Thursday, October 15, 2020

Why the media is terrified

It seems more than a little strange that the entire media, mainstream and social, is suddenly at Defcon 1 over Hunter Biden. Neon Revolt thinks he knows why:

These two things - they're connected.

THIS is the thread they're terrified of coming out. The connection no one has made yet.

We already know the name of a Child Sex Crimes investigator at the FBI was looking into Hunter.

We got Chanel Rion's post today on twitter about an "underage obsession."

We know the laptop repair guy went to BOTH the media and the FBI because of what he found on Hunter's laptop.

Hunter raped a kid.

But no one is asking the obvious question, yet:


And just like that, the Q post about Red October and Hunters becoming the hunted begins to make complete sense. 

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Blogger tuberman October 15, 2020 8:55 PM  

Had to give Neon a Like on this one. Will keep track.

Blogger Johnny October 15, 2020 9:00 PM  

Given the strength of the response from the media, it would seem to be more than protecting the Biden family. Linkage to other people in the media, in the political class? Otherwise it would seem safer to just let the Biden family take the hit.

Blogger Curlytop October 15, 2020 9:14 PM  

When the Mac store owner was interviewed, he said he had only contacted the FBI once before bc he had discovered child porn on a client's computer and that his experience w them was totally different than this time. Not hard to conclude why he went to FBI again this time.

Blogger MATT October 15, 2020 9:23 PM  

They had the nerve to try to get Trump to denounce Q, and shrug off the idea of satanic pedophiles tonight.

Blogger xevious2030 October 15, 2020 9:31 PM  

"to be more than protecting the Biden family"

Blackmail is power. An environment of exposure, conviction, threatens that, globally. Real versus scripted. House of cards.

Blogger Lazarus October 15, 2020 9:33 PM  

Remember when we thought nothing much would happen on this front until after the election? That was awesome!

Be that as it may, we still do not have Biden raping a kid yet. Conspiring to have elite members of the armed services assassinated, yes, but kid rape , no. The bar for leftist crimes seems to be set rather high.

Blogger Lazarus October 15, 2020 9:43 PM  

I just had a weird thought. Q said nothing is ever erased. What if Biden and Weiner thought they erased this stuff, and the good guys put it back on? Who has the movie rights?

Blogger Damelon Brinn October 15, 2020 9:48 PM  

Like father like son.

Blogger Crew October 15, 2020 9:52 PM  

It's getting close to the election ... I hope this comes out soon!

Blogger lpdbw October 15, 2020 9:59 PM  

So it's not too early to say "Hunter Biden did not kill himself."?

Blogger Tallen October 15, 2020 10:04 PM  

It did seem more than a little odd for the socials to choose this particular hill to die on.

Blogger Newscaper312 October 15, 2020 10:12 PM  

FWIW have a former coworker I taught with back in the 2000s who is still at the University. A real world IT guy who keeps a hand in it beyond teaching... He got big into computer forensics. Has done a lot of work with the FBI field office here in Mobile as a consultant and ex}wrt witness in court. He's helped put away quite a few kiddie pirn cases, so hopefully not all corners of the FBI corrupted.

Blogger Doktor Jeep October 15, 2020 10:15 PM  

What an awesome timeline. Win or lose, the battle is reward enough.
Hoka hey.

Blogger Rex Cheddar October 15, 2020 10:15 PM  

Youtube announced today they removed tens of thousands of "harmful" QAnon conspiracy videos and will take further steps. Gee I wonder why.

Blogger Stryker4570 October 15, 2020 10:16 PM  

Damn...I read the interview with the computer repair guy. He saw something on there that disturbed him and he was freaked out. He said the FBI told him that people who stayed quiet usually weren't hurt.

Blogger Balkan Yankee October 15, 2020 10:33 PM  

Here’s another dot worth connecting: Savannah Guthrie (NBC) just pushed Trump super hard to denounce Q Anon.

Blogger Ghost of Nathan Bedford Forrest October 15, 2020 10:39 PM  

Fīat jūstitia ruat cælum

Blogger Snidely Whiplash October 15, 2020 10:47 PM  

"We have it all"
We thought he meant Weiner's laptop.

Blogger Jack Amok October 15, 2020 10:50 PM  

Given the strength of the response from the media, it would seem to be more than protecting the Biden family.

