Sunday, February 23, 2020

Prepping for Corona-chan

Now that it is apparent that containment efforts, to the extent they were even made, have failed, it is perhaps worthwhile pointing out what the experts believe can improve your chances of making it through the next few months without excessive excitement:
  • Try to get ahead on medical prescriptions when you can, in case of very predictable supply chain disruptions, and so you won’t have to go out to the pharmacy at a time when there may be long lines of sick people. 
  • Start to stock up on enough non-perishable food to last your household through several weeks of social distancing at home during an intense wave of transmission in the community.
  • Take your kids out of school and activities. There is no need to freak anyone out; what kid doesn't enjoy a snow day? Handle it right and they'll be happily saying "thank you, Corona-chan!"
  • Cancel all unnecessary social engagements. As one friend said, it's a good time to spend the evenings kicking back and having margaritas with your wife.
  • Get permission to work from home. Most businesses will embrace this and those who are most proactive about it will get permission first.
Let's face it. This is an awesome opportunity to get a lot done without the usual distractions.



Blogger David The Good February 23, 2020 12:20 PM  

Also, plant your gardens if your climate allows. Concentrate on calorie crops first, such as potatoes, turnips, grain corn, cassava, etc. Then highly nutritious crops, like kale, cabbage, garlic, carrots, mustard, etc.

Blogger Wazdakka February 23, 2020 12:26 PM  

David, I really need to buy your book about gardening up North.

Blogger Critias February 23, 2020 12:27 PM  

There's been a whole swirl of conspiracy theories about this Corona Virus. Can't help but have my attention drawn to this phrase "Cancel all unnecessary social engagements." I think I've spotted a new conspiracy theory. Textbook Dark Lord.

I wish you and your family well Vox! Stay safe!

Blogger Original H February 23, 2020 12:29 PM  

Yes, Corona-chan will go world-wide. But from all the non-Hubei sources I've seen, the vast majority of people who get it get the sniffles and a bit of a cough, if even that.

Outside Hubei, 1.4% of concluded cases are fatal due to pneumonia -- deaths divided by (deaths + recoveries), similar to seasonal flus.

So it will likely eventually end up being lumped in with common colds.

The vast majority of deaths are in people over 70 and who are already severely immune-compromised.

All that said, we're stocked up in case quarantine turns out to be warranted. Or in case of supply-chain disruptions due to general panic.

Blogger Newscaper312 February 23, 2020 12:30 PM  

Ive read some good advice about getting a lot of extra D3 and C, as well as B vitamins. Want to boost your immune system to fight off exposure if possible, and help your body fight back best if it gets a foothold. Apparently the danger here is having whar appears to be a mild case but then around a week or ten days the bad pneumonia settling in. Then a big part of the danger is the inflammatory overreaction called a cytokine storm. For that, massively increasing the C multiple times a day (many *grams* total), plus all the usual antiinflammarories: omega 3s, quercetin, etc, etc.
Intravenous C is best, has a track record as an antiviral, but hard to do at home of course.
Read some prelim study other day that in the pneumonia stage, having the patient lay prone on stomach rather than on back decreased chances of dearh signifucantly.

Blogger Arthur Isaac February 23, 2020 12:32 PM  

The global supply network is going to go on hiatus at the very least. Expect some degree of civil unrest.

Blogger Joel Raúl Villegas February 23, 2020 12:33 PM  

Very useful. Thank you.

Blogger Emmett Fitz-Hume February 23, 2020 12:33 PM  


The old Ball and Chain is really happy, right now, I bought your book way back.

Thanks for that.

Blogger Sean February 23, 2020 12:39 PM  

Not saying that the the link to the website is wrong on this corona subject, but I had a closer look at the site and it appears to be very "mainstream", i.e. very pro-vaccine, etc. I guess evaluate the conclusions from the website based on what else they are saying about other topics.

Blogger Stilicho February 23, 2020 12:54 PM  

@DTG dedicated video?

Blogger Johnny February 23, 2020 12:58 PM  

Typhoid Mary caught typhoid and didn't show symptoms at first. She ended up spreading it to 51 other people. That is what Corona-chan is good at. Sick people spread the disease for maybe a week or two before showing symptoms. And the current disease test kits are not reliable. Some false negatives.

The little face mask things are helpful, but mainly protect other people if the user is a carrier. Probably more important is to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your mouth or nose.

The stuff is lethal mainly to old people, people who have issues with their lungs (best not to be a smoker), and people in poor health. If you are young, healthy, and have access to quality healthcare should that prove necessary, the chance of death is undetermined but probably small. Maybe just a little worse than a regular flu?

Blogger rumpole5 February 23, 2020 1:02 PM  

Cassava is especially easy to grow. We have it all over our backyard near Daytona Beach.

Blogger Dave February 23, 2020 1:02 PM  

The numbers now have Italy trending 3rd most cases (155) only trailing South Korea and obviously China, not including the Diamond Princess.

Blogger Shimshon February 23, 2020 1:07 PM  

My international employer with extensive China and other Asian dealings has sent regular status updates about employees in various locations along with corporate/personal travel restrictions to/from all over Southeast Asian (including work from home quarantine) for those affected.

Blogger rumpole5 February 23, 2020 1:22 PM  

This may be the final solution for some of you Boomerhaters! Almost all of my friends smoked when I was young. There are a lot of 60 - 70 year old predamaged lungs around for Corona virus to nudge over the edge. To my fellow Boomers I have some advice: Not a good time for that sea cruise you've always wanted to take. If you must go on one, avoid lines like Princess, P&O, and Cunard that are staffed with UK officers. Their supervision of passenger hygiene is poor. Norwegian and Royal Caribbean, on the other hand, see that the average passenger has his hands sprayed many times a day by posting eye candy cuties doing the "washy washy, happy happy" routine at the door to theaters, dinning rooms and clubs on the ship. Disinfectant makes a difference.

Blogger Doktor Jeep February 23, 2020 1:23 PM  

Social distancing. Welcome to Omega World where showers are optional.

I don't have much beyond 35 gallons of water, 200 plus bottles of Homebrew, bags of flour, and ammo.
Though I don't need the flour with all that liquid bread on hand.

A nice solitary activity will be poaching. But given my distance to work I'll likely be tasked as the only one who shows up. I'll have entire labs to myself and I'll be drunk from breakfast. Bwa ha ha.

Blogger Gregory the Tall February 23, 2020 1:26 PM  

I bought 1,25 kg of Vitamin C powder a few days ago for myself and a few other people. Will also buy Zinc, Vitamin A and Selenium in the next few days. Also I will stock up on fresh curcuma, garlic, ginger and chili pepper. A parcel with 300 masks should arrive tomorrow. With regard to food I will go out and get rice, oats, millet, beans, hemp protein and some spices for a start.

Blogger NewTunesForOldLogos February 23, 2020 1:32 PM  

Seconded! But until then,
Survival Gardening with David the Good:

Blogger Mauldication Bear February 23, 2020 1:38 PM  

Thanks for the updates - better safe than sorry. Paying cash for a 3 month prescription supply and will be going to Costco today.

Blogger Zeroh Tollrants February 23, 2020 1:39 PM  

80% of all American generic meds are made in China.

Thanks, globalist vultures!

Blogger Gulo Gulo February 23, 2020 1:44 PM  

Just packed the remaining amount of a 800 lb grass fed cow into the freezer. Grabbing an extra 50 gallons of non ethanol gas this week. We should be set for a bit.
If you're into animal husbandry stock up on the usual..grains, straw, shavings etc. But above and beyond, steel wire, electric insulators etc...all should be stocked up on immediately as well. Nearly all of it is manufactured in China. Shortages will show up this summer.

