Tuesday, January 26, 2021

SJWs destroy baseball Hall of Fame

Convergence has struck at baseball history, as SJW sportswriters vote to keep Curt Schilling out of the Hall of Fame:

Schilling is responsible for one of the great and iconic moments in baseball history. He was one of the all-time great postseason pitchers and had more than 3,000 regular-season strikeouts in his career.

Yet tonight, we’re going to find out if he has been passed over for the ninth time for a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame. It’s going to be close. About 46 percent of the ballots have been made public and of those, Schilling is getting 75 percent of the vote. That number, 75 percent, is the minimum needed. But in the past, players on the borderline lose a percent or two when the ballots that weren’t made public are added in. 

In other words: Schilling probably won’t make it. And why is that? Because he likes Donald Trump. And because his support of things like what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6 turns off baseball writers.

(UPDATE: Schilling did not make it. He received 71.1 percent.)

Cancel culture? Yes, if Schilling is canceled. He should definitely be in the Hall of Fame. But the baseball writers who vote on this want to be thought police, too.

This is a big moment for the Hall of Fame, and maybe for the whole idea of cancel culture. The Hall ballot says: “Voting shall be based upon the player’s record, playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, and contributions to the team(s) on which the player played.’’

Voters — longtime baseball writers — have been struggling over the “integrity, sportsmanship, character” part for years. That’s why Pete Rose isn’t in. He bet on the game, which directly affected the integrity of the sport. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, accused in the steroid scandal, will likely not be voted in tonight either. They cheated the game.

But Schilling? He’s being kept out because the writers don’t like how he votes, how he thinks and how he talks. I’m not just guessing either. In the days before the Hall vote the past few years, this year included, writers have explained why they didn’t vote for Schilling.

As small and petty as this may be, if you haven't grasped that the society in which you grew up in is now over, this should be another wake-up moment for you. This is not our culture, it is Zero History culture. We cannot live with the converged and they certainly don't want to live with us.

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Blogger Filter Bear January 26, 2021 8:02 PM  

Didn't bother watching much baseball this year after seeing every single player with a BLM warmup shirt, MLBxBLM etc. That's even as a lifelong dodgers fan, and they won the WS. Only in Satan's realm can black athletes who sign $300M contracts identify with the oppressed.

Blogger Attila99 January 26, 2021 8:03 PM  

As a home grown Yankees fan i despise everything Red Sox baseball related - except for Curt.

Sportswriters are almost below congressman. Scum.

Blogger SonyAD January 26, 2021 8:06 PM  

I'm a child of the 90s and the contrast between the world, society and value system I was born into and raised in and today's aberrant, dystopian society and degenerate culture is quite stark. Moral decline is evident. And undeniably tied to the decline in faith in and respect for traditional and one's elders.

Blogger Unknown January 26, 2021 8:07 PM  

Curt is a Trump supporter. Sooner or later, that may be a crime.

War Paint

Blogger Pseudotsuga January 26, 2021 8:08 PM  

First they came for the Hugo, and I didn't speak up because it was just a tiny group of people that don't matter in the real world...
Then they let anybody play women's sports, and I couldn't speak up because of muh Facebook ban...
Then they came for the Baseball Hall of Fame, and I didn't speak up because I didn't want people to think I was one of "those Trump fanatics."
They are coming for you next, and me, and the boxcars are being built for us...

Blogger Crew January 26, 2021 8:12 PM  

No doubt the Democrats will label Schilling as a domestic terrorist.

Blogger tdcommenter January 26, 2021 8:13 PM  

The SJWs should be encouraged to follow their instincts and torch down the territory they've managed to appropriate:
- Disney should continue to cancel Luke Skywalker & promote their diverse and representative all-women Story Group
- Marvel needs to replace the Punisher's symbol with a flower and convert the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) to the M-She-U, led by Brie Larson
- DC needs moar "Not Starfire" and hope for more Birds of Prey Movie
- Dr. Who should keep Chipnall
- Do not object when Star Trek plagarizes a giant, blue teleporting tardigrade kept by a gay bearded scientist. I am not making this up, Paramount had to steal that idea & was vociferously defended by its fans while pilfering that idea from an indie game.

