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Everyone to the right of Mao

Embrace your extremists or you will become the extremist:

Though these accounts are easily discoverable on Twitter, publishing their names could bring them more attention. For that reason, HuffPost is only publishing their user IDs, not the @ “handles” most commonly associated with Twitter accounts.

Since we began assembling this list last month, four of the 62 accounts have been suspended. Two were not suspended but appear to have self-deleted to evade oversight. We are leaving these accounts on the list because Twitter permitted the suspended users to repeatedly post extremist content before taking action and seemingly took no action against users that deactivated their accounts.

This list is far from comprehensive. We are excluding prominent anonymous white nationalists, who can have thousands of followers and go through dozens of accounts, and propagandists such as Cernovich and Jack Posobiec, who work with white nationalists. Nor are we including Islamophobes like Mekelburg and Pamela Geller, who do not identify as white nationalists but whose views often align with the ideology. The same holds for mainstream Republican pundits such as Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson.

In the photos below, many white nationalists wear “Make America Great Again” caps or express support for Trump. During the 2016 election, white nationalists rallied around Trump en masse, accurately viewing the racist authoritarian as a means to seize a greater share of mainstream political power. Twitter was Trump’s medium of choice. So it was the medium of choice for far-right extremists. While their bigotry and propaganda is now echoed by much of the Republican base, several prominent white nationalists have since rejected Trump. He has done too much neoconservative saber-rattling for their taste or failed to deliver on issues like the border wall. Grotesquely, some now shun him for having too many close connections to Jews. But the damage these extremists ― and Twitter (and Trump) ― have done by spreading a message of hate and radicalization will linger for years.
By the Huffington Post standard, every single Founding Father was a white nationalist and right-wing extremist. Now they're even after hard-core radicals such as Mike Cernovich and Steve Sailer!

Get off Twitter and get off Facebook now. Because the goalposts are going to move until you're a Nazi too.

And isn't it informative that not a single neocon is identified?

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Blogger Rhys June 01, 2019 1:05 PM  

Pretty sure humans didn't invent some of this wizardry stuff. The idea that you should actively demonize your own propaganda outlet as working for the enemy, in order to establish greater credibility for it, is something only a demon could come up with. Especially since it actually works.

Blogger Dave June 01, 2019 1:21 PM  

Cerno and Posobiec aren't ever leaving twitter of their own volition.

Blogger Avalanche June 01, 2019 1:26 PM  

OT, but Castalia gets a mention on Jared Taylor's AMREN podcast! Episode 133, ~min 56!! He recommends, based on a listener's rec., The Missionaries!

Blogger AndyK June 01, 2019 1:59 PM  

The more extremist the Left becomes, the more extremist everyone else becomes to them!

Blogger Heian-kyo Dreams June 01, 2019 2:02 PM  

According to the article, it is impossible to discern human races.

The only thing making that statement funnier would be an ad for 23 and me.

Blogger dienw June 01, 2019 2:54 PM  

This is beyond the "Left;" this is beyond the "One Team with Two Jerseys;" this is the Global Oligarchy joined with the Continental oligarchs making their move against the White race, especially that portion of the race in the United States: they must believe that the tipping point has shifted far enough that they can now tear the Euro-American people from the levers of control/power from Washington DC to Dogpatch town hall.

Blogger tublecane June 01, 2019 3:19 PM  

"*appear* to have self-deleted to evade oversight"


Blogger tublecane June 01, 2019 3:40 PM  

Mao, as I recall, played elaborate games with who was In or Out. For instance, he would hint at reform and liberalization, which from a communistic point of view is rightist. Then a second later he'd reverse himself and be all "Ha-ha, just kidding." The ones who espoused any form of liberalism in the meantime were open to purging.

Which I bring up to say the contemporary left is not playing his finesse game. They're hammering away with blunt stubbornness.

Blogger Glaivester June 01, 2019 3:44 PM  

What exactly does publishing their user IDs accomplish?
Also, most of these people are not anonymous - are they saying that, e.g., Paul Ramsey is publishing under another account anonymously (because if they are trying to reveal that Paul Ramsey is RamzPaul - yeah, that's not a secret).

Blogger Solon June 01, 2019 4:02 PM  

To any of their readers who are fanatical, rabid leftists, publishing their user IDs is essentially akin to doxxing. They're providing a list of targets for harrassment, accusations, attempted public shaming, and even violence.

That is what publishing their IDs does: "here, lefties, sic 'em!"