Blogger Zeroh Tollrants February 23, 2020 1:48 PM  

I am a steel & poly carbonite broker. I have buyers in China,Korea and Mexico who procure thru the mills the products that my US customers need.
I made orders of fasteners (almost all fasteners are made in China), steel and poly back in mid December, pre knowledge of Corona.
About 75K worth.
None of it is any closer to getting here now than it was the day I ordered it.
My employees in Beijing have fled the city, with one leaving for Japan and two more who went to more rural areas, one dropped off the map and I haven't spoken to her since Feb 1st.
It's not good. Don't expect to get any meds or other desperately needed items from there if the SHTF here. Its not gonna happen.

Blogger urthshu February 23, 2020 1:56 PM  

Expect supply chain disruption. Good time to call your local farm to stock up on a side of beef. Club together with another family if it's too much meat or expense.

Blogger Scuzzaman February 23, 2020 1:56 PM  

The global supply network is going to go on hiatus at the very least. Expect some degree of civil unrest.

Chances of chimp out? 97%

Blogger Jeroth February 23, 2020 1:59 PM  

Do we have any stats on the race of the people getting and dying from coronavirus outside China? Or is the media still treating this as taboo?

Blogger Happy Housewife February 23, 2020 2:10 PM  

And zucchini!

Blogger Gulo Gulo February 23, 2020 2:14 PM  

I work in the timber industry. Overseas demand for hardwood lumber is deader than dead. Last time it was this bad was Nov 08. It was like the leading edge of the storm. Less than two months later demand for everything else ( softwood logs, pulp ) totally dried up. You couldn't sell anything at all. Sadly, it appears we are headed for the same situation. Truly a Black Swan event.

Blogger J Van Stry February 23, 2020 2:14 PM  

I was in Provo last weekend (LTUE). I got the flu. I don't know if it was the regular flu, or this fun one, but it has me still knocked down, a week later.

So this year's flu is a doozy by itself. If battling this one doesn't build your defenses for the next one, the one-two punch of them is going to hurt a lot of people.

I wonder what people are going to think when they start to find out just how much of our medicines are now made in China? Or will our own government keep that a secret. The wouldn't want 'panic in the streets' after all.

Because 'panic in the streets' is just a codeword for 'we're going to lose our jobs'.

Blogger Up from the pond February 23, 2020 2:19 PM  

Stay out of Oriental restaurants.

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( no need to be racist, Ratchets can Karen better than anybody ) February 23, 2020 2:20 PM  

6. Arthur Isaac February 23, 2020 12:32 PM
The global supply network is going to go on hiatus at the very least.

i was told last week that Zimmer Biomet already has 2/3s of their Chinese supply back online. *shrugs*

11. Johnny February 23, 2020 12:58 PM
The stuff is lethal mainly to old people,

and Asians. the two deaths off of the cruise ship were both +70 year old Asians, 1 man and 1 woman.

this is not to say that you want to catch this. nor is this not to say that it might become something more serious, a la the 2nd wave of the Spanish Flu.

right now, for Westerners, it looks like a moderately serious flu bug. could be better, could be a hell of a lot worse.

20. Zeroh Tollrants February 23, 2020 1:39 PM
Thanks, globalist vultures!

gawrsh, i hope none of them are contaminated before packaging. many viruses can live for a while outside the body.

6. Arthur Isaac February 23, 2020 12:32 PM
The global supply network is going to go on hiatus at the very least.

as i've pointed out before, according to the formula, elimination of Imports would drop directly to an increase in the GDP by exactly the same amount.

to those who are going to complain about the disruptions in the economy and supply chains i say:
look at this as the perfect excuse to play the Broken Window fallacy back at the retarded Krugman leftoids.

look at all the "productive work" we are creating by forcing factories to be built stateside and all of the employees who will be hired both to build and work within those factories!

hey, it's about the only time the BWF has been used to advocate for something that would actually benefit the nation.

Blogger Clay February 23, 2020 2:22 PM  

I'm surprised to see no one screaming "stock up on ammo" comments.

Blogger Original H February 23, 2020 2:28 PM  

Jeroth wrote:Do we have any stats on the race of the people getting and dying from coronavirus outside China? Or is the media still treating this as taboo?
8 deaths in Iran. I believe they're all Persians.
6 deaths in South Korea. Most, possibly all, are Korean.
3 deaths in Italy. At least 2 of them Italian. There was one sick Chinese man. Don't know if he's one of the 3.
2 deaths from Diamond Princess. Both Japanese.
1 more death in Japan. I believe Chinese.
1 death in France. Chinese.
1 death in the Philippines. Chinese.

The two or three Italians are the only non-Asians who have died so far.

Blogger [Redacted] February 23, 2020 2:35 PM  

For those inclined, don't forget to keep accurate journals to track the days ahead. There is probably more than just plague to bear witness to, and it isn't like the official story will set the record straighter than a dog's hind leg.

Blogger Silent Draco February 23, 2020 2:38 PM  

Beer ... it's not just for breakfast anymore?

Vodka as DP disinfectant.

Blogger Duke Norfolk February 23, 2020 2:43 PM  

I didn't know there were so many Chinese people in Italy.

Blogger cyrus83 February 23, 2020 2:46 PM  

Supply chain effects will be noticed at work since we handle the logistics of that. While I'm all set to work from home already, the big question will be how much the volume drops off and for how long.

Blogger Mr.MantraMan February 23, 2020 3:00 PM  

Good to see David post I began to think the Cuban authorities had put a stop to his activities.

Blogger CostelloM February 23, 2020 3:06 PM  

Right... I'm sending out Chaga mushroom tea, plus garlic plus ginger plus onions.... and prayers for my students.

Blogger Crew February 23, 2020 3:09 PM  

I didn't know there were so many Chinese people in Italy.

They only identify as Chinese, and as a result, Corona-chan appears de novo.

Blogger Crew February 23, 2020 3:10 PM  

Vodka as DP disinfectant.

Sure. I wouldn't use whiskey for that!

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( no need to be racist, Ratchets can Karen better than anybody ) February 23, 2020 3:12 PM  

Shanghai is shut down

31. Clay February 23, 2020 2:22 PM
I'm surprised to see no one screaming "stock up on ammo" comments.


Blogger Noah B. February 23, 2020 3:14 PM  

Storing some potable water is a good idea too. Filling up a couple of 5 gallon containers per person is cheap and not too difficult to manage unless you're living in a car. If you fill clean new HDPE containers with potable water there is no need to treat it with bleach or any other chemical. Also make plans to access alternative water sources if necessary.

Blogger Stilicho February 23, 2020 3:23 PM  

Come on clay, saying "stock up on ammo" around here is like saying "remember to breathe"

Blogger Jeffrey Johnson February 23, 2020 3:24 PM  

Friday night my wife felt like she was going into labor so we had to make a middle of the night dash to the hospital. As they were admitting her, the nurses asked a bunch of questions like, "have you been out of the country in the last 3 weeks?" "have any of your friends or relatives been out of the country in the last 3 weeks?" "have you been coughing" "do any of your friends have a cold or been coughing?"

They certainly had a list of questions to ask everybody who came in the door to try to screen people for Corona Chan. You've got to think that this Corona Chan stuff in the US is much bigger than they are telling us and they are having to pull out all of the stops to avoid mass panic.

Needless to say, this morning I got up, went to Costco and loaded up on stuff.

On a personal note, my wife did not have the baby Friday night but the baby should come in the next few weeks. I personally hope that the baby is born and we can get him home before Corona Chan really gets out of hand here.

Blogger Homesteader February 23, 2020 3:33 PM  

Ok- a few recommendations, from someone who lives this.

1. Fuel. Your local gas station may run dry. The 5 gallon safety cans, stored in a vented area. Plus, keep your vehicle FULL.

