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The end of Star Wars

Cataline does not recommend The Rise of Skywalker:
The Rise of Skywalker shows every sign of having been repeatedly dismembered and put together again in the editing room, like a patchwork Frankenstein of a movie. Various versions of scenes were cut, then recut. Then slapped together into a final cut. Then pulled apart again when that version tested badly. Then various teams went back to editing mines to try to cobble together, something else slightly more pleasing testing gods.

It was a very surreal experience to watch this cinematic train wreck. I wasn’t angry like I was when I saw The Last Jedi because all of my disappointments had been front-loaded because almost all of the leaks were accurate. What I saw was hideous but there were no hideous surprises because I had done all of my groaning and eye-rolling well in advance. I was calm and resigned.

This is your spoiler alert but I suspect you already know most of the horrors that lie beneath this sentence already.

The movie starts with the standard title followed by a screen crawl that tells you almost nothing. There is has been a galaxy-wide transmission from Palpatine. Remember him. The guy Darth Vader threw down the light shaft in Return of the Jedi?

Well, it turns out that Anakin Skywalker’s entire redemption story arc was a complete waste of his life and your time because Palpatine survived being chucked into a bottomless pit and then getting blown up in a Deathstar explosion.
Trevor Lynch didn't like it any better:
Even I didn’t expect Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to be this bad. It is simply a terrible movie: derivative, incoherent, arbitrary, superficial, and deeply boring and uninvolving—despite, or maybe because of, the frenetic action sequences, dazzling duels, and effects so special they’ll leave carbon scoring on your eyeballs.

The Rise of Skywalker is 2 hours, 22 minutes long, which is long enough, but it feels even longer. I saw it in a half-empty theatre, and when Harrison Ford showed up on the screen, a whole row of people began streaming toward the exits. It would have been the last straw for me too, but I had my duty to you, dear reader, to sustain me....

Since Abrams and Johnson managed to remake and mock the whole original trilogy in only two films, Abrams was in an uncomfortable position in The Rise of Skywalker: he might have to actually come up with something original. Of course he tries to minimize the shock of doing something really new by bringing back the original cast some more. Luke and Han Solo are both dead, but Luke comes back as a ghost and Han as a figment of his son’s imagination. Carrie Fisher really is dead, but Abrams cleverly incorporates unused footage from the first movie. He also finds Billy Dee Williams in carbonite to reprise the role of Lando Calrissian. But the greatest surprise is that he resurrects Emperor Palpatine.

Yes, I know, the last time we saw Emperor Palpatine, he was thrown down a shaft in the second Death Star, followed by a big explosion that we interpreted as the release of malign energies when he went splat at the bottom, followed by the destruction of the whole damn Death Star, to add an even greater air of finality.

But, as in the Roadrunner cartoons, when Wile E. Coyote falls to his death through a portable hole, or blows himself up with a bomb, or gets an anvil dropped on his head, only to be magically resurrected moments later for further adventures with the bird, Palpatine is back to spare Jar Jar Abrams the necessity of coming up with a new villain after Rian Johnson casually dispensed with Snoke.

The trouble is that, for all his Gungans and Ewoks and juvenile dialogue, George Lucas’ Star Wars still had a bit more realism and existential heft and credibility than Roadrunner cartoons.
As has been my custom with every Star Wars movie since The Phantom Menace, I will honor my childhood affection for the original film by refusing to see the latest.



Blogger Dole December 21, 2019 6:01 PM  

There is no way I will ever go near this film.

Blogger Bernard Brandt December 21, 2019 6:05 PM  

This is the triumph of message over story. And it is the triumph of packaging over product.

And, in the words of another good story ruined by the messagers and the packagers:

"I say nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

Blogger Amethyst Dominica December 21, 2019 6:07 PM  

Same here. But we all know the true value in the latest SW movies is to watch them get elegantly eviscerated by non-woke critics and reviewers. Although this time around, it seems even the SJW Youtubers are pissed...

Blogger Ransom Smith December 21, 2019 6:08 PM  

I disagree with Cataline about JJ not knowing Star Wars.
I think he knows just enough to pepper in fanbait, or someone told him enough. The movie clearly sounds like it was ripped off from the Kotor games mixed with the EU novels. That plot is too much of a hybrid of those things.
The problem with that is normies don't care about any of that. And the hyper fan will sperg about details too much.
Somewhere, George is laughing as he enjoys another salad.

Blogger Dan in Georgia December 21, 2019 6:15 PM  

Star Wars IX: The Wrath of Palpatine

Blogger bodenlose Schweinerei December 21, 2019 6:15 PM  

The Hollywoke crowd has gone too far in their attempts to promote recycling.

Blogger Jeff aka Orville December 21, 2019 6:15 PM  

Denninger got wasted on margaritas before going to the movie. This his slightly more favorable review.

Blogger Fuzzums Wuzzums December 21, 2019 6:17 PM

This movie is getting blasted in reviews. The critics consensus is below mediocre which should be mirrored in the user scores yet we mostly see the two extremes of terrible/amazing. This tells me the high marks are given solely to counter-act the negative user score. Another indication is how the ratio is 1. It's as if someone out there is running a bot that would post a positive score every time someone posts a negative score.

Burn, baby, burn.

Blogger Noah B. December 21, 2019 6:28 PM  

Somehow I don't think Alec Guiness would have approved.

Blogger FUBARwest December 21, 2019 6:32 PM  

Last line of the film is Rey saying "I am Rey Skywalker" after finding out she's palpatines daughter. I have not seen a more literal skin suit wearing excercise in anything ever.

Blogger SomeOne December 21, 2019 6:32 PM  

I'm going to put my neck out as say episodes 1 - 3 are well worth watching because they do fit in so well with the story arc of 4 - 6. Yes JarJarBinks is annoying and cheesy - but actually so are a number of characters in 4-6 (heresy, I know).

It's just become cool to always diss 1 - 3. But I have to say, episodes 2 - 3 inparticular are spot on - and the tragic showdown in episode 3 (even though we have to know its coming) has always especially rung true, genuine and necessary to me.

Which only pisses me off even more about 7 - 9 (I stopped watching at 7).

You guys who already smugly snub eps 1 - 3, have already convinced yourselves you're disappointed and the saga ruined (by eps 1- 3). So really, what's the big deal re 7 - 9 being awful.

I have to deal with the fact that a whole 6 episode excellent saga has been trashed by what followed.

As far as my kids will know until they figure it out later on: Its a 6 episode saga only.

Blogger Dire Badger December 21, 2019 6:36 PM  

I don't get it. Twenty years later and the star wars trilogy is still great except for that stupid cig facelift and Han shooting last thing that Lucas tacked on.

It's just too bad they never made any sequels.