Blogger Balkan Yankee June 01, 2019 4:06 PM  

Much of this is pay back for the deft way you guys (you know who you are) camped on social media apps - developed by leftist Silicon Valley - to jam Hillary's campaign, among other things.

Silicon Valley just ain't gonna allow that to happen again in 2020. And that may not even matter because Trump now has the power of incumbency to offset his initial dependence on social media.

Blogger Steve Samson June 01, 2019 4:23 PM  

"I couldn't immediately find them and the article had to be out right away and I was already a glass into the second bottle."

Blogger Argus Bacchus June 01, 2019 4:25 PM  

Before WordPress went full SJW on Heartiste, there was a post at the blog that featured among other things a screenshot of compiled tweets in which several young women described their racy, sexually-themed dreams involving Trump.

There's another layer here to their Trump obsession than some of the PuffedHoes are willing to fully admit.

Blogger Mandos June 01, 2019 4:28 PM  

@9 People like the author of this piece, Luke O'Brien, spend their life behind their keyboard obsessing over a single issue, here tracking right-wing crimethink. They have a lot of time on their hands and the institutional support they require to feverishly entertain their obsession all day long. O'Brien publishes lists because he dearly wishes to use his megaphome access to make them somehow disappear, from Twitter by dog whistling the left-wing activists into mass reporting them, from the internet and physically if possible. The Luke O'Briens are literally the last stop before violent left-wing terrorism, this is a call for someone with more balls and less to lose than he has to take them out - whether he admits it or not.

The Left knows it, and this is why they usually prefer to leave this dirty work to young, suggestible journalists who publish in extreme-left tabloids instead of seasoned reporters in more mainstream publications. They need plausible deniability, especially if the zeitgeist changes, and the targeted censorship of prominent voices can then be dismissed as the work of fringe, zealous activists.

Blogger Rattlesnake_Kid June 01, 2019 4:32 PM  

dienw wrote:they must believe that the tipping point has shifted far enough that they can now tear the Euro-American people from the levers of control/power from Washington DC to Dogpatch town hall.

That ship sailed with Woodrow.

Blogger Salt June 01, 2019 4:37 PM  

Because the goalposts are going to move until you're a Nazi too.

Wait a minute. Either you're with them or you're not. If not, that you do not tote their agenda, and they move the goalposts, does it matter where else you may be? No, unless you're silent. They're coming for the non-them. Hear their bell? It chimes for you.

Blogger Miguel June 01, 2019 4:57 PM  

No one from the Dork Web is in danger, it seems.

Blogger The Masked Menace June 01, 2019 4:59 PM  

Is Zionism racist? The Jews have a homeland and Israel has a wall.

Blogger James Pyrich June 01, 2019 5:03 PM  

Facebook is operated by those who hate you. They collect data on you to sell to advertisers. What little privacy you have is diminished even more by them. If you build on their sand, your house will crumble and fall.

Delete Facebook. Zuck yourself.

Blogger LastRedoubt June 01, 2019 5:15 PM  

Molyneux is a rabid white nationalist? Good lord the idiocy.....

A popular YouTube crank and alleged cult leader, Molyneux has made a career out of howling about the injustices of feminism and government handouts before his hundreds of thousands of followers. His favorite pastime by far, however, is dusting off discredited race science and insisting to listeners that black and Hispanic people have lower average IQs than whites. Molyneux has been openly extolling the virtues of white nationalism since he visited Poland to make a documentary last year. In February, Molyneux tweeted, “When it came to slavery, blacks were the [drug] dealers. Whites were the users.” Donald Trump Jr. is a Molyneux fan and retweeted a video the white nationalist made with Mike Cernovich to spread the Pizzagate conspiracy theory. This month, Trump Jr. promoted Molyneux again on Twitter.

Gotta love how many people think the racial IQ differences thing is junk science.

OK, OK, I know, the APA (grudgingly, with gritted teeth) admits those differences in the averages DO exist. And if the fuzzy sciences tell me the sky is blue....

But it's gotta be environmental (though they have no evidence how)!

Blogger Mr.MantraMan June 01, 2019 5:22 PM  

The last vestiges of liberalism being snuffed out as we speak, maybe George Will can rebut the Silicon tyrants.

If you don't contest the moral level, you will be rolled by any and all sundry forces.

Blogger Daniel Babylon June 01, 2019 5:30 PM  

Where did this idea that right-wingers are uniquely hateful come from? They're likely expressing hatred through these very bannings while lecturing on the dangers of hate

Blogger dienw June 01, 2019 5:43 PM  

That ship sailed with Woodrow.
Yes, but the ship is coming into its destination port.

