymous He Hate Me November 17, 2016 8:09 PM  

I was ahead of my time too, you racist!!

Blogger Lazarus November 17, 2016 8:13 PM  

> XFL was ahead of its time.

Remember the aerial mobile camera on wires?

That was awesome.

Plus, you could put whatever name you wanted on the back of the Jersey.

Pink Sucks would be a good one.

Anonymous Anonymous November 17, 2016 8:16 PM  

I also loved ESPN back in the day. I wouldn't want 24/7 Trump anymore than 24/7 Obama-SJW. I can't believe that they never understood that we watched sports as an ESCAPE from all of that crap.

Blogger J Van Stry November 17, 2016 8:19 PM  

ESPN is part of the reason why I no longer watch pro football and the total reason why I stopped watching Monday Night Football at all, after having watched it faithfully since it first started.
They're not that good at sportscasting (watching them on TV was like the amateur hour, very painful) and they got bolder and bolder about injecting their political views, which is not why I watch football.
Personally, the sooner ESPN folds up and closes shop, the better.

Blogger Rough Carrigan November 17, 2016 8:20 PM  

@32, Not Bill Belichick, the coach of the Patriots. His press conferences are hilarious. He does not hide his contempt for the dumb media. Oh, and he supported Trump and walked into the stadium for Super Bowl 49 wearing a red Gadsden ("Don't Tread on me") shirt.

Anonymous Baseball Savant November 17, 2016 8:22 PM  

ESPN's baseball coverages is so awful it hurts. I was actually surprised at how amazing John Smoltz was during the World Series, but then again knowing Smoltz, I shouldn't have been. Fox hit a HR getting McCarver out of there and replacing them with John. I don't know who came up with that or how they got it through knowing Smoltz is a devoted believer who is a Republican, but his commentary is outstanding.

Blogger Anthony Gillis November 17, 2016 8:25 PM  

@20 dr kill

I've been admiring the VD style for several years. I believe he already has a plan for a new sports channel or he wouldn't have mentioned it. Long live the dark enlightenment.

You mean the plausibly deniable Evil Network of Evil? Unverified rumors have it that programming might include:

Blood Bowl
Gladiatoria Munera
Competitive Schadenfreude
And, Tutu Marathons

Blogger SteelPalm November 17, 2016 8:29 PM  


Out of curiosity, where are you getting that Samantha Bee is supposedly Jewish?

Every place I look indicates that she is a white Catholic Canadian. Her last name is white, not Jewish. Her facial features are typically white. She even married a white guy.

Blogger tim November 17, 2016 8:48 PM  

Heard. Vox, if true, will laugh at the imminent dead carcass of the NFL. Unless godemperor advovates Gladiator rules, then what?

Blogger tim November 17, 2016 8:50 PM  

Converged already. How many more Pink Octobers? Just us a Black November, Prostate Awareness

Blogger tim November 17, 2016 8:51 PM  

Please give us a Black November. Ha!

Anonymous Tomas Nau November 17, 2016 8:59 PM  

To be honest, I'd probably actually watch a sports network with content like what @45 was proposing. Poz-free *and* blood sports. Great stuff.

Blogger Lazarus November 17, 2016 9:11 PM  

Anyone see Romo saying football was a meritocracy? Somebody must have written that and taught him how to say it. If not, full props to Tony R.

Anonymous BGKB November 17, 2016 9:13 PM  

Out of curiosity, where are you getting that Samantha Bee is supposedly Jewish?

She sure talks like a jew about white people. But then again so did the lesbian Hispanic activist who spewed more vitriol at the hospital that saved lives after the pulse attack than about the Afghani moslem that shot 102 gays, I think her name was Georgina Zimmerman on the show Gaycation Pulse. I have seen blond jewish guys with small PPs before. Good point about the name like John Stewart. She claims to be an atheist, its the mom that passes jewishness.

Here are some suspicious links

Anonymous BGKB November 17, 2016 9:15 PM  

Sorry the show was GayCation Orlando.

Anonymous BGKB November 17, 2016 9:20 PM  

This site says her mom was a witch, so that would make her a daughter of a beewitch

Blogger Billy November 17, 2016 9:29 PM  

No love for Chris Berman? Juden

Blogger SemiSpook37 November 17, 2016 9:38 PM  

I remember the halcyon days of Olbermann and Patrick, Eisen and Scott, Mayne with pretty much anybody. Back when you could watch the WWL and not be constantly bombarded with every single SJW's wet dream every 20 seconds. Hell, even the "This Is SportsCenter" commercials were extremely clever and well thought out.

