Friday, August 03, 2018

Pretty much

It's not his fault. He was provoked.
NEW YORK, NY—Despite withering criticism of The New York Times’ recent decision to hire famed Communist leader and murderer of millions Joseph Stalin to the newspaper’s editorial board, The Times has defended Stalin and the move to allow him a platform to voice his far-left policies.

Upon the announcement of Stalin’s hire, thousands of readers pointed out that Stalin was responsible for the deaths of up to 25 million people. But on Thursday, The Times released a statement saying that editors were aware of Stalin’s sordid past before hiring him, and that it would not be bowing to “right-wing outrage” over “just a few million deaths.”

“His nationality as a Russian and his identity as a Communist have made him the target of much online harassment,” The Times wrote. “For a period of time, he responded to criticism by lashing out, fighting fire with fire by executing dissenters and implementing policies that sent countless people to their deaths. He now sees this only fueled the rage against him and was not entirely appropriate.”

The Times also wrote that Stalin has promised not to continue to kill people while he is employed by the paper. “He is an important part of the voice of our organization,” they wrote.
Fake Conservative commentators Ben Shapiro and David French both defended the new hire, pointing out that "as a private corporation, it is entirely within the rights of The New York Times to employ mass murderers" if the news organization "feels that will enhance their bottom line."



Blogger Stg58/Animal Mother August 03, 2018 6:12 PM  

Ahahaha the Bee is the Bomb.

Blogger Looking Glass August 03, 2018 6:13 PM  

The new staff at the Bee is brilliant.

Blogger R Doom August 03, 2018 6:14 PM  

That was most amusing.

Blogger Rick August 03, 2018 6:23 PM  

You know, if you round to the nearest million he practically didn’t murder anyone.

Blogger Dave August 03, 2018 6:27 PM  

Gotta love Joe's byline:

He contributes thoughtful pieces on social progress, government policies, and mass murder for the greater good.

Blogger tz August 03, 2018 6:35 PM  

The split is fundamentally between the fake - the lies and the father of lies, and reality, the Truth.

Blogger kh123 August 03, 2018 6:35 PM  

Well that's an easy one. Just point to Joe's Twitter account showing his references about being enrolled at a Georgian seminary and his pleading to stay when either funds or good grades weren't forthcoming. Don't bother to mention to the Times just which Georgia you're referring to, and the rest takes care of itself.

Blogger Dave W. August 03, 2018 6:37 PM  

Poe's Law

Blogger kh123 August 03, 2018 6:37 PM  

...You could even add his time working at a weather observatory for a year and a half, and how his conclusions there ran contra Climate Change. Because of course he was thumping bibles in the south; how could he have Scienced correctly after all?

Blogger tz August 03, 2018 6:41 PM  

Add Erik Erikson to the list.

My comment to his post at TownHall:

There are conservatives and cuckservatives.

Or as someone has put it, "they couldn't even conserve the ladies' room".

Mitch McCuckold could have stopped the defecit spending you complain about as could Boner and Ryno. They didn't. They gave Obama MORE than he asked for in the omnibus. WHERE WAS YOUR OUTRAGE THEN ?!?!?!.

Oh, never question a fellow cuckservative.

Apparently open borders, amnesty (free trade in humans), as well as being taken advantage of by our theiving trading partners is part of the deal.

As is preemptive unconditional surrender when challenged by even the most absurd and rabid liberal policies when they just say the magic word "racism", or one of the similar other words.

You are bringing a pen and paper to a gunfight. What are you going to do, give the left a bunch of paper cuts? The left went identity politics, even now to the point that the detention of illegal aliens is as bad if not worse than what the Guestapo did to Jews or what the South did to slaves.

You have to fight by the rules of the game that is being played, not the one you want. You have a chess board on the gridiron.

Blogger Johnny August 03, 2018 6:46 PM  

Rick wrote:You know, if you round to the nearest million he practically didn’t murder anyone.
Well, actually he killed so many and in such secrecy that often the numbers are rounded to the nearest million. And overall, to the nearest five million. That is why it is estimated at thirty five million. Rounding. Maybe Mao killed more, but he has a larger population to work with.