Blogger Paddy J S December 21, 2019 6:47 PM  

I saw it last night in Ireland. I had very low expectations. Given the last Jedi sodomised my childhood affection for everything Star wars I went into this very downtrodden.
It was derivative, stupid in places, insulting and showed off the wonders of sjw diversity. I can only say due to my previous experience it wasn't as bad a film. There were some interesting pieces

Blogger John Adams December 21, 2019 6:50 PM  

I will never understand people on this blog, who ought to know better, who still gives money to Hollywood who will use it to further disintegrate western Civilization and buy some more child sex slaves.

No one cares if you write snarky comments about it later. Stop giving aid and comfort to literal d3mon worshippers.

Blogger tantonj December 21, 2019 6:51 PM  

I actually thought this movie was better than vii and viii. It entertained me. The emperor plot line was obvious and predictable but satisfying as it was consistent with retconned lore. I didn't recognize any sjw propaganda that had littered episode viii. However, my perception of subtle propaganda may have been dampened by attempt to enjoy the movie.

Blogger Mad Italian December 21, 2019 6:53 PM  

I'm not sure if we've ever seen a franchise /product burn through so much good will in such a short amount of time. Talk about flouncing around in the skin suit demanding respect. Maybe Gillette is close?

Blogger Shadow Banisher December 21, 2019 7:10 PM  

It's all a lie.
The lights, the camera, the action,
All of it.

Blogger Kiwi December 21, 2019 7:10 PM  

I remember being angry pre movie at the first one Disney put out. That woman was so lame it's unbelievable. Disrespectful to previous talent. I didn't even watch the finish and have never watched, and never will watch, one again. Now I use it as a canary for detecting idiots.

Blogger cecilhenry December 21, 2019 7:18 PM  


Our Family was considering going to a Christmas season viewing of the new Star Wars movie.

After consideration with everyone, answer came back as 'nah, lets skip it'.

'Star Wars' is one of those pozzed artifacts that USED to be good.

Its not anymore-- and gone for good.

And everyone knows it.

Some just don't understand why--- yet.

Blogger Cataline Sergius December 21, 2019 7:24 PM  

My biggest question is, how does J.J. Abrams think he's a good writer.

I've certainly got my weaknesses as a wordsmith, but at least I'm aware of them.

Abrams seems impossibly ignorant of his limitations.

There were five, (count'em FIVE) secret maps in that movie.

Blogger M Cephas December 21, 2019 7:33 PM  


I agree, specifically in regards to 2 and 3. They had some of the best moments of any Star Wars movie.

How Darth Vader becomes who he becomes is probably the most interesting plot out of the entire saga.

Blogger Lovekraft December 21, 2019 7:37 PM  

Listening to various reviews this week, there's a variety of commentary approahes, but the ones that stand out for me are guys who you know played D and D and other strategy games. Their analysis has a more realistic and grounded basis.

Their criticism is different from general plot critics. They point out the sheer absurdity and stupidity of some writing choices, which makes it more entertaining

Blogger Doktor Jeep December 21, 2019 7:37 PM  

I saw a poster once in Seattle, some seminar on how to be a good citizen or something. Still have a picture of it that I can provide.
A guest speaker was JJ Abrams. This was in early 2013, the height of the Obama years.
My point being this: politicized people suck at anything else they do. I have seen "patriots" and libertarians have the same problem. The left might politicize everything and then lose the fight they started, but if their goal was for everything to suck, they would still achieve that even as they are being deported to Venezuela and Israel. Worst of all Politicized people are worst at any kind of art or writing. To operate in this battle and still be a good creator is amazing feat indeed.

Blogger CitizenOutkast December 21, 2019 7:37 PM  

I would like a supercut of all the scenes of the Emperor. He's entertaining when he's evil on an almost campy level, like Zod. Other than that, no interest.

Blogger Pierre December 21, 2019 7:38 PM  

Mad Italian wrote:I'm not sure if we've ever seen a franchise /product burn through so much good will in such a short amount of time.

Mass Effect 3 ending destroyed the whole franchise in 2 minutes. It is hard to beat.

Blogger FUBARwest December 21, 2019 7:40 PM  

"I will never understand people on this blog, who ought to know better, who still gives money to Hollywood who will use it to further disintegrate western Civilization and buy some more child sex slaves."

Have more faith in your fellow readers here. Some people sail the high seas, others read the leaks. There are clips of this movie on youtube and almost all the leaks have been confirmed. Nobody has to watch the movie to know exactly how bad it is.

Blogger Dan in Georgia December 21, 2019 7:41 PM  

Star Wars X: Balance is Restored

--Rey brings Balance to the Force by having a fulfilling career and saving all the stray cats in the universe. She dies happily, but her cats all starve. Rey becomes a Force Ghost and brings all of her Force Ghost Stray Cats with her, causing Force Ghost Luke and Force Ghost Vader to reconsider their choices and rejoin the Force Ghost Dark Side. The Force Ghost Galaxy is soon populated with only Force Ghost Death Stars and Force Ghost Planets, full of Force Ghost Stray Cats and Force Ghost Cat Ladies.

The New York Times raves! "10/10 stars or you're Hitler"

Blogger swiftfoxmark2 December 21, 2019 7:43 PM  

Abrams should be placed on a iceberg and sent adrift. He's ruined Star Wars and Star Trek.

That takes a lot of effort to be that big of a loser.

Blogger Krymneth December 21, 2019 7:49 PM  

Ransom Smith, I thought some of the same things. A secret map, that leads to a secret map, that a moment's thought reveals no conceivable being had any means, motive, or opportunity to create either of? That's not a bad movie trope... that's a bad video game trope.

Does this even rise to the level of bad movie, or is it just a bad cut scene for the video game tie-ins?

Blogger Krymneth December 21, 2019 7:53 PM  

SomeOne wrote:You guys who already smugly snub eps 1 - 3, have already convinced yourselves you're disappointed and the saga ruined (by eps 1- 3). So really, what's the big deal re 7 - 9 being awful.

As one of them, it isn't. You're right. I'm not even remotely disappointed with the franchise and haven't been in a long time. because my expectations hit zero a long time ago. What's important is tracking the Devil Mouse being destroyed.

Truthfully, net-net, Star Wars is still a benefit to me. I'm greatly looking forward to the Auralnaut's continuation of their saga with the new movies, and I'm sure I'll watch at least one of the YouTube reviews-to-destruction (at 1.75-2x) with some enjoyment.

Blogger Ostar December 21, 2019 7:55 PM  

According to the actor playing Palpatine he asked Lucas if the Emperor was really dead after RotJedi finished shooting and Lucas said “No”.
I bet Lucas has changed his mind after this last backstabbing dumpster fire...