2. Food- peanut butter and jelly, brown rice and beans, canned fruit and vegetables. Breadmaker.
Flour, salt, yeast. Canned or frozen meat. If you get stuck, you WILL be losing weight. The object is to survive in good health, not live like a king ala
Masque Of The Red Death.

3. Ammo, guns, weapons-
Ask yourself- would I, in the next 30 seconds, be ready and WILLING to kill a stranger of a friend? The answer to that will determine, if, or what, weapons you should choose. The time to answer this, of course, was last year.

4. Medications- Store now. Some, like Synthroid, can be taken at lower strength in order to preserve function- most cannot.

(I can assure you though- that is a very suboptimal policy.) Get what you can, now. Vitamins and supplements? Meh. Can't hurt, might help. Being fit and active is your best defense. Mens Rea, Mens Corpa, and- Memento Mori!

4. Network. You aren't doing this by yourself. The irony in a time of contagion, is that you still need friends to lean on. Choose wisely, discuss beforehand.

5. Vectors- If this thing mutates further, ANY MAMMAL may be a vector. Ready to shoot Fluffy? You may need to. I have a cat that loves to snuggle close.
I've already considered that scenario.

Sundries- Toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, etc.

WATER- 1 LITER per day per adult for drinking.

Washing is more water. Baby wipes are your friend. Hygiene may save your life.

I'm sure I missed stuff, like generators, batteries, propane.

But, this is off the top of my head. Get busy- Corona-Chan is on her world tour.

Blogger Brett baker February 23, 2020 3:35 PM  

Does anyone need to point that out?

Blogger Laramie Hirsch February 23, 2020 3:45 PM  

@32 Thank you, Original H, for sharing the ethnicities of the victims. This is important to know.

Blogger Kraemer February 23, 2020 3:47 PM  

Are you kidding me? With all the tourist traps of Rome, Florence and Venice? Plus skiing in the North?
Frankly, it's a miracle that Corona-Chan isn't in Italy already

Blogger anorganicbear February 23, 2020 3:50 PM  

The Medcram YouTube channel also recommended improving your sleep. 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night will boost your immunity.

Blogger Kraemer February 23, 2020 3:51 PM  


Blogger Halvar Andersen February 23, 2020 3:54 PM  

A short interview from Aug 2018 on dependence on Chinese sourced prescription drugs.

Blogger R Devere February 23, 2020 4:03 PM  

1. ClayFebruary 23, 2020 2:22 PM
I'm surprised to see no one screaming "stock up on ammo" comments.

"Guess I have enough ammo", said NO ONE EVER!

Blogger Kordl February 23, 2020 4:15 PM  

Not the best time to be a maintainence plumber admittedly.

Blogger Katusov February 23, 2020 4:17 PM  

A lot of clothing comes from the East. If you need socks, underwear, pants, shirts, etc. now is the time to get them.

Blogger Dr. J February 23, 2020 4:18 PM  

Guess it's time to catch that Raccoon we saw on the back porch.

Blogger Al K. Annossow February 23, 2020 4:25 PM  

anorganicbear wrote:The Medcram YouTube channel also recommended improving your sleep. 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night will boost your immunity.
I want to second this comment. And it's not just a generally good idea. The immune response to viruses is hindered by wakefulness hormones. And the early part of normal sleep cycles, which would be 10PM - 1AM, are important for growth hormone, which is critical for the immune response. It's not just motherly advice; the mechanisms have been identified and quantified. But then again, it is only science.

Blogger Akulkis February 23, 2020 4:25 PM  

"I'm surprised to see no one screaming "stock up on ammo" comments."

It's a given.

Blogger RedJack February 23, 2020 4:30 PM  

Have a "OH SH$T" plan developed for work
However, most people are hourly employed. Working from home isn't an option.

A month of food so for. Working on water, but bride IS NOT happy about it.

Blogger Heterodox February 23, 2020 4:36 PM  

And those Italians were already in bad shape from what I can gather.

Blogger RedJack February 23, 2020 4:38 PM  

Original H

Typical flu death rate is 0.02% or so.

2% is a REALLY bad flu death rate.

For the "stock up on ammo" comment. If any of the VFM are short of ammo, it is because they just bought a new caliber.

I did a quick inventory yesterday, and I have enough for 24 hours of Black Hawk Down. Not enough.

But more than most here.

Blogger Avalanche February 23, 2020 4:45 PM  

Following the virologst's lead: Peter Sandman and Dr Lanard's site has a whole index page of other, earlier advice they've given, back for ebola and SARS and MERS that is also useful for the oncoming (already here?) pandemic. A lot of the advice is pitched more for businesses, medical folks, and risk communicators, but it provides good solid info for those of us looking for clear advice on what may be coming. You know, advice that CDC and WHO aren't willing to give until it's too late.

The two have consulted before with CDC and WHO; until, it seems, they began giving advice the CDC was not interested in hearing -- like, you know, advising them to TELL US what preps we should probably be making?!

Specific advice for use during corona-chan is listed here:
Example articles:
Swine flu worst case scenarios: warn people now or wait till things start getting nasty?
Superb Flu Pandemic Risk Communication: A Role Model from Australia
and especially:
What to Say When a Pandemic Looks Imminent: Messaging for WHO Phases Four and Five

Blogger Avalanche February 23, 2020 5:10 PM  

@5 "Intravenous C is best, has a track record as an antiviral, but hard to do at home of course."

Lipsomal C is nearly as good as IV; both are a *gazillion* times more potent than pills or capsules. You can make lipsomal C at home, using ascorbic acid, phosphotidyl serine, distilled water and an ultrasonic 'jewelry' cleaner. All three available from Amazon; the water is easier to get at the supermarket.

Liposomes are a fatty acid so they easily cross a cell's lipid barrier (outer skin); where the water-soluable C in serum / bloodstream can't: water and fat don't play well together. The ultra sonic cleaner vibrates the C-in-water into a 'ball' of the liposome, so the ball can pass into the cell and disgorge its C directly where best used.

Sunflower lecithin (phosphotidyl serine; you can get soy lecithin; I recommend against it).
Ascorbic acid (plain powdered, not expensive)
Distilled water

1. Mix 2TB (tablespoon) ascorbic acid into suspension in 1C (cup) water. That takes a while: I use a shaker jar for the ascorbic; shake hard and long or use a mixer). DON'T microwave to heat up the water -- it damages the C.

2. Mix 3TB p-serine into 2C water; then shake or mix until fully mixed. I use am immersion blender for the p-serine.

3. Mix the two together very well.

"Sonic" it:
1. I use borosilicate beakers IN the water in the cleaner; rather than putting the mix directly in the cleaner -- that p-serine is a greasy-bitch to remove!

2. Put the mix into the cleaner

3. Sonic it for an hour or two, pulling it our periodically to stir down the sides, till most of the frothing is gone.

4. Pour into an airtight jar; keep in the fridge; lasts about a week.

I drink a shot glass full once a day. It doesn't taste bad; just vitamin C-ish, or lemon without the lemon flavor. I suppose you could PUT lemon in before you drink it -- but it's a shot glass: swig it and be done!

Excellent way to get high C into your cells, not just into your bloodstream and pee!

Blogger Wolfman February 23, 2020 5:11 PM  

A reasonable excuse to post this.

#Coronachan Bat Soup Dance
(Took Prince's Batdance song from Batman 1989 and put Coronachan memes over it.)

Blogger Kirk Parker February 23, 2020 5:15 PM  

The people who need to hear message, at this very very very late date, are pretty much not going to heed it anyway.

Blogger Avalanche February 23, 2020 5:18 PM  

@31 "I'm surprised to see no one screaming "stock up on ammo" comments."

Cause we already ARE!

Blogger Avalanche February 23, 2020 5:37 PM  

Oh, and the Virology Down Under guy? His previous blog post has a very good infographic on what they almost know so far:

And to whoever said this guy may not be trustworthy because he is pro-vaccine? His risk communication stuff seems sound, and because he's blind in one area does not mean he cannot see in another.

