Thursday, January 04, 2018

And this is why you don't chase money

As I wrote previously, Bannon really is not a strategic thinker. It's much better to build a broad, self-sustaining support network than depend upon the momentary whims of the ultra-rich:
Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon has reportedly lost the support of billionaire backer Rebekah Mercer after he suggested he might run for president himself.

A person close to Mercer told The Washington Post that she no longer supports Bannon. According to the report, Mercer was frustrated with Bannon's strategy in the Alabama Senate special election and pulled her funding after he told other major conservative donors that Mercer would back Bannon in his own presidential bid.

Bannon, now head of Breitbart News, supported Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, who was dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct, in his eventual defeat to now-Sen. Doug Jones (D) in December.

“The core constituency for Breitbart is what you would call the Trump Deplorables. That’s the audience. And if they’re asked to choose between Steve and Trump, they’re going to choose Trump. That’s clear,” a person familiar with Breitbart News's operations told the Post.

It was unclear from the report whether Mercer, who bought a stake of Breitbart News from her father in November, will continue to back the right-wing news site. The report said she is no longer backing any future Bannon projects.
To be honest, this initial support for Milo and Bannon, followed by sudden withdrawals of that support, looks more than a little strategic itself.  And seriously, the partnership was always destined to fail if a loose cannon like Bannon can cut his own supply lines with nothing more than some obviously unserious musings about his own political prospects.

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Anonymous Mr. Machiavellian January 04, 2018 1:33 PM  

Both men are nationalist populists. But Trump is a Machiavellian, while Bannon is a smelly drunk high on his own supply. I'm not saying Bannon’s situation assessment about Trump's opposition was wrong. Hey, he might be closer to the truth than Trump himself. But one is alcoholic, the other is not. One memes his victory into reality, the other loses. One is President, the other is finished. Neither are full SJWs or gammas, but Bannon is moving that direction...

Blogger APL January 04, 2018 1:41 PM  

"who was dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct," same allegations that have oddly enough 'gone away'.

"Bannon can cut his own supply lines with nothing more than some obviously unserious musings about his own political prospects."

I think the laudation Bannon has been getting on the 'phone ins' has somewhat 'gone to his head'. All that 'brother' crap, just got on my tit. Granted that's irrelevant, as I'm never going to vote in a US election.

Anonymous Reenay January 04, 2018 1:41 PM  

When you're Darth Vader, it's usually a good idea to do what the Emperor wants.

Anonymous johnc January 04, 2018 1:43 PM  

If Fake News Drudge is to be believed, Bannon has already lined up an even wealthier benefactor.

Either way, Trump was dumb to minimize and then push Bannon out of the WH, rather than working with him and giving him a voice. People say, "I voted for Trump, not for Bannon." Of course... but a passive-aggressive war between the two is likely to cause disillusionment in some of Trump's supporters. If that sentiment peels off 5-10% of voter turnout, that kills Trump. And turnout is going to be a challenge in the midterms because Trump has his opposition spun up like a damn hornet's nest.

Trump needs advisers that aren't drooling idiots because his own instincts are too ego-driven.

He told the RNC to pull support for Roy Moore. Then he told them at the last minute to support Moore. Then when Moore lost he blamed it on Bannon. Trump lacks discipline, forethought, and good advisers.

Blogger SemiSpook37 January 04, 2018 1:44 PM  

Like I said in the recovery thread: Bannon thinks he's Breitbart, but he's not. Andrew was his own man, and understood the underlying issues within the overall culture war. Hell, the man wrote a book on it!

And like I said over there, as well, Bannon may talk a good game, but his execution is horrible. The tell is that statement from whoever claimed to the Compost that knows the BB operation. Bannon was out for a year with being directly involved with the Trump operation. How much you want to bet certain elements within Breitbart aren't going to use this as an opportunity to push Bannon out from that fold, as well? Wouldn't be a surprising development, to me, anyways.

Blogger Josh (the sexiest thing here) January 04, 2018 1:52 PM  

Drudge is hinting that Bannon is on the way out of breitbart

Anonymous JAMES January 04, 2018 1:55 PM  

If Trump can't motivate his base he will crash and burn this year, not in 2020.

Fighting publicly with Bannon doesn't help much.

Blogger Nate January 04, 2018 1:56 PM  

"When you're Darth Vader, it's usually a good idea to do what the Emperor wants."

bad analogy. Vader should've killed the emperor far sooner than he did.

