Thursday, July 04, 2019

She blames Scalzi

And rightly so. A fanzine author realizes who was always to blame for the destruction of the Hugo.
So fuck John Scalzi anyway.

Fuck his sense of entitlement. Fuck his arrogant, unilateral “fix” of things he didn’t understand, which weren’t actually broken to begin with. Fuck his self-promoting crusade to prove that a merely world-famous, best-selling professional author with an international following of devoted groupies, whose “fan writing” blog is devoted to the ideas and concerns of professional SF authors qua pro authors, and whose grasp of what a fan writer is came by way of the modern equivalent of reading it off a cereal box, can still drum up enough ignorant first-time voters to win himself a Best Fan Writer Hugo because gosh darn it, people like him. And the rules didn’t explicitly say he couldn’t. And because he tapes bacon to cats, I guess. Woo....

So as far as I can see, John Scalzi created the blueprint: providing both proof of concept and implicit permission for the Sad and Rabid Puppy ballot stuffing campaigns. The fact that they didn’t also win the rockets suggests to me that they weren’t as good at marketing (and were aiming at some rather tougher nuts to crack, in voting number terms – Scalzi was sharp enough to notice that the fan categories had long been low hanging fruit for wrangling a short list nomination), but what they did wasn’t materially or morally different from what John Scalzi did. Neither one violated the letter of the law, and both dismissed or ignored the spirit. If the actions of the Puppies were blameworthy, so were those of John Scalzi.

If what he did was okay within the rules and therefore okay, then so were the Puppy campaigns. The fact that John Scalzi is a funny, likable guy who tapes bacon to cats doesn’t change the moral quality of his actions, it just distracted a bunch of people from noticing it. Think of him as the Daenerys Targaryen of burning the Hugos to the ground, if you like – the Mother of Dingbats.
She's correct. John Scalzi was absolutely the inspiration for the Sad Puppies, although he wasn't the only one. It was the entire Tor Cabal, scheming and plotting to win as many awards as possible, then waving them in the face of better, better-selling authors like Larry Correia, that made it clear that the awards were no longer anything but a popularity contest.

Larry proved his case with the first Sad Puppies campaign; all the subsequent Puppies campaigns were intended to do was to underline for the entire world his original point that the awards no longer had anything to do with literary quality in the science fiction genre. And the Rapid Puppies in particular succeeded in doing that to perfection; literally no one takes the Hugo seriously as a statement on literature anymore now that Space Raptor Butt Invasion, Stix Hiscock, and N.K. Jemisin have permanently stained what was once a substantive award.

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Blogger Gettimothy July 04, 2019 6:56 PM  

I love the smell of napalm in the morning

Blogger Daniel July 04, 2019 7:21 PM  

13 years, and the hits keep coming.

Or, I should say...

The Ride Never Ends.

Blogger xavier July 04, 2019 7:23 PM  

Who's the she? There isn't a link for context

Blogger Gettimothy July 04, 2019 7:32 PM  

Earth salted

Blogger Gregory the Tall July 04, 2019 7:37 PM

this is the link, it servces to download the pdf.

Blogger James Fox Higgins July 04, 2019 7:51 PM  

I know I'm quite late to this party... but Space Raptor Butt Invasion!! Lol

from Dune... to Neuromancer... to gay space dinosaur rape fantasy erotica. I love the creativity employed here in the collection of skulls (or giant silver dildos as it were).

Blogger Makeshift July 04, 2019 8:20 PM  

Are you really lumping the author of Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt in with the likes of N.K. Jemisin?

Blogger Gettimothy July 04, 2019 8:23 PM  

nuke it from orbit; its the only way to be sure

Blogger Gettimothy July 04, 2019 8:27 PM  

How are you gentlemen. All your base are belong to us

Blogger Gettimothy July 04, 2019 8:28 PM  

I smell chicken!

Blogger VD July 04, 2019 8:31 PM  

Are you really lumping the author of Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt in with the likes of N.K. Jemisin?

Certainly, his books are more entertaining and better written.

Blogger tdcommenter July 04, 2019 8:39 PM  

The writer complains about the influx of unassimilated newcomers disrupting her culture.

Blogger Sargent.matrim July 04, 2019 8:44 PM  

An Aussie comedian just did this to the Australian award show called the Logies (it's an insufferable award show for TV personalities to fawn all over each other). He proved that the highest award was a joke, by running a mock campaign to win the award, even though his show is so obscure most people haven't even heard of it. Including myself.

But he won the gold Logie.

He even ran mock attack ads.

His acceptance speech is worth a watch as he rubs it in to the audience mocking their dying industry. He is now doing a press tour on the morning shows and showing that the award never really meant anything in the first place.

Blogger Tars Tarkas July 04, 2019 9:02 PM  

You always know you are in for a treat when the opening paragraphs are filled with f-bombs.
She hates Scalzi because when his wife lends him his balls, he is (temporarily) a white male. She laments his not stepping aside so that "more diverse" people can win the award.