Blogger Mauldication Bear February 23, 2020 5:38 PM  

Just purchased Grow or Die.

Blogger Jay Will February 23, 2020 6:03 PM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger PJW Gent February 23, 2020 6:18 PM  

Re: Newscraper 312 "Newscaper312 wrote:Ive read some good advice about getting a lot of extra D3 and C, as well as B vitamins.

You definitely want to get access to large amounts of D3. Amazon sells it in 50,000 IU capsules and it is cheap. The short answer is at the first signs of an infection take 100,000 IU (2 capsules) and 8 hours later another 100,000 IU, and finally 8 hours later another 100,000 IU for a total of 300,000 IU in 16 hours. I was given that prescription by a GP from Georgia six years ago and saw it stop the flu in its tracks at a conference for a man who took his advice. Haven't been sick since by following his prescription.

The premise is that every cell in your body has D3 receptors and once fortified, the D3 helps the cell resist viral penetration. That in turn helps stop the viral cascade that is essential to a successful full-blown viral infection, allowing your body's defenses to catch up. It has worked for everyone I know who has tried it. The original guy, who had come from an area that the two-week flu was running rampant, had his symptoms quiet down to a mild cold.

Corona-chan is viral. This could save your life.

Blogger Hammerli 280 February 23, 2020 6:34 PM  

One issue that will crop up about telecommuting - many businesses and organizations that offer it aren't set up to support everybody doing it. They are set up for 10%, at most.

Blogger Gregory the Tall February 23, 2020 6:41 PM
This doctor explains how a high level of Vit D will help prevent an infection or alleviate symptoms.

Blogger jeffinjapan February 23, 2020 6:44 PM  

Fortunately there are few chimps here in Japan so no need to worry about chimp outs🙂

Blogger Emmett Fitz-Hume February 23, 2020 7:08 PM  

Besides the D3 and C recommendations- all good by the way, another one is Sambucol. Its found in elderberries.

There's some compelling evidence, from double blind placebo testing, that it can stop cold and flu viruses in a smilar manner as anti-virals like Tamiflu and the like but without Tamiflu's stomach turning side-effects-25% or so of people who take Tamilflu can't keep it down.

Sambucol comes in capsules, syrup and gummies for kids.

Blogger RedSauceRob February 23, 2020 7:39 PM  

Have a cousin who is a math professor in Milan. He says he is on lockdown in his house and is hopeful the quarantine will only be a week as currently promised. I seriously doubt it.

I have been prepping, but I’m also beginning to thing that this thing could last at least two months. At least that would be smart: go out 2x the longest known incubation period just to be safe. The economic impact will have global and permanent ramifications. I would put the chances at the November elections taking place at all at about 50% right now.

Blogger Original H February 23, 2020 7:44 PM  

RedJack wrote:Typical flu death rate is 0.02% or so.

2% is a REALLY bad flu death rate.

Those figures don't really compare. The 0.02% figure for flu comes from CDC estimates of the total number of cases, whereas the 1.5% for Corona-virus are from known outcomes from lab-confirmed cases. Only more severe cases tend to be lab-confirmed. We've also heard that test-kits have been in short supply, etc.

To try to make a better comparison, let's look at the 2017-2018 flu season. CDC says there were 61,000 flu deaths in the US. They estimate there were about 710,000 hospitalizations from flu. They don't have nationwide numbers for lab-confirmed cases vs hospitalization, but looking at state numbers, there were about 5.5 lab-confirmed cases per hospitalization. So let's round up to 4 million.

61k/4M = 1.525% death rate from lab-confirmed flu in the 2017-18 season.

Blogger eldiabloloco February 23, 2020 7:47 PM  

Peter Grant's blog has several useful posts, and the posts on his Katrina experiences are good, had similar. A Castalia House author too.

I'm hoping Ringo's The Last Centurion is more of a how-to guide rather than a documentary.

Blogger justaguy February 23, 2020 7:51 PM  

We need way more information on spread and fatality rates before we act like we are in a Steven King novel or end of the world scenario. In the US and a few other modern western countries (sorry Italy isn't in that group) we are getting data from the few infected that we have. There is concern and caution--- but we aren't Matt Damon wondering how our wife got sick yet.

Blogger rumpole5 February 23, 2020 7:55 PM  

All this reminds me of the Hong Kong flu in the Winter/Spring of 1971. I was so sick that I had to quit my part time college job at the dorm cafeteria. When I finally recovered, my Uncle died of the flu and I discovered, while pall bearing his casket from the hearse to the grave, that the 30 degree slush was leaking into my penny loafers. Of course I had a relapse and had to sleep sitting up till the end of May! I hope that spring in the USA is early this year. Good luck and God's mercy to you all.

Blogger Jeff February 23, 2020 9:07 PM  

Make your body alkaline by drinking baking soda in water. Instructions for this are available on the net. Viruses do not do well in alkaline environment. Colloidal silver is a good antiviral. Do not use it topically. It will turn you blue. Use an eye dropper full under the tongue. Borax is also a good antiviral.

Blogger Gianna February 23, 2020 9:19 PM  

Prato is practically Chinese.

Blogger Fargoth February 23, 2020 9:26 PM  

Good excuse to try for a 3 or 4 day fast

Blogger JovianStorm February 23, 2020 9:32 PM  

Don't forget wet wipes, power banks and a full tub plus 2L of water per person perday. I also keep 3 months of multivitamins on hand at all times

Utilities require humans to run them and if they get sick things can get dicey if you can't flush a toilet.

Blogger Silly but True February 23, 2020 9:32 PM  

“Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of healthiness.”

Blogger Sheila4g February 23, 2020 9:55 PM  

@35 Duke Norfolk: Re Chinese in Italy, read it and weep.

To everyone else - thank you for many good and thoughtful prep suggestions. Perhaps I've been to sanguine about coronachan - hasn't really worried me up to this point.

Blogger Akulkis February 23, 2020 10:01 PM  

Be careful with Boric Acid and it's sodium salt, Borax. They're good cleaners and great anti-bacterials for topical use and Boric Acid at 1 TSP solid/1 pint of water is great for the eyes. However, these boron substances are also poisonous in high concentrations when taken internally or ingested.

Useful, but don't go overboard.

Blogger Z MAlfoy February 23, 2020 10:02 PM  

Put in my telework paperwork Friday. Have always maintained several weeks of non perishables, as well as water. Have another stash (1 yr) at a more remote location. I do have a list for my paycheck on Thursday, but I've been getting ready for a "coming something" for years, now. And if this fizzles, well. It was a good drill.

Blogger bodenlose Schweinerei February 23, 2020 10:04 PM  

From the link @66 -"93.7 of deaths are people over 50, 50.8% over 70". China has a enormous population of the least healthy demographic throughout history: unmarried older men.

I'm unconcerned over the virus; the rising panic over what is just another flu scares me and pisses me off.

Blogger islanti February 23, 2020 10:58 PM  

There is absolutely no harm in hoping for the best but preparing for the worse.

Blogger CostelloM February 23, 2020 11:16 PM  

Fresh garlic, onions (red and white - MERICA!), ginger root, manuka honey and chaga tea. This is the cocktail of the gods when dealing with viruses.

Blogger Emmanuel February 23, 2020 11:26 PM  


Persians aren't asians in this context. Asians in this context generally refers excusively refers to people from THE FAR EAST. IE, your slant eyed, almond eyed types. Not your weirdo brown types.

Blogger Homesteader February 23, 2020 11:54 PM  

As far as "stock up on ammo"..

Relax, and think. Zombie hordes are NOT planning a D Day invasion on your house, which is just as well, since most are VERY ill-prepared for ANY such event.