Blogger Nate January 04, 2018 2:01 PM  

A lot of this makes sense. A lot of it doesn't make sense.

Its starting to look like Bannon just wants to burn it all down.

Anonymous Looking Glass January 04, 2018 2:03 PM  

I think one thing the really, really nasty actors keep from getting out in the open is that they actually sustain themselves by leeching off the Federal Government. They find ways to make the People pay for their own loss of rights.

That's important because anyone that's on the outside views the "game" to play as collecting up rich people to fund their activities, kind of in a weird repeat of the Roman period and everyone raising random armies all the time. But that just puts you in service to someone else's ends.

Anonymous Steve January 04, 2018 2:06 PM  

after he told other major conservative donors that Mercer would back Bannon in his own presidential bid

Well that's going to piss anybody off if it's not actually true.

And yes, being dependent on the goodwill of a patron has always been a chancy business. Robert Burns was crying into his whisky about the same thing over 200 years ago. You might think a guy as smart and well educated as Steve Bannon would be more socially intelligent.

Anonymous Deadlocked January 04, 2018 2:15 PM  

"A broad, self-sustaining support network" (i.e., an anti-fragile business model) is certainly a more reliable way to fund things. However, it takes a long time to build that sort of network, and for most of that time your influence is limited.

A rich supporter's money may disappear, but while you have it you can buy one hell of a megaphone. It's a choice - do you want to build a self-sustaining organization but probably have a limited impact? Or do you take a gamble, buy that megaphone, and hope that you can make enough of an impact before the money dries up?

Blogger Unknown January 04, 2018 2:21 PM  

"Or do you take a gamble, buy that megaphone, and hope that you can make enough of an impact before the money dries up?"

Bannon bought a megaphone and started speaking through the wrong end.

Blogger Ingot9455 January 04, 2018 2:22 PM  

And to think about Bannon's election capabilities.... he has a face for radio, as they say.

My less politic and more Southern husband said, "his face looks like the devil done upchucked his oatmeal all over it."

Anonymous BBGKB January 04, 2018 2:22 PM  

Sounds like Bannon needed a babysitter to keep him from drinking too much, be it booze or kool aid.

OT: NYC Club for tranny kids, not the one in Bloomberg's basement.

I always felt sorry for trannies, ((())) keep telling them they could have STR8 boyfriends and they don't realize otherwise until after they go past the point of no return.

Anonymous qualitycontrol January 04, 2018 2:24 PM  

I don't know about 2018 (still don't see republicans loose congress and senate) but I'm optimistic about 2020. Dems will sure find someone that is as bad as Hillary and have her/him run for president.

Anonymous Jeff January 04, 2018 2:30 PM  

With the God Emperor celebrating every Dow new high, it will be very interesting to see how he handles the inevitable drop.

You know He already has a plan.

Blogger Silly but True January 04, 2018 2:38 PM  

Bannon will be just fine; he's got his royalties.

Mind you, it's not new-media-empire or political-think-tank-level royalties. Merely Seinfeld-level money.

Anonymous Jay Will January 04, 2018 2:51 PM  

Not buying this. Trump cultists are triggered by any attack on him. So suddenly now Bannon is a fat alcoholic who was always destined to fail. Watch his speeches do you really think a man who can think like that would act like such a bitch?? A man who thought America was being lost just lost his head just like that.

Trump engages the enemy by absorbing ALL of their personal attacks. He's made it about HIM rather than about the policies. The fake news media attack him, and it bounces off. Meanwhile, behind the scenes things are getting done, the policies are what will MAGA, not Trump the MESSIAH.

His running for office has been planned for years. He has huge support but NONE of them shout their mouth off publicly in support of him. Sessions, Giulani, Bannon all sneaked off into background. It like he's ON HIS OWN, but their camouflaged by the Trump persona.

The book has NOTHING in it of significance. Trump called somebody a dumb shit, WGAF! Look at its contents its another nothing burger. Hahahaha Ivanka wants to run for president, Don Jr's meeting was treasonous - really?? All fake news handed out to the mugs in clickbait land.

Get the job done on the sly, and let the fake news media make it all about the Trump personality, it bounces off this guy, he doesn't give a fuck what they say about him. He's a billionaire with a model wife ffs.