There's money and trafficking, and in both cases, the Biden's are only on one end of the pipeline. Obviously whatever people were on the other ends don't want anyone looking too closely into Hunter.

Blogger Unknownsailor October 15, 2020 11:09 PM  

Snidely Whiplash wrote:"We have it all"

We thought he meant Weiner's laptop.

May I introduce you to the world altering power of the word "and."

We thought he meant Weiner's AND Hunter Biden's laptop.

Blogger Didas Kalos October 15, 2020 11:28 PM  

Put some mustard on that dog!

Blogger tublecane October 15, 2020 11:28 PM  

@11- I could very easily believe they underestimated the backlash. And that they thought squashing a Hunter Biden story was small enough to serve as a stepping-stone to memory-holing larger and larger stories. The tv ferry often have no idea what they're doing, as relates to public relations.

On the other hand, maybe their controllers in the Deep State or elsewhere told them to squash this one and they didn't ask why.

Blogger Noah B. October 15, 2020 11:29 PM  

This was the only reason I could think of why the computer repair guy would do what he did. He must have found something much more horrific on that computer than Hunter sleeping next to a crack pipe.

Blogger Teleport me off this rock October 15, 2020 11:37 PM  

What if Biden and Weiner thought they erased this stuff, and the good guys put it back on?

Likely not necessary, as so very many people don't realize overwriting the file allocation table isn't the same as erasing the evidence.

Anonymous Anonymous October 15, 2020 11:48 PM  

It did seem more than a little odd for the socials to choose this particular hill to die on.

The socials are CIA

Who do you think is blackmailing whom?

Blogger Macs October 15, 2020 11:49 PM  

They don't have much choice, this is their time to shine. They have been studying the effects of censorship to guage risks for some time and apparently this is well worth it.

Blogger Reader October 15, 2020 11:58 PM  

Pedophilia is the real pandemic and no mask can protect the children from these monsters.

Blogger Stryker4570 October 16, 2020 12:01 AM  

The truth of the whole thing will be confirmed when Joe Biden publicly distances himself from Hunter and blames the addiction

Blogger map October 16, 2020 12:02 AM  

Watched the NBC town hall with Donald Trump.


The rapid succession of questions about COvid, white supremacy, voting and peaceful transition...and QAnon. All in the first 20 minutes or so. It was really something to watch.

All of the questioners were women save one. What was fascinating is the SSH at play. The women loved talking to Trump. They were practically beaming. One was gushing over his smile.

And the best part?

At the end of the townhall, the crowd broke out into an enthusiastic clapping!

Folks, Trump has it in the bag.

Now, being the smart boy, I would have responded to the abortion question by saying "That is not abortion. That is triage." But...the G-E knows what he is doing.

Blogger Unknown October 16, 2020 12:09 AM  

In his town hall on ABC tonight, Joe backed sex change operations for 8-year-olds and 10-year-olds, saying this could "make their lives easier."

Anonymous Anonymous October 16, 2020 12:13 AM  

Google still has some uses;

Blogger Gettimothy October 16, 2020 12:17 AM  

Because Biden did not bother to pay a computer repair bill, because the owner of the computer shop did not trust the fbi and made a backup of the hard drive before giving it to the fbi, because Rudy Guliani is honest, it all begins to unravel.

For God uses the foolish things of this world....

Blogger Gettimothy October 16, 2020 12:19 AM  

Joe Biden looks more like a liability than an asset.

Blogger Ultrahardcore October 16, 2020 12:29 AM  

I tend to lean on the side of the fence that thinks Q is a LARP but sometimes these little nuggets pull me back in and really make me question whether someone somewhere doesn't know a lot more than they should unless they have some kind of access most of us don't. The next few weeks will be very interesting regardless. Hold onto your hats everyone.

Blogger Unknown October 16, 2020 12:39 AM  

19. Jack Amok October 15, 2020 10:50 PM
Obviously whatever people were on the other ends don't want anyone looking too closely into Hunter.

i dunno.

*EVERYBODY* knows that Epstein was child trafficking and, aside from nabbing Ghislaine, nobody 'official' is even making a peep about who might have been on the other end of his trafficking connections.

nobody is doing anything about Prince Andrew either ... which, i understand. so long as the queen allows him too, he's going to be staying in the UK. but aside from that idiot offering himself up for an interview, there would have been pretty much radio silence on Andrew as well from "official" channels.

it seems to me that the pedophiles have a pretty good grip on the news media.