Blogger Lazarus January 26, 2021 8:14 PM  

If it is any consolation, Shilling is not as cancelled as Hank Aaron who took the Covid shot to make the brothers feel safe with it and died of Covid before he could get the second dose.

Plus, the bloody sock was a psy-op. He can be in my own personal hall of fame, even if it is just for that.

Blogger brbrophy January 26, 2021 8:15 PM  

And yet his bloody sock was in the hall of fame. I wonder if he’s jealous of his sock? It also looks like the cop from Gaytown was right about his first fantasy draft pick.

Blogger Kevin January 26, 2021 8:21 PM  

Gammas getting their revenge on the alpha.

Blogger Teleport me off this rock January 26, 2021 8:22 PM  

And that society is over in good part because of gutless cowards like the writer of that article, another "muh First Amendment" dimwit.

Blogger basementhomebrewer January 26, 2021 8:22 PM  

Journalists should not be granted any authority over your sports league's brand. Pull the voting into current and former players and coaches. Some journalists will still fit in that category but their power will be diluted.

Blogger Kevin January 26, 2021 8:23 PM  

Ty Cobb is next.

Blogger modsquad January 26, 2021 8:31 PM  

Fair is fair, since I don't watch their pedo communist movies.

Blogger dlstacy January 26, 2021 8:32 PM  

Pete Rose should be in.

Blogger Dire Badger January 26, 2021 8:38 PM  

What's the difference between a shark and a journalist?

One is a soulless, deep-dwelling, murderous, stupid creature that has to keep moving and hunting constantly for anything to rip apart just to stay alive.

The other one's a fish.

Blogger Damelon Brinn January 26, 2021 8:47 PM  

Sportswriters are far more Jewish than the general population. I'm surprised he got that high.

Blogger Baseball Savant January 26, 2021 8:50 PM  

Schilling came to the city I went to college in and threw a bullpen session for Pawtucket when he was coming back from an injury for the Red Sox. I knew one of the field guys from back when I was playing D1 baseball in that city and he let me in to watch Schilling's bullpen work. It wasn't anything special but Schilling was very gracious and let me stand behind the mound. It wasn't more than 30-40 pitches but it was simply incredible watching him work through his pitch sequences. I wasn't a pitcher, but it was really interesting as a former minor league hitter to see how he worked considering at the time everyone thought the guy was a HoF pitcher even before he retired. Unfortunately it also reintroduced the painful awareness of why I didn't get to the major leagues!! I told him good luck coming back and that was it, but it was a neat experience.

I was around baseball for 24 years. Schilling in genuinely one of the really good guys.

Blogger wahr01 January 26, 2021 8:52 PM  

Yet another "expert body" that self-destructs its public image on the sword of progressivism.

These people make up 10% of society and think the 90% they terrorize and 55% they 'cancel' will simply go away, and that's not how it works.

Blogger Jeff the Baptist January 26, 2021 8:53 PM  

Shilling has also single-handedly kept several small gaming companies in business.

Also he'll always be a Philly to me.

Blogger Bucephalus January 26, 2021 8:53 PM  

Can’t wait to see what the day of judgment has in store for all of these people, the cancel culture people. Then they will find out how irrelevant they truly were.

Blogger tdcommenter January 26, 2021 8:54 PM  

Just as I wandered away, I was treated to this 30 second perfume advert that cannot be unseen:

Only someone steeped in converged programming cannot see the jarring disharmony.

Blogger theartistformerlyknownasgeorge January 26, 2021 8:56 PM  

There has always been an element of companies creating demand instead of serving it, but now these companies are strong enough to dictate what we should demand.