I've skim read the letter, but please point out anything in it that isn't just GOSSIP for the fake media clowns. This will go nowhere but the fake media will waste more time on this and not on paedocentral getting what it deserves.

Now ask yourself, who let Michael Wolff in so close to all this, and why?

Blogger Quilp January 04, 2018 2:55 PM  

I've always thought Bannon's role in the President's election was overstated, to make the understatement of the year. However, it all comes down to immigration. Trump voters, and Breitbart regulars are deplorable not because they owe Trump any loyalty, but because Trump spoke openly what they were thinking - their desire for a wall, deportations, and holding our trade partners accountable (not to mention openly calling Hillary crooked). To assume there is some kind of loyalty there that can overcome amnesty would probably turn out to be a very humbling experience indeed for the President. After all, tax cuts and Amnesty could have been had with Jeb as POTUS.

Anonymous johnc January 04, 2018 3:07 PM  


This is pretty close to what Ann Coulter was saying on the Mark Simone show the other day, and I tend to agree with her. Most people didn't vote for Trump because he was a reality TV star, or because of his quirky personality, or because he shitposts on Twitter -- though the cult at /r/The_Donald seems to think so. The voters looked past all of his negatives because he talked about three important issues: immigration, tariffs and trade policy, and getting out of these stupid wars.

Julian Assange had a great tweet a few weeks ago about how all kinds of groups have looted Trump's political capital for their own interests, while the core Trump voter is getting crumbs.

Hey... at least the stock market is up! I'm sure that's real wealth, too.

Anonymous Avalanche January 04, 2018 3:16 PM  

@9 Its starting to look like Bannon just wants to burn it all down.

Yes, and some of the time *I* want to burn it all down!

Trump really does seem to have lost focus on WHY He was elected! I'm still holding on by the tips of my fingernails, PRAYING that all this sturm-und-drang IS going somewhere! The things MOST important to me, that I re-registered after 20+ years specifically to vote for Trump TO DO -- he has barely touched; and he has reeeally (apparently?) stepped on his crank big-time and infuriatingly on the damned DACA illegals!

The Wall? Okay, sorta-kinda... But all his "I'm a builder, I know what I'm doing!"? Yeah? Year two and we've got some sample walls...

I keep seeing "70% reduction in illegals coming in" followed by "and he IS letting the hundreds of *mentally ill* illegals the Aussies are trying to dump come here" -- AFTER saying he wouldn't. GuarandamnTEE they will be on welfare for ever, unless they commit crimes and are in jail forever!

He keeps SAYING he'll do something about chain migration and the lottery -- we KNOW the lottery was an EO -- why has he not cancelled it? "Stroke of the pen, law of the land," eh? WHAT has stopped him?

And then the continual "something big... tomorrow." "Something big ... next week." "Something big... next year!" Granted a lot of that is WikiLeaks and QAnon and the various Alt Media. Talk about Charlie Brown and Lucy!!

Not signing DACA on Day One, as he promised REALLY bothers me! And then handing it over to Congress with six months (the NeverTrumpers and RINOs -- WTH?!?!) I tried to believe he was doing it to 'show off' how they were crap just before the midterms -- but he sounds as if he's HELPING them keep the damned DACA illegals HERE!

I had HOPE when Darth Bannon was there that HE could keep Trump on the path to getting done the stuff we elected him to do. No? Bannon has mostly disappeared, and this latest just seems too real to be LARPing... I tried to believe Sessions was playing poker (or possum; he seemed more DEAD than cautious!). It's just SO hard to keep hoping...

Blogger Timmy3 January 04, 2018 3:25 PM  

What’s even the point of Bannon if he cannot support the President’s objectives. Trump is President. Why even bother with Bannon? So he’s running on Trump’s promises? He’s the opposite of Flake, yet on the same side on opposing Trump. Bannon is ridiculous.

Anonymous Elder Son January 04, 2018 3:32 PM  

@9 Its starting to look like Bannon just wants to burn it all down.

And don't forget to burn and grind to powder all the idols.

Blogger DJ | AMDG January 04, 2018 3:47 PM  

Kylo Ren must be a fan of yours, Nate.

Blogger Edgar Abbey January 04, 2018 3:53 PM  

Bannon is still working for Trump, guys. This is all for show. Trump is providing a reality show drama for the public at large to distract the media. He has the instincts of a showman. Meanwhile, real work is getting done behind the scenes without the interference of the liberal media. Progress even on a global level. The Middle East, Southeast Asia. He is redefining the world as we know it.

