Wednesday, September 16, 2020

That tells us a LOT about you, Dave

 Dave Bautista, who not only worked for alleged pedo James Gunn, but actually criticized his firing, is obviously alarmed that the God-Emperor is going after the sex traffickers and child molesters:

Dave Bautista wants to know what's up with the pedo stuff. No, not in a Pete Townsend kind of way. He wants to know why marks for his arch-enemy, fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump, believe anyone who doesn't support the president is a pedophile.

Bautista took to Twitter to ask, "When did everyone who doesn't support @realDonaldTrump become a pedophile? Is that like the craziest shit ever or what? Inbred Philosophy 101 'Don't support fascism? Child molester!!!!' yeah, makes perfect sense."

Besides, everyone knows that the only reason not to support Donald Trump is systematic pedophilia. Even if you're not abusing children yourself, you're part of a system that systematically abuses children and that makes you a pedophile.

It's like these idiots never imagined that anyone would ever use their own rhetorical tactics against them. Or understood that the reason the rhetoric is effective is because it is clearly rooted in truth.

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Blogger Mr Smith September 16, 2020 2:14 PM  

Of course Bautista, who broadcasts all the time, he was raised by a lesbian would defend pedos. Fitting that Bautista is playing Rabban from House Harkonnen, in the new Dune movie.

Blogger Reprehensible Adam September 16, 2020 2:18 PM  

Sure does work. It totally makes that guy a pedo.

Blogger Glen Sprigg September 16, 2020 2:20 PM  

Between this and the Holocaust news, it's becoming clear that Satan's Little Helpers are getting ever more desperate to delay the calling in of the eternal debts they owe. It's like they thought they could outwit God, or Satan, or even both. Because evil is, at its heart, truly and deeply stupid.

Blogger Balkan Yankee September 16, 2020 2:21 PM  

"When did everyone who doesn't support @realDonaldTrump become a pedophile?"

Oh, I dunno, Dave. When did everyone who doesn't support the SJW narrative become a Nazi?

Blogger Jack Aubrey September 16, 2020 2:25 PM  

He sounds nervous.

Blogger Glen Sprigg September 16, 2020 2:38 PM  

I just read the Gunn thread linked in the OP. The comments in there are very illuminating. The thrust of the comments defending Gunn run to two types: "He was just joking," and "Those jokes are hilarious."

Anyone who thinks jokes about pedophilia are 'hilarious' needs to have their laptop and phone scrutinized by honest law enforcement. These people are truly sick and need to be put down before they hurt someone.

Blogger wEz September 16, 2020 2:43 PM  


Blogger Hylemorphist September 16, 2020 2:45 PM  

Bitch and moan when the enemy uses my own tactics better against me. ~SJW Gematria trait #112.

Blogger Barbarossa September 16, 2020 2:47 PM  

Coming soon to a political campaign near you..."But, but Christians are the Real Pedophiles!"

TGE's innate ability to draw all media attention to himself is uncanny. Why spend money on useless TV campaign ads when you can have the enemy talk you up for free?

Blogger Steve Canyon September 16, 2020 2:53 PM  

Why do you hate children, Dave?

Blogger tuberman September 16, 2020 2:55 PM  

What can we do with all of these perverts? That's Right, the pervs are cluing us in out west. "Burn it, burn everything," is their message.

Blogger Gregory the Tall September 16, 2020 2:56 PM  

Look at this photo of Biden, maybe Trump should tweet it and comment "Definitely pizza"

Blogger tuberman September 16, 2020 2:56 PM  

I love this current Rhetoric.

Blogger Nikolai Collushnikov September 16, 2020 2:58 PM  

But who's saying if you don't support Trump you must be a pedo? What I have heard is if you don't support pedos why are you supporting Biden.
Reverse projection maybe?

Blogger Noah B. September 16, 2020 3:05 PM  

Open question for Dave: is it OK to rape a baby if it's still in its mother's womb?

Blogger Unknown September 16, 2020 3:06 PM  

Welcome to the corner of Pay and Back, Drax.

Warms my heart that this nitwit has da sadz.

Blogger Joe Smith September 16, 2020 3:06 PM  

Pedo Joe was always the way to go on this one, and I've got no doubt whatsoever that the god-emperor knew it right from the get-go.