Blogger bodenlose Schweinerei December 21, 2019 7:55 PM  

@27 - If there's a scene of the cats surviving for a time off her bloated corpse, it might be worth a rental.

Blogger Skyler the Weird December 21, 2019 7:57 PM  

Poor fan fiction. Rey is the Ensign Mary Sue stand in for Kathleen Kennedy.

Blogger Shane Bradman December 21, 2019 8:04 PM  

I watched the 1977 movie recent instead of wasting my money on dreck. It wasn't as good as when I was 7, but still a well made and charming movie. My personal canon starts and stops with the original edit of the 1977 film. The other 8 movies in the main storyline are filled with retcons and shitty writing. I no longer have any interest in anything Star Wars beyond the original movie and I will never speak well of anything else to any living soul.

Blogger Jim December 21, 2019 8:05 PM  

@11 Sorry, you're just wrong. 2 & 3 are terrible movies, mainly because Anakin is never high enough to fall to begin with, making the story a complete waste. Not once do you see the "good friend" Obi-Wan mentioned in A New Hope, a contradiction which makes the entire prequel trilogy non-canon.

Now, Filoni's The Clone Wars, on the other hand, actually does a good job of creating a likable and noble Anakin and documenting his turn to the Dark.

Blogger Akulkis December 21, 2019 8:06 PM  

It's obvious that J. J. Abrams is a nihilist.

Nihilists annihilate.
It's what they do.

Blogger Sillon December 21, 2019 8:07 PM  


"I am Rey Skywalker"

Hello fellow white people, this is a friendly reminder that in (((Western Culture))) family ties are now like picking up a sweater or a pair of shoes.

Blogger Calvin809 December 21, 2019 8:08 PM  

They had George Lucas' ideas for the sequels and decades of the expanded universe. They could have reworked The Gobbler's ideas or part of the EU and had at least a decent bunch of movies. Who wasn't wanting to see the original characters in action again?

Blogger qualitycontrol December 21, 2019 8:26 PM  

@20. Cataline Sergius
I don't know... Gamma?! That being said I think he is a grifter that doesn't care about Star Wars and viewed it as means to something else.

Blogger Ransom Smith December 21, 2019 8:37 PM  

Ransom Smith, I thought some of the same things. A secret map, that leads to a secret map, that a moment's thought reveals no conceivable being had any means, motive, or opportunity to create either of? That's not a bad movie trope... that's a bad video game trope.
It's unironically the plotline of Knights of the Old Republic. The protagonist has to find five maps to lead to a secret base where there's a giant fight with thousands of giant star ships.
I have absolutely no trouble believing someone, either JJ or his staff, was aware of this and shamelessly ripped off elements. But did it badly because they don't know the lore like a good autistic fan would.

Blogger SomeOne December 21, 2019 8:40 PM  

Your first objection is rather subjective, and I'm not sure what you mean by obi wan not being mentioned in A New Hope.

Granted, I'm not a SW geek (and I may possibly be biased due to my crush on Natalie Portman at the time), but in the context of contradiction issues prequels and sequels are often fraught with, eps 1 - 3 do very well overall.

Blogger White Knight Leo #0368 December 21, 2019 8:43 PM  

I still like the Prequels - if nothing else, they're a collection of grand ideas that lacked something in execution. And Rogue One isn't terrible. It's not great but it's not terrible.

The Hero's Fall is definitely not as well executed in Episodes 2-3 as the Hero's Journey was in 4-6, but the elements *are* all there.

Not so the Disney movies. They completely fuck up the Hero's Journey for Rey in TFA, but they *could* have had one for Finn - only, they didn't bother. There's no actual arc for anyone and no coherent plot.

It's not the worst movie ever made - Suicide Squad, for example, is worse - but it *is* the biggest trainwreck in the history of cinema.

Blogger White Knight Leo #0368 December 21, 2019 8:44 PM  

What I find most shocking about all of this is finding that Rian Johnson legitimately believes himself to be a good writer.

Blogger Lovekraft December 21, 2019 8:47 PM  

It would be cool to see a training scene where Rey goes to a representative of a typical urban American mixed-race school. Let's see her match up with others.

But because it would reveal her to be a frail schemer to compensate for lack of physical prowess, they had to hid this

Blogger Lazarus December 21, 2019 8:56 PM  

Movies were first designed to be one-off vehicles.

If you want a series it has to be TV quality.

Lawrence of Arabia, the sequel, the prequel.
2001, the sequel, the prequel.
Unforgiven, the sequel, the prequel.

It can't work like that.

Cinematic masturbation

Blogger Gen. Kong December 21, 2019 9:02 PM  

The could have had a wavering distorted face of the (((master-healer))) George Soros as Emperor Palpatine and it would have been a near-perfect fit apart from the Wylie E. Coyote aspect. Hopefully when that particular Satanist at long last passes to its eternal reward in the darkest pit of hell someone will drive a stake through the heart of its carcass to make sure the (((healers))) don't resurrect their Golem.

Blogger Dire Badger December 21, 2019 9:20 PM  

"Mom and Dad Save the world" was vastly better written.

Blogger RealTalk103 December 21, 2019 9:21 PM  

It's funny because me and brother were listening to Owen's special and his skit about quicksand in 80's tv/movies. So I streamed a bootleg of Ep IX, and hilarious thing is they actually have a scene where the get characters get stuck in quicksand.

Blogger Jim the Curmudgeon December 21, 2019 9:22 PM  

Why are adults paying money to watch this crud? Even if it was a better film, it's at the intellectual level of a 6 year old. All archetypes, cardboard cutout characters, no deep takes on society, etc. That goes for the first movie back in the 70s as well.

I suppose IQ and literacy have declined, but let's be real: the series lost any claim to being interesting when Lucas introduced the Ewoks in order to make a killing selling toys. It isn't like Disney, with all their SJW nonsense, is corrupting some meritorious work of art.

Blogger Dire Badger December 21, 2019 9:27 PM  

"It's a mad mad mad mad world" with lightsabers

Blogger Jim December 21, 2019 9:34 PM  

SomeOne wrote:Your first objection is rather subjective,

Everything is subjective when it comes to art. It doesn't mean that there is no beauty or ugliness. Some people find cartoons arousing, just as some people find terrible people becoming moderately more terrible enthralling and call that a "fall" instead of a "casual descent." I don't pretend to explain it, I just call out the crazy.

and I'm not sure what you mean by obi wan not being mentioned in A New Hope.

Since I did not say Obi Wan was not mentioned in A New Hope, how could I mean anything by it?

