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The cucking of Chick-Fil-A

It's even worse than we thought. Which suggests that instead of being addressed and excised, the convergence of the corporation is going to metastasize rapidly in the future:
[Paul Anderson] and his wife founded the Paul Anderson Youth Home (PAYH) in Vidalia, Georgia, in 1961 on 50 acres of donated land. To raise money for this fledgling shelter, Anderson went on a well-publicized bike ride from Vidalia to Omaha, Nebraska. One of his first stops was at a restaurant outside Atlanta called the Dwarf House, run by a young restaurateur Truett Cathy. Inspired by Anderson's vision, Truett Cathy made the first donation to get the ministry off the ground and then served on the PAYH board for many years after that.

In the PAYH, no more than 20 young men between the ages of 16 and 21 are in residence at any one time, most of them bringing drug and alcohol problems with them. These young men stay for an average of 18 months, by the end of which 90% of them become drug-and-incarceration-free and finish high school. Many go on to college.... One of the annual fundraisers still to this day is a 500-mile bike ride to commemorate the ride on which Paul Anderson met Truett Cathy for the first time. Truett Cathy was part of the Paul Anderson Youth Home almost from day one. In 1999, the Truett Cathy Office Complex was built in his honor.

Dan Cathy just recently dumped the Paul Anderson Youth Home as a Chick-fil-A recipient, throwing his father's legacy under the train in favor of Covenant House. Covenant House is a Christian-in-name-only outfit that celebrates homosexuality, lesbianism, and transgenderism with the vulnerable youth who seek shelter there, and seeks to convince them that such sexual deviancy is perfectly normal.
It's not just the convergence and the cuckery, the fact that Dan Cathy is, at the very least, permitting the literal dishonoring of his father's memory is an indicator that the rot has not merely entered the organization, but has set in at the very top.

The lesson is this: choose your successors carefully.

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Blogger Brett baker December 08, 2019 6:01 AM  

Well, at least the Gay Mafia will approve.
Does Covenant House have a 90% success rate?

Blogger Ultrahardcore December 08, 2019 6:06 AM  

Honestly that's just sad.

It sounds like this was a legacy that deserved so much more than to be spat on only a generation later.

Blogger Lovekraft December 08, 2019 6:37 AM  

Somewhat OT, but moving forward with Epstein, I am starting to look at various celebrities and ask myself 'would this person encourage a typical Epstein victim to 'go along to get along'? It's basic, but take a Jeff Goldblum for example. Seems to be an ok guy, but when you apply the above test, he fails. Same for many others.

This may be useful. Not sure yet.

Blogger Karen took the Kids December 08, 2019 6:52 AM  

I've had a look at both websites. A picture paints a thousand words. PAYH also requires an IQ of 85+ so they know their target audience.

No one cares about the majority of companies that get converged but there is such a rich history of what Sam Cathy built its a shame to see his cuck son burn it all down.

Blogger Rebel Shoat December 08, 2019 7:04 AM  

For the last several years CFA has been getting preferential treatment by many because we thought they weren't just another restaurant but actively aligned with our values and our ally in the fight. With the outpouring of support there is no way CFA didn't know that, and happily profit from it.

I'm not ending my patronage because their charitable arm gives money to LGBQ* friendly organizations. Most fast-food corporations do that, I suspect. I'm ending it because they have been wearing Truett Cathy's skinsuit since his death and the rot underneath has finally been revealed. They operated a perpetual deception to profit from my values. That isn't something I can abide.

Blogger Gregory the Tall December 08, 2019 7:07 AM  

@Brett Baker: Success with what?

Blogger Mr.MantraMan December 08, 2019 7:10 AM  

Maybe it's is Dan Cathy who is chosen to enlighten us to the wonders of the gay lifestyle.

Blogger ar10308 December 08, 2019 7:17 AM  

Where one finds gay and tranny youth-support organization, you also find adults preying upon said youth.

Dan Cathy has probably been converged on a personal level. It isn't at all a stretch to consider that Dan Cathy has engaged in degenerate activities with the youth of that organization. The organization likely uses those youth as marketing tools to wealthy donors.

Blogger IncoherentM December 08, 2019 7:17 AM  

I've noticed over at least the last decade that local businesses passed down for generations (doctor's offices, dentist offices, restaurants, mechanic shops, etc.) are either shunned by Gen X and Millennial offspring, or out right destroyed. The business I've worked at for years is no different. Familial and community breakdown may cause some of that, but there are probably many more reasons.