Anonymous gxg January 04, 2018 3:59 PM  

Bannon is still working for Trump, guys. This is all for show.

Yup. Funny too, how the left suddenly loves Bannon. When all of this shakes out, the MSM is going to look like fools... again.

Anonymous Yann January 04, 2018 4:05 PM  


Bannon is realizing that Trump won't change anything. He will build a wall, he will decrease immigration during 4 years, perhaps 8, stock markets will rise... and then there will be an Obama, or a Sanders, and the gates will be opened again.

US needs a moral leader. Trump is a seller and a dealer, and he's damn good at it. But that's not what is needed to change the course of history.

Probably Bannon knows what it's needed, and he knows Trump is not gonna be it. But neither it's him.

Blogger gamma secret kings reddit January 04, 2018 4:15 PM  

Excellent post Vox, good wisdom, obvious wisdom.

So the American people have been harmed or more bluntly screwed over many times and its not easy to stay upbeat in cultural decline and problems that compete with making points about the stock market or whatever drives ratings all that matters is something that fall out boy said, "I dont care what you think as long as its about me."

The left is still very upset about 2016 (the freaking past) and those on the right or where ever, making money will follow the money or try to compete to be some alleged leader king or leader, so what.

All that matters is POTUS is constantly The News however there are serious problems around the world and around the country which is as usual.

Bannon was a staffer like everyone else in the turnover cycle, I fully expected turnover in this admin, this is just a great distraction, very informative or educational and good lesson regarding whom is monetizing or making money. Wait and hear whom is funding Opposition figures.

Milo might have reasons for not staying with brietbart and he is simply isn't saying anything, he doesn't need to and I still adore my Milo.

Stefan did a informative talk about Bannon Last year, did no one listen?

I would +Point+ everyone to that talk to that history to that background, I am aware of Bannon and Alabama, I'm not alarmed at all nor would I react too harshly against the POTUS, lets stay positive and roll with it. its reactionary, emo to denounce or lose confidence, chill, wait and see.

Blogger gamma secret kings reddit January 04, 2018 4:17 PM  

28 Because it takes the person to improve their own lives and stop allowing politics to affect them so such a great degree, let the pundit pundit, so what. I am interested in whom is now allegedly funding, monetizing Bannon, a guy from China? Interesting.

Blogger Josh (the sexiest thing here) January 04, 2018 4:26 PM  


Mr. Bannon’s longtime benefactors, billionaires Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah Mercer, are actively distancing from him even before the expected release of Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” according to two people close to the Mercers.

They and other Breitbart News Network LLC board members on Thursday were debating whether to oust Mr. Bannon as chairman, with many supportive of the move, according to a person familiar with the exchanges. Among the considerations are Breitbart’s contractual relationships with other entities, including Sirius XM radio, that involve Mr. Bannon.

Blogger Dark Herald January 04, 2018 4:32 PM  

Breitbart: supported by Rebekah Mercer

Washington Post: supported by Jeff Bezos

New York Times: supported by Carlos Slim

News isn't any kind of a business anymore, is it. It's just a bunch of massive patreon subscriptions for billionaire hobbyists.

I can understand the usefulness of it.

If I was a billionaire I'd strongly consider a trip down to the news-shelter and adopting a stray outlet myself.

Blogger Ahărôwn January 04, 2018 4:39 PM  

Cataline Sergius wrote:Breitbart: supported by Rebekah Mercer

Washington Post: supported by Jeff Bezos

New York Times: supported by Carlos Slim

News isn't any kind of a business anymore, is it. It's just a bunch of massive patreon subscriptions for billionaire hobbyists.

I can understand the usefulness of it.

If I was a billionaire I'd strongly consider a trip down to the news-shelter and adopting a stray outlet myself.


Anonymous Magna Carta January 04, 2018 4:44 PM  

I wish Bannon would publically go full Alt-Right and adopt Vox Day's 16 points.

Anonymous Neo January 04, 2018 4:45 PM  

Trump was right to bash Bannon.

I used to support Bannon mainly because he's a genuine nationalist. But he's shown many times now that he's a filthy backstabber. He'll throw anybody under the bus to juice up his "mastermind" image.

He's no "mastermind". He's not the architecht of Trumpism. His role in Trump's 2016 victory is overrated. He's just one of the competent ppl who joined in the last couple or so months of Trump's campaign and help refine the message.