If you have not been engaged in training and preparation before this, please-for the love of God- don't think you'll become a Wal-Mart Warrior in one weekend.

Because, you won't- you'll like as not end up with Glock Leg, IF you're lucky.

In a VERY bad scenario, you might shoot a few rounds at a desperate thief or two, shitting yourself in the process. If you were unfortunate enough to kill one or more of them, you have my pity. (Visit USCCA's website for an instructional on shootings and their aftermath.)

I can promise you this-You will NOT be rolling the minigun while yelling heroic invective at the godless viral hordes.

You will, most likely, be terrified in a way you have never experienced in your heretofore comfortable life- unless you're someone who's been in the line of fire before.

That being said- A decent shotgun, a comfortable pistol,and a 1 or sub MOA rifle at 100 yards, and a few hundred rounds in their respective calibers, are
MORE than enough for your average
home defense arsenal.

(Protip- .22 is used to kill more people in the U.S.than any other caliber.Israel used to issue .22 pistols as assassination weapons, since they have no effective recoil. Head and hips, my friends- so easy a child could do it, if they were shooting CCI.

The 10/22 still sells for a reason, and the Mark IV isn't JUST for plinking. Remember, in an urban environment- overpenetration is a real factor.
And, I can assure you- getting shot-even by .22- generally has a
profound effect on motivation and planning, in the one being shot.

So- arm up, if you must, but pray to God you never need to pull the trigger. No one wins, in that scenario, and false bravado can lead to horrendous choices.

Blogger Ominous Cowherd February 24, 2020 12:07 AM  

Clay wrote:I'm surprised to see no one screaming "stock up on ammo" comments.
I'm sure we all are continuing our dollar cost averaging ammo acquistition programs.

Blogger Kiwi February 24, 2020 12:40 AM  

I've heard a rumour we have a case in NZ but it's under media ban. I can't confirm it because I don't personally know the informant.

It's only your vulnerable you need to prepare for. Fortunately we live in the land of milk and honey, and boats. This Kiwi is ready.

Blogger Vaughan Williams February 24, 2020 1:03 AM  

@85 source please. All the research I was able to pull up (and no, you won't find it all on the Internet) shows it is a) safer than table salt and b) has helped several friends with their arthritis and c) the high doses I took did over a period of several months did nothing bad to me, nor to the experimental subjects who ate it every day in the only published experiment.

Borax is awesome stuff. When you shower, put the plug in the tub and toss in a handful of borax. Cures stinky feet and athletes foot. Or at least keeps it at bay.

Blogger Reader February 24, 2020 1:07 AM  

How long beyond the expiration date are canned goods still safely edible? We have a cupboard full of canned goods that we bought back when, just for this sort of event. We'd buy a can here and there every time we went shopping. We don't eat canned goods so they've all just sat there. One can's expiration date is 08/2016,and that's not even from the back of the cupboard. Just wondering in case things get seriously real...

Blogger Troushers February 24, 2020 1:09 AM  

This seems to be a case where the average IQ of the population becomes extremely important. The case in South Korea, where a stubborn woman stupidly infected or at least exposed hundreds of people through her retarded behaviour, gives a good example of what I mean.

Blogger pdwalker February 24, 2020 1:10 AM  

@78 >that the 30 degree slush was leaking into my penny loafers.

What slush was this?

Blogger James Lovebirch February 24, 2020 2:19 AM  


The tissues in your body have a small pH range they need to stay in to function. For example, the blood must be between 7.35 and 7.45 or else you would die. When people try to consume a lot of something to manipulate pH in their body, they often actually drain the body of certain nutrient stores that the body now has to use to counter the direction the person is trying to push their pH because the body can't allow its pH to change.

Blogger Vaughan Williams February 24, 2020 2:52 AM  

@98 when people talk of "manipulating their pH" they are speaking of urine pH, not blood pH. It is a very old trope in folk medicine. Don't know if there is anything to it or not. Seems the usefulness of urine pH as a health indicator goes away if you try to purposely change it, because it is so easy to alter if you set your mind to it.

Blogger Amethyst Dominica February 24, 2020 3:01 AM  

@95. The official rule is to chuck anything a year beyond its expiration date. I collected a few canned goods here and there, and when I sent my brother a care package of the ones I didn't use, he got sick on a can of salmon that was a year out of date. I'd say chuck all expired meat just to be safe. Legumes and vegetables might last longer than meat, but I wouldn't know firsthand. If I were you I'd just re-buy cans of chicken, tuna, and tomato sauce. Maybe get some soups to make stews out of (you can throw them into a slowcooker with some fresh meat and barley.) It's better than risking the chance that the four years out of date cans of creamed corn in your back closet aren't holding a Botulism convention...

Blogger SciVo February 24, 2020 4:07 AM  


How long beyond the expiration date are canned goods still safely edible?

Indefinitely? Don't eat from deformed cans, in case an anaerobic bacterium has been at work. And of course look for rust, since corrosion can break the seal.

But food expiration dates are heavily influenced by quality concerns. So a gourmet version will have a shorter expiration, and unless you are a very picky eater, it does not mean anything in this context.

Blogger Jill in StL February 24, 2020 4:40 AM  

If these suggestions have already been mentioned, please feel free to ignore this post. I have just a few additional suggestions for preparing:
1) If you don't have separate water distiller or any kind of filtered water appliance or the means to filter, please make sure you're stocked on bottled water for drinking and cooking - staying hydrated is very important, especially if you get sick. Purchase 2-3 cases of Gatorade (or Power Ade Zero if you are diabetic) to keep on hand, in case you do get sick or even overheated, again for dehydration.
2) If things get to the point where they're going south quickly, good idea to have on hand those collapsing plastic 5-gal jugs, and any addition 1-gallon ones too - fill all of them, as well as keep the bathtubs filled with water - you're going to need to bathe in some abbrev. Format, as well as flush toilets if something goes wrong with the sewer system.
4) This number is not a pleasant, so excuse my bluntness here(hybby has lots of survival skills, plus I work in healthcare), so much like Big Bear jokes around about how you should always dig the graves first if you have a "body" to dispose of (ha ha), it's also very helpful to pre-dig areas to dispose of your bodily functions if, sewer/water treatment fails your community due to disaster. - while you're at it, if you're planning a spring garden, - yeah, gross, but it’s common practice in Mexico and other countries to poop literally where they work in the fields and we city dwellers purchase a LOT of groceries in urban stores and in Mexico and other South American countries, and US imports fresh produce a lot – trust me, your produce has “organic waste composting.”
5. Stock up on various kinds of batteries, make sure you have a couple of those cheap hand-cranking radios - they really are super-cheap and just have a tiny crank you crank every so long and generally have pretty decent reception where u can pick up at least a few local stations - they've been a blessing when in the Midwest we've had power knocked out for over a week at a stretch! Also, if you have a lot more bucks, invest in a generator and use is as sparingly as possible - we never know when society may collapse – it could happen/safe rather than sorry.
6) Lastly just off the top of my head -read up on natural/homeopathic remedies and keep some supplies of those on hand - ginger works great for nausea and is tasty in hot tea, lemons and honey for sore throats, there are many essential oils, that come in handy in a pinch if medical supplies run low, like they are in China.
And, Do not forget to pray for your family, pray for your friends, neighbors, city, state, country, total strangers, and for our fellow earth dwellers. Be an awesome neighbor and community leader and if you hear of a need, step up and meet that need! And DO NOT DESPAIR OR HAVE FEAR!!! This isn’t about panicking – just about preparedness.

Blogger Section 8A February 24, 2020 6:36 AM  

I follow the "Triple G" philosophy: Gold, Guns, and a Getaway plan.

Blogger Clay February 24, 2020 7:12 AM  

Yeah, stock up on ammo, take the cans, and read the expiration date after you get their pills and baking soda. I'm sure the garbage men will be happy with what you throw out.