Fandom is awful. I read a bunch of fan fiction either in the worlds or style of Edgar Rice Burroughs and it's all Poz. Writing blacks into the worlds or gay sex or sex with animals. One was a novel length apology for John Carter being a white male. I did find one or 2 half decent ones, but they are in the minority, the very small minority.

Vox forgot to add the freakshow label to this one.

Blogger Johannmon July 04, 2019 9:20 PM  

Little is more unappealing than a vulgar woman.

Blogger tublecane July 04, 2019 9:23 PM  

@14- Most people generally don't read, and if they do they don't bother with amateurs. But there are a few genres in which amateurs can get people to slog through any muck. Fanfic is one. Horror too. And of course erotica, which can serve its purpose with no redeeming qualities whatsoever so long as it tickles readers.

Erotic fanfic must be the easiest way to gain an audience, I 'spose.

Blogger JC July 04, 2019 9:24 PM  

People have been rightly predicting for years that they would eventually turn on Scalzi. This could well be the first blow and since his star has fallen from where it was, he's a prime target. Of course, they always turn on their own so it is really just a matter of when.

If this gets worse, then Scalzi really only has the nuclear option: Joanna Scalzi. All zer books will have to be updated but Tor will surely be okay with that.

Blogger Don't Call Me Len July 04, 2019 9:44 PM  

@3- Apparently a bitter, pompous SJWhiner of little talent but enormous self-importance. Which is why Scalzi gets up her nose: she looks in the mirror, and he's what she sees, except less successful, and by the logic of her own argument, less funny and likeable. Imagine how much that must sting.

Blogger Salt July 04, 2019 9:49 PM  

Puppies forever.

Blogger Lazarus July 04, 2019 9:57 PM  

Raptor Butt Invasion, indeed.

God Bless America.

Blogger Jack Ward July 04, 2019 10:20 PM  

Ah the Puppies; then, the rabid Puppies. Those were good days. Kinda miss them. But, then, we have plenty of mountains to climb, and crap to throw at any number of deserving targets. In no particular order. SJW's, progressives; cucks, weaponized ducks, weaponized memes; etc. etc. Oh, and PePe, of course. What would any such list be without a green frog.
Our cups truly overrun.

Blogger Skyler the Weird July 04, 2019 10:34 PM  

Joining the Rabid Puppies to vote for Raptor Butt Invasion was money well spent.

Blogger Hammerli 280 July 04, 2019 10:43 PM  

There's a part of me that mourns the Hugo...but another part that wonders if the rot started far earlier than anyone thinks.

Never forget that "The Mote in God's Eye" lost the Hugo to "Rendevous with Rama". And while the latter is an OK book, Mote is a masterpiece.

Blogger Daniel July 04, 2019 10:51 PM  

The Hugos were designed from the beginning for platforming and campaigning. The ridiculous "fanzine" awards were typically beneath the published authors, until Scalzi pulled his "Whoopsie!" routine, but L. Ron Hubbard, LeGuin, Simak, et al. all got logrolled to nominations or even wins.

Blogger Ray - SoCal July 04, 2019 10:52 PM  

I was shocked Chuck Tingle did not win. It just shows how crooked and partisan the voting process is. His interviews I read were works of art.

Blogger Lou Antonelli July 04, 2019 11:06 PM  

As has already been pointed out, these extreme leftist revolutions always turn on themselves.

Scalzi is a particularly easy target. He's vain, stupid, untalented and clueless. He only got as far as he did by playing the political correctness card. Now the revolutions has passed him by, and like Danton during the Reign of Terror, he's next up for the guillotine.

Good riddance.

Lou Antonelli
Double Puppy, 2015.

Blogger Avalanche July 04, 2019 11:21 PM  

Have any of you missed the YouTube vid:

Mark Reads 'Space Raptor Butt Invasion'

Mark Oshiro: "This was recorded at Penguicon 2016 in Detroit/Southfield, MI, which was the site of my first Chuck Tingle reading ever."

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( according to the 13th Amendment, Slavery is neither Cruel nor Unusual: MSAGA ) July 04, 2019 11:25 PM  

correct me if i'm wrong, but it seems to me that she's pissed that an "illegal immigrant" Pro infiltrated the ranks of fandom and immorally enriched himself at the expense of the Natural Born Fans who should have been considered for the award.

14. Tars Tarkas July 04, 2019 9:02 PM
She laments his not stepping aside so that "more diverse" people can win the award.

Scalzi regularly espouses muh Diversity. she's pointing out that he's a hypocrite.

she never once said that Langford was undeserving of his awards. her point was merely that, if you believe that there is a fan author who is not being recognized, Scalzi should have found some of those fan authors and championed them.

instead, Scalzi, a paid Pro who was BEING ENDORSED BY HIS PUBLISHER FOR THE AWARD, manufactured an award for himself.

nevertheless, i'm sure she's one of those progressives who is all to happy to mouth all of the muh equality shibboleths.