Blogger Stilicho September 16, 2020 3:13 PM  

Systemic pedophilia. Systemic.

Blogger Mr.MantraMan September 16, 2020 3:15 PM  

Maybe someone with some following should ask old Dave what he thinks of pedophilia and pedos? Guilt by association, you bet, the new rules will be followed and no more of that conservative stoogery.

FTR my money was on Shapiru being the Gruber coming in and delivering the "you lost so accept defeat and your ritual humiliation" message. Though I would not have been surprised that Jonah being the first conservative thought minder on the pedo issue. But IMO nothing is over so as this sh*t tsunami recedes we rebuild.

Blogger God Emperor Memes September 16, 2020 3:23 PM  

Depends on the joke.

"Why did Mohammed like 29 year olds?"
"Because there were 20 of them."

Muslims really don't like that joke.

Blogger MaskettaMan September 16, 2020 3:23 PM  

Rhetoric of today: Pedophile, child rapist, creep, pervert.

Rhetoric of tomorrow: Demon, Satan, devilspawn, evil.

These people murder babies. Then they put alien-looking animal fetuses on their pro-abortion propaganda as a form of visual persuasion. Evil is the right word for these people.

Blogger Daniele Grech Pereira September 16, 2020 3:27 PM  

2015: Sh*tlib
2020: Pedolib

Blogger Damelon Brinn September 16, 2020 3:27 PM  

@4, Exactly. They had no problem with Dan Harmon declaring that 22% of Americans (Trump voters) are Nazis, and going on to foam at the mouth about how you don't talk to Nazis, you just eliminate them. They thought that was just hilaaarious.

Dan Harmon who shared a picture of himself naked and molesting a baby doll, by the way, as long as we're pointing them out.

raised by a lesbian

Ah. He may have first-hand experience in the matter then.

Blogger NewTunesForOldLogos September 16, 2020 3:32 PM  

I don’t know if everyone who doesn’t like Trump is a pedophile, but I do know that everyone who is a pedophile doesn’t like Trump.

Blogger One Deplorable DT September 16, 2020 3:50 PM  

AHAP - All Hollywood Are Pedos

Blogger yoyoyoBigD September 16, 2020 4:04 PM  

i think bautista wants to score some points with the talmwood jewz, he wants some of that dwayne johnson level fame

Blogger Yossarian September 16, 2020 4:14 PM  

The most telling part is that they don't have their own version of D'Souza saying "It's the Trump supporters who are the real pedos".

Blogger FallofthaEmpire September 16, 2020 4:39 PM  

Anyone that works and defends James Gunn tends to be given to pedophilia. But either way the reality is that pedophilia exists anywhere you look in entertainment. From music, to wrestling, to Hollywood; you name a mainstream entertainment industry, chances are, pedophilia has its grip on it.

Blogger Damelon Brinn September 16, 2020 5:15 PM  

Pedo Joe was always the way to go on this one, and I've got no doubt whatsoever that the god-emperor knew it right from the get-go.

Looks like he was just letting the Democrats get all-in on Biden. Maybe "Sleepy Joe" did make them think he wouldn't go there on the pedo stuff. If so, they were stupid.

I suppose they can still change candidates, but it'll be messy. And if anyone wonders why not wait for an October Surprise, the answer is probably early voting. If you wait too long these days, too many people have already voted.

Besides, there's plenty of other material for October, whoever the candidate is.

Blogger Alexamenos September 16, 2020 5:16 PM  

"When did everyone who doesn't support @realDonaldTrump become a pedophile?"

I'd guess that people who don't support Trump became pedophiles well before 2012. I think it's difficult to say with greater certainty because they used to be more discrete about it.

Blogger Laconic September 16, 2020 5:31 PM  

Owens give all your guns to hitler bit comes to mind.

Blogger Laconic September 16, 2020 5:32 PM  

Thats funny

Blogger Laconic September 16, 2020 5:33 PM  

Cant wait for pedocamps to be a thing

Blogger Laconic September 16, 2020 5:37 PM  

All celebrities are pedos! Acap

Blogger tdcommenter September 16, 2020 5:49 PM  

To answer Bautista's question, when lefties from Rolling Stones label critics of Cuties as Far Right, it follows that supporters of Cuties and all it entails are of the Left.