Blogger Damelon Brinn February 24, 2020 7:22 AM  

the rising panic over what is just another flu scares me and pisses me off.

If it gets people thinking about the insanity of open borders and exporting important production like prescription drugs to one foreign country, I don't see the downside.

How long beyond the expiration date are canned goods still safely edible?

Basically forever, as long as the can is undamaged. The point of canning is that you kill all the bacteria in the food with high heat. Once they're dead, they're dead, and it's safe unless something allows more to get in. If you use canned food that's 5-10 years past its date, the texture and color may be so degraded that you won't want to eat it, but you can.

Blogger Avalanche February 24, 2020 7:54 AM  

@69 "You definitely want to get access to large amounts of D3."

Excellent -- but please add the run-up (and regular till the end of your life) dosing of 5-10k IU a day. Fat cells preferentially sequester Vitamin D; so if you are at all deficient, and nearly all of us are, they will 'suck up' all the early D3 you're taking till THEY are full; and then the rest will be used to help fight off corona-chan. Prepare the ground before planting, before spreading the high doses for a specific invader.

Also: Vitamin K2 helps the body metabolize D. Vitamin D2 -- if you cannot finds D3 -- WILL work, you just need about twice as much. D3 is easy to find and inexpensive. Also you cannot overdose on D3; you CAN on K2, so follow the dosing. Dr. Holick reports on a guy who was inadvertently taking one million IU a day (stupid-bad scrip from his doc) and had no bad effects except loose bowels.

Blogger Avalanche February 24, 2020 8:03 AM  

@75 "let's look at the 2017-2018 flu season. CDC says there were 61,000 flu deaths in the US."

Remember, though, all govts lie. What the CDC does not make clear in their "get vaccinated early and often" pleas, is that those 30-60k "flu" deaths are actually "flu PLUS pneumonia" deaths. If you die from pneumonia and were not, as in China, *actually tested* for the flu virus, CDC still counts you AS a "flu" death.

It is entirely possible to get pneumonia without even being sick at all first. Ask me how I know: diagnosed by x-ray!) So, the CDC's mission is to push vaccines as hard and much as they can. If they said "10,000 people died of confirmed flu pneumonia" and "for the rest of the 50-60k we just don't know but assume flu," that would change your calculations.

I'm not an anti-vaxxer (yet?) but I do not and would get a flu vaccine unless I had complications like smoking, depressed immune system, and the like. I especially would not now, in the early days of an epidemic/pandemic.

Blogger Servant February 24, 2020 8:13 AM  

@lazarus long

So do you admire the way he went back in time and fucked his mother, or the way he had sex with two genetic experiments who were female clones of him? Maybe it's the anarcho capitalism?

Probably just the sodomy.

Blogger Avalanche February 24, 2020 8:22 AM  

@77 "We need way more information on spread and fatality rates before we act like we are in a Steven King novel or end of the world scenario."

So, guessing you've never lived on the coast, watching a hurricane bearing down to land ... somewhere ...

If you're lucky, the hurricane loses its fury, and drops to a heavy rainstorm. If you're lucky, the hurricane veers off and some other unlucky b@stard loses his house and cars. If you're NOT lucky, the hurricane will land on your house.

What do you do in the weeks and days before it lands? *Faites vos jeux*? Or board up and prepare to ride it out? Dance with the grasshopper?

Blogger Avalanche February 24, 2020 8:33 AM  

@95 "How long beyond the expiration date are canned goods still safely edible?"

A deeply (insanely?) motivated prepper friend of mine keep an 18-wheeler's trailer full of inventoried supplies, with an extremely detailed spreadsheet of purchase and expiration date for everything. She also does ongoing tests. She mentioned in passing the expiration on a can of lima beans is five years; but they don't become unsafe then, just not particularly tasty.


Blogger tweell February 24, 2020 8:43 AM  

While you're picking up toilet paper, why not lay in some paper plates, bowls, cups and plastic cutlery? Call it picnic or camping supplies, they don't go bad, and if the water goes off, keeps your water for drinking.

Blogger RC February 24, 2020 8:49 AM  

@Reader, I'm not sure about meats, but canned vegetables will be edible for a very long time so long as the vacuum hasn't been compromised. I have eaten vegetables that had been canned in jars by my great grandmother forty years prior and overlooked on the back shelf. Make sure the vacuum held, inspect the can for decay, and cook thoroughly. Given that you don't normally eat canned foods, just keep them in reserve and just use them if absolutely needed. Hunger will alter your risk assessment but situations like what we're facing don't often turn worst case. You'll probably throw those full cans away in twenty years. Cheap insurance.

Blogger Snidely Whiplash February 24, 2020 8:58 AM  

Canned goods keep indefinitely, BUT, some chemical reactions continue in the can and cause the quality to be gradually lost. Foods containing sugars will darken, starches will develop an odd texture, meats will become crumbly, etc. If no food spoilage organisms got in, the food will still be safe to eat, but maybe not as appetizing. 5 years is nothing.

Blogger Iron Spartan February 24, 2020 9:38 AM  

Second and third order effects starting to show. A friends wife, who is a nurse, and an EMT friend both commented in the last week about a spike in opioid withdrawal cases. Seems like China is not shipping heroin either. How long until the cartels going to war with each other for the limited supply that is still coming?

Blogger Rex Cheddar February 24, 2020 9:43 AM  

For those wanting an herbal option,Stephen Buhner, author of Herbal Antivirals has a chapter on coronavirus, specifically sars. His fb page has an updated protocol for the corona-chan and says how to make it. Also stock up on toilet paper.

Blogger Johnny February 24, 2020 9:49 AM  

I horde food a little. Canned goods usually. If possible, I get stuff I at least modestly like and use it up over time to avoid waste. Anything really old gets pitched.

For a long term food supply that is inexpensive and easy to keep, dried bulk stuff is the best by my lights. For starters, beans and rice, and maybe some other stuff for variety and taste appeal. To be useful you will have to have time on your hands for preparation, water, and a heating device.

As for shooting people with a gun. If that ever happens don't play the hero. Be all humble and regretful. In the manner of I was afraid, didn't mean to do it officer (sob, sob). Officialdom hates assertiveness and loves submission in us minions.

Blogger Richard February 24, 2020 10:10 AM  

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) has had a policy of encouraging members to have emergency food storage for over 150 years. Over that period of time significant expertise has been developed in regard to all aspects of food storage. This expertise is available at the following location:

Blogger Ominous Cowherd February 24, 2020 10:33 AM  

Snidely Whiplash wrote:Canned goods keep indefinitely, BUT, some chemical reactions continue in the can and cause the quality to be gradually lost.
If the seal is good, the contents are good. If air sucks into the can when you open it, all is well. If air or juice spurts out, discard it.
I've eaten 30 year old cans from c-ration packs, and five+ year old cans from my pantry. The micro nutrients degrade, but the calories remain.

Blogger CarpeOro February 24, 2020 10:44 AM  

Offices for my company located in northern Italy are going to wfh for the time being. I think the China office already does wfh for the most part, as does our southern Italy office. My team in the USA gets two days wfh unless oncall.

Blogger CarpeOro February 24, 2020 10:46 AM  

@David the Good

Looking at purchasing a house possibly in the next few months. It has almost 4/10 of an acre. Any books or videos of yours on raised bed gardening that you recommend?

Blogger Andy in San Diego and Elsewhere February 24, 2020 10:58 AM  

My company has stopped all travel to/from China and has also banned anyone who has been in China in the past 14 days from entering any of our buildings in the US.
And now Japan is starting to SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING - Studio Ghibli (anime tourist attraction in Tokyo) is closing for a few weeks and Tokyo is stopping major events as well:

Blogger Noah B. February 24, 2020 10:59 AM  

"Be all humble and regretful. In the manner of I was afraid, didn't mean to do it officer (sob, sob)."