Blogger Andrew October 16, 2020 1:16 AM  

Need to make comment on today's bloodbath at Youtube with 20 or more alternative news channels completely erased. Major milestone, tptb are getting scared. Bitchute rises, Screwyoutube falls.

Blogger Azimus October 16, 2020 1:19 AM  

Thank you, O Lord, that our adversaries are arrogant, careles, and stupid!

Blogger Azimus October 16, 2020 1:20 AM  

Its enough that the CCP was paying Hunter and Joe millions AFTER Joe was out of office... Tucker said it exactly right "what were they paying for?"

Blogger Andrew October 16, 2020 1:21 AM  

Need to make comment on today's bloodbath at Youtube with 20 or more alternative news channels completely erased. Major milestone, tptb are getting scared. Bitchute rises, Screwyoutube falls.

Anonymous Anonymous October 16, 2020 1:34 AM  

I feel so sorry for the computer repair guy. Just imagine being a random normie and getting a firsthand look at evil. An evil that you now legally own and have to decide what to do with. Knowing it will probably destroy your life because the corrupt media are always out for blood. I think he deserves some kind of medal.

Blogger Beloved October 16, 2020 2:27 AM  

Hypothetically, if it were not real, the widespread belief of it by the q anon crowd is highly destabilizing to our government.

Whether or not it's true doesn't matter as much the fact that so many people believe it's true.

The American Government (Deep State) has lost the mandate of Heaven.

Of course, they literally are satanic pedophiles.

Blogger lynnjynh9315 October 16, 2020 2:35 AM  

It will be difficult for the story to spread to normies with boomertech locked down.

Blogger Tom d October 16, 2020 4:06 AM  

I was watching the Trump townhall and the aggressive questioning of Q made me check this blog to see if anything was going on - VD is on it as usual.

From the Q image of the GE on the 'Hunt for the Red October' movie board - it took me a couple of minutes get the pun and the reference 'Hunters Become the Hunted' - i.e. Hunter Biden is being hunted. That saying has been used as apt metaphor for a while now to describe Act II of Trump's presidency post Russia/Ukraine coups, I'd just never thought it was referencing anything specific. Brilliant messaging and play on a cultural references!

Perhaps I'm getting old, but what is the 'Animal Crossings New Horizons'? - A quick search found this explanation in a forbes article - "It’s a game about living a slow, relaxing life on a deserted island full of anthropomorphic animals in the hopes that one day, a nude dog will come and play guitar." WTF - this is nuts, a human like dog comes and plays the guitar nude for creatures that resemble little kids.

Blogger Karen took the Kids October 16, 2020 4:07 AM  

There's been a large purge of YouTube channels that talk about Q as well today. Interesting times.

Blogger DonJuanBear October 16, 2020 4:19 AM  

As much as I'd like to see Hunter swinging from a gibbet, on a certain level taking one look at those pictures of his and knowing that poor, dumb bastard is the same age as me provides an immediate ego boost.

"It is better to look good than to feel good." XD

Blogger God Emperor Memes October 16, 2020 5:34 AM  

I saw the pics of cracked-out Hunter Biden and genuinely thought they were of Jordan Peterson.

Blogger 1100 October 16, 2020 5:48 AM  

The FBI had this hard drive for a year and we did not see any action. The DOJ has also known about this and we still did not see any action. Americans taking money from foreign governments pose a security risk. Which brings us to all the intelligence agencies who also did nothing even though they must have known.And the main stream media said nothing.

So in case it is not clear yet, there really is a large group of powerful people who conspired to let this mess continue. The scope of removing all these bad actors is huge and will change the landscape of government and media in some big ways. Things could be very unstable for a while if they actually do clean this up.

Blogger Balkan Yankee October 16, 2020 6:33 AM  

That which they cannot control or subvert, they discredit and suppress. Which is what TPTB are attempting to do to Q Anon.

Look at it this way: Even if Q is fake, Q has convinced many people to wake up and scrutinize TPTB.

TPTB dislike scrutiny and want it to stop. Not necessarily because they are a bunch of Satanic-minded pedophiles, though some of them probably are, but because they really are a fearful cabal.