I think they are the loud minority domineering the silent majority and people could wake up, but I am not sure they will.

Blogger therxdruggist January 26, 2021 8:57 PM  

The vote to keep Schilling out of the Hall, diminishes the prestige of all existing inductees.

Blogger Jack Amok January 26, 2021 8:58 PM  

Gammas getting their revenge on the alpha.

You nailed most baseball writers the last couple of decades at least.

Blogger therxdruggist January 26, 2021 9:03 PM  

I know of a field in Iowa where a monument to the real baseball elite could be celebrated, and not just the politically correct players.

Blogger ND January 26, 2021 9:04 PM  

I mean, what haven't they destroyed at this point?! Nevermind, don't answer that. I would hate for one to have a new mission list.

Blogger Unknown January 26, 2021 9:08 PM  

Let's drop the 'it's over, we're doomed' act. It reminds me of an anecdote about US Grant. All his command was bitching about what Lee was going to do to them. Grant barked at them to stop. He told them to start thinking about what they were going to do to him. Fuck the tight margins in our very own Parliament of whores.

Blogger Angels1978 January 26, 2021 9:15 PM  

Baseball writers love to make themselves the story. Schilling wrote a savage response and asked the Hall of Fame to be removed from his final year eligibility.

Blogger Peter January 26, 2021 9:31 PM  

Shilling was really a marginal allstar pitcher. On the low side for wins (216 wins), no cy youngs, 3.5 ERA.. outside of Boston he's not that well liked and known as a bit of a ass... if he were a +300 winner and have a cy young you can be outspoken but when on the edge, you can't go infront of congress and bad talk the sport and its players. Shilling was done well before he became a Trump supporter.

Blogger Angela January 26, 2021 9:38 PM  

I will build my own culture. The culture of the Babelists is dead to me.

Blogger swiftfoxmark2 January 26, 2021 9:40 PM  

We cannot live with the converged and they certainly don't want to live with us.

No, they want us to live with them, otherwise they wouldn't bother doing all this crap in order to rule over us.

Blogger Meanoldbasterd January 26, 2021 9:49 PM  

^amen tdcommenter: Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.

Blogger Darren Lauer January 26, 2021 9:49 PM  

Ironic, given baseball players and fans are some of the most traditional people in sports

Blogger travvyboy January 26, 2021 9:52 PM  

"We cannot live with the converged and they certainly don't want to live with us." they don't want to let us go though, they want us to conform, but we won't.

Blogger Unknown January 26, 2021 9:52 PM  

Silent ballot only works if people can trust those counting the ballots. Obviously, events of the last year put that in serious doubt in Western lands. Legitimacy is at an alltime low as a result.

Blogger Unknown January 26, 2021 9:58 PM  

far from the first time i borderline candidate has been kept out because the writers don't like him - wont be the last either

Blogger Pathfinderlight January 26, 2021 10:04 PM  

They are not our nation. They have no history. They hate us for existing. They will not stop persecution while we live.

Blogger Edjamacator January 26, 2021 10:06 PM  

tdcommenter wrote:Do not object when Star Trek plagarizes a giant, blue teleporting tardigrade kept by a gay bearded scientist.

Eh, they should just make it a blue HAIRED tardigrade and scream about how "we're much more woker!"

Blogger Silly but True January 26, 2021 10:11 PM  

Vox, any 38 Studios gaming industry inside baseball stories? On paper Kingdoms of Amalor was the dream team of artistic projects: RA Salvatore as lead writer, Todd McFarlane as creative designer. And for its gaming part, Mark Nelson of the good Elder Scrolls, Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind was hired as project director. What could go wrong?

It’s failure is legendary in gaming; with its black hole hoovering up at least Schiller’s $50m personal investment and then a $75m public loan from State of Rhode Island.

Blogger LaMachinna January 26, 2021 10:14 PM  

He recently got dropped by his insurance company, AIG, for the same reason. Sent them a nice little note in their email. Not waiting for the response I'll never get....

