Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A Taste for Tongues


Episode 12 of The Forge of Tolkien, A TASTE FOR TONGUES, is now live on #UATV.

What flavor is English? Is it the same as Welsh? What does it mean to love many different languages, and yet to have a “native” language that is different from one’s mother tongue? Can Elves tell the difference between Man and Hobbit? Can Hobbits understand Elvish even if they don’t know the words? In this episode, Professor Rachel Fulton Brown explores Tolkien’s theorizing about language as something we are born with and yet learn; something that has flavor as well as sense, that might come in dreams as well as with our blood, and yet is at once personal and inherited. We meet Alwin Arundel Lowdham and his linguistic “ghosts.” And we learn the difference between Avallonian and Adunaic—and how to say “gods” in both. 

In other Unauthorized news, if you're interested in understanding why you should ignore the polls and reviewing the non-poll evidence that a Trumpslide is in the making, check out 654 DEMORALIZATION SEASON and 655 THE EVIDENCE THAT TRUMP IS WINNING on The Darkstream.



Blogger Brian October 13, 2020 8:40 PM  

Yet more reasons to subscribe to UATV. Keep up the great work Dark Lord!

Blogger MATT October 13, 2020 9:10 PM  

Oh man look at that friggin dog

Blogger Riejun October 13, 2020 9:19 PM  

Thank you for the Darkstream videos Vox. More ammunition to fight the morale battles. Much appreciated.

Blogger Crew October 13, 2020 9:38 PM  

I have searched but have not yet found a source of info on the amount of money in the Presidential Race betting markets vs the people betting each way.

I will keep searching.

Blogger Azimus October 14, 2020 12:17 AM  

Thats about the sauciest blog post heading you're going to get at VP

Blogger Grooveware October 14, 2020 2:06 AM  

Unauthorized the gift that keeps on giving.

Blogger Pseudotsuga October 14, 2020 5:03 AM  

As a speaker of English (native) and Welsh (learned), I can say they have different flavors.
One of the things which attracted me to learn Welsh was learning that Tolkien's Sindarin follows Welsh grammar (for example, the inscription on the West Gate of Moria). A Welsh speaker can clearly see the parts of speech and conjugations.

Blogger Mr.MantraMan October 14, 2020 6:41 AM  

655 It's anecdotal but the enthusiasm factor favors Trump. Reading Zerohedge about the Hawaii lockdown and on one of the islands it is said that on Saturdays a fairly large car/truck parade takes place, and the case can be made that Hawaii is our shittiest state.

Then the other side is bitter coloreds on the make but the white managerial class is as mean spirited as they come "the real nazis." Yesterday the white MCs changed the definition of "sexual preference" on a online dictionary just to smite ACB, Mother Jones has put the Star of David on us with the rhetoric "superspreaders", and if you go to some of the Coroniacs twitter threads it is a drum beat of hate, they are beyond reason.

Blogger Emmett Fitz-Hume October 14, 2020 7:17 AM  

Rachel Fulton Brown's material is fantastic. The kids and I are enjoying it very much.

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