I said he called Anakin a "good friend" in A New Hope, which is something never on display in the Prequels. Anakin is a whiny, ungrateful, resentful brat throughout. Obi Wan dismembering that character and leaving him to be burned alive must have been cathartic for the Jedi Master, not tragic. The only way Obi Wan could smile in remembrance of that Anakin was if he was remembering Anakin's pained screams on the burning shores of Mustafar.

As it goes against the OT, it's not canon.

Blogger MNW December 21, 2019 9:38 PM  

Both franchises has established lore and back stories that people would have loved to see on screen. Fundamentally that is what a lot of people wanted to see. What makes the Star Wars situation worse is that many books were officially cannon until the Kennedy era and were far better then what we have been shoveled.

I understand the want to make it your own, but that isnt going to sell tickets. JJ Trek and JJ Wars are warped fan fiction.

As a side note:

I am excited to see Axinar, not ST Discovery. Axinar is doing what I wish CBS/Paramount would do.

Blogger NO GOOGLES December 21, 2019 9:42 PM  

Confident directors/producers don't endlessly focus test, reshoot, and recut movies they think are good. I can't think of a single example of a film that went through a lengthy spell of reshoot/recut and came out above average.

It's interesting how poorly Hollywood writers are fairing in the last decade or so. A few good writers occasionally get a movie made but in everything else the writing quality has fallen off of a cliff. Most movies coming out now legitimately can't even boast of writing better than your average fanfiction - and they give fanfictions away FOR FREE.

I'm interested in the causes for this - I assume it'd be a mix of DIVERSITY + the complete ignorance of history (probably the best source material for ideas for writers) of the vast majority of people under 40.

Blogger Rough Carrigan December 21, 2019 9:56 PM  

#21 and #42, those movies had one of the least convincing portrayals of heterosexuality ever. The dialog was terrible and the acting was excruciatingly bad.

Blogger White Knight Leo #0368 December 21, 2019 10:04 PM  

Rough Carrigan wrote:#21 and #42, those movies had one of the least convincing portrayals of heterosexuality ever. The dialog was terrible and the acting was excruciatingly bad. I don't think the acting is that terrible in the Prequels - the dialogue *is* very inconsistent, and the writing has serious issues.

Blogger SemiSpook37 December 21, 2019 10:06 PM  

Phantom Menace suffered because Rick McCallum wasn't Gary Kurtz. Lucas needed someone like Kurtz to keep the ideas in check and McCallum failed horribly in that aspect, which is why when they took a look at the initial rough cut, they realized they had screwed up.

Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith are better, but they would have benefited from a similar touch as with Empire and Jedi with having Lucas either supported in the writing or another producer in place of McCallum. What saves those films is the second Clone Wars series, and the involvement of Dave Filoni and his team. I think the story is better fleshed out there, even though Lucas still has his name attached to it as the creator.

While Jon Favreau and Filoni are heavy into The Mandalorian, they had the sense enough to consult Lucas and give his ideas a chance to breathe. The series has been light years better than the sequel trilogy, by far, because of this, and due to the fact that you have people that care about the story and the universe to keep things together.

This is where the sequel trilogy falls apart. I think you can say that while they slap Lucas' name onto it, they easily disregarded any of the original ideas he had for what these films might have been. The fact that they have a "story team" that manages what the actual canon is was a tell-tale sign of convergence. Bringing Abrams in just adds fuel to the fire.

Johnson made the mistake of taking things a step too far, and this is where we find ourselves now. Abrams has to rush to "fix" things, and the end result is a complete mess.

Blogger Unknown December 21, 2019 10:16 PM  

SW 3 was a good film.

Blogger papabear December 21, 2019 10:16 PM  

It is currently in limited release but go see A Hidden Life if it is playing in you area. 1917 will be opening in limited release next week as well.

Blogger Uncompliant December 21, 2019 10:22 PM  

@ 53:

You say: "It's interesting how poorly Hollywood writers are fairing in the last decade or so. A few good writers occasionally get a movie made but in everything else the writing quality has fallen off of a cliff. ... I'm interested in the causes for this"

It's not about entertaining anymore; it's about destroying Western culture, inverting the virtues, propagandizing, virtue signalling. You don't hire "good" writers; you hire "woke" writers. You prevent non-woke writers from getting a job. Try these.

Blogger The Observer December 21, 2019 10:38 PM  

I'm interested in the causes for this - I assume it'd be a mix of DIVERSITY + the complete ignorance of history (probably the best source material for ideas for writers) of the vast majority of people under 40.

It feels like peoples' general memory of history before 1935 has been deliberately and collectively erased, and even what they DO know about WW2 is but the offical narrative.

Blogger Laramie Hirsch December 21, 2019 10:40 PM  

I want to see Cats. I hear it's absolutely horrible.

But I try not to give money to those industries if I can help it.

Blogger Azimus December 21, 2019 10:43 PM  

This movie really had the potential to be great, but Rey had to be the villian and Kylo Ren the redeemed hero. Whatever the plot is, maybe Leia is betrayed and killed by a Finn being tortured by the first order or she had to make some choice that led to the death of friend A or friend B, turning her to hate, or whatever they chose - everyone would've loved Rey becoming the bad guy and Ren becoming the good guy.

Blogger Unknownsailor December 21, 2019 10:48 PM  

Bill Whittle skewers the movie, and he hasn't even seen it:

I like his analysis about Luke, I think the same way about what Rian did to Luke in TLJ.

I saw Episode IV in the theater 3 times as a kid. I saw both ESB and RotJ opening day. I WILL NOT see this new one. I won't even download it. I still haven't seen more than a short clip of TLJ, and I refuse to download that, too.

Disney Star Wars is dead to me, it is as if they don't even exist. We're talking Highlander 2 territory here.

Blogger CF Neal December 21, 2019 11:06 PM  



Blogger MrNiceguy December 21, 2019 11:15 PM  

Sorry, no. How Darth Vader became who he was COULD have been an interesting plot. Except Lucas couldn't come up with a plausible story.

After watching ep 2, my theory was that somehow the Jedi would be responsible for Padme's death, sacrificing her for "the greater good," leading Annekin to turn to the dark side.

Instead we see he believes the least-trustworthy politician in the history of politics when he says, "oh sure, your girlfriend is going to die, but we can totally bring her back."

Blogger Bear Of Logos December 21, 2019 11:16 PM  

@49 no need to boomer posture, people like simple escapism some times rather than everything having to be Memento or Inception all the time. The original film was much needed in an era of nihilism, the anti heroes, and endless whining about Vietnam.

Blogger TheMaleRei December 21, 2019 11:17 PM  

Sail the high seas for this product. Not one cent for the Devil Mouse. You can see it in poor quality, but it's there nonetheless.

