Tuesday, December 03, 2019

One down

The first step towards Trumpslide 2020 has been accomplished:
California Senator Kamala Harris is dropping out of the crowded field of Democrats angling to become their party’s presidential candidate. Harris tweeted a message to supporters on Tuesday saying “it is with deep regret—but also with deep gratitude—that I am suspending my campaign today.”
I'm no fan of Tulsi Gabbard, but she did finish Harris off as slickly as a Venetian with a glass dagger.

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Blogger JAG December 03, 2019 3:13 PM  

Harris never recovered from the nuking at the debate from Gabbard. It was glorious. Hopefully Tulsi Gabbard can bring a couple more down.

Blogger Mr.MantraMan December 03, 2019 3:15 PM  

Much as I could tolerate twitter it took a minute for me to see that one of the twittercons had found some lefty garbage complaining about the "all white" field. As much as the useless conservatives wish to save the "liberals" I don't think they can, white progs into the cannibal's pot and in 2024 the D-party contest will be between colored authoritarians.

Blogger Jake December 03, 2019 3:15 PM  

I'm glad Tulsi destroyed her. I always thought she was the most dangerous candidate if she got to go against Trump.

Blogger Sean December 03, 2019 3:22 PM  

Like anyone would have wanted Willie Brown's sloppy seconds

Blogger Richard Rahl December 03, 2019 3:23 PM  

Going to adopt that idiom, that one made me chuckle. Good riddance Kabala

Blogger Karen took the Kids December 03, 2019 3:25 PM  

Bernie will drop next in my opinion, in one way or another.

I understand that might be a weird prediction considering Sleepy Joes policy appears to have devolved to suckling his wife's fingers and molesting children in swimming pools.

The 2016 pool of Democrats almost looks human in comparison to this group of degenerates.

Blogger swiftfoxmark2 December 03, 2019 3:31 PM  

I wonder if President Trump is working behind the scenes to get rid of many of these jokers so he doesn't have to bother to debate them.

Or maybe he wants Biden to be the frontrunner so he can expose more and more of the swamp during his campaign.

Blogger A rebel without a General December 03, 2019 3:42 PM  

Vox was she the one you mentioned being trump’s biggest threat

Blogger Ostar December 03, 2019 3:51 PM  

Kampala’s campaign suffered from her mathematical inability to spread her legs for enough men to be elected president.

Blogger Skyler the Weird December 03, 2019 3:54 PM  

Gabbard is the only one of them who would give Trump a sweat but she's not a full on Communist so it's knives out. I believe the DNC really want to coronate Hillary to run again.

They might as well nominate Obama since the second amendment doesn't exist in their eyes, why should the twenty second?

Blogger Joe Smith December 03, 2019 3:59 PM  

An interesting thing about Trump is that he seems to be politically clairvoyant. When Warren was at the top and Biden was gaffing all over the place everyone was wondering why he focused on Biden with his mockery and barely said anything about Warren. But it turns out he was right. He didn't even deign to notice Harris, but no one is surprised he turned out to be right about that too.

Blogger Balkan Yankee December 03, 2019 4:04 PM  

She forgot to take Joe Biden with her.

Blogger Doctor Mayhem December 03, 2019 4:09 PM  

I betted on Warren being chosen, but looks like buttplug may be the guy.

Blogger Attila is my bro December 03, 2019 4:37 PM  

If Buttplug is the one, Trump wins by default. Half of the coalition of the fringes is made up of fag haters.

Blogger ThatWouldBeTelling December 03, 2019 4:37 PM  

Quick Trump campaign response:

"Trump War Room (Text TRUMP to 88022) @TrumpWarRoom

BREAKING NEWS: @KamalaHarris has ended her campaign for president.

Congratulations @TulsiGabbard!"

Blogger SemiSpook37 December 03, 2019 4:37 PM  


It's still early. Anything goes up until the caucuses and primaries start.