Trump had already fought and won for over a year before Bannon came in. He had already assembled his populist/nationalist base. Trump knew the kind of guy he needed. And Bannon was it. If Bannon didn't exist, it would've been someone else like him in ideology and skill.

Granted, Bannon is very good at what he does. But to see where he stands against Trump, just look at the primaries. Bannon&co were anti-Trump (with some ppl as exceptions). They were Ted Cruz ppl. They tried to fight him. And what was the end result? Trump crushed them in landslide after landslide.

Trump is higher on the pecking order than Bannon. Bannon should've known this and acted accordingly. Perhaps he's still be influential in the White House like Stephen Miller currently is and will continue to be.

Instead immediately after the 2016 victory he started pushing the "I'm Thomas Cromwell in the court of the Tudors" meme. The idea that Bannon is the one really in charge. And Trump is just the idiot Henry VIII who he will control.

Fuck Bannon. Good riddance!

Anonymous WaterBoy January 04, 2018 4:49 PM  

Cataline Sergius @32: "New York Times: supported by Carlos Slim...News isn't any kind of a business anymore, is it. It's just a bunch of massive patreon subscriptions for billionaire hobbyists."

Eh, it worked out business-wise for ol' Carlos...considering that he's dumping almost half of his interest for a tidy profit.

Not sure how accurate "Carlos Slim Blog" is going to be anymore, too....

Blogger Salt January 04, 2018 4:53 PM  

Might already be posted. Reported that Bannon has new funds.

Anonymous KRYST January 04, 2018 5:02 PM  

Mr. Machiavellian wrote:Trump is a Machiavellian
no he's fucking not lol. donald probably doesn't even know who niccolo was.

Mr. Machiavellian wrote:Bannon is a smelly drunk high...alcoholic
hurrr durrr nobody in DC drinks booze nope they are all puritans that eat big macs and cry all day in front of fucking cable news like donny hurrr durrrr

Nate wrote:bad analogy. Vader should've killed the emperor far sooner than he did.
oh fuck ya right on nate dawg. seriously right on. if the emperor is shit, has no clothes, and gives all his duties to a fawking moron democrat jew from nyc...ya...vader > emperor

Nate wrote:Its starting to look like Bannon just wants to burn it all down.shit nate bringing it hard today. making me sort of feel bad for shitting on you rammer bammers...yaaaa isn't that what people want? or were those just words by alt righters as they were busy trying to lick jared's ass or blow stephen. (gosh gee shucks they are sooooo smart yepppp) lolllllllllllllll please. ted himself told anglin he wanted to burn the whole world down. i just want to burn jews like kushner. what's the problem you alt right cucks?

Josh (the sexiest thing here) wrote:Drudge is hinting that Bannon is on the way out of breitbart good. drudge is a sellout jew fag that begs kushner for access like a typical gay limo fag would. this is what i've wanted bannon to leave them forever. fuck kikebart la. fuck (((sovol))). steve needs to gtfo of kikebart. be good for him.

Jeff wrote:You know He already has a plan.i doubt he runs in 2020 and you're assuming the russian/jew/chabad document shiv doesn't blow up on him sooner than 2020...reminder he didn't plan on winning...tyvm sorry not sorry sack the fuck up and deport NOW.

Anonymous KRYST January 04, 2018 5:16 PM  

Avalanche wrote:Trump really does seem to have lost focus on WHY He was elected!
you said it bro. where are all you fawks that told me i was crazy because he wasn't doing shit about deportations and the wall? that was the day after the syria strikes where he sent missiles there instead of TJ or Juarez...i got the whole shilled company line of "there will be a prototype in june 2016" they said...well it's fucking 2018 and it's exactly like me and my old wild west tombstone/elgin/sv coyote killing family told you. posting fucking 40 ft concrete blocks on sociallslslzlzzl medidasszz isn't cutting it and does not inspire. where is my fawking wall donny boy? immigration/deportations is the only thing that matters, but east coast cocksuckin swamploving idiots wouldn't get it.