Blogger tz August 03, 2018 6:54 PM  

The are probably dual citizens of Israel

Blogger Reasonably Honest August 03, 2018 7:08 PM  


Nice one.

Blogger Krymneth August 03, 2018 7:11 PM  

@tz: Cuckservatives aren't bad conservatives. They're bad progressives. Might as well start treating them as such in your rhetoric.

Even if the Deep State wins and Trump loses, one thing the Deep State can't roll back is their multi-generational successful suppression of conservatism with their fake controlled cuckservatism. That's over.

By the grace of the Lord may God's Emperor continue rolling through his enemies.

Blogger tuberman August 03, 2018 7:22 PM  

Timely satire!

Blogger NoneOfTheAbove August 03, 2018 7:30 PM  

It's refreshing to read something that is obviously satire and funny at the same time. The daily news isn't funny and I'm never sure when it is satire anymore.

Blogger Al Du Clur August 03, 2018 7:36 PM  

Does anyone here know anyone who still takes Shapiro and his ilk seriously?

It seems that even at Instapundit (the closest I get to the mainstream), the bloom was off the rose among the bloggers after he defended Gunn but they like his defending the NYT's keeping the racist instead of giving into the "mob." The commenters aren't having any of that.

So outside of his fellow neocons and Conservative Inc, the only people I encounter who like the fake conservative cabal are leftists who want to appear open-minded.

What confuses me is that Shapiro has 1 million followers on Twitter. I assume that, like Hillary, half are fake. Who are the 500,000? Or does he only have his family, personal friends and a few neocons that actually follow him dropping his followers to maybe 1000?

Blogger Bufface August 03, 2018 7:55 PM  

Shakes head..

Shit Boomers say:

Do We Boomers Owe Sarah Jeong an Apology?

Blogger Arthur Isaac August 03, 2018 8:03 PM  

The reliability of the cuckery is past mockery at this point. Who the hell do they think they're fooling?

Blogger The Deplorable Podunk Ken Ramsey August 03, 2018 8:36 PM  

Kevin "Garbutt" Williamson also defended the hire, what a shock. Andrew "Piss-Boy" Sullivan presented a scathing critique of the lame 'counter-trolling' excuse and then … defended the hire.

Blogger RandyB August 03, 2018 8:54 PM  

Boomers owe everybody an apology. Followed by a penance of permanent, literal, sackcloth and ashes.

Blogger phunktor August 03, 2018 8:55 PM  

so nyt making in-kind donations to trumpslide 2020?

Blogger Looking Glass August 03, 2018 9:05 PM  

phunktor wrote:so nyt making in-kind donations to trumpslide 2020?

Not yet. Give Trump a week or two. We'll see if the NYT keeps her around, because you know Trump is going to drop that at a campaign stop in Missouri or Iowa. She also got in the "F*** the Police" stuff. That's probably the angle Trump will go Gorilla Mode on.

Blogger Stilicho August 03, 2018 9:20 PM  

As Americans, it is entirely within our rights to execute treasonous cucks if it will help secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

Blogger kurt9 August 03, 2018 10:22 PM  

Remember that Ben Shapiro is the guy that. as a 21 year old college graduate, declared that he knew more about Middle-eastern politics and culture than, say, a military or business veteran with 20 years experience in the region when he wrote his piece in '02 or 03 advocating that we invade and overthrow all of those governments so that we can convert them all to liberal democracy. I have ignored everything Ben has had to say since that time on. Why anyone listens to what this buffoon has had to say is utterly incomprehensible to me.

Blogger Lazarus August 03, 2018 11:12 PM  

RandyB wrote:Boomers owe everybody an apology. Followed by a penance of permanent, literal, sackcloth and ashes.

What goes around, comes around.