Blogger The Observer December 08, 2019 7:42 AM  

I've noticed over at least the last decade that local businesses passed down for generations (doctor's offices, dentist offices, restaurants, mechanic shops, etc.) are either shunned by Gen X and Millennial offspring, or out right destroyed.

The myth of the self-made man has been one of the most damaging memes to get out there for the American public. Civilisation is built upon the capital of those who came before you, to be held for those who come after. The shunning of inheritances, family businesses and the like as low status was almost certainly no accident.

Blogger Tank December 08, 2019 7:52 AM  

This is one of the saddest stories of the year.

Blogger Gregory the Tall December 08, 2019 8:01 AM  

@The Observer:
I agree, it took me a long time realize that gratefully accepting what God gives you (the family business in this case) is better than striving for "self-realization" all your life only to never find it.

Blogger RC December 08, 2019 8:11 AM  

In an interview he gave years ago, Truett stated that a man's success should not be measured by the character of just his children, but also by his grandchildren. I agreed and Truett failed even with his own son.

It's a challenge for a man to successfully navigate his own success without compromise, more difficult for his kids, and near impossible for his grandkids.

Blogger Uncle John's Band December 08, 2019 8:14 AM  

Covenant House!? Thought that disappeared when founder-groomer Father Bruce Ritter went down in 1990. This link frames it as a bellwether for the Catholic Church scandals, but it also fits the unaccountable international “children’s aid” trafficking model.

There’s hiding in plain sight, and then there’s sky-writing it in rainbow smoke.

Blogger Stilicho December 08, 2019 8:19 AM  

@Rebel--exactly, that type of betrayal cannot be tolerated.

No more Chick Fil Gay

Blogger liberranter December 08, 2019 8:24 AM  

It occurs to me that this is, in probably no small part, a case of a son betraying his father’s legacy, something that is disturbingly common in the corporate world when a successful businessman leaves his company to his offspring. Dan Cathy is clearly not his father. Matter ‘o fact, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to eventually learn that Dan rejected his father’s Christianity long ago and has only been maintaining the front because it benefitted him financially. Now, for whatever reason, keeping the Christian facade is now longer in his and his company’s best interests, so out the window it goes. Of course this is going to destroy Chick-Fil-A, because those “Christian values” as reflected in its daily operations are the ONLY thing that separated it from (and elevated it above) its competition. “Get woke, go broke” is being demonstrated as a truism all over the economy on a regular basis, but apparently Danny Cathy is one of those arrogant, hard-headed Boomers who is going to have to learn that the hard and painful way.

What is now “Woke-Fil-A” will not get another nickel of my money. I’ll instead redeem my 15,000 Rewards Points on a series of mini chicken feasts until the balance is zero, and then never set foot in Dan Cathy’s converged restaurant ever again.

Blogger Jose Miguel December 08, 2019 8:31 AM  

Tolkien's legacy was well preserved by his third kid. That and CFA are but two examples why it's good to have many children from whom you can pick to inherit the family legacy.

Blogger MidnightSun December 08, 2019 8:53 AM  

I remember a topic on this blog relating to how successive generations of original wealth makers have become indoctrinated with liberal values at university and elsewhere and tend to annihilate all that went before them. This seems rather the norm than the exception for those who had everything given to them on a platter (no pun intended) and hence never worked a day in their privileged lives. One only has to look at the offspring of movie stars or politicians or high earning CEO's of organizations like CFA to see that common sense, morality, etc., skips a generation or two.

Blogger Zaklog the Great December 08, 2019 8:54 AM  

So how quickly do you think this will visibly affect operations? Who here thinks by the end of the coming year, CFA will no longer have the reputation of superbly friendly service? I'd give them 3 years at the outside.

Blogger kmbr December 08, 2019 8:59 AM  

I guess we can expect the clean cut, polite and excellent service to go away also?
To be replaced by scowling and slow moving micro-aggression Sheniqua? Taped up signs everywhere put up by Manager Alejandro?

We aren't allowed to have anything nice.

When a "value meal" was hitting $8-9 and we were leaving hungry, I rarely went there anymore anyway. So, I won't miss it.

Blogger Ransom Smith December 08, 2019 9:02 AM  

So how quickly do you think this will visibly affect operations?
Already is in a way.
Customer service at the locations in my areas has seen a noticeable downturn.
If the food quality slips too in a couple years I won't be surprised.