Now? I only watch ESPN to catch the occasional Penn State game, and even then I refrain from watching because of the smug the emanates from the broadcast booth. I love the fact that they're giving the SJWs there in Bristol convulsion fits, ever since they led that huge SJW crusade against Penn State and Joe Paterno, in particular, such a chastisement as fallout from the Sandusky abuse case five years ago.

Say what you will about that situation, but that's what ultimately forced me to stop watching that channel (actually, ALL those channels). As an alum (and actually someone who grew up in the shadow of that legacy), Paterno was a great influence in that area. Do I think he openly let Sandusky run free to fulfill his sick desires? No. I think the guy was fooled like the rest of us. Hell, the man even admitted earlier on the day he was unceremoniously fired that he should have done more. But, don't let that get in the way of the Narrative.

Yeah, I'm still bitter, apparently. That, and LeBatard's just an idiot. Thank God Cowherd went to Fox when he did, because it forced me to find other fodder to listen to on the drive home.

Blogger Cecil Henry November 17, 2016 9:39 PM  

There is a youtube video too about 'NBA players react to Trump win'

I think I'll boycott the NBA too -- permanently.

The level of anti-White bigotry, spouted so spontaneously, unconsciously, and unapologetically, is both ugly and cringe worthy.

Bye bye NBA. May you be destroyed too.

Anonymous Ew November 17, 2016 9:43 PM  

Vox: Stop retweeting that damn tranny. It wants to become the alt-rights tranny in the same way Milo is the alt-right's gay.


Blogger Cail Corishev November 17, 2016 9:49 PM  

At the last ESPN awards, a few of the NBA's biggest stars read off a list of black men who had been shot by cops -- intentionally skipping the one who was shot by a black cop, making it clear they considered it a race thing, not a police thing -- but on the other hand including St. Trayvon.

Almost no one in sports seemed to think this was even controversial. That's how bad ESPN (and much of sports media) has gotten.

Anonymous Godfrey November 17, 2016 9:50 PM  

I haven't watched an NFL game all season. NBA? not even 5 seconds.

I'm no longer supporting anti-white bigots.

Anonymous BGKB November 17, 2016 9:50 PM  

Somewhat related gay white males have too much privilege.

Blogger Lazarus November 17, 2016 10:35 PM  

NBA has less than half the viewership of the nfl and has also seen decreased viewing in the last year or so.

Blogger BassmanCO November 17, 2016 10:48 PM  

NBA also has the worst officiating in professional sports. Makes it easier to ignore that steaming pile of refuse (even though itnis my favorite sport).

Blogger Jackie DeLister November 17, 2016 11:10 PM  

I still like Pardon the Interruption.

Anonymous Godfrey November 17, 2016 11:36 PM  

What about Jew privilege?

Politics, banking, Hollywood... now there's privilege.

Blogger ChickenChicken Sweep November 17, 2016 11:49 PM  

I've been receiving the ESPN mag (don't know why, certainly not paying for it), and before I let my nephew shred it, I leaf through it. Every piece is SJW garbage. A few months back, one of the "articles" was a refrigerator magnet quality poem about a suffragette riding a bicycle. What in the ever-loving fuck?

Anonymous VFM #6306 November 18, 2016 12:03 AM  

XFL +3

Its big problem was that it was network dependent instead of viewer dependent. They were 2 seasons from streaming. It was brilliant putting the teams in football towns instead of big television audiences, but being under such pressure from 1 network (NBC) vs. the muscle of NFL made tv ratings the only battleground that mattered.

But what are you gonna do? He Hate Me.

Anonymous A Most Deplorable Paradigm Is More Than Twenty Cents November 18, 2016 12:18 AM  

OT current events
Pakistani and Afghanis illegals caught in Arizona in the Nogales sector. There is a link on this page to a previous capture 17 miles inside the country, those illegals were taken by the FBI to Tucson.

Eh, they probably just want to open up ethnic restaurant in Phoenix. Or maybe they want to go hang out with Amy Schumer in Sedona.

Blogger SteelPalm November 18, 2016 12:19 AM  


Your first link is a hilarious Stormfag blog and the next few links, while retarded as fuck, don't even claim Bee is Jewish.

So yes, she is a white Canadian, as her name, appearance, and every borderline sane source claims.

Speaking of which, I've been noticing a lot more clearly white people being called "Jewish" recently.

Although Bee could still be the daughter of a witch. That's a possibility.

Anonymous Jack Amok November 18, 2016 12:30 AM  

No love for Chris Berman?

"You're with me, Leather."

He. Probably. Went. All. The. Way.