@33 I concur, with modest addendums.
Rey is wish fulfillment / self-insert for Kathleen Kennedy
Vice Admiral Holdo is a more restrained self-insert for Kathleen Kennedy - courageously sacrificing herself to strike a blow against the patriarchy.

The Star Wars skinsuit is rotting beyond repair, I think, for more and more normies...

Blogger MrNiceguy December 21, 2019 11:23 PM  

Totally agree on the established lore and backstory. On the plus side, they have managed to make The Mandalorian not suck. I've been saying for years they should take the X-Wing books and make them into a mil-sci-fi series.

If they were smart, they'd pretend ep 7-9 never happened and make the next movies based on the Thrawn trilogy.

Blogger JAG December 21, 2019 11:28 PM  

SJWs can only destroy. Even geeks writing fan fiction could not have killed a Golden Goose the way Disney has. "Star Wars: Ass" would make money over this globohomo tripe.

Blogger Ray - SoCal December 21, 2019 11:31 PM  

Disney does “counter trolls” online that do negative reviews. And Disney if they can, will retaliate for negative reviews by those given early access...

Blogger MrNiceguy December 21, 2019 11:33 PM

Blogger jarheadljh December 22, 2019 12:08 AM  

Sometimes I wish that I still cared just so that I could share in the outrage with everybody. Ultimately, the Despecialized Editions are free downloads, and I long ago paid for KOTOR, XWING/TIE_Fighter, and the Dark Forces series on Steam or GOG so I've got all the Star Wars media I care about. I have the Zahn books and the Dark Horse comics that matter.

Seconding Bill Whittle's commentary on the purpose of the Devil Mouse trilogy, and the opportunity it creates to demonstrate how Year Zero inversion-revisionists turn society upside down.

Blogger rycamor December 22, 2019 12:47 AM  

Want to see something legitimately disturbing? Look what artist Nathan Hamill (son of Mark Hamill) features as the main image at his website.

Blogger MATT December 22, 2019 1:03 AM  

It's better than the other 2. But that's not saying much.

Blogger Akulkis December 22, 2019 1:22 AM  


Cats has ALWAYS been horrible

How can an 8=) Andrew Lloyd Weber (=8 musical with a cast full of nothing but furries be anything BUT horrible?

Seriously, how could it NOT be horrible, REGARDLESS of how well or how bad the directing and cinematography are.

What you're hearing in the press is that pozzed fans of the pozzed furry musical are severely disappointed that the director is so pozzed that he can't even convey the poz to those who want experience the poz in a movie theater.

Blogger MATT December 22, 2019 1:26 AM  

Vox, I dont remember you going into detail before, what did you hate about Phantom Menace?

Blogger Newscaper312 December 22, 2019 1:47 AM  

Just read some of the big MSM reviews. All BS.
Variety tries to prop this turd up.
Forbes and Slate say it sucks... but blames the fans who hated TLJ for cramping the writers style.

BTW I will say again until I am blue in the face -- the rottenness of TLJ didnt come out of the blue, as TFA was already full of grrls rule, boyz drool. Rey is fantastic at everything for no visible reason. The male villain Kylo is a crappy emo bad guy. And to get the ball rolling, already established Han and Luke as losers, literal and figurative deadbeat dads who ran away for decades when things got tough, leaving Leia to keep everything together. All that before RIan Johnson went nuts more actively destroying.

P.S. ANy idea why Brave browser is goofing up my signing in to post here, when working fine before?

Blogger Dan in Georgia December 22, 2019 2:22 AM  

NO GOOGLES wrote:Confident directors/producers don't endlessly focus test, reshoot, and recut movies they think are good. I can't think of a single example of a film that went through a lengthy spell of reshoot/recut and came out above average.

Supposedly that happened with Casablanca, but the there was enough there to make a really good movie. Never heard of it happening otherwise with a good result. I think the Bladerunner sequel was a mess that way too.

Blogger Kuteyi Folayinka December 22, 2019 3:45 AM  

The Rise of the Skywalker is the worse among all others, Disney don't just know how to end a movie. Marvel should have contribute. Just saying. Samuraeh.

Blogger InformationMerchant December 22, 2019 3:50 AM  

The ironic thing about a movie this bad is that it's the best of the three. The first movie was a subverted remake. The second movie was probably the worst movie ever made as its only purpose was to damage Star Wars.

This trilogy is the only trilogy I can remember seeing that was at war with itself. The 2nd movie tried to kill everything planted for later by the first movie, the third movie tried to undo a bunch of things done by the 2nd movie.

Blogger Noah B. December 22, 2019 4:14 AM  

Leaving out the fight scene between Darth Maul and Obi Wan, the Phantom Menace was garbage. Having a third death star destroyed was so rote and unimaginative that it was overshadowed only by the ridiculousness of it being accidentally destroyed by a child. In retrospect it's clear that the rot began with ROTJ.

Blogger MaskettaMan December 22, 2019 4:23 AM  

I decided to honor my commitment to punish Disney for their embracing of the devil's politics by taking my family to see this movie. And boy, was it bad! We all hated it so much we stayed until the end, just so we could describe all the myriad ways it was bad.

Blogger Pseudotsuga December 22, 2019 4:51 AM  

It's funny to see how hard the media and their masters are trying to push the narrative that this was a great film, a fitting ending to the greatest media franchise in history, worthy of praise (and dollars.)
Yet the cracks are clearly there...

Blogger phunktor December 22, 2019 4:52 AM  

is author of article slav? many missing articles

Blogger Станислав Бартошевич December 22, 2019 4:52 AM  

I disagree with Catalina's review on one point. That is about Rise looking pretty. If the clips I've seen and TFA are any indication, both of the following are true:

(a)Much of its prettiness is just meaningless flash of colors, the majority of actual action (excuse me, but I judge an action movie about pew-pew lasers and flaming swords by quality of action first) either occurs in the standard-issue action movie environment with just enough chest-high cover, or in fact may just as well occur in an empty featureless room.

(b)Every good piece of scenery or battle set is something we've already seen in Star Wars, and everything we haven't seen already is not good.

Blogger Quicksilver December 22, 2019 5:07 AM  

As someone too young to have fallen into the hype of the first 3 movies, I honestly dont understand what the fuss is all about with Star Wars.

Blogger SomeOne December 22, 2019 6:07 AM  

Um, Anakin and Obiwan are clearly portrayed as good friends throughout the prequels, and the prequels also make it clear they have been partners on jedi duty ever since obiwan took Anakin under his wing as a kid. It's part of the tragedy that is the ending of ep3. There is absolutely no problem in terms of continuity in this regard.

So if that is the outer extent of your objection to the prequels, consider my opinion very unchanged on the matter.