Blogger Cataline Sergius December 08, 2019 9:14 AM  

Dan Cathy, a portrait of the Lesser Son of a Great Man.

Was Dad too busy at the restaurant? Should have come home early a couple of nights a week? Was Truett more boss than Dad?


"In March 2014, (Dan Cathy) told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that it had been a "mistake" for the WinShape Foundation to "support political or social agendas" in the period before 2012, when this was reported and a national controversy broke out at a time of debate about same-sex marriages.

Cathy said that,'While we evaluate individual donations on an annual basis, our giving is focused on three key areas: youth and education, leadership and family enrichment and serving the local communities in which we operate. Our intent is to not support political or social agendas. This has been the case for more than 60 years. The Chick-fil-A culture and service tradition in our restaurants is to treat every person with honor, dignity and respect and to serve great food with genuine hospitality.'"

And now they are supporting LGBTASDFQWERTY "charities."

If you have to eat your meals with one hand stick with Taco Bell.

Blogger Cataline Sergius December 08, 2019 9:18 AM  

MidnightSun wrote:I remember a topic on this blog relating to how successive generations of original wealth makers have become indoctrinated with liberal values at university and elsewhere and tend to annihilate all that went before them...

Dan Cathy was born in 1953.

So, yes.

Blogger ThatWouldBeTelling December 08, 2019 9:19 AM  

@19 Zaklog the Great:

"So how quickly do you think this will visibly affect operations? Who here thinks by the end of the coming year, CFA will no longer have the reputation of superbly friendly service? I'd give them 3 years at the outside."

I haven't observed that there are hard and fast rules. My favorite example is software development source code repository companies GitHub and GitLab. SJWs gained a great amount of control over GitHub no later than 2014, and they even hired the very worst SJW in programming Coraline Ada Ehmke in 2016. But they were able to fire him in a year, and they've provided a much more reliable service than GitLab, which is much less converged, but is poorly managed. Going forward, it's not as good an example because Microsoft bought it last year and is trying to flush out some of the poz, but the last few years have been educational.

Non-engineering examples are needed, where you don't have people demanding you don't lose their data, there's lots of areas where you can fake things for a long time until reality catches up. See how long Chipotle Mexican Grill got away without focusing on food safety.

Blogger Brett baker December 08, 2019 9:28 AM  

Converting runaways into sober, industrious people who contribute to society.

Blogger stevev December 08, 2019 9:30 AM  

Bye, Chik-fil-icia!

Blogger Brett baker December 08, 2019 9:34 AM  

"Mine-itis" is a factor in the failure of many multigenerational businesses. When all important assets are controlled by someone with an exaggerated sense of importance, trying to strike out on your own isn't a bad idea. I should have done it myself.

Blogger thechortling December 08, 2019 9:34 AM  

I'd imagine that if you look at Dan Cathy's upbringing, this has a lot to do with his mother's influence. When you look at the example of ancient Israel in the divided kingdom you have a God-fearing king followed by the worst of the worst idol worshipper followed by another God-fearing king (sometimes generations later). In many cases, the queen-mother of the king is mentioned. I don't think this is any mistake. While ST Cathy was out building empire, it'd be interesting to know what mom was teaching at home that led to the fully woke and heavily cucked Dannyboy. But that is the legacy of the greatest generation: bringing unheralded prosperity to its progeny but failing to pass along a moral foundation to deal with it responsibly. I guess that's a lesson to us all to break that cycle.

Wankering and aint-it-awful tales are not going to fix the problem.

Josh 24:15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Blogger The Masked Menace December 08, 2019 9:35 AM  

It appears Chick-Fil-A took the ticket. It is now in the world... AND OF IT.

Chick-Fil-A was attacked because it was successful and counter-cultural and that my friends is something the world cannot tolerate. It had to be crushed because its very existence was an act of defiance.

This is aimed at you. Its purpose is to discourage you. Let it motivate you instead. Continue in steadfast defiance of this corrupt and degenerate world. Refuse to be a slave of the age. God bless you all.

Blogger Sterling Pilgrim December 08, 2019 9:39 AM  

We should all do what we can to make this Christmas a great one for the boys large PAYH.

Blogger The Masked Menace December 08, 2019 9:39 AM  

Set your face like flint and Remain defiant.