Blogger Rough Carrigan June 01, 2019 6:02 PM  

What is the opinion of those here about the Parler site? I've seen some people advocating it as an alternative to Twitter.

Blogger Colin Flaherty's baby mama June 01, 2019 6:39 PM  

Two things moslems got right:
1. Women
2. Using morons & crazies as cannon fodder.

The other semites prefer to incite others, but will false flag if necessary.

Blogger The Pitchfork Rebel June 01, 2019 6:59 PM  

Since we began assembling this list last month.

Code Name: Jet Black.

Blogger Clay June 01, 2019 7:06 PM  

I quit Facebook and Twitter about two years ago, maybe more. I smelled a rat then.

Blogger jla June 01, 2019 7:12 PM  

Did they really quote Titiana McGrath for there article? OMG, how could you not know this is a parody account.

Blogger Katechon June 01, 2019 7:32 PM  

>not a single neocon is identified
Pam Geller can be categorized as a neocon

Blogger Daniel Heneghan June 01, 2019 8:05 PM  

>>*appear* to have self-deleted to evade oversight"


To avoid scrutiny is tantamount to a crime now. Soon it will be an actual crime. Look how the state has criminalized any effort to evade the scrutiny of law enforcement. Deceiving (inadvertent or intentional, doesn't matter) any federal investigator/flunkie is a felony. And the feds are the ones who decide what deceptions is. Soon, just avoiding, or attempting to avoid, scrutiny will be considered a criminal act.

Blogger nswhorse June 01, 2019 8:08 PM  

How do people get to a state where they can lie so brazenly? How did society get to a state where such brazen liars face no consequences whatsoever?

Blogger xevious2030 June 01, 2019 8:51 PM  

Salt. They'll come for the silent. If you're not spouting double plus good duckspeak, you work for "them," and even if you do spout, you might still be working for "them."

Blogger basementhomebrewer June 01, 2019 10:34 PM  

Deceiving (inadvertent or intentional, doesn't matter) any federal investigator/flunkie is a felony. And the feds are the ones who decide what deceptions is. Soon, just avoiding, or attempting to avoid, scrutiny will be considered a criminal act.

You were following the law to avoid scrutiny! What are you really up to?

How do people get to a state where they can lie so brazenly? How did society get to a state where such brazen liars face no consequences whatsoever?

Many of the people on the list have a case against Huffpo for defamation. They wantonly labelled many people white supremacists who have solid defenses against the charge. Unfortunately, not everyone has the take no prisoners attitude that our host here does when it comes to making that accusation in the press.

Blogger Rhys June 01, 2019 10:59 PM  

Daniel Babylon wrote:Where did this idea that right-wingers are uniquely hateful come from? They're likely expressing hatred through these very bannings while lecturing on the dangers of hate

It came from the same place every other accusation thrown at the right comes from: the leftists very own moral shortcomings. The "always project" rule is not hyperbole: you will not find a single thing leftists accuse right wingers of that isn't true of themselves and to a much greater degree. Accusations are just a power play for leftists, theirs have nothing to do with actually trying to bring justice, leftists are aware of the stigma and social repercussions involved with accusations and exploit it accordingly.

Blogger Monotonous Languor June 01, 2019 11:13 PM  

The idea of hate speech is at the core of the left's attacks on freedom of expression. It still amazes me that such a thing could even be considered as a viable concept in American jurisprudence. That idea, that concept is so thoroughly anti-American, that anyone who accepts it is not an American and never will be.

Note clearly that I am not talking about saying something that someone considers to be hateful; instead I am talking about someone believing that such a thing actually exists in the first place. The point is that in the real world there is only speech; classifying some part of it as to assumed underlying motives is vile in conception, and constitutes a ghastly error in logic and justice.

The classification of hate speech is a nightmare of illogical, flawed premises. It deliberately blurs the line between acts and thoughts. It treats words as deeds, as if they were a voodoo spell that magically brings harm down on some amorphous third party. It makes telepathic assumptions about emotions and motivations, using only a gross binary dialectic without regard for a spectrum of feelings such as disgust or contempt. And the underlying premise that hatred is always evil and therefore to be eradicated is itself a dangerous lie. In doing all this it completely undermines presumption of innocence.

From its inception there has been only selective enforcement, which proves beyond doubt the impossibility of setting objective standards to determine its presence in any given situation. Each and every law that implements it has no explicit definition for what it is and what it is not. It becomes simply a handy excuse to wage lawfare and permit violent 'preemptive defense' by thugs such as antifa.

