Thursday, January 07, 2021


Mark Zuckerberg personally bans the President of the United States from Facebook:

The shocking events of the last 24 hours clearly demonstrate that President Donald Trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden.

His decision to use his platform to condone rather than condemn the actions of his supporters at the Capitol building has rightly disturbed people in the US and around the world. We removed these statements yesterday because we judged that their effect -- and likely their intent -- would be to provoke further violence.

Following the certification of the election results by Congress, the priority for the whole country must now be to ensure that the remaining 13 days and the days after inauguration pass peacefully and in accordance with established democratic norms.

Over the last several years, we have allowed President Trump to use our platform consistent with our own rules, at times removing content or labeling his posts when they violate our policies. We did this because we believe that the public has a right to the broadest possible access to political speech, even controversial speech. But the current context is now fundamentally different, involving use of our platform to incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government.

We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great. Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete.

Remember, Twitter never actually bans anyone. They just suspend their users indefinitely. And I can testify from personal experience. And in other news, Shopify just deplatformed the President.

And now we're waiting for RED2. Which may, or may not, be related to today's FCC announcement.

The FCC's Enforcement Bureau today issued an advisory to remind Emergency Alert System participants of their compliance obligations, including ensuring that alerts are accessible to people with disabilities

DA/FCC #: DA-21-10

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Blogger MarkyMark January 07, 2021 9:04 PM  

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Blogger Unknown January 07, 2021 10:25 PM  

Now that I am thinking about this video, this can be certainly pre-recorded.

Blogger David McCarthy January 07, 2021 11:29 PM  


But what does it mean? 5 onwards. It's all in codes that I don't understand.

Blogger Arthur Isaac January 08, 2021 12:33 AM  

@Pitchfork Rebel, you're an utter moron.

Maybe in 4 years we can get Romney and he'll dedicate himself to cleaning up the swamp!!!

Blogger MarGitta January 08, 2021 10:00 AM  

EVERY other social media platform is better than FB. Dump FB and go there. Personally, I know that I can live without FB. Done it for 50 years.

Blogger Tryinghard January 08, 2021 12:05 PM  

I think you did a good job on this.
The second line of the first verse could be
"We all took of and headed down to Washington".
That fits the meter better, imo.
Or, it fits as is when I sing it to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song. Which I apologize for.

Blogger Voracious Reader January 08, 2021 1:04 PM  


Boomer, thank you for your reminder about shortwave broadcasts for news. I need to break out my trusty Sony SW receiver and make sure I find the frequencies for some good English-speaking station online before domestic US comms go down.

I have depended on the Internet to make searching easier rather than manually scanning the airwaves. Better to have a paper frequency chart handy.

The shortwave universe has shrunk in recent years as more state broadcasters take their overseas services off the air and onto the Internet. If you were last on the SWs 25 years ago a lot of good services are no longer on the air.

Here's a good list with frequencies, UTC broadcast times, and which station: There are others, too. "Type in 'English speaking shortwave service' into your search engine. And do it before the US ISPs are taken down, too...hint, hint.

China Radio Intl has a ton of frequencies that you can easily pick up in the US because of hemispheric repeaters, but in a domestic US emergency I wouldn't trust the ChiCom radio any further than I could throw them.

There are several US-based Christian broadcasters who may prove to be more politically reliable than state-services such as ABC/Radio Australia or the BBC. At the very least, this news blackout will affect everyone, so there will be lots and lots of local complaints to fix and find out what is happening.

In the radio silence, stick with what you know, ignore the MSM attempts to spin and lie, and trust The Plan. A clean and zeroed battle-rifle couldn't hurt to have ready, either.

Gonna get interesting in the next two weeks, fersure.

Blogger The Pitchfork Rebel January 08, 2021 2:47 PM  


Actually, you are the utter moron.

If you want to disprove an assertion, you offer an intelligent, reasoned response.

Calling somebody a moron in response to some statement you viscerally reject reveals your cognitive deficit, not yours.

When reliable left wing rag Politico cited irregularities in the 1960 election, with this phrase prior to the 2016 election:

"It happened in 1960, after John Kennedy defeated Nixon by the narrowest of margins. Nixon believed that Kennedy’s allies had stolen the election through systematic fraud. He had far more evidence in his court than Donald Trump, and his margin of loss was much smaller than Trump’s current deficit in the polls. He didn’t concede right away, and gave serious consideration to fighting the results. But ultimately Nixon accepted them—and so did the Republican Party as well as the American public."

You can bet there was significant fraud then too, despite all their cautions and caveats or do you think the Democrat city machines just started screwing with voter rolls, ballots and tabulations in 2020?

Either respond intelligently or not at all.

Blogger Akulkis January 09, 2021 12:00 PM  

>> I really want to see what it is they're so afraid he's going to do in 13 days.

At a photo op, fall 2017:

Trump: Remember this day. This is the calm before the storm.

Reporterette: What storm, Mr. President?

Trump: You'll see.

Blogger ruralcounsel January 11, 2021 11:49 AM  

Zuckerberg apparently doesn't know the meaning of "lawful." Maybe he should have finished his college degree at Harvard after all. On second thought, it was Harvard, so that probably wouldn't have helped.

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