Blogger Sterling Pilgrim December 08, 2019 9:40 AM  

I have noticed a drop as well, along with a rise in ESL employees.

Blogger Lazarus December 08, 2019 9:42 AM  

Maybe it started here:

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy on same-sex marriage

Blogger thalios December 08, 2019 9:50 AM  

"Dan Cathy was born in 1953." - Cataline Sergius

Ahh... so he's a smack-dab-in-the-middle Boomer.

Blogger Dan in Georgia December 08, 2019 9:59 AM  

Dan Cathy has been waiting for a chance to be open on Sundays. A steep earnings slide will be his excuse. Franchisees will start to bail by then if they aren’t already.

Only dumping Dan Cathy will save CFA. I hope the do it soon.

Blogger thalios December 08, 2019 10:01 AM  

I began enjoying Chick-fil-A years ago because the food was decent, the people working there were clean, respectful, provided a very good service, and hardly ever screwed up my order. I don't make my fast food consumptiopn decisions based on corporate values or charitable giving, so I was mostly oblivious to their "Christian" leanings. But upon learning about them during the boycott days, what I experienced in their restaurants made sense - Christian company providing a clean, respectful, quality service.

Given CFA's apparent cannonball into the deep end of the convergence pool, their service will almost certainly suffer. They'll begin by lowering their hiring standards (in perceived intelligence, demonstrated respectfulness, and overall appearance -- "Sheniqua" perhaps) due to diversity and all the other nonsensical reasons. This will give all their patrons in-their-face reasons to leave. It's a spiral down to McDonald's level garbage from there. Their bottom line will show them the negative result of their decisions, but they'll double-down... cause that's what they always do.

I wonder how converged Zaxby's is?

Blogger Stg58/Animal Mother December 08, 2019 10:28 AM  

I wonder if Dan Cathey himself was targeted at some point for homosexual conversion. Randall Terry's kid was. Founder of Operation Rescue.

Blogger dumnonia-watchman December 08, 2019 10:34 AM  

Chick-fil-a cucked to Rome when it chose Sun-day over the Sabbath. Unsalty, disobedient, unwise.

Blogger Mauldication Bear December 08, 2019 10:39 AM  

I began seeing some of this a while ago. Chick-fil-A opened a store in a poorer, 'urban' area of my city two years ago. It's been the only location to not only mess up my order, but to do so on multiple occasions. That store in particular's service is indistinguishable from the KFC nextdoor; they both hire within the same community full of 'diversity'.

It's worth noting the others in my area are still stellar. I just hope it's not a trend, as the worst store is also the most recently opened.

Blogger Steve Canyon December 08, 2019 10:41 AM  

So what scandalous skeleton Dan Cathy hiding in his closet?

Blogger Lazarus December 08, 2019 10:49 AM  

You shoulda made your own damn chicken

Blogger Stilicho December 08, 2019 10:50 AM  

"Woke-Fil-A". Well said.

Dan Cathy is retarded if he thinks charitable giving can be non-political in this age. The left has politicized everything and everything is viewed by the left as either supportive of the Narrative or a target to be destroyed via jihad. The only thing that will be portrayed by Globohomo media and other sjw's as,non-political are activities which support their agenda. Period. There is no middle ground.

Blogger Crew December 08, 2019 10:57 AM  

It's worse than we thought!

Blogger Al K. Annossow December 08, 2019 11:15 AM  

According to the Babylon Bee (or was it The Onion?) Chick-Fil-A has also changed its mascot from the goofy cows who promote eating 'Mor Chikin' to a golden calf.

Blogger buzzardist December 08, 2019 11:22 AM  

As is often the case, the child of an steadfast "conservative" businessman ends up completely trashing the father's principles and legacy. The kids grow up in a world of wealthy elites, and acceptance in all the right clubs is too often more important to them than the truth. Chick-fil-A died the moment the father handed over reins to the next generation.

Blogger Gregory the Tall December 08, 2019 11:26 AM  

They probably also asked all their suppliers to boost the estrogen content of their chicken.

Blogger carnaby December 08, 2019 11:28 AM  

Apparently Dan Cathy has a palantir and he's been looking into it. The question is who is it on the other side looking back and manipulating him?