Like proverbial vampires, TPTB are determined to prevent sunlight from flooding in, fearful that their wealth sucking schemes and evil deeds will be exposed for all the normies to see.

Don't be surprised if highly placed individuals start turning into bats to escape the enraged villagers. Figuratively speaking. Of course.

Blogger Jpc October 16, 2020 7:02 AM  

The MSM silence is thunderous.
If there's anything to this story whatever and it's not reported on outside of the "alternative media"
What is good to be hidden next?

Blogger RedJack October 16, 2020 7:17 AM  

Remember when it was hard the believe the fringe people whonsaid there were human trafficking rings all over the US? That high and powerful people used them?

We had so much unmasking that if Hillary turned out to be a reptile it would at least make sense

Blogger Canadian Warlord October 16, 2020 7:30 AM  

The media is terrified because the media is implicated. Scroll and key. As individuals, some of them are higher up the totem pole than mere employees reading teleprompters. As a consequence, the media industrial complex can be studied like big dumb prey.

Their reaction, in unison, is the tell. They're just running a program after all. Instead of programming us as I used to think, the media reacts like a school of fish with the self-determination of well-written and commented software.

Blogger Prof. Spudd October 16, 2020 7:32 AM  

@29 map

Savannah Guthrie is clearly a media shill, but she did a good job at asking Trump all the critical talking points going around about him, and allowing him an opportunity to snuff them out one right after the other. And he did a great job at doing that.

It was honestly far better than another debate with Biden would be. It clearly would have a better effect among the suburban wah-men.

I do wonder why Trump still keeps using "Sleepy Joe", since we agree here that it's a weaksauce insult.

Blogger Pratisara October 16, 2020 7:45 AM  

Pedophilia is the end game of materialism.

Blogger Damelon Brinn October 16, 2020 8:29 AM  

Joe Biden looks more like a liability than an asset.

That's why I've been saying for two years that they couldn't let him be the candidate. They just couldn't. He already had too many crimes to choose from, and we didn't know the full extent of this one yet.

I underestimated their stupidity.

Blogger Damelon Brinn October 16, 2020 8:40 AM  

It will be difficult for the story to spread to normies with boomertech locked down.

Difficult, but not impossible. Stories got around before social media.

When the Lewinsky story broke, the media had been burying one Clinton crime after another for years. But the stained blue dress was an attention getter, and the National Enquirer was running with it. The MSM couldn't afford to be left out, so they all jumped in with two feet and started talking about it 24/7 so they could control the story. That way they could over-report on it until Americans were sick of hearing about it and just wanted it to go away.

There isn't time for them to do that with this before the election, so they're in a tough spot. If Tucker and bloggers cover this and it keeps spreading through email and word of mouth, the MSM is going to have to get in on it to try to control it, and then it could get really interesting.

Blogger swiftfoxmark2 October 16, 2020 9:02 AM  

Nobody seems to be asking why a laptop with so much incriminating data wound up in the hands of a computer repairman with no one interested in collecting it.

My guess is that there was either an independent intelligence asset who was working for Trump and got in to Biden's inner circle or it was a Biden insider who had a crisis of conscious. Either way, this person probably copied that data to a laptop for the Beau Biden foundation, damaged it, and then took it to a repairman who he or she knew would turn it over to the right people.

I doubt Hunter Biden, drug addict that he is, would be so sloppy as to let a laptop with that kind of information just linger in the hands of a third party. Hell, I'm pretty sure the Cabal has their own private IT guys who do the repairs and don't ask questions.

Blogger PJW Gent October 16, 2020 9:09 AM  

Trust me when I say they (Q group) know a lot more than can imagine. People seem to forget that when you are publicly posting the type of actionable information they post, there has to be a combination of wrong and confusing information mixed in with the targeted information so the adversaries are never sure what is real and what is not. Combine that with leaving clues for your followers to know which is which and you have what we have seen. One thing I do think is true: they did not anticipate how difficult it would be to actually do what they are trying to do as well as the extreme difficulty in preparing the larger battlefield.

If this were all a larp, the compromised media would not be all up in arms about it, trying to squash it wherever they could. They know or at least fear it is real and that is why they have to clamp down so hard because there is enough there for even them to understand the consequences of it playing out for real.