How did such a thing ever get introduced into Western society? How could it be accepted without question by free Americans? Why does nobody ever talk about it? Why is nobody analyzing its blatant inconsistencies, and railing against it each time the leftist legal system uses it to subdue their enemies? How could Americans not have realized its dangers from the outset, and not have been trying to overturn it ever since?

It's long past time that someone with enough legal resources leads the fight against the whole concept of hate speech, to argue against it in law journals and in the courts, and to ultimately bring it before the Supreme Court until it is excised like a cancer from the legal system. Unless that happens, anyone to the right of Mao will be attacked, harassed, and have their lives ruined, while all of society lives in fear about any and every thing that comes out of our mouths.

Blogger Mandos June 01, 2019 11:32 PM  

Important walls no longer manned.

Blogger Dirk Manly June 02, 2019 12:35 AM  

nswhorse... you've never read the Bible?

Blogger InformationMerchant June 02, 2019 1:17 AM  

Nice of Huffpo to do a follow friday post for everyone. I find myself getting nostalgic at the thought of the old ADL and SPLC lists. Good times.

Blogger The Nationalist June 02, 2019 2:34 AM  

Why defend Mike Cernovich? He piled on that goofy Kyle Kashuv for using the n-word as a kid. He's a traitor and a hack. What has he ever done to save white Americans? We're dead. Non-white births outnumber us. Whites are a minority in public schools. We're going to be a minority. Our children and grandchildren will be culturally and politically marginalized. And all he does is peddle failed colorblind movement conservatism.

I'm glad he has just one kid with a non-white woman. His genes will be removed from the white gene pool. But it shows that he doesn't care about whether we become a remnant. He probably wrongly sees white advocates as a threat to his family.

It's a shame that there's no good or honorable people in America, especially in positions of power. Just evil people who sell out our future.

Blogger Stilicho June 02, 2019 5:30 AM  

They're makin a list
Checking it twice
Gonna find out who's nazi or nice
Huffpo Claus is comin to town...

Blogger Lazarus June 02, 2019 5:40 AM  

Never Trumpers and globalists have become drunk on their own bathwater and are convinced the last election hinged on control of social media (by the Russians, of course).

Let them continue to think that.

Blogger Stilicho June 02, 2019 6:01 AM  

Look, they are not publishing this because they are close to their goal of being able to round you up and put you in extermination camps. They are acting out a comforting fantasy because they are scared. For the first time in their lives (the first time in history if the believe their heavily edited version) normal people are fighting back and the left is losing. It's not just Trump although he is a master at playing them, normal Americans are starting to wake up and recognize the left's game and it's goal of eliminating normal Americans. And the left is losing.

Hence their panicked over-reaction to the Covington Kids which backfired so spectacularly. It will get worse as the left becomes more frightened and desperate. The fake news will become more and more like an inane conversation between two urban troglodytes interspersed with the occasional Orange Man Bad rant as they try desperately to avoid reporting any news that could make normal white Americans look good/smart/kind/decent etc. While also completely blacking out anything tjat would make black/brown/yellow/magenta/tranny/gay/leftist/intersectional/vibrant diversity appear anything less than desirable (so pretty much anything about them that isn't a total fabrication).

They are losing. They feel it viscerally, and they are lashing out to assuage their badfeelz.

Blogger Damelon Brinn June 02, 2019 9:05 AM  

They are acting out a comforting fantasy because they are scared.

Yes. They're starting to sense that the cultural pendulum is about to swing back the other way, that their progressive revolution isn't a one-way trip after all. So they're trying to push it as hard and fast as they can, hoping to get past a tipping point. Push the pendulum so far it breaks off and can't swing back.

That's why they're trying to normalize trans/post-genderism--with pedophilia in its back pocket--in a few years, instead of taking a few decades as they did with homosexuality. It's why they're marching caravans to the border instead of trying to sneak. It's why they spend millions on organized teams to visit right-wing sites to spread the message of "Nothing will happen. The Jews are too powerful. Just check out and protect yourself." It's all intended to scare or demoralize right-wingers and normies into backing down or hesitating long enough for them to get the momentum back. But it's pure gaslighting.

Blogger Maniac June 02, 2019 1:51 PM  

Wasn't this the same dude who doxxed Amy Mek?

He's a bully, and the best way to handle a bully is to give him a bloody nose.

Blogger Shrugger June 02, 2019 3:58 PM  

So awesome that Huff Po compiled a list of people to follow. I recognized many of them, but now I have even more like minded sources of news and info. Thanks, Huff Po!

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