Thursday, July 04, 2019

The Battle for Paris

Now this is a sweet Alt-Hero t-shirt design from! I really like how the panels form a French tricolor. They have a growing line of Arkhaven-related products. And I definitely need to get my hands on a Dark Legion shirt.



Blogger Randomatos July 04, 2019 8:47 AM  

I'm getting one. Crypto.Fashion makes some dang fine shirts.

Blogger Connor July 04, 2019 9:02 AM  

don't even read comics but i would wear this

Blogger Dave July 04, 2019 9:24 AM  

Rebel's Run shirts? and hats?

We need some freakin' hats for Rebel's Run and AH:Q.

Crypto does hats, the cyberfrog dude's got hats.

Blogger July 04, 2019 10:01 AM  

@1 @2 Thank you both!

@3 -- we've got more in the works for Arkhaven, and it helps to know what y'all are interested in seeing!

Blogger Dave July 04, 2019 10:44 AM  

@4 definitely shirts and hats sporting the ALT HERO Q logo from the cover of the comic (white letters with red Q). Perhaps with WHERE WE GO ONE underneath on the T-shirt; might be too busy for the hat.

Blogger July 04, 2019 11:44 AM  

@5 We do have the WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL logo tee; we're not planning to redesign that one at this time as it works rather well. The entire text would definitely be too busy for a cap, but the logo would rock. Thanks for the feedback!

Blogger binks webelf July 04, 2019 11:44 AM  

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Blogger Dave July 04, 2019 12:52 PM wrote:@5 We do have the WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL logo tee

Oh hell yeah, that's perfect! Time now to up the hat game; I know Vox said before they couldn't find an acceptable hat but might be time for another stab at it.

I'd buy hats right now for ALT HERO Q, Unauthorized TV like Binks said, and Rebel's Run.

Blogger July 04, 2019 1:25 PM  

@7 Really like Make The Rubble Bounce! Check out our Supreme Dark Lord design.

@8 Yeah, we have a few more cap options available now than we had last year, so we are going to revisit that.

Blogger VD July 04, 2019 1:44 PM  

I wonder if the SDL shirt would look better with the mask?

Blogger July 04, 2019 2:00 PM  

@VD That would be sharp. We'll put that together.

Blogger Avalanche July 04, 2019 3:04 PM  

@10 I think the mask fits better with the concept, to entice normies to ask about what a Supreme Dark Lord is?

Blogger Brick Hardslab July 04, 2019 4:19 PM  

How's the game coming?

Blogger Watcher of the skies July 04, 2019 9:51 PM  

I got a Dark Legion tshirt that I wear everytime I hit Whole Foods... people always ask me what is it! Ha!

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