Neo wrote:Trump was right to bash Bannon.and steve was more than right to bash trump. donny is the boss right? he isn't an emperor and he ain't infallible. he's dumber than you know. reminder this is against kushner. donald is a pussy and stands behind jared while his admin falls apart in less than a year. gee, coulda seen that coming...again this isn't bannon v trump...but it is being pushed that way to you all by jared et all...the letter written yesterday read like it was written by scared rat jared himself who knows the walls are closing in and reality might show itself. and that would suck for him. so he of course lashes out at those who know he's a fraud. seriously, so many people in the alt right i lost respect for when they cucked for jared yesterday. period. should i turn in my alt right jersey dudes? shieeeet. buncha cabinet access sniffing larpers who say one thing and do the next tomorrow...

Magna Carta wrote:I wish Bannon would publically go full Alt-Right and adopt Vox Day's 16 points.or just ride with me and start a new party. it's called the pizza party and i founded it. i bet a lot of you like it. no jews, no mormons. period. simple as that. from there we usher in a new era of world peace. i believe in it, why the fawk don't you?

Blogger Josh (the sexiest thing here) January 04, 2018 5:18 PM  

Stephen K. Bannon's main financial backer is formally cutting ties with the former Trump adviser.

In a new statement Thursday, billionaire conservative donor Rebekah Mercer said that she has not spoken to Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, in many months and that she continues to support President Trump.

"I support President Trump and the platform upon which he was elected," Mercer said. "My family and I have not communicated with Steve Bannon in many months and have provided no financial support to his political agenda, nor do we support his recent actions and statements."

Anonymous Looking Glass January 04, 2018 5:34 PM  

@32 Cataline Sergius

"News" has been the plaything of the Rich... since it started. "Remember the Maine"? It's always been that way.

Blogger dienw January 04, 2018 5:45 PM  

Nate wrote:"When you're Darth Vader, it's usually a good idea to do what the Emperor wants."

bad analogy. Vader should've killed the emperor far sooner than he did.

Interesting. I recall one review of Star Wars that stated that it was Palpatine who kept Vader alive through his knowledge of teh mitochondria; thus, when Vader killed the emperor, his "life support was withdrawn, so to speak. The reviewer was going over the hidden threads in SW which were never developed or explained; in this case, the mysterious cause of the death of Padme; Palpatine used her life force/mitochondria to revive Vader.

Blogger Lazarus January 04, 2018 7:08 PM  

Bannon's new money squeeze is a Soros-connected operative.

Blogger Lazarus January 04, 2018 7:16 PM  

There is a mental illness called the Jerusalem Syndrome. Some people who visit Jerusalem exhibit psychotic delusions of being important biblical figures.

Sounds like Bannon's time in the White House gave him a similar psychosis, where he thinks he is the REAL SECRET PRESIDENT.

Steve Bannon rhymes with loose cannon. Co-incidence? I think not.

Blogger Lazarus January 04, 2018 7:20 PM  

The Spooner Shields seem to be down today.

Blogger Weouro January 04, 2018 9:34 PM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Lazarus January 04, 2018 9:42 PM  

why couldn't this very public parting of ways be entirely strategic?

It was said Bannon was ushered out because he would be more effective to the project outside the WhiteHouse. So how is his going full retard beneficial to the project. I am open to suggestions.

Blogger Josh (the sexiest thing here) January 04, 2018 10:06 PM  

This is new, about Mercer backed and Bannon led GAI:

"In 2015, the institute produced an investigative book called “Clinton Cash” that damaged Hillary Clinton’s then-nascent presidential campaign. And later that year, the institute quietly assembled a research dossier on Mr. Trump’s ties to organized crime-linked figures in the United States and Russia, which it shopped to multiple news media outlets. At the time, the Mercers were supporting the campaign of Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas. An institute spokesman said that Mr. Bannon had nothing to do with that research, and noted that the group did similar research on other candidates, including Mr. Cruz."

Blogger  William D. Ware January 04, 2018 10:40 PM  

No one knows...I have scanned the inter-webs and no one know a thing...Personally I love both men. But back-benchers have chosen their lots...I am a YUUUUGE Trump supporter but for those to act as if Bannon did not win this are are deluding yourselves...Trump 98 % of winning but Bannon's 2 % was like Mickey Hatcher - both glorious...

Anonymous Rocklea January 04, 2018 11:23 PM  

"So how is his going full retard beneficial to the project. I am open to suggestions."

False as the sun

Anonymous Jack Amok January 04, 2018 11:31 PM  

Speaking of Sessions, I assume his delegalize pot announcement indicates Trump is planning on doing something... interesting (and totally unrelated to marijuana)... tomorrow that he would prefer fly under the radar for a while.

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