Blogger Johnny December 03, 2019 4:45 PM  

Between judging people and manipulating them, Trump's skills are exceptional. He does stuff nobody else would even get away with, and somehow wins doing it.

Blogger Gettimothy December 03, 2019 4:45 PM  

Please clap.

Blogger xevious2030 December 03, 2019 4:48 PM  

Mixing reporting from National Review and The Hill. Bloomberg had moved up to match Harris before she suspended. The Hill still has Biden at tops. Steam for Warren has lessened as well. This election, with a rigged process, has less to do with personality, and more to do with narrative and consideration of 2024. The weighing of probability of 2024, aside from sheer physical occurrence, will determine the narrative, and the narrative will determine the candidate. Per example, Hillary had very few people show up at rallies, but when the time came, tens of millions pulled the instructed lever in the general election. After a determined primary. Just as Hillary stepped aside and played nice in 2008 for the junior nobody Senator. Giving us eight years of a nobody elected to the presidency. Not to say a Bloomberg would endanger a Trumpslide, but as a measure of the recognition of vulnerability to an intended future.

Blogger Nostromo December 03, 2019 4:55 PM  

Dems are gonna draft Zeros shemale. All this is just human shielding for her by the DNC.

Blogger Al K. Annossow December 03, 2019 4:59 PM  

So many candidates and their supporters will remain mystified. Trump did this without having previously run for even one office. He made it look easy competing against professional politicians. People said he was an idiot even though he had succeeded in several different areas. They said he was crazy even though what he did worked. Everyone thinks they are smarter and saner. Lack of awareness of oneself and of others is a mighty powerful hallucinogen.

Blogger My Shield Is Disgust December 03, 2019 5:02 PM  

Good. Really hope either Buttplug or Bloomturd gets the nomination. I’d rather watch Trump destroy a man than a woman. I miss the Jeb days.

Blogger David Ray Milton December 03, 2019 5:18 PM  

Her campaign was a #diversity train wreck. She got some terrible press last week with a seasoned vet resigning saying that they have never been treated so horribly. Staffers were apparently being relocated to different states and then laid off upon arrival due to budget cuts or something. Looking at Harris’ RBF and that all sounds about right...

Meanwhile, Corey Booker is somewhere celebrating with watermelon and Hennessy...

Blogger Ominous Cowherd December 03, 2019 5:20 PM  

I don't think that any of the goofball no-hopers from the primaries are likely to get the nomination. After running Left and Lefter for a year, none of them are going to be able to get elected anything.

I expect the Dems will pull a rabbit out of their hats at the convention. Will it be Hillary? Michelle? Somebody nobody ever heard of? We'll know in July. Whoever they offer up for slaughter, Trump will have months of campaign to mock him into the dust.

Blogger HoosierHillbilly December 03, 2019 5:23 PM  

It's a reindeer whip, damnit!

Blogger Korbin Ransley December 03, 2019 5:45 PM  

What's up with Andrew Yang? Can the Yang gang get any traction? The relationship between the more K selected populations in the U.S. is interesting, as is the idea of the U.B.I. Bernie Sanders and Yang are both bold and Sanders is a threat to the Establishment as well as to the Right and the "American Nation".

I wonder if Sanders or Yang would put emphasis on the Fed and international banking while running or if elected.

Blogger God Emperor Memes December 03, 2019 5:46 PM

Blogger bodenlose Schweinerei December 03, 2019 5:49 PM  

Pretty pale slate they're left with, how will the fringes hold now?

I do enjoy thinking about the current mental state of any dolt dumb enough to put any of their hard-earned into this disaster.

Blogger Curlytop December 03, 2019 6:13 PM  

Buttplug is simply flavor of the week. It won't be him.

Just saw an ad for Democrat Candidate Tom S??? down here in the South. Who?

Blogger Oswald December 03, 2019 6:15 PM  

Another one in the dustbin of history.