Never, ever, ever say this. Hostile prosecutors will claim that you have just confessed to negligent homicide, which negates any stand-your-ground law or castle doctrine defense. Instead, do what lawyers uniformly recommend: tell the police you're invoking you're fifth amendment rights and that you need to speak to your attorney prior to making any statements.

Blogger 7916 February 24, 2020 11:36 AM  

"Flu Scare"

Here's the deal. Almost all information coming from China on infection or death rate is fake news. As Vox mentioned on the last Darkstream he stopped reporting it due to its unreliability. What you see outside of China in the next two weeks will be a far better gauge of how bad it is.

There are a few good bits of information which can be found on Zerohedge. The early fatality study of 56 patients that entered ICU early in January is good. There's a 62% of a "non-survival outcome" if you go into an ICU with this.

The virus has a 35-49 day cycle before killing you, if your number comes up, so all these deaths have been in people that have been sick and spreading coronavirus for over a month.

I await the coming data without the Communist lies.

Blogger urthshu February 24, 2020 11:42 AM  

>tell the police you're invoking you're fifth amendment rights

Along with saying you have just been through a traumatic experience and need time to recover. Like they do all the time.

Blogger Scott February 24, 2020 12:01 PM  

The talk of a 14 day incubation period has changed to 28+ days based on first hand accounts out of China.

Blogger Homesteader February 24, 2020 12:09 PM  

In the event of a shooting-

"Officer,I was in fear for my life. I will be happy to help with your investigation AFTER my attorney is present."

And then, please, SHUT UP! Continued talk negates your 5th amendment rights! OR, just say nothing at all, at the outset.

In the U.S., your statements to the police can only be used AGAINST you, never FOR you. Officer Friendly, full of sympathy, is a recording device for the hostile, agenda-driven DA. Please remember that.

NOTHING you say can help your cause, after that initial statement.

It can, however, help the prosecutor incarcerate you, or the family's attorney bankrupt you, when they sue in civil court.

In any shooting, there are 2 battles- the physical one, and the Aftermath. You want to win both.

Of course, as a wise man once said- "Supreme excellence consists of subduing the enemy WITHOUT fighting."

So again- train, plan, and hope to God you never have to execute.
Your plan should be Avoidance-based, as much as possible.

Blogger Chris Mallory February 24, 2020 12:19 PM  

Johnny wrote:Be all humble and regretful. In the manner of I was afraid, didn't mean to do it officer (sob, sob).

No, even if you beat the criminal rap referenced above, you are still opening yourself up to a civil lawsuit. A number of states have civil protections written into their self defense statutes. But if you shot him by accident, it is no longer self defense and lets the family of the "victim" get a chance at the ghetto lotto.
The only two things you say to the cops are "I am claiming my 5th Amendment right to remain silent" and "I want my lawyer."

Do not talk to the media. We had a local case a couple years ago where the facts as the cops had them were murky enough that the shooter would have walked. But he gave an interview with the local news where he told a totally different story than the one he told the cops. That guy is currently sitting in the state pen.

Blogger Theproductofafineeduction February 24, 2020 12:32 PM  

Anyone you stuck living in apartment life. There are HEPA rated HVAC filters out there. If you find one MERV 13 and seal around your ducts or better as it can (emphasis on the can) help with viruses. It would be better if you can find a MERV 17 or higher but that might be difficult to acquire.

Blogger Akulkis February 24, 2020 12:36 PM  

This is why I have a bayonet for my AR-15. A big blade hanging below a muzzle shows that you don't even have to pull the trigger to do lethal harm.

If it's a home invasion type situation, the broken glass on the interior side of the door or window is the best evidence to support your story of defence. MAKE the looter break the glass, or damage your door and doorframe to get in.

I heard of a case a few decades ago. Homeowner shot a burglar. Burglar's buddy dragged him outside, to make it look like a bad shooting.

Homeowner was saved by the blood trail.

Blogger PJW Gent February 24, 2020 1:04 PM  

113. Snidely Whiplash ...5 years is nothing.

We recently found about 4 lbs of frozen sirloin, originally from SAMS, still in its heavy plastic wrapper, hidden in the bottom of our chest freezer. It was over five years old according to sell by date. We defrosted it, cooked it, and had several of the tastiest, tenderest steaks we had ever eaten. Fortunately it had no freezer burn and I had heard that properly freezing meat was the best way to age it. If those steaks are any indication, I would agree.

Blogger VD February 24, 2020 1:12 PM  

This is not your blog, Homesteader. I could not care less what sort of subject matter expert you consider yourself, do not tell others what they can or cannot post here or YOU will be banned.

Blogger VD February 24, 2020 1:15 PM  

As for shooting people with a gun. If that ever happens don't play the hero. Be all humble and regretful. In the manner of I was afraid, didn't mean to do it officer (sob, sob). Officialdom hates assertiveness and loves submission in us minions.

OK Boomer. Then you can tell the officers that you lost all your guns in a tragic canoe accident. They'll never see through that either.

Blogger Homesteader February 24, 2020 1:19 PM  

Fair enough- it is your blog. I apologize.

Blogger Uncompliant February 24, 2020 1:38 PM  

Not sure what how this list was compiled, but here it is fwiw --

Spandrell Retweeted

User: Like Ted Chiang but worse in every conceivable way
@valfardsutskott [yes, that is his twitter handle]
Feb 23
Coronavirusets dödlighet per åldersgrupp.

80+ years old 14.8%
70-79 years old 8.0%
60-69 years old 3.6%
50-59 years old 1.3%
40-49 years old 0.4%
30-39 years old 0.2%
20-29 years old 0.2%
10-19 years old 0.2%
0-9 years old no fatalities

Blogger Dr. J February 24, 2020 1:51 PM  

Great - one post on VP and everyone is selling off stock to purchase SPAM and canned corn.

This reminds me a bit of the Ebola outbreak a few years ago. There were a handful of biotech firms whose stock soared when it was announced the FDA would be fast tracking their antivirals. Keep an eye on Gilead and Abbvie - both pharma companies that claim to have a useful antiviral for Corona-chan.

Blogger Iron Spartan February 24, 2020 2:30 PM  

John Hopkins GIS tracking site is now asking for a long in. It wasn't just a couple of hours ago.

Blogger Avalanche February 24, 2020 2:38 PM  

@116 "I was afraid, didn't mean to do it officer (sob, sob)."

Johnny, please get educated on what to say and not say and please do so before you are ever in such a situation, and definitely before you try to give advice about it!

If you SAY to the dispatcher or to a cop (and it's recorded in the 911 call and the cops are pretty good at remembering what you said) "I didn't mean to do it" -- you have just closed off forever any chance for you to CLAIM SELF-DEFENSE in court!

"I didn't mean to do it" means you are claiming "it was an accident," which is negligent manslaughter (or similar). First, the words "self-defense" will not be ALLOWED to be spoken during your trial! Yes, judges absolutely do that! Second, you WILL be going to prison. You confessed, why would you get off?

I recommend highly Andrew Branca, Esq. His field is self-defense lawyering -- which differs SUBSTANTIALLY from criminal defense lawyering. Not least because in an SD case, unlike your average bad guy claiming "I didn't do it; it was someone else; I didn't mean to do it; furthermore, I wasn't even there!"

In an SD case, you are saying -- you are *confessing* in court! -- "Yes I did it, I killed/shot that man! But I should be excused for it because it was legal." (Nota bene: despite what you read in the black-letter law; the 'burden of proof' just shifted, however unofficially, to YOU! If the police investigators or prosecutor/persecutor -- or a well-meaning guy on a blog -- manages to get you to say "it was an accident" or any of a number of other disqualifying things for a claim of self-defense; you lose the right to claim self-defense PLUS YOU HAVE JUST CONFESSED!