Blogger Unknown January 26, 2021 10:16 PM  

It's now called debasedball.

Blogger John (not the pope) January 26, 2021 10:30 PM  

Search "Margaret Court" vis Australian Tennis.
She's a Christian who has spoken against same sex marriage and is experiencing a similar attack.

Blogger JamesB.BKK January 26, 2021 10:31 PM  

National Review openly brags - and defines itself and its true enemies - based on its and its founder's efforts at cancel culture. Mirrored Alinksy.

Blogger CF Neal January 26, 2021 10:32 PM  

For Love of the Game, I hid undercovers listening to West coast adventures. Daily box scores challenged us as equations of almost infinite complexity, while Sunday's paper featured a compilation of current leader of stats mind-numbing number.

Our field of dreams was sandlot play all day.
Our fantasy leagues were Strato tabletop all night.
Sporting News was our baseball bible, Street & Smith our commentaries.

Spring training was followed as closely as groupings of girls at school dances. The boys of summer were us. Then...

Ball Four awakened us to the reality of men behaving badly while playing a child's game. Confessions of a Dirty Ballplayer dispelled any residual vestiges of an illusion of sportsmanship. Money Ball showed it all.

Third strike & you're out of excuses; so we fans stayed away.

PED scandals & SJW virtue-signalling sealed the deal with devil. Pro sports is gay, on steroids, literally. Dead sports ball era, dead to me.

Blogger SmokeyJoe January 26, 2021 10:36 PM  

"We cannot live with the converged and they certainly don't want to live with us."

Exactly. Time to rip the band aid off and get it over with. Unfortunately, even if we just split the country up, those people will never leave us alone. It's against their nature. They cannot coexist with anybody who will not conform to their hive mentality.

Blogger hi January 26, 2021 10:37 PM  

Maybe all the hyper-aggressive behavior from the enemy will purge whatever remains of the Boomer in Trump and make him realize if he didn't already there's no way out but through them. Maybe he'll finally become Patton like we needed.

Blogger Kentucky Packrat January 26, 2021 10:42 PM  

There might be baseball reasons to argue against Schilling, but the only reason the voters are going against him now is his post-game politics. I am a big believer that the decision to put someone in the Hall as a player is solely about their play, and should have no non-baseball considerations.

As much as agreeing with John Gruber even a little bit makes me want to wash my mouth out with battery acid, he is correct about one thing: Bonds, Clemens, and Pete Rose deserve to be in the Hall as players. Bonds and Clemens may have asterisks, but they're still Hall players based on their skills and stats.

Moreover, Pete Rose is a GOAT as a player, and it's a mockery of the Hall for him to not be in it. Rose was never going to get into the Hall as a manager, so getting banned (and staying banned) as a manager shouldn't influence him getting in as a player.

Blogger KBuff January 26, 2021 11:01 PM  

This stuff is encroaching on other levels of the game as well.
I started hearing complaints about 'the current president' last season on my 'old man' team before the games, and I put up with it since I really wanted to keep playing. I played in the league for 12 years, and this was never an issue before. (The Covid stuff also made things difficult, as our season was delayed, people reported players for not wearing a mask in the dugout, etc.) January 6, and some of my teammates are losing their minds over the 'insurrection'. At least they helped me decide whether I was returning to the team this season.

Blogger Delaware Blue Hen January 26, 2021 11:05 PM  

As a Phillies fan, this really stinks. MLB catering to the BLM this season was bad enough, and I had hoped that they may come around to their senses. However, this little stunt tells me that MLB hates their fans and that is not going to change. So I am going to return the favor, and I hope other fans will do likewise. Let the sports writer eat their own newsprint and see how well they survive without a fan base.

Furthermore, these snot-nose elites think they can live without us deplorables. Maybe Ace of Spades was correct (, the deplorables should return the favor. Let the SJWs fix their own cars, houses, and other odds and ends.