One thing is certain, whoever comprises this group, and they are a group, they have access and I mean significant access to extremely classified information stores and actionable intel. All you need to remember is how Admiral Rogers went against Clapper and the Obama administration's improper use of NSA data. He also saved the Trump transition team from being directly spied upon, getting them to move out of the bugged Trump Tower. It is interesting that you haven't heard anything about Rogers for the last few years. The former head of NSA doesn't just disappear. I would venture that is all you need to know to be assured this is not a larp. It may be posing as a larg as part of its opsec, but underneath that it is real.

Blogger KeaponLaffin October 16, 2020 9:59 AM  

I agree with Balkan Yankee and another. It doesn't matter if Q is fake.
Proverbs 28:1
The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.

In fact it would be great if Q was just some kids trolling the so called elite.

We know you did something evil, so we're just going to shake that tree and see what falls out.

It's not the crime, it's the cover-up.

Seriously though, they are terrified because they don't have the concept of Truth. To them The Narrative is truth.
Turning into bats to escape the villagers? No, it'll start before that and has. They're fleeing reality. They don't know God's judgement but they see thunderclouds on the horizon.

Blogger urthshu October 16, 2020 10:01 AM  

My suspicion is Hunter didn't return for the laptop because he realized what was on it and feared being arrested at the shop. Instead, he may have consulted dad.

Blogger wreckage October 16, 2020 10:15 AM  

@48 I'd say a shocking number of them both have sexual appetites that the proles do not approve of, and a luciferian mindset. I'm a million miles from drinking the kool-aid on Q or on some of Vox's rhetoric, but the simple observable facts in this case are close enough for hand grenades and horseshoes.

Blogger ThatWouldBeTelling October 16, 2020 10:19 AM  

@41 Saint:

Hypothetically, if it were not real, the widespread belief of it by the q anon crowd is highly destabilizing to our government.

If only because trying to interpret Q requires thinking instead of being spoon fed by media whores. As @48 Balkan Yankee posted while I was composing this, "Look at it this way: Even if Q is fake, Q has convinced many people to wake up and scrutinize TPTB." and that won't do.

Blogger Avalanche October 16, 2020 10:22 AM  

@27 "Pedophilia is the real pandemic and no mask can protect the children from these monsters."

In fact, the masks are HELPING the pedos!

Blogger Avalanche October 16, 2020 10:35 AM  

@40 "Just imagine being a random normie and getting a firsthand look at evil."

You must've missed the stories back a few years ago, when YT was paying low-wages to low-wage foreigners mostly in the Phillipines, if I remember? These poor young people were tasked with WATCHING the dubious vids and censoring the ones that could not go out onto YT.

So, they were forced to watch multiple murders and child-rape and animal-torture and animal-rape and child-torture and a host of other horrors. And they were all ending up with horrific psychiatric damage and wanted HELP from YT. YT was uninterested, cause there were always more looking for work...

I'm also reminded of some court case in CA that went on for some months, of two insane horrors who kidnapped young women and held them for many months in an underground cage, and raped and tortured and etc. The state/court provided psychiatric help to the court workers and lawyers -- but NOT to the jury members, who were sent off and left to deal on their own. Normies forced to descend into hell, including interviews with the rescued few, and pix and movies of the treatment of both the dead and rescued ones...

I was going to write "try to imagine" ... but no -- DO NOT try to imagine!!

When Vox Day says there is *tangible evil* in this world... he AIN'T exaggerating!

Blogger Avalanche October 16, 2020 10:42 AM  

@42 "It will be difficult for the story to spread to normies with boomertech locked down."

So, old martial arts saying: learn one day, teach one day.

Passing on these truths to those who will not see them is a.... well, not easy way ... but a way to make sure people learn.

I'm furious at Q for saying several times that only 20% of what's truly going on will be released to the public. I am firmly in the camp that if you do not have the truth and the real facts you cannot make good decisions.

Took a class in the Navy, decades ago. Was the only military in the class with lots of fed employees. One of the 'exercises' was we had to answer, and later reveal our answers to, this question:

**Would you rather your boss treated you kindly but unfairly, or harshly and fairly?**

My answer was easy and 100%: Harsh is fine so long as it's fair!