Blogger Nate73 December 22, 2019 6:59 AM  

I recently watched a fan edit of the prequels by one Hal9000 and was very pleased. The main idea is to cut out the worst of the Lucas dialogue and tighten up the pacing. It doesn't make them great movies, but by excising most of Jar Jar and the worst of the other actors the movie flows much better and feels more like a Star Wars movie should. The romance in Attack of the Clones was improved *considerably* by removing any lines between Anakin and Padme about said romance. Instead we get the waterfall sequence and then a few quick shots of them by a sunset. This way the viewer can project their own feelings onto the scene that a romance is taking place. Google for hal9000 or l8wrtr fan edits and it should come up.

Blogger John Rockwell December 22, 2019 7:08 AM  

How much money can hollywood afford to lose? That's what's interesting.

Blogger Damelon Brinn December 22, 2019 7:24 AM  

Forbes and Slate say it sucks... but blames the fans who hated TLJ for cramping the writers style.

Yes, this is how they're trying to deal with the TLJ problem. TLJ fans who loved that movie for being the anti-Star Wars hate this one for apparently pulling back on that and dissing Rian's deconstructive wonderfulness a bit. They've been the loudest defenders of Disney's abuse of the property over the past year, so without their shrieking, the defense of this one is much more limp. They're always up for attacking the "toxic" fans, though, so they can contribute that way without saying anything good about the movie.

Sounds like it's way too little too late, though.

Blogger Avalanche December 22, 2019 8:20 AM  

@15 "my perception of subtle propaganda may have been dampened by attempt to enjoy the movie."

[i]So, what you're really saying is[/i]: "I was drunk as a skunk when I walked in"?

Blogger Avalanche December 22, 2019 8:30 AM  

@46 "drive a stake through the heart of its carcass to make sure the (((healers))) don't resurrect their Golem."

Because you think there can be only one? Nah, it's ALWAYS:

Re-spawn, continue the game!

Blogger Critias December 22, 2019 9:22 AM  

I did have a look at the star wars reddit page yesterday. All gushing about the movie apart from one interesting thread. A guy from the Philippines had taken his family to see it and was shocked they were the only people there (with photo proof).
Others chipped in with comments about how easy it was to get tickets and how their viewings were only half full. They all brushed it off by saying they just lived in 'lame' areas.

Based on the comments there and the fact no one has even mentioned the movie to me, I think it's been a total box-office flop.

Blogger Jonathon Davies December 22, 2019 9:31 AM  

Reading the reviews and spoilers means I don't have to put myself through the pain of watching this new Star Wars film. Looking at Twitter, SJWs are attacking the film as not woke enough. I'm not sure how that's possible, but they are. I expect box office takings to be well down.

Blogger TheMaleRei December 22, 2019 9:41 AM  

As far as how much money Hollywood can afford to lose? If a certain political party gains utter dominance, they can be directly funded by the taxpayer. Failing that China can buy them out. And China will be happy to encourage the further degradation of American culture even as they wisely keep it out of their nation.
Disney has said they want to create Star Wars films that are specifically targeted / geared etc towards Chinese society and culture.
I'm sure Disney will try to slip in some propaganda in some form or fashion, but I'm curious to see what they produce, if they go through with that focused Star Wars property. How can it be worse than what we've seen them do?

Blogger Damelon Brinn December 22, 2019 9:48 AM  

Um, Anakin and Obiwan are clearly portrayed as good friends throughout the prequels

For very small values of "clearly." Obi-Wan has no interaction with the kid in the first movie and takes on his training as an obligation to his own dead mentor. The next time we see them, they tell us, rather than show us, that they're friends with a bit of banter in an elevator, and then we see them bickering and see Anakin bitching about Obi-Wan to a girl he barely knows.

Anakin shows nothing but resentment toward his "friend," and while McGregor shows some warmth toward Anakin, we're shown no reason for it. One line from Alec Guinness was more effective in establishing their friendship than anything in the prequels, and is the main reason we think of them as friends when they interact in those movies.

The prequels are awful in almost every way. Everything Plinkett said about them is still true. They just don't look so bad now because at least Lucas had a story in mind that he was trying to tell, rather than trying to remake someone else's story in his own image.

Blogger David Ray Milton December 22, 2019 10:07 AM  

I have not seen nor do I plan to see this movie. But from the reviews I’ve read, it sounds like it is just Abrams being Abrams. Besides the fact that his projects always seem to be big budget and therefore flashy, I’ve never understood his popularity.

His movies, and his TV shows which I’m more familiar with, suffer from two types of problems. One of these is a moral problem and the other is narratival problem.

His moral problem is his nihilism. He therefore is incapable of making either a protagonist or antagonist that are of any interest to the audience. He usually starts off in the right direction with these two moral poles, but as the story goes on he will inevitably shit on the characters to make them morally indistinguishable. Abrams thinks he is making complex characters like George Martin, but to his audience they are sloppy and untrustworthy.

His second narratival problem, which is connected to his moral problem, is that Abrams is a one-trick pony. He always always always always relies on the plot twist to keep his audience engaged in the story. And without such twists his stories are remarkably boring. The problem, of course, is not only do these twists become predictable at a certain point, but they become quite annoying, as these twists don’t add any substance to plot, only to function to keep the story meandering on, and almost always undo any attachments the audience had to the story or characters before the twist occurred.

Abrams does shitty work without all of the SJW trappings of gay aliens and strong empowered women lead roles. With such woke additions, I can only imagine how bad this movie is.

Blogger Joe December 22, 2019 11:08 AM  

#65 You're spot on!
It strains credulity that Anakin would believe the emperor, the universes greatest deceiver. It's much better to have the Jedi actually do an evil act, the emperor would then be telling the truth and Skywalker/Vader would then have a more solid rationale for his actions.
The prequels also don't dovetail with the Obiwan/Luke light sabre scene.
How does Obiwan's speech make sense in light of Anakin murdering children with that very sabre?
Given that Obiwan knows the backstory, he's basically saying, "Your dad was a great guy until he fell...great guy...great story there...too bad I had to chop him up and watch him burn...played a big part in his fall...anyway, here's his light sabre he used to chop up the little kids. Take it, it's yours now. Good times"
The franchise came off the rails in TESB, Eowks...pffftttt...could of been a wookie war on Endor...imagine Chewy pulling a stormtroopers arm off (nice tie in to the chess match scene) to open the blast door...nah...let's watch children (Ewoks) die...
It was all down hill from there

Blogger Chip Hazard December 22, 2019 11:22 AM  

I can't even be bothered to work up a load of bile for post-Disney Star Wars. Years ago I would have done so, but now I just don't care.
Echoing the sentiments of others here, I resit giving money to Hollywood; I refuse to fund or enable Marxism, sexual slavery, or the (((elite celebrity culture))).