Blogger Nate January 26, 2021 11:07 PM  

Is Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame? Baseball was lost decades ago

Blogger Unknown January 26, 2021 11:14 PM  

If you receive accolades, pray for your soul, because you're on the side of the god of this world.

Blogger MATT January 26, 2021 11:18 PM  

HoF has long since been exposed as ridiculous. How could you have Pete Rose memorabilia, but not Pete Rose the man?

Blogger VFM #7634 January 26, 2021 11:30 PM  

As small and petty as this may be, if you haven't grasped that the society in which you grew up in is now over, this should be another wake-up moment for you. This is not our culture, it is Zero History culture. We cannot live with the converged and they certainly don't want to live with us.

I suspect many of us have wondered how we'd handle living in a dystopia, and if we'd be able to rise to the occasion of being a beacon of truth and light.

Here's our chance. It's here, and it's now.

Blogger Michael Williams January 26, 2021 11:44 PM  

In Australia, we have Margaret Court - greatest female tennis player ever, plus she stands firm against sodomy. Every year around Australia Day, the media come at her hard - they want the arena named after her to be changed and all the awards and recognition she earned on the court stripped from her. That along with every Australia Day, they try to get the very date of Australia’s founding changed and they call it “Invasion Day”. I can actually live with that so a big, happy Invasion Day to everyone and to the benefits that Western civilisation brought to Australia, the best being the good news about Jesus Christ!!

Blogger Unknown January 26, 2021 11:52 PM  

It is true my viewing of sports has nearly evaporated however I still from time to time click a link for a SJW writer is the subject is interesting to me.

The link is at the very bottom and directly below is an excerpt that gives clear indication that lefty writers (lefty anything) don't have the ability to clearly think. It is disgusting to me.

"I’ve never voted for Schilling, a borderline candidate in my opinion, even before I became aware he was an alleged racist, transphobic, conspiracy theorist, democracy-hating Twitter troll in favor of lynching journalists."

Blogger timbrown January 27, 2021 12:07 AM  

Oh no! Someone better call Jane Clark, she is our last chance to save baseball!

Blogger AdognamedOp January 27, 2021 12:09 AM  

Sportswriters are mostly gamma weaklings who couldn't play the game so their hatred of successful athletes runs deep. That's why you'll often see these little ykw sportswriters/reporters piling on some flamboyant NFL brutha for the pettiest of reasons. Sports journalism is as dead as the MSMS these days.

Blogger Gravy_Bear January 27, 2021 12:19 AM  

Kinda like how the rock n roll hall of fame is now inducting degenerate gangster rap groups like NWA but refuses to induct Ted Nugent based on his political stances.

Blogger Bigger Bunyip January 27, 2021 12:22 AM  

It illustrates the two key features of the SJW movement:
1. The have no off switch. They will press on, moving the goal posts as they go. Over time no one / nothing is safe.
2. The are stupid and weak, and make mistakes all the time, and must be resisted early and often as otherwise their strength will continue to grow (see point #1) and by shear inertia they will be powerful

Blogger Akulkis January 27, 2021 12:27 AM  

>> These people make up 10% of society and think the 90% they terrorize and 55% they 'cancel' will simply go away, and that's not how it works

It will work, and continue to work, without end, until the public gets finally decides to stop taking the abuse, and instead take up arms.

Blogger Akulkis January 27, 2021 12:33 AM  

>> We cannot live with the converged and they certainly don't want to live with us.

They know damned well that without us they would die, the only question being from starvation or from spoiled food due to a lack of fuel, Electrical power and refrigeration.

Blogger Ultrahardcore January 27, 2021 12:40 AM  

None of it is real anymore. The awards, the institutions, etc. If they ever were real in the first place they have now been converged. Real skill and merit will no longer be recognized, at least not by anyone or anything "official". It's sad but we have to look to the future. One day we will restore and rebuild what was taken from us.

