Saturday, January 26, 2019

ARKSTREAM - January update

Doing an experimental Arkstream at 1 PM EST to discuss what's going on at Arkhaven and Dark Legion Comics.

The evening Darkstream will be at the usual time. Tonight we're discussing The Descent of the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.


  1. OK, I'm going to stick my twopennuth in because reasons. I realise I am not the target audience of the streams but may I just say the darkness, the (awesome) library and Grandfather's chair is just more...Dark Lordy; It's kinda your "thing". Just sayin'.

  2. Yeah, I miss the Dark Lord's cave too -- but it's great to see what's coming. Can the read green screen hang down behind the throne, so it, too, is visible? That'd work nicely?

    And at the risk of being a total pain, is any ship date on the no-longer-silent Avalon 2? You know, the one with text?

  3. I watched the part of the stream that tested various delays on two extremely different computers with a monitor and headset vs a tv, the experience was the same. I think a lot of the confusion in the chat was due to poor word choices. If you can get the delay right for when you watch it, it should be the same for everyone on Youtube.

    As far as personal preference goes, I find it far less egregious when the audio is ahead of the video. It's possible that some people have the opposite preference.

    As Castalia Unlimited isn't happening, you might want to come up with a lighter model to deal with comics before you run into the same problem in a year. There are a lot of Arkhaven and Dark Legion comics already, the monthly release schedule might not be consistent enough to run a monthly subscription service but you would never run a monthly subscription service anyway.

    I still believe there is a way to make the full Castalia Unlimited work, but I appreciate there's only so many hours I can stand over a corpse with a defibrillator. The end result that you wanted when you looked into it should be possible. It'd be understandable if all the complications dampened your enthusiasm, but if it was purely the inability to do it in a similar way to Amazon without running into the 2nd year problem, I think there are ways around that, you might just end up with a "semi unlimited" model rather than an "unlimited" one.

    While we're discussing borrowing liberally from Amazon subscription models, you might want to do something similar to Audible's subscription service because their audiobook pricing is slight of hand. You're absolutely crushing the audio book prices and content on the amazon sales page for a book, but Audible also crushes Amazon sale page prices.

    The Amazon audiobook offer to the casual audiobook listener goes something like this: "Audiobooks cost about $20, sign up to a monthly subscription model and get them for about half price." Aside from standard sales on the tokens, there's also the deal when someone expresses the desire to unsubscribe. They get offered more tokens, a lower fee, etc.

    Unlike the Castalia/Arkhaven Unlimited subscription models, I'm not breaking down the door for the audiobook subscription model, I just figured you should be aware of it if you want to form long term strategies to try and pry people away from Amazon that don't have a strong preference for buying direct. You're doing more than enough to appeal to your hardcore support and you have better content too.

  4. This isn't a complaint, It was a nightmare using the magnifying tool on comics when I had to read them on Kindle, I hated buying things that Amazon effectively kept but let me look at, buying direct is a far better experience for me and I'd rather Castalia House get the money I pay for products without Amazon taking the lion's share.

    I'm just going to run 2018 with Amazon past you so you can get an idea of the difference between 2018 and 2019.

    Kindle Unlimited gave me access to the majority of Castalia House books (books you co-authored appear to be a common exception) and to all Arkhaven and Dark Legion comics (aside from Right Ho Jeeves because I didn't change my location to the USA). I also got access to "Forbidden Thoughts" which is noteworthy because Amazon Gambit is exclusive to that, I think. We can ignore benefits like being able to read Stefan, Cernovich, Lauren Southern and other people on Kindle Unlimited.

    The Audible subscription let me buy a monthly Castalia House book that was on Kindle Select but not Unlimited. I mostly did this because buying stuff on Kindle feels really bad, but some books are cheaper this way too. (TIA's Kindle price is more than an Audible subscription. I know Castalia House doesn't have anything to do with that, but again reading you is still relevant. You have the audiobook available direct now, so this is much simpler in 2019.)

    Other stuff that wasn't on Kindle Unlimited or Kindle Select, I could just buy direct.

    Takeaway 1: The majority of digital content I consumed came from an Amazon subscription service.

    Takeaway 2: I was paying for 2 Amazon subscriptions so I could read you and other Castalia House/Arkhaven/Dark Legion content. I did use one of my audible tokens on an audiobook that wasn't anything to do with you but I'd already worked my way down the list of your Amazon exclusives by that point and there was another situation with someone unrelated in which the Kindle edition was more expensive than the audible token.

    I'm not paying for Amazon subscriptions now, but you're leaving money on the table as there's not a comparable product I can buy. I will buy a physical copy of Corporate Cancer and A Sea of Skulls regardless of whether I have an ebook version or not. I've bought a physical copy of an Alt Hero: Q omnibus regardless of whether I have access to the digital versions or not.

    Out of the $300 or whatever that I'm not spending on Amazon subscriptions for digital products this year, I might buy some fiction that hasn't been written yet, Milo's next book is hopefully going to be a Castalia House book this time. I'll definitely buy the Quantum Mortis comics.

    You're probably going to sell me $30-50 worth of digital products this year. That's terrible. Please figure out a way for you to take my money.


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