EVERY SINGLE other woman -- and it was nearly all women in the class -- said unfairly but kindly. Whiskey tango foxtrot?!!!!

Blogger Avalanche October 16, 2020 10:59 AM  

Skip this if you want to keep your brain clear of a little extra fillip of horror. Alas for me, I've got more of this 'stuff' stuck in my brain and it won't come out...

Neon wrote, over at his Gab:
"The elites prefer to rape white kids, even though black kids are often easier to obtain due to poverty and proximity, so Eastern Europe, and Mormon populations are popular human trafficking sources."

Apparently, adrenochrome is STRONGER when taken from tortured negroes than from tortured White children. It is entirely possible/likely that it's TWO streams of child-taking; one for "medicine/drug" and one for "fun." Before I learned this, I always tried to imagine how any of these elites could want black children for sex... and on learning more than I want about adrenochrome, it became clearer.

Blogger Jack Amok October 16, 2020 12:12 PM  

it seems to me that the pedophiles have a pretty good grip on the news media.

Sure, but what is this Twitter crackdown other than them exercising that control? More importantly, it's exercising it in the hopes of maintaining their control over prosecuting authorities.

The don't want anything supporting Q to leak past their gatekeepers and start the normies believing Q. That would be a disaster for them.

Blogger Stilicho October 16, 2020 1:02 PM  

Sure, and they claim that the failure to convince the public to elect a politician or the loss of a bureaucrat's comfy govt sinecure is "punishment enough" and declime to prosecute. Thereby proving that they themselves are part of the conspiracy.

Fiat justicia ruat caelum!

Blogger Linden Arden October 16, 2020 4:24 PM  

These boomers will never understand the computer. Stashing porn on their laptops and then turning it into the Geek squad for a repair is so typical. Reminds me of the dot Indian IT director at my workplace who was giving a presentation and left his porn site open in the background much to the horror of the 20 something females in the audience. I mean who browses porn on their work laptops and then forgets to close the window? Answer the Boomer does.

Blogger Hieroglyph October 16, 2020 6:12 PM  

Cuties and Hunter Biden - weirdest hills to die on ever. I too was initially mystified at the wagon circling, but Neon is likely on to something here. Who is this poor girl\young woman? I am also wondering why Hunter appears to have 'Hollywood child-star' vibes about him. Don Jr doesn't. Don Jr appears to be a grounded, intelligent guy with a sense of humour who actually likes his Dad. Not so Hunter. Truly there are some people who are essentially white trash but with a higher IQ. Bill Clinton is their King, obviously.

What a fascinating 4 years it has been. Maybe it is scripted, as Big Bear says. Solid writing, needs to focus more on the Hillary Gets Wrecked storyline though. Maybe in Season 5.

Blogger ThatWouldBeTelling October 16, 2020 7:40 PM  

@69 Hieroglyph:

I am also wondering why Hunter appears to have 'Hollywood child-star' vibes about him. Don Jr doesn't. Don Jr appears to be a grounded, intelligent guy with a sense of humour who actually likes his Dad.

"Eric Trump: ‘We Grew Up on Construction Sites,’ Didn’t Have Time to Get in Trouble"

“We’re not politicians; that’s not what we’ve ever done. We’re builders, and that’s what we’d always done. My father put Don and I and all of us on construction sites at an early age,” Trump said, adding he was doing demolition with a sledgehammer at 11 years old.

For these two boys, you can imagine how fascinating that would be to them.

Blogger Michael Wallick October 17, 2020 12:49 AM  


Blogger Canada78Bear October 17, 2020 12:10 PM  

Everytime I see Hunter mentioned I giggle a little bit because I'm awaiting the spectacle of the angry privilege mob that will descend upon him soon. Almost every checkbox is checked for this would be president's son.

Blogger MrNiceguy October 18, 2020 7:01 PM  

Not necessarily a lack of trust in the FBI. When I'm doing repair/recovery work on a PC, I'll often start by pulling the hard drive and cloning it as a backup.

However, knowing what we know about the FBI, I certainly would have made a copy before turning over something politically damaging to a Democrat.

Honestly, I'd probably give a copy to someone I trust with instructions to release it if I died.

Blogger MrNiceguy October 18, 2020 7:08 PM  

I really don't buy the, "I can't believe a crackhead would be so careless," argument

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