Blogger ThatWouldBeTelling December 08, 2019 11:43 AM  

Giving Americans the impression that a quarter of the country is gay is not enough:

"Executives at Hallmark Channel and Lifetime have expressed that they would like to “expand diversity” by making more LGBTQ-focused Christmas movies. The executives have reportedly noted that simply having LGBTQ characters in their movies is not enough when it comes to remedying alleged diversity issues, and that Christmas movies should feature leading LGBTQ characters in the future."

Blogger CynicalMan December 08, 2019 11:47 AM  

This is what happens when children feel guilty for the success/sins of the father.

Blogger Stg58/Animal Mother December 08, 2019 11:52 AM  

"Apparently Dan Cathy has a palantir and he's been looking into it. The question is who is it on the other side looking back and manipulating him?"

Paul Singer

Blogger ThatWouldBeTelling December 08, 2019 12:01 PM  

@44 Al K. Annossow:

"According to the Babylon Bee (or was it The Onion?) Chick-Fil-A has also changed its mascot from the goofy cows who promote eating 'Mor Chikin' to a golden calf."

The Bee. They went from "Chick-Fil-A Employee Throws Down Staff Which Turns Into Snake Eating Popeyes' False Serpents" ( five days before Cuck-fil-A "came out" to "Chick-Fil-A Replaces Cow Mascot With Golden Calf"

"Restaurant patrons will be asked to dance around and worship the golden calf when they enter the restaurant to show their submission to the LGBTQ agenda.

"Take off the body piercings that your LGBTQ+ same-sex partners are wearing, and bring them to me," said Dan Cathy in a solemn ceremony while creating the restaurant's first-ever golden calf this morning...."

"At publishing time, an angered Kanye West had entered the restaurant, and, spotting the golden calf, immediately threw down his copies of Jesus Is King and Jesus Is King II, shattering them to bits."

And the latest is along the lines several of us have been noticing or predicting, "Chick-Fil-A Outsources Food Production To McDonald's"

"Worldly values, worldly chicken," he said proudly as he showed off the company's new stale McNuggets, flat, dry, chicken sandwiches, and broken ice cream machines. "It just didn't make much sense for us to make heavenly chicken anymore."

In addition, Chick-fil-A is having McDonald's train all its new employees. They will simply grunt when you ask them for something, they will forget you even exist, and they are guaranteed to forget the sauce for your McNuggets, "every time, guaranteed." Instead of saying, "my pleasure," Chick-fil-A employees will now say, "Yeah, OK, whatever, bro."

Blogger Beardy Bear December 08, 2019 12:43 PM  

@50 If true, maybe Théoden needs awakening.

Blogger Newscaper312 December 08, 2019 12:46 PM  

Once again adding a left leaning activity is never enough... It must always displace/replace the normal.

Blogger Newscaper312 December 08, 2019 12:51 PM  

@26. Chik-fil-acio

Blogger Newscaper312 December 08, 2019 12:57 PM  

We need two new channels:

HET - Heritage Entertainment Television


WYT - Wholesome Youth Television

Blogger Didas Kalos December 08, 2019 1:18 PM  

Bwahahahaaha. Dumonia ammonia.

Blogger Pseudotsuga December 08, 2019 1:40 PM  

Y'know, I have never actually eaten at Cuck Fil'A. I guess there were 2 main attractions: the chicken sandwiches, and the principles of the founders.
Now, I have no reason at all to try their food-- I can make a chicken sammich at home, to my personal taste, and I know what causes my dollars are supporting.

Blogger Kiwi December 08, 2019 2:39 PM  

"The lesson is this: choose your successors carefully."

One of the hardest choices in life. If you do everything right then a son should be at the top of the picking pile. They should be the improver of the path, not the wrecker.

Blogger Stg58/Animal Mother December 08, 2019 4:03 PM  

My business partner and I set our operating agreement up to require unanimously consent before an equity change. That way, if one of our kids turns out to be a shithead, they can't destroy the company.

Blogger Crew December 08, 2019 4:20 PM  

@44: Pretty soon they will change it to an Owl:

Blogger Pathfinderlight December 08, 2019 4:50 PM  

This is why it's necessary to teach your children right from wrong all the way through to adulthood. Without my family introducing camping to me, I might not appreciate how hard it is to survive without a functioning society at your back. Mercurial people who are in control of our country now don't realize (or care) how bad their decisions are for the average person.

Blogger map December 08, 2019 5:45 PM  

The Observer wrote:The myth of the self-made man has been one of the most damaging memes to get out there for the American public. Civilisation is built upon the capital of those who came before you, to be held for those who come after.