The best sports reporting these days are the fantasy guys, and I think it's because their audience doesn't give a crap about human interest stories. They're tuning in for one reason - they want info and advice on who to start and who to trade for so they can win their leagues or win some cash jackpot.

Anonymous FP November 18, 2016 12:44 AM  

James Dixon wrote:No love for Chris Berman?

He could... go.. all.. the.. way... to the leftarded.

He was ok 15-20 years ago, like most of them when they didn't inject politics into everything. Screw him and the rest of them. Also, wow Linda really did go all out on the surgery.

Anonymous An Extremely Deplorable Paradigm Is More Than A Basket Of Twenty Deplorable Cents November 18, 2016 1:07 AM  

OT but Trump threads are slowing down.

Obtain the beverage of your choice. Perhaps a bucket of libtard tears. Then open up this tirade at slatestarcodex wherein libtards are advised to "stop crying wolf". Enjoy.

Blogger tim November 18, 2016 1:09 AM  

Curt Schilling. ESPN dealt a converged card. They purge all dissenters

Blogger Bob Loblaw November 18, 2016 1:16 AM  

Badger Brigadon wrote:After the 'mile in her shoes' and 'pink support for Titty cancer' Fiascos, I considered ESPN and the NFL beyond recovery.

High school football is vastly more entertaining due to the 'humanity' of the players, plus you get to socialize with the players, the parents, and the community. High school football brings families together... NFL sets up a strict barrier between 'fans' and 'not fans', which usually means a Man and his family.

During the NFL strike in the mid '90s my colleagues started going to the local high school games, and when the strike ended they never went back. Just a better all-around experience.

Blogger tublecane November 18, 2016 1:18 AM  

@56-They were clever, and unfortunately very influential. I can only take so much of that "po-mo" style.

Blogger tublecane November 18, 2016 1:23 AM  

@63-I know next to nothing about basketball, and have barely played a game outside of gym class and driveway hoops. But I can spot all the double dribbles and traveling calls they miss. Or "miss."

That's to say nothing of fouls, or ghost fouls. The worst are the technicals they hand out for looking at them crosseyed.

Anonymous JAG November 18, 2016 1:34 AM  

I also had to give up ESPN when they decided that going full leftarded was the way to a utopian future.

Shitlibs are the people that just have to ruin everything.

Blogger SteelPalm November 18, 2016 1:59 AM  

I will echo the others and note I liked ESPN in the late 90s and early 2000s. Fuck did that Social Justice Convergence come hard and fast.

As for the NBA, I boycotted the league ever since I became sick of David Stern fixing the games in favor of the Lakers.

Seeing how the league has undergone increasing Social Justice Convergence since then, from refusing to hold their All-Star game in North Carolina as agreed since adult males aren't allowed to sodomize little girls in bathrooms, or the NBA supporting the Phoenix Suns coming out in support of criminal invaders, convinced me I made the right choice.

Anonymous Emmanuel M November 18, 2016 2:05 AM  

I wonder how an SJW free US football league could go

Creating 20 new franchises, and giving a delicious middle finger to ESPN and the NFL. Even if the players are somewhat weaker, I am usre there is enough talent to make a distinct, SJW free league.

Anonymous Emmanuel M November 18, 2016 2:15 AM  

Sorry, forgot that XFL was tried before.

Maybe too early

Anonymous JAG November 18, 2016 3:59 AM  

Or more like the USFL if it could somehow bust the monopoly. The USFL had some great talent in it's 3 year existence. There was only a handful of stable franchises though.

Anonymous JAG November 18, 2016 4:02 AM  

Also, Donald Trump owned the New Jersey Generals in 84 to 85. They were a bad franchise their first year under the previous owner, but the God-Emperor made them great with a 25-13 record over those two seasons.

Anonymous Clay November 18, 2016 5:03 AM  

I apologize...I haven't had a chance to read the entire thread.

But, the other morning, while I was doing my foo-foo, I heard that Dan Patrick referring to his "Danettes".

Almost made me want to puke. Now, I have to wonder...just what IS a MClovin?

A Faggot with a horse's head?

Anonymous 11/18 November 18, 2016 6:33 AM  

Article estimates Alt-Right to be 50,000 people. The arrogance is beautiful.