On occasion, I do go to Fathom events when they are playing anniversary classic films, such as Lawrence of Arabia or Double Indemnity, and even that is like pulling teeth.

I have not seen TLJ and I will not see ROS. I haven't any inclination.

My stamina in this regard is the stuff of legend: To this day I still have not seen "Titanic"; the gasps of awe and disgust only fuel my sense of pride that I denied (((Hollywood))) my shekels even then.

Blogger Damelon Brinn December 22, 2019 11:33 AM  

SJWs are attacking the film as not woke enough. I'm not sure how that's possible

TLJ really took it to a new level for them. Kennedy and Abrams were into feminism and diversity, so in the first movie they made a girl the hero and made her better at everything than everyone else. Annoying, but fairly standard stuff that you've learned to tolerate if you watch modern movies. Rian continued that, AND turned the surviving male hero from the OT into a scared loser, AND turned the Princess into the General, AND had one of the male leads falling for a dumpy girl who stopped him from giving his life meaning, AND introduced a purple-haired woman just so she could emasculate the one male character who still had some swagger. And that's just the feminist aspects of what he did to it.

As such, it really spoke to SJWs. Finally, after 8 movies, someone made Star Wars the way they imagined it. It's *important* to them the way movies like The Matrix and Fight Club are important to people, and they're still butthurt that everyone didn't recognize its greatness. They're furious at the idea of it going down in history as the bad one that ruined the series, so they'll attack anyone necessary to fight that.

Blogger Scuzzaman December 22, 2019 11:41 AM  

Expletives expletives exclamation marks! No.

Darth Vader was a dark mythic larger than life villain of epic proportions, ie worthy of the epic tale in which he was embedded.

Anakin Skywalker was a whiny little shit worthy only of being expelled into the void, wiped away, and forgotten.

Blogger Karen took the Kids December 22, 2019 1:44 PM  

Have they started blamimb racists yet for the box office numbers?

Blogger Chris Lopes December 22, 2019 2:29 PM  

It's not the trolls Disney has to worry about. Those who thought TLJ was "less than optimal" did more than just rip it apart on the Internet, they also passed on the next movie. That cost the Mouse about a hundred million dollars. Which explains why they decided to freeze Rian Johnson on a block of carbonite.

Blogger VD December 22, 2019 2:36 PM  

Um, Anakin and Obiwan are clearly portrayed as good friends throughout the prequels

Spotted the Gamma.

Blogger Pathfinderlight December 22, 2019 3:00 PM  

To add insult to injury, even the Russian Star Wars enthusiasts have identified Rise of Skywalker as a terrible movie and a betrayal of the fanbase.

Blogger American Nationalist December 22, 2019 3:07 PM  

If you've been dragged along to all the other new Star Wars films, this one is enjoyable by comparison. I thought it was the best of the new trilogy, but it has a glaring plot hole, bad dialogue, and for the first time, faggots.

See it if you really want to know how the story ends, but Vox had the right idea of staying away from it from the beginning.

Blogger Unknown December 22, 2019 3:54 PM  

The movie doesn't have a single amiable heterosexual relationship in it, but it features a lesbian kiss. Fresh.

Blogger nidus of inflection December 22, 2019 4:50 PM  

The prequels never showed Anakin as a good friend to Obi Wan. However much teacher and pupil can be friends, we never saw it. They functioned like coworkers. Supervisor and young upstart. Not one scene of them talking over a beer or the jedi equivalent. No heart-to-heart while looking out over an exotic sunset after a hard-fought battle. If they were closer in age, we could've seen hints of a closer relationship. Heck, didn't Anakin turn sith at a younger age than Luke even began training? Was that George's idea to make it more "interesting"? Certainly made it weird with Padme/Amygdala.

I also don't remember Anakin being a particularly cunning warrior. Talented and skilled, yes. Jumping ahead of his teacher, yes. More like an impetuous prodigy. Again, if they were closer in age we could've seen more discussion and relative cunning instead of a dopey teacher/friend and a brilliant brat that needed to be kept on a leash.

Blogger SomeOne December 22, 2019 4:57 PM  

Heh it is to laugh.

But in any case, happy to restate my non-credentials on the matter: I'm no SW geek. To a non-geek, you guys are way over-nitpicking the prequels.

Blogger Talios Hammerfist December 22, 2019 6:50 PM  

I watched pieces of the film - due to boredom forcing me to skip around - it's nothing special. 4/10 standalone movie and 3/10 as an entry in the series. For reference, it is better than the last 2 main entries, though those are absolutely awful.

Blogger David The Good December 22, 2019 6:53 PM  

No - the friendship is forced and barely there.

Blogger SomeOne December 22, 2019 8:03 PM  

Even if granted, that would be because Obiwan pretty much has to force it to work, given he disobeyed his predecessor (Liam Neesam's character) in taking on Anakin in the first place. Ep 1-3 should therefore essentially have Obiwan convincing himself Anakin is all good, and his good friend.

Blogger John Bradley December 22, 2019 11:03 PM  

Even if granted, that would be because Obiwan pretty much has to force it to work, given he disobeyed his predecessor (Liam Neesam's character) in taking on Anakin in the first place.

??? Now you're just trolling.

Obi-wan was following Qui-gon's dying wish that the boy must be trained, balance to the force, yadda-yadda... over the objections of the rest of the Jedi council.

Blogger SomeOne December 23, 2019 12:35 AM  

Oh true that. Well same difference - Obiwan still has an incentive to not be proven wrong, or not have Liam Neesan proven wrong.

So if to some the partnership (or friendship) seems forced or on sides, that would still make sense.

Blogger Akulkis December 23, 2019 1:17 AM  


"As someone too young to have fallen into the hype of the first 3 movies, I honestly don't understand what the fuss is all about with Star Wars."

Much of it has to do with two things:
1) The period in US history when it hit the theaters.

It was a positive story in a time when the country was in the doldrums. Vice President Spiro Agnew had been driven from office on felony charges. Then Nixon was threatened with impeachment, finally resigning in '73 or so. The army and marines pulled out of Vietnam in disgrace (google for the image/video of the last helicopter out of Vietnam to get an idea) [Yes, trying to win someone else's civil war shows a complete lack of strategic thinking, and we never should have been directly involved in the first place, that being said, American personnel, even embassy staff, left Vietnam in humiliation]. The economy was in the dumps -- high inflation AND high interest rates -- something the Keynesians said could NEVER happen. People with PhD's were driving cabs. The type of people who normally drive cabs couldn't find work of any time.

The Cold War was at its frostiest.
I never saw any of the "drop and cover" shorts growing up, but the threat of nuclear war was tangible. Even when I went to college in the 1980's, it was not difficult to find a poster in someone's dorm room or office showing the CIA's estimate of targets with circle sizes indicating likely megatonnage.