Blogger Nikolai Collushnikov December 03, 2019 6:34 PM  

It's still interesting to notice that the top five Democrat candidates are all white.

Blogger God Emperor Memes December 03, 2019 6:39 PM  

It's going to be hilarious to watch TGE vs Biden in the debates. - Reagan vs Carter 2.0

Blogger VFM #7634 December 03, 2019 6:40 PM  

If Buttplug is the one, Trump wins by default. Half of the coalition of the fringes is made up of fag haters.

If it's Trump vs Buttplug, I actually expect Trump to make large inroads with the black vote, and would be within striking distance of winning Hispanics.

Blogger JG December 03, 2019 6:48 PM  

I'm still betting on Grope & Poke 2020.

Blogger Seeingsights December 03, 2019 6:50 PM  

That is why the DNC doesn't want Tulsi Gabbard at TV debates. She could level severe blows at Joe Biden:
--his support for regime change wars
--his support for the War on Drugs

Blogger map December 03, 2019 7:15 PM  

Buttitches and Swallowswell would be a dream team for Trump to run against.

Blogger ScottC December 03, 2019 7:30 PM  

It's grotesque to talk about a woman "destroying" another woman's political ambitions. It's like talking about men nurturing abd hugging other men.

Blogger spinoza December 03, 2019 8:03 PM  

Harris most likely made a deal to be vp for a would have been rival. I’m not following the contest closely enough to know whom this would be...she is one of the most corrupt criminal politicians that is alive today.

Blogger Norse Fan December 03, 2019 9:12 PM  

Yep, she bled to death before she knew she'd been stuck.

Blogger Lazarus December 03, 2019 9:20 PM  

God Emperor weighs in:

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
3h3 hours ago

Donald J. Trump Retweeted Corey R. Lewandowski

Too bad. We will miss you Kamala!

Stick. Twist.

I love this guy.

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( no need to be racist, Ratchets can Karen better than anybody ) December 03, 2019 10:54 PM  

7. swiftfoxmark2 December 03, 2019 3:31 PM
I wonder if President Trump is working behind the scenes to get rid of many of these jokers so he doesn't have to bother to debate them.

have you ever actually watched Donald Trump in a debate?

he's never had so much fun in his life. he couldn't BUY that much fun for a billion dollars.

i do so wish he'd get off his ass and make good on this promise.

15. Karhu December 03, 2019 4:37 PM
Congratulations @TulsiGabbard!"

and, once again, you observe Trump's brilliance.

the insane Lefties are already claiming that this Trump comment "proves" that Tulsi is a Putin puppet.

is Bernie a Putin puppet because Trump was making conciliatory comments to him last time around, vis-a-vis the Hillary corruption?

Tulsi might have actually been viable in the general. it's now almost impossible for her to get out of the primaries, even if the Demoncrats weren't rigging the hell out of them.

Donald Trump can now destroy the career of any moderately sane Democrat simply by ... complimenting them.

37. ScottC December 03, 2019 7:30 PM
It's grotesque to talk about a woman "destroying" another woman's political ambitions


women try to destroy each other all the time. watch any episode of "Housewives of-" or soap opera.

Blogger Thad Tuiol December 04, 2019 12:28 AM  

"I want a man who is sexually turned on by other men as my Commander-In-Chief"

Said no soldier, ever.

Blogger Azimus December 04, 2019 12:41 AM  

Is this thing on?

Blogger Scuzzaman December 04, 2019 4:13 AM  


Are you trying to demonstrate Poes’ Law for us, or was it accidental?

Blogger FUBARwest December 04, 2019 7:57 AM  

Trump campaign has no chill

Blogger Jack Aubrey December 04, 2019 11:48 AM  

Her knees finally gave out.

Blogger Boomer55 December 04, 2019 11:57 AM  

It might be more (((white progs))). The twitter users who embody Poe's Law on this the most are "progressive" jews, though people like Shapiru make the list.

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