Sunday, January 10, 2021

Desperate indeed

Nancy Pelosi sure seems to be a) scared and b) in an awful hurry. I wonder what has her in such a tizzy on this happy Rubicon Day?

Dear Democratic Colleague,

On this Sunday, as we pray that God will continue to Bless America, I write to inform you of our next actions, which will be made with the great solemnity that this moment requires.

I want to call to your immediate attention the action to be taken tomorrow morning, when Majority Leader Hoyer will request Unanimous Consent to bring up the Raskin resolution. This resolution calls on the Vice President to convene and mobilize the Cabinet to activate the 25th Amendment to declare the President incapable of executing the duties of his office, after which the Vice President would immediately exercise powers as acting President. The text of the resolution can be found here.

If we do not receive Unanimous Consent, this legislation is planned to be brought up on the Floor the following day. We are calling on the Vice President to respond within 24 hours.

Next, we will proceed with bringing impeachment legislation to the Floor.

In protecting our Constitution and our Democracy, we will act with urgency, because this President represents an imminent threat to both. As the days go by, the horror of the ongoing assault on our democracy perpetrated by this President is intensified and so is the immediate need for action.

I look forward to our Caucus call tomorrow. I am grateful to all Members for the suggestions, observations and input that you have been sending. Your views on the 25th Amendment, 14th Amendment Section 3 and impeachment are valued as we continue. I am answering your communications in chronological order and will do so into the night.

Thank you for your patriotism.


I wonder to which devil god she is praying? Deus vult....



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Blogger Revelation Means Hope January 11, 2021 12:51 PM  

Comparing this with Obama's 2010 order of succession is revealing. Cuts out All the perfumed princes at the top of the military.

Blogger stats January 11, 2021 1:03 PM  

Just BELIEVE in the plan.

Blogger Geir Balderson January 11, 2021 1:37 PM  

I believe the character of 'Mom' on Futurama was patterned after Pelosi. Nancy tries to wrap herself in her pray shawl in public with her kindly persona. Then, back in her office she slaps the interns and gives them her evil bitch true self. Yes, one wonders who Nancy is praying to? It sure isn't the loving Creator of the Universe.

Blogger Ominous Cowherd January 11, 2021 1:54 PM  

stats wrote:Just BELIEVE in the plan.
Trust Trump for nine more days. That gives us nine more days to prepare for him to fail, too.

Do you have non-internet and non-cellphone comms worked out yet?

Blogger JWM in SD January 11, 2021 3:41 PM  

Pelosi claims she has backing of the military.

Blogger Ominous Cowherd January 11, 2021 5:25 PM  

JWM in SD wrote:Pelosi claims she has backing of the military.
Is this one of those ``believe all women'' things?

Blogger SciVo January 11, 2021 11:49 PM  

@ Ominous Cowherd:

Do you have non-internet and non-cellphone comms worked out yet?

Yes. I am fairly certain that "walking over to a friend's house" would still work.

Blogger FutureDeadWhiteButNotDeadYet Male January 12, 2021 8:46 AM  

Exactly. Every time I start getting impatient,someone else outs themselves. All the evil is unmasking itself. Also, the lukewarm are using the "not who we are" language of the enemy. Let them continue.

Blogger Ominous Cowherd January 13, 2021 11:49 AM  

SciVo wrote:Yes. I am fairly certain that "walking over to a friend's house" would still work.
You don't have any friends who live out of earshot, might need to get in touch with you?

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