Blogger Dan in Georgia January 27, 2021 12:45 AM  

Waiting for "President" Xiden to "throw" out the first pitch if he's still alive or "President" in April. If there're fans in the stands, I wonder if the booing fans will be ID'd by facial-recognition and promptly fired from their jobs the next day. After that, never be the first to stop clapping!

Blogger Akulkis January 27, 2021 12:47 AM  

>> Let the SJWs fix their own cars, houses, and other odds and ends.

Screw that. Let them grow their own food, pump &refine their own oil, drive their own trucks to deliver it, and provide their own electric power.

They should die off years before they could ever hope to be self-sustaining without literally being enslaved by task-master managets first. And even then, not until 10% of them get summary execution for getting lippy with the one guy who actually understands what the new laborers under his control are supposed to do.

After a few weeks of honest labor, most of them will be too exhausted to spend even a moment sticking their noses into other people's business.

Blogger Dan in Georgia January 27, 2021 12:52 AM  

When I saw the umpire (Jerry West, one of the worst umpires in the game, IIRC) toss the GM of the whoever was playing the Atlanta Braves early last season for not having a mask on while he was alone in the luxury boxes watching the game, I was done with MLB Baseball. It's a farce and I don't care anymore.

Blogger Dan in Georgia January 27, 2021 1:04 AM  

Kevin wrote:Ty Cobb is next.

I wonder how many of the stories about him are complete bullshit because the writers back then hated him for treating them like they deserved to be. If they start ejecting players from the HoF, it'll never end. I hope they start soon, I want it to die like the two fake political parties are.

Blogger Colonel Blimp January 27, 2021 1:18 AM  

Like reverence for God, never do anything for awards or recognition. The people that matter remember how good he was. His family will never forget. He's made millions. Screw modern idiots. In 20 years our whole sporting landscape will be different.

What would you rather? To be a forgotten name in a museum in 2050 or a guy who stood for something real against the most insidious and demonic foes ever set against man? We all will have to choose very soon.

Blogger Ozymandius January 27, 2021 2:14 AM  

What the holy eff is that ad?! You gotta warn people! Seriously disturbing.

Blogger larry January 27, 2021 2:24 AM  

Was it Nietzche who observed that a man says "I will!" while a woman says "He will!"

In any case, that sums up what kind of "man" is all wrapped up in watching another man playing sports.

Blogger A trite re-white January 27, 2021 3:12 AM  

My dad used to say "This is more fun than shooting hippies" it won't be long before patriots will say " Nothing beats shooting SJWs"

Blogger CJ January 27, 2021 5:05 AM  

Even a writer local to me, who says he voted for Schilling, says he's indifferent no one got in.

Blogger Isolden January 27, 2021 5:09 AM  

Every click brings them revenue. Starve the beast.

Blogger Canadian Warlord January 27, 2021 6:29 AM  

The NHL hall of fame is, in the new sjw age, pre-destroyed. Players like Theoren Fleury are not in because reporters don't like them. Well, boo hoo. Bernie Federko is in the HHOF - exactly, who is Bernie Federko? He must have always talked to the press.

Hockey fans long ago gave up on the hall. The rest of the sports world will catch up, and ignore the other halls too.

Blogger SC Rebel January 27, 2021 6:48 AM  

I’ve been an advocate of that since the beginning.

His accomplishments should outweigh the betting.

All professional sports have been dead to me for years now. It’s sad. Many great childhood memories. But alas the athletes of today are selfish primadonnas. There are exceptions of course, TB being the most notable. But those are few and far between.

Blogger Steve Canyon January 27, 2021 7:18 AM  

These are the same people awarding participation trophies to kickers from Vanderbilt for a level of performance well below mediocrity. Hardly surprising that performance rates well below rightthink with them.

Blogger Ariadne Umbrella January 27, 2021 8:02 AM  

Brilliant ad. That's who is shopping. Those are the blue- collar workers that still have jobs, and are not saving money: they are shopping for all the mass affluent luxuries they could not afford, before.

