Sunday, May 10, 2020

UATV 2.0

All Annual and Premium subscribers have now been invited to the new Unauthorized site, which I am delighted to say is Legion-made from the custom server and database to the front end and the content administrator. Please share your thoughts and experiences here, particularly as related to current performance and desired features for the future. We'll be inviting the Creator subscribers next, beginning with The Legend and Gardening subscriptions. We currently have about 100 videos there, with more being added every day.

If you're seeing slow video responses, please be sure to let us know if you are in the USA or not, as slower initial responses from Europe and Asia are anticipated. The bug with the 0:00:00 time on the more recent videos is known and we are in the process of addressing it. UPDATE: The video time display bug is fixed.

Please note that the black circle spinning in the center of the video does NOT necessarily indicate a slow playback issue, but rather, indicates that the buffering of the entire video is still ongoing. We are currently addressing that as well.

UPDATE: Good news from Asia.

Just dropping a note to let you know that the new UATV site works from China. Still a bit slow (probably due to throttling by the Great Firewall), but much, much better than before.

UPDATE: It would appear the audio-stripping function is working properly too.

Listened to an audio only stream today. Worked great. 

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Blogger JB 14 May 10, 2020 10:14 AM  

I love the new interface. It's sleeker and simpler. The content loads and runs seamlessly. Crushing as always, SDL.

Blogger Mile High Honey Bear May 10, 2020 10:21 AM  

Wow, that's so awesome. Thanks very much for the update. I will be looking forward to receiving my invite very soon! The Ride Never Ends. Go Vox, Go Big Bear, Go Chuck, David, Farley, our esteemed Professor and everyone else who's Making UATV Great Again. :-)

Blogger Virgil May 10, 2020 11:23 AM  

Does the 0:00:00 time bug cause the video to skip to the end?

Blogger VD May 10, 2020 11:46 AM  

No, it's just a display bug. It does nothing.

Blogger Rick May 10, 2020 12:20 PM  

For the buffering issue, can a viewer just hit the pause button for a minute, grab a cup of coffee, while the buffering sort of catches up and gets ahead of demand?

Blogger Wanderor May 10, 2020 12:34 PM  

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to getting on the new version.

Will any of the code be open sourced in the future for the benefit of those interested in starting their own platforms?

Blogger upchuckmcduck May 10, 2020 12:41 PM  

New website looks great, the switch to audio is smooth and is an awesome feature. Only thing I miss is 2x playback speed because at this point videos on 1x speed sound weird to me. Does higher playback speed cause bandwidth issues? Also a cool feature if possible would be an auto transcriber of the podcasts namely because when I want to try and reference something that was said during a podcast in the future going back and finding it in video form is very time consuming. All good things take time though and I can't thank you and the UA team enough for creating UA along with all the other projects.

Blogger P Glenrothes May 10, 2020 1:08 PM  

UATV 2.0 works well for me. Would it be too complicated to add a creation date timestamp to the posted videos?

Blogger Ska_Boss May 10, 2020 1:36 PM  

@7 The playback speed controls as well as other settings can be found in the right mouse click menu on the video.

I haven't played around with it a lot but so far I don't notice any bugs.

Blogger VD May 10, 2020 1:38 PM  

2x playback for video and audio is highly probable in the near future. Transcriptions is a great unknown.

Blogger VD May 10, 2020 1:39 PM  

Will any of the code be open sourced in the future for the benefit of those interested in starting their own platforms?

Almost certainly not. The convergence of nearly every open source project does not inspire confidence.

Blogger Shadowfax May 10, 2020 2:44 PM  

Great user experience overall, well done and thanks!

Nice to have would be info about date of original live stream.

And I'd just like to let you know that access to older Darkstreams will be appreciated. There are several from up to more than a year ago that I'd like to watch again or share with someone.

Blogger Virgil May 10, 2020 3:25 PM  

David the Good's "Compost Everything: The Movie" gets to 0:00:02 then skips to the end. His other 2 videos play fine.

Blogger John Bradley May 10, 2020 4:42 PM  

Hoping an RSS feed per channel for the audio-only streams will be a thing at some point, so I can play and manage them with my podcast player.

Blogger Argus Bacchus May 10, 2020 6:13 PM  

Everything on UATV 2.0 looks and works great. I was able to switch back and forth between the video and audio-only feeds on both my laptop and my phone with no problems or delays. The download feature works fine as well.

Thanks for this and all you do, Vox.

Blogger Akulkis May 10, 2020 7:39 PM  

"Does higher playback speed cause bandwidth issues?"

Higher playback speed doesn't cause higher bandwidth in non-compressed transmission. With compressed transmission, skipping frames generally causes more change per frame, meaning more visual data sent per second. But the impact is minimal (< 10%), and overall, less data is sent. Here is a napkin level of approximation:
1.1 bandwidth (in Mb/sec) x 0.5 time (in sec) = 0.55 total data sent if data sent for normal playback speed is 1.

The real difference is that the sender has to do a lot of computing to change the playback rate (for example, recreating the wave form in a way that keeps the same frequencies rather than turning all the voices into something sounding like chipmunks). This increases server-side computing bandwidth.

Blogger David May 10, 2020 9:41 PM  

Reporting in from Australia; video has some buffering/streaming stops and starts every couple of minutes. No issues at all with audio.

Blogger Wanderor May 10, 2020 10:48 PM  

VD wrote:Almost certainly not. The convergence of nearly every open source project does not inspire confidence.

That's a good point. I hope the Legion will one day figure out a way to run an anti-convergent open source project.

Blogger Newscaper312 May 11, 2020 2:32 PM  

Might be worth looking at some of the intermediate forms of open source *licensing* of the code which still assert ownership, while NOT entering into an open source *project* that allows outside contributors, part of the SJW entry.

Blogger Newscaper312 May 11, 2020 2:34 PM  

I'm sure the Evil Legal guys can guide if that ever is an active concern. I dont know how those partly open licenses have held up in court(s).

Blogger Beardy Bear May 11, 2020 2:59 PM  

Feature Request: When Selecting Video or Audio, allow a different choice for each channel.

Reason: I prefer to listen to you and Owen, but I prefer to watch David, Barcelona Life, and Wranglerstar. It appears to be a global setting at the moment.

Blogger Ska_Boss May 12, 2020 2:07 AM  

Can't seem to watch any videos now, keep getting the same error from the video player itself saying 'No video with supported format and MIME type found.'

Blogger Wazdakka May 14, 2020 5:21 AM  

Been using it for 2 days now. Audio is great, saves the battery on my phone, and quality is good.
No problems with video or downloading.
Thank you to all at UATV.

Blogger Canada78Bear May 14, 2020 7:42 PM  

There is no need to as well, the work is trivial to put together a modest server for doing similar FFmpeg doing most of the transcoding and audio extraction a person can hook into a favorite CMS and call it a day.

Been there, done that and giving it away for free for SJWs to pervert is just wrong.

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