Blogger kurt9 August 03, 2018 11:13 PM  

Some background on this story:

Blogger Stg58/Animal Mother August 03, 2018 11:27 PM  


Also never forget that he declared this conflict to be the most important ever, but not quite important enough for him to pick up a rifle.


Blogger Gen. Kong August 03, 2018 11:29 PM  

Rick wrote:
You know, if you round to the nearest million he practically didn’t murder anyone.

Yep, merely a statistic, not a tragedy. (Uncle Joe told me so).

Blogger Gen. Kong August 03, 2018 11:31 PM  

Does anyone here know anyone who still takes Shapiro and his ilk seriously?

Only those edgy folks who follow the "Intellectual Dark Web" inside Jordan's head. They need to take their pills and make their beds first though.

Blogger mgh August 03, 2018 11:34 PM  

Media related: Guy with the Q cut out from Trump's Tampa rally asked over on /r/greatawakening if he should accept a flight to Hollywood to be on a TV show. I was pleasantly surprised that the universal answer was "No. It's a trap".

Blogger Bufface August 03, 2018 11:55 PM  

In a recent podcast, Ann Barnhardt mentioned that she considers Ben Shapiro one of her favorites. Ann is on the religious side of the "dissident right"

Anonymous Anonymous August 04, 2018 2:01 AM  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Dave August 04, 2018 2:15 AM  

You couldn't make this shit up if you tried:

I feel really bad for the 95% of the New York Times that already seethes with resentment over their horrible columnists
9:25 AM - Apr 30, 2017

NYT Opinion = Thought Catalog for Baby Boomers
6:05 PM - Jun 17, 2015

Guys, what drugs do you think Paul Krugman does
12:30 AM - Jan 3, 2014

Blogger SciVo August 04, 2018 5:51 AM  

My guess: Krugman is on poz and cryptosporidium.

Blogger JD Curtis August 04, 2018 6:41 AM  

Erikson is hopelessly cucked

Blogger Lazarus August 04, 2018 8:30 AM  


Blogger wreckage August 04, 2018 8:54 AM  

I hear those Kulaks were harassers.

Anonymous Anonymous August 04, 2018 9:42 AM  

Lil Josef dindu nuffin.

The BBC is also reporting how Osama bin Laden was just a nice obedient boy who loved his mother.

(I don't buy into any part of the official 911/War on Terror narrative, but that's not the point. The BBC does.)

Blogger great_o'rety August 04, 2018 9:45 AM  

“His nationality as a Russian"

Wait, wut? Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili - does this sound Russian to anyone?

Blogger DonReynolds August 04, 2018 11:52 AM  

Paula Deen would not return any calls and Roseann Barr's phone has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
I called Papa John's Pizza to get their response and all they would say, over and over, was....."no, never heard of the guy".

Blogger PF August 04, 2018 1:00 PM  

Awww, you poor dewicate yiddle snowflakes! Sure, Russian citizens were murdered by millions, but you guys had someone say racist things about you just because you said racist things about her! Poor babies! Does ums need a candy bar to feel better?

Blogger G E August 05, 2018 9:56 PM  

And here I thought asians and whites were not anathema to each other...Does this mean we not friends anymore? August 6th is a special day in the asian/white relationship and I didn't know there was a problem until Sarah Jeong pointed it out.

Hey am I the only one who's worried she thinks whites smell like wet dog?

Blogger Unknown August 08, 2018 12:42 PM  

Ha-ha! Good one on "Uncle Joe" Stalin! But Mark Zuckerberg of Fakebook is not much better! It is worth noting that Fakebook CENSORS any mention of a website, that provides FREE downloads of 3D-printable firearm blueprints. And, since Facebook logins are so prevalent for posting commentary across the Internet, they are very effectively suppressing this "Forbidden knowledge". Please go to the website, download some or all 10 of the free blueprints, and then, repost it to your friends and across the Internet, to the extent you can. Strike a BLOW against Fakebook and judicial CENSORSHIP! Support TWO amendments at once, the First and the Second!

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