This is a very important observation. This "self-made man" theme also has the bad habit of denigrating those who are born into wealth even as it denigrates those who fail to "make it".

This is the main theme of Charles Dickens' work: the rise of the new capitalists that denigrate the hereditary rich and the hereditary poor and that result in a great deal of social turmoil. The poor person who makes good in life is really not the model in which society should be based.

Blogger bodenlose Schweinerei December 08, 2019 6:29 PM  

Where's Nate to explain that we're all a bunch of Chicken Littles and this is not cucking but a new species of victory?

Blogger ThatWouldBeTelling December 08, 2019 6:36 PM  

@61 Pathfinderlight:

"This is why it's necessary to teach your children right from wrong all the way through to adulthood."

And as far as I can tell, that requires teaching by example, which a lot of parents fail at.

Not putting your children in the hands of the enemy, such as the US public school system, also makes a difference.

Blogger michimartini December 08, 2019 6:36 PM  

Of course not. Success rates of 80% or higher are only possible in genuinely Christian settings. Secular institutions typically have only 30% success rate.

Blogger Talios Hammerfist December 08, 2019 6:37 PM  

Unauthorized chicken sandwich restaurant imminent.

Blogger James Dixon December 08, 2019 9:04 PM  

> Who here thinks by the end of the coming year, CFA will no longer have the reputation of superbly friendly service? I'd give them 3 years at the outside.

Three years sounds about right. It takes time for good training to wear off and good people to move on. And it won't hit everywhere at once.

> ...guess we can expect the clean cut, polite and excellent service to go away also?

Almost certainly. Every good thing they've done has been based on their Christianity. "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above..." James 1:17, KJV.

You can no more expect that goodness to thrive without Christianity than you can expect to raise crops without rain.

Blogger American Nationalist December 08, 2019 9:11 PM  

If not for my faith in God, I would've gone utterly berserk by now. Every day, it gets harder and harder to justify not picking up a gun and hunting all these pedophiles and destroyers down. Their actions lead directly to the destruction of everything I hold dear.

But I won't break the thing that binds us together- the infinite love and power of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is not only victory, but Holy righteousness. And with God on our side, we cannot lose.

Blogger RC December 08, 2019 9:15 PM  

I hope you at least have a buy/sell agreement STG. Things change and you can be held hostage with unanimous consent agreements.

Blogger Greg from the Piedmont December 08, 2019 11:02 PM  

I am from Georgia. I knew people who personally knew Cathy senior and spoke well of him.

Where I grew up was two counties over from where Paul Anderson lived. Everyone knew him and what he had accomplished, and he was my role model when I got into powerlifting. And he was also a model of a Christian man for me. Heck, with as much Anderson blood as I have in me, he may have been a distant cousin.

It is sad to see what Cathy the Lesser is doing to his father's company. What disturbs me more than what he is doing is Franklin Graham spoke up in his defense when Cathy dumped the FCA and the Salvation Army. I wonder if Graham will chime in again now that Dan has done this.

Sons falling short of the mark their fathers set for them? Looks like.

Blogger John Rockwell December 08, 2019 11:32 PM  

Wealth is down the drain if descendants degenerate

Blogger John Rockwell December 08, 2019 11:35 PM  

Their mistake is sending them to be indoctrinated.

Blogger Heterodox December 09, 2019 12:14 AM  

I think labor mobility has a lot to do with this. They're not going to the local mechanic their father went to because they had to move 1000 miles for a job, and they'll move again in 5 years.

Blogger damaris.tighe December 09, 2019 2:43 AM  

"the Dwarf House" ?

Blogger God Emperor Memes December 09, 2019 4:37 AM  

The idea that one can give money to any organisation but "not support social or political agendas" is an utter lie. - As Christ said, "Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters."

Blogger James Dixon December 09, 2019 2:26 PM  

> Wealth is down the drain if descendants degenerate

Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations, as the saying goes. It seems to apply to society as a whole too. See the recent "Sexual immorality and the decline of the West" post.

It doesn't have to be that way. Even $5M invested in VTI will give you over $100K/year income (at 2.16% yield) and all the long term growth you could want, which is more than your average family makes. But they always want more.

Blogger Robert What? December 09, 2019 4:02 PM  

I guess no organization is immune from the inexorable march of the SJWs.

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