Blogger SJ July 04, 2019 11:41 PM  

Nothing could top alien stripper boned by the T-Rex for maximum diversity

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( according to the 13th Amendment, Slavery is neither Cruel nor Unusual: MSAGA ) July 05, 2019 1:17 AM  

i see that the GoH at CONvergence is Vic Mignogna raping a lot of attendees.

Blogger Kristophr July 05, 2019 2:45 AM  

And the dumpster fire continues ...

Blogger Duke Norfolk July 05, 2019 5:52 AM  

Johannmon wrote:Little is more unappealing than a vulgar woman.

Amen. And our world is chock full of them these days. Ladies are a rare breed indeed, of late.

Blogger xavier July 05, 2019 7:07 AM  


Blogger Partisan Arms July 05, 2019 7:32 AM  

In a related note:

Blogger Cataline Sergius July 05, 2019 8:07 AM  

... literally no one takes the Hugo seriously as a statement on literature anymore now that Space Raptor Butt Invasion, Stix Hiscock, and N.K. Jemisin have permanently stained what was once a substantive award.

Yet Scalzi had to have another one. He just HAD to.

So he went dumpster diving for best fanzine award?

He really did that?

Ha! Ha! Ha! (*gasp...wheez...gasp*) Ha! Ha! Ha!

Good luck at the Dragons, Johnny!

Blogger Balkan Yankee July 05, 2019 8:44 AM  

She dumped on Scalzi for something he did in 2007. Hell hath no fury. . .

In the meantime, Scalzi owes Tor three books in 2019.

Blogger RandyB July 05, 2019 8:54 AM  

Exhibit A: Fifty Shades of Grey, which originated as Twilight fanfic.

Blogger Miguel July 05, 2019 9:14 AM  

Space Raptor Butt Invasion, Stix Hiscock, and N.K. Jemisin.


Blogger binks webelf July 05, 2019 10:03 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Red Pill Angel July 05, 2019 10:20 AM  

Well, that was very interesting. This "fan artist" thing was confusing 30 years ago. Fan artists who won repeated fan artist Hugos sold their work and made small livings as artists, the difference being their art was cartoons (true, the cartoons first appeared for free in old-fashioned B&W fanzines), not full-scale color paintings that had appeared on the covers of books. There was cross-over and the line was squishy. Then lady painters started getting nominated for doing pictures of fairies which they sold at cons. Now it's all online comics and digital art and the squishy line is completely gone.

BTW, this may be OT but it is SF related -- reviews of "The Last Closet" are now being put behind a "sensitivity filter" on Amazon on the writer's profile, unless they go into profile settings and fix it. They are still visible on the book's page, as far as I can tell. I contacted Amazon and was told it wasn't my review, but the nature of the product: "Any reviews related to sensitive products will be automatically hidden from the public view of your Profile Page. These products include certain personal care products, jewelry, intimate clothing, self-help, erotic media, and other product that may be controversial in nature, including some products used for personal protection."

Blogger Triple_Scoop July 05, 2019 11:07 AM  

I know who Space Raptor Butt Invasion and Stix Hiscock (legends) are but who is this N.K. Jemisin fellow?

Blogger Geir Balderson July 05, 2019 11:55 AM  

Did Scalzi ever go thru with that gender change surgery? I mean it would elevate his writing gravitas. And, he would win more awards that ever!

Blogger Tars Tarkas July 05, 2019 1:14 PM  

@34 They used the quick drying cement as a chemical weapon and not for hitting someone with a hunk of concrete.
I guess it doesn't really matter because they will just allow them to plea bargain down to a misdemeanor and probation.

SJWs have completely infested popular fiction of all genres. I wonder to what degree the public not reading books is for the same reason the public no longer reads newspapers?
I used to have a group of friends that passed around books, usually sci-fi, and I don't think we read anything newer than Ender's Game and this was in the late 0s.
My parents both read newspapers every day and so did I until about 2005. Those last few years of my reading the paper was in the hope it would improve after various buyouts. What they needed to do was fire the entire staff and hire people with no journalism training or experience and then bring them up to speed. The whole pool of journalists is bad. The whole mechanism for creating them is staffed with SJW gate keepers.

Blogger Ingot9455 July 05, 2019 1:52 PM  

@36 I think the current Scalzi hilarity must be that there's nothing worth copying for him to dare copy.

Blogger Gregory the Tall July 05, 2019 2:34 PM  

It is all so funny! Space Raptor Butt Invasion! And nobody can mention the Hugo again without making people think of this. Brilliant rhetoric!

Blogger Rick67 July 05, 2019 3:42 PM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Rick67 July 05, 2019 3:57 PM  

I did a search for Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden (mentioned in the article) and came across a post by John C Wright in which he blames Patrick for ruining the Hugo Awards. I'm not trying to disagree with the fanzine writer, just trying to understand better who did what and how.

Blogger The CronoLink July 06, 2019 4:53 AM  

Scalzi doing damage control on his blog and twitter is because he can't help it, worried about his "reputation", or to try gather attention because no one pays any to him anymore?

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