There are also some great videos and books by Mas Ayoob, too, on 'winning the second fight' and 'dirty lawyer tricks.' Mas is police trainer among many other superb gun things. He wrote the foreword to Branca's excellent book: "The Law of Self-Defense." He also does excellent state-specific courses, wherein he doesn't just give you black-letter law, but also state-court case info and actual 'your-state-here'-jury instructions -- which may have little to DO with black-letter law!

Blogger Newscaper312 February 24, 2020 2:39 PM  

@Akulkis re AR bayonet

What did you do about longer distance from end of 16" barrel to the bayonet lug? Vs a 14" M4 mil barrel.

Thought I saw a length adapter once but no idea how well would work

Blogger Avalanche February 24, 2020 2:54 PM  

@127 "The only two things you say to the cops are "I am claiming my 5th Amendment right to remain silent" and "I want my lawyer."

Not quite. If you're a blabber mouth, yes -- just shut up. If, however, you've thought and practiced beforehand -- as you do with shooting and hitting, you might consider. This, again comes from Mas Ayoob's writing and lectures.

What the FIRST thing a bad guy says to the cop? "I ain't talkin' to you, flatfoot! I want my lawyer!" If you do that, how do you come across to the cop?

However, only if you have practiced and can shut up when you're done; here's how Mas and a variety of others say to do it:

One thing I’ve learned from all those perspectives is that the common advice of “Don’t talk to the police” works better for actual criminals than it does for innocent, law-abiding people who’ve been forced to defend themselves with lethal weapons.

Mas: "I discussed it recently with the Gun Sports Radio folks in San Diego. If you have about 48 minutes to spare, you might find it of interest:"

Mas has stated the basics that need to be said if you're involved in a shooting. After that, you will want to shut up and go through a lawyer.
This is a summary from another person:
1. Call 911
2. Officer this person attacked me, I will sign the complaint,
3. Officer here is the evidence (knife, gun, ball bat, whatever).
4. Officer these are the witnesses.
5. Officer you will have my full cooperation in 24 hrs after I see my attorney.
Here's the vid of Mas:
Massad Ayoob (Aftermath Shooting)

Marty Hayes: "I think the point has been lost, that a shooting is only legally "justified" after the court says the shooter was justified. And to get to that point, one must avoid many land mines."

Don't step on a landmine!

Blogger Avalanche February 24, 2020 3:00 PM  

Sorry, just found the short version of Mas's list:
Five-point checklist.
(1) State what the assailant did that required you to use force.
(2) Indicate that you will testify against him.
(3) Point out evidence.
(4) Point out witnesses.
(5) At that point explain that you will cooperate fully with the investigation but wish to speak with legal counsel first.

Mas points out, in various places, that many ejected shell casings are the exact right size to fit into the treads on an EMT's boot, or a police car tire. The wind could blow, someone could carelessly kick, the casing down the street, and make a 'liar' out of you when you say the guy was only 5' away with a knife -- cause "the ejected casing was alllll the way over there!" The knife the bad guy was holding could slide down the hill on snow-and-ice or have been thrown or blown under that bush -- and if you DON'T tell the cops where to find it, it doesn't get found; and for the court? It doesn't exist, it never existed!

Spectators who watched mesmerized during the violence will often not be even slightly interested i hanging around to talk tot he police and later go to court. Tell the cops: "THAT person was here the whole time." Might keep you out of jail.

But NOT if you're going to be unable to shut up after!

Blogger Theproductofafineeduction February 24, 2020 4:30 PM  

Great - one post on VP and everyone is selling off stock to purchase SPAM and canned corn.

@135. I'm willing to wager that at least 60% of us were already preparing for Corona Chan long before VDs post.

Blogger rumpole5 February 24, 2020 5:14 PM  

Slush: Typical northern Indiana 25 to 30 degree product of snow-sleet-freezing rain that accumulates on the ground in their endless, miserable, no sun, God forsaken, winter and early spring. February and March there must be experienced to be believed! Like most 20 something men, I thought that I was invulnerable to cold. The Hong Kong flu thought otherwise.

Blogger Dr. J February 24, 2020 6:34 PM  

I'm willing to wager that at least 60% of us were already preparing for Corona Chan long before VDs post.

@141 - I was referring to today's stock market dip, implying that this post was the proximate cause. The Dark Lord's reach has indeed grown long.

Blogger Unknown February 25, 2020 7:31 AM  

Had some cans that were at least 5 years old. I tasted a can of green beans, they looked and smelled OK but had a noticeable metallic taste. Didn't need the food so I threw the rest out, but of course would have eaten them if I was truly hungry. I believe many, if not most, modern cans have a plastic liner or coating inside, don't know if it deteriorates with time and leaches chemicals into the food. You shouldn't cook in the can because of this, though.
Bottom line for cans - it's probably best to rotate them but then that's true for any type of stored food.

There's a guy on YouTube - Steve something - whose thing is eating MREs and military rations, some of it decades old. In one case he tasted British rations that were more than a hundred years old. Many c-rat type canned goods from the 50s and 60s. Most of them didn't look palatable or safe.

Blogger Vaughan Williams February 25, 2020 9:49 AM  

For long lasting rations, recommend grains, lentils, split peas, beans, coconut oil, dry herbs and spices. Instead of a can opener, a flour mill. These things, packaged in airtight, food grade plastic, kept out of sunlight and left to ambient ground temperature in the shade, are still tasty and nutritious a decade later. Recommend learning to cook and eat them now; they take a little getting used to. Remember that the gladiators grew strong and ripped on such a diet; barley and beans. Bulgur (parboiled) wheat is super easy to prepare and is a good way to dip your toe into the waters.

Blogger Akulkis February 25, 2020 10:12 AM  

"What did you do about longer distance from end of 16" barrel to the bayonet lug? Vs a 14" M4 mil barrel."

I have both the original M-16 bayonet, and the new one (M-7 and M-9?). They both mount perfectly well on my 1967 AR-15.

Barrel length doesn't matter. What matters is the bayonet lug to the muzzle distance. The military made sure that the same bayonet can mount on anything from an early 60's AR-15 to the most modern M-4, because they want a bayonet to be just a bayonet, not "THIS bayonet only works on this subset of AR-15 derived weapons."

One thing also about a bayonet. Everybody who knows Ayoob's rule about how quickly someone can rush you, and how easy it can be to disarm someone armed with a pistol or rifle, initiated by brushing the barrel away. A sharp and pointy blade on the end of that muzzle very much discourages any attempts at brushing the muzzle away, is it can very easily turn into a very deep slice to the forearm.... and if it then becomes a struggle for the weapon, YOU are holding the rear end of the weapon ... the other guy has to worry that getting close enough to grab the weapon subjects him to self-inflicted injury.

Also, depending on what culture your attacker is from, the blade might be the stronger deterrent (middle easterners generally fear getting sliced more than they fear getting shot.)

Blogger Ominous Cowherd February 25, 2020 11:50 AM  

Vaughan Williams wrote:For long lasting rations, recommend grains, lentils, split peas, beans, coconut oil, dry herbs and spices. ... These things, packaged in airtight, food grade plastic, kept out of sunlight and left to ambient ground temperature in the shade, are still tasty and nutritious a decade later.
True, however, the beans will change over the years. After about five years, they will cook up tasty, but they will be crunchy instead of mushy when fully cooked. My wife likes that texture better anyway.

Blogger Vaughan Williams February 25, 2020 7:54 PM  

@147 True about regular beans changing from mushy to crunchy. Having a pressure cooker helps. For mushy legumes, make sure to have lots of lentils and peas. Also broad-beans and chickpeas. Your taste buds will thank you.

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