“We believe that we invent symbols. The truth is that they invent us; we are their creatures, shaped by their hard, defining edges. When soldiers take their oath they are given a coin, an asimi stamped with the profile of the Autarch. Their acceptance of that coin is their acceptance of the special duties and burdens of military life—they are soldiers from that moment, though they may know nothing of the management of arms. I did not know that then, but it is a profound mistake to believe that we must know of such things to be influenced by them, and in fact to believe so is to believe in the most debased and superstitious kind of magic. The would-be sorcerer alone has faith in the efficacy of pure knowledge; rational people know that things act of themselves or not at all.”
--Gene Wolfe

Blogger PoseidonAwoke November 18, 2016 6:34 AM  

Is there really a sizable opportunity to exploit? Watching basketball is like watching the All Africa League. Football is almost as bad. College sports are a joke: Is there anyone who thinks that the semi-literate Africans that play on the teams actually represent their schools? So corrupt. It seems to me that sports are used to elevate blacks and denigrate whites, where open anti-white preference is glorified?

About the only thing I can watch are implicit, like MMA or tennis.

Blogger SteelPalm November 18, 2016 6:50 AM  

Scott Alexander is a uniquely annoying idiot.

His mix of third-rate rhetoric and laughably flawed dialectic is lousy enough, but he is under delusions of grandeur that it is breathtaking insight. And then proceeds to beat a dead horse for multiple pages.

That he achieved popularity and an audience through his misguided, moronic musings should be an inspiration to anyone that publishes a blog, starts a Youtube channel, etc.

If that guy can succeed, then so can you!

And it's little surprise that he doesn't understand the Alt-Right, an admittedly complex subject, when he doesn't understand something much simpler, like Trump's appeal or brilliance.

If you guys want a laugh, check out Scott Alexander's posts on open relationships.

It's like a gamma 21 year-old who breaks his virginity with a mercy fuck from the ugliest girl at a party and then thinks he is an expert on sex and attraction.

Anonymous Anonymous November 18, 2016 7:47 AM  

I just got a free Go Phone card code from

Blogger sappbe November 18, 2016 9:23 AM  

I used to love ESPN also. 15-20 years ago I could leave sportscenter on for hours and be entertained, now it's home to dipshits like Bomani Jones and Stephen A. Smith. Let us not forget Jemele Hill, "But Jemele Hill, co-host of ESPN2’s His & Hers, isn’t buying that. “I would challenge those people who say they feel suppressed,” she said. “Do you fear backlash, or do you fear right and wrong?”. How absolutely typically black feminist leftist to imply that alternate views are wrong.

Blogger jon spencer November 18, 2016 10:07 AM  

The ESPN channels have been going non-watchable and downhill since Thursday Night Thunder was canceled. Not just the cancelling of that show but the whole broadcasting package. It seems like the slide started about that timeframe. And I was not talking about a race cars slide job.

Anonymous BGKB November 18, 2016 10:20 AM  

So yes, she is a white Canadian, as her name, appearance, and every borderline sane source claims

I assumed she was jewish because she talks like a jewish lesbian, walks like a jewish lesbian, & says "Fuck you white people I cant wait till you die off" like a jewish lesbian. I didn't need any links other than seeing her to recognize that. Wasn't By their fruits you will know them, the criteria for the Spanish inquisition?

With no publicly available data on her parents names. If you saw Lindsey Graham blowing little boys in a graveyard would you believe a website that said he was STR8? If I saw a guy in a European graveyard who was circumcised, smaller than my thumb & blowing someone I would assume he was jewish.

Blogger SteelPalm November 18, 2016 10:33 AM  


In other words, you're doubling down on the stupidity even when you've been proven wrong.

When you see a clearly white kid trying to talk in Ebonics, do you assume he is black, and then continue claiming he is when it's pointed out otherwise?

Blogger sappbe November 18, 2016 10:48 AM  

@90 if the hat is on sideways and pants are below the ass crack, coupled with the Ebonics, it amounts to undetectable negrouflage.

Anonymous WaterBoy November 18, 2016 12:24 PM  

Clay @83: "Now, I have to wonder...just what IS a MClovin?"

Would have to know more context, but the first thing that came to mind was Superbad.

Blogger Rez Zircon November 18, 2016 1:53 PM  

I remember when Keith Olbermann first arrived on KTLA and later KCBS in Los Angeles; he singlehandedly got me to switch to a different nightly newscast. The guy has always been a leftwinger, and in my observation, a self-important prick. That he didn't spout off while on ESPN speaks well of the muzzle they must have had on him at the time.

[Please, _please_, a faster server...]

Anonymous WaterBoy November 18, 2016 2:43 PM  

OK, looked it up and here's the explanation:

"Patrick is joined on the air by the "Danettes": executive producer Paul Pabst ("Paulie"), executive producer Todd Fritz ("Fritzy"), director of operations Patrick O'Connor ("Seton"), and show blogger writer Andrew Perloff ("McLovin")."

He still might have adopted the nickname from Superbad, though.

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