In Canada and the UK, things were about the same. People forget that both punk rock AND Thatcher being elected Prime Minister of the UK was due to how bad things were in the U.K. The economy was in shambles. The war in North Ireland, while over 95% of the activity all occurred in an area the size of a large (American) high school campus, produced deaths on a daily basis. And the IRA was strong and devious enough to assassinated Lord Mountbatten in his personal yacht less than 2 years later.
Mountbatten was considered a genuine hero of WW2, holding simultaneously the acting rank of Vice Admiral and brevetted also as Lieutenant General in the Army and Air Marshall in the RAF in the China-Burma-India theater of operations. (This was decades before it became known that Louis Mountbatten's favorite pastime was buggering little boys.)

Star Wars, despite being so heavily hyped for MONTHS before the release (but with no trailers!) that I was so sick of hearing about it that I didn't want to see it -- weekday afternoon kids' TV shows were saturated with ads for "Star Wars Action Figures" months before the release date.
But one Saturday afternoon my dad took the family to see it, and I almost said I would rather stay home, but went for the sake of doing something together as a family .... I was not only amazed, but my spirits were lifted to a level that seemed unimaginable in those dark days in 1977. And my dad wasn't even one hit by the massive layoffs in the auto industry. I can only imagine the effect that this movie had on those who were truly just eking by on assistance from churches and government assistance.

Blogger Akulkis December 23, 2019 1:17 AM  

The introduction text scrolling horizontally, through space, to the vanishing point was positively revolutionary.

And the first lines:

Episode IV:
A New Hope.

Episode IV?
What happened to 1,2, and 3?
Um, ok. Well, whatever. Let's read what the scrolling text says...

Holding the shot until the text itself had drifted off into the distance until almost too small to see before cutting to the theme music and title card was brilliant just in and of itself.

You were already waiting for SOMETHING to happen in the vast, empty void defined only by tiny points of light in the background.

The special effects were the first of such in any sci-fi "space opera" movie that were actually believable looking (as opposed to all previous efforts by other directors which were so cheesy and clumsy that they broke the suspension of disbelief). For the first time, models weren't cheap things dangling from a single strand of fishing line. And all of this was done WITHOUT any computer graphics [Tron, which came out about 6 years later, looked horrible].

Today, Star Wars viewed from a DVD tends to look not so good, because the masks around the moving spacecraft don't blend in absolutely with the background black. The descritization of the digitization process makes them stand out. But when you're viewing this movie on a theater screen projected through actual film (i.e. it's all analog), it's FAULTLESS.

And the story, however simplistic it may seem now... back in 1977, there was no internet. The only information you got about a movie was from the newspaper and from friends who saw it (and they weren't going to spoil it for you). Yes, in retrospect, the script could have been a bit better. But as anybody who was watching it for the first time in 1977 didn't have time to stop and think about minor plot point weaknesses, it was an overwhelming experience.

Basically, Star Wars was EXACTLY what EVERYBODY in the country needed in 1977. To put it in perspective, the only way it could have had even more of an impact would have been if it had been released just after the failed/aborted joint USAF/Navy/USMC/Army operation to evacuate the Embassy Hostages.

Blogger Akulkis December 23, 2019 2:04 AM  


"To add insult to injury, even the Russian Star Wars enthusiasts have identified Rise of Skywalker as a terrible movie and a betrayal of the fanbase."

The Russians who survived the Red Terror and other purges are smarter than the average American.

One ironic effect of the (((Politburo))) and their murderous secret police was that they did what Hitler advocated, and eliminated the weakest and least intelligent from the gene pool. Remember, even members of the Politburo themselves were subject to midnight disappearances during the Red Terror.

The end result is that Russia's genetic stock is, on the average, smarter than the genetic stock that bought into the lies of Communism.

Blogger Jail Cussox December 23, 2019 2:50 AM  

It's even weirder when you consider Palpatine's scheme is a sex change plot to live inside his grand daughter's body.

Blogger SomeOne December 23, 2019 3:01 AM  

*one sided.

Not "on sides" (cheers autocorrect).

Blogger John Bradley December 23, 2019 3:16 AM  

The special effects were the first of such in any sci-fi "space opera" movie that were actually believable looking (as opposed to all previous efforts by other directors which were so cheesy and clumsy that they broke the suspension of disbelief).

Well, other than Kubrick in 2001 -- though admittedly, the stuff he produced for NASA does look fakey by today's standards.

Blogger Станислав Бартошевич December 23, 2019 3:16 AM  

For very small values of "clearly."

How many additional times Anakin needed to imperil important missions and other people precious to him for the sake of Obi-Wan, besides the three he did throughout PT, for you to consider these values simply "small" or maybe even "moderate"?

That's besides even the fact that you're parroting the idiots who decided to as a holy gospel of truth a line from the dialogue extremely famous to this day for containing a humongous lie, at least from the certain point of view, you know.

That's besides small things like interpretation bias and stuff.

And then people wonder why Hollywood treats them like socially maladjusted small children, who need to have absolutely everything told as clearly and directly as possible.

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( according to the 13th Amendment, Slavery is neither Cruel nor Unusual: MSAGA ) December 23, 2019 3:17 AM  

14. John Adams December 21, 2019 6:50 PM
I will never understand people on this blog, who ought to know better, who still gives money to Hollywood

ok, Boomer.

will you shut up if we get off your lawn?

105. Pathfinderlight December 22, 2019 3:00 PM
To add insult to injury, even the Russian Star Wars enthusiasts have identified Rise of Skywalker as a terrible movie and a betrayal of the fanbase.

CNN was blaming "Russian trolls" for the failure to hit expectations before the movie was even released.

Blogger Станислав Бартошевич December 23, 2019 3:38 AM  

To add insult to injury, even the Russian Star Wars enthusiasts have identified Rise of Skywalker as a terrible movie and a betrayal of the fanbase.

News from Russia seem to reach US very slowly, as usual.

The majority of enthusiasts rejected Disneywars right after seeing The Force Awakens. Perhaps not everyone permanently abandoned all hope for the trilogy yet, but no one bought merch or cosplayed as characters from it, while whatever fanart and discussion it got were largely driven by girls shipping Rey with Kylo Ren.

What is happening to box office now means even normies and families with kids who have no interest in SW and just want to watch some New Year blockbuster with pretty weapon flashes and superhumans fighting each other, remember that TLJ was just very boring with its very few and short fights, and choose to go to something else.

Blogger Akulkis December 23, 2019 11:30 AM  

Ah (relation)shippers.

They're just a Manchausen Syndrome by Proxy version of furries.

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