Marc Jacobs is an actual gay Jewish Northeasterner who lives in Europe now, an actual rootless cosmopolitan. But, he's never hidden who he is. He was a flamboyantly gay Jew into retail fashion when he was a teenager.

He is an open fan of any successful retail fashion trend: he was photographed wearing Juicy Couture while jogging along the Seine, when JC was a wholly Los Angeles clothing manufacturing firm owned by two women.

He also licenses some of his designs to Vogue Knitting, so that regular people can afford to make some of his more iconic designs. I want to say he does the same for clothing designs, but I haven't checked.

Blogger Maniac January 27, 2021 8:23 AM  

The 2004 ALCS and World Series will always hold a special place in my heart, and I know I'm not the only one.

Fuck the BHOF.

Blogger megapotamus January 27, 2021 8:55 AM  

💀 to Sportz! And a horrid one at that. This kind of crap will actually reach the Normies.

Blogger Avalanche January 27, 2021 9:11 AM  

@77 "Brilliant ad. That's who is shopping."

{horrified recoil} That pulls to mind those 'freak shows' of yesteryear -- with the mustachioed woman, the man with two heads, the fur-covered boy... A 'circus tent' filled with horrors for our primate ogling ... pleasure? Thought we were NOT supposed to star with wonder or horror at the deformed?!

Blogger Swamp Fox January 27, 2021 9:22 AM  

We should see what John Rocker thinks of this.

Blogger liberranter January 27, 2021 9:47 AM  

My country is dead, and so is its national pastime. Once a baseball fanatic, I haven't paid any attention whatsoever to the game (or any other pro sports) in at least four years and probably won't again unless the nation itself regains its sanity. I'm certainly not holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

Blogger Unknown January 27, 2021 9:58 AM  

speaking of Cancel Culture, check out what they've been doing to Kellyanne Conway, in which she supposedly posted a topless picture of her daughter to the internet.

it appears to me that the husband and daughter ( who have both been public TDS sufferers for most of his presidency ) probably colluded to swipe Kelly's phone and post the pic themselves, and now they're trying to cover their tracks by claiming that Kelly's phone "must have been hacked".

and the only way for Kellyanne to defend herself in such a situation is for her to publicly accuse her own daughter of a crime ... which she's going to be loathe to do.

Blogger rcocean January 27, 2021 10:53 AM  

People need to write the hall of fame and they are boycotting until they change the voting system. Get rid of the BB writers, no one reads them anyway.

Blogger Horace January 27, 2021 11:19 AM  

I am ashamed to use the same language as you.

Blogger Poco January 27, 2021 11:42 AM  

I was a hotshot highschool pitcher. Made it as far as double A. It’s mind boggling how good major leaguers are. Much less hall of fame good. Sportswriters, like most media nowadays are scum.

Blogger J.B. Gardner January 27, 2021 11:53 AM  

Approving of an insurrection against the united states is a pretty big breach of character in my book.

Blogger JOE January 27, 2021 12:10 PM  

Nothing new here, unfortunately. Professional sports hasn't been about the sport in a long time. It's gone from faux patriotism, to faux social justice, to whatever this is.

Blogger John W. Smoke January 27, 2021 3:10 PM  

Like everything else baseball destroyed by the converged. America delenda est. The good news is that there is no refuge to hide out in anymore.

Blogger TontoBubbaGoldstein January 27, 2021 3:27 PM  

Dan in Georgia wrote:Waiting for "President" Xiden to "throw" out the first pitch if he's still alive or "President" in April. If there're fans in the stands, I wonder if the booing fans will be ID'd by facial-recognition and promptly fired from their jobs the next day. After that, never be the first to stop clapping!

Reckon Biden* will go to the Daytona 500 in a couple weeks?
How about the Army/Navy game in December?

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