Also, universities teach queer theory. The people behind queer theory were all proponents of pedophilia, as pointed out by a 2nd wave male feminist of all people:

Blogger Jose Miguel September 16, 2020 5:50 PM  

Dave Bautista is not worthy of the family name.

Blogger Max Renn September 16, 2020 6:02 PM  

People who vote are either Americans or pedos.

Which one are you?

Blogger Terrific September 16, 2020 6:23 PM  


Blogger SomeOne September 16, 2020 6:45 PM  

"Everyone knows that the only reason not to support Donald Trump is systematic pedophilia. Even if you're not abusing children yourself, you're part of a system that systematically abuses children and that makes you a pedophile".

I lolled. And copy/pasted for future use.

Blogger map September 16, 2020 6:45 PM  

You know, one of the significant tells of a pedophile industry is how unwilling certain big-name actors are of mainlining their children into the industry.

Why didn't Clint Eastwood try to build a dynastic acting family by putting his children in his movies from an early age or leveraging his clout to get them into the industry?

What about Mel Gibson? Bruce Willis? Arnold Schwarzenegger? Notice how few if any movies they've been in and notice how it wasn't until into adulthood that they finally did something.

Blogger Daniel September 16, 2020 7:37 PM  

It is about time that we had an honest dialog about systemic pedophilia.

Blogger ScottC September 16, 2020 8:14 PM  

I think this guy is just an idiot who is sour that he might not be able to play Groot again.

Blogger Brett baker September 16, 2020 8:33 PM  

"America's original sin".

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( if you don't want to Racist, you must confess: Islam is right about the Jews ) September 16, 2020 9:50 PM  

not being a wrestling fan ( i might be white trash but i ain't THAT white trash ), i was completely oblivious to Batista's finishing move:

it's kind of obvious what kind of talents Batista has that allows him to sucCEED in Hollywood.

VD will get that joke.

Blogger AdognamedOp September 16, 2020 11:55 PM  

At a nearby bus stop, there's a poster for a film Batista did called 'My Spy". It shows him and an 11 yr old girl. My first thought when I saw it was 'Pedowood"

Blogger Dan in Georgia September 17, 2020 1:00 AM  

Obama unwittingly procured his own jail cell. I wonder if he included hanging platforms with that?

Blogger Dan in Georgia September 17, 2020 1:23 AM  

Interesting that Clint endorsed Biden. It can’t be for his own career, so he must be trying to keep his son from being blacklisted. Too late probably, being a huwhite male. Just like Drew Brees bending the knee won’t protect his sons in a future NFL where all QBs are “athletic” and “exciting!”, not able (or interested in learning) to read defenses. I’ll miss football.

Blogger The Pitchfork Rebel September 17, 2020 1:44 AM  

This is your brain.. on drugs. Specifically anabolic steroids.

Blogger Major Styles September 17, 2020 1:47 AM  

Bobby Heenan said that wrestling was dead because the business got fully exposed to the public. Little did he know that there were more sharks to be jumped.

Blogger Scuzzaman September 17, 2020 6:24 AM  


Well, there was a clue at the end of that URL. (Just a coincidence, I'm sure)

Perhaps we could call him Dave Budgerigar?

Because nothing succeeds like a budgerigar.

Blogger Scuzzaman September 17, 2020 6:26 AM  

Oh, Owen BigBear's recent LiveStream comments about the manjuice industries are on point here, too.

If I need my juice and murdered babies are the only place to get it, it can't be bad. This making of one's self the measure of all things, in this case morality, is part of the old lie, "and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."

Blogger furor kek tonicus ( if you don't want to Racist, you must confess: Islam is right about the Jews ) September 17, 2020 9:06 AM  

50. Scuzzaman September 17, 2020 6:24 AM
Well, there was a clue at the end of that URL.

hah, i didn't even look at that.

what did the Youtube algorithm know and when did it know it?

Blogger Karen took the Kids September 17, 2020 1:43 PM  


Blogger Jim September 17, 2020 11:21 PM  

Punch a ped

Blogger Scuzzaman September 18, 2020 12:03 AM  

Cheers (the pedo series not the bar comedy series) star and Jussie clone charged with soliciting chid pornography from a minor.

No surprises here.

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